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A printer is an indispensable device at home and in the corporate world. An all-in-one printer, although not nearly as necessary as a run-on-the-mill type, is still remarkably useful, able to carry out many different tasks reserved for other kinds of machines.

If you run a small office with a limited budget or space, an all-in-one printer is a great choice. Combining the functions of a copier, scanner, printer, fax as well as a few other office staples, an all in one printer is essentially a jack-of-all-trades.

Are you looking for an improved experience? HP has some great all-in-one printers for your home or office. Here is a list of the best HP all-in-one printers worth checking out.

1. HP OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Wireless Printer

Looking to buy an all-in-one printer with wireless capability that can save you plenty of space, resources and time? HP Office Jet Pro is all that and much more.

HP OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Wireless Printer


  • Scanner, printer, copier, and fax
  • 25 papers per minute colour print speed
  • by dpi print resolution
  • Borderless printing capabilities
  • Auto duplexing
  • Features HP instant Ink support
  • Supports voice-activated commands
  • Self-healing Wi-Fi system
  • sheets input tray
  • 35 page ADF
  • inches touch display


The Office Jet Pro packs scanning, printing, faxing and copying into a single machine. This model comes with a tray that can support sheets. It is an ideal choice for a busy office. The printer also qualifies for HP’s instant ink program. For a small fee, paid monthly, your printer will automatically inform HP when you run low on ink so that a fresh cartridge can be shipped to you pronto. Therefore, you are guaranteed a new cartridge just when you need one.

At the core, the Office Jet Pro is an excellent machine with a maximum resolution of by dpi. It also features a print speed of 29 papers per minute in black or 25 documents per minute in colour, both being in draft mode.

The printer also features borderless printing for a document of size by 11 inches. If you choose to print non-borderless papers, the machine accepts media of up to by 14 inches. For scanning and printing, the unit comes with a dpi scanner. If your job requires you to print multiple paged documents, its ADF can support up to 35 sheets.

The printer is Wi-Fi and Ethernet-enabled, so you can easily add it to your network. You can assess controls for these features intuitively via a inch touch display located on the front panel. It also features Wi-Fi direct that lets you connect it to your phone for instant printing.

An exciting feature is a way in which you can voice-activate the printer. If you own an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant, you will be able to activate this device through voice-activated command. The printer also features self-healing Wi-Fi connectivity that ensures your wireless connection runs uninterrupted.

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2. HP OfficeJet All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet is an entry-level printer categorised as a business-oriented machine and one of the least expensive in the group.

HP OfficeJet All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet All-in-One Wireless Printer


  • Measures by by inches
  • Weighs pounds
  • Features a 35 sheet ADF and a rare sheet tray
  • Peak monthly duty cycle is pages, and recommended monthly
  • The output rate is 25 sheets per minute
  • Features USB connectivity


Unlike other models in the same category, the HP OfficeJet does not feature duplexing, Ethernet connectivity, flash memory devices, as well as other essential features. However, the printer costs less to buy and operate, as long as you activate the HP Instant Ink program. Besides, it supports USB connectivity to a single PC, Apple AirPrint, as well as HP ePrint.

It prints very well and makes a good alternative for those with low volume copying and printing needs at home, school or in the office. It weighs pounds and measures by by inches.

Concerning paper handling, the HP OfficeJet features a rare sheet tray for you printing papers and has an output rate of 25 sheets per minute – a small figure considering rival models in the same class.

On the brighter side, the printer features a 35 sheet ADF. However, it does not come with auto-duplexing, and you should not expect it to have one at its price range. It will not print on both sides of the paper without you manually feeding your paper into the printer a second time.

Its peak monthly duty cycle is pages with about recommended monthly. Another one of its outstanding features is its display. It comprises all its controls and not only is it easy to use, but it is also quite responsive to touch.

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3. HP Laserjet Pro Mdw All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

The Laserjet Pro Mdw from HP is classified as an entry-level monochrome printer for home use, small office needs and workgroups.

HP Laserjet Pro Mdw All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

HP Laserjet Pro Mdw All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer


  • Measures by by 16 inches
  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Standard connectivity comprises of Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi Direct, Apple AirPrint HP Smart App and HP ePrint
  • Storage tray holds sheets
  • sheet ADF
  • Peak monthly duty cycle is about pages


The Laserjet Pro Mdw measures by by 16 inches and weighs slightly under 21 pounds. It can hold sheets comfortably, with sheets sitting in the primary tray while the remaining 10 sit in the multipurpose tray that you pull out from the rare.

