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— Quarantine // h.s.

This was a request! Hope you like it!

Warnings: Language, implications of adult activities


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March 1st 2020

Today was the happiest day of your life. You married your best friend in the world, with your closest friends and family present. You thought the day Harry asked you to marry him was going to be your all time high, but you now realise that nothing would ever compare to saying I do. You got married in Harry’s hometown. A sort of destination wedding for you and your family and a local one for him and his. 

“Hey Mrs. Styles.” you feel his arms wrap around you. You are standing in the bathroom of your honeymoon suite. Wrapped in just a towel steam fogging up the mirror from the shower the two of you had just taken.

“Oh god Harry, I don’t know if I can go by that. That is what I called your mom when we first started dating. It just seems weird.” you laugh and lock eyes with him through the reflection.

“Well that’s too bad. When you agreed to marry me you agreed to become Mrs. Harry Styles, so that’s what I am calling you from now on.” He teases you kissing your neck at the same time. 

“Babe.” You whine

“Yes Mrs. Styles?” you shoot him a look “Maybe this will help. Mrs. Styles,” a kiss on your neck “Mrs Styles,” another this one a little higher, “Mrs Styles.” This time you grab him and put his lips on yours.

“Yeah definitely helping.” you sigh into him.

March 10 2020

You had just gotten back to LA from your honeymoon last night. Harry had gotten up early to go to some meetings about Love on Tour. So you are home alone. You have the TV on as you fold laundry from your trip. 

“Breaking news, the Covid-19 virus has spread and more countries are shutting down, banning all travel.” the news anchor explains. You stop and look at the TV. Watching as the report goes on explaining what’s happening.

March 13 2020

“Breaking news, the Covid-19 virus has spread and the President of the United States has declared a state of emergency, issuing a stay at home order for all non essential personnel.” three days ago this had seemed a world away, here it was now on your front doorstep. You and Harry sit and watch the new anchor go into more details. After the report you turn off the TV. Harry has his arms around you but you lean in closer if possible.

“This is scary bub.” you say out loud, breaking the silence and speaking what is on both of your minds. Harry just nods his head and then smiles 

“Guess what though angel?” 

“What’s that bub?”

“It’s like our honeymoon has been extended.” you shake your head smiling.

“That is true I suppose.” you pretend to think about it “I don’t know though, I might not feel the same now that there is no sun, or sand, or ocean, or Mai Tai in my hand.” you tease

“Well the Mai Tai thing we can fix, but I am sure you won’t be saying any of that here in a minute.” he smirks picking you up and making you squeal.

April 27 2020

You and Harry were fighting. Again. It feels like the 20th time in the last week that the two of you had gone at it. He is stressed and you are stressed and you both are sick of being cooped up in the apartment, that honestly was a bit to small for the two of you but it originally only had to work for a few weeks before Love on Tour was supposed to kick off, and while he was away you were going to go house shopping. Obviously that hadn’t happened. The current pandemic caused everything to go wrong. 

“I just don’t understand why you would do that!” Harry yells 

“That is how I have always done it, before we were together, and since we’ve been together.” you retort with an equal volume. 

“Well maybe that’s our problem, maybe we shouldn’t be together.” well that was a new statement. Your eyes go wide. Harry’s do to the moment he realises what he said. “Angel-” He starts but you cut him off.

“Please don’t call me that right now.” You say almost in a whisper trying to hold back tears. “ I need some time alone.” You say walking to your bedroom. You shut the door and that is when you let the tears go. 

It’s a little while later when there is a soft knock on the door. 

“Y/N?” you had stopped crying about an hour ago and are just trying to figure out what you want to say to him.  You walk over to the door and unlock it revealing Harry who looked as if he had been crying as well. You yourself are in one of his sweatshirts that is far too big for you but makes you feel as though he is hugging you. Stepping to the side you let him in. “Y/N.” He reaches out to hug you and you brush past him. 

“We need to talk.” you state, he nods.

“Angel you know I didn’t mean what I said.” He tests out the pet name and you allow it, so he continues. “I was upset over literally nothing that you have done, I was just taking my stress out on you which is 100% unfair of me.”

“Yes it is unfair to me. But Harry you can’t say things like that. Do you want to get divorced?” you question and he looks at you like you grew a second head. 

“Is that a joke? Absolutely not.” 

“Then you can never say something like that again. Unless you plan on getting a divorce-” 

“Never going to happen.” he cuts you off

“As I was saying unless you plan on getting a divorce we can’t say things like that to each other. Harry I literally felt like I couldn’t breathe and that you didn’t want me for a while.” tears start rolling again. This time when Harry reaches out to you, you let him hold you “I love you so much and to hear you say those words nearly broke me bub.” you feel something hit the top of your head and look up to see Harry crying as well.

“I am so sorry love. You are my everything and I never want to make you feel that way okay? I love you so very much.” He kisses your forehead and the two of you fall asleep like that.

July 1st 2020

“Hey there to the lovely couple!” Jimmy Fallon says as you sit in front of your computer. 

“Hi Jimmy.” 

“‘Ello Jimmy.” 

“How are the two of you doing? Staying healthy?” Jimmy asks and you let Harry answer

“Yeah we are.” Harry smiles and answers

“What have been your favorite things to do while stuck at home?” He asks this time you answer

“We have being doing a lot of cooking and baking and then a lot of working out to equalize all of the cooking and baking.” you answer with a laugh Harry nods his head agreeing with you

“Y/N has also really gotten into TikTok. She tries to get me to do them with her but I haven’t broken yet.” 

“Ah yes young people things.” Jimmy laughs and the two of you laugh with him “Y/N I have to ask, what was it like on that beach with your husband eroctically eating watermelon?” 

“Just that Jimmy eroctic.” Harry goes red as you and Jimmy laugh some more. 

“Okay honesty time you two, have things been completely smooth sailing at the styles’ household?”

“Oh god no.” you answer immediately

“Yeah no, but that’s to be expected. We only saw each other for two months and then after that we were still seeing each other almost every single hour of every single day.” Harry expands on your answer

“Yeah, I love him with my whole heart but we had never spent time like that together and honestly if this hadn’t happened we may never have. I am almost glad for the pandemic in that sense, because I knew that I loved him but now I know him on a whole new level and I can say that I will never be able to love anyone the way that I love Harry Styles.” you look over at Harry and see that he has teared up “Oh come on Styles don’t go soft on me now.” you joke and kiss his cheek

“Okay I have one more question and it is mainly for you Y/N.”

