Floral window display ideas

Floral window display ideas DEFAULT

As the flowers and plants of spring begin to bloom, the sight of colors and life is a welcomed sign to many of your shoppers. Harness their excitement for the season by utilizing floral themes in your store displays to entice more people into your shop with some of the natural beauty they&#;re seeing outside. Adding some plants and flowers in your window presentations lets people experience the long-awaited spring inside your store, giving them incentives to head inside despite the beautiful spring weather.

If you haven&#;t converted your store&#;s theme for spring yet, adding flora to your display fixtures can help herald the transformation for you. The plant life outside is just beginning to grow, so it&#;s not too late to give your shop a green hue that will reflect the metamorphosis. Whether the greenery is real or fake, shoppers will take comfort in your extension of nature as they shop while enjoying the scenery they&#;ve been looking forward to all winter.

Adding some life to your displays
Your floral theme doesn&#;t have to be front and center in your window displays, but instead can be used to accentuate your selection. Any of your items that have patterns of flowers or leaves could look at home against a backdrop of ivy wrapped around an entire gridwall. The assortment of green leaves will set up a scene straight from the outdoors, giving you the chance to arrange mannequins in poses of springtime activities.

An option for incorporating real potted plants elegantly with your displays is to set up a Hanson outrigger on the wall behind your windows where you can either cover it with your own small garden or sporadically place some plants in between items showcased on the shelves or in baskets. This choice is much more conducive for any living plants you want to keep, because the light coming through the window can easily reach them and they&#;ll be in an easy location for watering.

For a more toned down approach, fake bushels of flowers can be wrapped around display hooks positioned around your windows and the walls of your store. These won&#;t detract from your other designs and inventory, but will complement any spring themes.

Of course, small plants and flowers can easily be scattered along display tables or even in corners to bring about the same harmony with nature in your shop. It&#;s important not to put too many plants around your business that might overshadow your main attraction: your products.

Don&#;t be afraid to get a little fantastical
When coming up with your theme, don&#;t be restricted by the realistic. Feel free to experiment with your creativity. For instance, you could create blown-up proportions of plants to make your window displays look like something straight out of a fantasy story. Giant butterflies can provide an out-of-this-world effect for the products being exhibited that will be sure to draw the attention of anyone walking by.

By breaking away from what people expect, you make room to surprise them with your inventory underlined by the themes in your displays.

Sours: https://www.fireflystoresolutions.com/retail-design-blog/floral-themes-for-window-displays/

Seasalt Bloomin' pretty Window display
All our window displays are unique and handcrafted by our small team in Falmouth. Each year we like to create a floral window display, and this summer, after trying out lots of different ideas, we finally decided on large white paper flowers.
Each flower is handmade from white paper, paint and glue. We made templates to cut out all the petal shapes, then glued them together. For the centres, we painted paper, cut it into strips and curled with scissors. We have made around flowers in total, to decorate all of our shop windows.

Seasalt Bloomin' pretty Window display

Seasalt Bloomin' pretty Window display

We’ve also enjoyed making smaller versions for our shop workshops, and Anna and Sam loved making them at our workshop in the Fisherman&#;s Yard at Port Eliot Festival this year.

Seasalt Bloomin' pretty Window display

Seasalt Bloomin' pretty Window display

Kathryn and the Seasalt windows team x

You can keep up to date with what Kathryn and the team are up to on their Pinterest board.

Find your nearest Seasalt shop.

Sours: https://blog.seasaltcornwall.com/bloomin-pretty-windows/
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26 Most Insta-Worthy Flower Ideas We've Ever Seen

You can't think about your reception or ceremony décor without thinking about flowers. We've rounded up 26 jaw-dropping floral displays, from lush ceremony arches to delicate flowercrowns, cascading bouquets and inverted centerpieces (yes, really!) to get you dreaming up the perfect florals for your own day.

