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This is a list of episodes in the American animated television seriesGenerator Rex.

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Season 3 (2011–13)[edit]

^a These episodes were released on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and iTunes.

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Generator Rex: Season 2 Episode 29: Long Gone Seen== Caesar: Rex. Wake-up. Rex: Ten more minutes,six. Caesar: This serious. I think mom is here or at least it looks like it. Rex: Mama,ouch. Caesar: Come look. Rex: I don't see anything. Caesar: Then let's go outside and look for them. White Knight: Where do you think your going? Rex: It's cool Knight, Caesar found our parents. White Knight: Another family reunion, fine juat for a few minutes and then I want you to come back in Providence. * Caesar: I swore I.... Rex: What is it? Caesar: Look. Violeta: caesar? Rex? Rex and Caesar: Mama? Violeta: Oh, I'm glad to see that your alright. Rex, I always had faith that you were the one. Rex: "The one?" Violeta: Rex, your destine to be a hero,to save the innocence from evil, the race of all nanites, to prtect the world. This shows on how great we did. Rex: What do you mean by how great you you did? Violeta: We were tyring to save people from sickness, diseases, and save man kind. But you were in an industrial accident. That's when the scientists had to inject you with nanites. To save your life. It seems that it worked but it caused an explosion and your brother had to escape but your father and I almost got caught in the explosion but we escaped somehow. So your father and I have been trying to track you and your brother down,so we can find you and your brother. Caesar: Then, where's papi? Violeta: Behind me. Raefel: Where's my ninos? Caesar and Rex: Papi? Raefel: What is this place,Caesar and Rex? Rex and Caesar: Providence. Raefel: What's Providence? Rex: You could say its like a government. Raefel: I am glad to see you alive,Rex. Rex: I'm just glad to be alive and before I get busted, let's get in Providence. Raefel: This is white. Violeta: Raefel. White Knight: Who are these two people? If I may ask. Caesar: There my parents and Rex's parents. White Knight:Like I said,"family reunion." Violeta: Hi,uh, who are? White Night: White Night. Violeta: Okay,then. This Raefel and I am Violeta. Six: Usually, the son takes on the fathers side. Violeta: One of them does. Six: Which one? Violeta: Caesar. um,excuse me but are you a doctor? Dr.Holiday: Yes. My name is Dr.Holiday. Why did you ask? Violeta: You don't see a lot of doctors do you? That's why. Dr.Holiday: No you don't. So your a doctor? Violeta: yes and I am a mother to Caesar and Rex. Dr.Holiday: I didn't know that. So, your name is Dr. Violeta Salazar? Violeta: yes,it's quite so. White Knight: Looks like we have Dr.Holiday have found herself a friend. i don't about you but she reminds me of Rex. Caesar; I guess you find out things sooner or later.* Narrator: End of the story. What do you think? Please subscribe.