“Alright, hit me.” you say

“What made you decide to change your name. A lot of celebrities keep their name when they get married but you decided not to, why?” you had been expecting this question

“It really came down to the fact that I want to have the same last name as my husband and our children someday to not wonder why mommy has a different last name than them, or why daddy had a different last name. The more we thought about it the more it made sense. If companies don’t want me to model for them simply because I don’t have the same name I did when I rose to fame, why should I be working with them at all.” Jimmy nods as if what you are saying makes sense

“Alright thank you for zooming with me today.” Jimmy says to you and Harry

“Thanks for having us Jimmy.” Harry says smiling and turns off the camera then he turns to you “Have I told you recently how much I adore you?” 

“It doesn’t hurt to hear it.” You smile at him

“Well I love you so much and I think you are the most amazing woman I have ever met.”

“Your not so bad yourself Mr. Styles.”

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sunshine, temptress

Hi everyone. You’ve probably noticed that I have been lacking in content over the past year as well as not being as active on this account. I haven’t had the motivation or inspiration to write for Harry for a long time so continuing to force myself to do so doesn’t seem helpful for me.

My time on this blog has come to an end, and I think it ended a long time ago but I pressured to myself to keep pushing on. I’m so grateful for everyone who read and enjoyed my writing, it really means more to me than you will ever know. Writing is one of my biggest passions and I really enjoyed getting to share it with all of you. I think I have just outgrown Harry and my time spent obsessing over him is not non-existent. This has nothing to do with any of his actions or relationships, I still look up to him and consider him one of the most respectable human beings.

My blog will still be kept up and all of my writing that is currently posted will be available to read. Thank you so much for your support. I hope you can understand why I’m deciding not to write things that are related to Harry anymore. Feel free to still message me on this blog if you want, I’ll always respond.

Thank you again. I hope you all stay happy and healthy.


umadirectioner asked:

Then God, I hope to endure so much anxiety by then! Please don't forget to add me to the master list of the series if you create any! In fact, you have a great writing, I've read everything from your blog 😂😁

Aww thank you so much that means a lot! I will definitely add you to the tag list of the new series!

The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you’ll think I am after you watch this video. 

Level: Expert

Happy decoding! 

umadirectioner asked:

Hey Abby, I found your blog by chance! I can't wait to start Detective Harry posts! I hope you're safe, good weekend. All the love Ana 🧡

Thank you so much Ana and same to you!! Hopefully detective Harry will come out at the end of this month/beginning of next 🤞I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

mellamolayla asked:

False god was so well written! Better than the actual movie 😌

Thank you so much!! I was kinda hesitant to post it because I thought people wouldn’t like it but I’m really glad you enjoyed it 💗

“but loneliness is an ocean full of travelers, trying to find their place in the world; but without friendship, we are all lost and left with no hope, no home, no harbor.”

chasm2018: “Seattle 7/7/2018 Photography by me, editing by @lithographarry​ Please do not repost or edit without credit ”

Seattle 7/7/2018

Photography by me, editing by @lithographarry​

Please do not repost or edit without credit

Harry Styles in cardigans 

Harry in Italy today - August 31

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i. art.

in which harry is impossible to describe.

Harry was almost always an early riser.

Always up with the sun to work out, or get into the studio early, to make her breakfast, to make phone calls.

Sometimes, she’d wake up just a short while after him and wander downstairs to find him at the coffee table, golden light shining through the steam rising from his hot coffee, his knees curled up to his chest in a chair facing one of their great glass windows, pen between his teeth, battered leather notebook leaning against his thighs, curls sticking up in all the wrong places. She could watch him like that for days, pressed up against the wall silently as so not to disturb him. An artist at work. A boy with an idea so good, he had to get out of bed just to put it on paper, to record his flowing lyrics and mesmerizing rhymes by the light of the only just rising sun, his face still puffy with sleep, features still peaceful and soft, pen scribbling over the empty space in front of him, fingers tapping out a still unheard beat on his leg.

But sometimes, there were very rare days. Days where he let himself relax, no alarm, no phone calls, no writing. Days where he let himself forget the schedules and throw off his natural (albeit alien) circadian rhythm to let himself stay in the warmth of their shared space. She loved waking up in the weight of his embrace, or with her cheek pressed to his heart, and knowing they had more time to drift together, to let the calls go to voicemail and force the guitars collect even just a thin layer of dust.

And there were rarer days still. Days where she found her eyes drifting open and his still laid shut, squares of gold falling on his cheeks through the open spots in the blinds, lighting up the shades of caramel and cocoa that littered the loose curls on his head, laying down gently over his forehead as he nuzzled into the pillow he had his arms tucked around.

It was always so hard to resist the urge to reach out and trace all the curves of his face, to run her fingertips over those cheekbones, that nose, that cupid’s bow, that jawline.

He was her boyfriend— she knew him, inside and out, knew his weaknesses and strengths, his flaws, however numbered they may be. But sometimes, watching him take slow breaths, berry red lips just slightly parted, spread out on his belly, it felt impossible to believe he was anything but art. Carved by Michelangelo himself, belonging in the Louvre alongside David and Venus. An angel, maybe, sculpted by some higher being, brought to her accidentally, since there’s no way she could ever deserve someone like this.

But then he’d stir with a little sigh and the little crease between his brows would appear and his eyelids would flutter and she’d be reminded of just what a person he was— one with the biggest heart she’d ever seen, the more love and kindness running through his veins than anyone she knew.

(An angel, then. Nothing manmade could ever be quite so beautiful, inside and out.)

(Yes, he was human, the most human human, but sometimes, she was still convinced he might bleed ichor.)

This morning was no different. Their legs tangled together underneath the heavy down comforter, her eyes tracing over the curves and lines of his face. She wanted to kiss him, to press her lips over every exposed inch of skin she could find, to just crawl on top of him and wrap her limbs around him and envelope him. She would be the glass to his Mona Lisa, the protection for the priceless work of art he was.

She really didn’t know how much time passed— a couple minutes? A couple hours? It didn’t matter, not really— neither of them had plans other than this, to lounge and enjoy each other’s company. She really could stay like this forever, just watching him breathe, but it never lasted too long.

His eyes slowly opened, long eyelashes fluttering, sleepy green eyes landing upon her face, the corner of his pink lips lifting into a nearly invisible smile.

(He always did that, smiled at her when he woke up, like she was the only thing he wanted to see. Like she could ever deserve to be something he admired.)

He sleepily pushed himself up onto his arms and shifted over to her side of the bed before flopping down onto her shoulder, pressing light kisses (the word being used lightly— he was hardly skimming his lips over her skin, lazily just slightly pursing them with no aim at all) to the skin beneath. “Mornin’, gorgeous.”

