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Why Puma Suede Sneakers Will Never Go Out of Style

Trends may come and go, but some things never go out of style. Enter Puma&#x;s Suede Classic Sneakers. The silhouette originally debuted in and over 50 years later the shoes continue to be a staple in closets everywhere.

To meet demand, the brand recently dropped new Suede colorways, including a frosty green hue with white stripes, an all-black design, and several other classic shades that are sure to stay relevant in the years to come. What, you ask, has made Suedes stand out for so long? 

The answer is all in the materials. If you take good care of it, suede is durable and long lasting. As an added bonus, the thick soles ensure the footwear won&#x;t fall apart. 

Beyond being well-designed, Puma Suedes are a versatile sneaker that can easily be dressed up or down. For these reasons and more, the shoes have successfully stayed relevant after all these years. To prove it, Puma recently tapped a crew of tastemakers to model the new Suede colorways in a video and photoshoot while explaining what they love about the shoe.

Jakob Campbell

Price: $70

I usually wear them with black ripped jeans, a graphic T-shirt, a fitted cap, and some gold jewelry, Jakob Campbell mentions. I feel like it&#x;s me and can work for different occasions, which is why it&#x;s become my day-to-day fit.  

Think of the Suedes as a versatile base for your aesthetic. The dynamic sneakers are a solid starting point for daily self-expression and can allow your style to evolve in ways you never thought it could.

LC and Sean Gadiare

Price: $70

My go-to look for Puma Suedes is fairly clean and simple, LC tells Complex. A nice pair of chino pants with a button-up is always a go.

On the other hand, Sean Gadiare likes to keep things more casual. Mine would have to be a calm look. Vintage tee, some shorts, and the Suedes to make the outfit pop with the color I&#x;m wearing, he explains.

Sometimes it&#x;s just that easy and there&#x;s no reason to complicate things. You can never go wrong with an ensemble as effortless as this. Lace up those Suedes and you&#x;re all set.

Ashley Flores

Price: $70

The Suedes are really comfortable, so I like to pair them with a jumpsuit and I travel a lot so I often wear them with a dress to the airport, Ashley Flores says.

If utility is what you&#x;re after, the Suedes have to be at the top of your list. From flying to breakdancing, there&#x;s nothing you can&#x;t tackle with these shoes on your feet.

Sours: https://www.complex.com/sneakers/puma-suede-sneakers

Puma Men's Footwear

Puma Shoes for Men – Performance and Comfort Guaranteed 

Puma shoes is a brand of shoes that has been the most popular brand for the longest period of time, owing to its durability and comfort while wearing. The brand has over six decades of designing sportswear as well as casual shoes and other accessories and is targeted at individuals who take pride in staying physically active. Their range of casual footwear, no doubt, imbibes this sporty element that the brand is known for. Puma slippers , sandals, flip flops, sneakers and many other varieties of footwear are available online at low prices.

Why Puma Shoes for Men is the best footwear to buy

An outfit isn’t just about the clothes you wear. Your choice of footwear matters too. On regular days when formal shoes aren’t ideal or in semi-formal settings when sandals don’t make the cut, turn to Puma shoes for men . They are comfortable, they’re durable, and they ooze style appeal. Pair these shoes with Puma men's polo t-shirts and blue jeans and head to your friend's party looking snazzy.

Puma running shoes to help you get fitter

Puma’s range of IGNITE running shoes for men is a popular choice. This collection infuses the technicality of performance-oriented footwear and modern street style to bring you running shoes that are high on style and functionality. These Puma shoes for men feature Kevlar-infused mesh which makes them water-resistant and highly durable. Puma running shoes/jogging shoes are made using great quality rubber so as to make them easy to use across any difficult terrain. They are available in three styles – low-rise, ankle-rise, and high-rise tops. To ensure maximum comfort these Puma running shoes come with cushioned foam and a TPU ankle cage which gives your feet a supportive fit. Wear your shoes along with your t-shirt and track pants or shorts and head out in the morning for a long run.

Puma Sports Shoes- Up your game with the right pair of footwear

Puma sports shoes for men in this category merge power with precision. The evoPower football shoes are a fine example of Puma sports shoes . These shoes feature a one-way stretchable AdapLite upper material and the GSF outsole technology which ensure a player’s comfort and optimizes interaction between kicking velocity and accuracy. Other popular Puma football shoes include the evoSpeed, evoTouch, and Nevoa Lite v3.

The brand also offers cricket players their collection of Puma evoSpeed cricket shoes  . These spiked sports shoes come in a range of colors and are designed to resist friction so you’re always on your A-game. You can also find gym shoes, badminton shoes , training shoes and more.

