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Harry Styles FanFiction🌸 — Imagine: You and Harry get into a fight and then...

Imagine: You and Harry get into a fight and then he apologizes

Both you and Harry had been feeling kind of off from the time you woke up that morning. It was a gloomy, gray Monday and neither of you had gotten much sleep the night before because there was a loud storm and the booming thunder made it hard to fall asleep, and even harder to stay asleep. So it wasn’t a surprise that both of you were a bit snippy that morning.

“Morning,” you mumbled to Harry when you walked into the kitchen to find him buttering a piece of toast, already dressed for the day. It had become a routine since Harry had been back from tour that you would eat breakfast in the morning together before he was off to meetings and events for the day, and then you’d spend the evening and the rest of the night together. 

“Morning, have a good sleep?” The hints of a smirk creeped onto Harry’s face as he knew damn well that neither of you had a good sleep.

“Mmm, great,” you responded sarcastically. 

“Thought so. So, erm, I know we’ve been planning on this vacation next week for awhile now, but I’ve gotta be at a promo event here a couple days after we’re supposed to leave - I know, hold on,” he interrupted himself as he acknowledged the look on your face of pure annoyance with a hint of disappointment. “But you can still leave when we were supposed to and then I can meet you there when I can get away so you can be there longer,” Harry proposed.

“Are you serious, Harry? Like are you actually being serious right now?” You asked, knowing full well that he was but not wanting to believe it. “Harry why the hell would I want to be in Venice for a few days by myself? The whole point is that we weren’t able to have the honeymoon we wanted because of your schedule! This was supposed to be an ‘us’ thing, come on.” Your mouth was slightly ajar and your arms were crossed. You just couldn’t believe his ‘Harry stuff’ was getting in the way of your time together, again.

“Hey now, you know if it was up to me I’d be there with you the whole time, but I just can’t control this stuff! I don’t think it’s very fair that you’re taking it out on me.”

“Don’t even do that, Harry. Don’t even act like you’re the victim here. Why do you always freaking do this!” You started raising your voice without being able to help it as you also found yourself unable to stop yourself from saying whatever was now swirling around in your head.

“Okay, what do you mean ‘always’?” Harry asked with a stern look on his face, lips pursed.

“I mean your career always interferes with ‘us’ stuff! And you know it, Harry. It’s like sometimes I just think how much easier it would be if you weren’t this crazy famous popstar.” You couldn’t help it at all anymore, the words were just pouring out of your mouth.

“Are you kidding me Y/N. What did you want me to do, just drop my whole life once we got together? Just give up everything I’ve ever worked for for one person? Because I worked fucking hard to get where I am and I hope you know I’m not someone who would let just one person stop me from doing what I love!” He knew it wasn’t sounding the way he meant it as the words came out but it was too late now.

“Just one person,” you whispered, tears forming in your eyes. “Just one person. You’re everything to me, Harry, you’re my husband. But maybe I should rethink your significance in my life if I’m just one person to you.” Harry knew it was bad when you didn’t even yell anymore when you guys were fighting. Because it meant you weren’t just angry, you were hurt. And he hurt you bad.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that I just -” “Stop, just stop. Just don’t follow me, I want to be alone right now. Have a good meeting,” you interrupted Harry as your tearful eyes locked on his wide ones. You backed away slowly and turned around to rush towards the bedroom so you could cry and not have to look at him anymore. At the guy who just said that you were “just one person”. The guy that you would do absolutely anything for. The guy who didn’t resemble just now the man you married. 

Harry was left standing in the middle of the kitchen, eyes wide and mouth slightly open, shocked. He couldn’t believe he had actually just said that to you but he was already running late for an important meeting so he finally grabbed his phone and keys and walked out the door, the sound of it closing only causing you to burst into tears. 

It was less than an hour later when the sound of the front door opening and closing momentarily pulled you out of your state of misery. You had been crying on and off since Harry left, mostly on, but you thought you’d have awhile longer to get yourself together because Harry was supposed to be gone until the evening. 

You looked up when the sound of footsteps reached the doorway, surprised when Harry pushed the bedroom door open to see his eyes slightly puffy and full of tears, his face stained from the crying he clearly had been doing. You sat up when he locked eyes with you, your own face tear-stained and eyes puffy as well. 

“Oh God, I’m so sorry,” Harry managed to say shakily, causing the tears to fall from his eyes as he walked towards the bed where you were laying. 

You were so torn between feeling so angry and sad about what he’d said earlier but also heartbroken looking at the man in front of you. You bit your lip as Harry sat on the edge of the bed furthest from you, clearly being cautious.

“I didn’t mean that at all, baby, of course you’re not just one person. You’re the only person that matters to me, the only person who could make me as happy as you do and the only person whose happiness is my number one concern even when I’m working and focused on my career. I want you to always be happy, little one, and I’m not making you happy and I’m so sorry, I’ve just been so stressed out with everything lately but that’s not any excuse.” He paused to gauge your reaction but you kept your eyes down toward the bed and sniffled when he paused. “I just love you so much, more than anyone and you are so special to me and you will never be just one person, never ever, not to anyone. And especially not to me.” He gave you a slight smile as you quickly made eye contact with him before darting your eyes away again. Harry’s smile quickly faded when he realized you still wouldn’t maintain eye contact with him. “I was thinking that if I can’t find any way to get out of the meeting next week then we should extend the vacation a few days to make up for the ones I’ll miss.” He finally stopped talking, looking at your face for any sign that you would be able to forgive him sometime soon.

“Love? Could you please look at me, I just need to know what you’re thinking. I need to know you’re okay,” he told you quietly, cautiously.

You were staring at your hands now when the tears started falling continuously. “I just don’t want to be there without you, Harry. The whole point is that we would get to be together, just us. Not your management or makeup team or the camera people or any of that, just us. But you don’t even want to be with me,” you broke off, crying too hard now to keep talking. 

“Oh baby, come here, I’m so sorry,” Harry moved closer to you on the bed and used the pads of his thumbs to wipe the falling tears from your face. “Of course I want to be with you, all the time. All the time! I just said things I shouldn’t have, things I didn’t mean, because I was tired and grumpy and I’m an idiot. But you’re my little one.” He knew that was the only thing that could help him make any progress at that point, calling you the pet name that you adored.

You finally looked up at Harry and pouted, the tears finally starting to stop falling from your eyes. 

“Hey, there’s my girl,” Harry smiled a little bit, glad you were finally looking at him again. “Love, I am honestly so, so sorry and I didn’t mean the stuff I said, I’m an idiot.”

“Yeah, you are,” you finally whispered, a small smile starting to appear on your face. That made Harry laugh, and it made you feel a little better seeming him looking not so broken anymore, even though you could still see the tear stains on his face. “Just don’t say stuff like that again because it made me feel like shit,” you admitted.

“Never ever ever ever ever ever again,” Harry drew out, but meaning every word he said. “I love you so much.” Harry kissed your cheek and you put your hand behind his head, raking your fingers through his hair to show that you forgave him.

“I love you, I guess,” you told him with a slight smile on your face, causing Harry to laugh again. “But you can come make me a hot fudge sundae now,” you offered, knowing Harry would do anything to please you right now, and the smile on his face told you the same. “Wait, don’t you have meetings all day?” You asked, suddenly remembering where Harry was supposed to be.

“Yeah, but I got out of those, said I was sick. They weren’t very important anyway. You are,” Harry smiled as he stroked your cheek.

“Yeah alright,” you laughed as you both started to get up off the bed and make your way to the kitchen so Harry could make you that sundae. 

“By the way, don’t think you can just call me your ‘little one’ and that’ll get you out of anything,” you told him as you walked past him, a smile on your face.

“Got it,” Harry laughed, following you.


There you go, hope you enjoyed! Feedback/requests always welcome :)

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Love is Complicated (part 2)

Reflecting on the relationship and memories from Y/N’s perspective 

Also I’m currently listening to Coney Island (Taylor Swift ft The National) so it’s definitely a vibe haha, hope you enjoy :)


A few days had passed since Harry left and you felt yourself slowing slipping through the cracks as you tried to process all that had happened. 

“Y/N what happened?! I thought you guys were going to get engaged this year! You guys were always perfect together, I just can’t believe this!” Gemma all but shouted through the phone. Even though she was Harry’s sister, she had also become one of your best friends since you’d started seeing Harry. 

“I know, honestly everything just got screwed up and I don’t even know anymore, Gem. With him leaving all the time and our lifestyles being so different, I just don’t know that it could work anymore.” You sighed as you heard your friend do the same on the other line.

“I know it’s hard, it’s not a normal life that Harry has but you guys had been figuring it out all these years, what changed?” Gemma didn’t sound accusatory or upset, just concerned. You were grateful you had her and, even though she wasn’t thrilled you hadn’t reached out to tell her what happened with Harry but instead had to hear it from him, she knew this was hard for you. You had talked with her about what you’d want your wedding to look like, how you looked forward to Harry’s dad jokes once he was actually a dad and the life that you were both hoping you’d build together.

“I don’t know, I think we both just got tired. We were both drained and couldn’t fight for each other anymore I guess,” you responded glumly. 

“Harry I’m so tired, I don’t know if I can make it to bed,” you sighed happily, sitting in the backseat of a black SUV with Harry as a driver pulled into the driveway to the home you shared. 

