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My Hero Academia Custom Quirk List

Mutant Quirks

Mutant type Quirks are abilities that cause the user a permanent "abnormality" directly related to their power. 

Accelerate: The quirk user has roller balls on the bottom of their feet, letting them manipulate friction to reach high speeds.

Alloy Slime: The user's body is a fluid magnetic metal and absorbs metals to grow while the brain holds it together.

Ant: The user has the characteristics of an ant

Arctic Fox: The user has the characteristics of a fox while having cryokinetic powers.

Back Booster: The user has a turbine-like protrusion on their back that lets them boost at high speeds

Ball n' Chain: The quirk user has a flail for a tail.

Basilisk: The user has the traits of a basilisk, including snake characteristics, fire breath, and a poison breath.

Bat: The quirk user has the characteristics of a bat

Battering Ram: The user has the characteristics of a ram and can turn their skin into a metallic substance.

Beetle: The user has the traits of a beetle, including flight, miasma generation, burrowing, and a skewer horn.

Bio-Electricity: The user has electricity-generating organs that allow them to channel the electrical energy into many electrical attacks.

Bio-Mech: The user has micro machine-like cells in their blood, allowing mecha-transformations towards their body parts.

Bomb Head: The quirk user's head has the properties of a bomb and can pull it off and throw it as it regenerates.

Boombox: The user’s head is a boombox and can broadcast songs from memory or intense soundwaves through the speakers.

Bow: The quirk user's body is structured to resemble a bow and can pluck their hair to harden it and fire as arrows.

Building Block: The quirk user can shapeshift themselves into any creation made of colorful blocks

Butterfly: The user has the characteristics of a butterfly

Cactus Bazooka: The quirk user's body is like a cactus and can absorb sunlight and fire blasts of heat through their hands like a blowtorch.

Candle: The user has a body made up of wax and can generate fire.

Chameleon: The quirk user has the characteristics of a chameleon

Chandelier: The user has metal straps on their body that can be bent into any form and creates blue flames that can be manipulated.

Cloud Body: The quirk user's body is composed of clouds and can change their weather depending on their hydration.

Cockroach: The user has the characteristics of a cockroach.

Connect: The user can connect objects and people together via physical contact.

Cotton Candy: The quirk user can create and manipulate cotton candy

Deer: The quirk user has the characteristics of a deer

Dragonfly: The quirk user has the combined traits of a dragon and a dragonfly, making themselves a draconic dragonfly with similar dragon abilities.

Dragon Tail: The user has the tail of a dragon

Dream Pixie: The user has fairy-like attributes and can create a dust that causes sleepiness to manipulate their dreams.

Drill Horn: The quirk user has a drill on their forehead that's capable of digging through solid matter.

Duck: The user has the characteristics of a duck.

Dynamo: The user has drum-like organs capable of generating electricity when hit with physical force.

Ear Wings: The user's ears are the shape of feathery wings and can achieve flight.

Elastic Body: The quirk user can stretch, deform, or expand their body into any form

Electric Eel: The user has the characteristics of an electric eel

Ele-Squirrel: The user has the characteristics of a squirrel while having electrokinetic abilities.

Firefly: The quirk user has firefly traits and can soak in electricity and convert it into plasma and control it.

Fish: The quirk user has the characteristics of a fish

Flash Eyes: The user can blind their foes with light from the eyes

Fluff: The quirk user's head is composed of cotton and can manipulate it's shape and density.

Fly Wings: The user has the wings of a fly.

Four-Leaf: The quirk user grows a clover on their head which can increase their luck when one leaf is eaten.

Fruit Tree: The quirk user has grassy bush-like hair that's able to grow fruit.

Garden: The quirk user has leaves for hair and can grow and manipulate their shape, density, size, and movement.

Gooey Body: The user's body is entirely made out of slime

Grasshopper: The quirk user has grasshopper traits including enhanced leaps, a hard head, flight, and wall climbing.

Harpy: The quirk user has the characteristics of a harpy

Helicopter: The quirk user has propellers on their head and ankles capable of spinning, causing heavy wind, and flight.

Hive Mind: The user can spawn bee-like drones that will attack, defend, construct, infect, or detonate at a command.

Hypno-Eyes: The user has eyes that can hypnotize anyone who stares in them

Ice Dragon: The user has the characteristics of a dragon and can breath ice.

Insect: The quirk user can shapeshift their body into any part of an insect

Iron Hair: The quirk user's hair contains metallic properties and is able to manipulate it's shape.

Jackhammer: The quirk user has pressurized pistons in their arms to increase offensive power and cause earth tremors.

Jack O' Lantern: The quirk user can breath and control fire while having chlorokinetic abilities

Jellyfish: The quirk user has the characteristics of a jellyfish

Kitsune: The quirk user has the characteristics of a fox, create and control blue flames, and create and shape illusions.

Komodo: The quirk user has the characteristics of a Komodo dragon.

Kraken: The quirk user has large tentacle-like hands capable of extending.

Lemur: The quirk user has the characteristics of a ring-tailed lemur.

Lion: The user has the characteristics of a lion

Lynx: The quirk user has the traits of a lynx, including enhanced strength, speed, stealth, sense, and stealth.

Manta Ray: The user has manta ray traits including enhanced strength, senses, camouflage, and electricity generation.

Medusa: The user has miniature snakes for hair and can control them while being able to petrify targets in stone.

Metal Snake: The quirk user has the characteristics of a snake and can turn their scales into steel.

Mind Reading: The quirk user can read people's mind

Minotaur: The quirk user has the characteristics of a minotaur.

Mole: The user has the characteristics of a mole.

Monster Hair: The user's hair is alive and obeys commands

Night Vision: The user can see better in the dark

Panda: The quirk user has the characteristics of a panda.

Pegasus: The user has the characteristics of a pegasus

Penguin: The quirk user has the characteristics of a penguin

Petals: The user has petals growing on their head that collects solar energy for food or harness it into solar beams.

Plug Tail: The quirk user has a plug for a tail

Poison Flower: The user has flowers on their head that releases poisonous gas

Poseidon: The quirk user has several characteristics of marine animals.

Pro Gamer: The user has a body that allows them to live in reality like a video game.

Quick Feet: The quirk user can run really fast

Raccoon: The user has the characteristics of a raccoon

Raven: The user has the characteristics of a raven and can curse a target with bad luck.

Razor Hair: The user's hair are long sharp blades that can be retract or lengthen

Roadrunner: The quirk user has the characteristics of a roadrunner and is able to sprint at supersonic speeds, but cannot stop ending sentences with "Beep Beep".

