2007 ford mustang problems

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Suspension Problems of Ford Mustang - part 1

1 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 08/04/

The aluminum cast crossmember that supports the transmission is cracked and split in several places . Shifting and or jumping in or out of gear . The dealer wanted $ 00 dollars to replace a $ Part that is hard to find in the marketplace ,because of others buying these faulty parts up ! no warning signs except hard to shift , cracked part was found by benson Ford in easley s. C. The car has less than 70, miles on it . No warnings whatsoever !.

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2 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 06/15/

Pueda revisar todos los untos DE mi carro sobre todo el sistema DE traccion.

3 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 03/20/

Car started to vibrate when I drive it in the highway normal speed and not issues with mounts. Mechanic can't figure it out.

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4 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 12/01/

Im having a hard time with my car to get it started. It takes about a minute to start it. I took it to autozone to get it checked and they gave me the report issue the report shows: p control module performance. Also I been having to refill coolant box more often I bealeive it has a leak. Iam very concerned its my only car and I have 2 kids that I have to drive to school and daycare.

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5 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 09/26/

The car veers from lane to lane , with out any notice to the driver. When you are driving at highway speeds, if you do not correct you would go off the road. I brought this problem to alan jay Ford in sebring FL. They told me that Ford said nothing is wrong with the car. Ifeel this car is dangerous on the road. . To me as well as other motorists please help me. This happens at highway speeds.

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7 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 07/02/

I am reporting shimmy in front due to struts. I researched and noticed the struts are being recalled and replaced for this model of Ford Mustang. I would like to have these front struts replaced under the NHTSA recal, along with a passenger rear tire monitor. I can not get the tire monitor light to go off. My cell number is (xxxxx). Also the passenger air bag is not operative parts of this document have been redacted to protect personally identifiable information pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. (b)(6).

8 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 06/23/

I have had two collision in my vehicle and the air bags did not deploy either time. Both were at a rate of speed approximately 50 mph. One was a rear end collision that was on the drivers side rear. The other was to the driver side wheel and light area. The rear collision I was in motion about 10 mph and was struck at approx. 50 mph. The frontal collision I was traveling about 40 mph and was struck moving at approx. mph. This complaint is in regards to the frontal collision. I have photos but cannot get them to upload but provide them for further investigation.

9 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 05/15/

My car keeps overheating and consyming to much oil I check it everyday and its a Ford mustag ecoboost 2dr coupe with only miles.

10 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 04/25/

While driving my Mustang gt, the driver side rear strut experienced a catastrophic failure which resulted in the strut blowing through the mount to the body and nearly penetrating the body of my vehicle. This caused a sudden loss of control with the vehicle and remains a high concern if it is to happen again. The dealership was unable to advise why this happened but all service personnel noted that this was a safety concern and should never happen on any vehicle, let alone one that is two years old. As you can see from the attached images, the strut itself penetrated the fuel filler line and under full suspension compression the strut itself was nearly penetrating the body of the vehicle as noted above.

11 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 03/02/

Bought a Mustang gt Feb 28 at 9pm with miles on it. March 1 I noticed the car had 3 different tires brands on it. The car pulls bad to the left under acceleration, when you let off the gas it pulls right. Laurel Ford did a 4 wheel alignment on the car and it still pulls. Now they say it is the struts and the orded 2 new ones for the frount. I think it is the tires not the struts but they won't replace the tires because they would haft to pay for them. They only want to replace parts that warranty will pay for. They said no way they would pay for 4 new tires. This is a safety issue &#;&#; very dangerous driving the car because it is a manuel transmisaion and every time you accelerate the car pulls left holding the wheel straight does not stop it, it still pulls left, then right when you take your foot off the gas. What Ford dealer would sell a car with 19, miles on it with 3 mis mached tires on it. Also the tires have different load and speed rateings on each one, like y, and y, and y. I dont know wats wrong, I think laurel Ford is stalling, why???? I have had the car for 15 days now still not fixed. I guess some one will look into this after some bodys gets killed like me and what ever car I hit head on at 70 mph.

