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Whether you’re experiencing a really difficult, embarrassing or unpleasant situation, you’ll find these kill me memes extremely handy. They’re also useful for when you don’t have the words to show your lack of interest or enthusiasm over something or someone. And what’s nice about this collection is that the memes are actually funny.

So, without further ado, check out our funny kill me meme collection below. There’s sure to be at least one that expresses how you feel this exact moment perfectly.

Oh God

Please Kill Me Again

kill me again meme

Kill Me

kill me face meme

That’d Be Great

kill me that would be great meme


Please Kill Me Now

kill me now please meme

When Someone At Work Asks Me

Kill Me

Help Me Choose An Outfit

Kill Me Now

It’s Only Tuesday

kill me its tuesday meme


kill me friendzone meme

That Joke

Kill Me Pls

kill me pls meme

I Just Farted

kill me i just farted meme

Kill Me

You Will Yes

kill me yoda meme

Kill Me Please

What Is Your Problem

Kill Me

kill me just meme

Kill Me

Well That Didn’t Work Out

kill me didnt work out meme

I Would Ask You To Kill Me Now

kill me i would ask you meme

Kill Me

kill me kill me meme

Someone Anyone

kill me someone anyone meme

Oh Somebody Kill Me Please

kill me wedding singer meme

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Kill Me Meme


Kill Me is an image macro series in which people, animals or objects are depicted as if they're suffering from pain, such as "implied" physical deformity, or otherwise uncomfortable conditions. The images are often accompanied by the caption “Kill me”, reflecting the subject’s desire to be put out of misery.


The image macros may have been inspired by a scene in the 1986 science fiction film Aliens, in which a human is discovered suffering in a cocoon who begs to be killed (shown below). In the 1997 science fiction film Alien Resurrection, the fourth movie in the Alien franchise, the protagonist Ripley encounters a deformed clone of herself, who pleads to be put out of its misery (shown below, right).

On September 16th, 2011, Redditor clifwith1f submitted an image macro to the /r/pics subreddit, featuring a photograph of a dog dressed in an argyle sweater with the caption "KILL ME" (shown below). Prior to being archived, the post received over 21,000 up votes and 830 comments.

KILL ME Cat Dog dog mammal dog breed vertebrate photo caption dog like mammal dog breed group


On September 21st, 2011, FunnyJunk user cabbager reuploaded the dog image macro, gaining more than 31,000 views and 1,000 up votes in the next two years. On July 7th, 2012, FunnyJunk user pokernight submitted a photo of a crushed cardboard box with holes reminiscent of the eyes and mouth on a face with the caption "Please kill me" (shown below).


On January 3rd, 2013, Reddit calebcop submitted an image macro to the /r/gaming subreddit, featuring a photo of a twisted balloon sculpture resembling the video game character Solid Snake with the caption "Kill Me" (shown below). Within two months, the post accumulated upwards of 9,500 up votes and 180 comments. On March 5th, the viral content site BuzzFeed published a compilation of notable examples from the series in a post titled "15 Things That Need To Be Put Out Of Their Misery."

Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake Solid Snake blue toy

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