Rotation: The quirk user can rotate their body parts

Rubber Body: The quirk user's body is entirely made out of rubber

Saw Tail: The quirk user has a tail with a buzzsaw that cuts through solid matter

Scallop: The quirk user has seashells growing on their hands and can control their shape to convert them into weaponry.

Seaweed: The user can grow seaweed from their body and manipulate it's density, shape, and movement.

Sea Serpent: The user has the characteristics of a sea serpent including a fish tail, aquatic survivability, and slight water control.

Shark: The user has the characteristics of a shark

Sharp Edge: The quirk user has a sharp blade on their head to pierce and cut through objects.

Sludge: The quirk user's body is a poisonous substance and can manipulate their level of corrosiveness and acidity.

Snow Leopard: The user has the characteristics of a snow leopard.

Soul Body: The quirk user has ghost characteristics and abilities

Spark: The quirk user's hair is constantly charged with electrons and is able to shoot out electricity.

Speakers: The user can emit heavy sonic pulses using speakers around their body.

Spider: The quirk user has the characteristics of a spider

Spirit: The user has a spiritual figure that obeys their command

Spore: The quirk user has a mushroom cap with tendril-like roots acting like arms and can injects mild toxins.

Talon: The quirk user has razor claws and can spawn claw-like limbs around their body and stretch their arms' body mass.

Tanuki: The quirk user has tanuki traits, including possession, shapeshifting, and transmutation.

Tenta-Hair: The user's hair is made up of tentacles

Thermostat: The quirk user has a termometer-shaped tail that allows them to shoot either burning flames or freezing air.

Tiger: The user has the characteristics of a tiger

Triceratops: The quirk user has the characteristics of a triceratops.

Turbojet: The user has two organic jet engines that can be used for flight and can be taken off and used as handheld flamethrowers.

Unicorn: The quirk user has the characteristics of a unicorn.

Urchin: The quirk user has the characteristics of a sea urchin.

Volcano: The quirk user's entire body is a volcano, allowing them to create and control lava, volcanic rock, and ash.

Water Body: The user's body is entirely made out of water

Wheels: The quirk user has wheels for feet and can travel as fast as a speeding car

X-Ray: The quirk user can use their eyes to see through solid matter

Emmiter Quirks

Emitter type Quirks are abilities that allow the user to generate and possibly control certain things, or alter existing things around them in certain ways.

Acoustic: The quirk user can transform ambient sound into high-volume sonic waves and blasts of concussive force.

Age: The user can accelerate or reverse the age of organisms and objects from being young to old.

Air Bomb: The quirk user can compress air molecules and solidify them into a explosive ball of wind.

Alcohol: The user can create and manipulate alcohol

Amplify: The user can transfer a power up to any quirk user to upgrade their quirk by touching and can be transfered to objects.

Angel Aura: The quirk user can convert any type of light into healing energy.

Answer: The user can read any person's mind to find an answer to any question they're asked.

Anti-Friction: The user can strip a person or object of their friction and inertia, rendering them unable to stop from sliding.

Arcade: The user can absorb and utilize video images and energy, allowing them to create objects and beings from video games.

Arc Volt: The quirk user can fire electric spears with pinpoint accuracy, almost looking like it's a homing shot.

Ash: The quirk user can create ash and manipulate it’s shape and size to whatever they want.

Asteroid: The user can break down objects into small cubes and can control and reform them to their will.

Aurora: The quirk user can produce solar wind to make constructs and objects out of the northern lights.

Banshee: The user can shout a terrible scream so loud it scares whoever hears it and decimates matter with the sheer strength of the scream.

Beacon: The quirk user can compress light into a cube that gives off a tall pillar of light used for backtracking. 

Beam: The user can construct energy and fire it as an electric laser in multiple creative ways.

Bear Trap: The user can set upinvisible pressure plates, that when put under pressure, sets off a bear trap with whatever surface it was made on.

Bell: The quirk user can produce large handbells that can create sound waves.

Berserk Dust: The user can spray a red-colored powder that will sends anyone that breathes in it in a uncontrollable rage.

Big Bang: The quirk user can pull in air and ignite it into a tiny spark that can cause cataclysmic explosions.

Black Fire: The quirk user can generate black-colored flames which are harder to put out.

Black Lightning: The user can create and manipulate black electricity

Black Sugar: The quirk user can convert their nutrients into molasses and shoot it and manipulate it.

Blaster: The quirk user can create bone-like weapons that shoot blasts of energy.

Blast Spike: The user can sprout explosive needles that blow up upon being triggered or hit with enough force.

Blue Ice: The quirk user can coat parts of their body in blue ice, a much harder variation of ice.

Body Bomb: The user can detonate themselves, causing an explosion as they reform themself.

Boost: The quirk user covers themself in a projectile-shaped energy shield and drives themself forward at insane speeds.

Bounce: The quirk user has an enhanced leap that lets them jump in the air

Break & Reform: The user can break apart any type of machinery and rebuild it into something else

Broom: The user can generate and control brooms and alter their size and strength to make large gusts of wind and fly. 

Bubble Bomb: The user can create bubbles that explode upon contact

Bubble Guard: The quirk user can create bubbles with solid and rubber-like properties to use as shields.

Bubble Gum: The user can create and manipulate chewing gum

Bubble Tea: The quirk user can shoot streams of bubble tea.

Buff: The user has access to several enhancements that improves their physical abilities.

Bug Command: The quirk user can control any insects and can mutate them, making them stronger.

Burst: The user can heat up the air around them to generate a fiery shield around themselves to combust into flames.

Butter: The quirk user can create and manipulate butter.

Buzzsaw: The quirk user can create generate saw blades

Cable: The quirk user can create and control metal wires and can even generate electricity.

Caffeine: The quirk user gets more strength the more coffee they ingest

Calcium: The user can manipulate the calcium in their bones and the earth to create bone constructs from their body.

Candy: The user can create and manipulate a sticky, but sugary substance

Caramel: The user can create, shape and manipulate caramel.

Card: The quirk user can generate cards and can trap people in them and manipulate their density, mass, and movement.

Chaos: The quirk user can absorb and convert nearby chaotic forces into energy.

Chemistry: The user can soak in chemical substances to produce and manipulate acidic and nuclear-like substances.

Chest Laser: The user can shoot a laser from their chest.

Chibi: The user can generate miniature clones of themselves.

Chicken: The user can turn people into chickens

Chloromancer: The quirk user can take in cellulose from plant life to sprout and manipulate plants and nature.

Chocolate: The quirk user can manipulate and create chocolate

Clay: The user can create and manipulate clay

Clear Vest: The quirk user can secrete and harden their sweat to form nearly invisible and durable armor.

