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where can i check the inventory value of friends?
i want to trade his inv for my old league acc. well i wanna know his inv value now and csgo.exchange seems to be down...

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The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store at Microsoft Edge Addons and at AMO. These release versions are usually updated every 1-2 weeks. If you have a browser that is not Chrome or Firefox don't worry, not all is lost. If you have a Chromium based browser like Opera, Ungoogled Chromium or Brave you should be able to install the Chrome version. I have even heard about a guy getting it to work on Android with Yandex browser, but I haven't tried it myself and I can't guarantee that it won't be buggy if it works at all like that. If you are on Safari, all is lost for you because I have no plan of porting it for your browser, Safari extensions work very differently and the work can't be justified.

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Steam Inventory Value

Steam Inventory Value

Have you ever wondered what’s your Steam inventory value ? Over time, you’ll accumulate items like trading cards that you can sell on the Steam Market and even earn money for new games. We’ve even shown before how you can earn Steam money with the items, so we could turn 10 euros into 175 euros. But even if you’re not so actively trying to increase the credit, the Steam inventory quickly becomes a value with which you can buy smaller games. And we want to show you how you can quickly check the value on Steam.

What is my Steam inventory value?

Of course, there is always the option to add everything up manually. But fortunately Steam offers interfaces so that other websites can use the data and compare it with the prices on the marketplace, making it much easier to handle. The value of your Steam Inventory can be calculated in a minute, no matter how big your inventory is.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First log in to Steam
  • Go to your profile via your profile name
  • Click on “Edit Profile” on the right side of the screen
  • In the tab “General” you will find your Steam ID under the item “Profile-Url”. Copy it. If you don’t have one yet, you can find the ID in the link below behind /id/
  • Switch to the tab “Privacy settings
  • Set the item “Inventory” to public
  • Go to the Steam.tools page
  • Enter your Steam ID at the top and click on “Fetch”
  • Now you can see all the items that are in your inventory under “Steam”
  • For example, if you are looking for CSGO crates, you need to click on the image of CSGO above and then click “Fetch” again
  • Change the currency if needed and turn on “Fees” if you want prices in Euro, you show your value after deducting the fees
  • There are some other setting options for more overview. Just try a little bit
  • Done!

This is how easy it is to find out how much your Steam inventory is worth. Even if you don’t have any ambitions to sell items, it’s still quite exciting to find out what has accumulated here. We were also surprised, but use it to earn more credits with CSGO crates and check the total value with one click. Try it also times. With us it was really worth it at the time!

Video tutorial:

Links with * are affiliate links. By purchasing via this link we receive a part of the purchase price as commission without any additional costs for you. This helps us to expand the offers available here for you! Thank you!

Sours: https://www.tutorial-guy.com/steam/steam-inventory-value-tutorial/

CSGO Inventory Worth – How to Calculate Your Skins Value?

If you have been playing CSGO for a while now, chances are that you’ve stacked up quite a lot of skins and other unique items in your inventory. As you may know, some skins are actually worth quite a lot of money, while others are worth less but are extremely more common. Maybe you’ve never tried to sell a single skin and now you want to know how much potential cash has stacked up in your bag and you want to determine your inventory value.

Fear not, as this blog post will make sure that you are aware everything you’re supposed to in order to calculate your Steam inventory value and see how much money you can possibly make on any market related to the game of CS:GO.

How to Calculate Steam Inventory Value

Before we dive in and see how the inventory value calculating process goes, let me cheer you up by saying that you won’t be forced to add up or calculate any numbers on your own. There are calculators that do this type of work for you. The things you have to do in order to set this up are simple and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. But still, we need to go over the steps and set you on the right path towards calculating your Steam inventory value and CS:GO inventory value in particular.

Choose an Online CS:GO Inventory Value Calculator

Sure, you could go the old-fashioned way and spend countless hours adding up the price of each of your skins in your Steam CS:GO inventory. However, there is a much easier way to do this online that is very safe and won’t compromise your valuable CS:GO skins and items. This includes Steam inventory value calculators. Some of the most popular choices you could try out include:

  • CSGO Backpack
  • CSGO Exchange

How to Use CSGO Inventory Worth Calculators?

