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All your favourites available from pm on weekends and from 4pm Wednesday - Friday.

All our takeaway cocktails are made to order, come as a double serve and come with all the garnishes - all you need is a chilled glass at home to enjoy.

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Borsch, Vodka and Tears is a Melbourne institution currently celebrating 20 years at the colourful end of Chapel Street. Styled after a Kraków cellar bar, Borsch is a romantic Bohemian enclave, the home of the Green Faery, an ode to a hazy and debauched bygone world. We specialise in Polish vodka, vodka-centric interpretations of classic and modern cocktails, authentic wormwood absinthe, Eastern European beers, contemporary Polish dishes and late night fun times.

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They say Ernest Hemingway drafted The Sun Also Rises in just six weeks. Of course, for most of us, the prospect of writing a novel at all is a daunting enough challenge, without the added pressure of trying to create a literary classic.

It was with that in mind that Tom Kealey and Scott Hutchins, former Stegner fellows and current Jones lecturers, created the Novel Writing Intensive. And intense it is. Inspired by NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month, the popular celebration held every November since —and what Hutchins calls the “longstanding pedagogical problem of novels in the workshop,” their course provides the structure and support to push students through the grueling task of writing an entire novel in a single month.

The class starts off reading a few novels for inspiration and guidance. This past year, those were Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five,Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald, Justin Torres’s We the Animals and Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley. Students then sketched out scenes and structures for their own stories and created jacket covers for their books, complete with fake praise from the literary world. “Nabokov blurbed a few,” Hutchins jokes.

Once November hits, the writing starts, as students gather for nightly writing blasts hosted by one of their 18 classmates around campus and in Palo Alto. Playing by NaNoWriMo rules, they’re supposed to average almost 1, words per day to reach the mandatory 50,word count by the end of the month and complete their novels. And Kealey emphasizes that completion is the main goal of the class, so students get a firsthand experience with “how people write things to completion, and how do people write day in and day out” whether or not they’re feeling inspired. Even so, for the last class of the quarter, when the students gathered and read a few pages from their books, Kealey says he was “blown away” by the quality of their writing.

Students who took the class this year—just the third iteration, as it’s offered only every other year—credit the supportive environment with helping them see the novel process through. Natalia Birgisson, an MD candidate, says she had been wanting to write a novel for some time, and “Tom and Scott’s class was instrumental in getting me started.” Sri Muppidi, ’17, echoed this sentiment, saying, “I knew that if I attempted to do it on my own, I would not have been able to finish. But with the support of the class, I was able to follow through with the goal I set for myself.”

Finishing the book was, for many students, an emotional experience. “Several of them admitted to bursting out into tears when they finished,” Hutchins says.And as for the final product? In Muppidi’s words: “No matter how bad I think the writing is, I’m still happy with it because I did something.”

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Ascend to the West End: Hill Behind the Hill & Tears of Laughter

Book all 4 Shows

If you would like to see all four shows as part of Ascend to the West End, simply add one double bill into your basket, then click onto the other double bill and add that to your basket. When you proceed to the checkout, you will see the prompt to insert a discount code. Insert ASCEND to avail of £25 tickets.


Covid Safety Terms and Conditions

Pre-show drinks
All pre-show drinks must be pre-ordered and these will be delivered to your seat. The bar will only be open to patrons following each performance, therefore unless your drink is pre-ordered ahead of your arrival, you will not be able to get one until after the show. Click here to pre-order your drinks and please ensure that you use the same name as on your ticket:

Please note: to protect the safety of every audience member along with our staff, The Actors Centre is continuing to implement COVID safety measures around the building which includes a one-way system and the wearing of face coverings. 

Can I use the toilet before the performance?
Yes, once you are inside the venue, you will be able to use the toilet before the show begins. You will need to adhere to the one-way system demarcated throughout the building, which will mean that you will have to rejoin the external queue to be readmitted to the theatre. Please note that it will not be possible to enter the building to use the toilet before the auditorium opens. 

Can I reserve a table post-performance in the bar? 
It will not be possible to reserve a table at the bar, these will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

How long is the performance?
The performance lasts for 2 hour and 30 minutes including interval. 

Will I have to queue outside the theatre? 
Yes, there will be a socially distanced queue in operation and you will be required to wait outside before being admitted to the theatre.