(It was such a conflict whenever he did this, the hardly-awake, mumbled compliments. There weren’t words to express how much she loved him, how much she adored his adoration, and yet the very implication that she could be considered anything beyond average next to a creature like him was laughable.) 

She ran her fingers through his messy hair, smiling at the contented sigh that left his mouth. “Morning.”

His arms came up to wrap around her as best he could with the bed in the way. “You starin’ again?”

It was mumbled into the skin of her neck, but she still heard just fine, rolling her eyes. “It sounds creepy when you put it that way. You’re just very nice to look at.”

(And he was. Oh, he was. Carved from the finest marble, sculpted by what must have been the best hands money could buy.)

He moved to hold himself up on his arms, looking her at her with a smirk painted across his face. “Enjoying the view?”

You weren’t supposed to touch art, but she wasn’t a big fan of following rules— she reached up to put her hands on his cheeks, pulling him down to press their lips together.

(A reminder that he was in fact real, the warmth of his lips on hers. There was something so organic in the way he loved, something that no piece of canvas or limestone could ever achieve.)

Their contact was broken, but it was very easy for him to find himself with his legs over her hips, arms still holding himself up over her. “Were you?”

Her fingers traced over the muscles in his tattooed arm as she looked up at him. “Was I what?”

“Enjoying the view.”

(Enjoying it? She was absolutely savoring it, committing it to memory, the image of him relaxed and peaceful in the still of the quiet morning. He wasn’t a piece of art, no, but he was something better— still priceless and beautiful, but with a beating heart and air in his lungs and warm skin that she could touch and a smile just for her. He was a person and he loved her, and that was worth more than anything to be found in any museum.)

“You could say that.”

an actual work of art. i don’t have words to describe adequately how much i love this but suffice to say that it’s very, very, very much. 

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Harry Styles FanFiction🌸

Love is Complicated (part 2)

Reflecting on the relationship and memories from Y/N’s perspective 

Also I’m currently listening to Coney Island (Taylor Swift ft The National) so it’s definitely a vibe haha, hope you enjoy :)


A few days had passed since Harry left and you felt yourself slowing slipping through the cracks as you tried to process all that had happened. 

“Y/N what happened?! I thought you guys were going to get engaged this year! You guys were always perfect together, I just can’t believe this!” Gemma all but shouted through the phone. Even though she was Harry’s sister, she had also become one of your best friends since you’d started seeing Harry. 

“I know, honestly everything just got screwed up and I don’t even know anymore, Gem. With him leaving all the time and our lifestyles being so different, I just don’t know that it could work anymore.” You sighed as you heard your friend do the same on the other line.

“I know it’s hard, it’s not a normal life that Harry has but you guys had been figuring it out all these years, what changed?” Gemma didn’t sound accusatory or upset, just concerned. You were grateful you had her and, even though she wasn’t thrilled you hadn’t reached out to tell her what happened with Harry but instead had to hear it from him, she knew this was hard for you. You had talked with her about what you’d want your wedding to look like, how you looked forward to Harry’s dad jokes once he was actually a dad and the life that you were both hoping you’d build together.

“I don’t know, I think we both just got tired. We were both drained and couldn’t fight for each other anymore I guess,” you responded glumly. 

“Harry I’m so tired, I don’t know if I can make it to bed,” you sighed happily, sitting in the backseat of a black SUV with Harry as a driver pulled into the driveway to the home you shared. 

“Mmm, ‘ll have to carry ya in then,” Harry responded in the same light tone, both of you having consumed a large amount of alcohol and now coming down slightly so you both felt happily buzzed. 

The car came to a stop then, and you were surprised when Harry jumped out of his side of the car immediately. You laughed when you heard him bump into the door next to you and heard a muffled “ouch” before he swung open the car door. 

“M’ lady,” Harry smirked as he seemed to effortlessly scoop you into his arms and turn towards the front door with you in his arms. “Harry!” You squealed as he tripped on his own feet, causing you to almost plummet onto the cement. “Shit,” Harry laughed as he regained his balance and strengthened his grip on your back and underneath your legs. Finally reaching the front door, Harry fumbled around trying to find the key in his pocket while simultaneously holding you as you smirked at this clumsy and beautiful man. 

“Harry just let me down so we can go inside,” you laughed, but he did not follow your command. “Baby, I am carrying ya into this house whether ya like it or not,” he responded before planting a wet kiss on your nose. Finally finding the key, he spent way too much time trying to fit it into the lock on the door before tripping into the house with the two of you rolling on the ground before laughing together for the next five minutes. 

You walked out the front door after talking with Gemma, finally having the bare minimum amount of energy you needed to make the short walk to the grocery store to buy some more laundry detergent and other small items you needed for the house. It was a sunny day, almost aggressively so, and you almost felt like it was mocking you. You felt so glum and, wallowing in your sadness, you wanted to see a cloudy and gray sky that matched your mood. The bright blue sky and blinding sun just didn’t feel right.

As you made the short walk to the store, you passed by the little park that you’d walked by a million times before. It looked so much different now, however, as so many things did.

“I’m in the mood to frolic,” you told Harry as the two of you strolled, hand in hand, into the little park that had become a favorite spot for the both of you. Harry laughed before squeezing your hand a little tighter and then spinning you in a circle. “Well let’s see it then.” Harry looked at you with a childish grin, and you felt so young and free. You loved when Harry was in this mood and you felt like yours was matching his on this particular day. 

“Mm, I don’t want people to look at me. You first,” you responded, grinning at Harry as you imagined the videos on the internet of the Harry Styles having a frolic in his local park. It was a beautiful day and there were so many people out and about, you were surprised no one had recognized him and asked for a picture yet.

“Fiiiine.” Harry drew out the word, and you just laughed as you turned to continue walking through the park. You couldn’t help the squeal that made its way from you as you turned to see Harry frolicking- no, prancing - through the park. You quickly noticed all the eyes on him, many finally recognizing him while some just pointed and laughed. 

“Well don’ leave me hanging, love. Come frolic!” Harry yelled as he continued to run slowly and then sporadically leap into the air. And despite the eyes that were now on the both of you, you ran after Harry feeling exuberant and like a child.

You finally dragged yourself into the store that you had made your way through so many times before, but it felt different now. Everything felt different. You and Harry would always laugh at the moody playlist that would be playing throughout the store, which you thought would be kind of depressing if you were here alone. You were never here alone. Until now. 

Sheryl Crow belted out the heart-wrenching chorus of “If It Makes You Happy” as you meandered through the produce section, looking for the good apples that didn’t taste bitter and gross. You stopped in your tracks as you passed the kiwis, staring at the sad looking fruit and almost smirking at how depressed you were feeling at that moment because of a stupid fruit.

