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AN: While searching for a good fic about the Naruto characters read/watching the cannon series, I only found owlgirl16's fics named 'Reading Naruto Shippuden'. So I decided to write my own. I hope you'll like it!
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. I just wish I did.
Beta: This fic is currently being beta'ed by Midnight-Kitsune11. Thank you for your hard work. :D

Now to clarify, this is how you should read the text
Episode (everything in bold is from the episode)

Oh, and if I refer to the Hokage I mean the third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen and not Namikaze Minato… He isn't nominated for the position yet in my timeline.

Chapter 1: Meeting Naruto
Silently, Sarutobi Hiruzen observed the people he had called into the specially prepared interrogation room. Comfortable chairs had been added in the otherwise sterile white room.

His own two students, Jiraiya and Tsunade stood a bit further away and as far away from each other as possible. That wasn't a big surprise, especially taking into account the irritation marks around Tsunade's eyes, and Jiraiya's black eye. Namikaze Minato stood next to Jiraiya. He was silently laughing at his sensei.

He sighed and looked at the blond hidden in the shadows. If only Yamanaka Inoichi, current head of the Intelligence Division, had confirmed the blond to be a spy. It would have been so much easier. But the clan leader had confirmed the younger blonds' story and had insisted on performing this jutsu. Nara Shikaku stood with his teammate.

Hiruzen cleared his throat and immediately he gained everyone's attention.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here. Have a seat and I'll explain."

Curious looks were exchanged as they did as they were told.

"Twenty hours ago, an unknown shinobi appeared in my office with help of a seal. He was unconscious and badly hurt. The seal disappeared immediately afterwards. Inoichi took him into custody. What he saw in the boy's mind, was later confirmed by the boy himself. Inoichi strongly recommended performing a special clan jutsu of his which will allow multiple people to view the boy's memories at the same time."

He paused briefly, giving the shinobi present time to think about what he said.

"What is he?" asked Shikaku bluntly. "It's clear he's not a spy or there would be more people from the Intelligence Division present to record the memories and there would have been no need for us to be here."

Hiruzen nodded.

"Quite right. He's a Konoha shinobi and we found out he won't be born for a few years yet."

A stunned silence filled the room.

"Hokage-sama, are you suggesting time travel?" asked Minato cautiously.

"It is the only explanation." Hiruzen spoke softly. "From what both Inoichi and the boy explained, he somehow ended up here by accident at the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War."

"Fourth?" Questioned Minato softly.

Hiruzen nodded. He knew it was hard to grasp. They were after all still fighting in the third war…

"Inoichi assured me that taking the time to watch these memories now would be more than worth it. That is why I wanted you all here. We are few in this room, and maybe later on I'll ask others to join us but for now this will have to do. Others will lead Konoha while we are busy here."

"I have a question: are we going to watch the kid's whole life? And where is he anyway?" asked Tsunade irritated. She'd rather be working in the hospital. People were dying – they were at war, damn it!

"Inoichi, if you would?"

"Of course, Hokage-sama." The man stepped forward. "Naruto-kun, if you'd please step forward."

A blond teenager stepped forward. He wore standard shinobi clothes the Hokage had given him. Bright blue eyes studied the others in the room, emotions changing so fast it was impossible to name them. He had three thin scars on each cheek, reminding them of whiskers. His Konoha hitai-ate ate was proudly displayed on his forehead. On the back of his hands were standard chakra suppressing seals. Until he had seen those memories, the Sandaime Hokage would be cautious.

"The jutsu I will perform lets me project memories on a flat surface, like onto a wall. It won't show his whole life but shows important memories of his life. This happens chronologically. The oldest memories first. I control the jutsu so it can be stopped and resumed at any time. Almost like a movie."

"Important memories? Meaning you don't choose them?" As always, Shikaku was the one who caught the implication.

Inoichi shook his head. "No, only memories that Naruto-kun considers to be milestones in his life."

"Any more questions?" Asked the Hokage.

"Not at the moment." Grinned Jiraiya. "Let's get this show started!"

Inoichi gestured Naruto fowards. The blond sat down in the chair just in fron of the Yamanaka. Inoichi waited until everyone was comfortable, turned out the light and painted a simple seal on the back of Naruto's neck. He made 4 matching seals on the wall. The rectangular space between the seals would work as a monitor for the images of the memories.
He quickly went through the required hand seals and activated the jutsu.

Small legs became visible, clad in blue ninja sandals and orange pants. It was a child, blond with goggles on his head, in a black t-shirt and with a can of paint in his hand. The kid, not older than 12 years old, was laughing brightly. Two shinobi were chasing him, clearly annoyed.

"Is that you? What did you do, brat?" asked Jiraiya.

"Yes that's me. And I'm sure you'll be shown what I did." Grinned Naruto.

"Why did you do such a thing?" Yelled one of them annoyed. "You're really going to get it this time!"

They chased the child around the village, passing next to the Hokage monument. Someone had painted doodles on the faces of the four Hokages in different colours. Every Hokage had a bloody nose and some scars and feminine eyelashes were added.

Jiraiya started laughing loudly, nearly falling out of his chair.

The Sandaime immediately hit him on his head, making his student fall on the ground.

"I don't care, dattebayo!" yelled the blond. "You know your problem? You can't do the things I do! Only I can do this! I'm better than all of you! Believe it!"

Random shinobi could be heard screaming.

"There's a problem sir."


Sarutobi Hiruzen regarded the shinobi who entered his office with an annoyed look.

"What is it?" His hand stilled in the middle of writing a kanji. "Did Naruto do something again?"

"From that reaction I'm assuming this happens all the time?" asked Minato amused.

Naruto only laughed brightly at his (future-) father. Amused, he wondered what the man would do if he knew his face was up there. Still, it felt so good to interact with him. He had been raised as an orphan after all.

Without being too bothered, he continued writing. The two shinobi in his office looked frantic.

"Yes, he climbed onto the Hokage Mountain and …"

"And he vandalised and sprayed graffiti all over them!" Cut the second shinobi in.
Almost bored, as if it was a daily occurrence, the Hokage calmly blow out the smoke from his pipe.

Outside, the chase was still on. Two shinobi were still running after the blond kid named Naruto.


After they passed an alley with wooden panels, a piece of cloth, painted to look just like the panelling, was removed to show a grinning blond.

With his hand rubbing the back of his head, the kid laughed, clearly thinking he had lost them.

"Idiots." Muttered Hiruzen. He made a mental to look into their training regimen outside of war-times.

"Why wouldn't I?" The boy answered the shinobis' earlier demand as if they were still there and not just part of a memory.

An angry chunin, with his brown hair in a ponytail and a horizontal scar across his nose, appeared behind him.


Not expecting that, the blond jumped high in the air, screaming. Somehow he turned around in mid-air and fell on his behind.

"How did you suddenly get here, Iruka-sensei?"

The chunin pointed a finger at him and frowned.

"The question is: what are you doing here when you should be in class?"

The next scene showed the Ninja Academy, with Iruka lecturing a tied-up Naruto in the classroom.

"You managed to outrun chunin ninja from our village while in the Academy?" asked Shikaku grinning. "Not bad."

"Thanks." Smiled Naruto.

"Now listen Naruto, you failed the last graduation test and the one before that. This is no time to be goofing off, you fool!"

"You failed two times already?" asked a sceptical Tsunade.

"Shut up, baa-chan." Muttered Naruto.

"What did you call me?" A murderous glint appeared in her eyes as she raised a fist.

"Tsunade-sama, please don't." reprimanded Inoichi.

Naruto looked gratefully at the older blond.

"He needs to be conscious for the jutsu to work."


"Hn." With a grimace Naruto turned his nose up.

Iruka's eye twitched. Angry, he turned towards the other students.

"We will have a retest on the Henge no jutsu (Transformation technique)! Even those who already passed will take it!"

Immediately all the students groaned.

First was a girl in a red dress with green eyes and long pink hair.

"Haruno Sakura." She presented herself. "Here I go… Henge." And with a sudden cloud of smoke she transformed into a copy of Iruka.

"Good." Their teacher praised with a smile.

She cheered as she cancelled the jutsu. "Did you see that, Sasuke-kun?"

"Great, a fangirl." Muttered the Akimichi.

"Next, Uchiha Sasuke."

The boy behind her in the line stoically came forth. He wore white shorts and a blue shirt with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back. He also managed a successful transformation.

Iruka nodded.
"Next, Uzumaki Naruto."

"Uzumaki? I thought Kushina was the last…" Minato muttered. Was she the boy's mother? But why would he carry her name then? Why not his father's name?

In the background kids were talking about the blond clad in an orange jumpsuit.

"This is all your fault!"


"Like I care." Muttered the blond.

Blue chakra spun around him as he performed the jutsu and, with the trademark cloud of smoke, Naruto transformed into a foxy, blond and very naked girl who blew a kiss at the poor teacher. Iruka's mouth dropped open and he was momentarily stunned, until what he saw registered. Then he flew backwards from the force of his nosebleed.
Jiraiya had the same reaction as Iruka, only with a perverted grin on his face.

"What the hell is that?!" screamed Tsunade angrily.

"It's brilliant!" exclaimed Jiraiya.
Minato sighed as Tsunade almost sent his teacher through a wall for that remark. He turned towards his Hokage.

The man had tilted his head in such a way he could still see the screen, however, people couldn't see his face… Minato sweat-dropped and the others in the room chuckled but only Naruto laughed outright.

"How was it? I called it Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy jutsu)!"