Upside-Down Garden

Hazelnut Photography

How can a ceiling covered in flowers not wow you? Crystal chandeliers complete the glamorous effect of this abundant indoor inverted garden. Use the same concept over a dance floor, head table or ceremony site. A similar idea is a floral wall—ideal for photo ops or as a cake backdrop.

Organic Touch

Jen Fariello

Go wild with an arrangement of freshly picked blooms. Pretty vessels will add polish to an unruly centerpiece. Opt for seasonal blooms for an extra "green" touch.

Mini Floral Crown

Clary Photo

Floral wreaths are big for brides, and fun for little attendants too. Let a wreath of blooms stand in for a basket of petals. Or opt for a floral crown and a banner or sign announcing your arrival.

Trellis Wedding Arches

Marisa Holmes Photographer

The arch or huppah is a focal point of any ceremony, so make it something to stare at. And there's nothing quite like a flower-covered trellis to do just that. Hanging crystals and cascading vines create a pretty backdrop for photos. Play with color and floral varieties to make it work for any season or setting.

Low Centerpieces

Joey Kennedy Photography

Encourage conversation among your guests with low and lush arrangements. Big-headed blooms, like hydrangeas, roses and peonies, pack a nice punch, while cascading vines give the centerpiece a natural, undone feel.

All White

Carla Ten Eyck

There's something so timeless about a clean and crisp all-white reception. Use height, texture and lighting in your centerpieces to create depth. This will make your flowers stand out—even against a monochromatic background.

Flower Chandeliers

Kina Wicks Photography

Swap out the more traditional crystal chandelier for a hanging arrangement of flowers that mimics the look and feel of a light fixture. Try hanging long strings of flowers, like these pink hyacinths, and cover the top in greenery and berries for a garden-fresh feel.

The Cascade Bouquet

Brian Dorsey Studios

It's a classic reimagined (remember Princess Diana's bouquet?). The cascade of today is a loosely gathered arrangement. Flowing ribbon, greens and vines add to the less-structured look and give the bouquet its "cascade."

Ombre Centerpieces

Red Ribbon Studio

The ombre look isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It's made its mark on almost every wedding element, from invitations to cakes and even dresses. This look works best on long tables, so you can really see the slight variation between each shade. Stick to one flower type, like roses or hydrangeas, to really make the colors pop.

Chair Garlands

Kristy Dickerson

Whether you want to distinguish your own chairs or your bridal party and parents at the reception, flowers are an obvious way to go. Opt for leafy garlands (we love magnolia leaves) or add in a few pretty blooms for extra-special guests.

Flower-Accented Napkins

Julie Mikos

Welcome each guest to their place at the table with a flower head on their napkin ring. Use a neutral napkin and charger and then pick a bright flower with a large head (we like chrysanthemums, zinnias, dahlias or roses) for the ultimate pop. You don't have to use fresh flowers: DIY paper or fabric flowers are just as pretty.

Flower- and Petal-Lined Aisles

Allan Zepeda

Don't wait for a flower girl to sprinkle the petals—create a plush floral aisle runner. Add larger arrangements next to the chairs to create a defined, super-romantic pathway to the altar.

Hanging Glass Globes

Kate McElwee Photography

Draw attention to a cake table with this creative hanging centerpiece. These delicate glass globes are filled with bright flowers for a cheery-yet-modern look.

Floral Wreaths

Sylvie Gil Photography

Dress up an outdoor ceremony entrance, like a gate or door, with a cleanly constructed, all-floral wreath, or use the circular arrangement to mark the spot where you'll exchange vows. Mini wreaths are a great alternative to pomanders for little attendants.

Boutonniere Bar

Philip Ficks

Share the flower love with your guests by offering a make-your-own boutonniere bar. It's a fun and easy activity that will keep your male guests busy before the ceremony and looking dapper all night long.

High Branch Centerpieces

Roey Yohai

Bring the forest indoors with arrangements of branches that almost reach the ceiling, creating the effect of trees. These stunning skyscrapers will make a big impact and encourage conversation among guests.

