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NBA 2K 10 Best Finishing Badges

Don't heed the trends too much in NBA 2K22. The rumor, spread by amateurs, is that interior scoring is dead and the three-ball is the way of the future. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the three-point shot, it's a great alternative. But there is a reason teams still pass around, trying to get into the paint before settling for a ranged attempt.

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This is because the more reliable way to get points comes from right around the rim. Whether it's a dunk or a layup, the way to win in NBA 2K22 is to have a finisher with badges that give them an edge over opponents. These are the badges that give centers nightmares.

10 Unstrippable

The game put in lots of new animations for blocking and stealing balls as players drive toward the rim and start to shoot. Many slashers have become mere liabilities for their teams, turning the ball over every time they go up to score.

The Unstrippable badge is also a new one this year and it exists to counter these defensive efforts. The best power forwards might rely on their strength to get close to the basket, but they'll need this badge at a high level to make the shot against the league's interior defenders.

9 Slithery Finisher

It happens all too often; there's a hole going toward the rim, the player will get the ball, and then the defender from behind or to the side of the driving player will suddenly stop them from going full speed. It's a built-in mechanic to stop fast breaks from being too easy.

Thankfully, the Slithery FInisher badge puts these breakaways and transition boards back on medium. Several of the best point guards use their speed to get to the basket and this keeps that speed going full throttle until they get the dunk off.

8 Post Spin Technician

The post is actually good again this year! With a whole host of new moves as well as a flat percentage increase of its success, players are finally finding builds that actually work well against human and AI opponents alike.

The best center builds will seriously consider using this badge as the most frequently hook toward the rim in the post to finish off the score. The increased effectiveness makes the layup more likely to be on target and reduces the effectiveness of pressure against this particular move.

7 Limitless Takeoff

Does the Limitless Takeoff badge sound like a badge for showoffs? Good, because it is. However, there is a very real value to using it on the court. The earlier the dunk/layup sequence starts, the less time opponents have to try and stop the shot.

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It's flashy with a purpose and really unleashes the power of any quick dunk and layup packages that are equipped. Most centers have a tough time coming in to stop a slasher already, this badge basically gives them no chance to help out once the player gets past their defender.

6 Hook Specialist

It's already been mentioned that the post is back to dominating again this year. The big advantage of the post is that the player can shoot almost any kind of shot. They can spin and layup, fade, fake and step-back, hit a quick jumper, or hook it in.

Of all of these, the hook is the safest best against tight defense. The Hook Specialist is simple; it makes it even more likely that baskets go in. Considering that hooks can't be conventionally blocked, this is a badge that borders upon being overpowered.

5 Fearless Finisher

Unless players are regularly using floaters, almost every layup in NBA 2K22 is going to be a contact layup. This is even more true for finishers; if there's no contact to be made, every finishing build worth anything is just going to dunk the ball instead.

Increasing the ability to convert contact layups is a bonus to basically all layups. This going beyond just being accurate. This badge also works when the contact draws a foul, increasing the opportunity for three-point players, which is a great perk for players who don't spend much time beyond the arc.

4 Dropstepper

Most players have been wrecked by the dropstep without realizing what it is. It's that move in the post where the player puts their leg behind the defender, spins toward the basket, and then gets a completely open look. These shots are bunnies and players will make them nearly % of the time if they can get the move down.

The Dropstepper badge makes this move faster, easier to execute, and reduces the chance that defenders pick up on it. Catching them off guard in the post is the name of the game, and this makes that move work like a charm.

3 Backdown Punisher

Backing down an opponent is a simple strength and stamina check. If a stronger player has stamina against a weaker player, they will push toward the rim while backing down. But there are a lot of strong players in the NBA and they don't move back easily.

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With four points into the Backdown Punisher badge, a maximum-strength player cannot be denied from a trip to the rim regardless of who defends them. This guarantees a dunk at the end unless an opponent gives up their coverage to help out.

2 Acrobat

The description for the Acrobat badge reads that it "boosts the ability to make layups that have a high degree of difficulty." Layups that have a low degree of difficulty frankly don't need badges, the shot meter pretty much doesn't even matter.

The acrobat helps with all of those contested layups. As previously stated, most layups for finishers will be contested. Of all the badges on this list, this one will be the most frequent one to pop up, helping out on most shots in the vicinity of the backboard.

1 Fast Twitch

Standing dunks happen more frequently than players realize. On every offensive rebound, a standing dunk is likely to occur. And, when receiving a pass while driving to the rim, an average or worse passer will force the driving player to slow down to pull the pass in, converting the driving dunk into a standing one.