Laughing loudly, Naruto didn't notice his teacher's quick recovery. The man used, what has been known for generations as, the Big-head-Jutsu and screamed at the blond.

"You fool! Stop making up such idiotic techniques!"

"Quite right." Muttered Tsunade.

The scene shifted towards the Hokage monument. Naruto was cursing while trying to scrub off the paint.

"I won't let you go home until you clean that all up!" said Iruka. He had his arms crossed and observed his student from the top of one of the Hokages' heads.

"I don't care." Yelled Naruto angrily. "There's nobody home anyway!"

"What about your parents?" asked Minato.

The blond looked at him. "I'm an orphan."

Minato frowned. What did that mean? Did Kushina die? Was she even his mother? He still didn't have a clue about who the father was, though he could hope… He and Kushina were dating and were planning on moving in together… On the other hand, if Kushina did die, as awful as that theory might be, what happened to the Kyuubi?

Brooding, he continued scrubbing. Iruka looked at him for a while longer before he tried again.

"Naruto …"

The blond looked up, an annoyed look on his face.

"What is it this time?"

"What I meant was… if you clean up this whole mess, I'll buy you ramen tonight."

Stars appeared in the boy's eyes.

"Yes! I'll finish it in no time, dattebayo!" exclaimed Naruto enthusiastically.

Minato chuckled. That could have been Kushina's reaction! She loved ramen with a passion.

Later that night Naruto and Iruka were eating ramen at Ichiraku's.

"Naruto, why did you vandalise the monument?" asked Iruka curious. "Don't you know who the Hokage are?"

"Of course I do." Said Naruto with his mouth full of ramen.

He drank his bowl empty before continuing.

"Basically, those that receive the Hokage name are the strongest ninja in the village, right? Among them was the Fourth Hokage, who saved the village from the nine-tailed demon fox. "

"Then why did you do that?"

"Because I'll become a Hokage myself, and then I'm going to surpass all the previous Hokage!" Naruto finished that sentence by pointing his chopsticks at his teacher."

"Nice dream, kid." Said Minato.

"A fool's dream." Scoffed Tsunade.

"I don't want to hear that from you!" laughed Naruto.

Tsunade frowned. She wasn't sure she liked this kid. What did he mean by that anyway?

"And then! And then, I'll make the village recognise my strength. By the way, sensei, I have a favour to ask… "

"What, you want seconds?"

"No… Can I borrow you leaf head protector?" Naruto begged.

"Oh, this?" pointed Iruka. "No, no, this is for after you graduate. This is a symbol that you've come of age. Maybe you'll get one tomorrow."

"Stingy." Pouted the blond.

"Nice try." Smiled the sandaime.

Iruka laughed. "So that's why you removed your goggles."

"Seconds!" screamed the kid as vengeance.


"Not to be a spoil-sport, but why are we seeing this? I mean, you can't tell me this is an important moment in your live." Muttered Shikaku.

"Hey, ramen is super important!"

Chouza nodded at that.

"And it's not like I get to choose which memories you see. The important part comes later, I guess…" pouted Naruto.

The next day saw them back in the classroom.

"Now for the graduation exam, you will do the bunshin no jutsu. When you are called, come to the next room." Said Iruka with a name list in his hands.

Naruto was anxiously waiting his turn.

'Damn, why that one? That's my worst skill…'

When it was finally his turn, his bunshin turned out to be dying…


"No offence kid, but that's the third time you failed the academy's graduation exam. You sure know how be stubborn, but are you sure you're the best person to have travelled back in time to help us change the future?" asked Shikaku sceptically.

"I didn't travel back in time on purpose. It was an accident!" said Naruto indignantly. "But does that mean you believe me now?"

The Hokage nodded. "I believed you since the beginning of these memories. Inoichi's jutsu does not allow to show lies or fake memories. We would have noticed by now."

Naruto smiled at that.

Disappointed, Naruto fell down.

"Iruka-sensei…" spoke the white haired chunin next to the teacher."This is the third time, and he did technically create a clone… we could let him pass."

Naruto looked hopeful at that.

"No way, Mizuki-sensei. Everyone else made three clones but Naruto only created one and it was a useless one. I can't let him pass."

Next they saw Naruto sitting on a swing just outside the Academy. In front of the building, graduated students were celebrating with their parents. Miserable and lonely, he watched them.

"Great job! That's my son!"

"Now you're a man!"

"I'm so proud of you! I'm going to make your favourite dinner."

"Hey, that kid…"

"Yeah, that's the kid and he's the only one who failed."

"Well that's good.

"What?" frowned Hizuren. Konoha's citizens were glad an orphan boy didn't become a shinobi. Why?

"We can't have him becoming a shinobi."

"Since, he is…"

"Hey, we can't talk about that!"

They all frowned. What was going on?

Refusing to listen to any more, he quickly left.

In the village, Mizuki-sensei caught up with the blond.



"Iruka-sensei is a serious person." explained the chunin. "His parents were killed when he was young and he's had to do everything himself."

"But why does he pick on me?" pouted Naruto.

Mizuki smiled. "He probably sees himself in you. He's probably thinking he wants you to become strong in the real way. Try to understand Iruka's feelings, since you also have no parents."

Naruto looked down at his hands, a sad look in his eyes.

"… but I wish I had graduated."

"Well then," grinned Mizuki. "I'll tell you a secret…"

"What is he doing?" asked Jiraiya silently.


"What are you doing here at this hour?" asked the third Hokage bluntly as he caught Naruto sneaking around.

The blond was shocked and cried in reflex: "Sexy no jutsu!"


Overwhelmed, the Hokage passed out in a puddle of blood.

Jiraiya once again fell off his chair laughing.

"Sensei, y-you…"

This time it was Hiruzen who hit him on the head.

Naruto continued on and was seen searching through scrolls. He found the right one and left without anyone noticing. He quickly went to a hidden clearing in the forest and opened the scroll.

"Let's see… the first skill is… kage bunshin? (shadow clone) What the hell? Why does it start with one I'm bad at?"

"Are you going to try and learn a jutsu from that scroll? Kage bunsin is a dangerous technique." Said Minato worried.

"The only scroll that has that jutsu in it is the forbidden scroll. Why would you take it?" asked Hiruzen.

"It's explained later on." Muttered Naruto. He so wasn't looking forward to the next part. What would they think of him? He knew some of them knew that his mother was the previous jinchuuriki, but still …

Later, Iruka found Naruto in his clearing. The boy was panting hard and had the scroll on his back.

"I found you!" said an irritated Iruka.

"Oh, I found the nose bleeder!" screamed Naruto enthusiastically.

"Idiot, I found you!" screamed Iruka in response. It was only then the chunin took the time to study his student.

"You're such a comedy dude." Grinned Jiraiya.

"Oh, yeah, I was the best prankster!"

"Hehehe, you found me." Grinned a sheepish Naruto. "I've only learned one skill."

"You managed it? But that jutsu requires a huge amount of chakra?" asked Minato stunned.

"I always had big chakra reserves. It's because of that, and my almost non-existent chakra control, that I couldn't do an ordinary bunshin." Naruto shrugged.

"Naruto, you're all beaten up, what were you doing?"

"Never mind that! I'm going to try an incredible jutsu. If I do it, let me graduate!"

"Why would he graduate you for that?" asked Chouza frowning. He didn't like where this was going.

Iruka blinked. 'So you were practicing here? Enough to damage your body…' The boy was covered in bruises but still he made the hand signs for his jutsu.



"Where did you get that scroll on your back?"

"Oh this? Mizuki-sensei told me about it. And about this place too."

Worried Iruka frowned.

"He said that if I showed you this skill, I'd definitely graduate!"


"It seems we have a traitor." Observed the Hokage.

Hearing something, Iruka quickly pushed Naruto out of the way, taking the hit of different kunai being launched at the child himself.

"Nice job finding him." smiled Mizuki, who suddenly appeared.

Pulling loose a kunai, Iruka glared at his friend. "I see, so that's what going on…"

"Naruto, give me the scroll."

"What's going on here?" asked Naruto. He looked so confused you could almost see a question mark appear above him.

"Come on, kid, it's not that hard to connect the facts." Reprimanded Shikaku.


"Naruto, don't give him the scroll even if you die!" ordered Iruka. The man was bleeding from various wounds. "That is a dangerous scroll that had forbidden ninjutsu sealed within it. Mizuki used you in order to get his hands on it!"

Shaking, Naruto stood up.

"Naruto, there is no point in you having it. I'll tell you the truth."

"The truth?"

"No, don't!" screamed Iruka desperately.

"Twelve years ago… You know about the demon fox being sealed away, right?" taunted Mizuki. "Since that incident, a new rule was created for the village."

"Sealed away? The Kyuubi has been sealed again?" asked Minato.

Naruto nodded sombrely. Minato sighed, finally understanding. He closed his eyes and muttered: "Jinchuuriki…"

Naruto eyed his father with wide eyes. He hadn't thought he would have figured it out so soon.

The others in the room nodded in understanding but didn't give any other reaction. Naruto wasn't sure what to make of it.

"… A rule?" asked Naruto.

"But Naruto, this rule was never meant to be told to you."

"Not to me? What is this rule? Why?" asked Naruto, frantic.

Mizuki chuckled.

"What kind of rule is it?" asked Naruto again with wide blue eyes.

"The rule is that nobody is allowed to talk about the fact that you are the demon fox." Mizuki sneered at him.

"He's not the fox, only its jailor." Said Minato with a strong voice.

Naruto sighed relieved and smiled at the man. Minato, seeing the beautiful smile on the boy's face, smiled back.

