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Filtering Reddit

With mandatory Link Flair, you can use Reddits built in filter function to better tailor your reddit experience to fit what you're interested in. Below are brief guides on how to browse specific content or simply remove certain content from your front page.

This guide was written using apps that work on Android Phones, as such apps exclusive to the Iphone are not listed.

List of Flairs Currently in Use on r/wow

If you're removing flair from the subreddit by using the search bar, use the block text versions so it'll filter properly.

  • Achievement
  • Art
  • Burning Crusade
  • Classic
  • Complaint
  • Cosplay
  • Discussion
  • Esports / Competitive
  • Feedback
  • Fluff
  • Humor / Meme
  • Loot
  • Lore
  • Nostalgia
  • PTR / Beta
  • Question
  • Speculation
  • Tech Support
  • Tip / Guide
  • Transmog
  • Video

Users using Old Reddit can do so with RES

If you don't have Reddit Enhancement Suite Click here to get it!

  1. Open your RES Console

  2. Open Subreddits, then FilteReddit. Scroll down until you find Filter by Flair

  3. Add whatever flairs you don't want to see anymore.

Redesign Users

Desktop users using the redesign can Click on flair to filter from the sidebar. Note that this will only show that specific flair. If you want to view the front page with one or more flairs missing, follow the guide in the next section.

Mobile Web & Desktop users can filter using the search function.

Type in the search box. This also works on the re-design for desktop.

Or bookmark this link, amended to whichever your preference is:

You can add more filters by writing etc. This also works on the re-design for desktop, however you'll have to manually sort by "top" and "last 24 hours" every time you add a new flair to the list.

This will show you the front page as it exists without the posts that have the flairs you specify.

Reddit (Official)

  1. Search in the search bar at the top of the app the subreddit you want to view, then select it.

  2. After you've landed on that sub, tap the search bar again. When you do a list of popular flairs will appear

  3. Tapping any of them will show you the posts that have that flair, you will want to sort by new to find the newest things however.

  4. If you want to see the entire flair list, go back to step 2 and tap "See More".

You cannot flair filter properly with this app and it's considerably slower than others, so I'd recommend picking one of the ones below.


Check first if you have Link Flair enabled. If you have Link Flair enabled, skip steps 2 and 3.

  1. Tap the 3 dots in the top right and go down to Settings

  2. Scroll down and open Appearance

  3. Scroll around 3 quarters of the way down and enable the Link Flair options

  4. Return to Settings and go to Content Filters.

  5. Tap "Post Filters", then select the + in the top right. Select which subreddit you'd like to filter from and by flair, then add the flairs name.


  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left and go down to Settings

  2. Tap Filters

  3. Go to Link Flair Blacklist

  4. Write whatever you'd like to filter in and add it as a filter.

This app will filter indicated flairs across all subreddits, not just specific ones.

Sync for Reddit

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left.

  2. Go down to Settings

  3. Scroll down a ways to Filters

  4. Select "Flair Filters" and add the flair you want to filter.

This app will filter indicated flairs across all subreddits, not just specific ones.

Boost for Reddit

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left.

  2. Go down to Settings

  3. Tap Content Filters

  4. Tap Flairs and write what you want to filter

This app will filter indicated flairs across all subreddits, not just specific ones.

Slide for Reddit

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left.

  2. Go down to Settings

  3. Scroll down to Content, and then Filters

  4. At the bottom, Flair Filters

  5. Write filters as wow:art, save. It will appear as this.

Joey for Reddit

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left

  2. Go down to Settings

  3. Scroll down to Filters

  4. Select Flair Filter

  5. Add the flairs you want to filter

This app will filter indicated flairs across all subreddits, not just specific ones.


  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left.

  2. Go to settings

  3. Tap through to Post Filter

  4. Tap the + sign in the lower right to begin creating your filter.

  5. Customize the filter as necessary, though this is the relevant bit for this guide

  6. Save in the top right, then tap the newly saved filter and select 'apply to'

  7. Apply your filter to the where you want it placed

Some people can't log into Reddit but still browse and want to filter. You can do this most effectively on old Reddit as new Reddit will change your sorting preferences anytime you add a new flair to filter. Using this filtering system, you will see all relevant posts for the last 24 hours, effectively showing you the front page as it exists without whatever you're filtering.