Its engine supports auto-duplexing, meaning you can print on both sides of the paper, something that is not easy to find at its price range. The printer also comes with a sheet auto document feeder, which only works with manual duplex multi-page scanning.

The printer’s peak monthly duty cycle is about pages; however, its recommended monthly cycle is only 10 per cent of its duty cycle. As a result, the Laserjet Pro Mdw is a light-volume machine.

You can quickly check usage stats and even configure your machine from the Laserjet Pro Mdw’s in-built website. Although it is not that easy, you can also set your printer and execute most walk-up functions from its control panel.

Standard connectivity for this printer comprises Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi direct. The USB port connects the printer to one PC, while Wi-Fi direct helps you connect the machine to other devices without a physical connection or wireless connection via a router.

Other than Wi-Fi direct, you can connect your mobile devices to the printer via Google Cloud, Apple AirPrint, HP Smart App and HP ePrint. There is also a Smart APP that you can use with your Mac or PC. You can easily print documents without necessarily viewing them in their respective native programs.

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4. HP LaserJet Pro Mfdw Wireless Laser Printer

Scan, print, fax and copy with LaserJet Pro Multifunction Mfdw, an all-in-one printer from HP.

HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction Mfdw Wireless Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction Mfdw Wireless Laser Printer


  • Scan, print, fax and copy
  • by dpi
  • 40 papers per minute output rate
  • Supports auto-duplexing
  • Comes with a inch display panel
  • Monthly pages duty cycle
  • 50 sheets worth of ADF
  • Connectivity includes Dual-band Wi-Fi, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, Google Cloud Print, HP Smart App and HP ePrint.
  • Supports by inch sheets


The printer is fully featured and compact, making it well-suited for a small office or home use. Besides, its compact size makes it ideal if you are space conscious office users because it's scanning, printing, faxing and copying functions come in a single unit.

For printing purposes, the machine comes with two input trays with an overall capacity of printing sheets. Both trays work with by 14 inches. It offers excellent printing with a resolution of by dpi for documents, sharp texts as well as black prints at an output rate of 40 pages per minute.

Also, it supports up to 50 sheets ADF, which lets you copy and scan documents and files with a lot of ease. The printer comes with in-built dual-band Wi-Fi. You also have the option to print from your mobile device thanks to Apple AirPrint, Mopria, Google Cloud Print, HP Smart App and HP ePrint. You get to manage all these functions via an intuitive inch touch display panel. If you tend to have an intensive workflow, this printer offers you a whopping pages worth of monthly duty cycle.

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5. HP OfficeJet All-in-One Portable Printer with Wireless & Mobile

An all-in-one printer should not be cumbersome, chained to your desktop or consigned to a specific table at home. The OfficeJet can copy, print and scan, yet it is incredibly light and compact enough to carry in your travel bag.

HP OfficeJet All-in-One Portable Printer

HP OfficeJet All-in-One Portable Printer


  • Measures by 15 by inches
  • Weighs just pounds
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB and peer to peer
  • Supports manual duplexing
  • inch display with a forward-tilt
  • Has a rear paper feeder with 50 letter type sheets capacity
  • First-page out average of 10 seconds
  • The output rate is 10 papers per minute


You can carry it with you wherever you go with minimal hustle. Like some single-function printers on the market, this one offers a high-quality output compared to some inkjets.

With the cover closed, the printer measures by 15 by inches but enlarges to by 15 by inches once you extend the rear and front-facing paper feeders. It weighs pounds and pounds when you include the battery. The extra weight was brought by the addition of a scanner and copier, making it heavier than a single-function inkjet printer, but reasonably so.

To handle your printing paper, the machine features a rear paper feeder capable of supporting about 50 letter type sheets. The feeder does not print automatically on either side of your paper, but it does allow you to perform manual duplexing, which you can control via the printer’s display.

The printer also comes with a inch display that you can tilt forwards for a better viewing angle. The screen comes in handy when you wish to initiate a scan, copy files and documents or launch HP web applications.

Connectivity is via Wi-Fi, USB and peer to peer with a mobile device or a computer via Wi-Fi direct. Its output rate stands at 10 papers per minute in black. You also get to enjoy the first-page-out average of 10 seconds.

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6. HP OfficeJet Pro Wide Format All-in-One Printer with Wireless Printing

The OfficeJet Pro is a hefty all-in-one inkjet capable of handling printing, scanning and copying functions on documents with size 11 by 17 inches. The printer can fax letter-sized files as well.

