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Nathan For You, the brilliant satire of marketing, media, hype, and everything that holds our capitalist society together, is no more.

Over the course of four seasons, creator and host Nathan Fielder used his "pretty good grades" in Canadian business school to convince small business owners to let him rebrand their businesses in legendary so-dumb-they're-smart schemes. In one episode he used the Holocaust to sell outerwear and in another, he tried to start a sleeper cell within Uber. His most famous gag was probably creating Dumb Starbucks, a parody coffee shop that attracted thousands of customers by first fooling them into believing it was the beverage giant, then bringing them in on the joke. Fielder's hilarious critique of our late capitalist hellscape will be sorely missed.

Premiering clips from defunct TV shows isn't something we typically do, but because we're large NFY heads still mourning its loss, we wanted to make sure this tape saw the light of day. What you'll find below are three extended scenes from Season 4, Episode 6, "Shipping Logistics Company," in which Fielder concocts an elaborate scheme to mail smoke detectors tax-free by rebranding them as musical instruments. He starts a fake band called The Bonzai Predicament&#x;which includes the newly dubbed "Blues Smoke Detector"&#x;so he can prove it's a "real instrument." He winds up also faking a Shell commercial stealing their "hit" single, "Tears from Jupiter," and giving away a bunch of free gas to make them go viral&#x;thus making the smoke detector a "well-known" instrument&#x;via pure manufactured outrage. It's brilliant.

The deleted scenes include an instructional video for how to use the instrument by "LA legend Harmonica Greg," a beautifully awkward extended video of the band recording with the grating smoke detector beeps, and the full commercial. Enjoy below.

Nathan for You: The Complete Series DVD set will be available on December

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Quick Answer: Docu-reality comedy series Nathan For You follows Nathan Fielder as he gives outrageous advice to small business owners and watches the outlandish consequences. The humorous results lead many viewers to wonder if some of the featured business owners or other people onscreen are actors in scripted scenes. Although the crew plans for certain situations ahead of time and Fielder plays an exaggerated version of himself, the reactions of the storeowners and customers are evidently genuine.

In Nathan For You ( ), comedian/businessman Nathan Fielder “helps” small businesses through elaborate, counterintuive strategies that most of us would just call “bad advice.” Whether it’s using parody law to create “Dumb Starbucks” or inventing a Holocaust awareness-themed clothing brand, Nathan comes up with the kind of idea it’s hard to believe any storeowner would willingly implement. But no matter how absurd the scenarios and ensuing reactions are, all evidence suggests that the storeowners and customers are genuine and unscripted.

Nathan Fielder in front of Dumb Starbucks

Before Nathan goes to the businesses for consultations, the show’s writers prepare a script and outline for both Nathan’s plans and possible reactions. In an interview with Splitsider, Nathan Fielder said, “Before we go in, I have a plan of what I’m going to say, and I have a plan for where we wanna go with it. But because we’re dealing with real businesses and real people, it often goes in an unpredictable direction. Which is really fun, but things can go wrong very easily. We definitely don’t prep anyone to what’s going to happen. We just go in and see what happens and hit the tone right.”

In the show, Nathan Fielder plays an exaggerated version of himself. This “Nathan” character was first used in the Canadian comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes ( ). Back in , Nathan Fielder had a segment titled “Nathan On Your Side” where he would visit businesses and interview the owners in an awkward and monotone manner. These segments later served as inspiration for the more fleshed-out Comedy Central show Nathan For You.

Although Nathan Fielder plays a character, Nathan For You works to ensure that storeowners and customers are not aware of this fact. The crew of Nathan For You screens the owners through a casting process, vetting them to check that they don’t know the show is a comedy. In a Reddit AMA, Nathan Fielder said, “Often in the casting process we’ll encounter business owners that have lots of specific questions about the show and exactly what we’re planning to do with them. Because going into a shoot we don’t want participants knowing any of that or that it’s a comedy show (as this would take away from the acting naturally), we usually end up avoiding these more controlling/protective personality types as the chances they’re going to get very upset by an experience they aren’t prepared for is much higher. And the goal is never to get people upset.”

According to Fielder and the makers of Nathan for You, the only consistently scripted role is Nathan Fielder, and even he also constantly improvises due to the unpredictable nature of the series. The key to making the show “real,” in audience’s eyes, is that the business owners and others featured on the show aren’t “in on the joke.” And it appears that they aren’t. Some participants from Nathan For You have related that the series disguised itself and hid that it aired on the network Comedy Central. Jasmine, the woman who goes on a date with “Corey” (Nathan in a mask) in the episode “The Hero,” told Reddit that the series pretended to be a MTV dating show, and she heard of the opportunity through her casting agent. She admitted that she didn’t even know that she was on Nathan For You until the episode aired on television.

