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Translation of lick in Spanish:


lamer, v.

Pronunciation /lɪk/

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transitive verb

  • 1


    (stamp)mojar con saliva

    (stamp)pasarle la lengua a

    the dog licked the dish cleanel perro lamió el plato hasta dejarlo limpio

    • the cat licked the cream off the cakeel gato le quitó la crema al pastel a lengüetazos
    • I licked my fingerme humedecí el dedo con saliva
    • I edged away as far as I could get, finished my chips, and decided that I'd pass on licking my fingers clean.
    • I wondered if they ever got splinters in their tongues from licking the wooden bowls clean.
    • He now always licks the lenses clean with his tongue before wiping them on a cloth.
    • I sucked more of it from my finger, until it was licked, clean.
    • The customer licked his plate clean and the dish was thus born.
    • She'd lick the soup plate clean of everything except the peas and carrots, which she left in separate neat piles on either side of the dish.
    • As well, neatness was taken into consideration and contestants had to lick their plates clean to advance.
    • Plus, with its slightly sweet taste, pets will lick the floor or other surfaces.
    • The screen went dark as a monstrous tongue licked the lens, then a hand swiped it several times.
    • The sickening sound of a saliva dripping tongue licking dry lips met my ears.
    • He slowly guided her lips to his and he kissed her, his tongue licking her lips slightly.
    • I know dogs like to roll around in the dirt, but dogs also don't lick themselves clean.
    • He paused, then licked the paw thoughtfully; the shields around the males vanished.
    • He then licked his finger and shook his head with a look of disgust.
    • He watched it drizzle down his finger then slowly licked it off.
    • She opened one lazy eye to see an orange cat licking his paw in front of her.
    • He licked it off, rather like a cat licking his paw clean.
    • I nervously licked them, a habit of mine when nervous.
    • I opened my eyes to see big tan puppy was licking me.
    • I smiled as the two puppies licked each other.
  • 2 informal


    barrer con

    darle una paliza a informal

    question three had me lickedno pude con la pregunta número tres

    • there were problems, but we've got them licked nowhabía problemas, pero ya los tenemos resueltos
    • I hope that the brevity of this war does not convince Americans that we can lick anybody on the block.
    • If you see him, lick him with a stone or something.
    • He said that these same parishioners would eventually turn around and lick him with some big stones.
    • After not beating Leicester for 13 years, Gregory thought he had them licked when his side equalised 15 minutes from time.
    • Well, I'm sure with counseling and stuff, you're going to lick this.
    • So you can take the entire project on a disk and a laptop to your villa in Portugal and edit cost-free till you feel you've licked it.
    • Okay, I know the Aussies have licked us time and time again.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to lick at sthlamer algo


  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      lamida feminine

      lengüetazo masculine

      • She nudged him with her nose, and gave him a brief lick of her long tongue before turning and trotting away.
      • I extracted slow licks from a single scoop of vanilla.
      • Kevin tried to intercede at one point but got his head covered with big wet sloppy tongue licks for his trouble.
      • The mango flavour was sharp and sweet, but desperately rich; after a few licks my tongue started losing the battle.
      • It would only take a few snap of his jaws and a few licks of his fingers for the thing to be done and irreversible.
      • For a second the dog hesitated, then as if compelled by a command, Rocky pounced on Kevin trailing his rough tongue all over his master's face in long slurpy licks.
      • Do you know that it takes an average of 50 licks to polish off a single scoop of ice cream cone?
      • The lion looked away again and gave itself an embarrassed lick.
      • She was giggling, occasionally giving him a kiss, a lick, a nibble.
      • He gave his dry lips a quick lick with his tongue and took in a breath.
      • And he simply can't resist giving my muffin a playful lick as soon as my back is turned.
      • She looked up, gave me a little lick, and all was well in my world.
      • He gave his dry lips a quick lick with his tongue and took in a breath.
      • He shuffled closer to her and gave her a soft lick on the cheek.
      • She reached up and gave him a short lick on the cheek.
      • He grinned back, then gave her a lick on the cheek.
      • He toyed with receivers in ways that allowed quarterbacks to think he'd been beaten, only to come back, quicker than a snake lick, and steal the pass.
      • A small smile broke out across her face as the bunny gave her finger a quick lick, then snorted at her.
      • He does that puppy-tongue lick of his lower lip that someone should tell him to stop doing.
      • Take three licks / laps and then turn the bowl over on the floor.
    • 1.2 informal (application, coat)