HP OfficeJet Pro Wide Format All-in-One Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro Wide Format All-in-One Printer


  • Measures by 23 by 18 inches
  • Weighs pounds
  • A maximum duty cycle of pages
  • Recommended monthly duty cycle of sheets
  • Auto duplexer for two-sided printing
  • The output rate is 24 pages per minute
  • Features a inch display
  • Connectivity is via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Google Cloud Print


The OfficeJet Pro is quite large and somewhat heavy. It measures by 23 by 18 inches and weighs about pounds, so it is a good idea to provide it with a bench or table. If you intend to move it around from time to time, ensure you find another person to help you.

The printer can hold up to tabloid-sized sheets (11 by 17) at any one time, split into two trays each with sheets. The OfficeJet Pro runs a monthly duty of pages as well as a recommended monthly cycle of sheets. It comes with an auto-duplexer allowing you to print on both sides of your paper.

On the top part of the printer, there is flatbed that can scan legal-sized paper, as well as an ADF that supports up to 35 sheets worth of single-pass duplex scanning. It is easy to work your way around the printer thanks to its inch colour display. The screen has a border that is also touch-sensitive.

Right below the display, you will find a port for your thumb drives. The OfficeJet Pro comes with a great selection of wireless and wired printing choices. The printer features USB and Ethernet. The USB port lets you connect to a PC while Ethernet allows the device to be connected to a wired LAN.

Additionally, it comes with in-built Wi-Fi, supports HP’s Wireless Direct, which is the company’s equivalent of Wi-Fi Direct. It is also compatible with Apple AirPrint, and you can print through Google Cloud Print. Print speed is rated at 24 pages per minute

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7. HP Color LaserJet Pro Mfdw Wireless Laser Printer

Running a winning business almost always means being smart at strategising how you run your business. The HP Color LaserJet is designed to allow the freedom to handle other essential areas. That way, you will always be one move ahead of competitors.

HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Mfdw Wireless Laser Printer

HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Mfdw Wireless Laser Printer


  • Networkable, copy, print, fax and scan
  • Out rate of 27 pages per minute
  • Supports auto duplexing
  • Scan to email
  • 50 sheets worth of ADF
  • Features two standard trays
  • Comes with an HPA/X toner
  • Secure against external threats


The HP Color LaserJet Pro was designed to be a multi-functional printer suited for small work teams and SMBs. It is an ideal choice for businesses looking to increase productivity, simplify workflows and lower costs. The printer features dynamic security. You are assured that you will be able to detect and defeat external threats.

The printer was designed to be used with cartridges that support Original HP chips. If you intend to use non-HP cartridges, it will work for a short while and then stop.

The HP Color LaserJet Pro supports the first page out and has a rating of seconds in black and seconds in colour. You can also print on both sides of your paper, which helps you save printing paper by up to 50 per cent. This printer can be added to an existing Ethernet at home or work so that it is shared by a workgroup.

Another useful feature is its automatic document feeder functionality. It allows you to copy or scan multiple documents at the same time. It also helps you save time by allowing copied or scanned documents to be sent directly to the recipient’s email. The printer is also rated energy star. You get an excellent performance while still saving power.

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8. HP ENVY Photo All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing

The ENVY Photo is one of the three entry-level inkjet printers that HP unveiled recently. It competes with other top-rated printers in the market, although it is a little slow, short on features and its photo quality is somewhat below standard.

HP ENVY Photo All in One Photo Printer

HP ENVY Photo All in One Photo Printer


  • Weighs pounds
  • Measures by by 16 inches
  • 50 sheets worth of ADF
  • sheets capacity
  • Connectivity is via dual-band Wi-Fi, USB, Wireless direct, peer-to-peer protocols, Apple AirPrint, Mopria and HP ePrint
  • sheets monthly duty cycle is about
  • to recommended monthly print volume
  • The output rate is 13 papers per minute in monochrome and 8 papers per minute in colour


As a flagship model, the ENVY Photo has a higher output rating than the two previous models. It is equipped with a few office features like a 50 sheet ADF that lets you send multiple documents to its scanner. It also comes with Ethernet for high-speed wired connectivity.

It measures by by 16 inches and weighs about pounds. Although it seems small enough for almost all home offices, it is still a little larger than competing models. Its paper capacity stands at sheets, with sheets going to the main compartment.

About 15 sheets worth of space is reserved for photo paper. That way, you can zip a few photos when you feel like it without necessarily having to reconfigure the central drawer. The printer’s monthly duty cycle is about sheets, with a recommended to monthly print volume.

