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RetroSix is a small team of people who have been in the gaming industry and retail business since , and sold consoles, controllers and even designed our own controllers and consoles.

Putting that expertise to good use, we decided to start RetroSix; a small team of people passionate about retro gaming, and restoring original consoles to like-new, adding our own twist and style to them and in general bringing a modern twist to retro.

Experience the nostalgia without the limitations of old and outdated hardware.

So many things these days are mass produced, not designed to last, and make as cheap as possible for as much money as possible. We started RetroSix not as a mass market business, instead with the aim of perfection. Recreating moulds of original shells, casting them from quality ABS, redesigning hardware such as power supplies, USB-C, audio and more, to upgrade your consoles to the highest quality available. No cheap junk sold for profit.

All restoration work, modifications, improvements and so on are done in the UK, in-house by hand and all attention to detail and care is taken for every order. You can be assured that your order has been inspected not only by a real person but someone who knows about and is excited by gaming and retro, and no sub-par product leaves our doors.


In we partnered with Hand Held Legend in the USA, HIMITSUNOVA in Japan and Perth Retro Gaming in Australia. In we partnered with RetroReiZ in Germany and The Retro Game Corner in Ireland. We believe partnering with other likeminded companies is a great way to help each other out and ultimately make products that are better for the end consumer. Check them out at 







Tito from Macho Nacho productions recently posted a video about another new IPS screen mod for the Game Boy Color called the &#;Q5&#;.  This screen is the largest ever released for the GBC and performs well, however it requires a lot of case cutting;  Please use an aftermarket shell and don&#;t ruin an original (more info below):

GBC Q5 IPS Backlit Screen (may be available from other vendors as well)
Replacement Housings from Amazon

While I&#;m always a huge fan of innovation and new products, unfortunately, it seems like there&#;s a new GBC/GBA screen released almost every week.  It&#;s really hard to tell which is the best fit for your needs&#;or even which screens (if any) are originals or clones!  Luckily, we can rely on Tito to vet quite a few of these for us, but as a general suggestion, I&#;d always recommend using an aftermarket case.  Please remember that once these original shells are cut, there&#;s no reverting the plastic back to its original form.  With all of these screen enhancements being released, it&#;s totally plausible that you&#;d cut plastic today that you&#;ll need tomorrow, so always aim for aftermarket plastic, or #nocutmods

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Game Boy Color IPS LCD

has been the year of the COLOR without a doubt. It&#;s gone from having the AGS mod made by BennVenn. To suddenly 4 new &#;drop-in LCDs&#;. Now China has come along with the first (other than one on Taobao) full-size IPS LCD version but is it what we have all been praying for&#;.?

What you get in the box:

  • inch IPS LCD
  • IPS to GBC ribbon adaptor
  • Touch Sense Wire
  • Front adhesive for holding the LCD in place
  • Insulating square for the rear of the LCD

On the face of it, this looks almost identical as the kits that are sold for the Game Boy Advance and SP but with the added touch sensor and a ribbon arranged in an orientation to suit the console its aimed towards and its portrait, not landscape.

I know what your all gonna ask&#; That&#;s a huge LCD for the size of the image the color needs? Yes yes, it is! we&#;ll get back to this later

and there is it. The image measures around 43mm x 38mm similar to the stock image, maybe just a smidge bigger.

The Install:

This isn&#;t a tutorial on how to install it, others will or have already done a posh video on how to do it, but I will show you a trick or two that some fail to mention like most typical youtube videos

So as you might be able to tell this isn&#;t going to be a drop-in install at all. In fact the just the opposite. It might get messy so buckle down.

So I dusted off the old GBC jig I made when I had to mill every single GBC shell AGS mods which were a royal pain in the ass. So I set about machining the areas that needed it for the LCD to fit. You can do this with some side cutters or a knife but it might take you a while as there is a lot to get rid of.

here is a better view of what you need to remove. Top and bottom of the screen housing, some of the IR port holder thingies and some out of the Dpad housing bit.

As you can see above that&#;s what you need it to look like to get the LCD installed

Now you can buy some 3d printed spacers from a popular Game Boy retailers to help you install it or download from Thingiverse. I&#;ll be coming up with a solution shortly to help with that if people would like it.

So I carried on with the build and all was well until I first test fitted a glass lens to find that the LCD image was to low to the suit the glass

This is because of the IR plastic install forces the LCD off the top of the Game Boy shell.

The IR Plastic was forcing it around 2mm lower, but in order for the image to be higher, the LCD needs to sit hard up against the top. This might vary between shells manufactures because they are all a little different. You can see from this image what&#;s happening:

So that was no good, I needed to tweak it so the LCD could move up. I had to do a bit of creative trimming to the IR port to free up a little room

I had to remove most of the lower and left-hand side to get it to sit right. Leaving the very top so the IR would be held in by the rear half of the shell once fitted

So with the LCD hard against the top, the image is now ok-ish. It could still benefit from a bit more but I can live with it for now.

Other than that the build went ok, I but the back half on and screwed it up and applied a glass lens. I&#;ve never owned a yellow one till now, plus the yellow on black pops

The Tests:

So images quality as per the Game Boy Advance is really high, it&#;s 4 to 1 pixel ratio so its super crisp, bright and sharp. I have seen no tearing or frame drops while playing.

Consumption tests of this LCD were nothing short of staggering, for such a large LCD it was really efficient across all of the brightness ranges

The test were all done with no volume and no game, just powered on, Game will obviously bring down the run time a lot.