Clothing: The user can turn any non-organic material into clothing

Comet: The quirk user creates star-shaped objects that projects a barrier and sends them through the air at great speeds.

Contagious Yawn: The user's yawns causes anyone who hears it to become very tired and eventually fall into a deep sleep.

Copy and Paste: The quirk user can touch an object and duplicate it many times.

Copycat: The quirk user can copy and use a different version of the copied quirk.

Corruption: The quirk user can corrupt people's minds and control them or absorb objects and fuse with them

Crow: The user can turn people into crows and control them

Cube: The quirk user can harden the atoms in the air in the form of a cube to defend or attack.

Currency Printer: The quirk user can print and expel paper money and coins from their body.

Cyclone: The user can harness the air and wind to shape it into tornadoes.

Dark Wind: The user can produce ravaging shadowy gusts of wind that also traps victims in wraithlike spheres.

Deadeye: The user can shoot, launch, and throw anything at a target with perfect accuracy by looking at them.

Depot: The user can absorb any projectiles or items inside their body and release them.

Detect: The user can avoid and dodge any attack

Devastator Ray: The quirk user can create destructive beams of light that makes evil clones of victims hit by it.

Devil's Deal: The user can lower an attribute of themself in exchange for raising another.

Diamond: The user can create diamonds in any form by compressing the carbon in the air, which can then be used offensively or defensively.

Dice: The user can create up to two dices and roll them for a random effect to happen.

Dimension: The quirk user can create their own pocket dimension and can control and rewrite it's aspects.

Disco: The quirk user can record any music and force anyone around them to dance to it's rhythm in a certain radius.

Disc: The user can create spinning disks of energy of any size and throw them as projectiles or ride on them.

Doppleganger: The quirk user can use kinetic energy to clone themself multiple times.

Door: The quirk user can create doors on any surface

Downgrade: The quirk user can reduce the effect of someone else's quirk

Dream Creation: Whatever the user dreams of in their sleep,  they can create it into reality

Dust Devil: The quirk user can create and manipulate dust into many forms of twisters.

Echo: The quirk user can project their voice through multiple surfaces, getting louder and stronger as the soundwaves reflect.

Egg: The user can trap targets by creating egg shells around them several layers thick via physical contact.

Electric Web: The user can create a web made up of electricity

Emptiness: The user can create and shape nothingness and remove energy and matter from reality, by making it disappear.

Energy Spear: The user generated spears made of energy

Erosion: The quirk user can manipulate processes of erosion and weathering, speeding, slowing, or reshaping landforms.

Expanding Foam: The quirk user can eject a foamy substance, which expands on contact.

Explodo-Clones: The user can create clones of themselves that explode on contact

Fabric: The quirk user can manipulate the shape and structure of any clothing.

Ferrofluid: The user can secrete black magnetic fluid that can be hardened into any shape.

Fiery Soul: The quirk user has a fiery, monster-like being within their body that they can create and de-materialize.

Fireball: The quirk user can convert their body heat into balls of fire.

Firecracker: The quirk user can make colored gunpowder and compress it into a ball that can be thrown and blown up.

Fire Fingers: The quirk user can create and use fire from their fingers

Fire Flower: The user can bloom flowers capable of turning solar energy into heat energy and can control it.

Fix It: The user repairs anything broken with a touch

Flare Hair: The user can heat up their hair, making it fiery hot and can manipulate it and can shoot flames.

Flutter: The user can float in the air by rapidly moving their limbs

Food: The user can create any type of food as long as they know the looks, taste, and ingredients of it.

Force: The quirk user can create gravitic charges to pull, push, or orbit whatever it attracts.

Forcefield: The quirk user can make a large energy field protecting them

Fountain: The user can absorb water to generate it while being able to mold it into any shape.

Fortune: The quirk user can manifest good and bad luck into energy and can use it on themselves or others.

Freeze-Flame: The quirk user can produce and manipulate fire that freezes and ice that burns.

Freeze Ray: The user can shoot a beam of cold energy that freezes whatever it hits.

Frigid Silk: The user can emit durable spider silk that cools to sub-zero temperatures upon hitting the air.

Fraction: The user can split a target into smaller versions or into male and female halves and can morph them back.

Frosting: The quirk user can shoot frosting that can be used for desserts, or can dry quickly to become hard as concrete.

Fusion: The user can fuse with any object they touch

Game Construct: The user can create any video game item, object, or weapon

Gauntlet: The quirk user can create a pair of stone-like gloves that absorbs the impact of force and use the same force.

Gear: The user can create metallic gears and manipulate their mass and movement.

Gelatin: The quirk user can create and control jelly-like substance

Genie: The quirk user emits smoke to summon a spirit-like creature who's power and appearance depends on personality.

Gigaton: The quirk user can apply heavy force to whatever they're holding

Glitch: The quirk user can warp themselves or their body parts to clip through walls and cause people and objects to lag.
Glue: The quirk user can spray a sticky liquid that can be used as traps 

Gold: The user can convert their calories into gold and manipulate it in a solid or liquid form.

Golden Flame: The user can burn their calories to generate fire that can turn things into gold.

Golden Rings: The quirk user can create and manipulate unbreakable gold rings

Golden Touch: The user turns whatever they touch into gold

Golem: The user can create and command living inanimate creatures using materials.

Graffiti: The user can generate paint-like residue that varies in effects like sinking structures through the ground and teleporting.

Grasp: The user can fire a dark blue beam that freeze whatever it hits in place and can move it in any way.

Gravikinesis: The user has the powers of gravity and can control the subjects movements

Gust Cannon: The quirk user can absorb air by breathing it in and can release it, firing it like a cannon.

Gyro: The user makes a magnetic field to control gravity to negate it or make gravitic bursts that repel objects.

Hack: The quirk user is able to hack into any device or electronic

Half-Earth Half-Air: The user can control the earth with their bottom half and the air with their top half.

Hamster Ball: The user can spawn huge plastic balls and roll in them

Hard Light: The user can create and utilize tools composed of light.
Haunt: The user can use their own energy to create ghost-like beings that give into their commands.

Heal Bubble: The user can blow bubbles that heal injuries

Heart Trade: The quirk user can swap people's hearts, trading their personality with another.

Hell Hands: The quirk user can transform their arms into demon-like claws that produce and control fire.

Hex: The quirk user can inflict a random effect on a target.

Hole: The quirk user can create cartoonish dark holes and manipulate them

Hologram: The user can create and control three-dimensional holographic images

Holy Wings: The user can create rainbow-colored wings to wrap around themself for flight or to use as weapons.