Connectivity can be achieved via dual-band Wi-Fi, USB, Wireless direct as well as peer-to-peer protocols for mobile devices. Other options include Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and HP ePrint.

Copying, scanning as well as other non-PC based activities can be done via its capacitive touch display. The ENVY Photo is rated 13 papers per minute in monochrome and 8 documents per minute in colour.

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Bottom Line

An all-in-one printer is an excellent choice if you want to save space and still have all three of four functions in the same device. Forget about running to three different machines to copy, scan and print documents.

HP has some great options that combine all three functions and fax capabilities in a compact machine that occupies very little space. We feel the models we have listed in this review are some of the best on the market and will meet your needs.

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The HP OfficeJet Pro is part of the Printers test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Printers--All-in-one models like the OfficeJet Pro are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Text quality This indicates how crisply and clearly a printer produced black text in a variety of faces, sizes, and styles. Models with higher scores produce more uniform type, with sharper edges and smoother curves.

Text speed This score reflects how quickly the model can print text on five pages of plain, letter-sized pages. 30 seconds or less is excellent; 31 to 60 seconds is very good; 61 to 90 seconds is good; 91 to seconds is fair; and longer than seconds is poor.

Graphics quality Our assessment of the appearance of color graphics produced by the printer. Black and white lasers were judged on black and white graphics.

Sours: https://www.consumerreports.org/products/printers/all-in-one-printer/hp-officejet-pro/
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HP OfficeJet Pro e Review, Pros and Cons

HP OfficeJet Pro e Review

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Rolled out to the entry-level market, the HP OfficeJet Pro e is a full-featured printer designed for home offices. This model is introduced following its sibling, the OfficeJet Pro There are no significant differences between two models but both of them seem worth the thought.

Just as with its sibling, the OfficeJet Pro e is good at printing with relatively fast speed. With a boast of enhanced security and additional features, this printer product lets you elevate work productivity. Is it a perfect workmate to team up in your home office? Let’s check it out!

HP OfficeJet Pro e Design

While most HP’s office printers come with monochromatic colors, the e is an exception. This model maintains the white-gray shade traditions but it also features striking accents in the ADF, paper trays, and display border. The result? I personally love it.

There are three different colors to choose from, including Coral, Basalt, and Oasis. Simply pick a hue that matches your workspace so it can easily blend in with other elements.

HP OfficeJet Pro e Design

Regardless color accents brought to your table, the overall design of this printer is similar to most OfficeJet Pro counterparts. Measuring inches by inches by inches and weighing 18 pounds, this model is compact, space saving, and relatively lightweight.

An automatic document feeder makes this product visually attractive. A inch capacitive Color Graphic Display is also embedded, giving you full control to the device for printing, scanning, and making copies. And interestingly, the display is bordered with the same color as the ADF.

Full-Featured for Various Tasks

Home offices and small businesses doing a variety of print tasks can count on this HP OfficeJet Pro e. As a multipurpose printer product, it helps handle everyday documents from printing, to scanning, and making copies. And don’t forget it is also capable of faxing.

Full-Featured for Various Tasks

Thermal inkjet comes as standard printer technology of most HP’s printers and this model holds this tradition. Combined with up to x dpi resolution, it promises outstanding print results especially if you are working on recommended photo paper.

The printer’s recommended monthly volume is rated at pages with up to 20, pages of monthly duty cycle. This volume is relatively low, but it may be sufficient for everyday printing in small or home offices.

A capable scanner is another highlighted feature brought to you by the e. It supports up to x inches of scan size with up to dpi scan resolution. A variety of scan file formats are available, such as JPG, PDF, TXT, PNG, and more.

Meanwhile, the copier is relatively standard with up to dpi resolution for text and graphics. With the ability to copy up to 99 pages each time, making copies of documents is no longer tedious. The device also supports fax functionality with a quite fast transmission speed at 4 seconds per page.

Acceptable Input Tray Capacity

Competing at entry level, the e is armored with a single input tray that holds up to sheets. Added with a sheet automatic document feeder, it offers sheet input capacity in total. Meanwhile, a sheet output tray is embedded to make sure your documents are safe and organized.

As a comparison, the HP OfficeJet Pro e entry-level printer is equipped with exactly the same input and output capacity. It is not a large capacity especially for business but it is possibly ideal for home offices with occasional printing or low print volume.

Fortunately, this printer product supports a large selection of media sizes. You can easily print professional documents using standard paper sizes, such as Letter, Legal, and Executive. It also lets you handle creative projects like brochures and cards.

