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Do you know How Sakura And Sasuke Have A Child?

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We all know Sasuke and Sakura had a daughter and we know Sasuke left the village after Shippuden to repent for his sins committed and to travel the world because something was bothering him, however when exactly did Sasuke get Sakura pregnant? Well you’re in luck, today we are going to be discussing that topic and give you all the details behind Sarada’s “formation.” So without further ado lets get started!


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To begin with, it is correct that Sasuke left the village after NarutoShippuden was over. The next time we saw him was in THE LAST – Naruto the Movie, to destroy a meteor crashing down into Konoha and destroying it while also returning Hiashi Hyuga. After that we saw him in his own segment side story – Sasuke Shinden, which was him traveling around the world and not taking place in Konoha at all.

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Now as for Sasuke’s visits to Konoha here is where he returned to impregnate Sakura Haruno or should we just call her Sakura Uchiha now? Anyways, Sasuke did in fact return to the village. However it wasn’t until he became much much older. In the Boruto series him and Naruto are either age 31 or 32 as stated by the datebook and the timeline of how old Boruto is (12) and the fact that at the end of Shippuden Naruto became 17, and in THE LAST (which took place 2 years after the War) they were 19. So Sasuke did in fact return before the events of Boruto Naruto the Movie timeline events.

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Sasuke returned and ordered Naruto to hold a Gokage meeting or in other words, a Five Kage Summit in Konoha. Now there are rumors that this meeting was the one that Kishimoto drew in chapter 700, however it is not simply because in chapter 700 we saw Sasuke traveling Konoha, and Sarada was already born. Whereas in this meeting I’m talking about now, Sakura could be pregnant but it is unsure.

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This meeting was actually drawn and depicted in Naruto Gaiden. The meeting had all the Kage, Sasuke, and Sakura present. Sasuke held the meeting to discuss that he has been wandering the wolf because he believes there is a threat larger than Kaguya. He ordered and negotiated that this be kept a secret between everyone in the room so that word wouldn’t get out and people wouldn’t start to freak out.

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Sakura in this chapter could be pregnant, which means sometime before this meeting, Sasuke had come back to Konoha to get her pregnant but he did not marry her just yet because she doesn’t wear the Uchiha Crest yet.

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So we can concur that Sasuke and Sakura got married and Sasuke got her pregnant between the times of, after Naruto and Hinata’s Wedding – before Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 1. Thats a pretty big difference but there is no other story-line that takes place before Boruto Naruto Next Generations and after Sasuke Shinden. Especially, when we know in Sasuke Shinden, Sasuke wasnt with Sakura and in THE LAST, he wasn’t with Sakura. The only piece of information we have is from Karin when she says that they traveled together for a time and that Sakura had Sarada at her hideout.


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The Couple

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SasuSaku (スサク SasuSaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

Their Relationship

Part I

Prologue — Land of Waves

Coming into the classroom, Sakura greets Sasuke as she pushes Naruto and asks to sit by him. Despite not receiving an answer, Sakura snatches the spot and admirably gazes at the Uchiha while the other girls continuously glare at her. Staring admirably at Sasuke, Sakura tells herself that she'd be stealing his first kiss 'today'. However, Sakura soon becomes one of the victims who watch in dismay as Naruto instead "kisses" Sasuke, resulting in Naruto later receiving a beating from Sakura along with the other female classmates. Upon later hearing the members that would be on her team, Sakura cheers when she hears Sasuke's name.

After Team 7 is formed, Sakura is shown sitting on a lone bench thinking about how she could show herself off to Sasuke despite her flaws. Fantasizing about Sasuke complimenting her forehead, Sakura catches sight of him only later staring at her. As the two sit side by side and share a moment, Sakura confesses that all she wants is his acknowledgement. Leaning herself in, Sakura prepares to kiss him, but they are quickly interrupted and "Sasuke" runs off. Sakura then comments to herself how 'shy' he is. However, this "Sasuke" is revealed to be Naruto Uzumaki. When the real Sasuke arrives looking for Naruto, Sakura happily greets him and asks if he was ready this time. Ignoring her, Sasuke asks for Naruto's whereabouts but is quickly dismissed by Sakura's comment. Stating that Sasuke shouldn't bother with Naruto, Sakura continues onward mocking Naruto about not having parents, and triggering the word "alone", Sasuke scolds Sakura and before leaving, calls her annoying. Watching as Sasuke leaves, Sakura reviews her actions and decides to be nicer to Naruto. When the team is introduced to Kakashi Hatake, their sensei, Kakashi asks each of them to introduce themselves by sharing their hobbies, interests and dreams for the future. Upon Sakura's turn, Sakura mumbles but hints all her answers are towards Sasuke. Kakashi then comments to himself how young girls always seem to be more interested in love rather than training and ninjutsu Kakashi gives the team a test and explains that those who fail to take a bell from him would be sent back to the Academy. At the beginning of the test, Sakura and Sasuke both go into hiding. She declares the test to also be a "Test of Love" and therefore decides to stay near Sasuke. Eventually, Sakura loses sight of Sasuke and begins to search for his whereabouts. Upon her search, Kakashi finds Sakura and places her under a genjutsu. Hallucinating of a bloody and near-dead Sasuke, Sakura releases a loud scream before fainting. Sasuke, who is nearby, hears her scream. Being confirmed by Kakashi that it was a genjutsu, Sasuke calmly smirks to himself that Sakura would easily fall for something like that.

Sakura finally wakes up and returns searching for Sasuke. Upon finding him and his "severed head", Sakura collapses again before shrieking while Sasuke expresses confusion. Upon awakening and seeing Sasuke above her, Sakura happily embraces Sasuke in relief despite his claims to not hug him. Sasuke then claims that they were now wasting too much time. Quickly trying to reassure him, Sakura tells him that there was always next time, quickly angering Sasuke. However, he explains to her about being an avenger. The team later fails the first session of the test, but are given another chance. During the second session of the test, Sasuke offers his assistance to Naruto. Following Kakashi's rules Sakura at first protests, but after Sasuke explains his reasoning, Sakura quickly begins to cooperate. They are soon caught by their sensei, who informs them that, but much to their surprise, they passed.