      to give sth a lick of paint/varnishdarle una mano de pintura/barniz a algo

      • Then, a couple of years ago, it had a lick of paint and a bit of internal surgery and, lo and behold, it changed name and nationality in one go.
      • All it needs is a lick of paint and a bit of work on the kitchen.
      • What would it cost for a lick of paint, some artificial flowers and some air fresheners?
      • It's set in the corner of the stairwell, made of cheap and rather hollow-sounding wood, and could do with a lick of paint.
      • I said to the players after the game that it had come down to a lick of paint.
      • Now who do I know who would like to buy a slightly used T-Bird that needed a lick of paint?
      • Your front door might benefit from a lick of paint too.
      • A lick of paint around the windowsills and a neatly manicured lawn might impress a prospective buyer.
      • The day we broke up it was like the whole school suddenly got a fresh lick of paint.
      • The sequel gives the concept a fresh lick of paint without moving it too far forward.
      • He would have been fine in the movie if the script made a lick of sense.
      • The whole thing doesn't make a lick of sense, but it doesn't matter.
      • I didn't care a lick about what they were talking about.
      • I didn't care a lick about any of them.
      • I brought it back to London and it came up a treat after a quick lick of creosote.
      • This is about more than giving the Tories' tarnished image a quick lick of varnish.
      • According to the batting coach who never could hit a lick, you've got three changes - psychological, physical, and mental.
      • So maybe the cowboy boots do look kind of spiffy after a few licks of silver, purple, yellow and green.
      • We prefer big hitters who can't field a lick to gold-glove shortstops with their .243 batting averages.
      • He doesn't give a lick about you and he'll never look your way again.
  • 2 informal


    she went past at a hell of a lickpasó a toda mecha informal

  • 3USlicks plural

    he got in some good licks, tooél también asestó sus buenos golpes

    • Michael got a few licks in while he could.
    • Nearly as important as glass and magnification is a device's ability to take a few licks.
    • Many believed that you should have taken your licks and accepted the situation.
    • Now if it is barbaric to flog in school where it really should start, how can licks be of any help to a hard-back criminal?
    • Look like they took a helluva lick, but they ain't dead.


This place just needs a lick of paint, that's all.

Este lugar solo necesita una mano de pintura, es todo.

We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.

Nos puede lamer la gravedad, pero a veces el papeleo es abrumador.

She desired me to lick every inch of her body.

Ella deseaba de mí para lamer cada centímetro de su cuerpo.

He ate with his right hand and would lick his fingers.

Comió con su mano derecha y que lamer sus dedos.

Some animals (cats, dogs, bats) lick themselves to get clean.

Algunos animales (gatos, perros, murciélagos) se lamen ellos mismos para limpiarse.

You're the only one on that ship with a lick of sense.

Eres el único en esa nave con una pizca de sentido.

Just needs a lick of paint, that's all.

Solo necesita una mano de pintura, eso es todo.

If the download did not start automatically lick here.

Si la descarga no se inicia automáticamente haga clic aquí.

Again, lick the spatula and the beaters 🙂

De nuevo, lamer la espátula y los batidores 🙂

Stones to lick provide minerals salts necessary for rodents.

Las piedras para lamer proporcionan sales minerales necesarias para los roedores.

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"lick" in Spanish


There are some who lick their lips in anticipation, mainly the dozen or so sugar beet barons in that country.

Algunos están relamiéndose de antemano, sobre todo la docena de magnates de la remolacha azucarera de ese país.

There are some who lick their lips in anticipation, mainly the dozen or so sugar beet barons in that country.

En realidad, sus vidas serán aún más miserables, porque los magnates acaparan la tierra y destruyen el medio ambiente en busca de beneficios.

we gave it a lick and a promise

lo limpiamos por donde ve la suegra

he took a big lick of the ice cream

le dio un lengüetazo al helado

we gave it a lick and a promise

lo limpiamos muy por encima

to give oneself a cat-lick

hacerse un lavado de gato

she went past at a hell of a lick

pasó a toda mecha

to wound lick

lamer las heridas

lick of paint

mano de pintura


Translation of lick – English-Spanish dictionary

Having people contacting calves might lead to different behaviour by the dam, such as licking it more, enabling increased faecal-oral spread opportunity.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Therefore, it may increase the carrying capacity of areas with licks compared to areas where licks are absent.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Soil eating (geophagy) from selected sites (natural licks) is reported from many mammalian herbivore and omnivore populations.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

We determined the geological features associated with lick sites used by forest elephants and described the physical properties of licks.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.


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Yes, it worked. - Ah, then I noticed that you have small legs. Victor said that they are also very delicate.

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So far, no repeated exchanges will come out. They may have a dozen new gentlemen. Do I have to lie under each of them. - Yes, and I am somehow against it. Papa Kostya supported Svetlana.

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