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Super Mario Games on the Nintendo DS

Below are the Mario games on the Nintendo DS that we cover. Visit a games page by clicking its box image below.

We feature games with three different types of Mario appearance as follows:-

  • Cameo - a non-Mario game with reference to, or an appearance of Mario or one of the characters

  • Spin off - a game which features Mario throughout, but is not a mainstream adventure game.

  • Main role - The classic platform style Mario games such as Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Land would be good examples of what we define as main role Mario games.

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Game&Watch Collection

Spin off

Game&Watch Collection 2

Spin off

Mario Hoops 3 on 3

Spin off

Mario Kart DS box coverMario Party DS box coverMario vs. Donkey Kong: March of the Minis

Mario Kart DS

Spin off

Mario Party DS

Spin off

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

March of the Minis

Main role

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini Land Mayhem box coverMario and Luigi Bowsers inside story box coverMario & Luigi Partners in Time box cover

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Mini Land Mayhem

Main role

Mario & Luigi

Bowser's inside story

Main role

Mario & Luigi

Partners in time

Main role

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New Super Mario Bros. DS

Main role

Super Mario 64 DS

Remake of Main role

Super Princess Peach

Main role

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Yoshi: Touch & Go

Main role

About the Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS, shortened for Dual Screen, is a fifth generation handheld gaming system that was released in 2004. This system was the successor to the Game Boy Advance line of systems, and was famous for integrating a wide variety of new and interesting features. As the DS suggests, this system comes with two LED screens, touchscreen, built-in microphone, as well as some wireless capabilities. One of the best features about the DS that has been included in every handheld system since is the ability to interact directly with other systems online.

Mario and Luigi armed with hammers

Originally this system was supposed to merely be an addition to the Nintendo brand, but its ability to be compatible with Game Boy Advance games put this system in a class all its own. In particular, the Mario games on the Nintendo DS gave a new generation of gamers access to all of their old titles. Aside from all of the Mario remakes that were available on the Advance, Nintendo released some exclusive games as well such as “Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story”. These Mario games on the Nintendo DS gave the system the acclaim it needed to become a permanent staple in the realm of handheld systems.

In 2006, the popularity of the system led to an upgrade to a sleeker redesign of the DS that was dubbed Nintendo DS Lite, which also had brighter screens. The latest iteration of this system is the Nintendo DSi, which was released with upgrades that gamers had been requesting since the system came out. Although there are a variety of series’ on the system, none have brought as much success as the Mario games on the Nintendo DS series.

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New Super Mario Bros.

2006 video game

2006 video game

New Super Mario Bros.[a] is a platform video game in the New Super Mario Bros. series developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. It was first released in May 2006 in North America and Japan and in PAL regions the following month. It is a part of the New Super Mario Bros. subseries of the Super Mario franchise, and follows Mario as he fights his way through Bowser's henchmen to rescue Princess Peach. Mario has access to several power-ups that help him complete his quest, including the Super Mushroom, the Fire Flower, and the Super Star, each giving him unique abilities. While traveling through eight worlds with a total of 80 levels, Mario must defeat Bowser Jr. and Bowser before saving Princess Peach.

New Super Mario Bros. was commercially successful and received positive reviews; praise went towards its improvements made to the Mario franchise and faithfulness to older Mario games, while criticism was targeted at its low difficulty level and many critics noted its similarity to previous games. It sold over 30 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling game for the Nintendo DS and one of the best-selling video games of all time. The game's success led to a line of sequels released for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U.


Mario rampages through a level after using a Mega Mushroom power-up, which grows him to an enormous size for a short period of time, allowing him to destroy terrain such as pipes and blocks. Mario and surrounding objects are seen with a 2.5Deffect.