Upon being ambushed by enemy shinobi during their first serious mission, Sakura is left alone to defend their escort, Tazuna. As the enemy shinobi prepares to attack both Sakura and Tazuna, much to Sakura's surprise, Sasuke quickly comes to their aid and prepares to guard the two. But much to Sasuke's dismay, Kakashi quickly appears and rescues the team. During the Tree Climbing Practice some days later, Sakura wanted to impress Sasuke, thus showing off her ability to easily control chakra by being the first to complete the training. However, he looks away in much disinterest and annoyance while Naruto comments how amazing she is, causing much disappointment on her behalf as she frowns. During the team's break Naruto decides to ask Sakura for advice. Glancing towards Sasuke who was still showing much disinterest, Sakura decides to whisper it to Naruto. After leaving the scene, an embarrassed Sasuke asks Naruto what advice Sakura gave him, leading an amused Naruto to taunt him.

During the battle between Haku and Zabuza Momochi, Sasuke hears Sakura's scream and quickly wonders to Kakashi's whereabouts. Much later, when Sakura notices Sasuke's absence beside Naruto after the Zabuza fight, she quickly runs to find Sasuke, only to find where his lifeless body laid. Shocked, Sakura slowly approaches him and drops to his side, softly caressing his cheek while commenting how cold it was and this time, it probably wasn't a genjutsu. Tearfully, Sakura recites the Shinobi Rule #24 to never show any sort of emotion, violating it as she mourns for his loss. Upon his reawakening, hearing her mourns, Sasuke opens his eyes only to be greeted by a sobbing Sakura. Commenting how heavy she was, Sakura tearfully embraces him out of relief.

Chūnin Exam Arc

After the team's mission is completed, they return to their more simple missions. On one occasion, Sakura helps carry a heavily injured Naruto while Sasuke watches the two from afar, commenting to himself how Naruto was unable to care for himself. Later, when the team is finally dismissed from one of their missions, Sakura follows Sasuke and asks to train together with him to better their teamwork. However, Sasuke coldly declines and claims that she's the same as Naruto and she should focus on her own training. Comically breaking Sakura's self-confidence, Sakura comments to herself that he was right and utterly breaks down. When the Sand Siblings are introduced, they harass Konohamaru but is stopped by Sasuke, who Sakura is then shown fawning over.

Later, when the team is offered to participate in the Chūnin Exams, an unsure Sakura hesitates before agreeing, despite believing herself to be unworthy. The next day when the team meets up together, as Sakura is shown greeting Naruto, Sasuke silently comments to himself how unusual she seemed. Later, when the team reaches the genjutsu-casted floor, Sasuke asks Sakura about the genjutsu, but also states she probably already knew and compliments her ability on analysis. Grateful, Sakura confirms his statement and the examiners are then forced to let them pass where as Sasuke is shown smirking to himself.

Gaining back her self-confidence, Sakura grabs hold of both Sasuke's and Naruto's hand and goes through, although not to their knowledge, they are followed by Rock Lee. Later confronted, Lee challenges Sasuke to a match while at the same time, confesses his feelings to Sakura, much to the team's disgust. Insulting Lee and his thick brows and lashes, Sasuke and Naruto would later join Sakura when comparing Might Guy and Lee. After Sasuke's defeat against Lee, Sakura catches him from falling. When Team 7 leaves to meet up with the rest of the members of Konoha, Ino Yamanaka appears and embraces Sasuke from behind. Sakura and Sasuke are then shown scowling at Ino's sudden action with Naruto commenting how annoying she is. In the Forest of Death, Sakura and Sasuke are left alone to face Orochimaru. With Naruto elsewhere, Sasuke and Sakura find themselves paralyzed when Orochimaru places them under a "Death" genjutsu, where they see their own deaths. Sasuke finding himself unable to do anything, turns to Sakura and curses when he sees her shaken and in tears. Concluding the only way was to run, Sasuke stabs himself in the leg to dispel the illusion and grabs Sakura, taking her into hiding until Naruto finally comes to their aid but they are found by Orochimaru. Sasuke offers him their scroll in exchange for them to be left alone, to which Naruto opposes and condemns Sasuke for being a coward, with Sakura watching them. Naruto is later taken down by Orochimaru, with the two only watching in horror, leading Sakura to scold Sasuke for being such a coward unlike Naruto. This causes Sasuke to remember his brother and Sasuke begins to fight back but he is bitten on the neck by Orochimaru.

Receiving the Cursed Mark from Orochimaru, Sasuke clutches Sakura's hand in pain and collapses in her arms. Not knowing what to do, Sakura begins to plead for help. Left alone to care for her two unconscious teammates, she tends to their wounds as they are sheltered under a tree. When the Sound Ninja come to take Sasuke, Sakura desperately tries to fight them off with the traps she had prepared, but her efforts are easily avoided and she is only saved by Lee. When he is taken down, Sakura is left to defend for herself with the other's life at her stake.

As one of the nin's immobilizes Sakura by grabbing her hair, the ninja scolds her for putting more effort onto her looks rather then her skills. Hating herself for always having to watch everyone's back as they protect her, Sakura vows to become stronger and breaks herself free by cutting her own long hair. With Ino and her team watching from the background, a flashback of their childhood they shared is shown, revealing Sakura grew her hair out due to the rumor of Sasuke liking girls with long hair. A flashback of a younger Sakura appears and confesses to Ino and their friends that she finally had a boy she liked. Revealing it to be Sasuke, the young Sakura becomes surprised when their friends confess that Sasuke was already popular with a lot of other girls. However, the young Sakura still confirmed that she would fight for him then.