“Mmm, ‘ll have to carry ya in then,” Harry responded in the same light tone, both of you having consumed a large amount of alcohol and now coming down slightly so you both felt happily buzzed. 

The car came to a stop then, and you were surprised when Harry jumped out of his side of the car immediately. You laughed when you heard him bump into the door next to you and heard a muffled “ouch” before he swung open the car door. 

“M’ lady,” Harry smirked as he seemed to effortlessly scoop you into his arms and turn towards the front door with you in his arms. “Harry!” You squealed as he tripped on his own feet, causing you to almost plummet onto the cement. “Shit,” Harry laughed as he regained his balance and strengthened his grip on your back and underneath your legs. Finally reaching the front door, Harry fumbled around trying to find the key in his pocket while simultaneously holding you as you smirked at this clumsy and beautiful man. 

“Harry just let me down so we can go inside,” you laughed, but he did not follow your command. “Baby, I am carrying ya into this house whether ya like it or not,” he responded before planting a wet kiss on your nose. Finally finding the key, he spent way too much time trying to fit it into the lock on the door before tripping into the house with the two of you rolling on the ground before laughing together for the next five minutes. 

You walked out the front door after talking with Gemma, finally having the bare minimum amount of energy you needed to make the short walk to the grocery store to buy some more laundry detergent and other small items you needed for the house. It was a sunny day, almost aggressively so, and you almost felt like it was mocking you. You felt so glum and, wallowing in your sadness, you wanted to see a cloudy and gray sky that matched your mood. The bright blue sky and blinding sun just didn’t feel right.

As you made the short walk to the store, you passed by the little park that you’d walked by a million times before. It looked so much different now, however, as so many things did.

“I’m in the mood to frolic,” you told Harry as the two of you strolled, hand in hand, into the little park that had become a favorite spot for the both of you. Harry laughed before squeezing your hand a little tighter and then spinning you in a circle. “Well let’s see it then.” Harry looked at you with a childish grin, and you felt so young and free. You loved when Harry was in this mood and you felt like yours was matching his on this particular day. 

“Mm, I don’t want people to look at me. You first,” you responded, grinning at Harry as you imagined the videos on the internet of the Harry Styles having a frolic in his local park. It was a beautiful day and there were so many people out and about, you were surprised no one had recognized him and asked for a picture yet.

“Fiiiine.” Harry drew out the word, and you just laughed as you turned to continue walking through the park. You couldn’t help the squeal that made its way from you as you turned to see Harry frolicking- no, prancing - through the park. You quickly noticed all the eyes on him, many finally recognizing him while some just pointed and laughed. 

“Well don’ leave me hanging, love. Come frolic!” Harry yelled as he continued to run slowly and then sporadically leap into the air. And despite the eyes that were now on the both of you, you ran after Harry feeling exuberant and like a child.

You finally dragged yourself into the store that you had made your way through so many times before, but it felt different now. Everything felt different. You and Harry would always laugh at the moody playlist that would be playing throughout the store, which you thought would be kind of depressing if you were here alone. You were never here alone. Until now. 

Sheryl Crow belted out the heart-wrenching chorus of “If It Makes You Happy” as you meandered through the produce section, looking for the good apples that didn’t taste bitter and gross. You stopped in your tracks as you passed the kiwis, staring at the sad looking fruit and almost smirking at how depressed you were feeling at that moment because of a stupid fruit.

“Ooh Harry look, kiwis!” You pointed and laughed as you and your boyfriend made your way through the store. Harry rolled his eyes and pouted, just as he did every week when the two of you passed through the produce section and you pointed at the kiwis and laughed. “Like the song,” you added, just for extra clarification.

“Yes thank youuu,” Harry drew out the word, pretending to be annoyed. He thought it was cute how you thought of him every time you saw certain fruits.

“Why is the song named Kiwi anyway? It just doesn’t make sense to me,” you asked, slightly kidding but also curious to know the answer. 

“I don’t know it just… fit the vibe,” Harry responded with a smirk.

“Oh shut up,” you laughed as you put more kiwis than anyone would need or want into a plastic bag and threw them into the cart, causing Harry to squawk before picking up a watermelon and pretending to throw it in the cart. Except he accidentally let go and it broke open on the floor between the two of you, this time causing you to squawk and run away as fast as you could, Harry cackling behind you. 

You left the store without a single fruit in hand as you made the short journey back to the house you two shared. Tears welled in your eyes as you felt lonelier than ever before, wondering if Harry had even thought of you since he left. 

Love is Complicated

Part 1 of a new series - Y/N and Harry’s relationship starts to crumble


Harry’s eyes were sunken and carried a hollowness that was different from anything you’d seen in them before. You took a slow and steady breath as his empty eyes met yours, and you knew this time was different, heavier. 

“I’m sorry the timing isn’t great, never is,” you heard Harry murmur, barely audible. He was now staring at his hands that were fumbling with the edge of the table that he was sitting in front of. 

It wasn’t just that Harry would be going away again for months to promote his new album before he would go on tour all around the world, which would last the majority of the year. It wasn’t just that he had waited until three days before he was set to fly across the country to tell you he was leaving, even though the two of you had planned a week long trip to Spain to celebrate four years of dating that you were supposed to leave for in less than two weeks. The space between the two of you had been growing the longer Harry was home with you, knowing the longer it had been since he’d been back, the sooner he would have to leave again. That was just part of it, part of being a famous singer. But this felt different, for both of you. 

“I just wish you would have said something sooner, with the trip coming up and it’s just such short notice,” you finally responded, Harry still not making eye contact with you. 

“Yeah m’sorry, they just told me recently but I guess I haven’t really seen you too much the last couple o’ days, didn’t really get a chance to talk to you until now.” Harry finally brought those big green eyes up to meet yours, the emptiness in them only more apparent now. “I don’t know what’s with you lately. Feels like it might be a good thing for me to be leaving for promo and tour so soon actually.”

You knew the reason he hadn’t seen so much of you lately is because you were distancing yourself from him, though not intentionally. The longer he was home with you, you knew the sooner until he had to leave again. And it hurt so much, every time that he had to leave and the whole time he was gone. It finally got to a point where you just didn’t want to face that pain again, and as you began to realize that you were pulling away, you figured it would be easier this way. 

“Well, I’m so sorry I have a life outside of you and other things I want to do. I don’t know how you can act like that when you’re the one literally leaving for a year right now,” you retorted, your words starting to flow from you like lava. The tears started to well up in your eyes, only angering you more.

“Don’t act like that now, you know I try to come back as much as I can in between shows and promo, and I always try to get you to fly out on tour but you always have some excuse not to come.” Harry’s voice started to waver, his hollow eyes slightly widening and brows furrowing. 

“But that’s the thing, Harry! I have a life here, and I like my life here! Sometimes it feels like the only life that matters is yours. Just because I’m not all big and famous like you, it’s like anything I do will never be that important. I can’t just fly out to see you all the time- I have a job here, I have friends Harry! I’m so tired of having this fight.” The tears were now freely flowing down your face, your arms crossed and muscles tensed as you realized this conversation wasn’t going anywhere good. 

You glanced in Harry’s direction, knowing that he was really sensitive when it came to talking about him being famous and you feeling like your life was insignificant compared to his. You knew that would hurt him. And you didn’t even care. You could hear him take a loud and shaky breath, before scooting his chair back from the table. Though tears fell from his eyes just as they did yours, both of your faces remained without emotion, your eyes just as hollow as Harry’s. This relationship had been blissful for you both at the beginning, but it had taken so much out of both of you lately, and now it was all crumbling. You felt like you were losing all control, and you just knew you couldn’t handle the pain of him being gone again. And so you couldn’t help the next words that came out of your mouth.

“Yeah that’s a good idea, actually, you should just go. Go be with you famous friends and live your famous life. Just go. You always do,” you seethed.

Harry didn’t look in your direction as he walked toward your shared bedroom, beginning to pack a bag of his things. You couldn’t move from your position leaning against the counter, almost trembling with the amount of emotion you could feel rushing through and out of you. 

It didn’t take more than five minutes for Harry to return with his large duffel bag in hand, a look on his face that was unfamiliar to you. Words flat and eyes empty as ever, Harry muttered a “take care of yourself” before heading towards the front door. 

The second that door slammed, you crumpled onto the kitchen tiles and let the flood of emotions consume you. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey just foun out your blog and omg your writings are so amazing😍😍 i stayed up till 5am reading😂 I was wondering i you could write something inspired with From the dining table😅😅 thank you sunshine🤗


Even my phone misses your call, by the way

The gloom consumed Harry immediately as he opened his tired eyes, a groan escaping him as he stared at the same pale yellow walls of this hotel room that he’d woken to for the past week. Instead of those big brown eyes he loved, he could only see these depressing yellow walls. Yellow had never been less appealing, Harry decided. Before he could stop himself, his phone was in his hands, Harry staring at a screen full of messages and missed calls. But none from you. He tossed the phone onto the carpeted floor.

Rolling onto his back, the memories flooded his head as they did every time he woke up. And every time he lay in bed trying to sleep. And every time he did anything. 

The sound of your laughter, crinkle of your eyes as tears flooded them because you were laughing so hard. Long hair, just like a waterfall. That one freckle on your neck that Harry always found so endearing, the way it was almost shaped like a heart. Harry rubbed his eyes, trying to wipe the memories from his head. 