Setting everything up and actually using a Steam inventory value calculator is pretty easy, given that you’ve set your Steam profile to public and located your Steam Trade URL. If you don’t know how to do this, let’s briefly explain how to set it up and move on to the next step. So, in order to get your Steam Trade URL, you need to do the following steps:

Locating Steam Trade URL

Step 1: Launch Steam

Step 2: Open your Steam profile and click on “Edit Profile”

Step 3: Go to “Privacy Settings” and set Steam Profile to “Public”

Step 4: Hover over your Steam Username and click on “Inventory”

Step 5: Click on “Trade Offers” and then on “Who can send me Trade Offers?”

Step 6: Find and copy your Steam Trade URL or create a new one

Calculating Steam Inventory Value

Now comes the part where you actually start seeing some hopefully impressive numbers. After you’ve copied your Steam Trade URL, you’re going to use it on one of these sites to check the value of your Steam and CS:GO inventory.

First, you need to log on to the sites using your Steam account. Don’t worry, as you don’t have to type in your Steam account credentials, simply click on the option to log in through Steam and you’re all good. For the ones that don’t require a log-in, you can use your Steam Trade URL as well.

If you log in with Steam, it’s best that you activate the Steam guard, as it will ask you to enter a code that you’ve received on your email. In this case, you can safely enter the site with your Steam profile.

After you’ve entered all the information you’re asked from the site, you can wait and check the available results in a short period of time, usually a few minutes. Make sure to select the CSGO items only for the specific inventory value calculations.

There is something else you need to be aware of so that you aren’t surprised once you finally check your total Steam inventory value. Some items from your CSGO inventory won’t be tradable or available to be sold on the Steam market. Because of this, they won’t be calculated into the total price at the end, even though they are inside your CSGO inventory. This is not a problem at all, it’s just nice to keep in mind to avoid any surprises regarding the price your skins and other items on your inventory list.

Who Has the Most Expensive Steam Inventory?

Did you know that many players have entire fortunes inside their CSGO and Steam inventory in general? It takes years to accumulate such amounts of worth and value in one’s inventory, and we felt it was important to share which are the top players that have the most expensive inventory value to show. Here they are:

  • Crying Raichu ($75.000) – A Chinese trader who knows his items.
  • Alex ($79.000) – Alex has a lot of valuable Gamma Doppler Knives, a few great Medusas, and an M4A4 Howl.
  • Joe  ($89.500) – Joe’s inventory is very impressive. This player’s profile isn’t public, but he owns a wide collection of valuable and unique knives.
  • Brother ($94.000) – Heading towards six figures, this Chinese player has highly expensive stickers and unique skins.
  • Quentin ($101.350) – Our first six-figure player owns more than 600 impressive knife skins. Enough to sell for even over $100.000.
  • .mops ($121.000) – This player gets most of his fortune from his extremely rare 4 AWP Dragon Lore skins. It was hard to find this information, as his profile isn’t public as well.
  • purotexnuk ($128.000) – A level 444 on Steam, this player owns too many skins to count, all rounding up to show $128.000.
  • ovaxere5645 ($156.000) – By the looks of his profile, this is the account of a trader who can make quite the fortune when they sell even one item from their collection. Such a collection is hard to find.
  • Pistike ($215.000) – One of the most impressive lists of items and an inventory value above $200.000. This is definitely something to show off with. This player has more than 100 AWP Dragon Lores to sell.
Sours: https://globalcsgo.com/guides/check-csgo-inventory-worth/

Value csgo inventory

Reveal Your CSGO Inventory Price in 3 Easy Steps

Some of us are full-fledged, active traders that know all ins and outs of CSGO skin trade. Others may know about some aspects of CSGO skin trading, but don’t consider themselves veteran traders. There are also people that never even thought about selling CSGO skins that they have laying around in their Steam inventory. Do you know what they all have in common? They can sell their unwanted CSGO skin for cash. But to do that, they would have to know how to estimate their skin inventory value.

In this post, we’ll focus on one topic: how to easily evaluate CSGO inventory price and do it in a way that will keep your Steam account’s personal data, and especially your Steam Web API key, secure. But, let’s start from the beginning. If you feel you know everything about CSGO inventory value and inventory worth you can skip that portion of the information.

How much is my CSGO inventory worth?