"Huh? What do you mean?" screamed Naruto again, his voice slightly breaking.

"STOP IT!" yelled Iruka.

"It means that you are the Kyuubi that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed the village! You were sealed up by the Hokage you admire and…"

"Oh, shut it, you idiot." Minato really didn't like the white-haired man.

"Stop it!"

"You have been lied to by everyone!" Mizuki continued as if Iruka wasn't there. "Didn't you find it odd how everyone hated you?"

"Why did they tell the whole village?! The identity of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki has always been one of Konoha's most guarded secrets!" exclaimed Minato angrily. "Which idiot decided to reveal it to the village after what sounds like a massive attack from the fox?!"

Naruto only pointed at the Hokage. "Apparently, the Yondaime Hokage wished for the village to view me as a hero."

"Really, who the hell is that naïve?!"

Naruto laughed happily. Oh, the irony…

Tears gathered in Naruto's eyes.

"Iruka is the same! He actually hates you!"

"Naruto!" called Iruka worried about the young boy's reaction. He closed his eyes and heard again what the third Hokage had said to him earlier that day.

"He's never known a parent's love and is hated by all the villagers because of that incident."

"Nobody will ever accept you." Said Mizuki as he surged forward.

"So to get attention… he makes a lot of trouble. He's seeking acknowledgement of his existence in any possible way."

"That scroll was used to seal you up." Mizuki had almost reached the blond now.

"He acts tough but he is truly suffering."

Blood flew across the screen. Iruka was seen covering Naruto with his body as the great Wind shuriken Mizuki had thrown was sticking out of his back. Blood dripped from the man's mouth onto Naruto's scared cheeks. Tears gathered once more in the boy's eyes.


"M-my parents, after they died, there was nobody to compliment me or acknowledge me. I was so sad… I would always act like an idiot to get people's attention." Iruka tried to explain. "Since I wasn't able to do well in things like school and get attention that way, it was better than being nothing, so I kept acting like an idiot."

"They sure know how to monologue..." Shikaku muttered. "This is taking too long. Why would the traitor wait for Iruka to finish? Not that I'm complaining in this case, but does this sort of thing happen often?"

Naruto rubbed his hand against his chin, thinking.

"Usually it's only the bad guys." he grinned. "But they get so arrogant that most of the time you know the details of their plans before they finish speaking, so I'm not complaining."

"It was so painful." The man was crying now "Yeah, Naruto, you must have been in a lot of pain too. I'm sorry, Naruto, if I had done a better job, you wouldn't have had to feel like this."

Naruto hesitated for a bit and then, clearly over whelmed, the boy ran away.

He ran as far away from the two as his feet could carry him. Iruka gained on him.

"Naruto!" Iruka ran beside the boy. "Hurry! Pass me the scroll. Mizuki is after it!"

Mid-jump Naruto changed directions and tackled his teacher.


The man flew back as Naruto landed and clutched the scroll.

"What?" gaped Iruka. "Why? Naruto… How did you know I wasn't Iruka?"

And with that Mizuki stopped the transformation jutsu.

"Hehehe." Laughed Naruto.

A sudden cloud of smoke appeared to reveal Iruka.

"Because I'm Iruka."

"Nice." Cheered Jiraiya.

"I see." Sneered the white-haired man.

Unknown to both men, Naruto was hidden behind a tree a bit further away. Clutching the real scroll, he could hear their conversation.

"Hehehe, you'd transform into what killed your parents to protect him?"

"I won't hand that scroll over to an idiot like you!"

"You're the idiot." Mocked Mizuki. "Naruto and I are the same."

"The same?"

Hearing this, Naruto frowned.

"If you use the skills in that scroll, you can do whatever you want. There's no way that demon fox wouldn't try to use that power, unlike what you're assuming."

"Yeah…" agreed Iruka.

Minato frowned again.

"Oh, could you just move on already! Stop talking and do something!" If it wasn't so troublesome, Shikaku would have shouted.

Naruto flinched hearing this.

'Damn it, I knew it… see, even Iruka-sensei… Deep down … doesn't acknowledge me.'

Minato reached for the kid and placed his hand on his shoulder. The younger blond smiled thankfully at him. Jiraiya noticed the two smiling blonds and tilted his head as he saw the similarities between them.

"The demon fox would do that…" Iruka interrupted Naruto's depressing thoughts, "but Naruto is different. He is …I acknowledge him as one of my excellent students. He may not be the hardest worker…"

Naruto hugged the scroll to himself and tried to hide his face in it.

"and he's clumsy so nobody accepts him. He already knows what it is to feel pain in your heart. He isn't the demon fox anymore…"

Again a brief flash of Naruto's hunched form was shown.

"He is a member of the hidden leaf village."

Tears, the boy had tried to contain since the beginning of the day, finally fell.

"He's Uzumaki Naruto!"

They all smiled at that.

Naruto was shaking, trying to calm down, to regain control of his emotions and to not make any noise.

Mizuki grimaced. "Ok, whatever…" he took his second great wind shuriken from his back.

Weak from blood loss Iruka could only watch from his seat against a tree.

"Iruka, I said I would take care of you later, but I changed my mind. Hurry up and die!"

Mizuki threw the weapon. Iruka smiled, but didn't move. He didn't need to.

Unexpectedly, Naruto appeared and head-butted the attacking shinobi.

"Finally something happened." Muttered Shikaku bored.

"Would you shut up about that?!" cried the youngest blond in the room.


"You should not have done that…" muttered Mizuki, slowly getting up.
With the scroll resting on the ground but still in his hand, Naruto glared.

"Don't touch Iruka-sensei. I'll kill you!" glared the boy.

"You tell him kid!" yelled Chouza enthusiastically.

"You idiot! Why did you come out? Run away!"

"Shut up! Punks like you I finish in one shot!"

"Try it, trash! I'll return the pain a thousand times over!"

The boy formed a hand seal. Mizuki only laughed mockingly.

"Then do it, demon fox!"

However both chunin gasped in shock at what followed next.

"Kage bunshin no jutsu!"

Thousands of Narutos popped out. The whole clearing was full of them!

"Wow, nice work kid!" Jiraiya gave him a thumbs up.

Naruto grinned, especially when he saw his father gaping.

"Wha-? What's going on?" cried Mizuki wide eyed.

"What's wrong?" mocked Naruto. "Come at me! Weren't you going to kill me in one shot?"

Stunned, Iruka only watched. 'Naruto, you…'

"Well then I'll start things off!" And with that all the clones started attacking the chunin.

Iruka smiled as only one Naruto remained next to Mizuki's beaten form.

"Serves him right." Beamed Minato.

"Hehe, I went a little too far…" Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

Iruka smiled. "Naruto, come over here. There's something I want to give you. Close your eyes."

Naruto did as told. Impatient as ever, he didn't stay still for long.

"Sensei, now?"

"Ok, you can open your eyes."

His eyes flew open and before him sat Iruka. He was smiling and held Naruto's goggles in his hand. His head band was missing.

"Congratulations on graduating! Let's celebrate; I'll buy you a bowl of ramen."

Overjoyed, Naruto tackled Iruka in a hug.

"Well, that was nice." Smiled Shikaku as the images disappeared. "Is that it?"

"It's the first of many to come." Grinned Inoichi.

The Nara moaned.

Minato put his hand on Naruto's shoulder again.


Blushing, Naruto felt himself smile so widely his face almost split in two.

AN: That's it for now. As you have read, I won't be doing the whole series, I already made myself a list with episodes (and only from Naruto's point of view) I'll be writing like this, but I might be convinced to take requests…
So, I tried, let me know if you think I should continue…
I hope you liked it! Leave a review on the way out, please!

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Fanfic / Escape From The Hokage's Hat

  • Armor-Piercing Question:
    • Kakashi was on the receiving end of a couple for teaching Sasuke way more than Naruto and Sakura. To elaborate he only taught Naruto and Sakura ONE skill yet focused more on Sasuke.

    Sakura : (Kakashi indirectly calls her weak in front of Jiraiya and Team 8 while she points out he abandoned training her) What part of Those who abandon their allies are worse than trash do you believe?

    Sakura : (After Kakashi said that he wanted all his students, not just Sasuke, to become strong and powerful) Then why the hell did you teach Sasuke the Chidori when Naruto and I only got the tree walking exercise? Every single ninja in my generation is treating me like a lazy failure because I don't know more than the Academy ninjutsu and taijutsu. You're Sharingan Kakashi with over a thousand moves! Don't you think that maybe there was a technique or two in that grab bag for your other students?

    Jiraiya(On why he didn't teach Naruto ANYTHING) : You didn't want to teach him (Naruto) anything that would've pissed off the Uchiha right?

    • Tenten gets a rapidfire version that lightly crosses with "The Reason You Suck" Speech:

      Tenten: Then let me ask you a question, Kakashi-san. Is it true that the only true technique that you taught Naruto and Sakura before the Chunin Exams was the ability to walk up trees with chakra? Or how about the rumor that Uchiha Sasuke started suddenly pulling new fire jutsu out of nowhere during that same period? The thing you should be asking yourself is not Where did I go wrong with the Uchiha?. It's What would have happened if I made the others stronger?. Would Sakura have been able to stop Sasuke from leaving in the first place? Would Naruto have been nearly killed twice because he couldn't go any farther on his own? It's because you're asking the wrong questions that you're not finding the right answers."