When Sasuke finally awakens by the cursed seal, he immediately asks Sakura who injured her. Although glad that he had finally woken up, Sakura questions about his condition. Ignoring her, Sasuke questions Sakura, more demanding, to who injured her but Sakura hesitates, leading one of the sound shinobi to mockingly confess. Forced to watch as Sasuke began to violently rampage upon them, breaking the arms of the shinobi who wounded her, a frightened Sakura realizing that "This is not Sasuke", quickly rushes to his side and embraces him, begging him to stop and to return to the Sasuke she knew. Her words are able to get through to his senses and his cursed seal quickly recedes. With the cursed seal receded, Sasuke collapses with Sakura supporting him. Watching Sasuke still shaken by his power, Sakura shows concern. Naruto later wakes up and rushes to both Sakura and Sasuke and asks about Sakura's hair, much to Sasuke and Ino's annoyance. Lying to her teammate that she wanted an image change, Sasuke stares at Sakura as she continues explaining the false situation to Naruto. Later, when Ino is fixing Sakura's hair, Ino scolds Sakura for being reckless and "cheating" by hugging Sasuke to where Sakura rampages to Ino about.

The team takes a break to rest and gather food. Sakura is left in charge of gathering wood for the fire while Naruto and Sasuke are in charge of gathering food. Working together, Sasuke and Naruto succeed in catching three. However, Sasuke continues to demand for Naruto to catch more. Wanting to protest, Naruto begins to ramble how they should then switch places but is stopped by Sakura's arrival and request for a fire. As the two leave, Naruto watches them in confusion. Much later, it is revealed during this time that Sasuke had entrusted Sakura to not tell Naruto about his cursed mark. When the team travels to the tower, Sakura helps support Sasuke walk throughout the session. Finally reaching the tower, Sasuke confirms that he's okay now which causes Sakura to let go and in a comedic fashion way, Inner Sakura curses herself. Upon Iruka appearing in front of them and telling the team about the scrolls, Sasuke teases both Sakura and Naruto about how glad he was that they didn't try the occasion in sarcasm. The two sigh in relief while secretly thanking Kabuto.

Before the preliminary matches of the exam, Sakura watches Sasuke as he suffers from the pain caused by the cursed mark. In concern, Sakura tries to confess the situation to the hosters of the exam. Stopped by Sasuke who grabs her hand and scolds her, Sakura begins to protest against him while stating her concern. Sasuke continues by confirming to Sakura once again that he is an avenger, and not even she will be able to change that. He further tells her that he can't forgive even her if she tells anyone of the cursed seal, which worries and saddens her. During preliminary match exams, Sasuke battles Yoroi Akadō. As the cursed mark begins to release itself during his battle, Sasuke struggles to keep it in place and is shown having flashbacks of Sakura and the team. Not wanting to worry Sakura and the group, Sasuke fights the seal and defeats his opponent. Sasuke is soon taken away by Kakashi with Sakura watching as the two leave. When Kakashi comes back, a worried Sakura questions about Sasuke's condition while showing concern. During Sakura's match with Ino, it is revealed that Sakura had ended their friendship so they could compete as equals for Sasuke's affections. However, the two decide to fight as mere rivals rather than for Sasuke's affections during the match. At the end of their tied battle, Ino teases Sakura about not giving up on Sasuke. Sakura quickly retaliates that the same was for her. While watching the other preliminary matches, from time to time, Sakura shows concern and asks Kakashi about Sasuke's condition.

After the preliminary exam and in the meantime before the finals, Sakura is sitting in her bedroom, worrying about Sasuke. Entering the Yamanaka's Flower Shop to buy a flower for Sasuke who is in the hospital, Sakura encounters Ino. Ino decides to accompany Sakura on Sakura's visit to Sasuke. Picking out their individual flowers, Ino picks a rose while as Sakura picks a daffodil and the two quote the flowers to be their individual love for Sasuke. Upon visiting the hospital, they find out that Sasuke had already left. Sakura begins to show concern over his safety. During the final exam, Sakura is shown worried about Sasuke not arriving on time for his match against Gaara. When Sasuke finally arrives at the last few seconds remaining before the disqualification of the time limit, Sakura smiles in relief at his arrival. However, Sakura quickly dismisses the moment and shows concern over the cursed mark.

Konoha Crush Arc

When Sakura and Naruto catch up to Sasuke and Gaara, Sakura rushes to Sasuke's side and tries to aid him as the cursed mark began to consume his body. Sensing Gaara's incoming attack, Sakura uses herself as a human shield against Gaara to protect Sasuke. Pinned against a tree and knocked unconscious, Sasuke declares and entrusts Naruto to save Sakura no matter what, stating Sakura to be one of those dear and precious to him whom he never wants to lose. When Sakura is freed from the sand, Sasuke rushes to catch her, laying her next to to Kakashi's ninken, Pakku, and before leaving, entrusts her safety to him.

During Naruto's training with Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke are shown watching the latter. Turning to Sasuke, Sakura begins to thank Sasuke for saving her from Gaara but is quickly dismissed when Sasuke confesses it was Naruto. Turning to Naruto, Sakura gives Naruto a genuine smile, not noticing the jealous scowl on Sasuke's face. The two along with the rest of Konoha would later attend the Hokage's Funeral. The two are seen standing together throughout the whole session.

Search for Tsunade Arc

Sasuke is left hospitalized after being mentally and physically tormented by his brother, Itachi. Sitting by his side, Sakura watches over Sasuke as she worries for his condition. Sasuke is only later re-awakened when Tsunade heals him. Although before healing Sasuke, Tsunade notices the fresh daffodil flowers in the vase and questions herself if Sakura was visiting everyday. Upon finally awakening, Sasuke is tearfully embraced by a relieved Sakura and, for once, Sasuke doesn't reject her affection.

Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc

During Sasuke's stay at the hospital, Sakura is shown to visit him often. While Sakura is cutting an apple for Sasuke, Sasuke is shown having flashbacks of Itachi's torment along with when Sakura had turned away from him and smiled at Naruto. Angered and aware of the fact that Naruto was becoming stronger, Sasuke unconsciously knocks away the apples that Sakura had offered him. As Naruto enters the scene, Sasuke gives Naruto a taunting look and challenges him to a match. Naruto at first protests, but quickly changes his mind while Sakura watches the two in horror. As the two leave, Sakura flashes back to Sasuke's first exposure of the cursed mark and quickly chases after the two. Reaching the rooftop, Sakura watches the two battle but unable to resist any longer, Sakura begs the two to stop and rushes in between their attacks. Towards Sakura's intervention, both Sasuke and Naruto try to pull their attacks away but quickly find themselves unable to. Grabbed by Kakashi and hurled into opposite ends, Sakura is saved but breaks into tears as Sasuke leaves the scene. Kakashi's lecture about revenge gaining him nothing but emptiness and loneliness makes Sasuke remember his friendship with Sakura and Naruto, and he becomes conflicted between his bond with her and the team versus his desire for revenge and power. After a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Sound Four, who offer him to join them to Orochimaru, he ultimately decides to defect and sever his bonds with Sakura, Naruto, and the rest of his friends.