CSGO Inventory, or to be more precise a Steam inventory, is a list of all items and skins for all games owned by your account. If you have a particular game in your Steam library but have no skins for it, it will show as an empty inventory. To access your inventory, just log in to Steam, hover with your mouse over your account current nickname next to Community and choose Inventory from the bottom of the drop-down menu. This will take you straight to your Inventory.

Here, in your Inventory, all your items are categorized into games they are for. For example, all cards for Steam Card Collections will be held in “Steam”. Analogically, all skins and items for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be stored at CSGO bookmark. This view on your skins (or anybody else) also offers easy access to the information regarding the version of the skins. Normal skins have white borders, whereas knives and gloves are bordered in purple. Likewise, Souvenir weapons have yellow borders and StatTrak – orange. A little exclamation mark will be displayed on skins that have a custom name tag. This gives a bird-eye view on your inventory and can be helpful in certain cases, e.g. you want to sell all copies of AK-47 | Asiimov you have in your inventory except StatTrak one. Thanks to the border colors you will immediately spot any mistake you might have done. 

Clicking on any of the items will display all details in the window on the right. In case of weapon skins, these are the rarity class, weapon class, the name tag (if there’s one) exterior wear level, the immersive skin description, the name of the collection that particular skin comes from and the tags that identify the item. These tags are most helpful when used for advanced inventory filters. 

One quite important thing in regard to CSGO Inventory is that the newest items always appear on the top of the Inventory. This means, most items on the first page of an active CSGO Inventory are in an 8-day trade hold after the recent trade. You can always make sure by finding if the item is tradable in its tags.

Calculating your CSGO Inventory value?

The easiest way to calculate the total value of all your inventory items would be to use one of the Inventory Value CSGO calculators available online. However, it does not mean that your CSGO Inventory worth will be calculated precisely. Certain calculators omit certain items and skins or have outdated or incomplete data. Moreover, many calculators have no safety measures against market manipulation. Luckily, you can do it yourself – it’s really easy when you know how to do it. 

First of all, you’ll have to decide what market will be the decisive source of the market price. The easiest one would be Steam Community Market, mostly because there’s a ton of third-party markets that base on Steam in their own pricing. Moreover, you’ll get access to a number of very useful tools not available for most of the other skin markets, such as Steam Analyst or CSGO Stash. These tools help you track historical data regarding the pricing and volume of a particular skin. Now, take the average price for the last 30 days for each of the skins that you have in your CSGO Inventory. In case you have a freshly dropped skin from a collection or case that was introduced less than a week before, it’s better to wait a couple more days for the prices to stabilize a little. When you have the average prices for every item just add them together. The final number is your CSGO inventory value. However, please remember, no one will buy a skin from you on its market price, so to sell a skin you will always have to take other lower into consideration.

Is there a way to see private Steam Inventory worth?

Generally, your account’s details need to be public for the various applications’ APIs to get access to it. If your account is private, head to Steam account privacy settings and change it to the public. Those who feel sketchy about sharing all their data can breathe with ease. If you’re your aim is to only check your CSGO inventory worth, there are certain calculators that only need your inventory to be set to the public. We’ll talk about them in detail below.

Can you check the inventory worth of your friends?

You can check the inventory worth of your friends’ skins, however, you will have to be able to see it. To not add every item manually, in this case, it is best to use one of the online inventory worth CSGO calculators. To do that with someone else’s inventory, they have to set it to the public – the tool you want to use won’t see their inventory without some settings change. To adjust CSGO inventory visibility settings your friend will have to access his Steam account privacy settings mentioned above. Changing the Inventory visibility to Public and saving the changes should enable you to evaluate the inventory worth of your friend. Now, all you need to do is copy the link to your friend’s Steam account and paste it into the calculator of your choice.

Which are the best online CSGO Inventory Calculators?

If the downsides of third-party calculators are not deeming for you. there’s a wide array of tools you can use to estimate your CSGO inventory worth, even for a general outlook if not to plan any financial operations straight away.

In case setting your profile to fully public is not a problem, consider using Steam Database Calculator or Steam Calculator (yes, although the name is pretty much the same, these are two different things.) The main upside of both of these is that they are safely aligned to Steam’s API. Additionally, they will not only show your CSGO inventory price estimate but can also serve to deduce a general Steam Inventory value, in case you’re interested in selling your account in the future.