In both cases, getting the dunk off faster is important. For rebounds, an opponent will be breathing down the player's neck. For bad passes, defenders will be rapidly closing in. The Fast Twitch badge was added this year and it is almost required to counteract the new block and steal animations for defenders around the rim.

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Centers have historically been viewed as bullies in the paint – the ultimate paint beasts. That’s no longer always the case, but NBA 2K has made it possible to wind back the clock.

While the position is a far cry from what it used to be, there are still centers proficient in operating in the paint. These players aren’t necessarily traditional centers, but they’re still capable of getting the job done down low.

As much as we would love to build a player like Shaquille O’Neal or Dwight Howard, though, we’re going to focus on stars who used to own the position with a little more finesse, like Hakeem Olajuwon.

The best badges for a center in NBA 2K don’t focus only on one skill. Instead, they’re a mix of everything needed to get the job done underneath the basket.

What are the best badges for a center in 2K22?

Being a center can be difficult with the 2K meta, but it can quickly get a whole lot easier if you know what you’re doing. Being able to find yourself a mismatch can often result in immediate points in the post, provided the center has the required moves in their arsenal.

While it may be tempting to become a stretch big who shoots threes, it’s still best to focus on more traditional center skills, with an ability to hit outside shots only when needed.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the best badges for a center in 2K

1. Backdown Punisher

The Backdown Punisher badge is pretty self-explanatory. It increases your chances of bullying your defender in the post, so make sure you’ve got a Hall of Fame badge for your center.

2. Brick Wall

The Brick Wall badge is a good one to pair with the Backdown Punisher badge to drain your defender’s energy each time you make body contact. Make this one at least a Gold, and upgrade to Hall of Fame when possible.

3. Grace Under Pressure

Trapped in your opponent’s zone defense? That’s what the Grace Under Pressure badge is for. You should put this one on Hall of Fame for best results as it will boost the effectiveness of standing shots under or near the basket.

4. Dream Shake

We mentioned Hakeem earlier, so it makes sense to use the Dream Shake badge. This one is to help make your defender bite on your pump fakes in the post, and it’s best to have it at a Gold level at least.

5. Hooks Specialist

Post hooks can be easy to perform when you’ve got a mismatch, but are much less straightforward when you’re backing down a power forward or a center. This animation will help you out in that regard, so make sure it’s at a Hall of Fame level.

6. Rise Up

Rise Up is to a dunk as Grace Under Pressure is to a lay-up. You don’t need to dunk all the time, though, so we’ll put this one a notch below Hall of Fame at Gold, which should still be good enough to do the job.

7. Pro Touch

The Pro Touch badge will add that little bit of finesse you need on lay-ups and hooks. Make sure you have it on at least Gold, especially if you like to shoot off a drop-step move.

8. Rebound Chaser

The Rebound Chaser badge is arguably the most important defensive badge for a center in 2K. Your effectiveness is significantly limited if you can’t snatch up those boards, so get this one up to a Hall of Fame level.

9. Worm

No matter how much you chase your rebounds, if someone is boxing you out it will make it hard for you. The Worm badge can help you to swim straight through those box outs, and a Gold one should be sufficient for your player.


You don’t need to block shots all the time to be effective on defense. The Intimidator badge is enough to alter them, so be sure you have at least a Gold one.

Post Lockdown

The 2K meta is always friendly towards the opposition when it comes to post defense. Even the worst centers in the game can shoot over Rudy Gobert if you are the one controlling him. The animations on the Post Lockdown badge will help make it that little bit harder for opposing offenses, so make sure it’s on a Hall of Fame level.

Rim Protector

To ensure the Post Lockdown badge does indeed help with your post defense, pair it up with at least a Gold Rim Protector badge. This will help significantly when it comes to blocking shots.

Pogo Stick

Speaking of blocking shots, the Pogo Stick badge is important to make sure the second chance attempt that you grant an opponent upon swatting his shot won’t be a successful one. Get this one up to at least a Gold level as well.

Post Playmaker

With the above badges, you’ll already be a monster in the paint, so you can expect some heavy defense to be played on you once you start heating up. The Post Playmaker badge will help you bail out to an open teammate. A Gold badge is enough to boost your open teammate’s jumpers.

What to expect when using badges for a center

The current 2K meta is very realistic, bringing you a feel that mirrors what you’d have if you were actually playing on the court.

As a result, it’s best not to rely purely on badges for success, and instead spend more time trying to improve your overall gaming skill, because there’s no way that your Joel Embiid or Nikola Jokic post move is easily going to get through the defense of even someone like Dwight Howard.

These badges work best when mismatches are created, so to maximize their impact, it’s best that you give the ball handler a lot of picks to force the switch.