New Super Mario Bros. is a side-scrolling video game. While it is seen in 2D, most of the characters and objects are 3D polygonal renderings on 2D backgrounds, resulting in a 2.5D effect that visually simulates 3D computer graphics.[1][2] The player can play as either Mario, or his younger brother, Luigi. Similar to previous Mario games, Mario or Luigi can jump, crouch, collect coins, stomp on enemies, and break open blocks.[3][4] Moves from 3D Mario games reappear in New Super Mario Bros., including the ground pound, triple jump, and wall jump.[4] Enemies from previous games, such as Boos, are also reintroduced.[5]

Ten levels are available in each of eight worlds, which are shown in the Nintendo DS's bottom touchscreen while viewing the world map.[6][7] The map of the currently selected world appears in the top screen, which is used to navigate between the world's levels.[7] The goal of each level is to reach a black flag at the end of the level. At the end of each world, a boss must be defeated before proceeding to the next world.[6] There are six power-ups available in New Super Mario Bros.; the game allows the player to store an extra power-up when he is already using one, a feature carried over from Super Mario World. Three power-ups from Super Mario Bros. return: the Super Mushroom makes Mario grow in size, the Fire Flower lets Mario throw fireballs, and the Starman makes Mario temporarily invincible. Three more power-ups are introduced in New Super Mario Bros.: the Blue Koopa Shell lets Mario withdraw into a shell to protect himself and perform a "shell dash" attack. He also swims faster when in this form. The Mega Mushroom grows Mario to an incredible size, where he can destroy everything in his path, and the Mini-Mushroom causes Mario to shrink, allowing him to enter tiny passageways. Mini Mario is so light that he can run on water and jump extremely high.[6][8]

The game's multiplayer mode pits two players against each other as they play as Mario and Luigi in one of five stages, trying to be the first to obtain a preset number of stars. Both players can attack each other in attempts to steal the other player's stars. Jumping on the opponent's character will make them lose one star while performing a ground pound will lose them three.[6] In addition, some minigames previously available in Super Mario 64 DS have returned and now offer multiplayer options for added replay value.[9] The minigames are divided into four categories: Action, Puzzle, Table and Variety. New Super Mario Bros. contains eighteen minigames for single players and ten minigames for multiple players.[6][8]


Mario and Princess Peach are walking together when lightning suddenly strikes Peach's castle nearby. As Mario runs to investigate, Bowser Jr. appears, sneaking up on the Princess from behind and kidnapping her. Realizing what has happened, Mario quickly rushes back and gives chase. Mario ventures through eight worlds pursuing Bowser Jr. and trying to rescue the captured princess. Mario catches up to them and confronts Bowser Jr. occasionally, but is unable to save the princess from the young Koopa's clutches. At the end of the first world, Bowser Jr. retreats to a castle, where his father, Bowser, awaits Mario on a bridge over a pit filled with lava. In a scene highly reminiscent of the original Super Mario Bros., Mario activates a button behind Bowser to defeat him, and the bridge underneath Bowser collapses, causing him to fall into the lava which burns his flesh, leaving a skeleton.[8][6]

Though Bowser was defeated in the first level, this does not stop Bowser Jr. from running through the remaining worlds with Peach in tow, forcing Mario to chase after him before reaching Bowser's castle in World 8. There, Bowser Jr. revives his father's skeleton, creating Dry Bowser, but Mario once again defeats Bowser by dropping him into a deep pit. In the final battle, Bowser Jr. flees once more across a lava chasm to a larger castle, where he throws his father's bones into a cauldron and revives Bowser in his original form. They attack Mario in tandem, but Mario drops the pair into the pit below. In the game's final sequence, Mario rescues Peach, who kisses him on the cheek. Over the end credits, Bowser Jr. is seen dragging his unconscious father across the floor. He looks at the screen, and growls, breaking the fourth wall.[8][6]


Nintendo announced on February 21, 2006, that New Super Mario Bros. would launch for the Nintendo DS on May 7, 2006. The game's new power-ups were also introduced at the same time, including the Blue Koopa Shell and the Mega Mushroom. Nintendo further mentioned that the game would be played in 2D, but use 3D models to create a 2.5D look and feel.[1][2] The May 7 release was later delayed towards May 21, but the game's release date was eventually only pushed back slightly to May 15; Nintendo also planned to release it around the same time that the Nintendo DS Lite launched, on June 11, 2006.[10]