Hood: The user can create a shadow-like cape that can shapeshift into any form.

Hornet Nest: The quirk user can generate hornets from their body

Hot Water: The user can shoot out boiling water

Hover: The user gains the power of flight, allowing them to fly leisurely through midair

Icy Haze: The user can emit and manipulate a fog of freezing temperatures.

IcyHot: The quirk user can secrete and shoot gel capable of freezing or melting.

Icy Palms: The quirk user can fire a stream of rapid freezing ice from their hands that freezes whatever it hits.

Inanimate: Whatever the quirk user touches, it comes to life

Inferno: The quirk user can generate and manipulate any type of flames and shape it into a variety of attacks.

Inspire: The quirk user can heal injuries via cheering.

Instructions: The user can look at any machine or device and identify its parts and assembly.

Inventor: The quirk user can observe their surroundings to build a machine out of any available resources.

Iron Sand: The quirk user can create and manipulate iron sand

Jade: The user can turn their body into jade (solid, liquid, or tiny particles) and generate it as well as manipulating it.

Jetstream: The user can use the wind to boost themself to insane speeds, leaving regions of fast moving air behind.

Joy: The happier the user is, the more powerful they get

Knives: The quirk user can create and manipulate knives

Knowledge: The user can absorb knowledge by coming into contact with sources of information

Laser Eyes: The user can shoot lasers from their eyes

Laser Fingers: The user can fire laser beams from their fingers

Laughing Gas: The quirk user emits a gas that forces whoever breaths in it to uncontrollably laugh

Launch: The quirk user can violently propel forward anything that they touch.

Lava Manipulation: The user can create and manipulate lava

Law Breaker: The user can alter the physics of objects around their personal space.

Lemon Spit: When the quirk user ingests lemon-related substances, they can spit lemons

Library: The quirk user can touch any text based info, and download it into their mind.

Limb Spawn: The user can spawn body parts on any surface

Lie Detector: The user can tell if someone is lying or not

Lightning God: The quirk user can create and manipulate all types of electricity.

Liquid Nitrogen: The quirk user can spray freezing cold water

Luminosphere: The quirk user can create spheres of condensed light and use it in the form of flashbangs and bombs.

Magic Hand: The quirk user can create a boxing hand connected to a spring through hammerspace and control its movement.

Magma: The quirk user can heat up the earth below them to melt it and turn it into magma and manipulate it.

Magnetic Force: The user can make things attract and repel each other

Magnetic Hands: The quirk user can make things attract with one hand and repel with their other hand.

Magnitude: The quirk user can control and change the size of an object

Maple Syrup: The quirk user can shoot out syrup-like liquid that's really sticky and can shape and harden it into tools.

Marshmallow: The quirk user secretes marshmallow candy and manipulate it

Mask: The user can create masks of any shape and size and control whoever wears them.

Materialize: The user can pick up any non-organic material and form it into any shape.

Matter Master: The quirk user can manipulate matter on a molecular level to achieve several effects.

Megabyte: The user can absorb data from computer technology and weaponize it.

Megaphone: By cupping the user’s hands together, whatever goes through them is amplified such as a scream or blow.

Menacing: By looking at someone with an intimiating look, the quirk user can paralyze anyone in fear.

Metal Arm: The quirk user can absorb any type of metal into their arm and manipulate it

Metalbend: The quirk user can manipulate and shape any kind of metal

Metal Blade: The quirk user can turn their arms into sharp metallic blades

Metal Virus: The quirk user creates a metallic liquid to turns victims into zombies and alters their attributes.

Meteor: The quirk user can create meteors and have them crash down at the targets

Mime: The quirk user can pretend to do an action or use a tool to manifest it into real life.

Mirage: The user emits desert temperatures to cause anyone in range to hallucinate and fool their senses.

Mirror: The user can create and manipulate glass

Mirror Move: The user can copy any actions after seeing it performed once

Mix: The user can combine two different quirks to produce a brand new one by touching two targets at once.

Mochi: The user can create and control white mochi paste.

Molten Steel: The quirk user can create via absorbing metals to form weapons or manipulating the molten metal

Mountain: The quirk user can control the earth around them into large spires of earth.

Mud: The user can manipulate and generate mud

Multi-Jump: The quirk user can jump multiple times in midair

Mutagen: The user shoots a green liquid that alters anyone hit by it into a monster and enhances their skills and quirk.

Marionette: The user can fire strings that wrap around a target and can control them like puppets.

Napalm: The user can secrete and control flammable sticky jelly and can detonate it.

Nebula: The quirk user can spawn a small star about the size of a fist and can manipulate it.

Needle: The quirk user generate sharp needles around their body

Nightmare: The user can put people to sleep and cause them to have nightmares or see their fear

Night Vision: The user can see better in the dark

No Limit: The user can remove the limits of quirks, in order to stop them from feeling the drawbacks of their full power.

Nucleokinesis: The quirk user can create and manipulate nuclear energy

Nutrition: The quirk user can consume matter and objects safely and make it a part of their body or eject it.

Obsidian: The quirk user can create obsidian and can cover themselves in it or fire it as projectiles.

Oil: The quirk user can manipulate and create oil

Omnisteel: The user can absorb any kind of metallic material in their body and manipulate it.

Onion Tears: The user can cry torrents of tears with a chemical that makes people cry with no control.

Onslaught: The quirk user can use up their stamina to accelerate the speed of their limbs to punch or kick repeatedly.

Orb: The quirk user can generate many energy spheres and change it's attributes from density, mass, power, and movement.

Overdrive: The quirk user can push their physical capabilities beyond their limits for a limited time.

Palette: The user can remove paint from painted surfaces and items and expel it in varied forms.

Papercraft: The quirk user can create and control paper

Parasite: The quirk user can release insects and control them

Parasol: The quirk user can create an umbrella of any look and manipulate its shape, size, weight, and density.

Pause: The quirk user can freeze things in place by touching them

Pitch Black: The quirk user can create a dome of darkness where no one but the user can see

Pitfall: The quirk user can cause holes to open up on surfaces from being triggered by them or another.

Plasma: The user can create and manipulate plasma

Pocket Shadow: The user has their own pocket dimension in their own shadow.

Points: The user can earn points by doing tasks to improve their physical capabilities and powers.

Poison: The quirk user can produce and control various types of poisons that vary in strength and forms.

Pollen: The quirk user can absorb pollen from foods or flowers to generate and manipulate it.

Portal: The user can create two portals to teleport to different locations

Propulsion: The user produces fiery rocket exhausts from their feet which are used to propel at an extreme speed.