“Ooh Harry look, kiwis!” You pointed and laughed as you and your boyfriend made your way through the store. Harry rolled his eyes and pouted, just as he did every week when the two of you passed through the produce section and you pointed at the kiwis and laughed. “Like the song,” you added, just for extra clarification.

“Yes thank youuu,” Harry drew out the word, pretending to be annoyed. He thought it was cute how you thought of him every time you saw certain fruits.

“Why is the song named Kiwi anyway? It just doesn’t make sense to me,” you asked, slightly kidding but also curious to know the answer. 

“I don’t know it just… fit the vibe,” Harry responded with a smirk.

“Oh shut up,” you laughed as you put more kiwis than anyone would need or want into a plastic bag and threw them into the cart, causing Harry to squawk before picking up a watermelon and pretending to throw it in the cart. Except he accidentally let go and it broke open on the floor between the two of you, this time causing you to squawk and run away as fast as you could, Harry cackling behind you. 

You left the store without a single fruit in hand as you made the short journey back to the house you two shared. Tears welled in your eyes as you felt lonelier than ever before, wondering if Harry had even thought of you since he left. 

Love is Complicated

Part 1 of a new series - Y/N and Harry’s relationship starts to crumble


Harry’s eyes were sunken and carried a hollowness that was different from anything you’d seen in them before. You took a slow and steady breath as his empty eyes met yours, and you knew this time was different, heavier. 

“I’m sorry the timing isn’t great, never is,” you heard Harry murmur, barely audible. He was now staring at his hands that were fumbling with the edge of the table that he was sitting in front of. 

It wasn’t just that Harry would be going away again for months to promote his new album before he would go on tour all around the world, which would last the majority of the year. It wasn’t just that he had waited until three days before he was set to fly across the country to tell you he was leaving, even though the two of you had planned a week long trip to Spain to celebrate four years of dating that you were supposed to leave for in less than two weeks. The space between the two of you had been growing the longer Harry was home with you, knowing the longer it had been since he’d been back, the sooner he would have to leave again. That was just part of it, part of being a famous singer. But this felt different, for both of you. 

“I just wish you would have said something sooner, with the trip coming up and it’s just such short notice,” you finally responded, Harry still not making eye contact with you. 

“Yeah m’sorry, they just told me recently but I guess I haven’t really seen you too much the last couple o’ days, didn’t really get a chance to talk to you until now.” Harry finally brought those big green eyes up to meet yours, the emptiness in them only more apparent now. “I don’t know what’s with you lately. Feels like it might be a good thing for me to be leaving for promo and tour so soon actually.”

You knew the reason he hadn’t seen so much of you lately is because you were distancing yourself from him, though not intentionally. The longer he was home with you, you knew the sooner until he had to leave again. And it hurt so much, every time that he had to leave and the whole time he was gone. It finally got to a point where you just didn’t want to face that pain again, and as you began to realize that you were pulling away, you figured it would be easier this way. 

“Well, I’m so sorry I have a life outside of you and other things I want to do. I don’t know how you can act like that when you’re the one literally leaving for a year right now,” you retorted, your words starting to flow from you like lava. The tears started to well up in your eyes, only angering you more.

“Don’t act like that now, you know I try to come back as much as I can in between shows and promo, and I always try to get you to fly out on tour but you always have some excuse not to come.” Harry’s voice started to waver, his hollow eyes slightly widening and brows furrowing. 

“But that’s the thing, Harry! I have a life here, and I like my life here! Sometimes it feels like the only life that matters is yours. Just because I’m not all big and famous like you, it’s like anything I do will never be that important. I can’t just fly out to see you all the time- I have a job here, I have friends Harry! I’m so tired of having this fight.” The tears were now freely flowing down your face, your arms crossed and muscles tensed as you realized this conversation wasn’t going anywhere good. 

You glanced in Harry’s direction, knowing that he was really sensitive when it came to talking about him being famous and you feeling like your life was insignificant compared to his. You knew that would hurt him. And you didn’t even care. You could hear him take a loud and shaky breath, before scooting his chair back from the table. Though tears fell from his eyes just as they did yours, both of your faces remained without emotion, your eyes just as hollow as Harry’s. This relationship had been blissful for you both at the beginning, but it had taken so much out of both of you lately, and now it was all crumbling. You felt like you were losing all control, and you just knew you couldn’t handle the pain of him being gone again. And so you couldn’t help the next words that came out of your mouth.

“Yeah that’s a good idea, actually, you should just go. Go be with you famous friends and live your famous life. Just go. You always do,” you seethed.

Harry didn’t look in your direction as he walked toward your shared bedroom, beginning to pack a bag of his things. You couldn’t move from your position leaning against the counter, almost trembling with the amount of emotion you could feel rushing through and out of you. 

It didn’t take more than five minutes for Harry to return with his large duffel bag in hand, a look on his face that was unfamiliar to you. Words flat and eyes empty as ever, Harry muttered a “take care of yourself” before heading towards the front door. 

The second that door slammed, you crumpled onto the kitchen tiles and let the flood of emotions consume you. 

meanwhilekissme asked:

I would literally die if you make an imagine where Harry meets a girl on a M&G and they barely have time to talk so the girl asks him to have a coffee with her and so he agrees. Then she invites him to go to her favourite places (like a lighthouse) and they get to to some of her favourite things(watch romcoms films) together in those 3-4 days Harry has between concerts and he surprises her with tickets for an a Ed sheeran concert (her favourite artist) and they kissed and skdjejwjaejrjejseur🌹


You had been looking forward to this day for months. You still felt like it was too good to be true, like something would have to go wrong and you wouldn’t be able to meet Harry after all this time. You had it all planned out- what you would wear, what you would say to him. You’d had it planned out for weeks of course. And today was finally the day.

Although you wished your best friend would be able to come with you, you were only able to snag one meet and greet ticket so you would have to go alone. It didn’t bother you too much, though. You still were going to meet Harry Styles today.

Waiting in line to meet him felt almost unbearable; you just wanted to sprint past everyone and run into his arms and hug him forever. But you knew that would get you kicked out so you had to wait patiently, even though you were one of the last people in the line. After what felt like a day of waiting, you finally could get a glimpse of him as you made your way closer and closer to the table where Harry was sitting. His smile was bright and his eyes were brighter and you couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. Your hands began to shake as only five people remained in front of you, then four, three, two-

“Sorry everybody, we’re running behind schedule and Harry needs to be on his way to his way out of here in the next couple of minutes,” a large man standing next to Harry announced loudly. “Harry, we need you to just say hi to these last few folks and then we gotta go,” the man told Harry sternly. There were only a couple other people behind you and the disappointment that filled the room was almost audible.