Deciding to finally confess Sasuke's situation to Naruto, Sakura asks Naruto for a moment between the two and reveals her severe concern of Sasuke's possible future decision to choosing the wrong path. However, Naruto gives her hope that it won't happen and she calms down a bit, but still remains worried of the possibility. Deciding against on going home and wanting to confirm her suspicions, Sakura approaches Sasuke at the village's exit and realizes her fear is coming true. As the two stand alone, Sakura asks Sasuke if he remembered the first time he had called her annoying. Coldly replying that he doesn't, Sakura continued to proceed and recalls the memories the team had shared and how the revenge would bring him damage. When she's finished, Sasuke says he could've chosen a peaceful life in the village with her and the team but he has chosen revenge.

When Sasuke finally turns to walk away, Sakura tearfully begs for him to stay, even blindly confesses that she was in love with him, willing to do anything for him as long as she could be with him and she'd also help with his quest for revenge. Promising that if they were together, she would bring him days of only happiness and despite having friends and family, Sakura confessed that without Sasuke, she would feel alone. Turning around smirking, Sasuke once again calls her annoying. Proceeding to leave in front of her, Sakura threatened to scream and alert the village of his betrayal. Disappearing in front of her behind her back, Sasuke gives her a soft "Thank You" before knocking her unconscious. Before he leaves, he leaves her on the bench.

The next day, a team called the Sasuke Retrieval Unit is created to retrieve Sasuke. This team is then approached by Sakura. Upon her coming, Nara Shikamaru confesses that the Hokage had already told him the story and asks Sakura if she really wasn't able to convince Sasuke. Breaking into tears, Sakura turns to Naruto and begs him to bring Sasuke back. When Naruto fails and is unable to, Sakura becomes disappointed. However, Sakura becomes encouraged when Naruto states that he was keeping his promise. Motivated, Sakura confirms to Naruto that it'll be the both of them bringing Sasuke back together. After becoming Tsunade's apprentice, Sakura uses Sasuke as one her motivations to become stronger.

Part II

After Team 7 consisting Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi get together for the first time in two-and-a-half years, they remember their first training session and get gloomy at the mention of Sasuke's name, showing Sakura still misses him.

Kazekage Rescue Mission Arc

When Sakura and Naruto reface Kakashi to test their strengths, Kakashi uses the same genjutsu of a near dead Sasuke on Sakura again. Despite knowing better this time, Sakura still whispers to herself how she would do anything to see Sasuke again. Later meeting Itachi during their mission, Sakura becomes angered at the fact that Itachi was the one who was 'inflicting pain' on both Sasuke and Naruto, as the organization in which he worked wanted his tailed beast.

Upon Sakura and Chiyo's battle against Sasori, an Akatsuki member, Sasori revealed that he had sent a spy to secretly watch over Orochimaru. Hearing the name Orochimaru and seeing this as a chance to possibly get information on retrieving Sasuke, Sakura works with Chiyo and the two work together to defeat the Akatsuki. Throughout the battle, Sakura struggles but time to time, encourages herself to bring back the old Team 7. The two finally defeat Sasori and he rewards her by spending his last breath giving info about his spy. Returning back to her group, Sakura then later shares the intel with Naruto and Kakashi.

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission Arc

When Sai is introduced to Team Kakashi, Sakura becomes shocked at how similar Sai looked in comparison to Sasuke. Although later, Sakura confirmed that although they looked similar, they were nothing alike in personality. Upon a travel during their mission towards Sasuke's location, when Sai insults Sasuke, Naruto quickly reacted in defending against him. However, Sakura protests against Naruto's behavior. Giving Sai a reassured smile and apologizing for Naruto's actions, Sakura sends Sai a punch and automatically declares that she could care less if he doesn't forgive her, ending her sentence by threatening to not go easy on him the next time he insults or bad names Sasuke. During their first meeting, Sai tells Sasuke that Naruto thinks of him like a brother from what Sakura has told him. Causing Sasuke to become quiet for a moment before responding that the only brother he has is the one he wants to kill.[1]

When Sai finally locates Sasuke again, Sasuke explodes his room in rage of being disturbed. Reacting to the explosion and spotting Sai, Sakura runs to the location and proceeds to attack Sai for knowing full well of his mission of assassinating Sasuke. However, Sakura freezes when she hears a familiar voice echo her name. As Sakura turns around, she stares in disbelief at Sasuke's appearance while he stares at her with apparent indifference. As Naruto and the other members catch up, Yamato tries to reason with Sasuke about the efforts Sakura and Naruto have made to return him to Konoha and they still consider him a comrade. Sakura expresses disbelief when Sasuke denounces any bond with Sakura and Naruto. When Sasuke prepares to kill Naruto with his katana, Sakura shouts for him to stop until Yamato and Sai intervene. Sasuke electrifies the group, but missing Sakura. Thinking back to her training and her promise to bringing Sasuke back home, Sakura prepares herself and attempts to attack Sasuke for the very first time. Noticing her charge, Sasuke prepares to block her attack with his own. However, Yamato their team captain quickly takes the hit instead. Declaring he no longer wanted anything to do with them, Sasuke prepared to kill them all until he was quickly interrupted by Orochimaru and in the end, Sakura is forced to watch Sasuke flee with Orochimaru. However, instead of getting discouraged, a tearful Sakura vows to get stronger.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission Arc

Upon returning home from Naruto's training grounds, Sakura is in her bedroom staring at Team 7's photo. Upon looking at Sasuke's photograph, Sakura sheds a tear and turns to look at the crescent moon by her window.