Do I need to print out my ticket to be scanned? 
No. We will digitally check in each patron upon arrival using the name under which the booking was made.

Do I need to Track & Trace? 
As per current Government guidelines, you will not be required to Track & Trace upon entering the venue however, the option will be available to all patrons should you wish to do so.  

Can I come out of the theatre once I have entered? 
The house will open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of each performance. Once you have entered the theatre, you may leave before the performance commences and you must rejoin the external queue to gain readmittance to the theatre. Please note if the performance has already begun, you will not be readmitted.

What is your latecomer policy?
Latecomers will not be admitted to the theatre. 

I am waiting for my partner/friend/parent(s), can they come in late? 
If you are waiting for another member of your party, you may wait for them to arrive and then join the queue. If they are late and the performance has already commenced, you/they will not be able to gain entry.

Do I have to wear a face covering now that restrictions are lifted? 
Yes, unless you are medically exempt, to protect your safety and the safety of those around you, face coverings must be worn throughout The Actors Centre, including during the performance. To aid with lip reading, all staff members will be wearing visors.

Can I take my face covering off in The Actors Centre? 
You may take off your face covering in the theatre if you need to take a drink and if you are seated in the bar for a post-performance drink, you may remove your face covering. In all other instances, your face covering must be worn.


ACL Tears Specialist

What are ACL tears?

An ACL tear is a soft-tissue injury that affects the anterior cruciate ligament, a strong band of fibrous tissue that connects your thigh bone to your shinbone. Anyone can experience an ACL tear, but it’s especially common in people who play sports that involve jumping, running, or frequent changes of direction.

Minor ACL tears often respond to conservative treatments like rest and physical therapy. More serious tears may require a surgical tendon repair.

Do ACL tears present symptoms?

Common symptoms of ACL tears include:

  • Rapid swelling
  • A feeling of instability in the knee
  • Severe pain
  • Inability to move the affected knee
  • Loss of range of motion

If you suffer an ACL tear, you might also hear a loud popping noise.

When should I visit a doctor about an ACL tear?

If you injure your knee while working or playing sports, make an appointment at Bluewater Orthopedics right away. The knee is a complex joint that includes bones, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues. The sooner you receive a diagnosis, the sooner you can take steps to heal.

What causes ACL tears?

ACL tears happen for various reasons, including:

  • Landing awkwardly after a jump
  • Quickly slowing down and changing direction
  • Stopping suddenly while running
  • Getting hit in the knee

You might also experience an ACL tear if you play basketball and pivot with your foot firmly planted.

How are ACL tears diagnosed?

To diagnose an ACL tear, your Bluewater Orthopedics provider physically examines your knee for signs of swelling or tenderness. They might also ask you to bend your knee or to perform a series of easy exercises to assess your knee’s function and range of motion.

If these steps don’t determine the source of your discomfort, your provider orders an MRI or an ultrasound. These diagnostic imaging procedures provide detailed images of your soft tissues, including the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

How are ACL tears treated?

Treatment of an ACL tear depends on the severity of your symptoms and their effects on your daily life. If you have a minor tear, the team might recommend the RICE protocol, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

More serious tears might require immobilization with a cast, physical therapy, or surgical intervention. During ACL surgery, your provider removes the damaged ligament and replaces it with a healthy one. The healthy tendon comes from your other knee or a human cadaver.

To explore the treatment options for ACL tears, make an appointment at Bluewater Orthopedics by calling the nearest office or by clicking the online booking tool today.


The tears booking after

Family ‘in tears’ after Cornwall hotel booking swapped for Uxbridge

The five-star Retallack Resort near Newquay is one of Cornwall’s top watersports centres, where guests are housed in self-catering lodges with glazed frontages overlooking a lake, and Ian Tomlinson and his family were looking forward to spending their summer holiday there.

However, when they arrived after a four-hour drive they were told there was no record of the reservation he had made via the online travel agent six months previously. Nor was there any possibility of fitting them in., alerted to their plight, fired off an email reassuring the family that it had found them a similar alternative – in Uxbridge, a London suburb close to Slough. The email said it hoped they were having a great day.

“Uxbridge was miles away and not a place anyone would choose to have a holiday,” Tomlinson says. “I had two very tired, upset children who were looking forward to all the resort’s attractions including a FlowRider wave machine for surfing, and my wife was in tears. We were not having a great day.”