While plain paper is standard, the e lets you print on other types of media such as matte paper, tri-fold brochure, glossy paper, presentation paper, recycled paper, and more. When you are using an x 11 inches photo paper, this printer allows you to enjoy borderless printing.

HP OfficeJet Pro e Print Speed

Print speed really matters, especially if you are in a rush or have a tight deadline. The HP OfficeJet Pro e is rated at 20 pages per minute for black and 10 pages per minute for color. The speed jumps to 29 pages per minute and 25 pages per minute if you are working with draft documents.

Compared to the OfficeJet Pro e, the print speed is on par with its competitor. This product is not labeled as the fastest inkjet printer but I should say it is good enough to cut your time. When compared to its price, this performance is quite reasonable.

Office-Standard Output Quality

Office environment is rather demanding. Everything has to meet the high standard, including every document you print. The e is designed with quality and professionalism in mind, providing you with a capable printer to deliver output quality that meets office standard.

Office-Standard Output Quality

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Every document it printed is good looking without misshaped characters or weird spacing. The text in any font size comes out with high legibility. Of course, this output quality exceeds the standard of business documents.

For whatever reason, you may need to print graphs and charts. Luckily, this printer can handle the tasks without major issues. On a test with spreadsheet and PowerPoint handouts, it delivered charts and graphs with complex detail. It also worked well for hairlines without breaks.

Photo printing is another capability you can taste from this device. It is not one of consumer-grade photo printer but it works well to bring images into life. Vivid, accurate, and pigmented colors are suitable to handle brochures, snapshots, and marketing projects.

HP OfficeJet Pro e Ink and Cartridges

I don’t have much to say about the printer’s consumables and cartridges. Just as with OfficeJet Pro counterparts, this model uses pigment-based ink type for black and color. Equipped with four individual cartridges, it offers more page yields to simplify your budget.

HP cartridge

In addition to ink cartridges, HP offers optional cartridges with different page yield. You may opt to use standard HP cartridge that print up to pages for black and pages for CMY composite. XL version is also available to print more pages up to pages for black and color composite.

When your print volume increases significantly, the manufacturer offers HP XL cartridge replacement. With the ability to print up to pages, this replacement is only available for black.

The good news is that it offers 12 months free HP Instant Ink. Using HP Plus, you will receive free ink delivered to your address. This is a great way to save a huge budget on ink.

Connectivity, Security, Software

Much to my surprise, this entry-level printer offers a complete set of connectivity options. To set up a wireless connection with other devices, this product is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. For use in shared home office, you can count on USB and Ethernet to provide a stable connection.

HP Smart App

The HP OfficeJet Pro is a great tool to work from everywhere, thanks to mobile printing capability. Connect your devices with Wi-Fi and print documents even if you are away from the printer. It supports Apple AirPrint, HP Smart app, Mopria, as well as Chrome OS.

For elevated security and control, this model features control panel lock, authentication for Ethernet, basic encryption, and more. Each package includes HP Printer software so you don’t necessarily need to download it yourself.

HP OfficeJet Pro e Pros and Cons

  • Attractive Design
  • Powerful Features
  • Good Looking Output
  • Wireless Printing

View on Amazon

This printer is undoubtedly powerful to handle everyday printing tasks in home offices and small businesses. But the fact that offices may have different needs, check out pros-cons below and decide if it meets your preferences.

HP OfficeJet Pro e Pros

Available in three different colors, this printer brings a new vibe into your workspace. Overall design is also attractive and compact so it doesn’t take up much space.

As an entry-level printer, the e has powerful features to level up your printing experience. With multiple functionalities and capable specifications, this printer has everything you need for a range of print tasks.

It meets a high standard of professional documents. Well-shaped characters, pigmented colors, and minor issues make it a great device to handle not only texts but also graphs, charts, and even photos.

HP Smart app allows you to get the work done from anywhere. Without the need for transferring data to the computer, print any documents right from your smartphone.

HP OfficeJet Pro e Cons

Single input tray is quite common for entry-level printers but still it offers limited input paper capacity. If your print volume increases at the end of month or year, a sheet input capacity may be insufficient to handle a bulk of documents.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the HP OfficeJet Pro e is a printer to make printing simple and easy. It has powerful features to get document-related tasks done with excellent results. From printing to scanning, to making copies, it works your way to improved productivity.

The e is an ideal printer for home offices and small businesses. Despite the minor drawbacks, it has plenty of good things to enjoy.

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HP Officejet Pro 8025 - 8028 - 8035 Review and Print Quality Test

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