Itachi Pursuit Mission Arc

As Team 7 leaves the Ichiraku Ramen, they meet Konohamaru who demonstrates his new perverted technique; Sexy: Girl on Girl Technique for Naruto's amusement. Sakura initially disapproves but quickly changes her mind as soon as Konohamaru shows her the Sexy: Boy on Boy Technique by transforming into naked Sasuke and Sai.

When news finally reach Konoha that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru, Team 7 and Team 8 decide to group up and find Itachi to allow access to also find Sasuke. Before the search, the task force of Team 7 and Team 8 split up to begin searching for clues about Itachi's whereabouts. Kakashi then summons some of his ninken and adds each ninken to each group. Bisuke and Shiba are sent to partner up with Sakura and ordered to protect her. When Bisuke and Shiba finally catch Sasuke's scent, they lead Sakura to a town. However, instead of finding Sasuke, they walk past Taka team member, Karin.

Pain's Assault Arc

As the invasion of Pain rages on in the Konoha village, Team Taka is sent to capture the Eight-Tails. When the members of Taka are shown struggling, Sasuke has a flashback of Sakura and Team 7. Remembering his former teammates, Sasuke rushes back into the battlefield to save his team members.

After the Invasion of Pain, when Tazuna arrives to help rebuild the damaged village, Tazuna asks about the whereabouts of Sasuke, catching Sakura's attention and leading her to become saddened. When Kiba announces to the team about Sasuke's disposition from Danzo, Sakura immediately replied that she'd go talk to Danzo.

Five Kage Summit Arc

When Omoi and Karui confront Naruto and Sakura about Sasuke's crimes against their village, as well as informing them that Sasuke had joined the Akatsuki, Sakura begins to protest and object, but before so, she is brought to tears when Karui questions what Sasuke meant to her. When most of Team Kakashi heads to the Land of Iron, Shikamaru confronts Sakura about the situation of Sasuke, noting that Sasuke's actions will only lead to war and further destruction, and he believes that the best course of action would be for them to personally stop him. Knowing well of the situation but distraught at the idea of killing Sasuke to prevent a war among the nations, a tearful Sakura agrees. However, she secretly decides to take care of Sasuke on her own rather than let Naruto take that burden upon himself.

Deciding to put the burden on herself, Sakura heads towards Naruto and makes a fake confession of her feelings to break their promise to each other in bringing Sasuke back home. However, Naruto quickly denies her confession and confronts Sakura that she was lying to herself about no longer loving Sasuke. In the end, Sakura leaves without telling Naruto about her plan. Knowing this, Sai creates a clone and informs Naruto and Kakashi in her place. As Naruto brings up Sakura's feelings for Sasuke, he denies that Sakura would go after Sasuke and kill him because she is truly in love with him.

When Sakura is finally able to locate Sasuke, she finds him just as he was about to kill his teammate, Karin. As Sakura intervenes, she senses something different about him and concludes he is no longer the Sasuke she knew. On first approach, Karin mentions that Sakura must be an old friend and, therefore, must also love Sasuke. As Sakura begins her approach, Sakura brings back the night he had left and confesses her regrets, asking to join Sasuke on his course for vengeance. Growing suspicious at her request, Sasuke declares that if she was willing to kill his teammate, he would let her join him. As Sakura crosses over to face Karin and hesitates, Sasuke, having not at all been fooled by her, approaches behind her and prepares to strike her with Chidori in order to stop her assassination attempt. However, she is quickly saved by Kakashi, who notices the intensity of the Chidori and makes him realize that Sasuke was being serious in trying to kill her.

As Kakashi and Sasuke clash, Sakura is ordered to take the injured Karin elsewhere and heal her wounds. Upon healing Karin, Karin stated that the Sasuke Sakura was now facing is no longer the same Sasuke she knew before. Arising from her, the emotionally unstable Sakura picks up her kunai and goes back to the location of Sasuke and Kakashi. Rushing towards his back, Sakura prepares to stab Sasuke with her self-crafted poison kunai. With flashbacks of Sasuke's old self, Sakura quickly finds herself in tears and pauses, unable to kill him. Noticing her presence, the now half-blind Sasuke grabs Sakura by the throat and tries to kill her with her own kunai. However, Sakura is quickly grabbed and saved by Naruto.

With Naruto's arrival, Naruto questions Sasuke why he would attack Sakura. Presenting himself, Sasuke stated he was no longer a part of Team 7 and only saw each and every one of them to be the members of Konoha that had killed both his brother and his clan. Sakura scolds him for his words as Naruto only wanted to help him, but is ignored. Watching as Sasuke and Naruto begin to clash like before, Sakura screamed for them to stop, but in the end, they are both briefly knocked out. Sakura was shocked when Naruto declared he and Sasuke would die in their final battle, and she feels anger at herself for not being able to do anything. An angry Sasuke then flees with Tobi. Listening to Naruto's last words to Sasuke, Sakura smiles to herself, believing now how a dream of Team 7 being back together was still possible, and decides to put her whole faith in Naruto and Sasuke.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation Arc

When Naruto converses with the Nine-Tailes about the hatred of an entire war and Sasuke, Naruto flashes back to the academy days where Naruto and Sasuke were paired to spar against each other. During the flashback, Sakura is cheering for Sasuke but pauses when Sasuke ends the brawl by half-way, pausing his fist from hitting Naruto.

In the Logistic Support and Medical Division compound, Sakura is healing the wounded. Upon staying there, Sakura is approached by a shinobi she had healed earlier. Being handed a love letter, the shinobi confesses his feelings to Sakura and stating that although he doesn't know if he'll be able to survive the war or not, he wanted to tell her about his feelings. Sakura takes the letter and thanks him, but confesses that she is in love with someone else. Though the shinobi is disappointed, he tells Sakura that the person she must be in love with was probably a really great man before leaving the tent. After the shinobi's departure, Sakura sadly thinks to herself about Sasuke; confirming the man she is in love with to be Sasuke.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax Arc

As the Ten-Tails is immobilized by the alliance, Sasuke appears before Sakura, Naruto, and their friends. Staring in disbelief, a confused and shocked Sakura calls out his name. Ignoring Naruto's comment about his late arrival, Sasuke turns to Sakura. Still confused and unsure of his motives, Sakura questions his reasons for coming to the battlefield. Along with everyone else of Konoha 11, she is shocked and dumbfounded with his sudden announcement of wanting to become Hokage in order to change the ninja system. When Sasuke and Naruto start to leave to begin their attack on the Ten-Tails, Sakura quickly follows them and stated that, as a member of Team 7, she was going to help them and fight beside them.

