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Pflueger Supreme Spinning Reel

Comments: I started using Pflueger Spinning Reels because they still have the switch on the back for backreeling. Backreeling is superior to the drag because the drag is in a fixed position. When you switch over and backreel, you can adjust pressure on your fish as needed and it's MUCH easier once you get used to it. Spinning reels need this feature because they use lighter line. I did have trouble with 2 of my Pflueger Supremes spooling up evenly. They were bottom heavy and had the pyramid effect. When this happens you have to remove the white washer on the shaft and replace it with a thinner one. Luckily I always save these washers that usually come with new reels. But then I have just wasted a spool of line and have to replace it. Not a bad reel tho.

From: Ken: Tulsa, OK 4/7/21

Comments: I have 3. No problems over 5 to 10 years.

From: Robert: Louisville, TN 2/25/21

Comments: Got this reel is the 30 size for my birthday. First time out throwing a 1/4oz swimbait head the bail would slam closed about half the time when casting especially if I was trying to make a longer cast. I was trying to figure out why so I kept casting until eventually the line snapped. I have never had this problem with spinning reels before so I was very disappointed. I own a President I use for drop shots and I love it so I thought the Supreme would be a nice step up but apparently not.

From: Michael: Durham, NC 10/28/20

Comments: This bait does have good drag and is lightweight, but it is one of the least smooth reels I have ever felt. This is the second reel I have gotten from pflueger and been disappointed with. Also the handle is not a comfortable material. I tried re-oiling the reel and it was still not smooth. The daiwa fuego is a much, and I mean much much much better buy than this pflueger.

From: Unknown: 8/25/20

Comments: Mine started binding up after a couple trips out. Binding got worse, then better, then worse, and again better. I ended up sending it back (on my dime) and they haven't serviced it yet. Not happy considering it's a $ reel and it was bad pretty much out of the package. I love how light weight it is and how smooth the drag is - even though they put a carbon fiber drag cap on, it's a felt drag system. Kind of misleading but the description does state felt drag. It's not the smoothest reel by far and the handle knob has a ton of play in it which has been distracting to me on some of my finesse presentations , usually in tough weather. Not sure where all these unbelievably positive reviews are coming from, I'd expect a bit more for the price and all the hype. It's essentially a president with a magnesium body. Quality has dropped in the last 5 years, for sure. Why can't the get the fitment of the knob better? The gap is huge. Decent reel, but next time I'll be spending money with a different company

From: Joe: Ferndale, MI 5/30/20

Comments: I absolutely love this reel. The drag is butter smooth and its ultra light but tough enough to handle whatever. So light it allows better feel on finesse techniques. I choose this over two other reels that were more expensive but both were heavier and the drag wasnt close to as smooth as this one.

From: Joe: Ferndale, MI 5/13/20

Comments: I've owned one for 5 years and beat the crap out of it! From inland trout, to bass, and even salmon, very heavily used every year and never cleaned it. Still works like brand new, ridiculously smooth drag. I don't see any reason to buy a more expensive spinning real when this gem is out there.

From: Unknown: 4/7/20

Comments: I don't need to say anything else more than what others have said, but I will just say, this reel is my favorite out of my arsenal. Sure, there may be lighter, smoother reels on the market, but for $, no way you can find a better all-around reel. This thing is a BEAST. Highly recommend it to anyone who needs a good multi-species freshwater reel.

From:Luke: NorCal 3/23/20

Comments: I've owned one of these for about a decade now and it still works great after all the abuse I have put it through! Nice reels!!

From: Craig: West Plains, MO 9/1/19

Comments: For $ you will not find a better spinning reel than this one. It's light, smooth, durable, can handle big fish, and it looks good on any spinning rod. Pflueger casting reels leave something to be desired, but their spinning reels are in the top tier of the spinning reel world. Not much else to say other than I would definitely recommend this reel.

From: John: Pennsylvania 7/22/18

Comments: This is THE BEST $ SPINNING REEL ON THE MARKET. The drag is so smooth, I absolutely love it for smallmouth because it isn't a jumpy drag system at all. No matter what, it takes the same amount of force to pull out the line (unlike many Abu's and Lews spinning reels for more $.) This is the only spinning reel left in my tournament arsenal. BUY ONE!

From: Nick: WI 4/17/18

Comments: Very smooth reel from Pflueger, who make the very finest spinning reels on the market. Drag works great, and it's a little lighter than the president (which is the best reel for under $ on the market besides this one). Every spinning reel in my main arsenal that I own now is a Pflueger.