You can do this by going to

Once there, write and so on. Any flairs that contain a space in them such as "Humor / Meme" will need to be filtered as . Make use of the block quotes in the flair list above so that flairs with spaces in them filter properly.

If you want to filter Classic content in its entirety, bookmark the link below.

Some mobile apps support some level of filtering but not Flair Filtering. These are:

  • Now for Reddit
  • Red Reader (can't filter anything period)
  • Relay

Reddit is the most powerful social news aggregation tool used by millions around the world. In addition to this, it is used as a discussion platform, web content rating, etc. The Reddit registered members will submit contents like texts, photos, links, images, etc, that get upvoted or downvoted by the community members. The posts will be organized into subreddits and user-created boards. While this media aggregation tool has loads of useful features, the article deals exclusively about flairs and how to add flair on Reddit in brief.

Flair – An Outline

It is good to know about flair just before heading to the procedure to add flair on Reddit.

Flair is a nothing but a type of tag used with the name on Reddit. Sometimes, it will be available in the post title in subreddits. Flair is useful to the Reddit community as it let them filter contents that are found to be useful to them. Choosing a flair will automatically show the contents useful to you in feeds while rejecting the ones that you don’t like.

Type of Flair

1. User Flair (or) Individual Flair

As the name goes, users can select the user flair on Reddit. it appears next to the username. Subreddits allows both text and symbols. However, user flair functionality differs for each subreddit. For instance, some subreddit will let you select your own flair while others will let you create your own flair. The other case exists and in which only moderators can give flair.

For instance, Text flair looks like,

User or Individual

For instance, Symbol flair looks like,

Example of Symbol Flair

2. Post Flair

Post flair are nothing but the tags given for the posts. The user should post a thread just before it is flared. After you have posted the thread, you will find flair option listed under menu icon next to comments, share and save.

Click on the edit button

3. Meta

It refers to the higher level topics when compared to the usual threads that are posted on subreddit. This, in turn, means maintaining the subreddit for different purposes.

4. Critique

This type of Reddit flair is used on the weekly critique threads by the moderators.

5. Resource

When a post acts as a resource for other writers, then it is called resource flair on Reddit. For instance, thesauruses, name generator, AMA’s, etc.

6. Discussion

It relatively implies the post that discusses writing as a craft. Discussions may be anything like a character, theme or point of view. These posts are often self-posts.

7. Advice

Those posts that ask for help implies Advice flair.

How to Add Flair on Reddit?

You can add flair to the post when creating it. Unfortunately, you cannot add flair on Reddit after you post it.

To add user flair on Reddit,

(1) Select a Subreddit on Reddit at first.

(2) Look for Community Options. Otherwise, find your username beneath Community Details from the right side.

(3) Click on ADD USER FLAIR option.


(4) Check in the box that says “Show my user flair on this community

(5) Select any flair from the list and click on APPLY to make changes.

Check in to show flair and Apply changes

To add a flair to the post on Reddit,

Post flair allows the moderators and community members to create a visual flag for the tagged contents.

To add a flair to the post from Android or PC,

  • Just click the tag icon available at the top right side of any post on Android or on PC.
Click on Add Flair option

To add a flair to the post from iOS,

  • You will find the flair button just beneath where you enter the title.

Note: When you don’t find “edit” option, then it means you can only receive the flair from the mods in this subreddit.

In this way, you can add a flair to the username.

Our Opinion

Reddit flair aims at providing a better experience at free of cost. Flair is useful for those who wanted to filter out the contents and access only those they are interested in. It is possible to add text as well as the post flair on Reddit. You need not carry out any complex procedure. Just follow the guidelines we have given above.

Are there any other ways to add flair? If in case, share it as comments. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter page for more useful article updates.

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How to Add Flair on Reddit - [Android, PC, iOS]

Reddit is one of the best social media news aggregation websites in which registered members can add flair to a post they create. People take part in the various discussions in different subreddit. This platform is best known for adding the latest news worldwide and works as a web content rating platform. It is among the top-rated websites of the internet, which is also regarded as the face of the internet. People can get an idea of what's happening around the world through news subreddits. Members who take an interest in sports can become a part of the discussion there and show their support to a team they love through flairs. While a member is creating a post, he would add some flair and let it be categorized well under subreddit. Community members can upvote and downvote a post. Reddit offers various features, and flair is one of them.   Let's learn deeply about flair with Social Followers. :)  

What is Flair?