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Naruto: 25 Things That Don't Make Sense About Sasuke and Sakura's Relationship

Naruto is well-known for its action, drama, and intense storylines following the rising ninja Naruto Uzamaki and his friends, Sasuke and Sakura. It is one of the most beloved ninja animes ever to exist.

However, many fans also care a great deal about the relationships- aspect of the anime. After all, by the start of Boruto, most all of the main ninja are paired off and have children.

Fans have debated couplings for years, speculating who fits best together. One of the most notable, and most talked about, is the marriage of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha.

Sakura spent most of the series infatuated with the Uchiha heir, but he seemed to have little interest in her.

By the end, though, he seems to have changed his tune and become much softer towards her. Eventually, by Boruto, they have married and have a daughter, Sarada Uchiha.

However, fans talk a lot about this coupling for more reasons than rooting for them. Many also question the logic of their pairing. After all, they have a lot of history, and not all of it is good. Some were even surprised to see them marry at all.

Sasuke was a fan favorite anti-hero/rootable villain with little time to worry about romance. Yet here he is, married to the girl who loved him far longer than he deserved. The idea of it sounds kind of romantic, so why do fans remain skeptical?

Here are the 25 Things That Don't Make Sense About Sasuke and Sakura's Relationship.

25 Sakura Dumped Her First Best Friend For Him

Sakura grew up bullied and alone. Her first best friend was Ino, someone who defended her and encouraged her to be stronger.

The two cherished their friendship. However, as they aged, boys started to interest them.

When Sakura discovered that Ino liked the same boy as her, Sasuke, she discarded their friendship and declared them rivals.

This broke both girls' hearts and was an overreaction to the situation.

They didn't need to lose their friendship over a boy. It never made any sense for Sakura to chose Sasuke, who she barely knew, over her best friend.

24 Sakura Asked To Join Him When He Was Evil

Despite her adoration for Sasuke, Sakura dedicates herself to becoming a great ninja.

However, during the Five Kage Summit Arc, she asks to join him. At this point, he's ended lives and done terrible things.

Her love for him eclipses her morals and beliefs. Sakura wants to do good and help others, yet she was willing to forgo that for him.

That kind of devotion is unhealthy and shows how senseless her feelings for him were. She was willing to give up who she was to be with him.

It's hard to think any relationship can recover from that level of twisted.

23 They Only Have One Child

While it's said Sasuke and Sakura married for love, there was another big reason for him to marry: children.

By the end of Naruto, Sasuke is the last surviving Uchiha clan member. If he wants his family to live on, he has to produce children.

Regardless of their marital issues, if this was important to Sasuke, they should have had many children, but they didn't.

It'll be hard for a whole clan to regrow from the shoulders of one daughter - especially if she takes her future husband's name.

It's illogical for the couple to have stopped at one child if they wanted to give the Uchiha clan its best chance at revival.

22 Sasuke Showed No Romantic Interest For Years

Sakura shows affection for the young Uchiha heir from the second she meets him. Sasuke, though, shows little to no interest in her.

His first serious interactions with her, when they first became Team 7, involve him calling her annoying.

For years, their relationship stays friendly at its best and antagonistic at its worst.

His focus becomes his revenge and his quest for power. Sakura is irrelevant to all of that.

It isn't until after the Fourth Shinobi War that Sasuke shows any interest, and even then, it's minimal. It makes little sense for that to be enough to constitute a marriage.

21 Almost their Entire Relationship Has Been Long-Distance

Even though Sasuke and Sakura do marry, they spend little time together. The longest time they are in the same place as a couple is when Sakura follows him on his atonement.

During this, they supposedly fall in love, have Sarada, and get married.

After Sarada's birth, Sakura goes back to the village to raise her safely. Other than than period, approximately a little less than a year, the couple is almost always apart.

It's understandable for Sasuke to be gone on important missions, but it seems ludicrous for him to barely take the time to come home.

It's a detriment to his relationships with his wife and his daughter.

20 Sakura's Desperation for Sasuke's Approval

Strong-willed and determined as she is, Sakura bends a lot of her opinions and goals to fit Sasuke's approval.

She only ever started to be kind to Naruto because he disliked her talking badly about him. She also only ever tried to work on her abilities to show him that she was strong.

Her beliefs in becoming a good ninja were powerful, but they all warped to include Sasuke.

What makes least sense of all is that Sasuke was a terrible, selfish shinobi. She never should have placed her worth on his approval. Also, she only had long-haired because she thought he'd like it. Yikes.

19 Their Relationship Was Rushed

After the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke finally concedes to Naruto's pleas to come home. This is the first and only time he shows any deeper affection towards Sakura.

Though their reconciliation is tender, them becoming a couple was terribly rushed.

There were a lot of terrible things and painful feelings between them, even if love was there, too. They never got time to deal with these feelings.

Sakura just forgave him, and Sasuke just suddenly loved her.

Then they were married, had a kid, and that was that. It barely made any sense.

18 Sasuke Made Decisions for Sakura Without Asking Her

Once Sakura marries Sasuke, a lot of her life is decided for her. Her husband often makes decisions that will harshly effect her without telling her.

For example, he keeps taking very long missions away from home without her input.

Also, he leaves her alone with their daughter, Sarada, but expects her to be happy with being a sole caretaker. He refuses to let her come anywhere with him for a very long time.

Even if these decisions are meant to protect her, Sasuke stifles his wife's individuality by making them. This behavior hardly makes sense in a marriage.

17 Their Daughter Questions Her Parentage

Sasuke is away so often and for so long that Sarada often questions if her parents are really her parents.