In the episode, Nathan claims he told Jasmine the cameras are following him because of his tightrope-walking plans, not for a dating show. The slight discrepancy suggests that, while the show hides its true nature from participants, Nathan (and his character “Nathan”) may be telling participants one thing and his audience another.

Jasmine’s comments also revealed that the participants can feel embarassment when they realize they’ve been misled in front of a large audience. “I felt pretty stupid and quite embarrassed when I realized what the show actually was when it aired,” Jasmine wrote on Reddit. She said she was sad and disappointed to learn that the guy she’d supposedly been dating was not who he claimed. She added, though, that the appearance was a professional boost: “in the long run it’s been the most popular show I’ve been in so far, so I’m liking that aspect from a career point. I just hate that I have to cross ‘MTV’ off my filmography and put in ‘Comedy Central.’”

Co-creator Michael Koman told Splitsiderthat the show is sensitive to not making it feel the comedy is at the expense of people on the show. “We’re all people with consciences,” he said. “Everyone on the crew is very quick to say if something feels like it’s at a person’s expense. There’s an illusion when you’re looking at it on television that Nathan’s doing more to put somebody in an uncomfortable position, but there’s also the reality that they’re on the set of a television show and there’s cameras right there.” He said that, in the writing process, they throw out ideas that feel they put the person in too unfair a position.

Suspicions have arisen at times that Nathan For You employs actors in scripted scenarios, especially because fans have spotted actors on the show, such as Jonathan from the episode “Hot Dog Stand.” Jonathan was a background actor in shows such as Arrested Development ( ) and Shameless ( ). However, it is highly possible that his appearance in Nathan For You was unscripted due to the high number of actors living in the L.A. area, where the series is filmed.

Jonathan (left) on an episode of Nathan for You

Jonathan (center) on an episode of Arrested Development

Sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction, and there are moments where even Nathan is taken by surprise by the business owners’ reactions. For example, in the “Gas Station” episode, when the owner talked about drinking his grandson’s urine, the whole crew of Nathan For You was caught off guard. In a Reddit AMA, Nathan said, “At first I thought he was kidding, and it took me asking a lot of questions before I realized he was for real. As crazy as it was though, I still felt the need to be respectful of this practice if it came from a culture or tradition I didn’t understand. Weird, conflicting emotions inside of me.”

Koman told Splitsider that the gas station urine moment was so coincidental and so hilarious that he wondered if it would seem fake. “It’s like, that’s so perfect, will people believe it happened on its own?” he said. “It was just too insane. It was so out of nowhere. Once we were editing, we realized how incredible it was. Because the people the night before were all talking about how comfortable they would be drinking urine. We thought to mention it to the gas station owner because maybe he would just have a small funny reaction that would be good near the ending. It was just the most amazing thing, that you meet what seem like the only three people on earth who will openly talk about drinking urine and you mention it to a fourth person and he would react that way. I still can’t believe it happened.”

Clip from the episode “Gas Station”

Koman also spoke about their surprise in the exorcism episode, “The Ghost Realtor,” when the realtor they selected revealed she’d a specific experience with ghosts. “When we choose to work with a person, the only criteria we have is that this person is, in this case, a realtor,” he said. “She seemed like she had a nice personality and would work well with Nathan. You hope that you work with people who, if you suggest an unusual idea, they’ll give it a chance. So that’s it. That’s all we know about her, and the rest is this kind of one in a million likelihood that she has incredibly personal ghost stories.”

Stories like this suggest that Nathan for You has enjoyed a fair share of comedy luck, but that (unless a large cover-up is going on) the reactions and behaviors on screen are real. Although Nathan For You does follow a basic script outlining possible scenarios that might happen, the participants’ frequently hilarious responses are indeed unscripted — but that doesn’t mean they happen by chance. The show’s extreme scenarios and Nathan’s character’s unusual behavior provoke real behaviors and responses that we don’t witness on a typical day. So while the show isn’t scripted in the sense of employing actors to perform sketch comedy, the ultimate result clearly comes from preparation and skill in the creators’ script for Nathan’s persona and the outline for how his plots might develop.