His heart skipped a beat as he heard the bathroom door open in his small hotel room, for a moment thinking it was all just a nightmare and that when the door opened you would be standing there with a smile on your face. A girl who looked like a different and much less appealing version of you glanced at him as she walked into the main room, beginning to collect her things.

“I’m just gonna go…” she mumbled as she headed to the door. She looked back at Harry before leaving, hoping he might try to stop her but knowing better.

Harry barely even processed that she’d said anything or that she was leaving. It didn’t matter, none of it mattered. She wasn’t you. 

His hands on your hips as you danced in the kitchen, the way you’d gasp and then gently smack his shoulder whenever he’d come up from behind and scare you, the way you’d hum the tune of his songs in the shower. It was almost unbearable. 

Harry picked up his phone from the floor and glanced at the screen again. Nothing.

He could hope, he would always hope that maybe one day you’d call and say you were sorry too, sorry that things ended the way they did and that you wanted to try again. He could only hope. But you never called. Harry moaned and threw his phone across the room this time as he buried his head back in his pillow and let the memories of you consume him. The memories after all were all he had. 

Anonymous asked:

Can you do a song based one?? On Say You Won't let go by James Arthur. Your blog is awesome!!! Keep it up...writers like you inspire writers like me!!:):):)

Thank you so much!! Sorry it’s been ages but here you go :)


I met you in the dark, you lit me up
You made me feel as though I was enough

Harry found himself thinking about that night a lot. He almost hadn’t gone that one night. He’d tried so hard to get out of it but his best friend finally convinced him. Sometimes Harry would think about how different things would be if he hadn’t gone out that night. 

He often thought of the dress you were wearing in the dark nightclub where you’d met, that he could only see because it was so obnoxiously bright. He had drunk too much that night, trying to forget all of the insecurities and worries that had built up in him and made him feel small. He drank too much, but so had you, and it wasn’t long after the two of you ran into each other in that club that you were suddenly dancing, strangers despite feeling like you’d known each other forever. It wasn’t until he met you that Harry felt like he was enough. 

He’d sobered up some and had a taxi drop both of you at your place so he could make sure you got in okay. But you had pulled him inside, though he had no intention of staying, and he followed you to the bathroom where you ran to be sick. He’d only known you for hours, but he held your hair as you threw up. Even though you felt miserable, Harry remembers you looking back at him and smiling, and he’d never felt more sober than in that moment. He remembers holding you and how you begged him to stay, but that wasn’t the kind of person he was. That’s not who he is. So he left. 

I’ll wake you up with some breakfast in bed
I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head

He left then, but there was no doubt in his mind that he’d come back. And he did. He remembers your wedding day being one of the happiest of his life, second only to the days your children were born. Bringing you breakfast in bed, kissing your head, and falling hopelessly more in love with you each day. Watching his children who looked so much like you, the dimples would form as his smile deepened and his heart felt full. He knew he loved you that first night and that he would love you forever. 

I wanna live with you
Even when we’re ghosts
‘Cause you were always there for me when I needed you most

As happy as he was with you, there were still days when he doubted himself and began to feel how he did right before he met you. There were days when he would break in front of you, and you’d hold him just like he held you that first night on your bathroom floor. And he would hold you when you cried, too, and even when you didn’t. He would hold you every chance he got. He wanted you forever, and that’s what he got. 

But Harry never knew he would be so lucky that night when he held you, wanting to be yours forever.

“Please, stay?” You asked him, sounding small and like a child as he pet your hair.

“I think you should get some rest,” he whispered politely before gently pulling you up and walking you to your bed. Looking at you before leaving and heading towards the door, Harry saw a future in your eyes, and he knew that he would love you until you were grey and old, and after that too. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey are you ok? I miss seeing your posts but I'm more worried about you!

Been sooo busy with nursing school and I’ll be trying to start posting more but I’m doing well, thanks so much for asking!! <3

You are the music in me

Super old request I never got to: Hey! This is my first time checking your blog and I LOVE it!! :) Can you do an imagine where Harry hears (Y/N) playing the piano and he absolutely falls in love because she’s so into the music. Thanks so much!Oh and she’s also playing Sign of the Times on the piano And also singing it lol.. okay I’m done now :)


You felt honored that Harry had brought you into the studio after you’d only been dating for a few weeks. It seemed so personal and special and you felt giddy being able to be in this space where Harry let out so much of who he is in the form of music. You had formed an instant connection with Clare, who played the keys in Harry’s band. The two of you got along so well, and you admired her so much as a piano player yourself. You stopped taking lessons years ago and you’d never really sung in front of anyone, so you didn’t think your love of playing piano and singing was worth sharing with Harry because it would never be anything compared to what he was capable of. 

You found yourself in a separate part of the studio with Clare as Harry recorded some vocals for his upcoming album. You watched as she played some melodies on the piano that you thought were just gorgeous, her fingers seeming to dance over the black and white keys. 

She apologized when her phone rang as she took the call out into the hallway, and you couldn’t help but melt as you stood with the most beautiful piano right in front of you, looking as though it ached to be played. You suddenly found yourself sat in front of the instrument, hands gliding to the shiny keys that filled you with so much happiness. Your fingers automatically began to play what had become your favorite song. The melody flew freely as a smile formed on your face, completely unaware that Harry had snuck up behind you, carrying himself lightly so as not to make his presence known. He didn’t even know you could play piano, let alone bring new life to the notes that were so familiar to him.

Just stop your crying it’s a sign of the times, you began to sign softly as you played. Harry felt his heart stop, a smile lighting up his whole face as he moved slightly to the side, still behind you, but now with a view of your fingers as they glided effortless over the keys.

You continued to play and sing, and Harry watched as your foot bobbed up and down on and off the pedal, your body beginning to sway more and more the further you got into the song, still unaware that you weren’t alone. 

Eyes wide and smile frozen on his face, Harry couldn’t help but feel so much love for you in that moment - love, he would find, that wouldn’t fade even after the music stopped. So filled with awe and mesmerized by the woman in front of him, his eyes became glossy as you got into what he found to be the most emotional part of the song when he performed it. 

We gotta get away from here. We got to get away. We got to get away. We got to, we got to away. Your body moved with the song gracefully as the words fell from your mouth like soft summer rain, your fingers dancing and your foot moving rhythmically to the beat. Harry was so enthralled that he didn’t really comprehend when the song ended, he just wanted it to last forever. 

You smiled, getting up and turning around to find Harry standing mere feet from you, jaw dropped and eyes wide. The smile began to fall from your face as you realized that you had an audience, the only person whose opinion you ever really cared about regarding your music. Well, his music in this case. 

Harry quickly shut his mouth before trying to speak, but no words came out.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone was in here…” you trailed off, staring down at your feet. What if you just butchered a song in front of Harry Styles - his song?! You began to feel panicked when Harry finally pulled himself together, the biggest smile forming on his face as he all but lunged towards you, engulfing you in a hug.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” he breathed out, the smile slowly returning to your face. “I just want you to know that I plan on falling completely in love with you Y/F/N Y/L/N.” 

Little did you know that he already had. 


I’ve been gone for so long I’m sorry but nursing school is kicking my ASS ya’ll ! I’m going to look through requests now and feel free to keep sending them in, I promise I will look at them and get to them asap and whenever I have time. Thank you guys so much for your support, I love you all!! <3 


See, that’s what the app is perfect for.


Right now everything seemed to fall apart. At one point you were had a family with a lot of laughs and smiles, but now you wake up hoping it will all come back. You had to keep putting lies into your kids about where their dad is, and only because you had no idea yourself. You and Chris had such a big fight that ended up with Chris leaving in the middle of the night and not coming back. You did know he had visited his kids at school and even dropped them off at home, but never stepped in to talk. When you called him he wouldn’t answer and Scott said he didn’t even know where his own brother was, but you knew he was lying. The only thing that calmed you down was knowing he was okay, but not having him at home, was killing you. Every night you fell asleep crying, it hurt you so much. You were so scared that you were going to lose your husband forever. You never thought that you and Chris from all people, would end up breaking up. Every time you went to bed you looked over at all the photos you and Chris had ever taken. You looked so happy in all of them, with so much love in your eyes and now, you had no idea if you would ever see him again, if you had a husband. One thing you knew that was forever, was that Chris will always be an amazing father to his kids, no matter what, even if you two end up getting a divorce.

“Mommy?” Stella spoke slowly opening the door, you quickly cleaned your cheeks from the tears and turned to her to see her walk in with her little brother on her tail.

“What’s wrong?” they climbed in bed with you, both cured up in each side of you, you hugged them close and felt their sadness.

“We miss daddy. Why isn’t he hope?” Stella said looking up at you with eyes so sad that it would break every mothers heart.

“He doesn’t loves anymore does he?” so many emotions come over you and heart break was the biggest one of them. You looked at both of them, who were crying in your sides. Bobby loved his dad so much, from the point Bobby was born him and Chris couldn’t not be pulled apart. Bobby would dress up like his dad for Halloween every year, each year it was a new character he played in his movies. Chris loved to see him like that, he would even dress up too just to match his son. And Stella she always promoted her dads work every where she went. Once when she was younger Stella took all the DVDs in store that had Chris in them and put them in everyone shopping cart. She has always been her dads biggest fan, right after you.