From: Tyler - Grand Junction, CO 1/19/18

Comments: I was looking for a real in the $ range so I could have another spinning rig with out spending another $ for a stradic ci I bought the 30 size reel & put it on a Denali jadewood med action rod (which is a  sensitive, light weight rod for the money). I got a good combo for less money than a stradic & it does everything I needed it to do and has held up to plenty of abuse in the last year. I don't baby it as much as some of my other more expensive combos. I mainly throw weightless senkos, shakeyheads & small Texas rigs (for largemouth) with it & it fills that role just fine. I have other rigs for drop shooting & more finesse applications. This reel is light weight, smooth & has a great drag. I have not had one problem with it & can't think of any cons. It is not as smooth as my stradics but it is a great reel for the money. In my opinion probably the best option in the $ price range. Not to mention it is an attractive reel as well. I put 20lb power pro on it with a 12lb flouro leader which is pretty heavy for a finesse rig but I use it to throw senkos & Texas rigs into cover. I would certainly suggest this reel to anyone looking for a decent spinning reel with out breaking the bank.

From: Cody: Wimberley, TX 6/25/16

Comments: This reel is awesome. I use the 3o size for drop shoting smallmouth and the drag is ultra smooth. Best reel for the money by far buy it. Pair it up with a duckett ml rod and seagar invisx 6 or 8 lb and your ready.

From: Aaron: Somerset, KY 11/17/15

Comments: I use the 30 size on a drop shot for smallmouth and the reel is really smooth and the drag is even smoother. The higher gear ration & lite weight is nice. I own 4 of these and paired up with a duckett micro pro magic 7 ft ml they cant be beat. buy it

From: Aaron: KY 11/7/15

Comments: I use this reel for smallmouth fishing in northern Michigan. It is a very good reel with braid & the drag is smooth. For $ you can't go wrong.

From: Dale: MI 6/20/15


Pflueger SUPXTSP30X Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel

With its feather-light design and buttery-smooth drag, the Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel empowers anglers to perform at their best. The lightest Pflueger reel in its class, this spinning reel features an ultralightweight magnesium body and rotor that offers superb rigidity without burdening your rod with excess weight. Built for silky-smooth drag performance, the sealed carbon drag system brings hard-pulling fish to a halt and remains well-lubricated even after long periods of harsh use. Seasoned anglers will also appreciate the SMARTretrieve feature, which ensures high-precision line lay with every cast. The Supreme XT spinning reel is incredibly comfortable thanks to its EVA handle knob, effortlessly smooth retrieve, and a carbon handle that is 21 percent lighter than aluminum. A braid-ready spool allows braid to be tied directly to the spool without a monofilament backing, making this fishing reel an ideal choice for a wide range of species and angling applications.

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Pfleuger continues with their edict of providing anglers with quality value at a quality price with their recently re-imaged Supreme spinning reel. What makes this reel such a value? How about a spinning reel with a magnesium body and rotor for only $? Let's take a look and see if this reel's performance can keep pace with its awesome price.

Introducing Pfleuger's latest interpretation of their Supreme Spinning Reel.

Quality/Construction: Pflueger's Supreme spinning reel features a metallic silver body with a black and gold aluminum spool. It comes with a machined handle capped with a soft rubberized knob. The reel's finish and tolerances are all very good with no unusual blemishes or alignment issues that we could see in our test model.


Quality Ratings for Pflueger Supreme SP35X

Frame & Sideplate Tolerance ()

Our SP35X spooled and ready for action.

Performance: I spooled the SP35X with some 8lb nylon monofilament and mounted the reel on a Fenwick Elite Tech spinning for its field tests. Our testing were conducted primarily at Lake Berryessa, California.

This reel features a very comfortable knob on the handle.

Retrieve: A lot of value priced reels have issues with knocking when you turn the handle - some very faint, others more obvious. The Pflueger's SP35X had no such issues during our trials and actually felt quite smooth to a point where this felt like a much more expensive reel than $ Spinning reels, in general, have come a long way and the SP35X is case in point.

Performance Ratings for Pflueger Supreme SP35X

Fig 1. The Sweet Drag Performance chart above shows the consistency in drag performance of our Pflueger Supreme SP35X.

Drag: Out on the water, I only managed a handful of smallies and spots to about 15" so nothing terribly hard pulling - at least not for a sustained pull. Nonetheless, at light settings, the SP35X's drag performed flawlessly. Back in the lab and strapped to The Machine, we can see the SP35X's Sweet Drag Performance chart more or less reinforces my experience out on the water. At the highest setting we tested (half a turn backed off of full lockdown), the drag did show some erratic behavior, but just like with the casting reels we test, this is somewhat expected when the washers are constricted to near full pressure.

Sweet Drag Performance for Pflueger Supreme SP35X

Turns backed off from locked drag >>>>
Change in Startup vs Sustained
Biggest Drop from Sustained

The SP35X has a folding handle for ease of storage.

Power: With only 8lb test monofilament spooled onto the reel, it's difficult to get a true sense of the reel's power, but the SP35X did everything I asked of it and without hesitation. The 62mm handle provides excellent leverage for a reel of this size.

The 62mm handle provides excellent leverage.


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Supreme reel pflueger fishing

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