Puma Casual Shoes & Sneakers to look stylish

Make your mark in the streets with fashionable Puma casual shoes like the Motorsport and Rebound shoes. Check out motorsport shoes from this brand like Puma Ferrari shoes and Puma BWM shoes.Most shoes in these collections are unisex so you and your significant other can twin in style. They have slim rubber outsoles which make them lightweight.

Puma Sandals and Flip-flops

Keep your feet cool on sunny days with Puma sandals and flip-flops. These EVA-injected footwear are lightweight and can be worn indoors, in the shower, or as casual wear.

To check out these footwear at the best prices, buy Puma shoes for men online.

Shop By Puma Shoes Types: Puma Sneakers | Puma Running Shoes | Puma Football Shoes | Puma Loafers | Puma Canvas Shoes

Sours: https://www.flipkart.com/mens-footwear/puma~brand/pr?sid=osp,cil
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Puma Bananas vintage sneaker and ski boot ad

Here’s a vintage sneaker and ski boot ad for Puma ‘Bananas’ by Beconta. 🍌

Ad info is below:

One good banana
deserves another.

Puma Bananas from Beconta.

For free catalog write Dept. P-l, Beconta, Inc., 50 Executive Blvd., Elmsford, N.Y. or Oyster Pt. Blvd., South San Francisco, Calif.

Puma Bananas vintage sneaker and ski boot ad @ The Deffest

Here’s an old school Sears advertisement from for Puma Week. the models in this ad are the Puma Intimidator, Soft Rider, Puma Court, and Game Cat.

Ad info is below:

Jump to it and NOW SAVE $3-$7. save on all our Puma shoes! During Puma Week at Sears you can save on a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes for the whole family. Run, jump, jog, even walkbut don't stop until you get to Sears Shoe Department for our big Puma Sale May May
Available in most larger Sears retail stores. Prices and dates apply only to the Continental United States except Alaska. Sears, Roebuck and Co.,



Puma vintage sneaker ad featuring the Intimidator Soft Rider, Puma Court, and Game Cat @ The Deffest

Here’s an old school vintage ad for the Puma Fast Rider, Track Rider and Lite Rider II vintage running shoes. 40 years later and they are still dope as hell. If you want to check out a couple of other ads featuring these vintage Puma sneaker models they are here and here.

Ad info is below:


Fast Rider trainer. Track Rider and Lite Rider II racers. We selected these three shoes to carry Puma's legendary Olympic excellence into the highly competitive area of road running. Now, their five star ratings* for two straight years have confirmed our own tests. Did you expect anything less? As we say on the box--Puma is quality. We stand on it.

*Runnels World and running shoe surveys


Puma Fast Rider, Track Rider and Lite Rider II vintage sneaker ad from @ The Deffest

Here’s an old school vintage ad for the Puma Easy Rider model running shoes. In this ad Puma takes you through the importance of the shoe last construction.

Ad info is below:


Nobody has to tell a serious runner that his feet and legs (and hips and back) take a beating. Nobody has to tell him or her that ifs important to have good shoes. But PUMA thinks it's time someone told the serious runner about an elemental and crucial step in the building of running shoes that running shoe companies have been hesitant to discuss.

Running's Best Kept Secret: The Last. Every shoe starts with the last. It's also called a mold. But it would be better to think of it as the blueprint for the shoe, because every-thing that comes after depends on how it is designed. The stress points peculiar to a running shoe. as opposed to a tennis shoe or basketball shoe, are built into the last.

If The Last Is Important, Why Is It Neglected? Far, far away in the Far East many of the top running shoes are made in the same factory, side by side, with a standard last. A last, by the way, that is not specifically designed for a running shoe. Why would they do such a thing, you might ask.

It Takes A Lot To Build A Last. It took PUMA thousands of feet of film showing what happens to every part of the foot in training and racing situations. It took PUMA hundreds of exact-dimension measurements of hundreds of runners' feet. When we were finally ready to build our running lasts, we knew exactly where the stress points were for training and racing, and we knew the dimensions and proportions of the feet we were making shoes for. Then we made five different lasts. Four for running, and one for racing. (They are considered so valuable, by the way, that only a few people know where they are kept.)

Only A Running Last Can Give Running Support And Running Fit. PUMA lasts were designed according to the unique stresses of long distance running and racing, and according to true averages of foot dimensions. Our lasts tell us exactly where the uppers should give support. We know exactly where there should be lateral and medial stability, and where there should be flexibility. The differences in our lasts and others may, in some cases, seem subtle. But when one is talking about 35 or more miles of running a week, these differences are magnified many times. Almost every serious runner is familiar with the slight nag that becomes a chronic injury.

