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What Does the “SUD” Error Mean on My Washing Machine?

a high-efficiency washing machine flooding the laundry room with suds

You pop into the laundry room to check if the load needs changing out and the washing machine is frozen in place with “SUD” flashing across the display. Here’s what it means and what to do.

The “SUD” error code is found in a variety of high-efficiency washing machines including Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Samsung models. The error indicates that there is an excess of soaps suds in the washer drum and it’s inhibiting functionality—this is known as a “suds lock.”

In the vast majority of cases, the issue is a result of using too much detergent in your high-efficiency washing machine. Thankfully, if you’ve used too much detergent, the machine has a routine for dealing with the suds lock, and you can usually just leave it alone. Your washing machine might appear frozen or broken when you see the “SUD” error. However, your washer is just pausing to allow the soap bubbles to break down (like the bubble foam in a bubble bath goes flat over time). Then it will run a rinse cycle to break up and rinse away the remaining detergent. You might even have gotten the SUD error before, but weren’t in the laundry room to see it. Leave it be for a bit and check on it to see if it has completed the cycle. If it has not, unplug your washer for ten minutes, plug it back in, and manually run a rinse cycle.

While the SUD error is almost always caused by too much detergent, it can also be caused by a partially obstructed drain (which reduces the effectiveness of the rinsing and keeps more suds in the drum). Checking the drain trap on your washer isn’t a highly technical job, but it does typically require some hand tools and a plastic pan or bucket to catch the excess water. If you’re comfortable getting your hands a little dirty (and a lot wet), search Google for your washing machine model and terms like “drain cleanout” or “clogged drain.” You’ll likely find a YouTube video or service manual to reference.

Barring excessive detergent or something obstructing the drain, the error can be triggered by failing components such as the pressure sensor that detects the suds or the pump itself. If reducing the amount of detergent and checking the drain filter for obstructions and gunk doesn’t resolve the issue you may need to contact an appliance repair shop.


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The Samsung Washer SUD error (often misread as 5UD by some customers) is a result for a few reasons.

This code, unlike many other error codes, isn’t caused by your washer malfunctioning.

It is simply the result of using the incorrect washing detergent, too much detergent, or not allowing the detergent to properly dissolve in the machine.

Here are the details which detergent you should be using, how much, and what to do in the event you do get the Samsung Washer SUD error, even if you are using the correct detergent.

What is HE Detergent?

Before we get into the error, we mentioned HE (or high efficiency) detergent.

What is this? Basically, today’s washing machines don’t use nearly as much water as their predecessors.

Machines in the past used up to 40 gallons of water per cycle. This meant more detergent was needed to clean clothing.

Today’s machines utilize less than half that amount, ranging between 11 to 15 gallons per wash. Therefore, using more soap is simply going to result in more suds in the wash.

High-efficiency detergents contain

  • Stain fighters
  • Boosters
  • Stronger cleaning agents
  • Fabric softeners (in some brands)

You’ll clearly see an HE on the detergent, so you’ll know it’s high efficiency.

There are also 1X, 2X, and 3X HE soaps available.

So, the higher the X (concentration), the less you’re going to require to get your clothes fresh and clean.

Rely on the manufacturer’s suggestion when adding detergent, and adjust accordingly for your next wash cycle if needed (in small quantities if you do increase).

What’s Wrong with Suds?

Another point before diving into the Samsung Washer SUD error is the problem with too much suds.

In the past, people believed more suds meant clothes were cleaner. This isn’t the case.

In fact, more suds in the wash will leave your machine stinking and can cause mold to develop in the machine as well.

In turn, your clothing doesn’t smell fresh and clean when you take it out of the wash.

Why am I Getting Samsung Washer SUD Errors?

Okay, now that we know why you want to use HE detergent and what the problem is with too many suds in your washer, why are you actually getting the Samsung Washer SUD error?

First, you are using the incorrect detergent.

Newer Samsung washers require the use of HE (high efficiency soap) if you aren’t using it, you’ll get the Samsung Washer SUD error.

Second, you’re using too much HE detergent. T

his can also cause too many suds to build up in the machine, leading to the error message.

Basically, the error code will occur when you are using the wrong detergent, or in instances where you are using the right detergent, you’re still putting too much in the washer.

