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 Birthday Cards for a Daughter

Daughter Birthday Card Messages

Looking for the best daughter’s printable birthday cards? Here are some fantastic cards your daughter is simply going to love! Cherish your daughter on her special day, we all know she deserves it! These beautiful cards can be paired with a great birthday message, so see below for some birthday message examples to add to your card. We hope it helps you to share love and encouragement and allows you to connect with her on her special day!

1. Watching you grow up, my daughter, you have impacted my life with joy and happiness. You are a rare gem, very magical, and colorful. May you dive deep in happiness as you celebrate your birthday.

2. Have a blast on your beautiful day, my dear daughter! You are pleasant, unique, and make me proud to have you. You are a miracle in my life, and I will always treasure you. As you celebrate this blissful day, let it be full of love and splendor.

3. As you celebrate your birthday, my daughter, I pray it will bring amazing memories. Let your birthday be full of smiles and may the desires of your heart come true.

4. From the day I started nursing you, I knew you would bring joy in my life. As I watch you explore the world, I am thrilled by your sense of humor. May you sparkle and shine my princess. I wish you greatness in your endeavors, and may joy and happiness be with you forever.

5. My heart flows with fountains of love when I see you grow strong and confident to face the fears. I pray you to shine forever in your life, have grand celebrations, and fly high, my girl.

6. My princess, you are my greatest triumph, may this season bring success in your life. I wish you a fabulous birthday celebration. You have made me a happy mother; every day, I wake up with new strength because of you, my daughter. You will never have a dull moment because I am your pillar, and you are my victory. May you be accepted wherever you step, and may your life always be adventurous.

7. Baby girl I'm so honored to call you my beautiful princess! 

8. Believe in yourself, every girl is perfect in their own way! 

9. If you want a boyfriend, be brave and kiss a frog.

10. Who is the most beautiful princess? That's you! 

11. Getting started with makeup! That's great! But don't forget to feel confident in your own skin! 

12. I'm the biggest fan with the biggest love. From your big daddy! 

13. Honey. One day you'll have your own daughter. Then you will understand how much love I have for you! 

14. When you were just born, angels whispered in my ear: You have been given the most wonderful beautiful daughter to keep and look after. 

15. Everytime I hug you in my arms I feel love as immense as the ocean.

16. You're my sunshine! 

17. You're the greatest gift that God has given me. 

18. You have beautiful eyes like the ocean, pretty hair like clouds and a sweet voice like candy! I'm so happy to call you daughter! 

19. Seeing your glistening eyes and beaming face looking up at me always makes my day!

20. Even on a rainy day your crying makes the sun shine in our home. 

21. The happiest moment in my life was when you called me Papa for the first time. 

22. Don't tell me your mother is my wife! You're my greatest love! 

23. If you are gorgeous that's because you're like your mother. If you are clever, that's because you're like me. If you are ugly and stupid, that's because you are like our neighbor Brett! 

24. I've been told you look like a princess. That's actually not true. You look like an angel!

25. When you have chosen a card click through to the PDF page. Add your desired message on the bottom right-hand corner, then print your card. The card needs to be folded over twice and you're ready to give it to your wonderful, beautiful and lovely daughter!


To my Precious Daughter - Happy Birthday Card

  • You Have a Permission! Funny Birthday Card for Daughter You Have a Permission! Funny Birthday Card for Daughter

    This pup is ready for a party. What a doggone great way to say happy birthday to your daughter! With festive colors and a wish for her to get a little wild, it's one card she'll remember all the way until next year.

  • Get Carried Away! Funny Birthday Card for Daughter Get Carried Away! Funny Birthday Card for Daughter

    The big, colorful balloons on this card are about to lift the birthday girl behind them up, up and away! It's the perfect way to remind your daughter to get carried away in all the fun & excitement of her birthday. Whether she's young or old, this fun surprise is sure to have her floating on air!

  • Flowers for Loving Daughter - Happy Birthday Card Flowers for Loving Daughter - Happy Birthday Card

    On your daughter's birthday, let her know how very impressed you are with who she has become, an intelligent, fun and caring person! This birthday card is filled with thoughtful sentiments such as this. Additionally, it features pretty pink flowers and matching Happy Birthday lettering. Let your loving daughter know how you really feel with this terrific greeting card, it will get your daughter's birthday off to a great start!

  • Pink Butterflies Happy Birthday Card for Daughter Pink Butterflies Happy Birthday Card for Daughter

    Reading a book with pretty pink butterflies flying about is certainly a relaxing and peaceful thing to do on a birthday. This is why your daughter will appreciate this beautifully designed birthday card on her special day. It will remind her that this day is all about her and she can take the time to do the things she enjoys. Your sweet daughter will love that her mother or father sent such a thoughtful birthday card her way!

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