    • Naruto is told The Needs of the Many speech from every leader he talks with. Upon asking to himself if he could do the same, he stalls when he realizes he might have to force a childhood like his on someone else.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: The Hyuuga of course. When they prefer using infighting to prevent branch members from leaving the clan and getting their caged bird seals removed to actually changing the clan, it's really a no-brainer.
  • Book Dumb: Despite being a quick learner, quick thinker and resourceful kid, by Naruto's own admittance, he's bad with book knowledge. Although this is just because he has a short attention span and lack of a proper education but when given a teacher who is patient enough he learns just as well as any other kid.
  • Break the Haughty: Sasuke and Kakashi.
  • Breaking Speech: Sakura is on the wrong side of two. One from an angry Sasuke and the other from Yakumo's Ido demon.
  • Broken Base: In-Universe. The reaction to the extra seals on Naruto and Tsunade's decrees lead to differing opinions between the ninja and civilians.
  • Broken Bird: Hinata shows signs of emotional abuse due to the contempt she receives from her own clan. Meanwhile, the knowledge of the other seals placed on him has (in some way) emotionally crushed Naruto, and Isaribi already went through something similar to Naruto but the "cure" Tsunade gives her makes one wonder if she made the right choice in taking it.
  • Broken Pedestal:
    • Ino takes the fact that two of her clan members brutalized Naruto, even putting limiting seals on his wounds, very hard, especially since she adored both the men in question and is now questioning if a slight misstep on her part could lead to everything she's worked for being stolen from her in an instant.
    • Jiraiya loses a lot of respect for the Third Hokage after digging into ROOT's files, pointing out that the only way it could have grown is either the Third didn't stop Danzo or agreed with him.
    • Lee is ashamed at how many seem pleased at Naruto getting sealed and asks Gai how can he fight for a village full of people like that.
  • Brutal Honesty: Hanabi loses her position as heir and ends up either bullied, or treated with indifference by her clan. She does eventually get to voice her frustration to Neji and asks why they are treating her like that while they only have nice things to say about Hinata. Neji replies by telling her that it's because she isn't a nice person and Hinata is liked because the Branch members don't want to torment the only Main branch Hyuuga who is genuinely nice to them.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Kimimaro's body. Mentioned during an impromptu debriefing by Naruto and found and stored for later by Tsunade. It gets forgotten for an entire arc but Tsunade and Shizune later get to dissect it and learn more about the curse seal. Which then makes what they learned from the autopsy help them find a "cure" for Isaribi.
  • Chekhov's Skill:
    • Naruto spends the first two arcs incapacitated and forced to work on his tactics, diplomacy and control. This pays off immensely during his fight with the Chameleon summon, during the assault on Amachi's base and in Crater City.
    • The strength-enhancing technique for Hinata.
  • Covert Pervert:
    • This was due in part to having had a seal placed on Naruto (multiple actually, but just explaining this one is important for now) that screwed with his libido and hormones but was removed, which forced the 13 year old to just deal with the overload. Naruto then travels in a group with Hinata, Shizune and Tsunade. Cue Naruto suddenly thinking about how bad he wants a backrub from Shizune, wants a hug (Marshmallow Hell) from Tsunade, comments on how he wants to "hold Hinata and never let her go" and suddenly be turned on by Hinata's laugh.
    • At one point Hinata's thoughts go to how she tends to use her Byakugan to watch Naruto while he's asleep.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Tsunade's tends to engage in this when she wants to prove a point without yelling at someone and structures it in a way where the person being punished understands WHY she's doing so.
  • Crippling Overspecialization:
    • Shizune is at least a Jonin level ninja. However on multiple occasions, her mid to long range fighting style, centered around senbon and poison, gets neutralized by several people below her skill level with unique abilities making her put in more effort than she should in trying to win.
    • The author notes this about Kakashi's teaching style:

    "If you take the basics of ninja balance into account, he clearly pigeonholes each (member of Team 7) into a specific sub-set without giving much in the ways of supplementary training. Naruto was his Taijutsu student, Sakura was the Genjutsu student and Sasuke was the Ninjutsu student. Therefore, Naruto uses the experience of the shadow clone jutsu to build up natural fighting skills, Sasuke learns jutsu through the Sharingan of doom and Sakura deals with any genjutsu issues that they cannot overcome with the strength of the Sharingan. Funny how badly he mistyped them, ne?"

  • "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot: Homura at one point actually asks Koharu if what they're doing is right as Tsunade has seen through their plot and neutralized it and maybe they should try helping her since the village doesn't need to be divided as it is right now.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Naruto's Fatal Flaw. He's quick to go for the option that will solve the problem but has serious trouble thinking about the consequences of his actions.
    • In the Land of Vegetables arc, Naruto rants to Tsunade, angrily asking why she didn't take the Hokage's Hat (which has special seals on it filled with other scrolls from Konoha) with her when during an enemy attack since he, Hinata and Shizune were put in a position where they wouldn't be able to stop the enemy from taking it and stealing Konoha's secrets and it would have been safer if she had it. Tsunade is quick to placate Naruto and Hinata but always has the hat with her at all times after this point.
  • Dead Fic: Has not been updated since 2012.
  • Deconstruction Fic:
    • The "evil council of doom" (Homura and Koharu) is shown to just be Well Intentioned Extremists doing what they think is best for Konoha and its people and actually would have preferred if Sasuke was either dead or out of their hair.
    • The stock "Naruto gets banished" fic gets this considering the reason the council want to banish him is different and far more complex rather than being done out of hate. Also Tsunade immediately acts against the council when they inform her of wanting to banish Naruto.
    • The civilian council is actually far smarter than they are given credit for like when the more influential members don't buy into the Uchiha breeding program considering what Sasuke did.
    • Kakashi's chronic tardiness. While is often Played for Laughs in canon, here it highlights a nasty side effect of this habit, which does nothing but even worsen his already bad reputation as a teacher: the fact that he's usually 2-3 hours late to team meetings means that Team 7 has to waste those 2-3 hours waiting for him while the rest of the teams spend that time doing missions or training.
  • Didn't See That Coming:
    • Koharu, Homura and Danzo figured they could manipulate Tsunade into banishing Naruto by making the only other option his death. They never expected her to give them what they wanted but in a way that screwed with their plans.
    • Danzo never expected Jiraiya to outright have a team of ANBU storm his base.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: Unknowingly done by Kakashi during an "argument" with Sakura in front of Jiraiya and Team 8.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Invoked. The council want to banish Naruto, want Sasuke's prison sentence forgotten and were smart enough to get the Daimyo to agree with any of their decisions. Tsunade's response? Shove Sasuke in one of the darkest ANBU cells being kept barely alive, setting up the collapse of Konoha's economy, taking money from the accounts of every clan that ever wronged Naruto and finally making Jiraiya (temporary) Sixth Hokage while she leaves with Shizune, Hinata and Naruto for a six month training trip. When she explains why she did it to Naruto, she has this to say:

    "I decided to teach those meddling old fools a lesson in respect. If the reason I came back to the village is kicked out, I am SO joining in the fun!"