“No, don’t say or think that, because that isn’t true” you kissed the top of their heads. “Your dad loves you, he would do anything for you,”

“They why isn’t he here” you didn’t know how to answer them. because you didn’t know the answer, you didn’t know anything at this point.

“Your dad is very busy, but he did call and said he loved you both” it was wrong to lie to your kids, especially about something like that, but you just couldn’t watch their tears and heart breaks. Even if you were going to break your own heart.

The next morning when waking up you called Scott and told him to pick up Stella and Bobby. Like you already thought he tried to tell you he had no idea where Chris was but when you told him everything you felt and what was on your mind and your plan, he picked the up. You might not have a chance to have Chris in your life anymore but you weren’t going to let that happen to your kids. They needed their father. You were so broken that you didn’t think you could keep your self in check and not fall apart in front of them They didn’t need to see their mom be depressed.

It only had been a half day and you missed your kids like hell, but you knew it was for the best. It was only for a while till you work it all out, but for now it was like everything your life was falling and you with it. Every single thing in your house was too hard to look at, every object had a memory attached to it. Every room was filled with emotions you knew about but couldn’t feel them anymore. You stood in the middle of your house, looking around then looked down at your ring. It still shined bright, pulling it off your finger you read the entrancing in it

Forever Y/N & Chris

right now it felt ironic and painful. You out the ring back on and took your bag in hand walking to the door. Everything was painful so you asked some friends if you could stay at their house. You knew that if you and Chris would slit up you weren’t going to return to the house even if Chris said to. It was too good memory filled to live there when you feel sadness and darkness. You walked out and locked the door, when you turned around you saw Chris. The bag in your hand fell to the ground, you felt your knees going weak and close to fainting. Chris looked so different from the last time you saw him, he had his beard back, but it didn’t look like it used to, he looked like a mess, he looked like you felt. There were so many things you wanted to do: run in his arms, hug him, kiss him and most of all apologize. But you were frozen so Chris moved. He took a step closer then stopped again.

“Hi” he spoke, you had forgotten how his voice sounded, how it made your heart sing.

“Hi” you answered, not sure of what is going to follow. Chris looked down at his feet, then back up at you

“I took the kids to school” you nodded, there was no doubt in you that Chris would take good care of his kids. “so I thought I would come and talk to you” this was it. Ether you were going to lose the love of your life or you’ll have your family back together. It was all up to Chris, but you didn’t want to hear the worst.

“I know what you want to talk about, but don’t worry I’m staying at Cleos place, until we settle it.” you picked the bag back up and looked at your car, but you couldn’t even reach it when Chris stepped in front of you.

“I don’t think you know what I want to talk about” he was so close, you had missed him being this close, it took all the power in you not to wrap your arms around his neck and pull him in for a kiss. “you sent the kids to me. Why is that?”

“Because they missed you and I couldn’t watch them be so hurt so I sent them to you. Now they will be happy” you tried to walk by him, but he stopped you

“Y/N are you thinking we are splitting up?” you nodded feeling your heart break “Is that what you want?”

“No, but that’s what you want, I mean we had that big fight that made you leave and you didn’t answer my calls or texts. What was I supposed to think or say to our kids?” you felt the tears coming back and no matter how much you tried to hold them in and not let Chris see them, you just couldn’t. You were seeing your family fall apart.

“I don’t want that. Never wanted and never will. I love you and our children” as he spoke his hands moved to your hip and your cheek “I’m sorry about the fight. I was wrong and I said things I didn’t mean.”

“Then why didn’t you come back or at least answer my calls?” his eyes filled with disappointment.

“I was so ashamed of everything I said and did, that I just couldn’t deal with it all. I stayed up every night cursing at myself and trying to find a way to apologize. But I made it worse” you saw him tear up and slowly the tears rolled down his own cheeks just like yours. “when I saw Scott walk in with Bobby and Stella, I broke, I saw our family fall apart and I just couldn’t let that happen” 

“I’m so sorry Chris” you finally said what you wanted tell him the day he walked out the door at three in the morning.

“No, I’m sorry. I got jealous and the stress at work got to me but that is no excuse for what I did. I’m sorry. I love you with all my heart and our kids.” you finally pulled Chris in for a kiss. You missed his lips so much as his hands moved all over your body, you felt how much you missed everything about him. “Can we please go back to being a family? I promise It won’t happen again” moments later you and Chris were back in the house in each other arms.

When you and Chris got together you had the perfect relationship, yes there were some fights, but when you and Chris got married you two made a deal to talk about what is bothering you. It was working until the kids came, then things were getting a bit our of hand, but it all was because you both wanted to be the best parents in the world and the best spouse , but you can’t have and do everything at once. One step at a time.

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  • Harry: You are very angry at Harry. Everywhere he goes without you, he is with a girl of some sort and doing something with them that shouldn't be happening. You are sick of seeing Harry with another girl on magazines that not you. You know its nothing but you can't help but feel so pissed off. Harry walks in and you immediately turn around. "Who's the fuck is this girl now Harry!?" you say in an angry tone. "I don't know!?" Harry says. "YOU KNOW WHO EXACTLY ALL THESE FUCKING GIRLS ARE! WHO ARE THEY!?" you yell. "Would you calm down! It's nothing. I don't know them!!". "I WILL CALM DOWN WHEN YOU STOP FLIRTING WITH EVERY GIRL YOU SEE!". "You are seriously overreacting (Y/N). Stop being so jealous!" Harry says. You throw your fists down and scream. "FUCK YOU HARRY!" you scream. "Stop swearing at me (Y/N)! I don't like it!" Harry says walking towards the front door. "Tough luck love! Fuck fuck fuck. How do you like that!" you say to him. "Move Harry! I want to leave!" you say standing in front of Harry. "Nope" Harry says crossing his arms. There is no back door because Harry lives in a flat so there was only one way out. You give Harry a devious look and he just gives you a "You're acting dumb" look. You walk away and turn around and run back up to the door. Harry shakes his head. "AAAAAAAAAAAH! HARRY GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY NOW!!" you scream. He stands there silent, still has his arms crossed. "Not happening (Y/N). I know every single trick of yours. You are going to have to try harder." Harry says calmly. "MOVE HARRY!" you scream again. "I SAID NO (Y/N)!!" Harry yells. You turn your head away in frustration and let out a deep sigh. You look at Harry and just drop to the floor crying. You are straddled on the floor with your face in your hands crying. "Fuck this. Fuck that. Fuck my life!" you say to yourself. Harry kneels down in front of you. "What are you crying for!?" Harry asks. "I think I'm loosing you Harry. I'm loosing you. You're just getting bored of me now cause you're gallivanting off with other girls. I'm nothing to you anymore." you say. Harry looks at you and lifts your chin up with his index finger. "What are you talking about!? What are you on!? Whatever it is, you need to stop taking it cause it's messing with your mind. I love you so so much (Y/N). I could never get bored of you are you kidding me!? You're perfect, everything I want. Those are just fans, they get close to me so they can get attention and fame for 5 minutes. They've got NOTHING on you. I repeat, NOTHING. You're my girl. My only girl. I'm very faithful to you, you know that. I wasn't raised that way. Please look at me" Harry tells you. You look up at him. "I love you. I love you very much. I'm not leaving you, not now, not ever." Harry says. "Please, ignore these messages and know that I love you" Harry says still kneeling down in front of you. "I love you Harry" you say with tears down your face. "That's what I wanted to hear. Now come here" Harry says. You kneel up and shuffle on your knees towards Harry. You both kneel in front of each other and smile at each other. Harry leans in and softly kisses your lips while pushing your hair off your shoulders. You put your hands on Harry's cheeks and start kissing his lips softly. You are both still on the floor, you bring your legs out from underneath you and lay down as Harry is softly kissing you. Harry is straddled over your body. His lips move down to your neck. You feel yourself getting wet. "Oh my god" you say. "Getting wet!?" Harry asks. "Uh huh" you say back. "Good" Harry cheekily says. "To the bedroom" Harry says. You both stand up and you leap into Harry's arms. With your legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his shoulders. You and Harry are locking lips as you both make your way to the bedroom. "Harry, you're hard. I can feel it" you say. "Yeah, and!?" Harry says. "I like it" you say back. Harry smiles and throws you onto the bed. "Dibs ontop" Harry says. "Dammit" you say back. Harry smiles and smashes his lips onto yours. Your hand is moving through Harry's curls. Harry starts kissing your cheek, slowly moving down to your chest, now your breasts. He makes a pit stop and decided to kiss them softly. You groan as this feels really good. Harry is pleased and keeps making his way down. Kissing your tummy softly, and now hes reach the boarder of your pants. Harry rips your pants off and throws them away. "G-string!?" Harry asks. "I was feeling sexy.." you say. "Time to come off!" Harry says. He bites down on the band of your g-string, and drags it down your body. "Did you just take off my g-string with your teeth!?" you ask. "Oh I did" Harry says pleased with himself. Harry makes his way ontop of your body still straddled over you. You quickly sit up and kiss Harry. He takes your top off and throws it away, then your Bra. You are bare all now. "Well, well, well" Harry says. He grips on your boobs, and you bite down on your lip. Harry starts kissing your left boob. He begins to start sucking at your nipple. Vibrations went straight through your body. Harry's hand begins to slither down to your downstairs area. Gently and teasingly moving his finger over your clitoris. Rubbing, harder and faster. "H-H-HARRY!" you scream. "Shh!" Harry says back. "Oh my god! No! Don't tease me! I beg of you!" you beg. Harry looks at you and smiles hes distracting you from what hes about to do. "Ah!" you groan. Harry inserts another finger inside of you. Pumping harder and faster. You're biting down on your lip. Harry is just smiling. 3 fingers are now inside of you. You're biting down really hard on your lip trying not to moan and scream. Harry is pumping his fingers inside of you, hard and fast "Come on baby! Let it out! I know you want to!" Harry says. "Ah! Harry! No! Stop! Please! Oh god! Stop! I'm going to come!!" you try to say. "Oh my god Harry! No, no! It's going to happen!" you say. Harry gives you a kiss on the lips, but on your lips down below. He moves his tongue up and down your clitoris.You're gripping onto bed. Harry flings his boxers off. The tip of his penis is at your entrance. "Please Harry! Stop! Just get in please! Oh my god HARRY GET INSIDE ME RIGHT NOW! STOP THIS FOREPLAY! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" you beg. Harry enters in with a bang and a shiver goes down your spine. You arch your back and tense up and buck your hips. "Damn (Y/N), you're so tight!" Harry says. "I'm sorry! I can't! Just go!" you beg. Harry is thrusting as hard as he could. You're whole body is vibrating and you are experiencing extreme pleasure. "Oh no! Harry! Hurry! I can't hold it!" you say to him. "Hang on Baby, hang on!" Harry says. "Aaah! Harry!". "Hang on baby, all most there". You are both climaxing, it's getting super intense. You are both working a sweat. Harry is panting and you are letting out squeals. You both look at each other. It's going to happen. You cover your mouth but that didn't work, you let out a squeal and a load groan while digging your nails into Harry's bare back. Harry is biting his lip, but deep groans did seep out. "Oh my god" you say. Harry is still straddled ontop of you. "That was awesome!" Harry says. Harry leans in for a kiss and flops off of you. You are both panting together, you look at each other and smile. "Still mad at me!?" Harry asks. "No. Absolutely not" you reply.
  • Author's note: These are going to be so long. I'm breaking them into their own sections. Heres Harry's. Sorry if it wasn't good lol. I was alittle uncomfortable writing about this.

