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Makita LXT (Lithium-Ion Extreme Techonology) is a battery system used by most high-end Makita power tools since approximately 2005. LXT batteries and tools use a slide-on format and are designed to work at 18 volts and some also at 14.4 volts. Chargers and batteries are common across the range of power tools. Active air cooling within the battery during rapid charging: up to 9 amps is supplied by a rapid charger depending on temperature and the charge state of the battery pack.

All batteries are electrically compatible, featuring two main connectors for power, a third connection for temperature sensing and charging plus yellow-coloured 8-way data connector used by battery chargers.

A standard battery pack capacity is 3.0 Amp-hours and usable across all tools. Physically smaller battery packs (1.5 Ah) with only a single set of cells in series have mechanical keying to ensure they are only used with low-power tools.

Mechanical keying of tools and batteries is also used to ensure that larger battery packs (created using high-capacity low-tolerance cells) requiring active monitoring of the battery state (voltage and temperature) on only used in high-power tools when the tool features active monitoring of the battery state. Low-power tools are marked with yellow battery connectors, and high-power tools are marked with black connectors. Tools with active monitoring support are marked with a five-pointed star symbol near to the connector.

Batteries are constructed with multiple 3.6 volt 18650 Lithium-Ion cells in a series arrangement (18v = groups of five 18650 cells in series), or 14.4 volts (14.4v = groups of four 18650 cells in series). "18" meaning 18mm in diameter and "650" meaning 65mm in length. Just as the batteries themselves have different Ah ratings, the cells inside have different mAh capacity as well. Example being a 3.0ah pack would have 10 18650-1500mAh cells with 2 parallel rows of 5 cells each in series. Most LXT batteries contain a cell-balancing circuit within the battery pack. For 36 volt tools the a "dual 18 volt" arrangement with two 18 volt battery connectors on the power tools, and using requiring two 18 volt battery packs in series to provide the voltage.

Sours: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Makita_LXT

Lithium-ion Xtreme Technology

Lithium Ion Xtreme Technology

Makita’s Lithium-ion tools have proved market winners and now Makita’s expanded range offers a comprehensive, powerful and lightweight selection of professional tools to complete any job.

6.0Ah BL1860B

18v Lithium-ion 6.0Ah (BL1860B)

The new Makita 6.0Ah battery provides longer work time for increased performance and productivity.
It has a charge time of just 55 minutes when using the Makita rapid charger with the added convenience of an LED charge level indicator.
Same weight and size as the 5.0Ah, 4.0Ah and 3.0Ah batteries.

Check product compatibility

18v Lithium-ion 5.0Ah (BL1850B)

The Makita 5.0Ah battery with an unbeatable 45 minute charge time when using the Makita rapid charger. Same weight and size as the 6.0Ah, 4.0Ah and 3.0Ah batteries.

Check product compatibility
5.0Ah BL1850
4.0Ah BL1840

18v Lithium-ion 4.0Ah (BL1840B)

The Makita 4.0Ah battery with an unbeatable 36 minute charge time when using the Makita rapid charger. Same weight and size as the 6.0Ah, 5.0Ah and 3.0Ah batteries.

Check product compatibility

Compatible chargers

Anytime Charge

No Memory Effect. No discharging required

Longtime Storage

Low Self 

Shock Absorbing

Heavy Duty Pack

Life time work volume

The charger communicates with the individual cell in the battery and controls current, voltage, and temperature. Both rapid and optimum charge are achieved making battery life longer.

Optimum Charging

It is necessary to cool down the battery before you begin to charge it - as after use it is at a very high temperature. We are able to produce fast charge times because our batteries & charger are kept cool while the battery is connected.

Well Balanced Charging

In the first diagram you can see how the Makita Lithium-ion battery charges evenly throughout all the cells and on discharging it drains evenly to resulting in an optimum charge. Compared to our competitors Battery Packs you can see how the cells do not get an even charge resulting in cells not being used completely, so that workloads are decreased at a charge.

Built-in Memory Chip

Makita’s 18v & 14v batteries have a built in memory chip that records the battery useage history. While the battery is connected it will transmit the data to the charger.

Built-in CPU

The CPU built in the charger analyzes its condition; high temperature, re-charge after full charged, over-discharging. The battery lasts long life because it can be charged at the best method and time.

Compatible with over 100 Power Tools!

close up of Star and Yellow connectors

The 6.0Ah (BL1860B), 5.0Ah (BL1850 & BL1850B) & 4.0Ah (BL1840 & BL1840B) 18v Li-ion batteries will work with your 18V machine if it has a star on the connector plate, has a yellow connector plate with a star or has a yellow connector plate only. Look for the ‘Star’ or a ‘Yellow Connector’

For other 18V LXT tools please use 3.0Ah (BL1830) or 1.5Ah (BL1815N) batteries.