    • Ino and Chouji both point out to their fathers that, from their perspective, Naruto was turned into a pariah, mistreated at every opportunity, denied friendship and love and had his ninja career sabotaged in such a way it could have killed him for being annoying.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: While out shopping for new clothes and supplies (they've been out in the wild for 4 months) Hinata asks for Naruto's opinion on her new outfit. What he sees is her wearing a blue version of Tsunade's top with a spandex one piece that stops at mid-thigh at the bottom and shows off her Absolute Cleavage up top. He's quiet for a beat before blurting out how hot she looks.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point: Kakashi thinks that the reason he became a pariah among the rest of Konoha Ninja was because he failed to stop Sasuke from trying to defect, while the truth is that they're utterly appalled upon learning how negligent he was with Naruto and Sakura's training, or lack of thereof. It isn't until Tenten points this out to him later in the story (see Armor-Piercing Question above) that Kakashi realizes of this and takes a step to rectify this.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: In-Universe. The jokes about how much of a dense dork or "dead-last" Naruto is, stop being used by characters as it is insulting to him and also not true.
  • Dumbass No More: Tsunade's main goal when training Naruto is to remove his tendency to be Leeroy Jenkins-incarnate. She succeeds considering Naruto later beats her in an argument and manages to defend and justify his actions to her on two separate occasions.
  • Easily Forgiven:
    • Downplayed : Sakura comes to Hinata, in tears, over Naruto's injuries, and says Sasuke isn't worth Naruto getting hurt so badly. Hinata blames Sakura for what she did to Naruto- begging him to save Sasuke and having "hit him, yelled at him and used him,"- but gives her a hug because "If she cried for Naruto, she couldn't be all bad."
    • Subverted : Naruto looks like he'll do this with Sasuke but comments he still can't forgive Sasuke due in part to Sasuke trying to KILL him while Naruto just wanted to incapacitate Sasuke.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Sakura notes that even though most kids are willing to pick on Naruto, they’re not willing to call him a traitor, even if it’s meant as a joke, due to the way they were taught about them.
    • Konoha’s sealers agree that even if they dislike Naruto, intentionally messing with the seal that holds the Kyūbi is plain unprofessional.
  • Fair-Weather Mentor: Deconstructed. Kakashi certainly doesn't mean to be one, but his teaching method is dissected and shown to paint him as one.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • The shogi match Shikamaru has with his father.
    • During his return trip to Konoha, Kakashi considers teaching Naruto some Water Release jutsus considering Sasuke primarily uses fire. It turns out that in addition to wind, Naruto has an affinity for the element when tested by Tsunade.
  • Fragile Speedster: Hinata is a mix of this and Glass Cannon. She can cause a large amount of damage due to her Jyuuken training and while she's fast and good and evading attacks thanks to Tsunade's training she still can't take too much damage before she's taken out of the fight.
  • Friendship Moment: Naruto and Hinata get a couple. Most notable is when he comforts her after first kill and when he asks her out on a date.
  • Gambit Pileup: We have Tsunade's plan which kicks off the fic in the hopes of of either removing the advisers council from power or to prepare Naruto to take care of himself if he still gets banished. Jiraiya running damage control in Konoha for Tsunade's return. The council trying to turn the Hokage into a puppet ruler. The Daimyo supporting the council thinking it's the right thing to do at the moment. Orochimaru doing his best to ruin Tsunade's plan. Oh, and a ROOT team sent to kill Naruto. Not to mention what the other villages are up to.
  • "Get out of Jail Free" Card: The council was willing to compromise on Sasuke's imprisonment because they have the threat of Itachi hanging over their heads should anything bad happen to Sasuke. Never gets used since they ultimately leave Sasuke to his fate.
  • Guilt Complex: Sakura and Ino develop a minor case of this over Naruto's treatment.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation:
    • Hinata has self worth issues what with being looked down on by her family.
    • Played for Drama during a therapy session between Naruto and Tsunade. Tsunade notes Naruto genuinely feels stupid and has a desperate need to constantly prove himself to anyone who will notice.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • The Third Hokage's law about not telling anyone Naruto has the Kyuubi sealed in him. The parents of Konoha used it to turn him into a pariah. When Ino and Choji actually call their parents out on it and ask WHY they did it, the law prevents them from telling them the real reason and they end up looking like hateful pricks to an orphan.
    • As Tsunade later reveals to Naruto, his leaving more clones than she told him to in Neck Country gave Ao and his team a way to track them to Sea Country.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: An enemy ninja mocks Hinata when he picks apart her fighting styles weakness. Hinata responds with by using Tsunade's strength technique, along with her speed, to quickly and utterly decimate him.
  • It Gets Easier/It Never Gets Any Easier: Discussed when Naruto comforts Hinata after her first kill. While they do go back and forth with Hinata worried she'll get a taste for killing and Naruto saying it helps to dull your emotions when you kill, Naruto does tell her killing does come up in their line of work but reminds her she only killed to protect and that the context of a kill is important in learning to deal with it.
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: Naruto is referred to as "The Container", due to having a Tailed Beast sealed in him.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Naruto to Hinata, yet he's unaware of this. Later during a heart-to-heart, Hinata states her intention to become one for Naruto.
  • Loophole Abuse: Where to begin?
    • The council (or rather Danzo) use the daimyo to go over Tsunade's authority in order to banish Naruto.
    • Tsunade, in turn, uses her authority to turn Naruto's banishment into a way to screw the council's plan while allowing her to train Naruto by saying that she is just rehabilitating the village's jinchuuriki.
    • Jiraiya uses an existing practice that Konoha uses to deal with lack of manpower (reactivating retired and other ninja in civilian jobs to bolster their forces) and the two's jonin rank to make the advisers council do D rank missions with the excuse that they are to evaluate whether or not they can keep their ranks.
    • One can actually leave their clan whenever they want. However the risk is they either get punished by the clan if they have no political allies to protect them or they have to fend for themselves as their assets are tied to the clan. Jiraiya works around this by assigning Ino the long term mission of living in and taking care of Naruto's apartment (to show she supports him over her family) and since it's an official mission they'd have to go through him if they wanted to talk to her. For Neji, he sets up an account for him and puts in the payment for a B rank mission since Neji helped him find a way to remove the Caged Bird Seal.
    • The Hyuuga responsible for applying the Caged Bird Seal to the Hyuuga clan is caught as one of the people who put a seal on Naruto. Tsunade uses this to arrest him and officially sanction that a method to remove the Caged Bird Seal be made to prevent copycats or abuse of the seal.
  • Mistaken for Profound: Ao and Mei come to the conclusion that Tsunade is pulling off a massive Kansas City Shuffle on the Elemental Countries.
  • Morton's Fork: Chouji asks his dad to tell him the real reason he told him to avoid Naruto. This puts Chouza in a bad position because A) there isn't a way to justify Naruto's treatment to one of his friends. B) If he attempts to divert, deflect or stay silent, Chouji would call him on it. and C) He can't tell Chouji the real reason because it would get them killed due to the Third's law.
  • My Defense Need Not Protect Me Forever: Hinata's first use of Protection of the 8 Trigrams: 64 palms at first stops a large chunk of steel thrown at her before she sends it right back at the enemy.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: As the Daimyo later reveals The Third Hokage is the reason he had to use the advisers' council as his regents. As he puts it, the Third was thought to have been too old and weary for being Hokage and his waiting too long to name the next Hokage is making damage control more difficult. The Daimyo's council then argued that he should be more involved in how Konoha is run to help the current Hokage, at least until they recover from the Sound/Suna invasion. Thus the council who hope to usurp power from Tsunade now have the power of the Daimyo to call on.
  • Not Helping Your Case: The Hyuuga are regarded as heroes when Konoha finds out about Shinji sealing Naruto. Until a rumor spreads that Naruto was a prototype for a seal they planned to use to gain more power in the village. The fact that they seal their own clan members adds fuel to the fire.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat:
    • The advisers' council in Konoha manage to cause more problems. Lampshaded as Tsunade notes that Konoha should be a military dictatorship instead of her having to worry about what the council thinks. It's shown the other villages never have to deal with this trope proving her point.
    • The Daimyo of Fire Country. He means well but clearly doesn't understand how valuable Naruto is to Konoha most likely due to the fact that he doesn't live in a ninja village.
  • Oh, Crap!: Shikaku has a subdued version of this when his shogi match with Shikamaru mentioned under Foreshadowing and Talking Through Technique ends with an arrangement of pieces that say "I stand with my friend not my village."
  • Only Sane Man: Onoki for Iwa. The rest of Iwa is still bitter and resentful of Konoha after the war. He's just trying to keep the place running and rebuilding his forces as he fully admits they lost to a better opponent and he can't blame the Fourth for protecting his home.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Gai is so horrified at how much Kakashi neglected Naruto and Sakura that he even refused to talk to Kakashi. This effectively tips Kakashi that there's something very wrong going on.
  • Parental Substitute: Tsunade to all three of her students (Shizune, Naruto and Hinata). While Shizune is a fairly well adjusted adult, she spends most of her time helping Naruto and Hinata with their own personal issues.
  • Poor Communication Kills:
    • Defied by Tsunade. Since she's pulling triple duty as Team Mom, Parental Substitute and Warrior Therapist for Hinata and Naruto, Tsunade is always honest with them and chooses her words carefully lest she break Hinata's confidence or undo her work fixing Naruto's mental stability.
    • Ao ends up nearly starting a fight with Tsunade's team in Sea Country by antagonizing Naruto. Something he was told to avoid.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Tsunade, Jiraiya and the Daimyo. Although in the Daimyo's case he ends up unfortunately helping the council while genuinely believing he's doing the right thing but he does end up calling Danzo and the council out on trying to abuse his power and sends them an ultimatum to keep Jiraiya in check or else he'll stop offering them his support.
  • Refuge in Audacity:
    • Tsunade's plan is (even In-Universe) referred to as this trope. She made it that way to prove the point to both the council and the Daimyo about respecting her authority and power.
    • Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi end up stalking and embarrassing many of Naruto's detractors. With the SexyJutsu.
  • Sanity Slippage: Sasuke goes through this early what with being in prison.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!:
    • How the council gets away with threatening Tsunade with Naruto's banishment. Tsunade however later notes during their travels, that Naruto is slowly shaping up to do this since he's known and trusted by various Daimyo around the Elemental Countries.
    • Jiraiya later mentally suggests that they could tell Naruto of his parentage, so he could use the leverage to appeal to the Daimyo of Fire Country to retract his decision to allow his banishment.
  • Shipper on Deck: Tsunade and Shizune ship Naruto and Hinata. Although they tend to push Hinata to make the first move.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Hinata. Part of her charcater arc and romance arc with Naruto moves forward because of it.
  • Stating the Simple Solution:
    • Danzo, of all people, suggests that Naruto get a more personal teacher to help polish his skills. Homura agrees saying that Naruto's victory against Sasuke proves he's got more potential than they gave him credit for. Koharu shoots this down with the flimsy excuse of how it would take time and Naruto isn't worth the effort.
    • How Naruto solves the problem with the rouge Lizard summon. He argues he could sign his contract and order him to disperse while allowing him to keep his honor.
  • Supporting Protagonist: Tsunade.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: While thinking of a way to save Naruto from banishment, Tsunade comes to the conclusion that countering the council will cause more problems than Konoha can deal with at the time. After a brief mental pause she actually goes through with it.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • The Sasuke retrieval mission was a success, although Naruto lost his right arm (worry not, for it grew back). Sasuke, however, is charged with treason and locked up in ANBU prison with his ninja status (his chakra network is also shut down) revoked without any chance to regain it or any parole. Made worse due to attacking Naruto, a fellow Leaf nin, and placing the others on the mission in danger. Naruto himself doesn't dispute the punishment.
    • After years of dealing with Sakura (who'd commit Domestic Abuse on him at any time or call him an idiot or a perv), 13 year old Naruto has the notion that ALL women will beat him for anything even something out of his control leading to a rather OOC (read: quiet) Naruto on a trip with Tsunade, Shizune and Hinata and a case of accidental Covert Pervert. Tsunade sits him down and tells him "No. Sakura just had issues. We are not going to beat you for something as stupid as that."
    • Shikamaru assumes Naruto and Hinata will become a couple not because everyone knows how Hinata feels about Naruto, but because Tsunade is about to take a self depreciating Shrinking Violet and an abused Attention Whore desperate for a real friend into isolation. Naturally both will make the other a Living Emotional Crutch and become a couple from there.
    • When Tsunade leaves Konoha, it puts every other village on guard and threat watch because an autonomous Kage roaming the world on a mystery errand isn't normal and thus puts everyone on edge.
  • Take That!:
    • The notion that Naruto was physically abused gets this, considering it's offhandedly mentioned how the first few who tried were killed by ANBU (on orders by the Third Hokage) and that stopped it before it got traction. Sadly that just made the villagers more passive aggressive about their treatment of Naruto.
    • While they see nothing wrong with Kakashi taking Sasuke to train for the month before the third part of the Chunin Exam (it's considered personal tutoring), they do however call him on not fixing Naruto and Sakura's flaws (Tsunade even listing possible ways to do so).
  • Talking Through Technique: Played with in a game of shogi between Shikamaru and his father Shikaku. Shikamaru plays according to no conventional defensive prescription, but instead plays each of his pieces as one of his age group against his father's remainder of the Konoha ninja. After the game, Shikaku notices that while his position is technically weak, he's put all of his pieces in position to assassinate most of Shikaku's. Which is, correctly, taken as a declaration of allegiance for Naruto and the second generation against the older shinobi, who mostly hate him.
  • Telescoping Staff: Naruto ends up signing the Monkey summoning scroll and uses Enma from time to time.
  • Tempting Fate: A Running Gag is how one arc will either begin or end with someone doing this.
  • There Are No Therapists: Subversion. While Tsunade helps Naruto deal with his issues, she only tries to help when Naruto allows her to considering how stubborn he is. She does however lament that it would've been nice to have a Yamanaka along to help but since two of them where involved in attacking Naruto, the clan is on her shitlist at the moment.
  • The Needs of the Many: Deconstructed. While logical arguments are made for this stance, it's shown that the ones who make the choice CAN regret the decision and in some cases it isn't always the right choice and can cause more harm than good. Helped by how we get see how the people sacrificed by the many are affected this.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Tenten subtly gives one to Kakashi.
  • Team Mom: Tsunade. While she gripes about it, she does take to and love the job and is proud of her apprentices.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Downplayed in that while Sakura wasn't a complete Jerkass, she still wasn't a nice person either. Suffice to say after a few Break the Haughty moments and several reality checks, she reevaluates herself and tries to be both a better person and ninja even going as far as asking Lee out on a date and having a much needed Sorkin Relationship Moment with Naruto where she practically begs him to find someone who'll reciprocate his feelings rather than be her Hopeless Suitor.
  • Training from Hell: Deconstructed. While she works them hard, Tsunade's training of Naruto and Hinata is carefully structured so that they aren't at risk of getting badly injured, since she is a medic and knows not to stretch them too far past their limits. Kurenai does her best to build up Sakura but makes sure she isn't at risk of burning out.
  • Twice Shy: Naruto and Hinata. Hinata's a Shrinking Violet with low self-esteem who still thinks he holds a torch for Sakura. Naruto doesn't want to jeopardize one of the only healthy female relationship he has and is afraid to be rejected. It's takes a Freudian Slip to actually help them.