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NBA 2K22 Badges


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The Best Badges to Use in NBA 2K21

Player badges are specialty skills or attributes where players can excel depending on the badge specification. There are more than 30 badges to work with and they are categorized into 4 different classes. The Finishing Badges, Shooting Badges, Defense and Rebounding Badges and Playmaking Badges. This guide will show you which are the best badges to use in NBA 2K

Best Shooting Badges

The only difference in NBA 2K21 badges from NBA 2K20 badges is the removal of the Quick Draw badge from the Shooting Badges. If you are still familiar with the badges from NBA 2K20, you can still the same builds and combinations you want because they are mostly the same.

Green Machine, Hot Start, Deadeye and Hot Zone Hunter are amazing combination for a streaker shooter. This will give you tons of bonuses for hitting consecutive shots and some of the badges will help you pick that up like the Hot Zone Hunter where you focus on which position on the floor you will shoot on. This is great for hitting threes and being a reliable mid range threat as well.

Deep Fades and Difficult Shots will focus more on low post fadeaways which are the bread and butter moves of players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Corner Specialist can also help with fadeaways but only near the corners and it will give you a significant boost to knock down more shots consistently. You will only need to get it up to a Silver badge because it does not scale well.

Green Machine is the best Shooting Badges in the game. It works by giving you a much larger window for getting perfect or excellent releases after consecutively hitting an excellent release. Only use Hot Zone Hunter when you have multiple Hot Zones for your character. If you only have 2 to 3 hot zones, this badge will be a complete waste. If you are the main scorer in the team, Volume Shooter is a must-have because of how it boosts your percentages as you take more shots.

Best Finishing Badges

There are several badges to pick here. What you need to know are the combinations you need to that would compliment each other and fit with your playstyle. Acrobat, Contact Finisher and Consistent Finisher will be good for a slashing guard or forward.

You can also choose to add Backdown Punisher and Deep Hooks which is a good combination for getting easy buckets in the low post. This is a must have for all power forwards or centers especially offensive oriented ones.

Pick & Roller, Putback Boss, Dropstepper and Giant Slayer will be great for players who focus on the inside. Add it with the Backdown Punisher and Deep Hooks to have more flexibility in scoring in the low post. This is specifically for big man scorers which helps them become a consistent threat and a highly efficient low post offensive player.

Fancy Footwork is also a must have because of how most of the other badges rely on this skill. Scoring layups and dunks are easier with this and will even help your vertical. Giant Slayer will be amazing when you are within 6 inches from the defender. Slithery Finisher will help you avoid defenders when driving which removes the percentage penalty of making the shot. This is also a must-have for guards and forwards who focuses on driving and finishes to the basket constantly.

Best Defense and Rebounding Badges

Clamps is one of the most important badges in this class. The boost to stay in front of the offensive player and increase your lateral movement will help you immensely on defending star plays on the opposing squad. Interceptor is also a great addition to be a pesky defender and play the passing lanes better. Intimidator compliments the Clamps badge well and increase your defensive presence more.

Pogo Stick allows inside defenders jump multiple times to defend the paint which can be broken because of its ability to contest every shot even after making a mistake. Post Move Lockdown, Brick Wall and Rim Protector badges will be for Power Forwards and Centers that will be constantly defending the low post.

Intimidator is the next best defensive badge in the game. It can reduce the shot making ability of opposing players even if you are not there which is totally broken. Pick Pocket and Interceptor will be for pesky guards with high steal ratings.

Best Playmaking Badges

Bailout is a must have badge that can help you make successful passes when stuck in a situation such as attempting a jump shot and passing the ball instead. Quick First Step will be good for combo guards or facilitators and great when combined with Finisher Badges where you can quickly get to the basket at will.

Space Creator will compliment Shooting Badges and even Finishing Badges. It gives you more options on the triple threat position and can either drive to the basket or create a shot for yourself. Tight Handles and Handles For Days will increase your overall ball security.

Dimer is one of the best badges in the game. It boosts shot percentages for every teammate after they catch your pass. Shooting percentage increases are one of the best boosts from badges you can get. Floor General will give +4 bonus attributes to all stats with the Hall of Fame upgrade which is insanely overpowered.

Post Spin Technician is a must-have if you are a big man scorer and compliments well with Backdown Punisher and Deep Hooks. The Tight Handles will be the best badge in complimenting your dribbling moves and is even better than getting the Ankle Breaker. It adds more explosiveness to your dribbling moves and also paired well with the Quick First Step badge.


There are hundreds of combinations you can do but you should really adapt to a certain playstyle you would want. There is no point in specializing on multiple aspects of the game without having that much upgrades to work with. Focus on a few badge combination that can help you immediately.


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BEST Post Scorer Badges in NBA 2K22! The Best Finishing And Shooting Badges For Centers in 2K22

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