12 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 04/12/

The contact owns a Ford Mustang. The contact stated that the front passenger side tie rod assembly failed while the driver turned at low speeds, and the vehicle abruptly vibrated and shook. The driver was able to pull the vehicle over onto the road shoulder. The contact placed the vehicle into reverse. While reversing, the front passenger side tire separated. The vehicle was towed to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the front passenger side lower tie rod assembly bolt failed. The bolt was not securely fastened and threaded the tie rod assembly, which caused the tire to separate. The manufacturer was notified. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was

13 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 09/25/

The contact owns a Ford Mustang. After driving approximately 25 mph, the vehicle stalled and shook uncontrollably. The vehicle was taken to the contact's residence and was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 60,

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14 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 09/15/

Last September 15th thursday night I was driving my vehicle on road pr2 in quebradillas puerto rico. Around 50mph. Suddenly the car collapse in the left front end. I try to pull the vehicle to the right without any response, I try to apply the brakes and the pedal went all the way down and no brake response. I had no control of the vehicle, finally the vehicle stop when touch the center concrete wall in the center of the road. The vehicle has serious damage on the left front corner. At least I walked out with no injuries. The next morning I called Ford customer service number and I was told to take the car to the nearest Ford dealer. The car is in cabrera hnos in arecibo, pr. The car only has miles but the 3/36 expired in may They inspected the vehicle and confirm the left ball-joint is broken and cause all the damage. The manager also say an Ford specialist should evaluate the vehicle before do any repairs. I want to report this due is not normal a part like this breaks in any vehicle. The manager in the dealer joel andujar knows about the car and told me to call Ford customer service to report this event. I was told the part is out of warranty and also to report the incident to my insurance company. I hope hear from Ford. I also owner of other 2 Ford vehicles older than this one and I never had any problems with them. I purchased a total of 6 Ford vehicles in the last 25 years. Edwin morales p o box quebradillas,pr ()

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15 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 05/13/

While driving the pan hard bar broke causing the vehicle to wobble back and forth uncontrollably. I was making a right hand turn at a light I was previously stopped at. I heard a noise as if I had ran over something and after completing the turn my car sounded as if it had a flat. I pulled over and inspected the tire and saw nothing. Attempting to drive over 10mph resulted in intense wobbling and unable to control vehicle. If at a high rate of speed this could have resulted in a crash. Researched online and multiple others had same incident with unknown reasons the bar breaks causing loss of control. This bar holds between rear wheels so vehicle will stay straight. I am just thankful I was at a slow speed and not driving on a freeway or higher rate of speed that could have resulted in losing my life or someone else's not having control of back portion of my vehicle. Even having it towed the tow operator said it wasn't even stable on back of his truck.

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16 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 01/02/

For the past three years. When I go to work. Everything is fine. When I leave work. I back the car up about feet. Then pull out of the parking lot. When I pull out. As I press the gas & start going faster. The car stalls, jerks as if the breaks are pushed, then starts driving as normal again. It happens all the time. But my Ford place says it has to do it with them driving for them to know what to do or what the issue is. Then this past week. The same thing happened. But it happened for a longer time and the traction control light brinked the whole time I was trying to accelerate. So a friend at a Ford body shop told me it was probably my abs sensor. Also the hood of my car started to loose paint for no reason. No rust. It's just flaking off. The flacking started near the headlight underneath the top of the hood. & is slowly coming towards the top of the hood. My 36, mile warranty just expired right after I noticed the issue. And they wouldn't cover it. I don't think that's right!.

17 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 09/19/

The Mustang pulled out from the side-street in front of an older chevy pickup at a tee intersection in a suburban neighborhood with very restricted sight distance, and was t-boned on the driver's side by the pickup travelling at around 35 mph. The driver's side of the Mustang was severely damaged to the extent that the left front wheel/tire/suspension assembly was ripped off the car. The point of impact was between the left front wheel and the middle of the driver's door. The Mustang is a one-owner car which was bought new and was specifically purchased with side airbags (an option on Mustangs). The vehicle has been well-maintained. The airbag tab was visible on the seat side bolster. Despite the severity of the impact, the side airbag did not deploy. We have photos documenting the positioning of the vehicles and the damage to the Mustang, including showing the side airbag tab and side of the driver's seat with the side airbag obviously not deployed. We believe that the side airbag was defective since it did not deploy. Note: the steering wheel airbag (subject to the takata recall but not yet replaced) did deploy correctly.

18 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 09/12/

Engine light came on and car was sticking in gear so I took it to the dealer. The dealer found out through a diagnostic test that the throttle assembly but wanted me to pay almost $ 00 to get it fixed. I told them no and picked my car up. I went on line and found out there was a recall on the throttle assembly.

