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20 of the Best—and Most Stylish—Indoor Planters for Every Size Plant

Filling your home with plants is one of the easiest ways to add a little extra life to your space. But, finding cute planters to put them in can be a little bit of a challenge—you want them to be functional, but still not cramp your style. Luckily, there's more to life than plain terra cotta. With one of these high-style indoor planters, your greenery will be looking its best no matter when you last remembered to water it.

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Whether you want something modern, boho, colorful, or high-tech (yes, if you want your plants to play music, water themselves, or even turn your shelf into an art museum, we've got you covered), there's a plant pot for everyone on this list. And don't worry, if you don't have much of a green thumb, there's zero shame in filling them with fake plants—there are plenty of realistic options out there to choose from.


For all that your houseplants do for you—like cleaning the very air you breathe—the least you can do is give them a beautiful home. For showstopping indoor planters that won’t break the bank, we turned to some of our most loved ceramists and home decor brands for inspiration. These innovators have been cooking up some truly original planter designs for succulents, small plants, and leafy greenery that’ll match any decor. Prefer a classic look? O.G. terra-cotta planters now come in sleek modern shapes. Looking for something flashy and modern? Shiny metal planters will add a glow. Just need a pop of color on the windowsill? There’s a hyper blue ceramic planter for that. And may we suggest that, if you do have that itch for a decor update, new plants (and, obviously, plant pots!) are really the best place to start.

Now that we’re all spending more time indoors, the jolt of green will add some much-needed energy to your space and the lush accents will liven up any living room, tabletop, or DIY office. Even better, our favorite planters of the season range from the cost of a takeout dinner (sans glass of wine!) to a new pair of Vans, so you don’t have to feel so guilty if your green thumb fails and your plant baby doesn’t survive the season. It happens. (But it doesn’t have to!) Ready for the easiest home upgrade of your life? Shop our selection of affordable indoor planters.

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17 Extra Large Indoor Planters That Will Transform Your HomeThey say the more, the merrier, and the same goes for our plants. Every homeowner has their preference for the types of plants they like to grow and display around their homes, and while we have explored many cute, smaller planters, some people just want to go big or go home!

The great thing about all of these extra large planters is that each one brings its own level of charm and there are color and style for everyone. When you are looking for an indoor planter, you want one that matches your decor, and you are bound to find one you love in this mix.

Check out some of the nicest extra large indoor planters that the internet has to offer!

1. La Jolie Muse Large Flower Pot

This simple, yet refined large pot from La Jolie Muse offers plenty of space for bigger plants, and with a strong resin construction and a 5-year warranty, it is built to last.

The pot is great for indoor or outdoor use, and due to its low density, it also has less of an environmental impact. Best of all, it comes with a sturdy rope hanger so you can present your plants for all to see.

You can learn more about this planter here. 

2. Bloem Indoor planter

Bloem presents a decorative planter with a simple leafy design that would make a great fit in a living room or foyer. The planter comes with pre-drilled drainage holes, and an attached saucer tray so healthy plants can be easily drained and well maintained.

The planter is made of durable polypropylene plastic, preventing it from getting easily knocked over by kids and pets, and if you wanted to place it outside, it would last through strong conditions.

You can learn more about this planter here.   



3. Bloem Deep Sea Planter

This durable and presentable planter offers shelter for your plants with a decorative deep blue exterior. With a width of 11 inches, it provides plenty of space for larger, indoor plants. It also comes with drainage holes and a dependable saucer for easy usage.

You can learn more about this planter here.

4. Peach & Pebble Large Planter

This bronze beauty from Peach & Pebble gives an aura of elegance to your home and a place of peace for your plants. The base is made of authentic Terracotta clay, and it is hand glazed to give that beautiful bronze finish.

The Peach & Pebble is great for standing plants and with a drainage hole built in, you don’t have to worry about your plants getting overwatered. This is a great statement piece for your living room or covered patio.

You can learn more about this planter here.

5. Suncast Large Planter

Suncast presents this beautiful planter that mixes hues of blue and brown to create a decorative piece that is also an excellent home for your plants. It has a gallon-sized interior that aids in retaining moisture, and it is made of resin so it will last the test of time.