“So sorry guys, I really appreciate you all coming here today,” Harry told you all with a genuine look of guilt. He came forward and hugged the two people remaining ahead of you and finally he embraced you for a short two seconds as the man began to usher him out.

“Wait!” You yelled as he turned away. Harry quickly turned back towards you, his eyebrows threaded in concern. “I’m sorry, I just have waited so long for this and I didn’t even get to talk to you, is there any chance you would meet me for coffee later when you have time?” You asked in a small voice, amazed at your sudden confidence. 

Harry glanced at the man next to him who gestured for him to head towards the door. “I can do that,” Harry smiled at you and agreed to meet you at a local coffee shop the next morning. 

“Thank you,” you breathed, feeling like you were in a dream and hoping with everything you had that he would actually show. Harry nodded his head, the smile still spread wide across his face, as the large man all but dragged Harry out of the room.

You let out a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding, realizing how much your hands were shaking now. A smile crept onto your face as you began to walk towards the exit, feeling as if you were in a dream.

You slept a total of maybe two hours that night with the anticipation of possibly grabbing a coffee with the Harry Styles the next morning. As excited as you were, you couldn’t help but feel like he wouldn’t show. He was a super busy pop star after all, so busy that he didn’t even have time to finish the meet and greet with you yesterday, so how would he have time to grab a coffee with you today?

Either way, you put on your second best outfit (you wished you hadn’t wasted your best one on the brief meeting the day before) and headed out the door. The coffee shop was only a 10 minute walk from your house. You told yourself you’d walk slowly as you left half an hour prior to the time you agreed to meet, but it wasn’t until you reached the coffee shop that you realized you had made it there in record time. You decided to scope out the place and chose an intimate booth towards the back where you would wait for Harry. Harry Styles. It still felt surreal.

Half an hour passed, and then another 20 minutes passed. The disappointment gradually flooded through you as you decided to tell yourself that this was it, realizing how idiotic it was to think he’d come in the first place. As you stood up and began to grab your things, you heard the bell ring that signaled someone had walked through the door. With a glum look on your face and the disappointment having consumed you, your eyes suddenly met bright and familiar green ones. Tousled brown hair and out of breath, none other than Harry Styles stood before you, a guilty look on his face similar to the one from the day prior when he had to leave the meet and greet early. 

“I’m so sorry I’m late, my meeting this morning ran long and then when we were driving… anyways, I’m here now and I’ve been looking forward to meeting you this morning,” Harry breathed out, a smile forming on his beautiful face.

“I-oh, no, you don’t, it’s totally fine I just am happy to see you,” you stuttered, suddenly forgetting how to breathe. 

Harry walked towards you and stretched out his arm. It took you a moment but realized that he was trying to shake your hand, and you extended yours as you tried to wipe the shocked look from your face.

“What is your name?” Harry asked as he moved to sit in the chair next to the one you had been sitting in as you waited for him. You let out a breath and shakily pulled out the chair next to his as you spent the next two hours talking about anything and everything.

“Wow I definitely am late for something,” Harry sighed as his phone buzzed for what felt like the hundredth time. You were surprised by how annoyed he seemed that his time with you was being interrupted.

“I’m really sorry for keeping you, I didn’t even realize how long we’ve been talking,” you murmured, truly surprised at how much time had passed as you glanced at the time on your phone.

“Time flies,” Harry replied with a grin spreading on his face. “I’m sorry that I have to go, I really enjoyed getting to talk with you. Maybe we could do this again tomorrow…?”

Your face immediately broke into a smile as you realized this dream might continue. “Yeah for sure, I actually have a place in mind we can meet tomorrow,” you replied, trying to hide the excitement in your voice. You were again surprised to find that same excitement mirrored on Harry’s face.

You agreed on a meeting place for the next day and parted ways, a giddiness in both of you that you’d never felt before.

After what felt like weeks, the next day came and it was time for you to see Harry again. Standing on the beach where you’d agreed to meet, you couldn’t help but feel this must be some sort of dream. In what world would Harry Styles agree to not only meet you for coffee, but then suggest that the two of you spend more time together? Unreal.

But yet, as you glanced over just past your favorite lighthouse, the gangly and exquisite man who had filled your thoughts for so long appeared as he walked towards you, that same smile spread across his face. Truly unreal.

“Hey there,” he said as he finally reached you, leaning in for a hug. 

“Hi,” you breathed as you embraced each other firmly, as if you were old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years. 

“It’s beautiful,” you heard Harry murmur as you looked down the length of the beach, the sunlight bouncing on top of the turquoise waves. You smiled and looked at Harry to find his eyes intensely focused on you. You looked down, overcome by the intensity of his gaze and the butterflies that suddenly filled your insides. You nodded and started to lead the way towards the light house as Harry followed behind.

“This is one of my favorite places, it makes me feel so calm,” you told him as you both walked along the sand, a look of peacefulness on both of your faces. Harry smiled and you both once again began talking for hours as you strolled along the beach, eventually making your way to your favorite park and walking in between rose bushes. 

The next few weeks were spent watching your favorite rom coms with Harry on your sofa. You lit up as you heard him laugh at your favorite parts of He’s Just Not That into You, and your heart melted as you watched tears fall from his eyes at the end of The Notebook. You both were filled with such joy and serenity spending time together, and you hoped it would never end.

You had been to a couple of Harry’s concerts and watched in amazement from backstage as he brought thousands of people to tears as he belt out the words to “Falling”. You were so in awe of this man and still couldn’t believe he would choose to spend so much of his time with you.

He had a couple of days off before his next show and you were excited to spend some more time with him. You didn’t really have anything planned and felt bad that he was this exciting person used to doing exciting things, but all you really had to offer was walks to your favorite places and watching rom coms, not that you didn’t cherish those moments with him. You just felt like maybe switching things up would be a good idea, but you weren’t sure what to do.

“I have something for ya,” you heard Harry murmur as you sat in the back of the car with him following his show. You smiled as he extended his arm, holding two pieces of paper. You took them from him and lit up when you saw what they were- tickets to see Ed Sheeran, your favorite artist (besides Harry of course).

“Backstage passes. He happens to be a friend of mine,” Harry smirked. You couldn’t help but lunge towards him and wrap your arms around his neck. He held you tightly, exhausted and happy, his heart pounding for more reasons than just the adrenaline from performing in front of thousands of people. You leaned back and before you had a chance to thank him, his lips melted into yours, hot and soft and better than you’d ever dreamed. Seconds turned into minutes, and finally Harry pulled back to look at your face. 