19 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 08/01/

On July 4th, my Ford Mustang, had a break pedal issue, the pedal would lock and would not allow vehicle to stop. The fist time happen to me wile driving 55 mph and I was lucky because it was early in the morning on a not buy avenue so I was able to top the car with the hand break. However, in the process I was not able to stop at a red light. The tow the vehicle with miles and returned to me with miles. Service was horrible I had purchase the rental car option and the car was not provided to me until the day after the incident. In addition, they only conducted a visual point inspection and reprogrammed the pcm. I spoke to my case manager at Ford and they guarantee that they had resolve the problem and that it would not happen. Unfortunately on August 1st only a month later and at around miles, the break pedal locked and this time I was involve in an accident. Although I was driving only 35 mph, my vehicle suffer sever damages. I tow the vehicle to Ford and expected a rental car, but they told me that I would have to pay for the rental, which is stupid because my extended warranty should cover the expenses of the rental. I feel lucky that I had the accident at a low speed and I didn't have any injury to my self. However if it would been at a highway speed I could be death and possible many other, due to an issue that I had presented to Ford a month in advance. I hate Ford, I am scare to drive, and every time I hear a honk I panic. Today is a week since the accident and dealership has not even look at the car since they are still waiting on Ford instructions. The dealership excuse is that they need to drive the car to diagnose the issue, however the wheel and tire and the arm that help to give the direction of the car is damage and does not allow them to drive it. Now Ford wants to drive it!!.

20 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 05/23/

Tl-the contact owns a Ford Mustang. The contact stated that immediately after purchase, the vehicle was inspected by an independent mechanic. The mechanic diagnosed that the ignition wires and engine needed to be replaced. The mechanic also diagnosed that the vehicle needed to be properly aligned. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was , Oo.

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21 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 05/13/

I was following my wife to the Jeep Dodge cherokee dealership to get her recall taking care of. On the way there at the off ramp of and riverstone parkway I made a right turn to get off on the ramp to exit and I heard a loud thud and the motor accelerated very loud and odd sounding. I was unable to control the vehicle. The only thing I could do to keep from running into anyone was slam on the brakes when I did that the breaks gave a loud screech and was very slow to stop. I ended up hitting 3 cars on the left side none of the airbags deployed nor did any of the seatbelt lock so the only thing I had to stop me from hitting my head against the steering wheel was to put my hands out in front of me on the steering wheel. When the impact happen it was so fierce that my right hand gave out and was snatched of the steering wheel and I damaged my right arm on the steering wheel column. Still kind of hurts and I still have scars.

22 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 11/18/

Since aprox miles I have noticed a very consistant knock knock knock noise coming from the right side rear wheel area. Ford dealer looked and has said its a normal operating noise for the car per for engineers. I do not agree. Its a knock knock knock at low, parking lot speeds and can be heard driving straight or a little easier to hear when turning. This is a new car that has not been raced, abused or modifyed at all and its completely wrong for them to say this noise is normal.

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23 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 10/13/

Front end suspension is falling a part and it is rarely driven. Iti is driven to work and on weekends.

24 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 10/02/

I had a blow out the vehicle accelerated and I could not stop it I ended up hitting a curb which actually stopped the vehicle and the tire rod was broke the steering was out the suspension was out the complete brake system was out I was thankful that my child to just be bruised because there was a hole on side of tire bigger than 1/2 dollar. I was told the tires would not blow out (at dealer ship) and paid extra when I bought the car for the protection. I called Ford customer service regarding the damage the vehicle occurred just because of a blow out . The woman was extremely rude and said you shouldn't have hit a curb any experience drivers out here knows if you hit a curb it does not cause this damage and I am thankful for my insurance as they are looking into the vehicle as serious defects. I was told that the damage to this vehicle happened at the time of this so called blow out and that is why I had no control over the vehicle so I truly believe that when the damage occurred to the driver side back tire was the result of maybe a rod hitting the back tire causing the blow out because I have driven a vehicle for over 35 years and never had this much damage nor this much problem due to a blow out. No warning lights appeared on my vehicle until I got stopped not even low pressure tire . . . When the steering went out it felt like I was trying to drive a car with the keys off , the steering wheel froze. . . . At this time I still do not know all the damage as this was just visual inspection from the people who are attempting to fix my new car . . . I do blame Ford for this as this was unusual as I did not have an accident yet the car looks like it has been in a head in collision.