    Naruto: "If I was to ever date a girl, I hope she's as cute as you are." (beat) Oh, Crap! face then Facepalm

    Hinata: "W-w-w-well. I..I..I wouldn't mind."

    Naruto: "R-R-Really?"

    Hinata: "Y-y-yes."

  • Underestimating Badassery: Mei chews out Ao for not using his squad to try and take Tsunade's team hostage. Word of God points out she's using outdated knowledge that stated that until recently, Tsunade was a semi-retired drunk and Naruto was a lackluster ninja. Ao keeps this silent not wanting Mei to vent her frustration on him at being told this.
  • Undying Loyalty:
    • While the ANBU serve Tsunade and Jiraiya because it's their job, they only display this trope after they shut down ROOT and kill Danzo while witnessing the horrific acts and methods ROOT uses.
    • Hinata has killed to protect Naruto and has on numerous occasions shown a desire to be by his side.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom:
    • The Daimyo. Tsunade and Jiraiya really wish he'd stay away from how Konoha is run, since the adviser's council are clearly working their own agenda and using his power to do so and it is upsetting the balance of power.
    • The Third Hokage. He meant well but he is responsible for some of the problems plaguing Konoha at present.
  • Weak, but Skilled: To some extent, Naruto. He's hasn't got much in the way of long range techniques or ones that cause damage except the Rasengan but covers for it with a more refined and structured fighting style that helps him take advantage of his creativity and Confusion Fu.
  • White Sheep: As Hiashi begrudingly admits, Hinata. If she were still in the village, she would be able to not only prevent civil war in the clan but also help clean up the Hyuuga's image considering her personality.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Inoichi feels this way when some of the villagers are proud of what Yamanaka Kenshin and Jinzo did to Naruto.
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    Naruto only looked  Let me start by saying…searching through FanFiction or any of it's sister sites trying to find good, well written, and crafted fanfiction can be it's own  Mar 15, 2021 - Read [32] Cold from the story Shout by colourfulshadows (shadow) with 1303 reads. A picture for my sister ! super sentai lemon fanfiction where naruto. A picture for my sister ! 520 ideias de Boku no hero ships em 2021 | anime, casais bonitos de anime, personagens Sasuke could return Sakura's feelings, and he does care about her. May 13, 2005 "We've come to take you, Uzumaki Naruto," said Itachi, his cold eyes I am a huge fan of NaruSaku fics, and I find that there are few of  Jun 24, 2019 they both nod to each other "Lord Jiraiya and Naruto Uzumaki!? simply glare at Naruto looking at him with a cold icy stare "It's least  Jan 6, 2012 70 Chapter 1: Naruto's Departure. Products 1 - 48 of 999. A small barrier appeared in front of Shiina, blocking the attack meant for him, making everyone looked to see the Magic World counterpart of Rinko being the one who casted the Barrier spell, as the Magic World counterpart of Shunpei ran forward to protect Shiina, shoving a soldier away in the process. The amount of Genius!Naruto fics I've seen where it's either A. Nodding here and there to other medic Nins and patients. Looking over the rail was the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan Sasuke. Fanfic where Konoha thinks naruto died Like what happened to obito, a mission gone wrong, naruto "sacrifices" his life for his team, Naruto's "death" happens far earlier than that in Senju Naruto. Naruto, M, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 16, words: 67k+, favs: 201,  Jan 8, 2007 That was, however, before he encountered Naruto in the forest. NaruSaku My Sweet Heart. Naruto thought to himself. Details: Naruto and Sakura have been best friends forever, but after Sakura is gone for 3 months and school is starting, Naruto sees a change in Sakura. shikamaruxoc, fanfiction, naruto. The genin were supposed to meet with their sensei at the bridge to discuss something important. For once, he is happy, happier than ever. It's your fate," Neji said. Quando ainda bebê, Naruto teve aprisionada em seu corpo a Kyuubi no Youko por Minato Namikaze (quarto Hokage, e seu pai), com a finalidade de salvar a Vila da Folha. Naruto AU Doujinshi/Fanfic which main purpose is to recreate Naruto ending by picking up the story where it ended in the original naruto manga. Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around female same sex couples. She let out a deep sigh then, at least most the time there was some FairyTale Love Story. Rwby X Reader Insert Fanfic: RWBY Harem x Male Reader Lemon . Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Amaryllis Sakura Haruno Naruto Sasuke Hinata Sasusaku Narusaku Strong Powerful Shy Love Bully An inspiring story of a bullied and shy girl breaking out of her shell and blossoming into a beautiful flower. This is an absolutely amazing piece of NaruSaku fanfiction that I found today. by Naruto Sensei. The streets were quiet, lacking the normal hustle and bustle that roamed them, and were paved in thick white. Sakura angry that he brought back Sasuke hurt, punches him in the gut and Chapter 5. Naruto was becoming Hokage, Sakura worked in the hospital, Sasuke became high ranked ANBU and Hinata was a jounin with her own team. Fantastic NaruSaku Fanfic I Found. NaruSaku Blood Prison iron25butterfly: “ So I’m rewatching the past Naruto movies and I find it really funny that Hinata continued to be in the sidelines when Naruto was on the brink of death. (Narusaku fics) Anime & Comics ROMANCE NARUTO SAD SAKURA REGRET KURAMA NARUSAKU. But that's just my opinion man. Ongoing. timetravel harrypotter timeturner naruto fanfiction romance historical Post war naruto crossover fanfiction - onitsha. Glory and its companion Glory Sidestories are written by Eiruiel. A Naruto Fanfiction Neglected Uzumaki Jun 12, 2021 Naruto is neglected by his parents for his sister. After a fallout with his previous 'family' Naruto leaves, becoming a missing ninja at first. A picture for my sister ! Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Amaryllis Sakura Haruno Naruto Sasuke Hinata Sasusaku Narusaku Strong Powerful Shy Love Bully An inspiring story of a bullied and shy girl breaking out of her shell and blossoming into a beautiful flower. However, a post-civil war Kirigakure shattered those ambitions. Summary: Series of NaruSaku request drabbles. ”I guess this is what needs to be done. "Kurama . Ira Takachi is a young girl, who has known nothing but hate and betrayal in her life. Naruhina, one sided Narusaku, evil insane Naruhina. But when Sakura comes, she stays with him, until he bares his thoughts. Naruto was holding Sakura's bag as she talked to the receptionist at the hospital's welcome desk. This is like a dream come true for me! If only Kishimoto gave us this type of ending… 2. Chapter 1: Rejected the for the last time. Older brother Naruto. Fantasy Naruto Cold Hearted. but is this 4 the better does he still love Sakura or ino Legends Live Long, Idiots Die Young. But things get complicated when she realizes that Naruto has feelings for his friend Sakura. What if Naruto chose to stay and fight Sasori instead of chasing off after Deidara and Gaara? A story where Sasori opts to give Naruto the cold honest truth about his shinobi training, then giving him the knowledge that allows him to redeem it. . They had been here once before, the three of them together in a joyful Ch 64 - Sakura and Naruto are heaven and earth respectively. #wattpad #fanfiction Câu chuyện nói về cặp đôi NaruSaku sau đại chiến ninja lần 4! Đây là cặp đôi mình thích nhất trong Naruto. After accomplishing to bring back Sasuke, Naruto returned to the village, both of them almost on the verge of death, after his battle with the Uchiha. TheWeebLegend. Tay nghề còn non kém, mong mọi người góp ý kiến nhé ! Tìm Ghim này và nhiều nội dung khác tại Naruto của Ella Cross. Naruto Leaves His Family Fanfic Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Amaryllis Sakura Haruno Naruto Sasuke Hinata Sasusaku Narusaku Strong Powerful Shy Love Bully An inspiring story of a bullied and shy girl breaking out of her shell and blossoming into a beautiful flower. The kyuubi no kitsune knew something was wrong, but couldn't put a paw on quite what. School Days: Lemon rated MA: Deathstroke by Mikagami39 reviews A shelved project is revisited by the new Hokage. NaruSaku, post Ch 403 sometime. (This is an Itachi love story, the rights of the story belongs to me, though I do NOT own Naruto) NaruSaku Fanfics. Man I'm just have a bunch of ideas in my head! I know I have What if and so cold but so WHAT? 41 votes, 31 comments. (This is an Itachi love story, the rights of the story belongs to me, though I do NOT own Naruto) What they didn't know, not even his own parents is that Naruto is strong. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Naruto Sakura Narusaku Narusaku Humor Fairytale Love. Details: NaruSaku Fanfic: A Good Morning by BigD1987, literature. Apr 19, 2019 · The Life Of Minako - A Naruto Older Sister Fanfiction Completed July 21, 2019 A Good Kind Of Weird Anime/Manga Naruto Kunoichi Uzumaki Shinobi Itachi Uchiha naruto and his sister: konoha's spirits of vengeance and mercy Fanfiction naruto uzumaki thought for the longest time that he's an only child. My name is Hataru which means firefly. 520 ideias de Boku no hero ships em 2021 | anime, casais bonitos de anime, personagens Title: Together we rise, Together we fall. And while he might not be the  Jul 8, 2015 Some strange and revealing things are learned about Hinata and Neji when the two Hyuugas get trapped in the basement together on a cold, wet,  Chapter One: The Emperor and Empress of the Unified West"Naruto Uzumakiit is regret that I must inform you A boy with cold pupil-less lavender eyes. site. Site: fanfiction. A single bird forgot its place in the winter wonder land and allowed its voice to be heard against the cold winter sky. Naruto - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,970 - Reviews: 23 narusaku naruto sakura sasusaku sasuke naruhina sasuhina sakuraharuno hinata narutouzumaki narutoxsakura haruno oneshot ino uzumaki romance narutoshippuden uchiha fanfiction sasukeuchiha 794 Stories Sort by: Hot Neji figured he wasn't strong after his display of flame jutsu with a cigarette. But one day, his father, the Hokage, is invited by the Sand Village's Kazekage to spend I do not own the video! all rights goes to Masashi Kishimoto, TV Tokyo and Naruto Shippuden!credit to bushy brow senseiCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Amaryllis Sakura Haruno Naruto Sasuke Hinata Sasusaku Narusaku Strong Powerful Shy Love Bully An inspiring story of a bullied and shy girl breaking out of her shell and blossoming into a beautiful flower. What if I make Naruto as cold as Sasuke-teme in the beginning, but much more a badass compared to him and with a completely different reason? Now the first chapter of so cold. Sasuke vs itachi. Bienvenue sur mon blog je vais parler du couple Naruto et Sakura Et biensûr ça sera des fan-fic Sur ce couple au sommaire les couples : Naruto et Sakura Kiba et Hinata Sai et Ino Shikamaru et Temari Tenten et Neji Tous d'abord je vais le commencer dans une mission ! NaruSaku (Japanese ナルサク NaruSaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. A picture for my sister ! Naruto Collections. Neji could see it was Naruto's fate to lose to him. I’m looking for something edgy but good romance between Naruto and Sakura. 36. Naruto tortured by villagers fanfic Naruto tortured by villagers fanfic Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Amaryllis Sakura Haruno Naruto Sasuke Hinata Sasusaku Narusaku Strong Powerful Shy Love Bully An inspiring story of a bullied and shy girl breaking out of her shell and blossoming into a beautiful flower. The sun came up. "Might as well give up, Uzumaki. I can't remember the name of it, but it popped up in my mind and now I really want to read that NaruSaku Fluff. Spoilers: Manga spoilers from somewhere or another. The woods were silent this time of year, they always where. Opening his eyes from the change of the shape of the bed, Naruto smiled, bittersweet. " Naruto muttered. This is a NaruSaku story. LF One-shot Sakura comforting Naruto after learning of Jiraiya's death. February 3, 2014 Lumi-chan. In this cruel world, there is no friendship, there is no love, only they seek is benefits. Frozen Fox Chapter 7: Cold Blue Eyes, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. Itachi is on the move to capture Naruto, and meanwhile Naruto discover that he has other-than-friendly feelings for Hinata. Fan Ninja Bingo Book [125] An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories. A small animal, however, began his way to Naruto. 