Proximity: The user can convert electrons into explosive black spheres that release an unstable electrical explosion.

Psychic Limbs: The user can create extra limbs out of psychic energy

Psychokinesis: The quirk user can manipulate the environment around them with the power of their mind.

Puppeteer: The user can control people's movements

Push n' Pull: The quirk user can cause shockwaves that push and pull things

Pyrojutsu: The quirk user can generate flames on parts of their body and utilize them in physical combat.

Quicksilver: The quirk user can melt any substances with ferrous properties and control its form and density.

Rage: The more angrier the quirk user is, the more powerful they get

Rainbow Fire: The user can create and manipulate multi-colored flames

RC: The quirk user can emit radio waves capable of controlling electronic and mechanical machines.

Rebound: The quirk user throws something, which bounces like rubber

Rejection: Everytime someone responds to the user in a negative way, their power multiplies

Remote: The quirk user can control the time flow on a person or object from slow motion to fast forwarding to stopping.

Replication: The user can generate many clones of themselves

Replica: The quirk user can create duplicates of any non-organic matter

Reveal: The user can tell and explain what another person's quirk is by looking at them.

Revisit: The user can travel back towards any position at any place they have ever been to.

Rift: The user can create rifts to a specific place they want to go.

Rock Candy: The user can produce and control rocky sugar crystals and change it's flavor based on the last tasted flavor.

Rollerblaze: The quirk user can generate wheel-shaped flames and use them as rollerblades or projectiles.

Roundabout: The user can fire boomerang-shaped energy projectiles that proceeds backwards longer at a higher velocity.

Route: The user can create translucent paths of light that accelerates whatever is on it and can control its shape and size.

Rune: The user can create rune-shaped energy wristbands and change their shape and control their movement.

Scorch: The user can create superheated air

Search Eye: The user can scan people with their eyes to find and identify info about people, including quirks and power level.

Shadow Copy: The quirk user can make a shadow version of whoever the user wants to copy

Shadow Minion: The user can create and summon monsters made of darkness

Sharpshooter: The user can shoot an energy projectile that targets and homes in on the nearest target.

Sharp String: The user can generate and control razor sharp strings

Shockwave: The quirk user unleashes a large explosion of energy

Short Fuse: The quirk user can leave marks on surfaces which can detonate from being triggered or passing time.

Shroomify: The user can turn people into mushrooms

Shuttle Punch: The quirk user can fire their fists like a missile.

Signal: The quirk user's brain can emit radio waves that give out WiFi networks and can disrupt communications.

Silence: The quirk user can cause victims to be completely silent

Siphon: The quirk user can drain a target's health and convert it into powder with healing properties.

Silver: The user can create silver and manipulate it's shape, size, and density.

Sloth: The user can gain more strength, stamina, and speed from sleeping.

Slow Motion: When the user touches something, it moves at a very slow pace including themselves

Snow: The user can manipulate and create snow

Snowball: The user can generate and utilize snowballs.

Snowflake: The quirk can freeze the air in the form of snowflakes that can be used as shurikens.

Soundboard: The user can adjust their voice to record and mimic any sound they heard.

Soundproof: The user creates a field of energy that nullifies sound in and out

Space Rip: The quirk user can create rifts to a hammerspace where it houses their personal space where they can store objects and even live in it.

Spider Web: The user can generate large amounts of silk which can be used as whips or trampolines.

Spike Ball: The user can produce spiky balls and can manipulate its mass and weight.

Spike Trap: The user can set up spike traps on multiple surfaces once triggered by their will or from another person.

Spirit Animal: The user can convert their own vitality into any form of animal which will be under their control.

Stainless: The quirk user can emit a special kind of foamy soap that eliminates any bacteria material, cleaning whatever it touches.

Star Creation: The user can shape energy into star-shaped constructs that can be used as shooting projectiles or used as a flying transportation.

Stardust: The user can create numerous tiny star-shaped dust particles that can be assembles in any form they choose.

Static Cloud: The user can create clouds and use drained watts or their own bio-electricity to make lightning clouds.

Steal: The user can take someone's quirk and use it, while the owner of the quirk is quirkless

Sticker: The user can touch objects and turn them into stickers and stick them on their body.

Sticky Bomb: The quirk user can create and toss bombs covered in adhesive goo that explodes.

Storm Cloud: The quirk user can create and manipulate storm clouds

Storyteller: Whatever the quirk user says or write within certain parameters, it will happen.

Suction Cups: The user can produce and wield pairs of suction cups capable of wall climbing.

Sun and Moon: The user can use two orbs composed of solar and lunar energy to manipulate energy from the sun and moon.

Superglue: The user can secrete clear sticky adhesive that dries and sticks whatever it hits seconds later.

Supernova: The user can release waves of power with destructive force that cuts and rips through matter.

Surge: The user increases the power of whoever they apply their quirk to by five times.

Surprise Egg: The quirk user can produce large plastic eggs that always has a random item inside.

Surface Manipulation: The quirk user can freely shape any surface they're in contact with.

Surveillance: The user can place lense-like objects on surfaces, allowing them to look at the place it's recording.

Swap: When the user touches two objects, they swaps its physical properties with each other

Swordmaster: The quirk user can create swords of any form and utilize them.

Symphony: The quirk user can generate music and shape it in any form.

Tar: The quirk user can create and manipulate tar

Technokinesis: The quirk user can control magnetic fields, letting them manipulate any kind of electronic and machinery.

Teleportation: The quirk user can disappear and reappear anywhere around 300 feet

Tentacle: The user can generate tendrils from themselves, others or any other surface.

Terrakinesis: The quirk user can control and manipulate earth and rock in all their various forms.

Thorns: The quirk user can grow and manipulate spiky thorns from their body hair.

Threat Detection: The quirk user can sense when they're in danger or other threats

Thunderclap: The user claps a sonic boom and can turn it into an EMP via friction, generating electromagnesium.

Time Bomb: The user can set the time of objects to explode

Topsy-Turvy: The quirk user can invert someone's vision horizontally or vertically.

Tractor Beam: The quirk user can fire a beam of zero-point energy to move it's target

Traffic Light: The user can create colored beam of light that lets a target go, slow down, or stop.

Trampoline: The quirk user can make glowing circles that they, or others, can use to bounce around.

Translator: The quirk user can understand and speak any language they here

Translocate: The user can teleport objects from one place to another without physical contact from a certain distance.

Trick: The quirk user can influence and control the thoughts and actions of a person by speaking.

Tunnel: The user can create long tunnels through solid matter.

Typhokinesis: The quirk user can create and manipulate smoke.