Since the series relies on the the participants being unaware of the show’s true nature and who Nathan Fielder is, it may become increasingly difficult for the series to keep its facade as the show’s profile continues to grow. Several episodes have already included stunts that attracted national attention: the popular parody cafe he called “Dumb Starbucks,” a fake viral video of a pig rescuing a goat, and a “Movement” urging people to offer free labor to a moving company for exercise, which led to a ghost-written book on Amazon’s best seller list.

For now, despite the show’s popularity and these nationally reported stunts, Fielder and Nathan For You apparently maintain enough obscurity to trick businesses and remains one of the funniest shows on television.

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Bonus points if said actors have a background in improv and can make an outtake So Bad, It's Good. You wanted to hear those outtakes so bad, you couldn't wait. Plus, with the general popularity of DVD and Blu-ray featurettes that pull back the curtain on film and TV production, outtake reels are considered a complimentary part of all that. Peter Sellers is believed to have blamed the decision to include a gag reel to the end of Being There for his failure to win an Oscar for the film. Ette Publishing, LTD. Super-Trope to Animated Outtakes, for when an animated medium (or work featuring animation) includes purpose-created "bloopers". Usually run over the credits of some Sitcom shows, but also a standard feature of the Clip Show, and sometimes included as extra material on DVDs. the oven door spontaneously falls open, ruining the take. Put another way, you're more likely to find a blooper reel for Doctor Who or Once Upon a Time than Saving Private Ryan. Yes, it is as hilariously awesome as it sounds. If you take the time to watch just these 30 Biden Bloopers (There is an Encyclopedia Britannica of more) you'll have to take a Valium that any "major" political party in the United States of America could run such a candidate for POTUS and keep a straight face. Mokuba says his line about what his previous kidnappers had all done, including Marik taking him on a pizzawait; what; nooo; he didn't do. My name is Raziel, his name is Kain. (For me, it's Manischewitz), Your email address will not be published. I see what you're doing. Pranks on an actor by another actor or the crew, or an actor deliberately botching a take by being silly. Joel's actor, even today when they were recorded digitally. However, it is common for the term "outtake" to be used to describe deleted scenes, and not uncommon for bloopers and genuine deleted scenes to be mixed together. Comedy series blooper reels aren't considered as "controversial" as those of dramas, since they often provide Funny Moments (see, for example, the extremely popular "Smeg Ups" videos from the making of Red Dwarf). Dip in sales at the fro-yo shop? Parodied in the "World's Most Hilarious Bloopers" segment of. ", I want a GODDAMN CONCERTED EFFORT to mention the. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Unported License. legendarily contentious (and very much NSFW) session. A series of funny ice fishing bloopers and clips from our /09 season. One of these can actually become a case of Throw It In!, if the mistake is minor, nobody else breaks their composure, and the director decides to keep it. There's also the genuine outtakes on the DVDs (albeit with machinima deliberately made for them), which are easily twice as funny. This would also be referenced by Patrick's former. After all, how would you like your workplace to put your big mistakes of the year on the company website for all to see? Let's face it, at times it's downright embarrassing to screw up, and many actors feel that publishing a string of 'goofs' is demeaning and makes them look unprofessional.note After all, how would you like your workplace to put your big mistakes of the year on the company website for all to see? Required fields are marked *. leaked a number of audio files containing voice actor outtakes and bloopers, their video is bloopers or outtakes just to get people to watch their unrelated videos, "How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster", VideoSource/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] Yes, you. Call Nathan Fielder -- comedian and Canada's best business mind -- for his brilliantly skewed advice. 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Is 'Nathan for You' Scripted? Inside the Making of a Cult Classic

Some shows take a while to gain a following, and Comedy Central's Nathan for You is definitely one of those. It ran under the radar for four seasons before the network pulled the plug, but its cult following has only grown since streaming platforms like Hulu have made the episodes available. If you're just getting into Nathan Fielder's awkward humor, you might be wondering, "is Nathan for You scripted?" The short answer is yes? And no? Allow us to explain.

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Is 'Nathan for You' scripted? Not for everybody involved

First, for the uninitiated, the whole concept of Nathan for You is that Nathan is "helping" businesses market themselves and grow their customer base, but his advice is often pretty dubious. For example, poo-flavored frozen yogurt is definitely the exception to the rule that "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

nathan for you frozen yogurt

Source: viacom

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The thing is, Nathan really did go to business school and he really did study marketing, but he is definitely a comedian by trade and the show is definitely a comedy that uses some scripted elements, some documentary elements, and a great deal of improv. Similar to the interviews done by correspondents on The Daily Show and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Nathan definitely comes into each interaction with the person he's "helping" with a loose script.