New Super Mario Bros. is the first original 2D platform game to star Mario since Super Mario Land 2 in 1992. New Super Mario Bros. was available for play at E3 in 2005. The game's designers were given much more freedom with designs in New Super Mario Bros. compared to previous 2D Mario games. Characters, enemies, and objects could now be created with much more detailed animations, without requiring that they be designed by hand. To provide visual cues, the developers made the game's camera more dynamic; it zooms in and out of action depending on the situation to provide focus where necessary.[11]

Physics play an important role in New Super Mario Bros.'s improved game mechanics. Without the rigid restrictions of tile-basedsprites and backgrounds, the designers were free to explore new gameplay mechanics; when Mario lands on top of a tree, it teeters over and eventually falls if he is stationary for too long. Mario can also swing on ropes and walk on wires that bend and stretch under his weight.[11]

Early in the game's development, the developers planned not to use voice acting to stay true to the spirit of the original Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, voice acting was eventually embraced by the developers, who decided that it would serve the game in a positive manner. Although voice acting was used in earlier 2D Marioremakes, New Super Mario Bros. is the first original 2D Mario game to use voice acting. Charles Martinet returned to voice Mario and Luigi, along with Nicole Mills as Princess Peach, Scott Burns as Bowser, and Dolores Rogers as Bowser Jr.[12]New Super Mario Bros. features original music composed by Asuka Ohta and Hajime Wakai under the direction of the Super Mario Bros. series composer, Koji Kondo,[13] who also created the "Aboveground BGM", the main theme for regular levels.[14] The game's music dictates gameplay; enemies jump and dance in time to the music. Predicting enemy movements, players can time their jumps with enemy movements to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.[15]



New Super Mario Bros. was released by Nintendo in North America on May 15, 2006,[29] in Japan on May 25, 2006,[29] and in Europe on June 30, 2006.[30] Nintendo did not specify why it chose to delay the game's release in its home market of Japan by ten days, but GameSpot noted that "it stands to reason that the company simply wants a few more days to build inventory."[29] In Japan, over 480,000 units of New Super Mario Bros. were sold on the day it was released and 900,000 copies in the first four days.[31] At the time, it was the best-selling debut for a Nintendo DS game in Japan,[31] but it has since been surpassed by Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.[32] It is Japan's 26th best-selling game in 2008.[33] In the United States, 500,000 copies of New Super Mario Bros. were sold in the first 35 days,[34] and one million copies were sold twelve weeks after its release.[35] Worldwide sales have steadily increased throughout the years, with five million copies by April 2008,[36] eighteen million by March 2009,[37] and 30.8 million by March 2016, making it the best-selling game for the Nintendo DS and one of the best-selling video games of all time.[38]

The game received positive reviews from critics, with several calling New Super Mario Bros. one of the best games available for the Nintendo DS.[16] GameZone believed that it was the "hot game" to purchase for any DS owner, noting its "huge exploration potential" and reinvention of the platform game genre.[23] Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer stated, "I've done this sort of thing before hundreds of times across thousands of days in what feels like a dozen Mario games. I still love it."[20] Believing that experienced players would require very little time to complete the game, GameSpot nevertheless considered New Super Mario Bros. a "completely awesome" game that was an "absolutely necessary" video game to own.[25]GamesRadar considered the game a bargain, noting that it included "a completely solid solo game, a simple-but-exciting two-player, and then a collection of super-quick stylus games".[24]

Several reviewers drew comparisons between New Super Mario Bros. and their favorite Mario games. Although some found that other Mario games were better, most reviewers were still pleased with the overall experience of the game. Some fans, however, criticized the game for its low difficulty compared to other Mario games. Craig Harris of IGN was enthused with New Super Mario Bros., stating that it was his new favorite platform game, beating out his previous favorite, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.[3] Even though Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 were considered the best 2D Mario games by GamePro's Mr. Marbles, he decided to add New Super Mario Bros. as his third favorite Mario game, which he admitted had much more replay value than the other two.[21] Though the game includes new features such as a versus mode, Game Revolution disconcertedly asked the question, "Can Mario ever truly be new again?".[22] It also disappointed Greg Sewart of X-Play, who found that the game did not live up to the standards set by its predecessors, but still considered the game the best side-scrolling video game available for the Nintendo DS.[26]

