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From time to time the question comes up: Can we make floating shelves that fit into a corner?

We can make any of our wood shelves in this way to simplify connecting together:  2 shelves form an L-shape, 3 shelves to form a U shape..The configuration is up to the designer.

corner shelf support

steel bracket with wall cleat

We prepare shelves to attach to each other by a cleat that attaches to the face edge of the first shelf which then fits into a keyway of the second shelf.
To order shelves prepared in this way  please specify in the order notes “Loose cleat one end” There is no additional charge for this customization.



Designs of Distinction Furniture Grade Corner Floating Shelf

Designs of Distinction Furniture Grade Corner Floating Shelf

The Designs of Distinction 30" x 30" Furniture Grade Corner Floating shelves are an ideal replacement for upper kitchen corner cabinets or as a decorative element in any room in the house. Shelf ships complete with hidden corner shelf support bracket.

  • Finely crafted in the USA from North American hardwoods, sanded, ready to stain or paint.
  • Our 30" x 30" corner shelves are an ideal replacement for your upper kitchen corner cabinets or as a decorative element in any room in the house.
  • Our strong miter lock construction means your shelves will stay true and beautiful for years to come.
  • Matching components available in the Urban Collection.
  • Each shelf comes complete with our corner steel floating shelf bracket and installation instructions.
  • Height: 2 5/8"
  • Length: 30"
  • Projection: 10"
  • Width: 30"
  • Wood Type: Alder, Cherry, Hard Maple, Red Oak, Walnut
  • Specifications

    BrandDesigns of Distinction
    Height2 5/8"
    ShippingUsually Ships in 2-5 Business Days
    Unit of MeasureEach
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    Floating Corner Shelves

    I have been making some changes in our dining space. It is such a small space that we can't really have furniture in there other than the table and chairs. We've got to fit 6 people in there! So I decided to take advantage of the corner and build some floating shelves.

    corner shleves

    I decided last minute to style them for this tutorial but I am sure they will be more "dining roomy" when I style them for the full room reveal :)

    How To Build Corner Floating Shelves

    I actually already had one corner floating shelf from way back when I first decorated our dining room. You can see the lone shelf in the original dining room post. So I used that shelf as a template for the other 2. You can determine for yourself how deep you want them.

    I used plywood because it is what I had on hand and because it is light weight. If you chose to use plywood, use at least ½" in thickness.

    Cut out a triangle piece for the top, a triangle piece for the bottom, and a long rectangular piece for the front.  I chose to also cut the edges on a 45 degree angle so the edges would be mitered instead of doing a butt joint. You can see more detailed photos of the different joints on my floating side table tutorial.


    cut boards

    Here you can see that by cutting the edges on an angle, they meet up with the seam along the edge.

    nail mitered edges together

    Using a brad nailer, nail them together.

    nail with brad nailer

    Then use a wood putty to fill the nail holes. Wait for it to dry, then sand the whole shelf smooth. Make sure to use a fine grit sand paper and sand with the grain (along the grain lines).

    putty for nail holes

    Once the shelves are built, you will need to create a brace to hang them with. I cut a 2x4 in half length wise and then cut them into 8" pieces. Your braces should fit snuggly inside the shelf.

    I then drilled pilot holes so the wood wouldn't split when I screwed them into the wall.

    pilot holes

    I used 4" wood screws to attach them to the wall. I have lathe and plaster walls and the spacing of the studs are a little different, but make sure that you find a stud to screw the brace into so the shelf will be more secure.

    Make sure they are level.

    shelf braces on wall

    The shelves should just slide right on!

    floating corner shelves

    When I hung the one shelf years ago I did not caulk. But it was painted almost the same color as the wall, so the slight spaces did not show as much. Walls will not always be 100% square so even if you build the shelf perfectly, you will still have small gaps in places. I decided to caulk the edges this time for a cleaner look. If I ever want to remove them, all I have to do is use a razor blade along the caulk line.

    floating corner shelf_edited-1

    top shelf

    I can't wait to show you the whole space! I am hoping to get it done this week.

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    How to Build Corner Floating Shelves

    I wanted substantial shelves in my small hallway closet without visible cleats or brackets. These floating shelves are created by constructing 2×2 frames that are attached to the walls and then wrapped with wood.