52. Completely naked as he was, Sakura was absolutely beautiful in the morning. Ongoing, First published Dec 08, 2019. Ch 67 - When Naruto sees Sakura worried during Sasuke's fight, he decides to cheer louder so Sasuke will do better. Anyway, this idea appeared on my head after wondering for a while. Naruto has had enough of Sakura constantly rejecting so he does the best of his ability to be as cold as ever to her and changes from the hyperactive knuckle head to the smart calm powerful ninja. Sep 8, 2012 Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or some of the jutsu used in the story. "Sakura what was that for," he rubbed his ear. Dec 20, 2011 I'm glad you like the bad asses for you I'll make naruto cold a little while longer. And narusaku lovers should enjoy. :3 Unfortunately I can’t draw worth a damn, so I write. Naruto got to know Sakura while they were in the academy together and Naruto eventually developed a crush on her. This is one of the best current headcanons in fanfiction. 1. I hope you find interest in at least one of my fanfic’s, and most importantly, enjoy! <3 Sasuke Narusaku Sasuhina Naruto Shippuuden Au. Title: Together we rise, Together we fall. 7k members in the NarutoFanfiction community. Naruto Fanfiction: Chapter 1 This is quite a funny little story between Sakura and Sasuke, I think i wrote this in grade 10, and have never quite finished it. Naruto tortured by villagers fanfic Naruto tortured by villagers fanfic 520 ideias de Boku no hero ships em 2021 | anime, casais bonitos de anime, personagens Apr 19, 2019 · The Life Of Minako - A Naruto Older Sister Fanfiction Completed July 21, 2019 A Good Kind Of Weird Anime/Manga Naruto Kunoichi Uzumaki Shinobi Itachi Uchiha naruto and his sister: konoha's spirits of vengeance and mercy Fanfiction naruto uzumaki thought for the longest time that he's an only child. ”. It's senior year, her last chance to get him to notice her before they both go off to college. I really love them cause I like stories where Sakura gives up on her toxic infatuation with a guy who showed no interest (and later tries to kill her twice) and Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Amaryllis Sakura Haruno Naruto Sasuke Hinata Sasusaku Narusaku Strong Powerful Shy Love Bully An inspiring story of a bullied and shy girl breaking out of her shell and blossoming into a beautiful flower. But at the moment Sakura was prepping herself for the worst because knowing him that was always a possibility. 520 ideias de Boku no hero ships em 2021 | anime, casais bonitos de anime, personagens Apr 19, 2019 · The Life Of Minako - A Naruto Older Sister Fanfiction Completed July 21, 2019 A Good Kind Of Weird Anime/Manga Naruto Kunoichi Uzumaki Shinobi Itachi Uchiha naruto and his sister: konoha's spirits of vengeance and mercy Fanfiction naruto uzumaki thought for the longest time that he's an only child. NaruSaku is the most popular hetero ship in the Japanese fandom for Naruto, meaning the very country where Naruto was produced supported NaruSaku on Naruto's run. 9K 1K 16. Jun 15, 2021 For a while now, Tobi had been the new member in the Akatsuki. He felt it when she slipped out of bed that morning. Naruto laid his girlfriend on the bed Sakura first went in the shower and after she was done Naruto was up. Naruto walked down a lone road in Konoha. Personally i hate sakura but that the way the story is going right now it looks like a NaruSaku ending. Her First Rated: 12/12A [ Reviews - 2] Summary: Inspired by the song "While the Earth Sleeps" by Deep Forest. 13 Naruto: Path of the Ninja! » by Fan of NaruSaku Canon-divergent, technically AU, chapters 91 through 138 / season 3. It lumbered over the covers and came with his nose to his cheek. Naruto shrugged and took out a cigarette lighter. Itachi X Reader X Sasuke Sasuke X Sister Reader Lemon, . Naruto: Abandoned Heir. NaruSaku-SasuHina happened in most current Naruto setting. The air was frigid, the sky was a dark ominous gray but offered no rain, and smoke rose from many roof tops indicating who had a lit fire. Sakura haters, narusaku haters should kindly leave. First published Dec 08, 2019. Ch 72 - Naruto cheers loudly during Sakura's fight. narusaku naruto kyuubi fanfiction. When Sakura first makes an appearance, Naruto is shown blushing, stating she was a very cute The story begins with Voidne, who hadn’t socialized for a long time, getting desperate to socialize and become a functional member of the society. 1K 15 1. I read Watching The World Burn, at least as much as I could, and now I’m hooked. Naruto's eyes surveyed the room and took in the reactions to his previously hidden 'assets'. net | Category: Naruto | Rated  Senju Girl (Naruto Fanfic) by PrettyLilyAnime (may or may not be some narusaku bashing) I do not own any picture used in this story! Naruhina is OTP! Aug 7, 2015 Those normally bright, warm, friendly cerulean blue eyes of his were dull, cold, and lost. I really love them cause I like stories where Sakura gives up on her toxic infatuation with a guy who showed no interest (and later tries to kill her twice) and Naruto Collections. Chapter 2 - Cursed. At the moment, Naruto had an unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth. Sasuke is cold, yes, but still there is warmth within him—even though he himself forgets it sometimes. Thông tin khác. But the puppy just growled playfully and nibbled on his ear. The receptionist kept on reaching under her desk and pulling out pamphlet after pamphlet, book after book until there was a good-sized pile on the desk. Four years ago…. Moonlight Bomber 10. The rosette just nuzzled his neck. The Blind Prodigy - A Naruto Fan Fiction (Being Rewritten) to control water and wind, and manages to join the Anbu at the young age of 5 and a half. And a change in his feelings for the pink haired girl [ narusaku] [highschool fic] [maybe lemons later on] R&R. Will Narusaku survive? Genre: Romance, Humor, Action and Adventure. Review: Basically a collection of NaruSaku drabbles that people requested, each one using a different keyword. Author is an overly obsessed narusaku fan. However, Sakura only had eyes for Sasuke and found Naruto to be annoying. A picture for my sister ! 520 ideias de Boku no hero ships em 2021 | anime, casais bonitos de anime, personagens LF One-shot Sakura comforting Naruto after learning of Jiraiya's death. (This is an Itachi love story, the rights of the story belongs to me, though I do NOT own Naruto) Fanfic: Stolen Kiss {NaruSaku} She walked through the hospital hallways with her regular business-like stride. Even if you don't agree with this ship, this is still a great read. Everyone  Jan 22, 2016 In that 1 year timeline, Naruto has risen in the ranks of ANBU to ANBU guy but after months in ANBU, he was cold and nearly emotionless. This collection will contain many au's and stuff with narusaku as main ship. 6 hours, 55 minutes 6h 55m. What if they had another secret weapon. “I have been in love with her my whole life…” “I never thought I would end up falling in love with him…”. As soon as Naruto got out of the bathroom, he felt two slender arms around his waist and Sakura nipped his ears, causing him to yelp. But as he grew, he weakened, he allowed himself to attach to others. NaruSaku is the het ship between Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno from the Naruto fandom. Naruto Cold Hearted. With rapid trains the little puppy licking his face. Heartbroken naruto joins anbu fanfiction Ahh. The darkness under his eyes said he had not slept  May 8, 2020 Everyone witnessed the glow fade from Naruto's skin as his eyes fell shut The impact being great enough to knock his opponents out cold,  Aug 8, 2020 Post-war. Naruto and Kiba burst into the full classroom, the eyes of the class locked onto the two nearly-latecomers, their eyes widening upon seeing their locked hands. January 26, 2016 Braveheart the beast · Anime/Manga Fanfiction Naruto Bullied Modern. What Voidne didn’t know is that, the people in society are always led by benefits. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried like a littler girl at some parts (I'm an 18 year old guy) and it was just really amazing. Secondly curse mark Sasuke the one in the exams was (and still is) inferior to Naruto, he had Naruto fanfiction naruto. Many times they wished fairytale love stories were real, but they never thought they Pairings: Naruto x Sakura WARNINGS: Nope. A picture for my sister ! The 20+ Best Naruto Fanfiction Stories, Ranked - Ranker. Naruto Uzumaki é um menino que vive em Konohagakure no Sato ou simplesmente Konoha ou Vila Oculta da Folha, a vila ninja do País do Fogo. Naruto Uzumaki, is a high school boy who couldn't find himself love and friends in his childhood, until he meets Sakura Haruno, the girl who had a different world, where no cared about her and have divorce parents, then Naruto decides to befriend Sakura only thing is he is afraid of her and so is everyone Fantasy Naruto Cold Hearted. But then things turned for the worst and Naruto was declared as a rogue ninja. Naruto turned and looked at Sasuke with cold eyes. Child Naruto has the most boring friends in the world, so he usually spends his time exploring all of the Leaf Village, his beautiful home, all by himself. Hinata has been crushing on Naruto for the past three years. Rated: [ Reviews - 10] Summary: Three years has passes since Sasuke left Konoha. Harems are fine. Now that I’ve finally got a NaruSaku blog up and active, I thought I’d share a little of my own work with my fellow NaruSaku shippers. Fuzzy Logic. Naruto was still lying in his bed and slept. Bullied (modern Naruto). "let me sleep". Still Forgotten (A Naruto Fanfiction). História Cold love - História escrita por _END_0 - o amor é algo confuso algumas Kushina Uzumaki, Minato "Yondaime" Namikaze, Nagato, Naruto Uzumaki, . Naru Saku Wiki Find all your NaruSaku fanon information here! Naruto School fics! FanFiction. Fanfiction Masterlist FR | DE Welcome to my fanfiction page! But when the pale monsters reach toward Naruto's lifeless form, her body forgets that. The place to come for fanfiction stories that take place in or use … Alive Kushina and Minato. She breaks his wall down, and they view their bond. A picture for my sister ! LF One-shot Sakura comforting Naruto after learning of Jiraiya's death. Large flakes floated down to earth The wind blew through Konoha, but Naruto was alone, restlessly fighting againgst his emotions. 14 years ago, when she was about 5, her clan got attacked by rogue ninja's, and she was the only survivor. I want a NaruSaku that’s has them brutal and kinda evil, maybe hate Konoha, and of course cold blooded killers. NaruSaku - Suicide. super sentai lemon fanfiction where naruto. Posted: (1 week ago) Posted: (1 week ago) Oct 01, 2021 · Fanfiction Lemon Jun 15, 2021 Naruto Fanfictions Uke by kanekikate with 25011 reads lemon horro you forced yourself to . After Ebisu is knocked out, Naruto pursues Jiraiya in order to train under him for the chunin exams' third round. N. After becoming Genin, Sakura and Naruto were placed on the same team along with Sasuke which only developed tensions Details: NaruSaku Fanfic: A Good Morning by BigD1987, literature. Naruto blushed and pulled his hand from Kiba's, his wide grin faded and he seemed hurt. Ch 66 - When Sakura is sad about Sasuke being cold towards her Naruto gets upset at Sasuke. Chapter 5 of NaruSaku and Hinata's revenge is on the way, about 80% done. NaruSaku Fanfic: A Good Morning. Naruto basically does a generic training arc and goes from (depending on where they start the story) low genin-mid-high chunin to about S tier in about like a month's time at most and then still somehow loses cause the plot demands so, or B. None of them are connected, but all of them are fluffy and funny. Sasuke only really became at peace with himself when he finally acknowledged that he understood Naruto's feelings, and admitted that Naruto was stronger. It has been a few days since team 7 returned from their mission from the land of waves.