Remember, the high-efficiency Samsung washer uses less water than the old washer you owned in your home.

Therefore, you don’t need as much detergent to dissipate during the wash cycle in order to get your clothing clean.

Additionally, most HE detergents have added scent boosters, stain lifters, stain fighters, and some contain fabric softeners as well.

So, the are far more concentrated than regular laundry detergent was.

This causes more sud production, meaning less soap equates to more suds in the wash.

In turn, you don’t have to use as much detergent as you did in the past.

How to Prevent the Samsung Washer SUD Error

As highlighted above, one of the good things about this error, vs a technical error, is that nothing’s actually wrong with your Samsung washer.

So, don’t hesitate, and don’t go out calling a local repair technician to come to your home to assess the machine.

This isn’t an operational error, and any technician that comes to your home is going to charge a minimum fee to unplug your machine and open it. Don’t spend the money.

With this error, it’s basically a waiting game.

The Samsung washer is pretty smart and will expel the excess suds on its own.

Your machine is going to continually display the Samsung Washer SUD error, until the excess suds are removed, and you can actually use the washer again.

Once the error code disappears, you can wash your clothing.

It might be a good idea to run a rinse cycle with no detergent at all, to remove excess suds from your clothing.

Then, you can place it in the dryer after cleaning off excess suds, or rewash with a lower concentration of soap prior to placing it in the dryer.

There’s really nothing you can or have to do with this error. It’s more of a waiting game and allowing your washer to eliminate the suds.

The time it will take for this to complete, really depends on how much excess soap you used during the wash cycle, and how quickly your washer can eliminate those suds.

How to Restart Your Machine if the Samsung Washer SUD Error Doesn’t Cure Itself

More often than not, the Samsung Washer SUD error will self-cure. If, however, it doesn’t, don’t fret.

Again, don’t call a local repair technician.

What you’ll do in this case is run an “Eco Drum” Clean cycle or a 90-degree C cotton cycle (depends on the model of your Samsung washer, and what the wash cycles are called).

Remember, don’t use any detergent when using these wash cycles. T

his will allow your machine to remove the excess suds and detergent, and the error code should disappear once the excess suds are eliminated.

Still not sure how much HE detergent to use?

Manufacturers have made the error-proof solution of pods, bars, and even washer sheets (similar to fabric softener sheets)

And, some manufacturers even created detergents that self-cycle, so you fill the machine, and the washer does the work in determining how much to dispense for you.

No more overuse of soap, no more waste, fresh cleaning clothing, and you’ll eliminate that pesky Samsung Washer SUD error for good this way.

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How to clear Samsung Washer SUD Error Code. Samsung washing machine “SUD” ERROR CODE = EXCESSIVE SOAP IN WASHER DRUM. If the SUD error displays on your Samsung washer, this is indicating the soap or detergent is excessive (too much soap!). Why does this error code mean and what can be done to fix this code? See the step-by-step methods below and find out how to fix this common “sud” code on most Samsung washers. Try a Samsung washer reset here…

SAMSUNG WASHER SUDS ERRORSUD or SUDS code = Excessive soap in washer drum

What Is The Samsung Washer SUD Error Code?

The SUD code simply means there are too many soap suds in the drum. Too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent was used. Basically, too much foam in the washer for it to run correctly. The washer will wait until it senses the suds have been reduced and then resume the wash cycle. This is sensed by a foaming control feature or foam level sensor.

What Can Cause The SUD Error Code?

– The detergent you are using is not made for HE washing machines. (wrong soap)
– You are using a larger excessive amount of detergent. (too much soap)
– The soap or detergent used is not a quality detergent. (no dollar store soaps)
– Non “HE” detergent usually has high sudsing properties and will cause excessive amounts of suds. (high sudsing)
– The washer foam level sensor has failed and showing the SUD error. (component failure)
– There is a clog in the lines or drain and causing the SUD code. (clogged lines)

How To Fix or Reset The SUD Error Code?

– Give the washer some time to let the SUDS reduce. Once reduced, the washer will continue washing.
– Run the washer empty and program a longer wash cycle with the hottest water temp setting to remove the SUDS.
– Be sure to follow the detergent manufacturer’s suggested amount of detergent.
– Switch to an approved HE washing machine detergent that works with your washer.
– Use a high efficiency cleaning detergent with low sudsing properties.