However, when you’re not alright with sharing all the info about your Steam games, you can set only your inventory to public. The most popular and trusted CSGO Inventory calculator seems to be the CS:GO Backpack. In addition, it has a database of items available on Steam Market with exact float parameters. There’s also Item Value Sorter, which can check upon the value of your inventory for several specific games aside from CSGO and has a rather minimalistic design. In the past, it was suspected to be a scam site, but it is supported by an active Steam Tools community and stood the test of time.

Evaluating your CSGO Inventory price in 3 steps

Now, as we already covered how you can use different calculators and how to evaluate your skins inventory manually, we feel we should talk about evaluating the actual price with the use of Skinwallet deposit function. After all, we already established that it is impossible to sell skins on their market price, as no one will buy them for such high prices. Skinwallet will evaluate your skins to show you how much money you may get for them instantly and for cash. That an important part, taking into consideration how hard and time-consuming selling a full CSGO inventory of skins may sometimes get. Now, calculating your item worth with Skinwallet is very easy. 

Step 1: Log in to Skinwallet

When you arrive at Skinwallet landing page there are three ways in which you can proceed with logging in: either click on one of the green buttons (“Sell your skins” on the top or “Get cash now”) or by clicking on “Sign in” option in the menu bar. This will open a window with different logging in options. 

skinwallet homepage

If you’re a first-time user, you will be asked to log in using your Steam account credentials. Don’t worry – our website is secure and all connections between the client and the websites are encrypted with an SSL certificate. Your browser should display a padlock icon next to the website address. If that is not the case, do not proceed and refresh the session. 

skinwallet log in window

The login window will open for you in the new browser window. It is a Steam community page, so it is 100% secure. Fill in your login and password for the account you want to trade from and sign in. Then, we will ask you to proceed to Skinwallet. 

steam log in window

Alternatively, you may also log in to Steam through your web browser beforehand and just proceed to Skinwallet from the login window. 

Step 2: Synchronize the accounts

To fully enjoy every feature of Skinwallet, you will have to fill in some of the details. Even though you have already shared your Steam account ID with us, we still need a piece of information and one change at your Inventory display. 

First, to properly display your Steam Inventory and trade with you, we need your Trade URL. You can find your current Steam Trade URL by going to your Steam profile in two ways. You can just go to Skinwallet settings page and click on ‘Find trade URL’ which will take you straight to your Steam Trade URL page. If you want to do it yourself, start by going to your Steam profile and click on Inventory. Then go to Trade Offers and pick the option that says ‘Who can send me Trade Offers?’. This will bring you to a window in which you can see your Trade URL and create a new one if you want to. Simply click on ‘Create New URL’ and you’re ready to go. Changing your Trade URL from time to time will stop unwanted people from accessing your current inventory. 

steam settings trade url

Whatever you decide to do, copy your Steam Trade URL and go to Skinwallet. Go to the settings page and paste your current Trade URL to blank labeled as Steam Trade URL in the account details. Remember to click on ‘Change details’ to save any changes to your account info. 

The second thing is, you have to set your Inventory to Public to trade with third-party sites through Trade URL. To change your inventory visibility, you will have to again refer to your privacy settings. 

steam privacy settings inventory public

Step 3: Reveal your inventory price

Finally, you’re ready to reveal your inventory price and trade your skins for real cash. Just go to Skinwallet while being logged in and your available inventory items should be visible in the deposit window. There will be the price we’re willing to pay displayed next to each skin. The prices change daily depending on the skin market, so if you find the price not satisfactory, you can always drop by the next day. Just remember that among all third-party sites that buy skins in bulk and offer instant payouts we’re the one that pays the best. 

Skinwallet deposit window with items chosen to sell


In this article, we learned a bit about skins prices and how to evaluate the CS GO inventory value in a couple of different ways. We also talked a bit about tools helpful in calculations. Now you’re ready to trade whenever you want. If you feel you are ready to proceed further, here is a short guide that may be helpful in case you want to sell CSGO skins.


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Sours: https://www.skinwallet.com/csgo/csgo-inventory-worth-steam-inventory-value/

Calculating The Steam Inventory Value

If you have tons of items in your game inventory, it could be very difficult to understand which of them actually have value. Some items you don’t really need now, some items you won’t need in a long time perspective.