A PUMA Running Last Bends Where The Running Foot Bends. Here you see a simple demonstration you can verify for your-self. A running foot bends precisely at the ball of the foot, at a precise angle! Press any PUMA between your hands as shown, and it will bend at precisely the same place, and at the same degree of angle. Now press another running shoe and see what you get.

PUMA Is One Of Only Two Companies That Absolutely Controls How Its Shoes Are Made. PUMA and one other company try to use factories that make shoes for them alone. As we mentioned before, many running shoes start out in one factory in the Far East. We're willing to pay to see that our design specs are carried out exactly; and to keep a tight rein on quality control via our own PUMA inspectors.

PUMA Believes Running Injuries Can Be Prevented. Dr. Donald Riggs is PUMAS Chief Technical Consultant in the USA. When he was the distance running coach at San Jose State, he never had a shoe-related injury. He attributes this to thoughtful conditioning of his athletes, and to PUMA running shoes, which were the only running shoe worn at San Jose State. There is a wealth of information today on how to condition oneself properly, and run so as to prevent injuries. And we know there is at least one shoe that is thoughtfully designed, down to the fast detail, so as to prevent injuries. Injuries don't have to happen. Let's all pass the word.


Vintage Puma Easy Rider sneaker ad @ The Deffest

Here’s a retro vintage sneaker ad from for the Puma ‘Swinger’ model leisure sneakers which were promoted by hall of fame quarterback and ladies’ man Joe Namath.

Ad info is below:

Joe Namath Scores in Pumas.

On or off the field Joe Namath appreciates the comfort and support of Puma's full line of leisure and football shoes. Like the comfortable Joe Namath shoe shown here. All available at your sporting goods store or shoe store or write Sports Beconta, Inc., 50 Executive Blvd., Elmsford, N.Y. Or Oys-ter Pt. Blvd., So. San Francisco, Calif.

PUMA from Beconta.

Puma Swinger vintage sneaker ad featuring Joe Namath @ The Deffest

This double feature blog post goes out to all of the ladies playing under the table games. The ads below were made 7 years apart and more than anything this probably speaks to the cyclical nature of advertising.

We’ll kick it off in with a vintage sneaker ad featuring the Converse Coach and Jack Purcell model sneakers.

Converse Coach and Jack Purcell footsies vintage sneakers ad @ The Deffest

7 years later she was back playing foot games in this ad featuring Puma’s Power Cat and Fast Rider runners…

Puma Fast Rider and Super Cat footsies vintage sneakers ad @ The Deffest

In she is likely now at a retirement home playing footsies with someones Hush Puppies sporting granddad .🤣

Converse ad info is below:

Converse Coach and Jack Purcell: For guys who want to keep playing after the game is over.

Converse has built a reputation for making great athletic shoes for the greatest athletes in the world. And that's the idea behind our Converse Coach and Jack Purcell. Great performers. But they look great, too. A terrific all-around athletic shoe like Coach (right), that looks good enough to play the field off the field, too. And a great tennis shoe like Jack Purcell, that feels just as at home partying as playing tennis. Two tough-playing, sharp-looking leisure time shoes from Converse. Because some guys are out to build a reputation for themselves. Converse Coach and Jack Purcell.


Puma ad info is below:

It's easier to experience Puma than you think. In fact, we're the softest touch in running. Puma people know Puma shoes give something beyond 5-Star performance, finest quality and innovative design—something wild and free. You can capture it today at your favorite running store.


Here’s an old school vintage sneaker ad for Puma featuring their Easy Rider, Whirlwind, Sky Rider, Rocket trainer, Joy Rider and Rockette model runners.

Ad info is below:


PUMA's Easy Rider has spawned a generation of great cats for training and racing. All of the Easy Rider features — sturdy heel counter, improved foot support system, shock absorbing cones and thick, tough wedge — are found in its bold new family.

Easy Rider and its offspring are built to cushion the foot, minimizing stress on the ankle, heel and surrounding tendons. all cones on the soles of some models cushion the shock of impact while shorter cones cut down wear by checking compression of the taller ones. Reinforced uppers provide comfort and foot-gripping support.

The Great Cat Family is designed for mile after mile of injury-free, pleasurable running using the same superior technology that outfitted nine of eleven starters on Argentina's World Cup soccer champions. PUMA — The Great Cat Family. Grrrr.