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No Matter What You Say, I Won’t Love You Less


(a merge of) prompt(s): This is my first time ever sending in a prompt and I’m super happy it’s for you. How about y/n and Shawn get into an argument before his show and he yells at her in front of the crew and there’s tension and she doesn’t want to upset him any more than she has so she asks Andrew for a separate hotel room but then Shawn frantically searches for her because he can’t sleep without her then finds her crying on the bed and he feels bad. 

+ Some angst husband!shawn where he has an argument with his wife (it can be about anything up to you!) with a fluff ending please :)

+ can you write something about Shawn and y/n getting into a fight?

genre: angst (w/ fluff) 

A marriage is the union of two people, to say the least. More meaningfully, it is the bond that two people share, entailing endless love, trust, care and passion. It entails honesty and affection. 

Shawn and Y/N Mendes’ vows to each other spoke exactly that. They spoke about how the universe is small in comparison to their love for each other. They spoke about how nothing can ever bring them apart. 

Y/N doubts that… She doubts it because of what her husband of two years is telling her right now. 

“It’s such a small fucking thing, Y/N!” Shawn yells, pacing around. 

Y/N tugs at the roots of her hair, trying to calm herself down by keeping her gaze locked on the ground. They’re standing off the stage, to the side, so privacy isn’t really what they have right now. 

However, they’re to angry to care. 

“It isn’t!” Y/N protests, gritting her teeth together. She can feel the spike of adrenaline in her blood and she can sense her thoughts crumbling and overlapping each other. “I’m asking for time!” 

“Well, Y/N,” Shawn darkly chuckles, coming to a stop. He’s going to make this worse, Y/N knows. “That’s exactly what I don’t have. You knew that when you signed up for this marriage!” 

“Why does everything need to be a fucking job for you?” Y/N argues, coming closer to him. “Why does everything need to become a task?” 

Shawn huffs at her, meeting her eyes. They’re glaring at each other, the venom dominant in the dilation of their pupils. She can make it out by how his jaw is set and face turns cold. “What the fuck does that even mean?” 

“It means, you asshole, that you do things unwillingly!” Y/N clarifies, crossing her arms over her chest. She does so as if it is a mean of defense. Like, if she has her arms crossed, he cannot get to her. 

“Are you saying that I’m not willingly in love with you?” Shawn hisses, his eyes instantly engulfed into darkness. He takes a predatory step forward, crashing her with a wave of aggression that rolls off him. 

Y/N gulps, trying not to let him get to her. This is a marriage, and it’s equal. She is not going to let a man become her undoing. Even though, she very well knows, Shawn matters to her more than she matters to herself. “I am saying –” 

“Because you’re starting to push me there!” Shawn interrupts. He throws everything away. All that he had. 

The adrenaline in her blood turns into weakness. Her arms uncross and drop, anad she looses her barrier of defense. Anger turns into sadness. With just a few words. 

“I’m just saying. . we’re married now and you should be home more often,” Y/N tries to explain once more. She knows what Shawn said isn’t being said in the right state of mind, she knows that. “You have responsibilities now, Shawn, that –” 

“So you’re saying that I should stop living my dream?” Shawn picks up, his words turning dark and poisonous – poisonous to their marriage. “Really fucking supportive wife, Y/N. Great job!” 

“I don’t think I’m asking for much,” Y/N firmly states. He’s beginning to break her but she’s is going to hold onto her core. “Just come home for a few weeks. . spend some time with me.” With us. 

“You know,” Shawn chuckles in dark humour, “when I got married I didn’t expect to be tieddown.” 

This, that is Y/N undoing. 

Her heart falls to the pit of her stomach. “I don’t –” 

Shawn shakes his head and Y/N immediately quietens. She drops her gaze to the floor and clasps her hands together, feeling ashamed. The tears prick at her eyes. Her heart has been broken, she knows it. A darkness swarms her mind and she cannot see the light. 

She bites onto her lip, trying extremely hard not to cry. It just may make him even more angry. Y/N thinks she’s upset him enough. Her throat tightens and she forces herself to gulp. 

All the love she ever had vanishes from within her. All Y/N is left with is dread.

“I don’t have the time to talk about this – just like I don’t have the time to come back home in between shows and press,” Shawn states. 

He walks away and leaves her behind. This time, however, he just may be walking away from her forever. 

Y/N sniffles and rubs at her nose, trying to calm herself down. She rubs at her arms, coldness freezing her over. 

This just might be it. 

When Y/N turns around, she spots Mike, Andrew and Zubin, just looking at her with all lost hope. She smiles gently at them, and carefully walks over. 

Y/N does not know if they will be willing to talk to her. The love of her life no longer loves her so she does not know what to believe. 

“Hi,” she whispers out, having lost all strength. “I - uh - I just - uhm - i-i-if it’s n-not a bother or any- anything. . could I get a room?” 

She has made Shawn upset and she promised to never make him upset. Her vows promised him that she will love him and be his greatest fan. She has just managed to hurt him over and over again. 

Andrew opens his mouth and then closes it. Gently, comfortingly, he nods, “Okay.”

“If .  . if it’s not a bother. I just. .don’t know if I can take money from our joint account to pay for it. I’ll pay you back, I promise,” Y/N tries to explain. Her heart aches. “I’ll leave, thank you so much for everything.” 

Y/N takes their leave and walks away, a sob wracking through her as she comes to the realisation that maybe she will never see Shawn again. 

Her legs pick up their pace and she bursts through the back door. Her chest tightens and she takes a deep breath. Slowly, very slowly, Y/N backs into a wall and slides down. Her arms wrap around her knees and she pulls them close to her chest. Maybe this will keep her warm. 

Because without Shawn, all the joy in her life has disappeared. 


When Shawn arrives back to the hotel, he is unaware of Y/N’s location. 

He spent the whole car ride thinking of what happened between them. Shawn reacted stupidly, he knows he did. It was just. . everything was piling up on him and he didn’t like it. 

Perhaps it is because Y/N is his wife and it’s a lifetime bond between him – he must’ve thought that Y/N wouldn’t leave him. In that moment, he took her for granted. And he never wants that moment to repeat itself, ever again. 

Sighing, Shawn slips his card into the lock and opens the door of their hotel room. Walking in, he twists his hands, thinking of where he can begin to apologise to her. 

What he did to her will never be okay. 

The further he gets into the room, the more he realises the absence of Y/N. 

He frowns, looking into the bedroom area. Her suitcase is nowhere to be found. Shawn’s eyes widen, his heart thumping. He rushes into the bathroom and takes a look at it. The hairbrush she left isn’t there. All signs of her are absent. 

The dread settles on his chest: she’s gone. 

Shawn whimpers, his eyes immediately flooding with tears. Gasping, he rushes out the room. “Y/N! Y/N!” he yells, hoping she may be sitting elsewhere. She isn’t. 

He takes the elevator down stairs and searches the lobby. There is not sign of his favourite person. 

Shawn goes back up. He calls out for her again. 

“Shawn? Shawn, quiet!” he hears. Shawn whips around and finds Andrew standing there. 