First, she questions if Sasuke is her father because of his absence. Later, she questions if Sakura is her mother because of the lack of affection between her and her father.

Eventually, she's convinced of her parentage, but it's still a startling issue. Even in unique couplings, children don't often question their parents so whole-heartedly.

It becomes a serious point of contention for Sarada. They try so little in their relationship that their own daughter is unsure about it.

16 Sasuke Attracts Admirers Despite His Cruel Indifference

More women than just Sakura loved the Uchiha heir. The most important rivals were Ino and Karin.

Despite their devotion, Sasuke gave all three women the same treatment: cruel indifference.

He's known to insult them, ignore them, and rebuff their advances. This becomes more extreme, though, when noted that Sasuke has violently attacked both Karin and Sakura. Yet both women still loved him.

Their level of devotion is absurd, particularly when it isn't just one women so attached to him.

It's several. It's insane that they still adore him despite such terrible treatment.

15 Sakura Forgetting What Sasuke Looks Like

When Sasuke is away, Sakura does struggle with missing him. Unfortunately for her, he's away far more often than he's not.

This becomes even more heartbreaking when she reveals that she hangs up pictures of him not just because of her love. It's so she doesn't forget what he looks like.

While depressing, it becomes a new level of sadness when realizing that she spent years obsessing about his looks. His appearance was a huge part of why she first became interested in him.

For her not to remember that only clues fans in on how ridiculously long Sasuke stays away from home.

14 They Aren't On The Same Page As Parents

Sakura is quite devoted to parenthood, while Sasuke isn't. This comes to the extreme that when running into his 12-year-old daughter, he doesn't recognize her.

Sakura tries to spend time sharing information about her father without revealing the grueling, traumatic parts of his past to the young Sarada.

Sasuke simply says nothing to her about it. Also, the few times Sasuke does train Sarada, Sakura has no clue and just gets surprised by her daughter's new abilities in action.

While 12 years apart takes a toll, Sakura and Sasuke should be nowhere near this disjointed as parents. They could at least trade pictures and give each other updates.

13 The Emotional Weight of the Head-Poke Gesture

The Uchiha head-poke gesture is an important part of Sasuke's life. After all, it was something dear to him from before he lost his family.

However, his use of the gesture with his own family is overstated. The head-poke has become his only go-to sign of affection.

While well-meant and meaningful, it hardly makes up for his negligence and resistance towards being a present husband and parent.

It's framed as such a monumental, sweet thing for him to do, but it is just a small way to say he cares. A cute head-poke doesn't replace the years he chose to not be with his family.

12 Sasuke's Cool Reactions to Sakura's Confessions

Sakura confesses her feelings to Sasuke twice. Once, when he first tries to leave and join Orochimaru. The second is during the Fourth Shinobi War, to encourage him to stay.

Her confessions are always said in desperation, trying to protect him or get him to stay. Sakura pours out her heart to him.

Sasuke, however, often reacts to them coolly or with malice. The first one he reacted by calling her annoying. The second time, he calls her annoying again and then literally crushes her heart with his hand.

Later, the show tries to tell fans that Sasuke does love her, but after these terrible displays, it's hard to believe.

11 Their Relationship's Lack of Romantic Contact

Though Sakura and Sasuke are married, their displays of affections are stunted at head pokes and side-hugs. This behavior makes sense with his personality, but hardly hers.

Nontraditional methods of affections make sense for them, but there is a level of nontraditional that nears on platonic.

To be believable, the couple needs a few more ways of sharing their love and feelings, even if they are unique. Otherwise, they seem instead like friends with marriage and a kid.

THis hardly matches up with the deep levels of affection Sakura feels for Sasuke.

10 Sakura Treating Naruto As a Replacement Boyfriend

At the beginning of Naruto Shippuden, Team 7 has disbanded to train on their own terms, each with a different Sannin member.

Sasuke remains with Orochimaru, but Sakura and Naruto reunite after two years apart. The two rekindle their friendship and recreate Team 7 with Sai.

Without Sasuke, Sakura spends most of her time with Naruto. She uses him to fill the void in her life, to the point she goes on dates with him.

She knows his feelings for her, and knows she doesn't reciprocate them, but does it anyway.

With Sakura's devotion to loving Sasuke and Naruto's friendship, she shouldn't have done such a mixed singalled, cruel thing to her best friend.

9 Sasuke Never Writes Home While Away on Missions

Sasuke leaves his family for 12 years to go on missions. While he's protecting their village, he is neglecting his wife and daughter.

The least he could do is write, send pictures back and forth, maybe know what his daughter looks like nowadays.

However, Sasuke doesn't even do that. Messages might be hard to send and at some times could jeopardize missions, but there had to be times that communication was possible.

After all, he must being sending word back to Naruto about missions.

It makes no sense that Sasuke couldn't have sent his family sparse letters to show them his love and affection.

8 Sasuke's Poor Communication Skills

Though they love one another, Sasuke and Sakura have a severe communication issue. Between parenting, going on missions, expressing feelings, all of it, Sasuke doesn't often say the things he should.

This communication issue comes to a head during a moment in Sakura's Hidden Novel. There are rumors circulating that Sasuke could be evil again.

She wants to defend him, but she has to be honest that she doesn't know. She hasn't heard enough of him to answer the question honestly.

Sakura's inability to know if the man she loves is evil again reveals a glaring flaw in their relationship, one that doesn't make much sense.

7 Sakura's Initial Obsession With Him

Sakura started loving Sasuke when she was a little girl. The crush sprang from his looks and his abilities. She saw how he was in class and became infatuated.

The crush became nonsensical, though, when she chose to reject her best friend over him.

When she obsessed about being on his team, his opinion, his growth and strengths as a ninja, and her thoughts always lingered to him.

Young Sakura even keeps her appearance how she think he might like it, not how she;d prefer.

Her crush grew into a deeper, more balanced love, where Sakura starts to think more on her own. But her love for him did begin as obsessive, possessive, and nonsensical.