The game's graphics and audio received praise in a number of reviews. The Computer and Video Games magazine was entertained by the "finely crafted slice of Mario", along with the extra minigames offered. They believed that the audio was very good for a Nintendo DS game, predicting that "it'd still scare the pants off the hard-of-hearing."[18] Though being a 2D game, GameSpy still found that the 2D and 3D elements blended together perfectly in New Super Mario Bros.[4] The game's overall experience pleased 1UP.com, which applauded Nintendo's ability to once again create an enjoyable, solid, and challenging portable experience. However, they were disappointed in the lack of imagination for this remake.[17]

New Super Mario Bros. received numerous awards and accolades. It was given Game of the Month awards from Game Informer[39] and Electronic Gaming Monthly,[40] and it received Editors' Choice Awards from IGN[41] and GameSpot.[25] The game was voted Best Handheld Game at the 2006 Spike Video Game Awards,[42] Best Nintendo DS Game by GameSpot,[43] and it won Best Platformer awards from X-Play[44] and Nintendo Power.[45] The game was awarded Choice Video Game at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards,[46] and Nintendo Game of the Year at the 2006 Golden Joystick Award.[47]


New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a successor to New Super Mario Bros., was released internationally for the Wii on November 12, 2009. It features similar gameplay to its predecessor, with several of the same power-ups returning as well as brand-new ones. The game is the first Super Mario game to feature cooperative gameplay for up to four people. A direct sequel New Super Mario Bros. 2 was released for the Nintendo 3DS on July 28, 2012. New Super Mario Bros. U was released as a launch title for the Wii U on November 18, 2012.