    U-Shaped Floating Shelves

    How to build corner floating shelves

    Materials used:

    • 2×2 lumber
    • 1/2″ plywood (top of shelf)
    • 1/4″ plywood (underside of shelf)
    • 1/4″ beadboard for walls
    • 1×3 poplar (for shelf face)

    * I ripped my own 2×2 out of 2×4 and 2×6 lumber because I couldn’t find 2×2’s that were straight enough for my liking.  If you don’t have a good table saw spend a lot of time picking out the straightest 2×2’s you can find.  You’ll be glad you did.

    1. Mark your studs on the wall

    I marked my studs on all walls using a stud finder.

    2. Attach 2×2 cleats to the studs on the wall

    Attach 2×2 cleats to the wall using 3″ construction screws. My shelves are spaced about 16-18″ apart.

    How to build corner floating shelves

    Next, I determined the depth of my shelves.  The bottom two are deeper at 14″, and the rest are 12″ deep.  I also left a space at the bottom on the left side where I could store my vacuum and other tall cleaning supplies.

    3.  Build shelf skeleton with more 2×2’s

    How to build corner floating shelves

    I used more 2×2’s to create the “skeleton” of the shelves.  These I secured with 2 1/2″ wood screws, driven in at angles to secure them to the initial 2×2 cleats.  I filled in the shelf skeleton with 2×2 support braces about every 18″.

    I covered the walls with beadboard and it’s easier to paint the beadboard before it’s installed. If you aren’t adding beadboard skip ahead.

    floating shelves painting

    Then I cut my beadboard into strips to piece in between the 2×2 cleats.

    *It would have been 100 times easier to cover the entire closet with beadboard BEFORE I started installing the shelves but I had a bunch of scraps cluttering up my workshop so I decided to make my life difficult and use them up to save some money.  (And to be honest I didn’t think it would be quite as big of a pain as it ended up being piecing it together.)  I would not do it that way again.

    4.  Cover 2×2 skeleton with plywood and hardwood

    Next I cut 1/2″ plywood to size and nailed it on top of my braces.  Each U-shaped shelf uses 3 pieces of plywood.  I made the seems as tight as possible and added glue to the seem to keep it secure long-term.

    Corner floating shelves

    I used 1/4″ plywood on the bottom and nailed it to the 2×2’s.  Not worrying too much about making the seams perfect.  Wood putty and caulk are my best friends with a painted project.

    I framed the front edge of the shelves with 1×3 poplar.  Filled all the nail holes and sanded.

    wall mounted shelves

    Then used lots and lots of caulk!

    white floating shelves
    white wall shelves

    I added a 4″ wide strip of poplar on the left side to add pegs in case I need to hang anything.

    Once everything is painted and caulked, it looks awesome and was worth every minute of the week and a half it took me to knock it out.

    How to build corner floating shelves

    See Hall Closet Revealpictures here!



    Floating shelf corner

    Come build these simple and inexpensive DIY Floating Corner shelves with easy to follow instructions by Shanty2Chic!

    Hey friends!  So excited about how these DIY Floating Corner Shelves turned out!  I seriously now want a set of corner shelves in every room.  I am in the middle of revamping my daughter’s room, and just finished up one big corner.  Let’s build these!

    This is a variation of our original DIY floating shelves, and so simple to build!  The best part?  Each shelf cost under $40 in lumber.   I will share the full tutorial below!

    I used my miter saw to cut the frames for my shelves first.  This part uses 2×4 lumber.

    Once those were cut, I used my K5 Kreg Jig
    to create 1.5″ pocket holes into each of my small pieces.

    Building the Corner Shelves

    create pocket holes on braces

    Each short piece will have two pocket holes like below…

    pocket holes in braces

    Next, I used my Ryobi 18V drill to connect the small pieces to the longer wall cleats with 2.5″ pocket hole screws.  I added a line of Titebond wood glue under each small piece before connecting…

    add wood glue
    Building the floating shelf braces

    Each cleat will have 3 small boards connected like this.

    Building the shelf braces

    Once I had all my braces built, I attached them to the wall.  Every wall is different, but this is the method I have used on every floating shelf in my house.

    These are the Spax screws I used to attach the braces to the wall.  These are self-tapping and 3″ long.  3.5″ is a great length too.