18V Battery Compatibility

battery bar

Each tool page on this website now displays the new battery bar with batteries it will accept.

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Lithium-ion (LXT)

18v & 14.4v Lithium-ion | 12v & 7.2v Lithium-ion | Optimum Charging | Compatibility Checker


Lithium-ion 18v 6.0Ah Battery

55 Minute Charge Time


The new Makita 6.0Ah battery with an unbeatable 55 minute charge time.

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Lithium-ion 18v 5.0Ah Battery

45 Minute Charge Time


The Makita 5.0Ah battery with an unbeatable 45 minute charge time. Same weight and size as the 4.0Ah and 3.0Ah batteries.

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Lithium-ion 18v 4.0Ah Battery

36 Minute Charge Time


The Makita 4.0Ah battery with an unbeatable 36 minute charge time. Same weight and size as the 5.0Ah and 3.0Ah batteries.

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Lithium-ion 18v 3.0Ah Battery

22 Minute Charge Time


The Makita 3.0Ah battery with an unbeatable 22 minute charge time. Same weight and size as the 5.0Ah and 4.0Ah batteries.

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Lithium-ion 14.4v 3.0Ah Battery

22 Minute Charge Time

14.4V LITHIUM-ION 3.0AH (BL1430)

The Makita 3.0Ah battery with an unbeatable 22 minute charge time.

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Sours: https://makitauk.com/lithium-ion-lxt

Makita LXT Cordless Tools

Makita LXT Cordless Tools Makita's 18v LXT lithium ion platform constitutes one of the biggest selections of professional cordless power tools on the market and is a firm favourite with many trade & industry professionals around the world. As well as a huge variety of tools, the LXT platform is renowned for its extremely efficient battery chargers which are able to fully recharge depleted batteries in record time, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum during heavy duty workloads.

Makita have long been associated with the construction industry but the LXT range also includes a number of products which have proved succesful in other sectors too. You can find several outdoor power tools in the range, including leaf blowers, grass trimmers, brush cutters, chainsaws and hedge trimmers; most of these tools run on two 18v batteries which enables them to operate at twice the power without having to invest in a separate 36v battery platform. Also running on two 18v batteries is the DVC260 backpack vacuum cleaner which has been adopted by many mobile cleaning teams, especially in the transport industry.

All Makita 18v LXT cordless tools are covered by a three year commercial warranty.

Sours: https://www.tooled-up.com/makita-lxt-cordless-tools/range/30/

Makita lxt is what

Makita CXT vs LXT: What’s the Difference in 2021?

Review Summary

Makita is one of the names that many professionals trust when it comes to their tools. They’re known as a brand that makes professional-quality tools, but with the addition of their CXT lineup, they’ve entered a more affordable sphere. No longer are all Makita tools equipped with a hefty price tag.

If you’re looking for an affordable set of basic tools for repairs and DIY around the home, then the CXT lineup is a great way to get Makita quality without spending a fortune. But if you need heavy-duty tools that can handle professional abuse and put out serious power, you’re going to want to go with the LXT line instead. And if you’re looking to have a diverse tool collection with many tools sharing the same battery, you’ll want to skip the CXT lineup and stick with the versatile LXT family of tools.

That’s not to say that the CXT line is sub-par. The tools in the CXT lineup are great tools that offer decent performance at a very affordable price. They’re also small and lightweight, which is perfect for anyone who has trouble with heavier tools. But they just don’t offer the same level of performance that you get with the LXT lineup, and there are far fewer options available in the CXT family.

At a Glance

Let’s look at the key points of each product.

Makita CXT Line

  • 12-volt battery packs
  • Lithium-ion
  • 30+ tools in the lineup
  • Compact sizing

Makita LXT Line

  • 18-volt battery packs
  • Lithium-ion
  • Over 275 tools in the lineup
  • Offers more power

Overview of Makita CXT:

The CXT line is Makita’s 12-volt cordless power tool family. There are over 30 tools in the lineup, all of which use the same 12-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

Small and Streamlined

For most, the most appealing feature of the CXT line is the smaller size of the tools. They’re compact and easy to hold. Plus, they tend to weigh quite a bit less than their cousins in the LXT lineup. Tools from the CXT line are the perfect choice for anyone who has a difficult time holding and using larger, heavier power tools.

Affordable Pricing

The other really attractive thing about the CXT line is how affordable these tools are compared to members of the LXT family. Makita tools aren’t known for being cheap, but the CXT family offers some of the most affordable options available from Makita.

