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Xbox power supply

Note Xbox support content is no longer being maintained. If you need more info about your Xbox console, visit the Xbox Forums.

This article describes the power supply unit (PSU) and power cords for the Xbox console.


Xbox console power supply unit

Your Xbox console has an external fan-assisted power supply unit (PSU). The PSU has the same basic design in all countries. The maximum dimensions of the PSU are as follows:

  • The V power supply measures x x inches (approximately x x cm).
  • The V power supply measures x x inches (approximately x x cm).

Some PSUs are shorter but have the same capabilities. For example, the PSU is slightly smaller in countries that use volt electricity.

  • Xbox E console: Uses a watt PSU
  • Xbox S console: Uses a watt PSU
  • Xbox original console: There are several versions of the PSU for the original Xbox console. Depending on the power requirements of the console, a watt PSU, a watt PSU, or a watt PSU may have been included.

Important Microsoft does not license any non-Microsoft accessories that plug into the Xbox console's power socket. Use of any accessory other than the standard Xbox power supply may damage your console and void your console warranty.

  • PSUs are designed to be used only in the countries or regions where they are sold because different regions have different power requirements. Using the power supply in a different country may damage the power supply or your Xbox console, and the warranty may be invalidated.
  • Unlicensed accessories, such as a non-Microsoft replacement power supply or any accessory that plugs in between the Xbox console and the power supply, should not be used.
  • The Xbox power supply contains an internal fuse that helps protect your console from too-high voltage and power surges. However, the PSU is a sealed unit and, therefore, the internal fuse cannot be replaced. The power supply is rated for watts of continuous power and watts of maximum power.
  • The watt PSU and watt PSU are interchangeable, and you can use both with the Xbox S and Xbox E consoles.

The PSU has a hard-wired direct-current (DC) power cord that attaches to the console and an alternating-current (AC) power cord that attaches to the wall socket.

  • The DC power cord is permanently attached to the PSU and connects to the Xbox console. The DC power cord may have two gray buttons that must be pressed to release the plug from the Xbox console housing.
  • The DC power cord is meters (approximately 3 feet, 6 inches) long.
  • A proprietary power connector is permanently attached to the end of the DC power cord. This proprietary power connector is designed specifically for the Xbox console power socket.

The connector on the end of your PSU is keyed to fit into the Xbox console with which the PSU is compatible. If the power cord will not plug into your Xbox console, make sure that the PSU is the correct kind for your console.

The AC power cord is meters (approximately 5 feet, 9 inches) long and is detachable from the power supply unit.

The end of the power cord that plugs into the PSU has two or three holes. The number of holes corresponds to the number of prongs on the PSU. You must use only the two-prong PSU with the cord that connects by using two holes and use only the three-prong PSU with the cord that connects by using three holes. If you use a power cord other than the cord that was designed for your PSU, you may damage your PSU or your Xbox console.

The plug at the end of the power cord that connects to your electrical outlet can be one of several types. The plug type depends on the country and region where you purchased your console.

Power supply placement, temperature, and noise

To provide sufficient cooling, the Xbox external power supply uses a built-in fan to blow air through the PSU. When you press the power button to start your Xbox console, the PSU fan starts. Typically, the PSU fan makes a "whirring" noise. When your Xbox console is in standby mode or when the console is disconnected from the PSU, the fan does not operate. The speed of the fan increases or decreases when the temperature of the PSU changes. If the fan speed changes, the "whirring" noise that the fan produces increases or decreases.

To help the power supply operate efficiently and safely, follow these precautions:

  • Place the power supply in an area where its ventilation openings will not be obstructed.
  • Don't put the power supply on a bed, a sofa, or any other soft surface that might block the ventilation openings.
  • Don't put the power supply in a confined space, such as a bookcase, a rack, or a stereo cabinet, unless that space is well-ventilated.
  • Don't put the power supply near any heat source, such as a radiator, a heat register, a stove, or an amplifier.
  • Don't stack other electronic devices on top of the power supply.
  • Make sure that the power supply is positioned horizontally and lays flat on the four rubber pads on its base.

If the power supply makes excessive noise, you might have a power strip or surge protector that is overloaded. Plug your power supply directly in to a wall outlet and see if the problem persists.

Power supply electrical safety

To connect the PSU to your Xbox console:

  1. Fully insert the DC power cord into the Xbox console.
  2. Firmly plug the AC power cord into the PSU until the plug on the cord is completely seated.
  3. Plug the other end of the AC power cord into the wall outlet.

As with other electrical devices, failure to take the following precautions can result in serious injury or death from electric shock or fire or in damage to the Xbox video game and entertainment system.

Select an appropriate power source for your Xbox console:

  • Use only the PSU and the AC power cord that were included with your console or that you received from an authorized repair center. If you're not sure whether you have the correct PSU, compare the 12V output number on the PSU to the 12V output number that is printed next to the power socket on your console. The number that is printed on the PSU (A, 14A, or A) must be equal to or higher than the number that is printed on the console. If you need a replacement PSU or AC power cord, go to Device service and repair.
  • Confirm that your electrical outlet provides the same voltage (V) and frequency [Hz] of power as is indicated on the PSU. If you’re not sure of the kind of power that is supplied to your home, ask a qualified electrician.
  • Don't use non-standard power sources, such as generators or inverters, even if the voltage and frequency appear acceptable. Only use AC power that is provided by a standard wall outlet.
  • Don't overload your wall outlet, extension cord, power strip, or other electrical receptacle. Confirm that these items are rated to handle the total current (in amps [A]) that is drawn by the Xbox console (as indicated on the PSU) and by any other devices that are on the same circuit.
  • Use a properly-grounded electrical outlet that accommodates the three-prong grounding plug. Do not remove the grounding prong. If the plug does not fit into your outlet, have an electrician replace the obsolete outlet.

To avoid damaging the power cords and PSU:

  • Prevent the power cords from being walked on.
  • Protect cords from being pinched or sharply bent, especially where they connect to the power outlet, the PSU, and the console.
  • Don't jerk, knot, sharply bend, or otherwise abuse the power cords.
  • Don't expose the power cords to sources of heat.
  • Don't wrap power cords around the power supply unit.
  • Keep children and pets away from the power cords. Don't let them bite or chew on the cords.
  • When you disconnect the power cords, pull on the plug. Don't pull on the cord.
  • Don't let the power supply hang from either power cord.
  • If a power cord or PSU becomes damaged in any way, stop using it immediately. Go to Device service and repair to order a replacement.
  • Unplug your Xbox console during lightning storms or when the console is not being used for long periods of time.

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Power 360 brick slim

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DIY Xbox 360 Power Supply 5/12V/16A To Battery Charger 5-12Vol ⚡⚡⚡

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