“An-Andrew,” Shawn stutters, his lungs cut off their oxygen supply. “Y/N – Andrew, Y/N –” He gasps loudly, his hands trembling. His mouth opens up and he tries to breath. 

Andrew jogs over to him and grabs his hand. Gently, he slips a room key into his hand. “Just down the hall. Room 308.” 

Shawn’s mind instantly brightens. She’s still here. She’s still here. 

His heart is opening up again and so are his lungs. A part of him lights up. 

Nodding, he runs away, down the hallway. 

When he gets to the room, Shawn comes to a stop. This could make or break them. He hopes he’s able to fix this all. His hands reach out to the lock but they only shake. His fingers can’t seem to slip the card in. His body is flushed with fear and dread of her leaving. 

She’s his wife. He loves her so much. 

And she needs to know that. Taking a deep breath, Shawn focuses and slips the room key inside. 

When the light turns green, another sigh of relief comes from him. It’s as if it’s signaling him that it’ll be alright, that he can go in, it’s safe. 

So, Shawn does. 

All the lights are switched on. It’s an attempt of Y/N’s to drive out the darkness in her mind. If things around her are bright, her life cannot be dull. 

But the pain Shawn finds her in tells him otherwise. 

As he gently makes it to the bed, the cries get louder. 

They’re painful to listen to. They sound lifeless. 

His wife is spread across the bed on her stomach, head burried in a pillow. Her body shakes with sadness. Another cry fills the room and the angst only worsens. “I’m sorry,” she hears him desperately cry out. “I’m sorry, I’m sorr–” A sob interrupts her speech. Her shoulders shake. 

The pit of despair grows in his stomach, beginning to swallow him into a darkness. He gently makes his way closer. 

“Y/N?” Shawn softly calls out. 

Immediately, her body responds by stiffening up. A sense of urgency makes her stand up and look at him. 

Shawn’s heart crashes. Her face is consumed by tears, pale as if all life has been taken out of her – she looks like she has no purpose to live. Her mouth opens up. She reaches up and wipes away her tears. She wipes at her mouths and pulls the hoodie she is wearing over her hands. 

She looks so vulnerable. 

“Hi,” Y/N greets, forcing herself to smile. “I’m sorry. I was going to leave but the earliest flight I can find is for the morning.” She gulps and Shawn keeps staring at her. 

He feels nothing but sorrow. It paralyses him. He can’t do anything. He can’t help the love of his life is what he feels like. 

“Have I done something wrong?” Y/N asks, curiously. “If there’s anyone I need to apolgise to, please let me know.” She rubs at her arms. The room is warm and still she feels unpleasantly cold. 

“I’ll be back in Toronto by the afternoon. . I’ll go straight back hom – to the apartment. Is it fine if I sleep on the couch?” Y/N cautiously asks, her voice growing smaller with each word. “I just need to pack up my things and wait until I find a space.” She searches his eyes for an answer. But they just look straight into hers with something she cannot really describe. Y/N deems to be a mixture of words. 

Her heart tightens, and she looks down, feeling unworthy to even look at him. “I.  .I didn’t know if you would be okay with me spending from our joint account. I will only take money from what I have earned, all my promises!” She does not once look up. She’s afraid to witness the face of disgust he may sport at the sight of her. “Or would you like me to wait for my paycheck for next month? I’ll just sleep over at someone else’s and use the cash I have on me.” 

With every word, Shawn’s heart drops further. The ache only burns more with the dejection in her words. 

No one says anything for a few moments. 

Y/N slowly looks at him. “I put all the clothes I had of you back.” She remembers something. Y/N looks down at her pink hoodie and remembers that it’s not hers. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to keep it!” Y/N pleads him to believe. “I just was wearing it all day long and I . . i’m sorry, no excuses.” 

Shawn doesn’t expect her to the next thing. 

Y/N reaches for the hem of the hoodie and pulls it off her. She quickly folds it and puts it on the bed. She is only wearing her bra underneath and the cold bites at her further. 

Her heart hurts more than ever but she doesn’t want to anger or upset Shawn anymore. 

When she was crying, she was remembering their vows. She vowed to protect him and love him, no matter what happens. She vowed to never upset him and to understand him always, because she is his biggest fan. 

She promised to love him forever. And if she loves him forever, than she will let go of him. 

She will let go of him so he can find someone better. Someone who makes him happy. 

Shawn’s tears begin to silently slip down his face. She stripped herself for him. She stripped herself to not anger him, to what she thinks will make him happy. 

Y/N stands straight again but her shoulders are sagging. When she is with Shawn, worries just seem mere. To know that he is leaving her means that all the worries have doubled in size. He has her heart. And if he breaks it, she has nothing to take care of her. 

When she looks at him and sees the tears, Y/N cowers further. She racks her brain. What did she do now to make him upset? 

It’s rings. “Oh, the ring! Yes, sorry, I didn’t take it off earlier,” Y/N confesses. Her fingers move to grab the ring and slide it off. 

“NO!” she hears him scream. He leaps for her, his hands wrapping around hers and stopping him from doing anything else. 

If she took off the ring, symbolically, everything would be over. Her taking it off willingly makes it worse. He needs to hold onto that one piece of her he still has. 

Y/N’s eyes widen in fright, fearing what is going to happen. She looks at their hands and a part of her resurrects itself. It brings her a small sense of hope. His touch makes her happy. 

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologises for not knowing what he wants her to do. 

“No. No. No!” Shawn objects, frantically shaking his head. 

“Yes,” Y/N protests. “I’m sorry. I’m not supposed to be important, I get that. I’m sorry. . I just wanted to have you home.” Tell him. “I was going to have you come home. . and then take you to the gynecologist because we – I am having a baby.” 

Shawn’s found love again. His head snaps up and looks at her. His heart flips, a and sunshines bursts in him. His eyes lighten up and his heart pieces itself back together. His mouth opens up. Absolute ecstasy is what he feels right now. 

Shawn Mendes has one countless awards, has climbed his way up to the top. He has the money, he has the life, he has the success people crave. But this, knowing that he has a baby, is the only happiness he wants in his life. 

“But I understand you don’t want the baby, given how you hate me.” 

“Please, no,” Shawn whispers out. He cups her face. He wants her to be his. 

“Things were piling up. . left right and centre, everything was building up. I’m sorry, I love you. Please don’t go.” 

“Shawn, I get it, you don’t need to force yourself to do this because of the –” 

“You never once asked me if I wanted you to leave?” 

Y/N blinks. It’s true. She just assumed. 

“And you do. Nothing in this universe is better than what you and I have, Y/N,” Shawn protests, holding her face tighter. “I took you for granted. I had no right to speak to you like that. I will never ever take you for granted. This is a marriage. I want to be in this with you for the rest of time, baby. It’s you or noone. And our munchkin. I love you so much for giving me the greatest life.” 

Y/N shakes her head, pulling away. “You can’t force yourself to love me. I didn’t mean to tie you down in this marriage. I vowed to make you the happiest man alive.” 

“I’m your biggest fan, baby. I never want to let you because I am too in love with you. I love you so much. I love you so God damn much. I love the way you never back down from a fight, how you have your shit together. I love that you know when I’m down. I love that you pace me, tell me to slow down. I love that you are mine. I love you for being the mother of my child.” He gulps. “I never want to let the both of you go.” 

Y/N breaks. Her hands wrap around his shoulders and she pulls him into the deepest kiss. It lightens up their minds and pumps the blood in their veins. It brings them back to life. They repeat their ‘I love you’s. 

And Shawn repeats his vow to her. “The world only exists for me when you’re around. You make me happier. Despite all that I’ve become, coming home to you is all that I want. To make you happy is all I want to achieve. I can write millions of albums, millions of songs about you but none of them can begin to describe what my heart feels for you. You’re my spark and you’re my muse. I want to make you forever mine, because you’re the brightest star in the universe.” 

Y/N’s heart puts itself together. They need to remember that this is a marriage. It’s going to have its high and lows but they’re going to be in it together. They aren’t alone. She has his love and he has hers. That will never change. 

Y/N tethers Shawn’s soul to the world. Shawn does the same for Y/N. 

All they need is their words, their love and their marriage to make it over any obstacle in this world. They want to love each other in all the parallel universes because Y/N is it for Shawn and Shawn is it for Y/N. They both are each other’s finish lines. 


a/n: apologies for the shittiness of this. proud of you for making it the finish line :’) 

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Fight husband imagines

You Get in a Fight and Your Child Sees (Requested)

A/N: I’m on a roll, don’t cha think? Thanks for requesting, anon!