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Deluxe1999Game Boy ColorPlatform (2D)Mario Golf1999Nintendo 64Sports (Golf)1999Game Boy ColorSports (Golf), role-playingDonkey Kong 641999Nintendo 64Platform (3D)Mario Artist: Paint Studio1999Nintendo 64DDArt tool/Non-gameMario Party 21999Nintendo 64PartyMario Artist: Talent Studio2000Nintendo 64DDArt tool/Non-gameMario Artist: Communication Kit2000Nintendo 64DDArt tool/Non-gameMario Tennis2000Nintendo 64Sports (Tennis)2000Game Boy ColorSports (Tennis), role-playingPaper Mario2000Nintendo 64Role-playingMario Artist: Polygon Studio2000Nintendo 64DDArt tool/Non-gameMario Party 32000Nintendo 64PartySuper Mario Advance2001Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Dr. Mario 642001Nintendo 64PuzzleDoubutsu No Mori2001Nintendo 64Life simulationMobile Golf2001Game Boy ColorSports (Golf)Mario Kart: Super Circuit2001Game Boy AdvanceRacingLuigi's Mansion2001Nintendo GameCubeAction-adventureSuper Smash Bros. Melee2001Nintendo GameCubeFightingAnimal Crossing2001Nintendo GameCubeLife simulationSuper Mario World: Super Mario Advance 22001Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Super Mario Sunshine2002Nintendo GameCubePlatform (3D)Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 32002Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Mario Party 42002Nintendo GameCubePartyGame & Watch Gallery 42002Game Boy AdvanceMinigame compilationNintendo Puzzle Collection2003Nintendo GameCubePuzzleWarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!2003Game Boy AdvanceAction, rhythmDoubutsu No Mori e+2003Nintendo GameCubeLife simulationSuper Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 32003Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour2003Nintendo GameCubeSports (Golf)Mario Kart: Double Dash2003Nintendo GameCubeRacingMario Party 52003Nintendo GameCubePartyMario & Luigi: Superstar Saga2003Game Boy AdvanceRole-playingPac-Man Vs.2003Nintendo GameCubeMazeClassic NES Series: Donkey Kong2004Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros.2004Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Mario Golf: Advance Tour2004Game Boy AdvanceSports (Golf)Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario2004Game Boy AdvancePuzzleFamicom Mini: Mario Bros.2004Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Famicom Mini: Wrecking Crew2004Game Boy AdvanceActionMario vs. Donkey Kong2004Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D), puzzlePaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door2004Nintendo GameCubeRole-playingFamicom Mini: Super Mario Bros. 22004Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Super Mario Ball2004Game Boy AdvancePinballSuper Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party2004ArcadePartyMario Power Tennis2004Nintendo GameCubeSports (Tennis)2009WiiSports (Tennis)Mario Party 62004Nintendo GameCubePartySuper Mario 64 DS2004Nintendo DSPlatform (3D)Yoshi's Universal Gravitation2004Game Boy AdvancePlatform (2D)Mario Party Advance2005Game Boy AdvancePartyYoshi Touch & Go2005Nintendo DSPlatform (2D)NBA Street V32005Nintendo GameCubeSports (Basketball)Yakuman DS2005Nintendo DSBoard game (Mahjong)Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix2005Nintendo GameCubeMusicMario Superstar Baseball2005Nintendo GameCubeSports (Baseball)Mario Tennis: Power Tour2005Game Boy AdvanceSports (Tennis)Dr. Mario & Puzzle League2005Game Boy AdvancePuzzleMario Kart Arcade GP2005ArcadeRacingSSX on Tour2005Nintendo GameCubeSports (Snowboarding)Super Princess Peach2005Nintendo DSPlatform (2D)Mario Party 72005Nintendo GameCubePartyMario Kart DS2005Nintendo DSRacingSuper Mario Strikers2005Nintendo GameCubeSports (Soccer)Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time2005Nintendo DSRole-playingGame & Watch Collection2006Nintendo DSMinigame compilationTetris DS2006Nintendo DSPuzzleNew Super Mario Bros.2006Nintendo DSPlatform (2D)Mario Hoops 3-on-32006Nintendo DSSports (Basketball)Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis2006Nintendo DSPuzzleYoshi's Island DS2006Nintendo DSPlatform (2D)Mario Kart Arcade GP 22007ArcadeRacingSuper Paper Mario2007WiiAction role-playingMario Strikers Charged2007WiiSports (Soccer)Mario Party 82007WiiPartyItadaki Street DS2007Nintendo DSPartySuper Mario Galaxy2007WiiPlatform (3D)Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games2007WiiSports (Olympic Games)2008Nintendo DSSports (Olympic Games)Mario Party DS2007Nintendo DSPartySuper Smash Bros. Brawl2008WiiFightingDr. Mario Online Rx2008WiiPuzzleMario Kart Wii2008WiiRacingMario Super Sluggers2008WiiSports (Baseball)Game & Watch Collection 22008Nintendo DSMinigame compilationDr. Mario Express2008Nintendo DSiPuzzleMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story2009Nintendo DSRole-playingMario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games2009WiiSports (Olympic Games)2009Nintendo DSSports (Olympic Games)New Super Mario Bros. Wii2009WiiPlatform (2D)Super Mario Galaxy 22010WiiPlatform (3D)Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!2010Nintendo DSPuzzleMario Sports Mix2010WiiSportsSuper Mario 3D Land2011Nintendo 3DSPlatform (3D)Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games2011WiiSports (Olympic Games)2012Nintendo 3DSSports (Olympic Games)Mario Kart 72011Nintendo 3DSRacingFortune Street2011WiiPartyMario Party 92012WiiPartyMario Tennis Open2012Nintendo 3DSSports (Tennis)New Super Mario Bros. 22012Nintendo 3DSPlatform (2D)Paper Mario: Sticker Star2012Nintendo 3DSAction-adventure, role-playingNew Super Mario Bros. U2012Wii UPlatform (2D)Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon2013Nintendo 3DSAction-adventureMario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move2013Nintendo 3DSPuzzleMario & Luigi: Dream Team2013Nintendo 3DSRole-playingMario Kart Arcade GP DX2013ArcadeRacingMario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games2013Wii USports (Olympic Games)Super Mario 3D World2013Wii UPlatform (3D)Mario Party: Island Tour2013Nintendo 3DSPartyNES Remix2013Wii UMinigame compilationDr. Luigi2013Wii UPuzzleYoshi's New Island2014Nintendo 3DSPlatform (2D)NES Remix 22014Wii UMinigame compilationMario Golf: World Tour2014Nintendo 3DSSports (Golf)Mario Kart 82014Wii URacingSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS2014Nintendo 3DSFightingUltimate NES Remix2014Nintendo 3DSMinigame compilationCaptain Toad: Treasure Tracker2014Wii UAction puzzleSuper Smash Bros. for Wii U2014Wii UFightingMario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars2015Wii UPuzzle2015Nintendo 3DSPuzzleMario Party 102015Wii UPartyPuzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition2015Nintendo 3DSRole-playing, puzzleDr. Mario: Miracle Cure2015Nintendo 3DSPuzzleSuper Mario Maker2015Wii UPlatform (2D)Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash2015Wii USports (Tennis)Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam2015Nintendo 3DSRole-playingMini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge2016Wii UPuzzle2016Nintendo 3DSPuzzleMario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games2016ArcadeSports (Olympic Games)2016Nintendo 3DSSports (Olympic Games)2016Wii USports (Olympic Games)Minecraft: Wii U Edition2016Wii USandboxPaper Mario: Color Splash2016Wii UAction-adventure, role-playingMario Party: Star Rush2016Nintendo 3DSPartySuper Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS2016Nintendo 3DSPlatform (2D)Super Mario Run2016iOSAuto-running2017AndroidAuto-runningMario Sports Superstars2017Nintendo 3DSSportsMario Kart 8 Deluxe2017Nintendo SwitchRacingMinecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition2017Nintendo SwitchSandboxMario Kart Arcade GP VR2017ArcadeRacingNamco Museum2017Nintendo SwitchCompilationMario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle2017Nintendo SwitchTactical role-playingMario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions2017Nintendo 3DSRole-playingSuper Mario Odyssey2017Nintendo SwitchPlatform (3D)Mario Party: The Top 1002017Nintendo 3DSPartyMario Tennis Aces2018Nintendo SwitchSports (Tennis)Super Mario Party2018Nintendo SwitchPartyLuigi's Mansion2018Nintendo 3DSAction-adventureSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate2018Nintendo SwitchFightingMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey2018Nintendo 3DSRole-playingNew Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe2019Nintendo SwitchPlatform (2D)Super Mario Maker 22019Nintendo SwitchPlatform (2D)Dr. Mario World2019iOSPuzzle2019AndroidPuzzleMario Kart Tour2019iOSRacing2019AndroidRacingLuigi's Mansion 32019Nintendo SwitchAction-adventureMario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 20202019Nintendo SwitchSports (Olympic Games)2020ArcadeSports (Olympic Games)Paper Mario: The Origami King2020Nintendo SwitchAction-adventure, role-playingSuper Mario 3D All-Stars2020Nintendo SwitchPlatform (3D)Super Mario Bros. 352020Nintendo SwitchPlatform (2D)Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit2020Nintendo SwitchRacingSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury2021Nintendo SwitchPlatform (3D)Mario Golf: Super Rush2021Nintendo SwitchSports (Golf)Mario Party Superstars2021Nintendo SwitchPartyMario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope2022Nintendo SwitchTactical role-playing
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Well, if you want, we can, like your girlfriends, indulge in this: he said in a hoarse whisper stuck in his throat. - Oh, daddy, and something is moving in your towel. embracing his neck with her right hand, she suddenly exclaimed, and with her index finger touched the top of the place where a terry.

Games ds mario

He said that he had come from Alexei Nikolaevich. - Okay, make yourself comfortable. I invited him into the room.

New Super Mario Bros. DS - All Power-Ups

From this movement, she spread her legs even wider, bent them at the knees and moaned: Bobby knew that he had to lick this bump and. Flopped on the bed between the scattered legs of his sister. With a sinking heart, he slightly plunged his finger into the hot vagina of his sister, at the same time he parted the folds with his tongue and licked the. Clitoris.

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Yesterday I decided eh. We parted for two long years. I didn't go to school and invited Goshenka to my place.

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