So maybe instead of keeping them in your inventory you should get rid of them through item selling or exchanging? Seems like a good decision, isn’t it? And don’t forget there is an even better option to pay for services and products with your in-game skins and items!

Paying with skins is easy with Pay.Skins.Cash. You can pay for your favorite services — for example, Twitch — without extra commission. You can even buy games for skins, without wasting money on currency conversions. Read more on this topic in our ”Pay With Skins and Earn Real Money” article.

But hold on for a second! Before you pay with skins, you should know your Steam inventory value. This article will help you to define the value using Skins.Cash as an example. Let’s go!

Before you start, please double check that the site you’ve visited is real Skins.Cash.

!!! Remember, neither the site itself nor support will ask you for the account registered email, or password. You login only via Steam with a confirmation sent through Steam Mobile Authenticator, aka Steam Guard. Also check the URL in the address bar carefully, it should be https://skins.cash/ and there is no other spelling!

skins.cash login

After you are convinced that you are really on the right site, let’s move forward.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to find out the value of your inventory:

steam login

  • Click Steam Login to authorize yourself.
  • Confirm the authentication with Steam Guard.

If your account is not connected to Steam Guard, confirmation with an access code will be sent to your Steam account registration email

skins.cash trade url

Enter your Trade URL to let Skins.Cash check your inventory value steam. Do not confuse Trade URL with Steam Profile ID.

  • What is Steam ID? SteamID is a unique identifier for Steam account identification.
  • Steam trade URL is your personal link for sharing your skins with other players and services.

By providing it to the player/service, you need open access to your inventory.

steam trade url link

Due to Steam security policy, some of your skins may not be available for immediate exchange. Nevertheless, you can still find out your inventory worth.

OK, so make sure you have entered your Trade URL, otherwise, the service won’t be able to check your inventory:

  • Click Trade URL to land on your Steam account Settings and see your Trade URL
  • Copy and paste it to a relevant field

skins.cash correct trade url

Don’t forget that if you have a closed inventory, there will be an error and Skins.Cash won’t calculate the worth. The reason is quite obvious: the bot can not see your inventory while it is closed.

skins.cash private inventory

How to view a private Steam inventory?

In order to view a private steam inventory, you just need to follow the link to change your account’s privacy settings from Private to Public.

steam inventory private


How to make steam inventory public:

  • After landing on Steam’s Account Privacy Settings go to Inventory → Private page.
  • Switch from Private to Public there.

OK, now you can return to Skins.cash. Reload the page to see:

CS:GO inventory worth calculator

Find out the CSGO inventory worth by clicking the CS: GO switch and turning off all others. You can make the same actions with each game from the list in order to find out the value of the inventory of a particular game.

How to find out steam inventory value?

Select items by clicking Select All. After that, all your items will be highlighted and you’ll see your Steam inventory price. After evaluation, you can quickly and safely sell your skins. At the best price!skins.cash steam inventory value

Let’s find out who has the most expensive Steam inventory? Leave your screenshots with Steam inventory worth, and don’t forget to leave your steam profile URL in the comments!

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Click to sell your skins on Skins.cash and get cash instantly.

Sours: https://skins.cash/blog/steam-inventory-value/

Now discussing:

Check Your CSGO Inventory Worth and Steam Inventory Value Easily!

CS:GO is known to give you an adrenaline rush through its fast-moving gameplay, deep strategy and its extensive range of weapon skins collection. In this article we will show you how to check your CSGO Inventory worth easily! Don’t have CSGO Skins? Check your Steam Invetory Value in a few easy steps!

In April 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) recorded more 1.30 million concurrent players on Steam, representing its highest peak since the game was released in 2012. This sharp growth in players is no doubt in part due to the coronavirus pandemic which spread across the world at the beginning of 2020. As people from all over the world are growing accustomed to remote working, this crisis has inadvertently created an opportunity in the public domain to develop a new way towards managing their time for work and leisure at home. Meanwhile, new and existing CS:GO players continue to clock more hours to battle it out for supremacy with the world of CS:GO. Unsurprisingly, many individuals are interested in crafting their ideal in-game character with the ever growing collection of CS:GO items (in particular, weapon skins and stickers) in order to amplify their prowess to win every CS:GO match. These cosmetic virtual items could perhaps be one of the main highlights while playing CS:GO these days as well.