Your smile matched his and he kissed the top of your head before pulling you close. He was asleep within minutes, blissful as you held each other, the matching smiles remaining plastered on both of your faces. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey just foun out your blog and omg your writings are so amazing😍😍 i stayed up till 5am reading😂 I was wondering i you could write something inspired with From the dining table😅😅 thank you sunshine🤗


Even my phone misses your call, by the way

The gloom consumed Harry immediately as he opened his tired eyes, a groan escaping him as he stared at the same pale yellow walls of this hotel room that he’d woken to for the past week. Instead of those big brown eyes he loved, he could only see these depressing yellow walls. Yellow had never been less appealing, Harry decided. Before he could stop himself, his phone was in his hands, Harry staring at a screen full of messages and missed calls. But none from you. He tossed the phone onto the carpeted floor.

Rolling onto his back, the memories flooded his head as they did every time he woke up. And every time he lay in bed trying to sleep. And every time he did anything. 

The sound of your laughter, crinkle of your eyes as tears flooded them because you were laughing so hard. Long hair, just like a waterfall. That one freckle on your neck that Harry always found so endearing, the way it was almost shaped like a heart. Harry rubbed his eyes, trying to wipe the memories from his head. 

His heart skipped a beat as he heard the bathroom door open in his small hotel room, for a moment thinking it was all just a nightmare and that when the door opened you would be standing there with a smile on your face. A girl who looked like a different and much less appealing version of you glanced at him as she walked into the main room, beginning to collect her things.

“I’m just gonna go…” she mumbled as she headed to the door. She looked back at Harry before leaving, hoping he might try to stop her but knowing better.

Harry barely even processed that she’d said anything or that she was leaving. It didn’t matter, none of it mattered. She wasn’t you. 

His hands on your hips as you danced in the kitchen, the way you’d gasp and then gently smack his shoulder whenever he’d come up from behind and scare you, the way you’d hum the tune of his songs in the shower. It was almost unbearable. 

Harry picked up his phone from the floor and glanced at the screen again. Nothing.

He could hope, he would always hope that maybe one day you’d call and say you were sorry too, sorry that things ended the way they did and that you wanted to try again. He could only hope. But you never called. Harry moaned and threw his phone across the room this time as he buried his head back in his pillow and let the memories of you consume him. The memories after all were all he had. 

Anonymous asked:

Hii, could you do an one shot where harry cheats on the girl and they are trying to get over it, something like the song « little do you know » by Alex & Sierra. With a happy ending, pleasee thank you❤️


Little do you know how I’m breaking while you fall asleep

Lying next to Harry as you counted his slow and even breaths, you’d never felt further apart despite the warmth radiating from him as he lay next to you. Another wave of sadness overcame you as you stared at the back of his head, his curls falling delicately on his pillow case. How could he be sleeping so peacefully after what he did, while I lie here wondering if I’m an idiot for thinking this can ever work after what happened? It had now been three months since Harry drunkenly slept with a beautiful woman at an after party, and one month since the two of you had reconciled and decided to try to salvage your nearly broken relationship.

A tear escaped from your tired eyes as Harry shifted in bed, the familiar scent of fresh laundry and pine wafting over to you. Despite his near constant apologies and insisting that it was one drunken moment of weakness that meant nothing, you knew that you were taking a huge risk staying in this relationship. Everyone had told you it was stupid for you to stay, but something kept pulling you back to him. They didn’t know Harry like you knew Harry, they didn’t know that crooked grin that would appear on his face when he came home to you singing off key in the kitchen, or the way his eyes lit up when he was excited, or how he’d look into your eyes with such an intensity that you would forget what you were saying in the middle of a sentence. They didn’t know how he’d sobbed and had to catch his breath so many times as he apologized for that one night, they didn’t know how genuine he was when he described what happened and how he would give anything to take that night back. But despite all of that and despite forgiving him, forgetting was another story.

Little do you know I know you’re hurting while I’m sound asleep

Harrythought you’d fallen asleep as he lay with his back to you to hide the tears that were welling up in his eyes. The guilt and pain he’d felt since that terrible mistake was all consuming and something he felt he might struggle with for the rest of his life. Nothing had ever been more important to him than you and yet, yet… He still slept with that woman who was insignificant, who was nothing compared to you. But nothing he could do would erase that night, nothing he could do would make you forget, or erase the pain that you both felt.

It wasn’t until he heard you sniffle that Harry rolled over towards you to find you with your face in your hands, silently sobbing. He couldn’t stop the tears from falling immediately upon seeing you in such pain, and you immediately looked towards him when you heard him roll over, sniffling and trying to half smile, embarrassed that you’d woken him as you thought you had been quiet.

Harry took several deep breaths as he tried to control the tears flooding his own eyes, trying to compose himself enough to say something, say anything so that you wouldn’t be as sad as you were in that moment. The two of you stared into each other’s tortured eyes for a moment before Harry whispered, “Lay your head on me.”

He didn’t have the words in that moment to convey to you how much you meant and how sorry he was. He’d told you so many times since it happened but it never felt like it was enough, nothing felt like it was enough in this moment.

Unable to put into words how you were feeling yourself, you nodded and slowly lowered your head onto his warm chest. Harry kissed your forehead and held you tightly, as if you could slip away at any moment. You knew the pain would dull but forgetting would be too hard. Hopefully forgiveness would be enough.

Angel Eyes

Hi guys!! It’s been an actual year almost since I’ve written on here, but I appreciate all of your messages/requests that I will do my best to get to when I have the chance. So this is something different from what I usually do- I collaborated with someone else on this one, and I’m thinking it could be part 1 of a series (possibly all based on songs from Mamma Mia) if anyone is interested. As always, I appreciate any feedback that you have, and I hope you enjoy!


It was finally my senior year of college. I’d been waiting for it to come for what seems like forever, but now that it was finally here, I’d realized how little time I might have left with some of my favorite people. A group of my four closest friends and I were now desperately trying to think of what we could do for our last spring break. We needed one last adventure before we parted and started the rest of our lives in different parts of the country. Alicia, my best friend out of the four, was pushing for something crazy – she wanted to take on Amsterdam.  She had been reading about all the crazy clubs and things you could do there. Even though I liked Alicia the best, I didn’t share all her ideas about what would make the perfect spring break. I was thus exuberant to hear that the rest of the group, Mora, Melany, and Michelle, wanted something a little less “exciting”. Mora and Melany were pushing for a nice beach resort where we could all just relax in the sun and get some spa treatments. After awhile, Michelle suggested a cruise.  It seemed to be the best compromise between exciting and relaxing.