Ultraviolet: The user can absorb and channel any type of radiation into ultraviolet rays and can control the intensity.

Umbrakinesis: The user can create and control darkness and shadows

Unlimited: The user can create quirks and choose their ability and drawbacks and be able to stockpile them.

Uprising: The quirk user can manipulate their own levels of energy to increase their own attack power.

Vacuum Blade: The user can project winds sharp enough to cut through matter.

Velocity: The user can steal the kinetic energy from people and objects in motion to gain more speed.

Vibe: The user can channel their emotions to utilize different abilities depending on their feelings.

Video Vision: The quirk user can replay any video via projection as long as they have seen it.

Violet Bug: The quirk user can make violet orbs to copy a target's appearance and can alter their qualities.

Viper Wisp: The user can turn their arms into blue fiery snakes that can stretch and bend in any form and shoot flames.

Virtual Reality: The quirk user can make virtual reality projections to interact with reality.

Vitality Hand: The user can shape their own energy into glowing hands of any size and can move them to utilize them.

Wand: The user can spawn a wand of any shape and can absorb and control energy to shape it in any way.

Warp Ring: The user can create rings capable of teleporting from one place to another

Weight Control: The quirk user can manipulate the weight of themself or any object.

Whip: The user makes a tether of energy bolts to form a solid rope that extends to latch onto targets or to swing.

Whirlpool: The quirk user shoots high pressured water in the form of a whirlpool

White Fire: The quirk user can create and control white flames that burns offensively and heals.

Will-o-Wisp: The user can produce balls of purple flames and when grouped together, can be shaped into any shape they wish to use.

Wipe Off: The user can rub any part of their body on non-organic matter to erase it.

Wish Granting: The user can grant a person's wish by constructing a temporary object for a certain wish

Wool Bomb: The quirk user can grow wool with gunpowder properties around them that can be detonated as explosives.

Wrecking Ball: The user can create large balls with chains and can use them while being able to change their weight and density.

Yin and Yang: The quirk user can switch control between using two powers; the power of light and the power of darkness

Yo-Yo: The quirk user can produce yo-yo's and utilize them in combat, perform tricks, or use them as a grappling cable.

Youth Hose: The user can spray a special-liquid that temporary reduces a person's appearance to look like their younger self.

Zap Terrain: The quirk user creates a field of electricity and control it, while also powering up electric-like quirks

Zero Wind: The user can create large amounts of ice by manipulating the temperature of the air to absolute zero.
I don't feel like submitting the same thing but with a description, so I'mma write it here. This is basically all the edits that were originally on top.

  • EDIT 1: Answer, Buzzsaw, Corruption, Crow, Golden Rings, and Metal Arm added
  • EDIT 2: Molten Steel, Papercraft, Replica, Time Bomb, Tractor Beam, Translator, Warp Ring, and Whirlpool added
  • EDIT 3: Joy, Dollification, Machine Melt, Weapon Body, and Insect, Electric Eel, and Harpy added
  • EDIT 4: Food, Echo, Reveal, Video Vision, Body Bomb, and Revisit added
  • EDIT 5: Devil's Deal, Techno-Possession, Materialize, Erosion, and Bio-Electricity added
  • EDIT 6: Copycat, Pro Gamer, Heart Trade, Fly Wings, Currency Printer, Stone, Urchin, and Snowball added
  • EDIT 7: Pitfall, Icy Haze, Helicopter, Spike Trap, Magma, Draco Arm, and Zap Terrain added
  • EDIT 8: Berserk Dust, Topsy-Turvy, Vacuum Blade, Refraction, Wipe Off, Inspire, Traffic Light, and Marker added
  • EDIT 9: Superglue, Menacing, Tunnel, RC, Hide, Sponge, Fear Shifter, and Kitsune added
  • EDIT 10: Golem, Bell, Short Fuse, Jetstream, Gust Cannon, Banshee, Omnisteel, Force and Zero Wind added
  • EDIT 11: Cube, Eagle Form, Panda, Asteroid, Fireball, Vanish, Butter, Flint, Surface Manipulation, and Mochi added
  • EDIT 12: Magic Hand, Rift, Genie, Sun and Moon, Jack O' Lantern, Cockroach, Lightning God, Candle, Geo Skin added
  • EDIT 13: Ele-Squirrel, Pyrojutsu, Speakers, Arc Volt, Megabyte, Typhokinesis, Weight Control, and Ink Squid added
  • EDIT 14: Crab Cannon, Arctic Fox, Sand Castle, Pocket Shadow, Kraken, Ear Wings, Angel Aura, Mask, and Iron Hair added
  • EDIT 15: Fire Flower, Bug Command, Spirit Animal, Chaos, Wand, Boost, Medusa, Psychokinesis, Mirror, and Blaze added
  • EDIT 16: Connect, Doppleganger, Law Breaker, Garden, Surveillance, White Fire, Log, Volcano, and Napalm added
  • EDIT 17: Quicksilver, Beam, Fabric, Ultraviolet, Chloromancer, Bio-Mech, Talon, and Monster Truck added
  • EDIT 18: Symphony, Fountain, Chemistry, Hex, Frigid Silk, Metal Snake, Deadeye, Mime, and Raven added
  • EDIT 19: Phantom Limbs, Battering Ram, Clamp, Rock Candy, Launch, Egg, Fiery Soul, Thunderclap, Pollen, and Onion Tears added
  • EDIT 20: Disco, Snow Leopard, Poseidon, Caramel, Wool Bomb, Static Cloud, Bubble Tea, Sloth, and Firefly added
  • EDIT 21: Mix, Lemur, Depot, Tank, Instructions, Siphon, Rocket Engine, and Ball n' Chain added
  • EDIT 22: Freeze Ray, Copy and Paste, Half-Earth Half-Air, Unicorn, Arcade, Fighter Jet, Swordmaster, Pipe, and Gauntlet added
  • EDIT 23: Suction Cups, Fruit Tree, Rune, Magnetic Hands, Topspin, Blue Ice, Wrecking Ball, Adaptability, Duck, and Hell Hands added
  • EDIT 24: Youth Hose, Thorns, Bear Trap, Surprise Egg, Ice Dragon, Expanding Foam, and Mole added
  • EDIT 25: Overdrive, Hive Mind, Thermostat, Seaweed, Hyperspace, Fraction, Millipede, and Golden Flame added
  • EDIT 26: Tanuki, Marionette, Icy Palms, Clear Body, Sticker, Grapple-Claw, Library, and Surge added
  • EDIT 27: Contagious Yawn, Trampoline, Signal, Petals, Fluff, Beetle, Spore, Alloy Slime, and Four-Leaf added
  • EDIT 28: Hard Light, Trick, No Limit, Frosting, Haunt, Parasol, 8-Bit, Scallop, and Dynamo added
  • EDIT 29: Jackhammer, Palette, Black Sugar, Mirage, Luminosphere, Ferrofluid, Skeleton, Alumigami, Mountain, and Cyclone added
  • EDIT 30: Spark, Holy Wings, Anchor, Blast Spike, Drill Horn, Roundabout, Uprising, Flare Hair, and Sharp Edge added
  • EDIT 31: Electro-Puddle, Skyrocket, Constructo-Arm, Frenzy, Proximity, Ion Wisp, Omni-Freeze, and Bomb Head added
  • EDIT 32: Cone Drill, Violet Bug, Burst, Ironclad, Calcium, Glitch, Forecast, and Incognito added
  • EDIT 33: Vitality Hand, Air Bomb, Dice, Inferno, Mutagen, Bow, Lava Body, and Snowflake added
  • EDIT 34: Grasp, Beacon, Spike Ball, Metal Virus, Propulsion, Onslaught, Sniper, Firecracker, and Disc added
  • EDIT 35: Linx, Gear, Iceball, Helix, Sledgehammer, Chandelier, Obsidian, Gyro, and Bubble Guard added
  • EDIT 36: Silver, Technokinesis, Whip, Comet, Sharpshooter, Rollerblaze, Configuration, Grasshopper, Dream Pixie, and Nebula added