What If The SUD Code Still Displays?

  1. Clean out the drain filter to remove all heavy soap residue and prevent the SUD error.
  2. Open the bottom panel on your washer and drain out the water with the small drain hose.
  3. Check that a clog or blockage in the washer and sewer lines are not causing water to not drain out.
    (A partial obstruction in the hose can cause the SUD code, clean the drain hose and other lines)
  4. Read the manual, schematic, or troubleshooting chart and find and test the foam level sensor to determine if faulty.

Samsung washing machine “SUD” error code

The SUD Code Appears But No SUDS In Drum

  1. Turn the washing machine off…
  2. Remove all clothes from washer, but if the door does not open…
  3. Drain the water out using the small drain hose located next to drain filter…
  4. Fully clean the washer drain filter of all debis and soap residue…
  5. Reinstall the clean and residue free drain filter
  6. Turn washer back on and run it to check if the SUD code has been reset.

What If The Washer Still Shows The SUD Error Code?

The washer foam level sensor might be faulty. The water level sensor (pressure switch) does the same function. One of these parts could be faulty and causing the issue of SUD constantly showing. At times, before any water has filled the washing machine and before wash or agitation cycle starts, the SUD code may appear. This can mean the sensor is at fault.

Need to find the right part for your Samsung washer to fix the SUD code? Check here for different Samsung washer sensors that will fit your specific model number washing machine.

How Do I Test or Replace The Level Sensor?

  1. Remove the washer from power.
  2. Remove screws and remove the lid of the washer.
  3. Locate the level sensor (usually top area corner of washer)
  4. Test the level sensor to determine if the part is in working order.
  5. If found to be faulty, remove and replace the sensor.
  6. Disconnect the duct and wires from the faulty part.
  7. Install the new part into the washer and secure the wires to the part.
  8. Reinstall the washer lid.
  9. Plug the washer back into power.
  10. Turn the washer back on and run a test wash to be sure the level sensor is working.

Are Error Codes SUD 5D & SD The Same?

The Samsung washer codes SUD, 5D, SD are practically the same. Samsung washing machines have multiple codes for the same error. 5d and Sd error codes are similar to the SUD code. The letter S and the number 5 may be hard to see on a small display.

Have questions about the SUD code on your Samsung washing machine? Please let us know your issue and if you have tried following the steps above and we can assist. Please give us the model number of your Samsung washer when asking a question.

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Samsung washers come with a digital display that displays various error codes when the machine malfunctions. The Samsung Washer SUD Error Code means that suds exceed the drum’s normal level.

Many times people misread it as 5UD, but it is the same as the SUD error. Unlike other error codes, this code is not due to the washer’s malfunction but due to using the incorrect type of detergent or using an excessive detergent quantity.

This article will explain what type of detergent you should use and how much you use. Please read the below tips to avoid the SUD error.

What Causes Samsung Washer SUD Error Code?

Samsung Washer SUD Error Code

The 5UD or SUD code indicates that there are excessive soap suds in the washer drum. You may have either used too much or the wrong type of detergent.

The excessive foam will not allow the Samsung washer to run correctly. So, as a precaution, the washer will stop till the suds reduce and run again from where it stopped. In some machines, a foam sensor detects the formation of excessive SUDS.

In most cases, you don’t have to do anything. Just wait for some time, and the error will go away automatically.

What Is HE Detergent?

HE or High-efficiency detergents are designed so that they produce low suds, and at the same time, they quickly clean the clothes in low water volume machines.

The HE detergents hold soil in suspension to not deposit into the clothes when water is low.

In the past, the washing machines use to take up to 40 gallons of water per cycle. More water means more detergents.

But as technology advances, newer washer models are now only using 11-12 gallons of water per wash. So, if you use more detergent, then it will result in the formation of more suds.

So, now you know that HE means high-efficiency and you should use it in low quantity.

Also, HE detergents come in 1X, 2X, and 3X. The X indicates the concentration. The higher the X, the less quantity you are going to for washing.

Please read the instruction manual when using a washer and add only the correct amount of detergent.

Why Excessive SUDS causes Error?

The Samsung Washer SUD error code is due to the formation of too much suds inside the drum.

People usually see the suds and think the more it is; the better washing will be. But sadly, it is not the case.