Although CSGO skins do not offer any tactical advantage to the player, these items are highly sought after by players for the uniqueness of the item as no one skin or inventory is the same. For instance, the legendary AWP Dragon Lore skin can be categorised into Factory New to Battle-Scarred conditions, depending on the frequency of its usage. On top of that, each Battle-Scarred AWP Dragon Lore skin does go through different wear and tear processes, making their patterns distinct from one another. Because of that, CSGO skins have developed a viable game economy within the Steam ecosystem over the years, as players realised that items in their CSGO inventory could be valuable in the eyes of CSGO skins collectors and seasoned players of the game. Some of them set out on a journey to collect rare CSGO skins with float values so close to the maximum Steam inventory value instead of their pristine Factory New counterparts, since the former may be more valuable. Others are seeking to show off their CSGO Inventory Worth to their teammates and rivals with a spanking new look with rare CSGO skins that are high in demand and price.

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Identifying the worth of your CSGO inventory

Many CSGO players today are unsure of how to check their Steam inventory value. Chances are, you may have stumbled upon instances where you may actually be holding a stash of rare CSGO skins that could give your CSGO inventory worth a boost in the Steam market, or instant cashout at reputable third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier. In order to get the most out of your CSGO skins, let us delve into several factors which could offer you a better insight on how to check your Steam inventory value, if you are keen to sell your CSGO skins this year.

The CSGO skin market has matured over the years since the introduction of the Arms Deal update from Steam back in 2013. It has gained immense popularity in the public domain. Before we begin identifying the Steam inventory value, we need to know that there are three key factors that you can refer to evaluate the worth of your CSGO inventory.

1st Factor – Skin Float Values

All skins in your CSGO inventory are subject to wear and tear, which adds an element of realism to the gaming experience. The amount of deterioration that is expected to occur as the CSGO skin ages is numerically assigned in the form of Skin Float Value (0.00 to 1.00). In total, CSGO skins are broken down into five deterioration levels, namely Factory New (0.00 to 0.47), Minimal Wear (0.07 to 0.15), Field-Tested (0.15 to 0.38), Well-Worn (0.38 to 0.45) and Battle-Scarred (0.45 to 1.00). Therefore, it is possible to determine the value of your CSGO skin by referring to its skin float value since they do affect the skin’s price. Although most people would prefer skins with lower float values are priced higher in the marketplace, there are some players who aims to build an inventory of highly worn out skins due to its unique wear-and-tear patterns. Nonetheless, there is a need to check the float value before you decide to sell your CSGO skins in the Steam Market or to individual collectors of worn out skins in the public domain.

2nd Factor – Skin Rarity

Another factor to look into is the rarity of the CSGO skin. Similar to float values, skin rarity is categorised into seven color-coded grades – from the most basic Consumer Grade (White), Industrial Grade (Light blue), Mil-Spec (Blue), Restricted (Purple), Classified (Pink), Covert (Red), Contraband (Orange), to the hyper rare Legendary (Gold) skins. With the exception of skins obtained from drops, most of the CSGO skins are acquired from cases that need a key (which is worth a price of $2.50 in the Steam value account) to unlock. To create a value in these CSGO skins, players do not get to choose what they will receive from these cases. Therefore, some players have turned to marketplaces to buy rare CSGO skins instead, since it will take a significant amount of effort, money and luck to build up one’s ideal CSGO skins inventory. Additionally, a CSGO skin created for popular weapons such as AK-47 or AWP do boast a price more than a skin for rarely used weapons.

3rd Factor – Skin special features

CSGO is a fair, yet competitive skill-based shooter game. If you’re not as skilled as your opponents, you may not be able to survive some tricky situations within the match. Unlike pay-to-win games like Call of Duty, your inventory value do not dictate your chances of victory or boost your profile in competitive matches.

Although your inventory of CSGO skins are purely for aesthetic purposes, there are two unique skin features which may outplay your opponents in the game that may even add to your “Steam Inventory value”. They are called StatTrak skins and Souvenir skins.