It is a text or icon next to a user name. Flair works like a tag through which the Reddit community can easily filter content and pick only useful content for them. As a registered member of Reddit, you can set some flairs and choose some flair to select the range you want to see while skipping the one you don't like.   Flair is a user tagging system. Only moderators add flair to differentiate a trusted community member from new ones and others in some subreddits. User flair brings a visual flag next to the user name of a registered member. Sometimes, flair works to identify specialized knowledge areas. In different subreddits, moderators offer some options to add some flair to a post. Tons of fun and creative ways of flair addition are available throughout various kinds of subreddits. In every subreddit, there are up to 350 custom user flair templates.     There are some different types of flair, such as

User or Individual Flair

As the name says it all, it's a flair that a person can add next to his username. Subreddits let you add symbols and text or both next to your username. However, the functioning of flair varies from one subreddit to another. Some Reddit enables you to create or select your own flair, while only moderators can choose some flair from others. You might have some flairs in the Sports community where users show their support for a specific team by selecting or writing the team's name in front of their username. So, when they participate in discussions, you can get an idea of which user is supporting what team. It makes the community experience better for everyone because you would get to know more about a user.   In case you are creating a community, then as a community creator or moderator, you can allow other users to add flair. However, whether a user adds flair or not, it's his personal choice because flair is a user-controlled setting. You can allow users to set their flair or select some flairs that you define for them.  

User Flair Settings

A user can add flair, reorder flair that he already added, or edit existing flair through setting options. When you are adding flair on Reddit, you can add some texts alongside icons and emoji. You need to click on the smiley face icon to select an icon or symbol that would appear next to your name or post. There is an emoji management tool where you need to do some settings like whether you want to show text flair or emoji only flair or text emoji flair. Flair text is what you write alongside symbols. A user can choose to show the color behind your flair text through a flair background setting. Text coloris a light or dark shade that is shown upon background colors.  

Post Flair

As the name tells you, it's a kind of flair that you can add flair. You need to create a post and then to add flair. The option of flair is listed under the menu icon next to save, share. Once you post a thread, it would let you add some flair.


They are higher-level topics that appear on different SubReddits. Meta explains other purposes of subreddits.


Moderators typically add flair to weekly critique threads.  


Some posts act as a resource for other writers.  


In some self, discussions work like a point of view, theme, and character.


Some people create posts and ask for help, so they add advice flair for it.  

How to Add Flair on Reddit

When a person is creating a post, he can quickly add some flair to it. Once you click on the post button, you won't be able to add any flair. Here is how to do it?
  • From the drop-down menu, pick a subreddit where you want to add flair.
  • Try to find Community options. If you don't locate it, check the username under community details that you can see on the right side.
  • Click on the Add user flair option.
  • You will see an option saying, "show my user flair on this community" check this box.
  • Select flair from available options.
  • Click on Apply Changes to make sure that flair is saved.

How to Add a flair to the post on Reddit?

Both moderators and community members can create a visual flag for tagged content via post flair.

How to add post flair (Android or PC)

You need to click on the top right side of the post available on both Android smartphones and PC.

How to add a flair to the post from iOS

Usually, you can find flair options beneath post titles. There will be an edit option. What if you don't see an option. It means you are in a subreddit where only moderators can add flair, and you won't have any choice of it.  
Reddit flair is an excellent way to categorize a post and tell its purpose to other community members who can filter content based on flair. Through a flair, you can easily filter out the content and check those posts and content you are interested in.  

How do I Flair my PCM?

How do I Flair my PCM?

you can equip a flair on mobile by going to the subreddits main page and pressing the three dots in the top corner.

How do I put Flair on my phone?

On the mobile app if you go to the subreddit list page, click the menu on the top right and select “change user flair.” Ah ok thanks!!

How do I add flair?