6 Their First Date Only Lasted 2.5 Minutes

In Boruto, Sakura and Ino go to hang out at an overlook by the ocean. Her frienc mentions that she knows this is where the Uchiha couple had their first date.

Embarrassed, Sakura says it was only two and a half minutes. However, she admits the place brings back fond memories of him.

The place clearly means a lot to her, just because she was there with Sasuke. Yet, their first date barely lasted a few bits of dialogue.

After war and the world nearly ending, fans would think Sasuke might want to enjoy the company of his new love.

Sasuke never seems to grow a romantic side, though, and remains distant as ever.

5 Sakura's Detrimental Insecurities In Their Relationship

Sakura has a hard time, raising their daughter alone while he's far away. Though she insists their love is strong and they show their intimacy differently, she clearly struggles with several insecurities.

At the mere suggestion that she's not his wife, Sakura breaks down her own house with a punch to the ground.

The question isn't even from some rival or enemy - it's from her frustrated and confused daughter.

If their love is as strong as she insists, Sakura shouldn't be so easily sensitive about their relationship.

However, she clearly is, and it shows how fragile her connection sometimes is with Sasuke.

4 Sasuke Never Puts Sakura First

Throughout Naruto, Sakura put Sasuke before everything. Before her friendships, such as Ino and Naruto and ahead of her safety, trying to bring him back home and, later, to end his madness.

She put him in front of her future, even, as she sacrificed her shinobi lifestyle to become a good mother to his child.

On the opposite end, Sasuke never puts Sakura first. He may love her, but his priorities lie first and foremost with protecting the village and succeeding in his missions.

Their love and marriage are painfully uneven, and it doesn't make sense for a lasting union to be that way. Though, it seems to be the way they have decided to do things.

3 Sakura Gave Up Her Konoha Life to Follow Him

After the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke leaves town to atone for his sins. The first time, he tells Sakura thank you and says he will come back home.

Off-screen, he comes back to visit and this time Sakura joins his journeys.

Though, to follow Sasuke, Sakura had to abandon her life as a Konohakagure shinobi and follow whatever missions he might decide to be on.

She spent years training for her work and position, only to drop it all to be by his side. As dedicated as she was, it makes no sense for her to give up her life to follow him. Especially when, later, he only leaves her all over again.

2 Sakura Continued to Love Him When He Was Evil

At one point, Sasuke was an international criminal being hunted by most all shinobi. He had committed heinous crimes against others, including attacks, theft, deception, and taking lives.

Despite this, though, Sakura loves him. She says it's because she sees the real him underneath it all, and hopes the person he was will return.

Even though it comes true, that belief is senseless. Sasuke cruelly attacked, insulted, and undermined her as a ninja and as a person.

Sakura loving the old Sasuke makes sense, but the new one should have destroyed her romantic interest in him.

1 Sasuke Tried to End Her Life

The most alarming and troubling facts about their relationship is that Sasuke tried to destroy her.

When he was knee-deep in his quest for power, no one mattered but him and his brother. Neither of his two closest friends, Naruto or Sakura, would be allowed to get in his way.

When Sakura begs for a second time to come back, that they could be happy together, he quite literally tries to crush her heart.

If her love for him hadn't shattered before, that moment should have done it. However, the couple married regardless. True love conquers even purposefully endangering a partner's life, it seems.


Can you think of any other things that didn't make sense about Sasuke and Sakura's relationship in Naruto that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments!


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Now to begin with, this is all personal predictions and should not be taken as FACTUAL! These are just my personal predictions, thanks for respecting that and enjoy the article!

Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child?

With that being said lets start off by listing the obvious. After marrying Sakura and having a daughter, Sasuke achieved his dream about reviving the Uchiha Clan. In our world if Sarada were to marry, then she would change her last name to the male’s name. In the Naruto verse, sometimes it has to do with Clans and accepting and entering a Clan’s name because of their reputation. Example, Naruto taking his mother’s last name instead of Minato’s. (Of course, there’s also the theory that Naruto was given Uzumaki because if he was given Namikaze as his last, then people would look for him since he was the Fourth Hokage’s son with the 9 tails inside of him).

Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child?

So my point moving forward is, if Sarada was to marry and change her last name, then the Uchiha Clan name would still need to be saved for future generations. This is where the idea of Sakura and Sasuke having more kids come into play! I believe, Sasuke and Sakura will end up having another child in the future of the Boruto manga. And that child will be a boy, more specifically.

Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child?

If they had a son, they can guarantee the Uchiha name can be held onto the next generation after theirs and Boruto’s. Say Sarada were to marry Boruto, since both Clans are scarce they would more than likely keep both of their last names and not change any. For their kids however, it would be very unclear as to what their last names would be.

Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child?

As we get further into the main plot of the Boruto : Naruto Next Generations, we will understand where the next gen’s goal and heads are at. Once, we get an understanding or resolution to it, I believe Sasuke and Sakura will end of having that other child and have him either as the baby of the series, or have him grow up little by little. Just like what they did with Konohamaru, and what they’re doing somewhat with Himawari.

Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child?

The Uchiha name would obviously be passed down and if you really think about it, if Sasuke wanted to revive the Clan then he would be making babies with Sakura every night as much as possible! So who is to say he will have more than two kids? There’s a chance he may end up with many as he tries to keep his clan alive.

Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child?

Developing character creation and personality to each would take some time apart form the other members of the new Konoha squad, however Kishimoto can still focus on the story, but just remind us the audience and viewers that Sasuke and Sakura are reviving the Clan from not only having Sarada. Seeing as how right now, she is the lone successor to the family Clan.

Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child?

I believe in the future after whatever the main plot that Kishimoto has in store for Boruto’s generation to take on, the series will end off with many more Uchiha around the village similar to how Hashirama wanted the Senju and Uchiha to live in harmony. Except, the Uchiha wont be segregated form the rest of the villagers!

Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child?

It would be surprising as a turn of events for it all to end with how it all began, but then again it is Boruto’s story and it will be different. With Kishimoto and Ikemoto sorting out the manga and creating the content monthly, there will be enough to time to execute and establish a proper story without having to rush out a chapter every week!



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Mou ichido dake - 《 Sasuke and Sakura》

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