You can learn more about this planter here.

6. La Jolie Muse Dual Planters

This pair of planters will add a special touch to the corners of your living room or balcony. The planters have a round tapered design with room for a pair of larger plants.

Each planter features four drainage holes that are raised up from the bottom for easy maintenance. They also have UV inhibitors so they can sit in the sun for a long time without fading. At six pounds, with sturdy construction, and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, these planters are built to last.

You can learn more about this planter here.

7. Classic Home and Garden Large Pot

Although this large planter looks like it is made of solid stone, it is actually a durable resin that will last the life of your plants.

The planter is also UV coated to protect against fading, and it has a high-quality brushed finish. It does not have drainage holes, but they can be easily added with a drill.

You can learn more about this planter here.

8. Tusco Tall Planter

Sleek and modern, this planter from Tusco is made of a dependable molded plastic that is extremely durable and spacious for larger plants. Like the others, it is UV protected, so it will retain its elegant sheen.

You can learn more about this planter here.

9. Bloem Fiskars Box Planter

This large box planter from Bloem is a bit on the utilitarian side, but it is still a great home for your inside plants. It has a five-gallon capacity, and its large size provides room for multiple potted plants. This planter is also water resistant and is made in the USA.

You can learn more about this planter here.  

10. Classic Home and Garden Honeysuckle Planter

This gorgeous extra large planter from Classic Home and Garden is a true statement piece for your indoor plants. Though it is made out of high-quality resin, the planter gives the appearance of classic stone.

The honeysuckle planter has a lot of great qualities including a UV coated finish, 3.6 gallons of planting space, a durable construction, and the ability to easily add drainage holes if the need arises.

You can learn more about this planter here.

11. Gifts & Decor Jewel Tone Flower Pot Trio

If you are really looking into adding color to your living room or indoor patio, then this trio of lovely and colorful embossed planters are ideal. Made of ceramic, these pots provide space for a family of plants.

The planters are 12, 9, and 6.5 inches in diameter, respectively, and each of the planters has a drainage hole in the bottom.

You can learn more about this planter here.

12. Antonio Antique Moroccan Planter

You can add a classic look to your indoor space with this gorgeous large planter that offers 20 inches of planting room. It is made out of sturdy quartz stone and comes in at a solid 25 pounds.

You can learn more about this planter here.

13. Bloem Self-Watering Planter

Now, this is a self-reliant planter! Bloem created this large, 20-inch planting system that is made of durable plastic. The planter is UV stabilized to avoid fading, and it has a matte finish that resists fingerprints.

The self-watering process works via a water reservoir below the soil that holds an inch of water. Via the evaporation process, the water is drawn up from below and it keeps the roots of the plants healthy. This is a great planter for those with busy schedules.

You can learn more about this planter here.

14. Fixget Planter Stand

Elevate your favorite plants with this extra large planter stand from Fixget which creates a look of modest mid-century style to your indoor spaces.

Made of natural handcrafted beech wood, it is easy to install, and it keeps your plants elevated, so they don’t scratch the floors while also improving airflow.

You can learn more about this planter here.

15. Bloem Clay Planter

This simple yet understated planter from Bloem offers a nice look that will go great with just about any decor. It has thick walls for maximum durability, and it provides almost 22 inches of planting space. This is an excellent planter for those who enjoy the classic look of clay.

You can learn more about this planter here.

16. Keter Cozies Large Planter

This rather unique but roomy planter from Keter features a braid-inspired knit design and a removable liner for easy cleaning and use.

Despite its soft look, it is built from a robust resin construction and is resistant to unraveling. It also has a drainage plug in the bottom to avoid overwatering.

You can learn more about this planter here.

17. Sunnydaze Anjelica Planter Set

This gorgeous planter set provides a beautiful, well-rounded look to any interior space. They are built with a solid double-walled design with space in between for the roots or the addition of sand if you want to weigh it down. Although the planters are built to last, they come with a one year warranty.

You can learn more about this planter here.

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