However, these are real business owners, not actors, and they don't have the improv and comedy skills to be pulling off scripted interactions with Nathan. Everything you see are their genuine reactions to what Nathan says. But there was a writing process involved in the show, much as there is with a lot of "reality content." However, the business owners weren't necessarily in on the writing process.

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nathan for you computer repair

Source: Viacom

The unpredictable nature of people's reactions to Nathan made the process of writing &#x; and often rewriting and re-rewriting &#x; unlike your typical comedy. "It's a lot of guessing and testing," Nathan told GQin "A lot of the process is just coming up with something, trying it in the real world, seeing what happens, and adjusting and rewriting the story based on what happened. It's probably unlike how other shows are made in that way. It's constantly being rewritten depending on almost each interaction. It's a very weird process."

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Why was 'Nathan for You' canceled?

Ultimately, Comedy Central and Viacom found it not only a weird process but an inefficient one. Ultimately, the network pulled the plug on Nathan for You because it took so long for Nathan to finish an episode, and it got more difficult as the show went on to avoid the fact that Nathan wasn't just some random, awkward marketing expert trying to help businesses succeed but an Andy Kaufman-esque comedian with a show on basic cable.

nathan for you pig

Source: viacom

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Some of Nathan's schemes for the show got more attention than the show itself. For example, in the second episode of the first season, Nathan endeavors to raise the profile of a petting zoo by staging a viral video of a hero pig "rescuing" a goat from drowning. In reality, the animals were trained, but he did succeed in making the video go viral. 

It wasn't revealed to be a hoax concocted for Nathan's show until shortly before it debuted on Comedy Central, by which time the clip had been shown on Good Morning America and The Today Show. To date, the video has over 10 million views on YouTube.

They say you can't write stuff like this but it turns out you kind of can!


For bloopers nathan you

Some of Nathan For You's best moments came when its star broke character

Comedy Central’s Nathan For You is one of the best series on TV, but articulating that to the uninitiated is tough. On its surface, the show, which finds lonely “business consultant” Nathan Fielder conjuring up elaborate marketing stunts for small businesses, can feel callous and cruel, as if he’s punking them or exploiting their politeness. But, in so many ways, it’s the complete opposite; by weaving himself so deeply into the narratives, he works to expose his own vulnerability to the point where those around him can’t help but reveal something deeply human about themselves. The result, then, is not mocking laughter, but a laughter of surprise and, often, recognition.

Fans of the show often cite the moments where Nathan drops character, when he’s genuinely caught off guard, as their favorites. In one episode, a gas station owner willingly discusses drinking his grandson’s urine; in another, a real estate agent reveals an erotic encounter with a ghost; and, later, a something man is more than happy to climb, naked, into a giant hot dog. Nathan is astounded by each, as none of these moments were coaxed from him, but simply emerged naturally within the scenario.

The show’s unique ability to capture such moments of naked humanity amidst so much jaw-dropping absurdity is the subject of Nerdwriter’s latest video essay, which finds YouTube’s preeminent pop-culture scholar navigating a labyrinth of words in trying to break down Fielder’s process.

When speaking of an episode wherein Nathan exploits a legal loophole in an effort to allow patrons to smoke inside a bar, Nerdwriter says:

“Everybody involved in this setup knows that they’re being filmed. They just don’t know what they’re being filmed for. Or, rather, what they think they’re being filmed for is wrong. And the dramatic irony opened up by the difference between what they think and what we know lets a realness in their character slip through, a realness they don’t even know they’re offering.”

There are so many layers of artifice at work in Nathan For You that it becomes a bizarre kind of comedic puzzle box. Season four’s epic, minute finale was heralded for many reasons, not the least of which being the ways in which it acknowledged that puzzle box, and the questions of just what happens to humanity when you know you’re being filmed.

Watch the full essay above.


Nathan For You wins the 2019 Writers Guild Award for Comedy/Variety Sketch Series

Nathan For You: What About The Show Is Actually Real (& 9 Other Questions, Answered)

Nathan For You is an innovative reality comedy TV series, in which Canadian comic Nathan Fielder plays a socially awkward character who tries to help struggling companies with his unusual and often unhelpful business advice, as well as trying to give strangers advice on their personal problems.

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The show ran for four seasons on The Comedy Channel between and and won Best Comedy/Variety Sketch Series at the Writers Guild of America Awards in Despite its success, some people find it difficult to believe that the show is real and that the so-called business owners must be in on the joke.

