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Average Product Analyst Salary in Indonesia

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The average salary for a Product Analyst is Rp ,,

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What Do Product Analysts Do?

A product analyst is a specific type of business analyst involved in their employer's strategic review and planning process, analyzing existing products and potential new products the firm may wish to bring to market. The product analyst generally works for a single firm, though they may sometimes be hired on as independent consultants or contractors by companies seeking the viewpoint of an outsider. These professionals are found in many industries, meaning different skills and ranges of …Read more

Product Analyst Tasks

  • Partner with product managers and clients to identify, document, and evaluate product requirements and roadmaps.
  • Analyze data to provide recommendations and reports on existing and prospective products.
  • Create, maintain, and update product information, and act as an expert internally and externally.
  • Perform user test sessions and market surveys to inform product development teams.

Gender Breakdown

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Common Health Benefits


Act as an ambassador for the product internally and externally, and as the primary technical contact for queries related to the applications when it comes to Technical Debt.

March 13,

Understanding of systems engineering concepts, including ability to quickly learn what applications are being utilized, what new possible outcomes can be achieved through current platforms, and what the latest technology offers.

March 29,

Assist with the communication between the business units and IT from initial requirements through to final implementation, as well as with business process redesign and documentation, as required for new technology.

April 06,

Create requirements and/or epics containing detailed use cases for internal and external consumption as well as work with other product managers and architects to finalize feature designs and reviews.

May 04,

Develop appropriately detailed specifications and Acceptance Criteria for business enablement, technology enablement and tech debt features so that they are clearly understood by the development teams.

May 31,

Participate in product design activities, wireframes, flow charting, and mockups that generate user friendly solutions that provide clear end-user benefits and differentiation from competitor products.

June 02,

Demonstrated financial management skills with ability to perform analysis that will deliver incremental value through support of product and pricing initiatives.

June 05,

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Business analyst salary product

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