Since it was Michelle’s idea, we put her in charge of the tickets. The next thing we knew, midterms were over and we were on our flight down to Florida where we would leave for our cruise.  Michelle was absolutely giddy about the cruise - I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen her so excited.  It all made sense when we finally started to board the cruise ship; it was a Stars at Sea cruise and Harry Styles was the star on board.  Stars at Sea cruises are cruises where famous actors, bands, or in this case, a singer, agrees to perform on a cruise in return for a free cruise for them and their family and friends.  Alicia was not pleased when she found out.  She had been hoping to find some guys for herself on the trip and knew it wasn’t likely there would be many single men on a Harry Styles Cruise.  As for me, Melany, and Mora, we didn’t particularly care. We figured it would be nice to chat with some guys on the cruise, but I would be happy to relax - Michelle was the only real Harry styles fan out of our group.  

Once we were onboard, we found our room, if you could even call it that.  It was two full beds about a foot apart and a small couch that would convert into a tiny twin.  While we were finding places for all of our bags, we found the itinerary that listed all the activities, on which it had the time and place for the first mini-concert. Michelle squealed with excitement when she saw it.  

The next few days were mostly spent relaxing and eating with a few drinks at the end of each night and a Harry event every now and then, but other than Michelle we mostly stayed away from the Harry events; they drew about half the boat to each one so we got to relax in peace whenever one was going on.  The one event Mora, Alicia, and Melony were excited about was the hypnotist event.  

As we entered the auditorium to take our seats it was empty - most of the passengers had gotten their fill of Harry related events and were off doing other things during any of the normal cruise events.  A few more people trickled into the auditorium before the lights dimmed and the hypnotist came onto the stage.  

That’s the last thing I remembered before waking up from my seat onstage.  The hypnotist then prompted everyone to give me a large round of applause as I stood up and slowly made my way back down to my seat.  My friends were staring at me with amazement, but I was still in some kind of weird daze from whatever happened.  

Mora elbowed me on our way out as she whispered to me, “you’re such a faker, I can’t believe they thought you were hypnotized!”

“I don’t even know what happened,” I told her, still in a daze

“Well Michelle’s going to be jealous,” Melony responded, smiling. “Not to mention basically every other girl on the boat.”  

“What happened?”  I prompted them again, this time more frightened about what I might have done.  

“Well, I can tell you there was a lot of kissing …” Mora said.

“What, with who?”  I interjected.  

“Harry, he came to see the show with his family and both of you were called up onstage,”  Melony explained, laughing at my disbelief “No one even knew he was there until the hypnotist called him up.”  

As we made our way back to our cabin for the night, I received a few dirty looks from what I assume were other jealous audience members.  

Back in the cabin, they caught me up on exactly what happened.  They said that the hypnotist had several people up on stage at first all under a trance. He began to have them preform silly tasks, such as acting like a chicken or dog, simply making a fool of themselves until he came to Harry and I at the end.  He asked me if I was a Harry styles fan and I merely shrugged.  They said the hypnotist then had us both stand up and told us that we were alone with no one else there.  Then, in order to get a laugh from the crowd, he told me that I was naked and I quickly tried to cover myself up in front of Harry even though I was fully clothed. They said Harry couldn’t hold himself back and embraced me and then we started passionately making out.  They said the Hypnotist was mortified and quickly put us both to sleep and apologized to the crowd, explaining that something like that had never happened before.  

By the end of the story I was mortified, but was Harry really that attracted to me?  And if not is he the kind of person to take advantage of a girl like that?  Also, the whole auditorium had seen it, so I’m sure I’ll be the talk of the boat by the end of the night.  And what if someone took pictures or worse - videos -of it, I could never live with myself if something like that was posted online for everyone to see.  

When Michelle came back later that night and heard the story, she screamed.  Afterwards she wouldn’t talk to me, jealous that she wasn’t the one with the chance to get close to Harry even though there was nothing I could have done about it. I didn’t even remember what happened, let alone have any control over the situation.

The next morning, I felt exhausted, having spent the entire night with scenarios running through my head about what might come of the event last night.

There was suddenly a knock at the door; the cleaning crew must have changed to an earlier shift today. Normally we were out of the room by this time but we were all tired from the night before.  I went to get the door and ask them to come back later, but when I opened the door, it wasn’t the cleaning crew standing before me – rather, it was Harry in a bright pink flowered shirt.  He stood there with a cautious smile on his face, glancing down at the floor, obviously embarrassed to be there.  Then he looked up at me with his angel eyes.

Green eyes, piercingly so, that seemed as though they were magnetic and I had no choice but to hold onto his gaze as a flood of emotions overwhelmed me.

“Hello, I, erm-“ Harry paused to clear his throat, without once breaking eye contact. I took in a shaky breath, feeling suddenly as if not enough oxygen was reaching my brain. Harry exhaled as well, pausing before continuing.

“I had to talk to you after I found out what happened last night. I just-“ he stopped again as the sound of gasps could be heard from inside my cabin. Looking back, I could see Michelle poking her head out from where she was lounging on her bed, a wildness in her eyes that I had never seen before. Jealousy was somehow evident on her face.

“Let’s go,” I murmured to Harry as I stepped out of the room, closing the door behind me. Something about Michelle’s jealousy and hostility regarding something I had no control over was enough for me to intentionally slam the door behind as I walked off with who was probably her favorite person in the world.

Anonymous asked:

Can you do a song based one?? On Say You Won't let go by James Arthur. Your blog is awesome!!! Keep it up...writers like you inspire writers like me!!:):):)

Thank you so much!! Sorry it’s been ages but here you go :)


I met you in the dark, you lit me up
You made me feel as though I was enough

Harry found himself thinking about that night a lot. He almost hadn’t gone that one night. He’d tried so hard to get out of it but his best friend finally convinced him. Sometimes Harry would think about how different things would be if he hadn’t gone out that night. 

He often thought of the dress you were wearing in the dark nightclub where you’d met, that he could only see because it was so obnoxiously bright. He had drunk too much that night, trying to forget all of the insecurities and worries that had built up in him and made him feel small. He drank too much, but so had you, and it wasn’t long after the two of you ran into each other in that club that you were suddenly dancing, strangers despite feeling like you’d known each other forever. It wasn’t until he met you that Harry felt like he was enough. 

He’d sobered up some and had a taxi drop both of you at your place so he could make sure you got in okay. But you had pulled him inside, though he had no intention of staying, and he followed you to the bathroom where you ran to be sick. He’d only known you for hours, but he held your hair as you threw up. Even though you felt miserable, Harry remembers you looking back at him and smiling, and he’d never felt more sober than in that moment. He remembers holding you and how you begged him to stay, but that wasn’t the kind of person he was. That’s not who he is. So he left. 