10 What About The Show Is Actually Real?

The simple fact is that everything about the show is real – even Fielder says that he is playing an exaggerated version of himself, as he has struggled with his social anxiety problems for years. The business owners know that they are being filmed but they have no idea that it is for a comedy show, and they think that all of Nathan’s ideas are real plans he has developed to help their company succeed. Their reactions to the bizarre things that Nathan says are very real and are what makes the show so funny.

9 Is There A Script For Each Episode?

Because the show relies so much on the genuine responses of members of the public, Nathan For You episodes cannot be scripted in the conventional sense. Obviously, the team behind the show has to do a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure they are prepared for any eventuality. Fielder has a general script for the start of the show when he is explaining his plan to business owners, but after that, he simply has to react to whatever they say and do.

8 How Much Of The Show Is Improvised?

A lot! The team behind Nathan For You have no idea what the members of the public who feature on the show are going to do, and while they can have a rough plan as to how they think an episode will shape out, Fielder has to be able to improvise when they say something unexpected – and that happens more than you might expect considering these people know they are on camera.

RELATED: Nathan For You: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Even more important, Fielder has to be able to maintain his character and keep a straight face, even if crazy things are happening around him.

7 Do The Business Owners Know They Are In A Comedy Show?

What makes Nathan For You so funny isn’t just Fielder’s wild and wacky ideas, but the unusual ways that the business owners respond to his schemes; some are baffled and confused while others are more than happy to go along with his suggestion. This only works because the business owners think that Nathan is a real expert and that the cameras are there for a consumer-style show. If they knew they were in a comedy series, then they would soon start to question what they were being asked to do.

6 How Are The Businesses On The Show Chosen?

Often the team will come up with an idea first, and then have to find a business that it will work for. Finding the right owner to feature on the show isn’t just a case of marrying the right company with the right scheme; the people who work at the business should be quite outgoing to make for good TV, and they are also screened to see if they watch a lot of comedy shows in case there is a risk that they recognize Fielder. As the show became more successful, it also became harder to find businesses who weren’t aware of what the series had done.

5 How Do Members Of The Public React When They Know The Truth?

Most business owners take the truth in good humor, and while Nathan’s ideas are always unusual, they are not always terrible. And there is no such thing as bad publicity when you’re a small business.

RELATED: 5 Reasons Nathan For You Is The Best Comedy Of The s (& 5 It’s Not)

The media have been fooled by some of Nathan’s ideas, which have gone viral before the relevant episode was screened, such as the “Dumb Starbucks” coffee shop. News channels had speculated that the clip was a publicity stunt by the real Starbucks until Fielder revealed the truth.

4 Where Did The Idea For The Show Come From?

The original concept behind Nathan For You came from a character that Fielder created for a Canadian TV show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which was first screened in Featuring political sketches and satire, Fielder first appeared on the show in , playing a socially awkward consumer affairs reporter who interviewed real people for his segments on the show. Fielder simply expanded the original idea when he created his show for The Comedy Channel and turned it into an unexpected TV hit.

3 Have Any Business Owners Realized They Are Being Set Up?

It seems that while no business owners have ever realized that they are on a comedy show, many of them have challenged the suggestions made by Nathan’s business guru character. Fielder has said that while some were upfront about their skepticism, others were too polite to say out loud that they thought the ideas were terrible, even if it was obvious that they hated his scheme. Luckily, the team has done their homework when it comes to picking the right guests, and it always works out in the end.

2 Does The Show Use Actors?

There have been some claims that Nathan For You has used actors in some scenes, to increase the comedy value or to ensure that the show sticks to the storyline. However, the only actor in Nathan For You is Fielder himself, although producers did use one lookalike as a Nathan decoy in the episode featuring a private investigator. And of course, actors were involved when Nathan had bright the idea to help out a funeral home by offering a rent-a-crowd for funeral services.

1 What Is The Craziest Moment The Crew Has Seen On The Show?

The weirdest scenes on the show should be the wacky suggestions that Nathan comes up with - from poo-flavored frozen yogurt to a racist caricature artist, but the craziest moment actually came courtesy of one of the business owners. When Nathan came up with a scheme to help a local gas station drum up business, the owner admitted that he regularly drank his grandson’s pee for the health benefits. Amazingly, Nathan and the team managed to keep a straight face, but it made for one of the all-time classic Nathan For You moments.

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