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Image Title Original air date Episode # Overall episode # Directed by Written by
The Day That Everything Changed.png
"The Day That Everything Changed" April 23, 2010 1 1 Sam Montes Man of Action Rex sneaks out to blow off steam with Noah, but the pair soon encounter trouble.
Rex You Need to Fight This.png
"String Theory" April 30, 2010 2 2 Rick Morales Man of Action In order to take down a new EVO, Rex and White Knight go to extreme measures.
Beyond the Sea.png
"Beyond the Sea" May 7, 2010 3 3 Chris Graham Man of Action Rex, Noah and Bobo decide to have some fun by sneaking off to Cabo Luna for Spring Break. While at the beach, Rex meets and falls head-over-heels for an EVO girl named Circe, who is on an initiation mission in order to join Van Kleiss' group, the Pack.
Spider EVO.png
"Lockdown" May 14, 2010 4 4 Sam Montes Scott Sonneborn The entire city is put on lockdown following the escape of a dangerous EVO from the zoo. However, Rex and Noah end up being trapped along with it.
Zag RS.png
"The Architect" May 21, 2010 5 5 Rick Morales Amy Wolfram Someone known simply as "The Architect" is attempting to build a tower that can communicate with nanites and order them what to do. Although Rex isn't sure that the true purpose of the tower is what it seems to be.
Generator Rex Frostbite.png
"Frostbite" May 28, 2010 6 6 Chris Graham Marty Isenberg Rex faces off against the Pack at a Providence base in the Arctic, while facing a possible nanite overload.
Leader of the Pack.png
"Leader of the Pack" June 7, 2010 7 7 Sam Montes Alexx Van Dyne Rex faces off against the Pack, but it seems that Circe is covering for Van Kleiss while her boss is planning something sinister.
"Breach" June 11, 2010 8 8 Chris Graham Adam Beechen Rex gets trapped in one of Breach's pocket dimensions, where he wakes up to wild EVOs in a strange boarding school.
Dark Passage.png
"Dark Passage" June 18, 2010 9 9 Sam Montes Marsha Griffin Rex may finally be able to get answers about his past when one of the original scientists from the Nanite Project resurfaces in the Amazon.
The Forgotten.png
"The Forgotten" September 17, 2010 10 10 Rick Morales Paul Giacoppo Rex and Six try to retrieve an info-rich disk that's stashed inside an EVO-plagued city known as the Bug Jar.
"Operation: Wingman" September 24, 2010 11 11 Chris Graham Eugene Son Noah drags Rex on a double date leading to a Junior Prom. The problem: the cute girl Noah hooked him up with is a total klutz, who has a reputation of sending her old dates to the hospital. To make matters worse, Rex has to keep an eye out for a dangerous EVO: a giant rabbit with a grudge.
"Rabble" October 1, 2010 12 12 Sam Montes Rob Hoegee When investigating crimes in Hong Kong, Rex bumps into old friends of his from the past. Except they're the ones committing the crimes.
The Hunter.PNG
"The Hunter" October 8, 2010 13 13 Rick Morales Michael Ryan Rex is targeted by an EVO hunter named Hunter Cain, who leads the public to believe that Providence is ineffective and dangerous.
"Gravity" October 15, 2010 14 14 Rick Morales Andrew Robinson Zag RS returns in its latest attempt to destroy all nanites. It invades a Providence satellite containing Dr. Holiday and others on board. When they shut it down to prevent Zag RS from escaping, the satellite begins falling towards Earth. It's up to Rex to prevent the satellite from burning up in the atmosphere and to stop Zag RS.
What Lies Beneath.png
"What Lies Beneath" October 22, 2010 15 15 Chris Graham Marsha Griffin Following Van Kleiss' demise, Abysus has begun to fall apart, so Circe calls on Rex for help. However, what she and the Pack really want is for Rex to revive Van Kleiss, so that Abysus can return to normal, but Rex has no intention of bringing him back.
The Swarm.png
"The Swarm" October 29, 2010 16 16 Sam Montes Paul Giacoppo EVO locus that eat nothing but metal are destroying every village they come across, as they make their way towards China. It's up to Rex to stop them, but since all of his nanite weapons are made of metal, he'll have to come up with a different solution.
Providence Basic Training.png
"Basic" November 5, 2010 17 17 Rick Morales Scott Sonneborn Rex and Noah make a bet on who can last the longest at Basic, a training ground for new Providence cadets. As they go through all the rigorous training, they begin to realize that being a Providence soldier isn't as easy as it seems.
"Plague" November 12, 2010 18 18 Chris Graham Tad Stones A mysterious virus is causing everyone on the globe to fall into a deep sleep. And so Rex has been dispatched to find out what's causing the virus to spread. Later on, he teams up with White Knight in order to find the so-called Patient Zero.
Promises, Promises.png
"Promises, Promises" November 19, 2010 19 19 Sam Montes Man of Action While celebrating Rex's anniversary at Providence, the history of how Rex joined Providence is revealed.
"Badlands" December 3, 2010 20 20 Rick Morales Eugene Son While transporting unstable nanites, Rex, Noah and Bobo get separated from the Providence convoy. Meanwhile, Agent Six and the others in the convoy become the targets of a gang of anarchists seeking to steal the unstable nanites.
"Payback" December 10, 2010 21 21 Rick Morales Rob Hoegee Van Kleiss decides to go after Rex in order to reclaim the nanites that were stolen from him. In doing so, he gains the ability to turn people into EVOs and proceeds with his plan to destroy Providence once and for all.

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29 generator rex episode

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Mom came back quickly. I barely had time to go upstairs. - Vov, are you here. I heard her voice, cheerful and contented. - Here.

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