I’ll wake you up with some breakfast in bed
I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head

He left then, but there was no doubt in his mind that he’d come back. And he did. He remembers your wedding day being one of the happiest of his life, second only to the days your children were born. Bringing you breakfast in bed, kissing your head, and falling hopelessly more in love with you each day. Watching his children who looked so much like you, the dimples would form as his smile deepened and his heart felt full. He knew he loved you that first night and that he would love you forever. 

I wanna live with you
Even when we’re ghosts
‘Cause you were always there for me when I needed you most

As happy as he was with you, there were still days when he doubted himself and began to feel how he did right before he met you. There were days when he would break in front of you, and you’d hold him just like he held you that first night on your bathroom floor. And he would hold you when you cried, too, and even when you didn’t. He would hold you every chance he got. He wanted you forever, and that’s what he got. 

But Harry never knew he would be so lucky that night when he held you, wanting to be yours forever.

“Please, stay?” You asked him, sounding small and like a child as he pet your hair.

“I think you should get some rest,” he whispered politely before gently pulling you up and walking you to your bed. Looking at you before leaving and heading towards the door, Harry saw a future in your eyes, and he knew that he would love you until you were grey and old, and after that too. 

Sours: https://imagines--harrystyles.tumblr.com/

Tumblr 2020 styles harry


Did You Mean It?

Word Count: 1125 words

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader



It happened few hours ago, at the party at Jeff’s place.

“I mean, she needs to give me some space and stop being clingy all the time, ya know,” you heard Harry say to Mitch.

You didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but when you went to get a refill, you overheard your name and you really wanted to know what he was saying about you.

You sure didn’t expect this. Were you that clingy ? It hurt you, you didn’t see him for months, so is it a sin to want to be affectionate towards him because you just missed him so much ?

That night you left the party alone, once you reached home you changed into pajamas and didn’t even remove your makeup, you were too tired and sad to do anything so you just laid on your and Harry’s shared bed.

You heard the phone ringing from the night stand, you didn’t have to check it to see who was calling. It rang several times and then you just switched off your phone.

After an hour of tossing and turning you heard the front door open followed by hurried footsteps on the way to your bedroom door.

“Y/N!” he said entering the room.

You just turned away from him and faced the opposite direction from the door.

“I was looking for you, why did you leave without me?” he asked, hurt evident in his voice.

“I-i was feeling a bit tired and didn’t want to annoy you so I left,” you replied.

“Oh baby, you could’ve just said to me, you never annoy me,” he said sitting beside your laying figure.

 “Get some sleep, yeah?” he said before kissing your forehead and went to the bathroom to get changed.

You got a bit weird out by his behaviour, just a couple of hours ago he was calling you clingy and stuff behind your back and now he’s being lovey-dovey?

That made you wonder if all those time he was affectionate towards you were fake as well, nonetheless you decided from tomorrow you would not be clingy and give him space.

The next day you carried on with your usual routine, getting up, taking a quick shower then after getting ready for work you went downstairs to get something to eat.

You saw Harry typing away something in his laptop. You began to search for a bowl and spoon.

“Good morning pet, did ya sleep well?” he asked sipping on his coffee.

You nodded slightly and began to eat your cereal standing in the counter, while checking your phone for any new emails. He got up from his chair and approached you.

He snaked his arm around your waist and tugged you close.

“No kissy fo’ me this morning, hm?”  he said and made you turn around.

“Harry, I’m running late, I gotta go,” you said before hurriedly leaving the kitchen and making your way outside.

At work you were having a hard time to concentrate, your mind was occupied with the thought of your relationship with Harry.

You began to mentally analyse everything and what if he stopped loving you. You couldn’t help but wonder if he was only with you because he just wanted company?

What if he left you if he began to feel attracted towards someone else?

That’s how basically your whole day at work went, you went home early. You knew Harry would be in the studio the whole day so you contently went home.

The same thing happened for four days, you barely talked with him. Gave him the space he so desperately wanted.

On the fourth when you returned home from work you saw him sitting in the couch watching the telly. He was supposed to be in the studio though, you thought.

“You’re home!” he said, voice chirpy.

“What are you doing here?” you asked confused.

“It’s my house too, love,” he chuckled.

“No, I meant you were supposed to be in the studio, right?”

“You’re not happy that I’m home?”

“Uh sure,” you mumbled before walking towards your bedroom.

You were exhausted and just wanted a nice long shower.

After you showered you went downstairs to have dinner, you saw Harry sitting in the dining chair fidgeting with his rings.

You ignored him and went on to open the fridge.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked, voice quieter than usual.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Did something happen at work that made you stressed?” he asked.

“Uh not really,” you said taking out the lasagne and warming it up on the microwave.

“You barely talked with me these past few days and it’s killing me,” he said and you could hear his patience was running thin.

You didn’t say anything.

“You never text or call me while you’re at work and I’m in the studio, and when I call you, you don’t answer,” he said sadly.

When you didn’t reply he broke the silence with his fear.

“Do you not love me anymore?” he asked heart brokenly.

You immediately looked up at him and hugged him, at this point you didn’t care about the clingy thing anymore.

“How could you ever doubt my love for you?” you said gripping on him tightly.

“You-you’ve been so distant, I was scared that I was slowly losing you,” he sniffled hugging you back strongly, face buried in your hair.

You stayed like this for a while before breaking the hug.

He still held your hand.

“I was not ignoring you, I was just trying not to be clingy and giving you some space,” you said lowly.

“Clingy? But baby…”  he stopped mid-sentence, “did you overhear Mitch and I?”

You nodded and felt tears pooling in your eyes, it hurt you when you heard at first. Now saying him that hurt you more.

“Oh darling,” he said placing a kiss on your forehead.

“It hurt Harry,” you sniffled, “did you really think I’m clingy when I just show you a bit affection?”

Harry felt guilty, “I didn’t mean it, I was a bit tipsy and stressed and when Mitch started asking about my relationship I blew my frustration saying things I didn’t mean,” he confessed truthfully.


“I know, it’s not a good enough excuse but trust me it was the stress talking, even Mitch knew whenever I snap nowadays I don’t mean to, it just comes outta my mouth,” he said hanging his head low, he continued saying,

“I’m so sorry my love, but trust me, I need you, these past few days just taught me a lesson and just proved that I really can’t live withoutyou, I missed you.”

“Oh honey,” you said before kissing him, when you broke the kiss he mumbled, “God, I missed you so much.”

Sours: https://guccixstyless.tumblr.com/
Harry Styles: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Masha, who was lying on the left, reached out her hand to my penis and bumped into her mother's head. Mum. I want to suck too. Give it to me.

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