Zayn: “For the last time, it was just lunch! I wish you would stop overreacting about this!” you yelled, ready to rip your hair out from the frustration Zayn was causing you to feel. “Just lunch?!” he shouted, his eyes wide and appalled by your choice of words. “He’s your goddamn ex-boyfriend, (Y/N), it’s never just lunch!” “Oh, so what? You think I was going to go and have sex with him?” you asked in disbelief, hands flying up in the air. “That’s what he wanted,” Zayn replied, pacing the room back and forth furiously. “I’m married, Zayn. To you. Why the hell would I want to go around sleeping with ex-boyfriends if I’m married to someone I love?” You were trying the soft approach; you wanted to diffuse the situation in order not to wake up your three-year-old daughter, but surely she was awake by now. You guys were terribly noisy when you fought and it often led to your daughter coming to where you were to make sure the both of you were okay. It proved to be too little too late, though, because right as Zayn was about to respond, a quiet sniffle from behind the couch caused the both of you to snap your heads in the direction of the noise, thus outing your daughter’s hiding place. “Sweetie?” you called out to her warily, already speeding over to be by her side. You found her curled up in a little ball, her eyes red with dried tears smeared on her cheeks. The sight broke your heart enough for a few tears to brim in your own eyes and you did the only thing you could do, which was pick her up and pull her in for a much needed hug. “I don’t like when you fight,” she sobbed into your shoulder. “I don’t want you and Daddy to hate each other.” “We don’t hate each other,” Zayn reassured her, taking her from your arms to try and calm her down. “Sometimes…sometimes Daddy gets a little protective of Mum. We’re fighting because I love your mum too much.” You bit your lip and looked up at Zayn, immediately recognizing his “I’m sorry” expression. “I forgive you,” you mouthed, giving him a kiss on the cheek, which seemed to do wonders for your child. “I love both of you,” your daughter reminded you, and you took it as a cue to reassure Zayn one last time. “I love you, too, princess. And your dad. You two are my world.”

Louis: It was as if Louis had completely abandoned all of his responsibilities as a husband and father. You barely saw him anymore because he was always going out, always partying with friends and strangers alike. He’d come home smelling like a club and you found yourself doubting his honesty a number of times. Tonight was your anniversary, though, and you were hoping he’d remembered. That being said, you’d prepared the best dinner you could and dressed to impress, only to be let down. Your anniversary had officially passed, the clock now telling you that it was almost two in the morning and Louis hadn’t shown up at all. You were fuming with anger and you were ready to cry and maybe even pack your things and leave with your son in tow. He was only two years old, he needed to have a happy home. Even if that happy home meant no Louis. As you were dumping Louis’ share of dinner into the trash, the front door opened and then slammed shut, signaling his arrival. Your cringed at the loud bang the door made, your ears automatically checking to see if it had awoken your toddler. No cries were heard, which made you breathe a sigh of relief. Now all you had to do was deal with your immature husband. “Babe,” he slurred when he saw you, latching onto you obnoxiously. “Babe, I’m so drunk.” “So you really did forget,” you scoffed, shoving him off of you. “Happy anniversary, asshole.” “It was our anniversary?” Louis asked in surprise, making your blood boil. “Yes, it was. I suggest you either sleep on the couch or go somewhere else for the night. I don’t want you here,” you spat, which seemed to make Louis snap. “It’s my fucking house,” he sneered, pushing you away from him. “I’m staying here.” “Fine, then I’m the one that’s leaving!” you huffed, stomping your way up the stairs to get a few bags ready for you and your son. Louis watched as you packed a few necessities for your toddler, the realization hitting him hard. In seconds he was yanking the items out of your hands, making you a little nervous. You knew Louis wasn’t the type to hit, but he was so drunk at that moment that you didn’t know what he was capable of. “Who the hell said you could take my son with you?” he barked, making you shrink back. A little yelp sounded to your left and you gasped when you saw your little boy in the corner of the room, his favorite blanket clutched in his hands as he watched the two of you in utter fear. Louis’ demeanor changed drastically and he seemed to sober up at the sight of his fear-stricken child. “Hey, bud,” he said gently, inching closer to him. To Louis’ dismay, his son cowered back, releasing another helpless yelp. “You’re hurting my mummy,” he wept, hiding his face behind the blanket. You immediately went to hold him, leaving a few kisses on the top of his head. “I’m okay, sweetheart,” you assured him, eyeing Louis warily as if he’d go crazy at any second. Louis looked broken, though, and you were positive that he’d learned his lesson. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered, eyes misting over shortly after. “I’ve been…such a terrible guy lately. Just look at us. You’re leaving. You two are my world, I don’t know what I’ve been thinking. I’ve just been so stressed and –” “You could have talked to me about it,” you cut him off, carrying your son over to where your bags were. “We’re leaving for the weekend. I’ll call you if and when I decide to come back.” Louis knew better than to argue so he merely nodded reluctantly, only being able to watch as you packed the bags into your car and buckled your son into his car seat, not daring to look back at your husband’s miserable self. You kept your word and left for a few days, but that was all Louis needed to clean up his act and make up for lost time, and make up for the anniversary he’d missed. He couldn’t lose the two most important things to him, not ever.

Harry: Livid. That was what you were feeling right now. You were more than livid. You wanted to kill him for missing your son’s fifth birthday party. He had never pulled a stunt like this before and it was even more infuriating that he hadn’t picked up his phone all day and nobody knew where he was. You had to make up an excuse for his absence and you’d had to comfort a very upset five-year-old boy. “He said he would help blow out the candles with me,” your little boy sniffled, wiping his teary eyes for the nth time. As angry as you were, there was still a deep sadness in watching your only child cry over the fact that his father wasn’t there to keep his promises. “I know, love. But I’m sure he’ll have a good explanation as to why he wasn’t there today,” you whispered in his ear, trying to convince not only him, but yourself as well. You sent him up to his room after drying his tears, telling him that playing with his new toys would make him feel much better. It didn’t take long for your lanky boyfriend to come bustling in with a few bags in tow, whistling to himself cheerily. He hadn’t even been able to greet you before you went on a tangent, your words sharp and blazing. “Real smooth, Harry. Way to go. You must be proud of yourself for missing your son’s birthday today. Where the hell were you and why didn’t you at least call so you could let us know you weren’t coming? He was waiting for you. He kept delaying blowing out the candles on his cake because you’d promised him you’d help blow them out with him. He ended up not even using candles and I had to cover for you. Everyone was shocked that you missed your kid’s birthday party. Hell, I’m more shocked than anyone. I hadn’t even known you weren’t planning on coming!” Once you’d finished you took a deep breath, keeping your gaze down. You couldn’t even look at him right now. You spared a glance in his direction, though, and saw how miserable he looked. “I thought…I thought it was tomorrow,” he told you, and although you knew he was being honest, that just wasn’t enough for you. “How could you forget his birthday?” you asked, genuinely curious. “I guess it just slipped my mind, I’m sorry,” he gasped out, pulling the bags from behind his back. “I even went and got him his present today. Now it’s all ruined, isn’t it?” “Dad?” your son’s voice echoed through the hall and the two of you turned to see your son awkwardly shuffling his feet, his eyes peeking out from underneath his long lashes shyly. “Why weren’t you at my party today? It’s okay, I forgive you. I don’t want you and Mum to be mad at each other.” Harry’s heartbroken expression was more than enough to make you see just how badly he felt about getting the dates mixed up, so you decided to let your two favorite boys work it out themselves. “I’m honestly so sorry, pal,” Harry told his son, holding out the bag he’d walked in with. “I got you that football jersey you’ve been wanting, though. Sorry it’s not wrapped. And what’s this about you not blowing out your candles?” “I didn’t want to do it without you,” your son admitted, taking the bag from Harry’s hands. “Thank you for the present, Daddy, but…the best present is you being at my birthday, even if you’re light.” You couldn’t help but smile at your son’s innocence, and you could tell Harry was feeling a little bit knowing that his son didn’t hate his guts. “We saved you some cake,” you hinted, and Harry turned to you with a big smile before turning back to his son. “What do you say we blow out some candles?” Your boy cheered in agreement and raced off to the kitchen and you set to work on placing the candles along a slice of cake, your grin showing from ear to ear as you and Harry sang happy birthday to your pride and joy, and then snapping a picture as the two boys blew out the candles together. Despite Harry’s slip up, you knew this would go down as a perfect day for your son, which was all you wanted.

Niall: All you and Niall were doing lately was fighting. It didn’t matter what it was about, a fight had to happen no matter what. On this particular day, though, it was because your jealousy had sparked when you’d caught wind of Niall flirting with a new intern at the studio. “Are you getting tired of me, Ni?” you asked him breathlessly once you were done screaming profanities. “Are you so bored of me that you’re trying to find yourself a new catch? She’s probably younger and thinner and more beautiful than me –” “Fuck, (Y/N)!” Niall yelled, pulling at his hair miserably. “You’re such a pain in the ass, I swear! I might as well go fuck that intern, it’s not like you’re putting out! All you’ve managed to do is make me miserable! That’s all you’ve been good for and that’s not exactly something I need right now!” His words stung you but you kept your ground. You surprised yourself more and more every day. You were never the type to fight, much less start fights, but Niall was driving you nuts. You couldn’t even recognize yourself anymore. Who was this girl that was doing everything in her power to make the man she loved scream at her? This wasn’t healthy, but you didn’t know how to escape. Yes, you did. You knew exactly how to escape, but you’d never had the courage to. Not until now, that is. “I’m leaving,” you choked out, blinking back the tears that wanted to come out. The silence that followed your statement was too much; it made you want to break everything, it made you want to scream at the top of your lungs just to be able to hear something. “You’re what?” Niall asked after what seemed like hours of silence. “I’m leaving. I can’t stand this anymore, this isn’t who I am,” you cried out, your knees threatening to give in. You felt sick to your stomach and you’d never felt more afraid. “Mum,” your daughter’s voice pierced your ears, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that she’d heard the whole thing. “I have to go, I’m sorry,” you said to Niall one last time before stumbling over to your daughter, your eyes searching hers. “I don’t want you and dad to break up,” she sobbed, and you pulled the teen into your arms, giving her a quick peck on the forehead. “Sometimes things just don’t work out,” you whispered in her ear. You couldn’t give her much comfort after what she’d witnessed. “No, (Y/N), wait,” Niall called after you. You turned to face him, but you felt empty now. What could Niall say to make you change your mind? “I know we haven’t…you know, been on good terms. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore,” he explained, already crying. “I’m so scared right now. I’m so scared of losing you. We can work this out. We can go to counseling or whatever, but please don’t leave me. Don’t make our daughter go through the difficulties of a broken home. I love you so much, I just have forgotten how to show it.” Was it really worth it, though? Could you take any more pain? “I need time to think,” you sighed, running a hand through your hair. Your daughter hugged you tightly, instantly soothing you. “You and Daddy are perfect for each other,” she whispered into your ear. Somehow, the opinion comforted you. Even if Niall was making you insane with each passing day, you knew that you were great together. And one thing was for sure. Niall was right; you could never leave him. You could never put your daughter through that. There was a very thin line between love and insanity and you were beginning to discover it for yourself.