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Stattrak Skins

You would have probably noticed by now that some weapons are attached with a LCD number display counter, which is known as StatTrak. Basically, they allow the player who owns a StatTrak skin to display his or her number of kills by the weapon. Basically it is a high-profile way to brag about your kills in front of your opponents. However, it is worth noting that the StatTrak counter will reset to zero if the StatTrak skin is detached or sold to another player. Frag records will be removed from the skin as the item is transferred to another player’s profile, eliminating any chances of the new skin owner from taking advantage of the past owner’s glory. Nevertheless, StatTrak features can still make out a greater value for CSGO skins due to their ability to display frags, thus you may consider equipping your skin with StatTrak before you sell them, since they do influence your CSGO inventory worth.

Souvenir skins

The other feature of the CSGO item which can make the price of a CSGO skin list at a higher value is known as the Souvenir skin. These exclusive skins are redeemable from souvenir packages that are only dropped during special events such as Majors and other Valve-sponsored CSGO tournaments. More often than not, they are accompanied by a set of limited edition stickers which are pasted on these skins. The most expensive skin ever sold in CSGO history is probably the AWP Dragon Lore souvenir skin with attached Boston Major 2018 stickers (it went at a value of $61,000), as well as an affixed signature of Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham. Many players who intend to sell their CSGO skins on Steam often apply valuable stickers onto skins in a bid to increase the value of the CSGO skin

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How to sell your CSGO skins & Determine Steam Inventory Value

Now that you have a better understanding to check and find the potential value of a CSGO skin, it will be necessary to find several ways to sell your CSGO skins once you are ready. Contrary to popular belief, CSGO players are actually given an avenue to sell their CSGO skins for real money. There are a handful of reputable third-party CSGO skins marketplace which allows you to sell or find the right buyer securely, in exchange for US dollars and even cryptocurrencies of value like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). There is a list of options for CSGO players to trade or sell CSGO skins for instant cashout or a higher-tiered skin, but we will be going through three of the more commonly used methods.

Private Offers: One of the most direct ways is to find sellers for your CSGO skins through Steam or elsewhere online. While this Peer-to-Peer approach may be risky, since a level of mutual trust is needed between the buyer and the seller, this method will work just fine if you have the negotiation skills required for such deals for your items. 

Steam Market: Another way to sell your CSGO skins is through the official Steam Community Market. The Steam Market is a great place to sell your item directly through your Steam account, but similar to private offers, you may encounter good buyers or bad Steam inventory value, depending on your luck. Unfortunately, the sale made from the Steam inventory is non-withdrawable. Profits made through the Steam market will be directly deposited into your Steam account, which you can only use to purchase other items within the Steam inventory itself.

Third-Party Marketplaces: Alternatively, there are several external marketplaces aside from Steam that are created to help with the sale of your CS:GO inventory, or items. While you have to perform your due diligence and make sure that you do not risk your inventory on a scam site, reputable marketplaces like SkinCashier allows you to safely sell CSGO skins instantly and securely. Also, third-party marketplaces allow sellers to cashout instantly into their Paypal, Skrill and other payment accounts. Some marketplaces like SkinCashier even allow sellers to exchange their profits into cryptocurrencies. Yes, your inventory value can be used for investment purposes too!

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Your CSGO Inventory might be worth more than you think!

Fortunately for CSGO players, you can finally please your loved ones by declaring that you can actually earn from your game inventory while playing the popular first-person shooter game this year, in the face of an ongoing pandemic. The list goes on when it comes to the underlying perks that you can get to enjoy while playing the game and executing trade orders with an inventory of CSGO skins. The weapon skin trade is a highly lucrative market in the gaming ecosystem, as your inventory can be sold for real money over intermediary marketplaces like Skincashier. If you are curious and would like to check the value of your existing inventory, there are several Steam calculators available online which can determine your value Steam account.

One of the most popular Steam calculator tools to check your Steam inventory value is available for public use. Known as SteamDB, it offers an estimate to your Steam inventory value. To find out the estimate, you will need to input your Steam Profile URL and your preferred currency, you will be able to check the account value Steam has in store for you, or your inventory value. After your check of your profile and inventory, you will be able to proceed with deciding the items that you would like to trade or sell via the aforementioned methods.

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