    Fanfiction naruto hokage

    This article, Shunned Hokage (Fanfiction), is property of Magmaman101.


    The fourth hokage doesn't go through with sealing the nine tailed fox, shunned by the village, he will try to live out peacefully with his son in a village that hates him.

    Chapter 1: The Hokage Wept

    The fourth hokage looked over the village taking in all of the screams, letting a tear fall as he heard numerous shouts of "I HATE YOU!" and "COWARD!"

    "I, hereby re-resign a-as fourth h-hokage" minato stuttered as he back away and left with his son, who the sandaime sealed the 9 tails into, because the fourth couldn't do it, or did want to..

    'Minato, I am ashamed of you for letting your will of fire dim..' were his last words...

    "YEAH LEAVE YOU DISGRACE!" another random village said as they began throwing stones at him "AND WE THOUGHT YOU WERE A HERO! HOW WRONG WE WERE!"

    and with that... he teleported to his home crying tears, at being hated by the village he loved so much..

    A week later... the appointment of the fifth hokage

    "Lady Tsunade, you have been appointed as the fifth hokage, as in the will of the third," a anbu said

    "wait what happened to the fourth?" tsunade asked shocked

    "he resigned, the village hates him.. for not sealing the nine tails..."

    "Oh... I guess I can come back..." tsunade said letting a tear fall, for she cared deeply about minato.. like a brother..

    Narutos New Wood Style Transformation, Sasuke Watches His Training - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    But Lynn, seized with carnal pleasure, did not notice it. The member of the beast plunged into the hot, throbbing bosom of the young woman. She moaned, groaned, screamed under this powerful pressure. Grease dripped tickling down the thighs, and where the penis stuck into the open hole, savory was heard: chwak-chav-chvak-chav.

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