Liam: It still made you bitter having to see Liam. No words were exchanged between the two of you whenever he came around to either pick up or drop off your daughter. You knew it was affecting her, but you couldn’t look your ex in the eyes after learning about his infidelity. You’d assumed Liam of all people would stay faithful, but it turned out that he was just like any other guy. Your daughter was out with some friends for the day and you were left to do some light cleaning. You hadn’t been expecting any company, so a knock on the door puzzled you. When you answered it, though, your mood immediately dropped and the frown you always wore around Liam appeared. His kicked puppy expression was on full force but he managed to sneak in a smile as a greeting. He was holding out a plastic bag, expecting you to take it, but you made no move to grab for it. “She left some of her things at my place last weekend,” he explained, referring to your child. You went to snatch it from his hands, but once you’d gotten a grip on it, he still wouldn’t let go. You raised a questioning eyebrow, to which Liam responded, “Can we talk inside? Please.” You don’t know what possessed you to agree, but you did, which earned you possession of the bag of forgotten things. Liam made himself as comfortable as he could in your house, sitting awkwardly on a stool at the counter while watching you prepare some tea for the two of you. “I know you hate me,” he sighed once you set a mug down in front of him, bringing your own to your lips to let him know you weren’t planning on starting up a conversation. “I hate me, too. But it was a mistake, (Y/N). A mistake I’ll never forgive myself for. I want to work things out with you. I’ve just been waiting for the right time to bring it up, but from the looks of it, I’m going to have to try and force you to agree. We can work this out. I know we can. You just have to let me show you that I’m serious about our relationship.” “You sure showed me your dedication when you slept with some girl,” you replied sarcastically, taking another sip of your tea. Liam stiffened, but he continued. “I don’t know what I have to do to get you see how much I want you back in my life. I haven’t dated anyone since we split up, I’ve been…well, I’ve been alone, wishing for you to take me back.” You’d had enough. Slamming your mug onto the counter, you glowered at Liam, a snarl ripping from your throat. “You cheated on me, Liam. You made me look stupid in front of the entire world! You wouldn’t have to be doing this if you hadn’t cheated in the first place. I don’t condone cheating. I have more self-respect than this. I won’t take you back just because you think you’ve been doing a good job at showing how “sorry” you are. Go home, Li. I don’t want to talk anymore. I made my decision the second I found out,” you quipped, immediately regretting your harsh words when your eyes met your daughter’s solemn ones. “So, you and Daddy aren’t ever getting back together?” she whispered, her voice sounding sadder than you’d ever heard it before. “Love…” you started, but she was already running back up to her room, sobs drifting down the stairs and sending pangs of guilt through you. “I think it’s best you go,” you told Liam, nodding your head towards the door. “I promised her I’d try to win you back,” Liam murmured, looking you dead in the eye. “Have dinner with me tomorrow night. Think of it as a fresh start, if that’s what you want. Just please. Give us another shot.” Your heart and mind were having a duel, and you didn’t know which one was going to win, but you did want your daughter to be happy, and you couldn’t keep leaving Liam in the dark. “Fine,” you agreed, folding your arms over your chest. “But I get to pick when and where. And I get to order whatever dessert I want.” The smile on Liam’s face brought a smile of your own, and you knew you’d made the right decision. You could feel yourself coming back to life again. Maybe you could work it out. No promises, though.

When you were modelling infront of them wearing short dress --BTS imagine 🔞

"Is it really worth it ?" You say to yourself for the at least 100,000

You and your husband have been fighting continuously ever since you told him you were pregnant with your first child.

"You know what if you don't want to be a man and take care of our child with me then I'll leave and do it all on my own cause we're not going anywhere fighting like this" you say trying to close the argument

"So I'm not a man for wanting to have a kid right now" he says opening a new argument

"Oh please" you say

"Oh please what Y/n I'm not ready to be a father" he says

"But your ready to get in the bed with someone without thinking?" you say roving him wrong

" you know what I'm so tired of your smart mouth I should of never married you cause boy was I in a bucket of shit" he says trying to offend you

"You know I leaving I don't feel like hearing you sound like a teenage boy" you say walking out the room.

" you should of never gotten pregnant than or even married me" he says

"Well I am! I am and I didn't get myself pregnant and you should of never proposed to me!!!" You say enraged

"Stop screaming and listen to me y/n" he says back to you

"Ok say what you have to say I don't have all day" you retort 

" I'm sorry for saying those things to you I just don't know what kind of father I'd make" he says trying to explain him self

"You don't think I feel the same way?" You say "There is no right or wrong way to parent" you say finishing

"I don't know what man I would turn into" he says

"I don't know what kind of woman I would be with a child but we will try our best and if all fails at least we can say we tried okay?" You say

"Okay and again I'm sorry for what I said I just don't know what came over me" he says

"Apology accepted but if that happens again you might want to start picking out caskets got it?" You say threatening him

"Got it" he say kissing you

"I love you, baby" he says

"I love you too, you pain" you say laughing

To be cont.
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A/n: Explicit language in this one! Also, let's pretend that it's August. I hope that you guys enjoy it. Okay, let's begin!

My husband of three months, the singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes, should be home any minute now. He was in the studio for a while and told me not to wait up for him, but because I had missed him so much, of course I had eaten dinner alone and then sat on the couch waiting for him. Shawn soon walked in the door and I got up to hug and kiss him just like I always do when he gets home from the studio or anything. I put my arms around him but he shrugged me off.

"Are you okay baby?" I asked, feeling slightly concerned.

"I'm fine. Did you already make dinner Y/n?" Shawn asked. That surprised me. He almost never calls me by my name. He usually calls me babe or baby or something, but the one that he's been calling me the most since we got married is Mrs. Mendes.

"Um, yeah, it's on the dining room table. I can heat it up for you if you want?" I offered. He shook his head.

"No, it's fine. You've already done enough." Shawn said in an agitated voice.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked Shawn. He looked at me and scoffed.

"You know Y/n, the world doesn't revolve around you. Just because I'm not in a good mood doesn't mean that it's your fault. It's not always about you." Shawn said. My eyes widened.

"Shawn I never said that it's always about me." I said, trying to stay calm.

"Well you kind of implied it." Shawn said. My jaw practically dropped.

"No I didn't." I said. Shawn just shook his head and went into the dining room. I followed him in there, wanting to sit with him and figure out what had happened that would make him act this way. When he sat down and noticed me sit down across from him, he gave me a weird look.

"What are you doing?" Shawn asked.

"I'm just sitting with my husband. I want to know what's wrong so I can help." I said.

"Did I ever say that I wanted you to sit with me?" Shawn asked. I shook my head no.

"No. But we usually sit together and spend time together when you get home from work." I said. He frowned and shook his head.

"Who said that I actually want to spend time with you?" Shawn asked. I felt as though I had been smacked in the face with his words. My eyes widened and tears threatened to spill over but I collected myself and stood up. Right before I left the room I looked at him.

"You can sleep on the couch tonight Shawn. I don't know what happened but nothing would give you a reason to treat me in the shitty way that you are now. I'll put a pillow and blanket on the couch. Good night." I said, and left. I went upstairs and grabbed a pillow, blanket, and a piece of paper. I grabbed a pen and wrote on the paper. When I put the pillow and blanket on the couch, I also put the paper on top of it. I then went up to bed and laid there as I cried. This was our first fight as a married couple and it left me feeling terrible.

Shawn's point of view

Y/n walked out of the dining room and I soon heard her go upstairs and then come back down, then go back up the stairs again. She probably put a pillow and a blanket on the couch just like she said she would. I sighed. I had had a long and frustrating day at the studio. Whatever I sang, it didn't seem to come out correctly, and the same goes for the lyrics that I was writing. I came home and took my frustration out on my amazing wife when I really shouldn't have.

I got up when I was done eating and put my plate in the sink. As I washed it, I looked over at the couch. Yup, she had put the pillow and blanket on there. It looked like there was something on top of the blanket. I finished washing the plate, dried it, dried my own hands, put the dish away, and went over to read the piece of paper. My heart broke as I read my wife's handwriting. The letter said:


1149 1150 1151 1152 1153