Limited Options

In the CXT 12-volt lineup, you won’t find multiple options of impact drivers to pick from. You’ll get fewer choices regarding each tool, and there are fewer members in the CXT family total. If you want to keep expanding your tool collection past the basics, then the CXT family might not provide all of the tools you want to add in the future.

Fewer Volts, Less Power

The other drawback of the CXT family is that they’re not anywhere near as powerful as their LXT counterparts. Members of the CXT lineup use a 12-volt battery pack that just can’t power the tools the same as the 18-volt batteries in the LXT line.


  • Very compact size
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Affordably priced


  • Lacking in power
  • Not as many choices
  • Fewer tools use the batteries

Overview of Makita LXT:


The LXT line of cordless power tools is the bread and butter of the Makita family. It’s a diverse range of tools that many professionals trust to handle their difficult jobs daily.

More Than 275 Tools in the Family

If you’re looking for options, look no further than the LXT line of tools from Makita. There are more than 275 tools in this family, and they all use the same 18-volt LXT batteries. Even the X2 line offering 36 volts for the largest and most powerful tools is powered by using 2 of these 18-volt LXT batteries. If you want to expand your tool collection in the future, the LXT line offers an outrageous number of options, including tools like lawn mowers and leaf blowers!

Multiple Choices for Each Tool

If you want a particular type of tool, you can usually find several different models within the LXT lineup. Each model will offer different features and performance at a different price point, giving you many options to pick precisely the tool you need.

18-Volts Offers More Power

One of the biggest advantages of tools in the LXT line is that they’re more powerful, thanks to the 18-volt battery packs that LXT tools use. Some tools from the LXT family are twice as powerful as the equivalent tool from the CXT line.

They’re Not as Streamlined

You can’t have everything, and if you want the power and versatility provided by the LXT line, you’re going to have to give up some size and weight. Tools from the LXT family tend to be heavier and bulkier than their streamlined relatives from the CXT line.


  • Over 275 tools share the same batteries
  • Superior power compared to CXT
  • More options for each tool


  • Bigger and bulkier than CXT models
  • They weigh more than CXT variants
  • They tend to be more expensive

What Are the Differences Between Them?


Edge: LXT

When it comes to performance, it’s not even close; the LXT line decimates the CXT family of tools. Some models from the LXT lineup offer twice the power of their CXT brethren, making them the far better performers of the group. CXT tools still offer adequate performance for homeowners and hobbyists, but they’re not quite sufficient for professional use.


Edge: CXT

The CXT family of tools is definitely more affordable than most of the same tools from the LXT line. This makes sense when you consider the lower voltage and performance offered by the CXT battery packs and tools.


Edge: CXT

Tools from the CXT line definitely win the size war. They’re smaller and lighter on average than their LXT counterparts, making them the better choice for anyone that has difficulty using heavier power tools.


Edge: LXT

The CXT family has a decent number of options with more than 30 tools for you to choose from. But that can’t hold a candle to the diversity offered by the LXT lineup with more than 275 tools sharing the same batteries. If you plan on ever adding to your tool collection in the future, the LXT line offers far more options without having to buy into a new set of batteries and chargers.

What the Users Say

Though we’ve done our best to offer a fair and thorough comparison of these two tool lines from Makita, we’re not the only ones with opinions on these tools. We searched all over for additional opinions, scouring reviews, forums, comments, and more so we could bring you the full picture.

Most homeowners and hobbyists were completely satisfied with the CXT line of tools. Many people thought they offered plenty of power for their needs. Across the board, everyone seemed pleased with the small form factor and light weight of tools from the CXT family.

But some people noticed the lack of power in the 12-volt tools. Most of these people had used similar tools in a professional capacity before. While many admitted that the CXT tools offered decent power for what they are, it still didn’t seem to satisfy many users.

When it comes to the LXT tools, many of the users are professionals who rely on their tools every day to make a living. A large swathe of these users said they swear by the Makita LXT line and wouldn’t use anything else. Some users had attempted to use the CXT line, though ended up forgoing it for the lack of diversity and power in the lineup.


There’s no definitive answer to which of these tool lineups is superior. It depends on what you need. If you’re looking for small, compact tools for use around the home or for hobbyist or DIY work, go with the CXT line. For powerful tools that are suitable for professional work, you’ll want to stick with LXT tools. The CXT family is the better choice if you’re looking for the most affordable options, but the LXT lineup offers far more versatility with more than 275 tools sharing the same batteries.


Sours: https://housegrail.com/makita-cxt-vs-lxt/
Makita 18V LXT Brushless Impact Drive Review! (XDT14T) #makita #toolreviews #powertools

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