In fact, Excessive suds can cause your clothes to smell and provide an ideal environment for mold development. So, your clothes will be smelly and will not look clean when you take them out of the Samsung Washer.

How to reset the Samsung Washer SUD Error Code

The SUD error is not a real error but just an indication that there is a formation of excessive suds, and the machine will wait for some time and resume the operation once the suds reduces.

You can also run an empty wash cycle by selecting a long wash cycle along with the highest temperature settings. This will help in removing the SUDS.

Also, carefully read the manufacturer’s manual to know the correct amount of detergent to use.

We recommend using HE detergent with higher X. These detergents have low sudsing properties and prevent SUD/5UD error.

What If The SUD Code Still Displays?

If you are still getting the error, then there may be clogging in the drain filter or drain hose.

Clean the drain filter under the sink and remove any particles or heavy soap residue to resolve the SUD error.

Also, open the Samsung washer’s bottom panel and drain out excess water from the drain hose. Check for any clogging in the hose and remove any blockages from the pipe.

Sometimes clogging in the drain hose can cause the SUD code, so it is better to clean the drain hose and other connecting hoses.

Faulty Foam Level Sensor

If you still get the error, then you may have to check the foam sensor. You can read the owner’s manual to locate and fix the sensor.

If you are still getting the Samsung Washer SUD error code, then this can be due to the faulty foam level sensor. Please note that it is not available in all Samsung Washer. So check your owner’s manual to see if it has a foam sensor. 

In some washers, the water level sensor (also known as pressure switch) also works like a foam level sensor. We recommend replacing the faulty sensor with a new one.

  1. Switch OFF the power supply to the Samsung Washer.
  2. Unplug the washer.
  3. Carefully remove the top lid.
  4. Locate the foam/water level sensor. It is usually at the top corner of the washing machine.
  5. Remove it and replace the sensor.


In a few cases, the SUD error is due to the clogging in the water hose or the waterline. To fix the error, you need to remove all the particles stuck inside the hose.

Disconnect the water hose from the washer and use a vacuum or a cleaning wire to clean it.

How To Prevent The Samsung Washer SUD Error Code

As we have mentioned, It is not a malfunction but only an indication that the washer will wait for some time till the SUD reduces. You don’t have to do anything.

So do not panic, and you also don’t have to call for a repairman. Just wait and watch. Calling a maintenance specialist will waste your time and money.

Only when the error does not go away for a long time should you call the repairman and ask them to inspect the parts such as the foam level sensor and drain hose.

Samsung washer is a very smart machine and has an auto error fix built inside it. It will show the error till the excess suds are not there. After that, it will allow you to use the washer again.

To avoid this error, we recommend using HE detergent and that too in an appropriate quantity. Please read the manual to know how much detergent you should use for your particular washer.


Washing sud machine meaning

Samsung Washer SUD Error Code? Here’s Why

A SUD error code on your Samsung washer means that the washer is detecting too many soap suds in the washer drum or, as Samsung describes it, an “over-sudsing condition.” Samsung washers have a foaming control function, which tries to reduce suds when detected but will show a SUD error if it fails to reduce them. The SUD code is displayed while the washer stops the cycle so that the suds can dissipate. The cause of the issue is usually the use of too much detergent or the type of detergent used.

What Causes the SUD Error Code?

1. Too Much Detergent

When doing a washing load, make sure to follow the detergent manufacturer’s instructions for the correct amount of detergent to use. If the SUD error code persists, a small reduction of the recommended amount of detergent may resolve the issue. Attention should also be paid to the concentration of the detergent, with the amount adjusted accordingly. Also, be aware that high-efficiency washers require less detergent than standard machines.

2. Type of Detergent

Samsung recommends using a high-efficiency (HE) detergent, which has low sudsing properties and is designed for high-efficiency washers. High-efficiency detergents are designed for modern washers that require less water. Detergents not designed for high-efficiency washers are more likely to cause the over-sudsing issue. A high-efficiency detergent is usually easy to spot, as it will have “HE” printed on the label. In addition to less suds, high-efficiency detergents should do a better job of removing stains and cleaning your clothes.

How to Resolve the SUD Error Code

When your Samsung washer gives you the SUD error code, leaving the washing machine to resolve the issue will usually resolve it. Once the washer detects the issue is resolved, it should automatically continue with the cycle.