    Spax Screws

    I marked lines on the wall where I wanted my shelves to sit.  I used a stud finder to mark my studs on the wall.  These are the 2×4 that are under the sheetrock.  Anytime you are mounting to the wall, it is best to try to screw into these studs for support.  I used my Ryobi Impact driver to go through the braces and into the studs in the wall.  Make sure to check for level so your shelf doesn’t sit wonky.  This is the level I use… Cheap and works like a charm!

    how to attach a floating shelf to a wall

    I attached the first two braces and it looked a bit like this…

    Frames on wall
    how to attach a shelf to a wall

    I measured 13″ up from this brace to attach my next brace pieces using the same method.

    How to build corner floating shelves

    Next, I basically wrapped the brace pieces.  I started with the 1/4″ plywood for the bottoms of each shelf.  I used my Ryobi AirStrike nailer to attach these bottom pieces into the braces using wood glue and 1.25″ finish nails.  A stapler will also work on this part.  I used my table saw to rip down the 1/4″ wood for this part, but you can also have Home Depot rip it down for you.

    Attach bottom boards
    Ryobi AirStrike Nail Gun

    Now I attached my top 3/4″ boards.  These are 1×10 common boards I found at Home Depot.  I cut them to size using my miter saw, and attached them using wood glue and 1.25″ finish nails.

    Attach top pieces
    add wood glue to top of shelf
    attach top and bottom of shelves

    I added my side pieces next using the same method… This is 1×4 common pine boards from Home Depot.

    wood glue
    side shot of floating shelves

    At this point I added my front pieces.  I used wood glue and 1.25″ finish nails for this part as well.

    Attach front boards
    add glue to front board
    Nail board to shelf brace

    That’s it!  I stained these shelves using Varathane Kona stain.  You can find it on Amazon HERE!  I also found some Simpson Strong-Tie metal corners that I spray painted gold and attached using gold furniture tacks to each corner to dress each shelf up.  I LOVE the outcome!

    DIY Corner Floating Shelves by Shanty2Chic
    DIY Floating Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic
    DIY Floating Corner Shelves Free Plans
    DIY Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic
    DIY Corner Shelves Free Plans by Shanty2Chic
    DIY Free Plans for Floating Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic
    DIY Free Plans for Floating Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic

    How cute is this wall too?  I kind of love it!

    DIY Feature Wall by Shanty2Chic

    Hope that covers it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!  Let me know if you have any questions at all!

    DIY Corner Floating Shelves

    Come build these super easy and inexpensive DIY Corner Floating Shelves with free easy to follow plans by Shanty2Chic!

    Keyword: diy, floating shelves,, free plans

    • 2 2x4x8 pine or whitewood
    • 1 1/4” X 24” X 48” plywood
    • 1 1” x 10” x 8’
    • 1 1” x 6” x 8’
    • 1-1/2” pocket screws
    • 1-1/4” brad nails
    • 3” Spax screws
    • Wood Glue
    • Cut List

    • Begin by constructing the wall cleats. Drill for 2-1/2” pocket screws in the cleat braces and attach to the wall cleats as shown. First hold up the longer wall cleat and mark where your studs are. Repeat with your shorter wall cleat, making sure you start 1-1/2” out from the wall to compensate where the first cleat will be. Drill two pilot holes for the torx screws. Using a level hold the longer cleat up to the wall and drive 3” torx screws at the marked locations (above illustrations are rough estimates, your locations may very). Repeat with shorter cleat, making sure both are level.

    • Using 1-1/4” brad nails and wood glue attach the bottom plywood panels, starting with the longer panel first and making sure you are flush on the outside edges.

    • Next attach the top of the shelf with 1-1/4” brad nails and wood glue. Again, make sure outside edges are flush.

    • Finally, add the trim. It is best to cut the remaining pieces to fit.PLEASE SEE NOTE ON THE CUT LIST PAGE ABOUT USING 2X3 MATERIAL FOR THE CLEATS. THIS WILL ALLOW YOU USE 1X4 WOOD FOR THE TRIM WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANY RIPPING.First you will measure the height of your shelves, from the bottom of the plywood to the top of the 1×10 material. It should be about 4-1⁄2”. Rip your 1×6 material down to this measurement. Then begin with the sides and attach with 1/4” brad nails and wood glue. Next attach the long front trim. Finally the short front trim. Now, tape off the wall and apply the finish of your choice.
    • Click HERE to get a printable version of these plans!


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    DIY Floating Corner Shelves

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