A pride of PUMAS: Top. Rocket trainer. Middle row, from left, Joy Rider women's trainer; Rockette women's trainer:

Puma Great Cat Family vintage sneaker ad @ The Deffest

Here’s a vintage sneaker ad for Puma featuring the SAAS1 and LA Rider model sneakers.

Ad info is below:

You can carry your warm-up suit, accessories, anything in this versatile runner's duffel from Puma. At $3, it's a great deal that goes along with your next purchase of Puma running shoes. Run down to your nearest Puma dealer soon, because the offer ends September 30,

Bag-a-Puma. Put yourself in Bill Rodgers' shoes and save $7 on this runner's duffel.

Puma. In a class by itself. World Class.

Puma SAAS1 and LA Rider vintage sneaker ad @ The Deffest

Today we've got another old school ad from , this time for the Puma "Super Long Distance Shoe."

Ad info is below:


made to go the distance.

When you run miles or more a week in all kinds of tough terrain you need a top quality shoe that can really take it. The Super Long Distance Shoe by Puma. Thick foam wedge tapering from heel to toe cushions your foot, soaks up shocks. Ankle and achilles tendon pads. Uppers made of nylon, leather reinforced. Soles are tough rubber with special long wearing treads. Comes in blue, red and yellow with Puma stripe. Next time you run for distance, treat your feet to a pair of Puma Super Long Distance Shoes. At your nearest sporting goods dealer or write: Beconta, Inc., Sports Division, 50 Executive Blvd., Elmsford, N.Y. or Oyster Point Blvd., So. San Francisco, California


Puma Super Long Distance vintage sneaker ad @ The Deffest

This vintage sneaker ad is from 43 years ago this month, in October , for Carlsen Import Shoe Corp. featuring kicks by Karhu, MacGregor, Patrick, HJ and the Puma 'Crack' shoe. The written content of this ad is amazing. Check out these descriptions

first "This is the best"
then "Best I have seen"
then "These are the best leisure shoes on the market." 🤣

The HJs side profile logo is like if you flipped the Puma profile logo to make it face the front of the shoe and it's also a bit reminiscent of the old Jaclar sneaker mark. We also like how this was mail order and the No. shoe at the bottom they don't even show you what it looks like…

How to not sell a shoe @ The Freakin' Ekin

Ad info is below:

KARHU -The finest manufacturers of athletic shoes. Latest improved styles, quality-made, soft flexible nylon and leather uppers. The best in the industry—made in FINLAND. 

No. S.J.G. MacGregor. First quality shoes. Full grain white leather up-pers with 4 stripes. Your choice of blue or green stripes. Padded at ankle and heel. Padded arch sup-port. Molded long-wearing rubber soles. Excellent for training, jogging, gym. Sizes 7 to School price: $ Our sale: $ 

No. The finest nylon, leather-trimmed marathon, training, cross-country shoes on the market today. Lightweight, comfortable, 3/4" heel, rubber arch and insole, padded achilles. This is the best. Sizes Our price: $

No. Most comfortable and extra sturdy leather uppers. Great for all purposes—marathons, training, etc. Best I have seen. Sizes 5 to Our price: $

No. These are the best leisure shoes on the market. Finest suede leathers, padded in all the important places. Colors available: blue, gold, tan, red, brown. Sizes 3 to Our price: $

No. HJ Nylon uppers, leather trim. Triple sole. Corrugated new style, long-wearing. Full suede leather over toe, sides and back. We are direct importers; savings are substantial. Red, blue, gold. Sizes 4 to Sale price: $ 

No. Made in France by Patrick. A fine leisure shoe. Strong, non-slip suction sole. Royal, gold, brown, navy, blue jean, scarlet. Sizes 5 to Retail price: $ Sale price: $ 

No. Puma "Crack" (Flipper). pairs Puma "Crack" in royal blue only. Sizes 10, /2, 11, /2, 12, /2, 13 only. Retail price: $ Our sale price: $

No. Made in France by Patrick. New, improved, lightweight training shoe. Double corrugated sole. Nylon and leather covered uppers. Royal blue or scarlet. Sizes 7 to Sale price: $ 

Shipments made within 24 hours. Add $ per pair for service charges. 

Carlsen Import Shoe Corp., Broadway, New York , N.Y.

This week I'll post some of the 'Track Coach endorsement' ads. After Nike and Bill Bowerman became a model of success other footwear brands began finding track coaches to use as part of their marketing and advertising materials. This ad for the Puma Easy Rider running shoe is from and features Don Riggs who was the distance running coach at San Jose State University. Don is all about the 'toe-off' advantage in this ad.