Remove Detergent Residue

If you are using the correct amount of detergent and the detergent is an HE detergent, you may need to clear out detergent residue in the washer to fix the problem. To clear out detergent residue, run a long wash cycle, set to a high temperature, without any clothes in the washer. After the cycle, check that the washer is free of detergent residue. Clean away any detergent residue that remains.

Clean the Drain Pump Filter

Many Samsung washers that display the SUD error code will have a drain pump filter that can be accessed, removed, and cleaned. The SUD error can be caused by the buildup of suds and debris in the drain pump filter and cabinet.

To clean the drain pump filter:

  1. Prepare a cloth and towel to absorb and wipe up the water that may leak out.
  2. Prepare a shallow container or bucket to collect the water from the drain pump.
  3. Locate the small access door, usually on the front of your washer.
  4. Put the towel down on the floor beneath the access door.
  5. Open the access door by pressing firmly against it.
  6. Use the cloth to wipe up any water, and place it in the cabinet to collect water that may spill out.
  7. Pull out the emergency drain hose, and position the spout over the container.
  8. Remove the drain hose cap, and allow the water to drain into the container. When the water flow stops, leave the hose in the draining position for 15 minutes to ensure it is properly drained.
  9. Unscrew the drain filter by turning it counterclockwise. Be careful not to break the plastic when turning the filter top.
  10. Remove any debris from the filter.
  11. Clean the filter and cabinet to remove debris, lint, and detergent residue. If it is difficult to clean, run hot water over the filter or soak it in hot water. Make sure the inlet and outlet holes are clear of debris.
  12. Put the filter back into the washer. Turn the top clockwise until it clicks and is secure.
  13. Put the cap on the hose and return it to its place in the cabinet.
  14. Close the access door.

Check the Foam Level Sensor

If you have followed all of the advice above, the foam level sensor may be defective and falsely detecting suds in the tub. While instructions for testing and replacing the sensor are provided below, you should consider contacting a trained professional to check and replace the filter.

To check and replace the foam level sensor:

  1. Disconnect the power supply to the washer.
  2. Remove the top access panel on a front-loader washer or control panel and the rear access panel on a top-loader washer.
  3. Locate the foam level sensor. Consult the washer’s manual if need be.
  4. Disconnect the wiring harness and remove the sensor.
  5. Test the foam level sensor with a multimeter to determine if it is defective.
  6. If defective, replace the foam level sensor.

Error Codes 5D and SD

Instead of a SUD error code, some Samsung washers may display a 5D or SD error code. The 5D or SD error code is the same as the SUD error code. The washer has detected too many soap suds; it should pause automatically and wait for the suds to dissipate. Making sure you are using a high-efficiency detergent, not using too much detergent, removing detergent residue from the washer, and cleaning the drain pump filter should resolve the issue.


SUD Error Code SOLVED!!! LG Front Loading Washer Washing Machine

How to fix the error

  1. Wait for a little for the suds to dissipate.
  2. Clean the drain filter upon completing the wash cycle;
  3. Remove excess powder by running the washing machine without clothes and setting a long wash cycle and high temperature;
  4. Change the detergent if you detected an oversudsing condition constantly.

Click to see full answer

Also asked, why does my Samsung washing machine keep saying Sud?

If your washing machine displays SUDS on the screen, it has detected an over-sudsing condition, and will stop for a short period to allow the suds to dissipate. This error code is usually caused by too much detergent, or the wrong type of detergent.

Also, how do you reset a Samsung Bubble Wash? Press and hold Start/Pause (Hold to Start) to run the Calibration cycle. The drum will rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise for about 3 minutes. When the cycle is complete, “0” appears on the display and the washing machine will turn off automatically.

Likewise, how do I fix the Sud error on my washing machine?

To solve this SUDS issue, finish your current load, if possible. Then run the washer on the largest load possible with no detergent and using hot water. This should rinse away the excess. However, if it still feels slimy inside, you may need to repeat as necessary.

How do you get suds out of a front loading washing machine?

If your washer finishes the rinse cycle and you open the door to find suds remaining inside, add 1/2 cup of vinegar in 1 qt. of water to the washing machine, and set it to "rinse." The vinegar will rid the washer and laundry of remaining suds and ensure your laundry comes out clean.


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