  • EDIT 37: Hood, Orb, Vibe, Freeze-Flame, Broom, and Dimension added

  • EDIT 38: Soundboard, Triceratops, Emptiness, Card, Light-Speed, Yo-Yo, and Chibi added

  • EDIT 39: Nutrition, Minimize, Shuttle Punch, Age, Gummy Hands, Basilisk, and Devastator Ray added

  • EDIT 40: Manta Ray, Sludge, Unlimited, Minotaur, Viper Wisp, Maple Syrup, and Search Eye added

  • EDIT 41: Inventor, Supernova, Remote, Dark Wind, Acoustic, Velocity, Aurora, and Route added

  • EDIT 42: Ash, Buff, Chimera, Graffiti, Dust Devil, Sea Serpent, Fortune. Megaphone, and Big Bang added

  • EDIT 43: Points, Komodo, Anti-Friction, Storyteller, Boombox, Matter Master, Translocate, and Accelerate added

  • EDIT 44: Jade, Roadrunner, Cable, Lollipop, Turbojet, Dragonfly, Anemone, and Thermostat added
    • Cactus reworked into Cactus Bazooka
    • Updated most Transformation Quirks and Emitter Quirks


bnha quirk ideas!


emitter type

the users skin secretes an ink-like substance whose colour and viscosity can be manipulated - this could be influenced by moods too

overuse leads to dehydration, pigment loss and possibly ink-clogged pores

quantity stock can be trained to be built up to the point of dangerous degrees if the need arose

works suspiciously well for refilling markers - good for art, so the user would be well suited for a creative career. no likely hero career for them, as it’s not especially combat specialized

ink may accidentally drip if flustered or caught off guard

Central Heating

transformation type

allows the water to drastically alter their body temperature, to extremes

can melt through things (like if they were tied up) and draw the heat from objects

slightly warmer change = Best Hugs and also makes them Very popular in summer by making themselves colder

overextertion can lead to a fluctuating fever

calm demeanor is ideal because control can decrease with extreme emotions

very suited to basically any situation, like heating drinks and the possibilities are Endless


- emitter-type

- works well with medium intelligence / heccing good memory

allows the user’s body to produce chemicals like dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, etc. to alter and change people’s moods and make them feel a certain way

it affects anyone who ingests the chemicals into their body

intensity of the chemicals used and their potency can be altered to some extent, but dexterity depend on the user’s health and state of vitality

different moods can be created with different combinations of chemicals, but the user must know the makeup necessary to create it

overextertion can cause temporary fatigue and a state of depression/intense apathy as the brain becomes unable to produce it’s own chemicals necessary for basic instincts

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Quirk ideas for MHA

These are just quirk ideas for MHA shifters !! Or people who want to shift to MHA ! The quirks listed below are either a combination of two quirks or quirks that are inspired by other powers from other anime’s !

:warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: You are free to use these quirks if any catch your attention! You are also free to change anything you want ! :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning:

user uploaded image

Quirk #1; Wings of Fire

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

This quirk is a combination of Endeavors power (fire), and Hawks (bird features).

Description; This quirk makes you manifest wings of fire whenever your senses feel danger near or approaching. The wings are as big as Maleficent’s wings. You’re body is immune to the heat, so it doesn’t burn you. Each feather is laced with fire. You can make individual feathers go whenever just like Hawks does. Whenever you send a feather somewhere, a new feather replaces the missing one.

Weaknesses; The more feathers you send out and the more you reproduce, they less fire power it’ll have which will not have an affect much if you are fighting a villain.

Drawbacks; When too many feathers are used and replaced, you’re back may hurt quiet a bit after you don’t have your wings.

user uploaded image

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

Quirk #2; Engine Repulsers

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

This quirk is based off of Iron-man from Marvel( boots repulsers) and Iida (engine boost).

Description; With this quirk, you have engine boosters embedded on your palms and at the heel of your feet. Again, this quirk doesn’t effect you in any way physically. This quirk helps you move faster and more stronger because you have boosts engines. The engines are powerful enough to make you fly and get around quickly.

Weaknesses; You can’t use boost power in or around a lot of water.

Drawbacks; If you use to much power boost, your heels/palms can over heat causing it to malfunction and eventually stop working so it can cool down.

user uploaded image

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

Quirk #3; Mind Tricking telekinesis

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

This quirk is based off of Scarlet Witch from Marvel and Gowther from Seven Deadly Sins !

Description; When using this quirk, you are able to to communicate, control, and move things with your mind/power. You can alter ones mind and memories. You can also destroy and move things from one place to another with little force. This quirk does not affect you in any way physically when using.

Weaknesses; N/A

Drawbacks; When used to much, you get a migraine.

user uploaded image

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

Quirk #4; Emotional Strength

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

This quirk is one a thought of myself :3

Description; When using this quirk, you can manipulate and change how strong you are by how you are feeling. This quirk doesn’t affect your body in any way when using safely. For example, if you were to get angry, you would become strong. The more angrier, the stronger you’ll get. You can also convert any other emotion into strength. Though it takes practice.

Weaknesses; This quirk is hard to control since it has to do with emotions ! So controlling emotions is the major focus !