25 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 05/31/

Air fail to deploy when hit by a uninsured motorist who was speeding through a school zone did an legal lane change hit me while I was making a left turn seat belt on left turn bleaker on turning when safe bam!!! never seen it coming my head slammed into the steel fame of my Ford Mustang v6 head neck back mid lower back every thing from head to toe on my left hurts like hell ribs on both sides knees hands feet as well.

26 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 05/23/

Hit a sink hole traveling south bound on interstate 65 on Friday may 23, at approx Both passenger side wheels and tires were damaged along with alginment.

27 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 05/23/

Traveling south bound on i65 on Friday may 23, just north exit and hit a sink hole. Passenger side front and rear tires and wheels were damaged.

28 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 05/13/

I have a Ford Mustang and I have a rattle in the front end and not sure if just sounds like rear also ,, not sure what or why but it does the noise even if you just go over any small bump , I cant find what it is , do you or have you had this happen on these cars ? please let me know if any thing to fix it , sounds like its falling apart. Thank you.

29 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 02/25/

The contact owns a Ford Mustang gt. The contact stated that the vehicle was shaking abnormally while driving 25 mph. The contact took the vehicle to an independent mechanic, who stated that the tracking bar was fractured in half. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 35,

30 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 01/01/

My daughter was hit by another person at fault, and I had the vehicle taken to the shop to get repaired, the dealer ship wouldnot fix the front end /suspension of my Mustang, said was not accident related, that there was a recall on the suspension parts of my vehicle, I am only reading a recall on but not , but my daughter is having problems with this vehicle- repair shop states I need struts and suspension parts replaced, and a new part that was needed due to recall. I cannot financial afford to replace these items. Please contact me.

31 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 04/15/

when going over speed humps vehicle makes squeaking noise. Dealer changed oil, rotated tires, and completed a multi point inspection. Suggested rotating tires and changing air pressure should help the problem. The squeaking continued but did not occur all the time. When calling the dealership after it persisted they suggested it may be the cold weather. called the dealership because after having tire pressure and tires checked the noise continued & was occurring over every speed hump, when I attempted to break pedal would not go down on 3 occasions, & when making sharp left turns the car made a knocking sound. I was also due for an oil change 20, mile service. The dealership serviced my vehicle and replaced the left/right inner tie rods but when they returned my vehicle the wheel was not aligned. The service department said it was because their machine was broken and when I complained they asked me to bring it back the following Tuesday () to complete my service. They also made note there were unable to duplicate my brake pedal problems. In my service report they did not note the oil change, tire rotation, or service. When I mentioned this the advisor said it was completed. I returned my car to the dealer service department. I had my brake pedal stick 2 more times since my last visit, the noise going over speed humps returned, the knocked noise during hard left turns now also occurred during a right turn, & left side turn noise returned. Also oil setting reads only 86%. As of today (), I still do not have my vehicle or a clear answer as to what is wrong or will be repaired. After calling the service department on Friday () & Saturday (), the service advisor only said they are ordering parts, the sales department would give me a call, & they may replace the swing arm.

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32 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 04/08/

Upon going over small size speed bump, I noticed a clunking/grinding sound coming from the front end. I just had the bumper/quarter panel work done 2 days ago "first time hitting bumps". Was told today that there has been a lot of complaints with this type of issue. Will be seeing a dealership soon.

33 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 01/11/

Under moderate to heavy braking the cars brake pedal will pulsate and go to the floor but the vehicle will still be moving forward and take an extended time to slow down. Ford states thats this is normal operation. Last time I checked when you go to apply the brakes the vehicle is supposed to stop not take its sweet time slowing down.

34 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 08/03/

While attempting to make a lane change on the freeway at 70 mph,, I had to make a correction and move back into my original lane due to someone wanting to change into the same lane at the same time. The front end swayed back and forth out of control. Almost had an accident. This happened again at 65 mph on 09/14/ On 10/03/ I bought the car into the dealership I bought the car from. They investigated this problem and said the Mustang v6 model has a tendency to do this and said it would take about $ in parts and labor to possibly fix this problem. . I filed a complaint with the Ford district manager and he disagreed with the dealership saying there are no handling problems with the Mustangs.

35 Suspension problem of the Ford Mustang

Failure Date: 08/01/

In traffic transmission intermittently locks you out of 2nd gear. Ford would not repair under warranty their tech said repair might not resolve the issue and might make the problem even worse. Vehicle is a bit dangerous and unnerving to drive in traffic, especially heavy traffic. Suspension bounces vehicle up and down heavily on the interstate at interstate speeds. Vehicle is a bit dangerous and unnerving to drive at interstate speeds on the interstate, especially if the road is course and curvy.