Demand for UK holiday accommodation soared this summer as Covid restricted overseas travel. Tomlinson is just one of the travellers who have reported being left stranded and out of pocket when reservations confirmed by online travel agents proved to be illusory.

Tomlinson’s destination of choice has an aqua park, a floating volleyball court, a wave pool and wakeboarding. The “similar” alternative in Uxbridge was a hotel with an metre swimming pool and a sauna.

His initial attempts to engage with by email and phone failed. The email went unanswered and the phone line went dead. The family returned home. “Fortunately, we had not yet paid for the hotel but we are out of pocket for petrol and for pre-paid tickets to the Eden Project,” Tomlinson says. “Plus, we lost the holiday we’d spent all year looking forward to.”

When he finally received an email 11 days later, claimed the hotel had overbooked and that it would consider refunding his costs but it would not provide compensation for upset children. Aria Resorts, which owns the hotel, lays the blame with “Unfortunately, it seems the booking was not confirmed correctly through into our reservation system,” a spokesperson says. “We have had no further contact from regarding this guest’s concerns.”

All the lights were off … Finally, I discovered a note on the door stating that the hotel was closed for maintenance
Helen Mundler

After Guardian Money got in touch, refunded the cost of the petrol and the Eden Project tickets and paid £ in compensation, but declined to explain how the error arose. “In exceptional circumstances where a property is unable to accommodate a guest, we always seek to rectify that immediately and will be working with this partner to ensure all future guests have a good experience,” a spokesperson says.

Another customer, Helen Mundler, was stuck with her husband and their luggage in London late at night after a problem with their reservation at the Park Grand, Paddington Court. When they arrived at pm, she says: “All the lights were off and there was no sign of life … Finally, I discovered a note on the door stating that the hotel was closed for maintenance.”

The couple, who had booked for four nights, had to tour nearby hotels until they found one with a spare room at more than twice the price of their original booking. They say they received no response from The company has since refunded their extra costs but neither it nor the hotel responded to a request for a comment.

Holidaymakers who booked through other sites have also been left stranded and out of pocket after finding their hotel was unavailable. Hannah used the online agent to reserve four nights at the Ramada hotel in Solihull. She arrived after a three-hour drive to find that it had been designated a government quarantine hotel and could not admit her. She says she could not get hold of by phone or webchat and was forced to find alternative accommodation and pay an extra £ eventually agreed to refund her the original hotel cost and gave her an £80 voucher in compensation but she was still £ out of pocket. After pressure from Guardian Money, it covered her losses in full.

“We are really sorry to hear that on this occasion the customer had a bad experience with us,” spokesperson says. “Unfortunately, the hotel did not inform us they were no longer accepting bookings until the day after the customer was due to stay.”

Alex Forrest and his family made an eight-hour trip from Stockport to Devon before discovering that the cottage they had booked had been sold six months earlier. The booking agency, Marsdens Devon Cottages, had continued to send updates, including instructions for the key safe, the night before their planned stay.

Marsdens, part of Original Cottages, promised an investigation and that was the last Forrest heard from it. The company refunded the booking and added £1, in compensation and £ in vouchers after the Guardian intervened. It declined to explain how the error arose. “We are currently reviewing our processes to ensure this doesn’t occur again,” a spokesperson says.

Online travel agents (OTAs) have an ambiguous legal relationship with customers, which makes it unclear where to complain or seek reimbursement when things go wrong. The small print tends to insist that the contract is between the customer and the travel provider and that the booking agent cannot be held responsible for failings.

That is true when it comes to the quality of the accommodation but if the OTA botches a booking, it is liable, says Gary Rycroft, a partner at Joseph A Jones & Co. “The OTA has a legal responsibility for the validity of the booking and a duty to keep the consumer informed if it cannot proceed for any reason,” he says. “If they fail to do so, the consumer should be entitled to claim any direct losses such as travel expenses and alternative accommodation from them under the Consumer Rights Act, regardless of what the terms and conditions say.”

Rycroft says disappointed customers should always send a “letter of claim” first, setting out to the OTA what they intend to claim and giving it a deadline for a response. “If that doesn’t work you can claim via the small claims track,” he adds.

Top Tourist attractions: Cornwall v Uxbridge


Surfing and water sports on a choice of 12 sandy beaches.