If you’re using the official Reddit app for Android or iPhone devices, you can also add flairs to posts or usernames. You’ll need to install the app and sign in to your device first before you can do this. To add flairs to a post in the Reddit app, open the subreddit and create a new post by selecting the Add button.

How do I make a flair post?

Press the “Link Flair” tab and in the “Flair Text” box enter whatever text you would like for your desired flairs. Press the “Save options” button and you’re done.

How do I add flair to Nsfw on Reddit app?

On mobile . Go to the post options on the top right, next to the save icon. Tap that, then tap “Mark NSFW”.

How do you search flair on Reddit?

  1. The three dots menu in a post has “Search flair”
  2. If you tap on a flair in Cards view it will Search by flair (Settings-Posts-Flairs)
  3. To search by flair manually, use flair_name:”flair to search” in the search field.

How do I sort by Flair on mobile Reddit?

When you go to your desired subreddit, find a post that matches your flair. Then press the flair and now you are only viewing the posts with that flair.

How do I search NSFW content on Reddit app?

Log into reddit. Visit Select the “I am over eighteen years old and willing to view adult content” option, scroll down to the bottom, and click “save options” Select the “include not safe for work (NSFW) search results in searches” option, scroll down to the bottom, and click “save options …

How do I filter flair posts on Reddit?

The best option is to set up filters in Settings –> Content Filters –> Post Filters with the specific flair text for a specific subreddit, and then you can just enable or disable those filters as want.

Can you block flair on Reddit?

worked, Thank you very much! If you use “dark mode” (also known as “night mode”) and don’t see flair, spoilers, or other subreddit features, then find the “Use subreddit style” checkbox on that subreddit and click it. The checkbox is in the subreddit’s sidebar on the right, directly under the subreddit name.

How do you filter a res flair?

You can also filter out all NSFW content with a simple click of a button, on either the settings bar or the RES drop-down window. “Link flair” is a special kind of designation moderators can apply to submissions on Reddit.

Can you filter on Reddit?

Click on ‘+add filter’. Type in the name of the subreddit you want to hide/filter (“/r/SubredditName” and “SubredditName” will both work). Repeat for as many subreddits as you want to hide/filter. Click on ‘save options’ at the top right of the settings box.

Can you hide a subreddit?

When it comes to blocking specific subreddits, mobile users are out of luck, just like their desktop/laptop comrades. There’s no option to use block hammer on either the Android or iOS version of the Reddit app. To upgrade via mobile, download and install the Reddit app.

Can you block subs on Reddit?

On your front page just unsubscribe. On r/all go to the desktop version of the site and on the right is a section block subreddits.

Can you filter out words on Reddit?

Under preferences > filters > filtereddit you can add keywords that filter out any posts with the keywords in the title.

How do I filter search on Reddit?

If you’re using the new Reddit design, however, you won’t see a tickbox. Instead, search the term as if you were searching the entire website. Then, on the results page, click the link that says “show results from [subreddit name]”. This then filters the search to show only content from your current subreddit.

How do I exclude words from Reddit search?

Use the minus sign before the word you want to exclude. You can use + to add and also “” and () for an exact phrase.

How do I search for a specific Reddit?

How to Perform a Search Within a Specific Subreddit on Reddit Redesign

  1. Visit the subreddit of interest.
  2. Locate the search box in the top right corner.
  3. Type your search keyword.
  4. Hit Enter.

Why is Reddit search not working?

Some of the reasons why Reddit search might not work are but not limited to: Search Filter is enabled: Reddit has by default a filter which filters out all the mature content from the results. Less customization: Reddit’s search is less customizable and you are usually returned with limited results.

How do you search Reddit users?

How to find a user on Reddit

  1. Navigate to using any internet browser, or the Reddit app.
  2. Using the search bar at the top of the homepage, type in the exact username of who you’re looking for, and search.
  3. On the results page, look for the “Communities” or “Communities and Users” heading.
  4. Click on that name to be brought to their profile.

Does Reddit delete inactive accounts?

Reddit does not delete inactive accounts. However, we won’t ever run out of usernames, depending on your definition of “relevant.” Reddit usernames are 20 characters long.

Are Reddit accounts ever deleted?

This deactivation is permanent. After you deactivate (delete) your account, your profile will be permanently removed from Reddit, and your username will vanish from Reddit as well. However, any Reddit posts or comments you’ve created will remain on the website.