Ad info is below:

Who makes the best jogging shoe? 

by Don Riggs The distance-running coach at San Jose State University examines the new Puma® 'Easy Rider: 

Distance-running coach Don Riggs.

A startling find.

I've tested every major brand of jogging shoe and I've come to a pretty startling discovery: Puma is the only one that toes-off properly— that bends the right way under the ball of your foot. Only one other brand comes even close. Is this important? You'd better know it! Improper toe-off can lead to all kinds of foot and leg problems. But don't take my word for the way Puma toes-off. You can test it for yourself. Grab hold of the new 'Easy Rider' and bend the sole (see photo-graph). The bend is exactly where the foot bends, at the head of the metatarsal, and it's rounded the way your foot is rounded. Now try the same thing with other shoes. Some bend too sharply. Some bend in the wrong place altogether. I've even found shoes that bend right in the middle, which can tear the heck out of your metatarsal. 

Puma is the only big-name shoe that toes-off properly, says Riggs. 

A 1,mile sole?

The sole on the new 'Easy Rider' is going to make a few people sit up and take notice. Look closely and you'll see it's covered with rows of truncated cones— in two different heights. The tall cones give you traction and help to cushion impact and insulate your foot from surface heat. The comfort is fantastic, but that's only half the story. When you run, the tall cones are squashed down. This is when the short cones come into play. They're placed where the greatest wear occurs in a shoe — at the heel. They act like firm little bumpers to keep the tall cones from mashing down and wearing out too fast. Going by the three years of testing I've done — and this depends, of course, on weight, running surface, and how hard you run — don't be surprised if you rack up a thousand miles on this sole. 

The 'Easy Rider' sole. Note the two different heights of the cones. 

Beware of mushy counters.

Another way to spot a first-class jogging shoe is by checking the counter— which is what they call the part that surrounds your heel. You take a poor shoe and push against the side or back of the counter with your thumb. You'll find it's soft and mushy. When it breaks down, your heel is going to start wobbling around in there, which can cause anything from shinsplints to knee problems. Avoid this kind of shoe like the plague. Now try the same test with the 'Easy Rider: The counter is strong, firm (like the photograph shows ). It holds and protects the cal-caneus (or heel bone) and its muscle group all the way down. I like the way Puma pays careful attention to details like this. 

The 'Easy Rider' stays firm when you push here. A poor shoe is soft and mushy. 

Should you wear Puma?

Run your hand around the inside of an 'Easy Rider' and you won't find a rough edge anywhere. Look at the nylon outside and you'll see why the rate of breakdown is so phenomenally low on Puma: all the stretch points are reinforced with leather. That kind of careful thinking goes into all the other new Puma jogging-running shoes: the soft-leather `Stud' with its ventilating holes the less-expensive `Rocket the 'Pavement Jogger' with its tradi-tional herringbone sole and the 'Whirlwind: built on the Puma spike last for cross-country competition and interval training. I'll tell you the same thing I tell my athletes: A good shoe can make a difference in how you run. If you take pride in what you're doing, you've earned the right to wear Puma. You've earned your stripe. 

The new Puma Easy Rider: 

You've earned your stripe

Puma Easy Rider vintage sneaker ad @ The Deffest


We recently covered the style changes to the Puma Easy Rider model in our Le Coq Sportif blog post because their Quartz model sneaker is along the same lines as the Easy Riders in this ad. You can see the differences here:

Puma Easy Rider vs style comparison
Sours: https://www.thedeffest.com/vintage-ads/tag/vintage+Puma+sneakers

Puma Classics sneakers

Low Top

Extremely popular sneakers because of their price range, versatility when it comes to style, and freedom of movement. Almost everyone is guaranteed to have low-top sneakers in their shoe rotation.

Mid Top

Mid-top sneakers extend toward the ankle for a little more support and hold. These lie somewhere in the middle between low-top and high-top sneakers in terms of usage and popularity.

High Top

Sneakers with collars that go above the ankles for optimal hold and support are some of the most sought-after models in lifestyle shoes. Most of these shoes take their roots from basketball and have easily or fashionably crossed to mainstream wear.

Good to know

Regardless of cut, it's always good to start with sneakers that can be worn for the daily grind, also called as "beaters" by some, as these are usually cheaper, easy to clean, and still gives that lifestyle "edge" before going for those wallet-thinning models.

Sours: https://runrepeat.com/catalog/puma-classics-sneakers

Old style shoes puma

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Top 10 PUMA Shoes for 2021

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