Run Time is a rough calculation from the average consumption through the range using mAH batteries. Games and Everdrives etc will have a large effect on the run times.


My Conclusion

The saying goes:

One step forward and two steps back


I thought I was finished with having to heavily mod shells to get things to fit. The &#;drop-in mod&#; has made the world of GBC easy in , yes the image was a little smaller but does the full-size LCD really mean we have to go back to shell mods to get things to work? and trimming down the IR is a pain in the ass as well. These LCDs will look iffy in a clear build also, you will see lots of the LCD and also it will suffer from some light bleed around the edges of it. This will be visable through a translucent shell.

The extra modding to the shell all comes from the fact the LCD is so large when it doesn&#;t have to be, there must be a more suitable size LCD on the market to make things a lot easier.

Another thing that I dislike about the IPS LCD’s is they are a little too good. It&#;s so sharp and so crisp it almost feels like emulation. Put it this way, it&#;s like watching a VHS on a 4K TV!

I would really like to see some scanlines added to give the effect of older LCD’s but still retain the quality, this is a really nice feature that Ben and Mcwill have on there Game Gear and Lynx LCDs which I prefer.

but with all that being said, if you a fan of the IPS in the Game Boy Advance and you can only have a full image size Game Boy Color then this is the only mod for you. If the image size is not a problem then I would stick with the “drop-in” mods out there.

Hope you have found this helpful



Game Boy Color OSD Q5 IPS LCD Backlight Kit Review

I know this has already been out for a while now, but better late than never – even though there’s a second version of the Q5 kit that has a pre-laminated glass lens. Now, I’ve been trying to be up to date with the latest versions of backlight kits for the Game Boy and essentially the Game Boy Color. There’s even a new Funnyplaying kit, the Retro Pixel Q5 IPS LCD Kit. It seems like there are always new backlight kits being released for the Game Boy color and other Game Boys. That’s one reason why I love the Game Boy modding community, but at the same time, it always seems the new released kits are always called the best kit to get.

The OSD Q5 IPS LCD (V1) kit looks great and gives the Game Boy a nice, big screen that’s bigger than the v3 IPS kit and any other kit out there. That’s always a plus in my book, having a nice, big screen. For me the big screen makes the colors more vibrant and pop more. And yes, it is the same size as the new Funnyplaying GBC Retro Pixel Q5 IPS LCD Kit. The OSD Q5 IPS LCD kit is made by HISPEDDLDO. You can find the kits at Retro Repair Shop, Hand Held Legend, AliExpress and other places. The Game Boy Color kit was a review unit provided by the AliExpress shop called Best Service&cheapness, which retails at $ – if you want a pre-cut shell. The pocket one I bought from them before the color kit was available retails at $ – again, if you want a pre-cut shell.

This is what comes in the package: a piece of 3m tape to use to permanently install the screen (which also helps prevent dust from getting underneath), a LCD screen, the PCB that has the color palette control tab and screen brightness scroll tab (which also has pads for A, B and Select that have to have wires soldered to them to the Game Boy’s motherboard to use the on-screen display feature), a ribbon to connect the PCB to the Game Boy’s motherboard, a new glass lens for the bigger screen and wires. You could also use a 3D-printed bracket for an easier install, and you don’t need to solder anything if you choose not to. Yes, soldering up does give you the on-screen display commands being able to adjust the screen positions, change the background color, and even make custom color with the red, blue,  and green options. There’s even a battery indicator; however, it doesn’t work, which is the only downside to this kit that I have found.

Now, there is a version of this kit also for the Game Boy Pocket, and it includes all the same things, and it also installs almost the same way, but it requires one extra step.

To install the kit, trim the opening of the screen to make it fit the larger screen with some cutters and clean it up, add the 3m tape if you want to prevent dust from getting in between the screen and glass lens, solder up the control commands to the Select, A, and B buttons, connect the PCB to the screen (carefully making sure not to damage the connector), add the ribbon, then put it in the front half of the shell. Then, to be safe, add a piece of kapton tape on the chip or components so there’s no shorting when the Game Boy is shut. Connect it to the Game Boy’s motherboard, then screw back up the Game Boy, and you’re all set to enjoy your new and improved Game Boy Color. For the pocket version, you have to do one extra step, when soldering up the wires; you have to solder up the power to the second pin to the power switch; otherwise, the screen won’t work.

I have to say that these kits are definitely an improvement over the V3 IPS kits, which I’m not a fan of because the screens are way more fragile. Plus, there’s no need to cut a piece of the D-pad off to make room for the screen. I’m looking forward to when there’s an updated V2 version for the Game Boy Pocket that already has a pre-laminated glass lens so installing it is easier.

The Q5 kit is definitely the way to go for backlight kits. Having a number of different kits, I can easily say it’s the way to go. The bigger screen does help with the vibrant colors, and the Game Boy Color and Pocket have never looked better. Once you get used to the OSD button combination, it’s easy to bring up and use. Like other kits, they keep and remember the brightness level that was set before you turned off the unit. I give the Q5 (v1) kit a 7/10 as I’m loving it, even with the few minor flaws, while I’m replaying lots of my favorite games, like all the Pokemon and Zelda games, Donkey Kong Land, Dragonborne, Deadeus and Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. I wish the kit’s battery indicator feature worked right and didn’t always show a full battery, but it was fixed in the updated laminated color Q5 kit, so I’m glad about that.

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Let's Install A Backlit IPS Screen In a Gameboy Color - How To

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