Other Common Suspension related problems of Ford Mustang

Sours: https://www.carproblemzoo.com/ford/mustang/suspension-problems.php

Engine (26%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (10%)

Brakes and Traction Control (2%)

Suspension and Steering (22%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (26%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (11%)

Other (4%)

Chart based on repairs.

See TSBs and recalls for the Ford Mustang.

$+ (0%)

$ - $ (6%)

$ - $ (16%)

$ - $ (47%)

< $ (31%)

Chart based on 32 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.


US $
Car would not accept fuel. Evap canister valve, fuel tank, and fuel pumps replaced under extended warranty. 

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C $
Noise with belt, replaced pulley 

US $
Engine running rough. Mass airflow sensor failed diagnostics. Replaced MAF sensor and problem solved. 

US $
Replaced O2 sensor 

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kmAdded Ford Racing Bullitt Intake and Tune. Made car and tranny much more responsive ,removed lag in off line power ,very nice.  
kmBad spark plug and ignition coil caused rough idle. New coil and spark plug. Repaired under warranty. 

US $
1st Tune up, spark plugs and coil on plug boot. This is a super reliable car. The spark plugs lasted longer than expected. 

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US $
Replaced heater core. Removed dash and replaced damper door actuators as preventive maintenance. 

US $
Cracked thermostat housing. 

US $
Rough idle and "surge" when load is placed on engine. Throttle body VERY dirty. Removed and cleaned. Cleaned MAF sensor, replaced belt and tensioner (worn), and did Sea Foam aerosol intake cleaning. Replaced fuel filter. Combined effort significantly smoothed idle, reduced surge, and significantly improved engine performance. 
kmUnknown engine rattle, popping and hissing after alternator replacement. Not sure what's wrong at the moment. 

US $
Steering at idle made moaning sounds once warmed up. Thought it was a leak. But, could be moisture and air getting sucked in to the pump. Replaced Power Steering line and flushed power steering fluid. 

US $
And, the thermostat housing had a massive crack in it. Being plastic and the extreme cold here in CO. 
kmCar dumped all fluids on highway was found to be cracked thermostat lower intake housing (composite plastic) is a known TSB for model. Dealer repaired under 30 day used car warranty happened 1 week after purchase. 

C $
Thermostat housing leaking/cracked 

C $
Harmonic balancer. The vehicle was rough idle and loss of power in all driving ranges. It was thought initially it was a slipping belt by the loud noise emitted from that area. Some silicone spray quieted it down initially but got worse over several days and the lube spray did nothing to abate it. Then upon further inspection while running the harmonic balancer was found to be wobbly. Upon forum checking was a known problem. Removal was simple once the correct longer bolt secured to pull the old one off and install the new one. Since has been trouble free. Takes about 2 hours or so to complete all in 1 shot with the tools and part on hand. So figure hours to complete repair. You do not have to remove the rad. Also a new belt was installed at the same time. Total cost for parts was about dollars CDN. 

US $
Replaced pulley-crankshaft and seals. 

US $
Replaced water pump, coolant sensor,and thermostat/housing. 

US $
water pump belt tensioner pulley failed 

US $
Thermostat needed to be replaced 

US $
The thermostat started leaking again requiring replacement for the second time. 

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kmReplacement of serpentine belt pulley with bad bearing Serpentine belt idler pulley replaced 
kmEngine makes a ticking noise, at all temperatures, loudest at RPM. Engine knock occurring during light-load upshifts at RPM, also intermittently under load at RPM and above. Left front O2 sensor was found to have a slow response and was replaced under warranty. Second, more detailed examination of engine ticking noise at RPM. Noise found to be loudest at intake runner for cyl. #4. Other likely sources eliminated. (Bellhousing, injectors, cam covers, etc.) Was told noise is "normal". 

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kmCam phasers, cylinder heads, valve lifters. 

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US $50
New thermostat needed 

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US $
Rear main seal was leaking oil onto garage floor 

US $
Thermostat housing leaking 

US $
Replaced harmonic balancer 

US $
Loose parts in original catalytic converter. Mechanic cut it out and replaced it with a universal cat. 

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See TrueDelta's information for all Ford models.

Sours: https://www.truedelta.com/Ford-Mustang/engine-problems
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