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And the Challenge Begins

Today's project is also a part of a challenge hosted by Cricut. I'm participating as part of a team of amazing bloggers and challenged to create a monthly project. This month's challenge project was to create a project using my Cricut machine to make either a home decor or a paper craft project (hello, why yes, these are paper frames decorating my home?). My team also was required to come up with our own theme to go along with the challenge. This was really tricky because most of us don't know each other so we spent half out time trying to connect and find out who was who and who was where. But we are on our way now!

We are Cricut Team 5 < crowd cheers! >  Because we are Team 5, we decided to make something with the focus on the number 5 for our first Cricut challenge. So, my fridge frame project is actually a 5 fridge photo frame decor set – although you could make your own 1 single frame or maybe 15 frames. 5 also happens to work great for me because we are a family of 5. Handy huh? I've created this home decor project using a fabulous thick, textured cardstock, my own digital art doodles and my Cricut Explore.

What do you think?


Drawn and cut on the Cricut Explore


Making fridge frames with my Cricut


I'd love to hear what you think about this Cricut project.  I'd really get excited if this inspires you to make your own frames too. Right now my frame designs aren't available in the Cricut Design Space – they will be soon!  So in the meantime, check out all the frame frame designs available in the Cricut Library and make your own awesome fridge photo frames! Check back later and I'll share some printables and project files of my own design for you to use.

Cricut IMadeIt Challenge

Now about that chance to win a Cricut Explore – Oh Yes!

Every Day until the end of July, Cricut is GIVING AWAY a brand new Cricut Explore.

To be entered for your chance to win:

  1. Upload a photo of ANY project you’ve created (with or without a Cricut machine)
  2. Tag#cricut and #imadeit on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  3. Tag me in your post so Cricut knows you heard about this from me. (Facebook @100directions, Twitter @jgoode, Instagram @jgoodedesigns)

For more information, see these posts for official rules and FAQ.

More projects from Cricut Team 5:

More Cricut Resources:


Disclaimer: Although I was not directly compensated by Cricut, this post is being considered for a prize.  This post contains affiliate links.

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Cricut Fish Extender Ideas – Cruise Picture Frame

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

If you find yourself embarking on a Disney Family Cruise, you will want to check out some Disney Fish Extender groups.  If you own a Cricut machine, you are automatically thinking of creative Cricut Fish Extender ideas to make for these families that you have never met. This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Cricut Fish Extender Ideas

If you you have stumbled across this post, there is a good chance that you have heard of Disney Fish Extenders.  Years ago a group of families who were traveling on a Disney Cruise decided to do a gift exchange.  Now the tradition has taken place for years.  In order to participate, social media makes it easy to search for someone who has organized the exchange or you can choose to organize your own.

Cricut Fish Extender Ideas

If you are looking to create a cute family gift to give to cabins participating in your fish extender, you might want to create a Cruise Picture Frame with a double mat board.  It is pretty simple to create and there are lots of different ways you can do it. I considered cutting out my images on the top mat board to let the colored mat board show through it.  In the example and instructions below, I am going to use a technique where you apply Heat Transfer Vinyl to cardstock.

What you need:

Cricut Explore Air 2
Easy Press 2
Two colors of card stock (I used white and red)
Heat Transfer Vinyl (Tuxedo Sampler is perfect)
Cricut images using Access (or your own images)
Mat Board – Green
Cricut Rotary Cutter
Weeding Tool
Black pen
Black 8 x 10 Frames from Dollar Tree or Bulk from Amazon

  1.  First, you will want to create your design. I used Cricut Access images of a boat and an anchor.  Creating a Mickey with Cricut Shapes I used the slice method to cut the Mickey out of the ship. Then I used the Weld tool to add the Mickey on the top of the anchor. You can use my pre-made design if you would like. You just need to change the family name.
  2. Choose the rectangle and using the unlock button create your sizes.  You can use other rectangles for your slots for your picture or your layered mat.  You can use my template I created and published on my Cricut Project Profile page if you like my exact sizes and design.
    Using a writing font on a mat board being created with Cricut Explore Air 2.
  3. Using a Writing Font create your text and use the Attach Tool to be sure it is attached to the Mat you want your text to appear.
  4. When you go to cut, be sure every layer is a different color.
  5. After you cut your cardstock layers turn your mat upside down and peel the mat keeping the cardstock flat.
    Applying Heat Transfer Vinyl or Cricut Iron On to Cardstock
  6. When cutting your HTV, you will want to mirror it and if using glitter HTV I would suggest using the Custom setting.
    Weeding Glitter HTV Vinyl to apply to a Frame as a Disney Fish Extender Gift.
  7. Time to press.  You will want to use your heat at 290 degrees for 30 seconds after a 5 second preheat with a warm peel.  Be sure to apply pressure when heating.Heat Transfer Vinyl on Cardstock using the Easy Press 2
  8. Adding your heated design to the frame.  Just be sure to wipe down any frame imperfections and if gifting the frame it will be best to apply the brackets so that the frame is ready to be hung up.Cricut Fish Extender Ideas - Cruise Picture Frame

After doing a little research other ideas that people came up with was to deliver these frames with a pen for them to be signed by characters.  Another idea, which I plan to do, is to add the Cruise Ship Name and the dates at sea.

Cricut Fish Extender Ideas - Cruise Picture Frame

If you are looking for another Fish Extender gift idea or something cute to wear to your next Disney Adventure, check out my Mickey Cricut Leather Earrings.

We hope you enjoy watching our TikTok Video below!


Ever been on a Cruise? Step by Step tutorial with links to my #Cricut Profile #ontheblog. #diy#cricutcreated#craft#disney#CricutPartner

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