Do accounts get deleted after inactivity?

Inactive accounts will have their data cleaned up after a certain amount of time. Google’s storage policies are intended to clean up inactive accounts to make the experience better for everyone else.

Why do Reddit accounts get deleted?

They may use multiple accounts to mod different subs, and then other accounts just to sub to one subreddit for a bit, then delete it when they no longer need it.


Mobile reddit add flair

Device Links

If you’re new to Reddit, one of the first things you’ll notice after setting up your account is having a default username. But what happens if you want to change it to something less generic than Virtual-Image561 or Traditional_Rate7196? If this is a change you wish to make, this article has you covered all the way. You’ll see how to change your username (newly assigned ones), birthday, flair, age, and more on Reddit. Let’s get started!

Changing Your Name on Reddit?

Back in 2020, Reddit revealed to the Wall Street Journal that it had 52 million daily users. That’s 52 million usernames! If you want to stick out from the crowd of randomly assigned usernames, you need to make that change yourself. Fortunately, doing so is a quick and easy process that only includes a few steps.

Important Note: This guide only explains adding a new username if you’re a new user still using your randomly assigned name. Once you change it to a new one, you cannot make any username corrections under that account. Therefore, be wise in making your decision!

How to Change Your User Name on Reddit on iPhone?

If you’re an iPhone user wanting to change your Reddit username, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Reddit app on your iPhone, register or log in to your new account, click on your avatar, then tap on the “My Profile” option. Account must be fairly new with an existing Reddit-assigned name to work.
  2. Reddit will ask you to confirm whether you want to use your randomly assigned username or change it to a new one. Tap on “Change Username.”
  3. Type the username you wish to use. Beware that this option is a one-time action. You won’t be able to make corrections later. Tap on “Next” in the upper right-hand corner to save your new username.
  4. Reddit will ask you to confirm that you want to use that username forever. Tap on “Save Username.”

You have now edited your username to your liking.

Please note that if you’ve already signed up with a username (not assigned by Reddit) at some point or had an existing Reddit-assigned name for some time, you can’t make changes to it. You can only make changes to your display name at the registration point or for a limited time. What you can do if stuck is register with a new account and choose another username.

How to Change Your Username on Reddit on Android?

If you’re an Android user wanting to change your Reddit username, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Reddit app on your Android device. Log in with your existing, fairly fresh Reddit-assigned account or register with a new one.
  2. Click on your avatar in the upper left-hand corner. Tap on the “My Profile” option.
  3. Reddit will ask you to confirm whether you want to use your randomly assigned username or change it to a new one.
  4. Tap on “Change Username.”
  5. Type the username you wish to use. Beware this is a one-time action, and you won’t be able to make corrections later.
  6. Tap on “Next” in the upper right-hand corner.
  7. Reddit will ask you to confirm that you want to use that username forever.
  8. Tap on “Save Username.”

Please note that if you’ve already signed up with a username not assigned by Reddit or have an older Reddit-assigned username, you won’t be able to change it. What you can do is register with a new account and choose another username.

In closing, maybe you wanted to change your teenage username on Reddit, but you were left disappointed because this is not something you can do. Allowing only one username forever is Reddit’s way of combatting cybercrime. The only time you can change your username is while setting up your account.

What Reddit is really about is the community, discussion, and idea exchanging. Your name and age don’t mean anything here. That’s why there isn’t even an option to add your birthday. However, they do ask for your gender when registering.

Reddit Username FAQs

How Do I Correct My Username?

Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t allow making corrections to usernames. You’re only allowed to choose one username that stays forever. What you can do is create a new account with a new name. Just keep in mind that your previous account activity won’t be synced to the new one, even if you sign up with the same email.

What Is Flair?

In a nutshell, flair is a tag you see next to a username or post title in specific subreddits that allow it. You can often see people from a particular group (like famous basketball club fans) put the same flair as a recognition sign. Flairs are also helpful to filter out content you don’t want to show on your feed. You can add flairs by going to a specific subreddit and looking for the “Add flair” option in the “Community details” sidebar on the right.

How to change user flairs on Reddit mobile. (if you don't use the official app)

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