The Blue Reef Aquarium has an underwater tunnel through a coral reef tank displaying hundreds of tropical marine species.

Sea safari and fishing trips from the historic harbour.

The Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre offers aerial tour of the coast.

The Eden Project represents environments from around the world in giant biomes.


The Battle of Britain Bunker is the only original Battle of Britain RAF Fighter Group Operations Room open to the public.

Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex is a restored s lido with cascades at either end of a metre pool.

Denham Country Park has 28 hectares (69 acres) of green, including paddling possibilities in the river, and a canal.

Hunt Fun takes you on a free code-and-clue-busting trail round the sights of the town.

The Pavilions shopping centre – Primark, Wilko, Iceland and many, many more!

Wendy Rene - After Laughter [HQ]

After the Tears

The little sister of perennially popular Windsor restaurant Borsch, Vodka and Tears, After the Tears serves up plenty of hearty Eastern European classics, like przekąski – Polish tapas platters of pickled herrings, Russian potato salad, beets and trout terrines. And of course, there's borsch. 

There is also vodka – oh, is there ever vodka. There are more than varieties to choose from, and there is no snobby alcohol wank in the descriptions (cf this delightful sequence: "Yes, It’s A Tree Flavoured Vodka!" "Comes With An Oak Strip In The BottleOk, It’s Another Tree Flavour" "This Is Getting Ridiculous. Maple Leaf Vodka" "Seriously? Another? Oak Bark Infused? WTF Poland?" and "Alright, I Give Up. You Wanna Drink Pine Shoot Vodka, You Go Right Ahead!"). There are flights available, so you can try plenty. 

There is also vodka tea, after-work herbal vodka and dessert vodka (are you sensing the theme here?). 

It's also next door to popular Elsternwick stalwart Classic Cinemas, so it's the perfect place for a pre-show drink or a post-film comedown. 

By: Cassidy Knowlton



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ACL Tear

What is the ACL?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a connective tissue in your knee. It's a tough, elastic fiber that crosses over the front of your knee, connecting the bones that form the knee joint.

There's also a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) that crosses the back of your knee, and inside your knee, there are two collateral ligaments. Working in harmony, these ligaments stabilize your knee and control the backward and forward movement.

With knees being such a hardworking joint, injuries to the ACL are quite common, especially among people who are physically active. An ACL tear occurs when your knee stretches beyond the ligament's breaking point.

A Grade 1 sprain is the mildest ACL injury, in which the ligament fibers stretch too far but don't tear. A Grade 3 sprain is the most serious, where the ACL tears in two. An ACL tear can make your knee joint unstable.

What causes an ACL tear?

Injuries to the ACL typically occur during training or exercise or when playing sports. The types of movement that are likely to result in an ACL tear include:

  • Rapid direction changes
  • Sudden stops
  • Slowing suddenly when running
  • Jumping and landing badly
  • Impact injuries from collisions or tackles

At the moment the ACL tears, your knee might give way, and you may stumble or fall. Sometimes you can hear a popping noise as the ligament ruptures. Your knee is likely to be painful and become swollen over the following day.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you might suffer a degree of instability in the joint. ACL tears often make it difficult to walk normally. After this initial period, symptoms of an ACL tear can fade away, making you believe the injury didn't cause serious harm.

Unfortunately, it takes more than a few days to heal an ACL tear. If you resume activities thinking the injury is improving, you could cause more severe and long-term damage.

What treatments are available for ACL tears?

ACL tears can't heal properly if left alone. To get you back enjoying your sport of choice without any permanent weakness in the knee, you should consult Dr. Pancio about surgery.

Dr. Pancio is a sports medicine expert who uses state-of-the-art techniques to achieve a fast and long-lasting recovery. It's not possible to simply sew the torn ends of the ACL ligament together, so surgery involves reconstructing the ligament using a tissue graft.

Dr. Pancio offers multiple graft choices, including:

  • Hamstring autograft
  • BTB (Bone-Tendon-Bone) autograft
  • Quadriceps tendon autograft
  • Allograft tissue

Autografts use tissues from your body, while an allograft uses donated tissues.

It takes around six months for your knee to heal following surgery. Providing you follow the physical therapy program Dr. Pancio recommends, you should regain full use of your knee.

For more information, call Steven Pancio, II, MD today, or book an appointment online.


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