Drawbacks; if you tend to fully lose control of your emotions and go psycho, you’re strength will be to much for you to even handle and you will tear you’re muscles.

user uploaded image

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

Quirk #5;Whistle Blower

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═

This quirk is based off of Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy !

Description; The way this quirk works is you have a sharped object or any object you think can cut easily through things, which is activated to only react to attack by your whistle only. Whenever you whistle, no matter soft or loud, the object will react and fly while you whistle. The louder and more sharper and shorter the whistle is, the faster it goes.

Weaknesses; Once the object breaks, it will not react to your whistle and you would have to look for something else to replace it with.

Drawbacks; if you haven’t conditioned your mouth to not get tired fast by whistling, you will struggle with a sore mouth.

user uploaded image

═ ∘◦❦◦∘ ═


My Hero Academia Quirk Generator

quirk generator

In My Hero Academia, becoming a hero requires strength - a special power that will set you apart from the crowd. The main character, Izuku Midoriya, is constantly tested by a fatal flaw - he is devoid of a quirk, has no special power. However, with time, everything changes thanks to his idol - All Might. Quirk is not the only way to success because muscle strength also counts, and tactics play the most important role. So let's move to the world of superheroes for a moment and check what superpower you could have through a quirk generator.

As you may have learned from our My Hero Academia trivia quiz, the first person in the world to have a gift was a newborn baby in Qing Qing city. This child had the ability to emit light from his body. Soon after this incident, many people around the world began to manifest all sorts of supernatural abilities. And while the cause of these powers is as yet unknown, various theories have been put forward, including that the appearance of quirks is related to a virus transmitted by mice.

My Hero Academia Quirks

In MHA, quirks are the next step in the evolution of the human race. It is estimated that about 80% of the entire population has some sort of gift. These superpowers are physical abilities, and like muscles and physical strength, they can be properly trained.

Take a bit of your imagination and think about what quirk you would like to have? Would it be a powerful One For All? Or maybe the possibility of disappearing through Invisibility? How about Black Hole? Whatever it is, check out some of the heroes' most interesting abilities, then start our quirk generator quiz.

One For All

One For All allows its owner to access the accumulated power, which provides the user with temporary superhuman strength, increased agility, increased hearing, and superhuman speed. This quirk is distinguished by the fact that it can be "inherited" by others. It can be passed on from one holder to another.


This quirk allows the owner to control the mind of the person who responded to him. As a result, a person with this power can order another person to do anything, and he or she will do so without hesitation. Interestingly, the holder can control more than one person at a time.


This quirk gives its user the ability to generate blue flames from his body. It allows him to freely generate flames from any place on his body with minimal effort. It is a powerful quirk that can burn anything it touches almost instantly. These flames are believed to have a higher temperature than normal fire.


Overhaul is another incredibly powerful quirk thanks to which its user is able to tear his target to shreds. Just one finger touch is enough to destroy the enemy. The downside of this superpower is that you need both operable arms to use it. Without them, the holder is unable to activate his power.


Explosion is a power that allows the owner to release sweat with a composition similar to nitroglycerin on their hands and set it on fire to trigger an explosion. The user-generated fire shockwaves of this quirk are very powerful and devastating; they literally destroy anything in their way.

MHA Quirk Generator - How to Play?

The path to becoming a superhero isn't easy, unlike our quiz! To find out what kind of quirk you would have in the world of My Hero Academia, just answer a few simple and fun questions, and we'll match you a power. Quirk generator will perfectly match a superpower to your personality and other characteristics that set you apart. Ready? Let's get started!


Quirk ideas mha

Quirk Ideas!

Anonymous asked:

hii i have a backstory for my oc but I need a quirk

she's is a vigilante that later in the plot joins the LOV, I wanted a emitter quirk or a mutation that has to do with a raven

Name: Ravens call

Description: User can call upon, understand, and command ravens

Drawback: there has to be ravens around in order for it to work, as the user can not summon ravens out of thin air

(Sorry this took so long to reply, I haven’t been feeling it. I will hopefully do most of the rest tomorrow.)

Hi! Can you make a quirk that has something to do with bugs, like, the user can have the quality of an insect or something like that?

Name: Praying Mantids

Description: The user packs power punches, and can turn there head 180 degrees. They also have antennas

Drawback: Deaf in one ear, cant handle to much heat.


Or if you want, you can use ‘Hivemind’! it was one of the first quirks i posted!

Hi! Can you make a quirk that has something to do with bugs, like, the user can have the quality of an insect or something like that?

Anonymous asked:

how about a quirk where y/n us deaf, but can hear other people?

Name: Mind connect

Description: user can “connect” to other people’s mind and hear what their hearing

Drawback: migraines

Anonymous asked:

((This is the only way I can say this since it won’t let me send a message but I’m the one who did the Princess request and I just wanna say thank you for doing mine 😁

Your Welcome 😁👍

Anonymous asked:

I have a oc that I need a quirk for, basically there really snobbish and stuck-up, they act like there royalty and I want there quirk to sorta represent that, so sorta like a Princess based quirk for a very selfish girl 😅

Name: Queens Rule

Description: the user can “command” people to do things, and the subject has to do as ask. Once task is done, the command is released. If the command is impossible, it can last up to two days.

Drawback: drowsiness

Anonymous asked:

I need a quirk for a villan that is related with their mouth in some way

Name: Snake’s Jaw

Description: the user of this quirk can unhinge their to fit almost everything into there mouth. They have a small pocket dimension they can use to store things in

Drawback: This dimension only has a certain amount of space, think of bags of holding in Dnd

Anonymous asked:

Can you do a blood related quirk for a villan? It's okay if it's a little disturbing or smth

Name : Vampire

Description: Upon drinking blood, the user with gain the quirk of the person who gave the blood, as well as enhanced strength and speed

Drawback: burn out, can get drunk on blood

Anonymous asked:

a quirk relating to animals? but not liking just like that one rock kid’s quirk


Description: User Can turn into animals after touching them

Drawback: only lasts five minutes

Name: Ragdolls

Description: The user can turn there foes into Ragdolls

Drawback: Max of 10 minutes

10 NEW QUIRKS from the War Arc EXPLAINED! / My Hero Academia

Left leg. The husband was holding his right leg, pulling it up and to the side as far as possible. The butt was lifted and directed at the right angle to him by the open entrance to the bosom, now obscured from us by his hips evenly hitting. Against it with well-audible slaps.

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But Sveta pulled the bottom of her dress so that Sergei's face was completely pressed into her latex ass, and his head was between her legs, and Sergei could not. Breathe. The girl squeezed his head harder and harder.

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