Dance Floor Flower Boxes

Amy & Stuart

The genius behind this idea is twofold: Not only do the flowers add a pretty garden effect to the dance floor, they also pull double duty covering cords and equipment for a band or DJ. How great is that?

Hanging Single-Stem Bottles

Edyta Szyszlo

This unexpected idea makes for a pretty ceremony backdrop (and an easy DIY project). Glass milk bottles and a few stems in monochromatic shades tied securely to your arch or a ceiling beam create a wow-worthy hanging installation.

Fresh Cake Flowers

KT Merry

Cakes with cascading fresh flowers are something we can always get behind. Make this idea your own by adding blooms and greenery in your wedding color palette. Quick tip: Loop in your florist, so they can source flowers that haven't been sprayed with pesticides.

Potted-Fruit-Tree Aisle Markers

Gabriel Ryan Photographers

Arrangements of cut flowers are classic ceremony aisle décor, but consider using a fruit tree for a fresh (and aromatic) twist.

Hanging Pomanders

Archetype Studio Inc.

Floral pomanders are the new tissue pomanders. Hang them from trees at an outdoor affair, or from ceiling beams in a banquet hall for a colorful touch to your décor. Just be careful to use extra care (and support) when hanging them—pomanders made with real flowers are much heavier than the paper variety.

Floral Table Runners

Tory Williams

If you're looking to make a big, bold statement on long feasting tables, look no further than floral table runners. These beautiful cascading arrangements replace the traditional fabric table runner, and they're low enough that the flowers don't get in the way of guest conversation. For maximum impact, choose one flower type and a monochromatic color scheme.

Escort Flowers

Sours: https://www.theknot.com/content/wedding-flower-ideas

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It is not every day that our florists get the opportunity to design a unique floral creation for a prestigious fashion event, but this September our team put their creative minds together to work towards a dazzling flower display which was set to amaze the London general public.

IMG__resizeTodich Floral Design regularly provides stunning window displays for Michelin star restaurant ‘Brassiere Chavot’.  Based in central London, the brassiere is fronted with a large glass window which is filled with flowers, plants and herbs to capture the attention of passers-by.

Head consultant Laura Fisher works with the owner in creating flower displays that will enhance his restaurants décor and designer brand.

Our floral window exhibits are always designed with seasonality in mind. With using the freshest available plants and flowers our displays contain an abundance of colours with a variety of different aromas.

We design window displays like no other London florist; as well as using flowers, herbs and plants we add second hand furnishings and materials to add that extra little wow factor. From pre-war suitcases, rustic crates, to wooden garden benches, our floristry team put a lot of thought into every monthly design.

London fashion week: London Fashion week is a prestigious clothing event that is held in central London for one week during the spring and autumn seasons.  Our head designer felt so inspired by the London event that she wanted to incorporate fashion with flowers into the September display.  After approaching the owner with her fashion idea, Mr Chavot couldn’t wait for the window styling to begin.

IMG__resizeOur floristry team created floral mood boards, studied clothing trends and researched ideas for the window display. Laura Fisher luckily was able to source a French antique mannequin which was to stand centre stage of the exhibit.

The French mannequin oozed chic and was loved by the Todich Floral Design team. A mesh frame was structured around the figurine and English moss was woven around the wire. The wire mesh formed a knee length 50’s style dress which would be decorated with flowers on the first day of fashion week.

The team organised an event around the ‘unveiling’ of the floral dress. Photographers, writers and publicists gathered around the window whilst the florists dressed the mannequin with a variety of fresh flowers and foliage.

The florists Kalina and Nele started with weaving thlaspi (green bells) to the base of the design, the next layer included green amaranthus flowers which was then followed with bright yellow achillea. The diners in the restaurant watched in awe as the flower dress progressed in the window.

IMG__resizeWith the help of fashion student Jake Gooden and managing director Todd Z.Todic, the event was a success. The florists then started to add vivid colour to the design with the use of pink antirrhinum and yellow antirrhinum flowers for a more eye-catching display.

The next step included sprayed pink eucalyptus leaves and vivid pink sedum flowers which were placed next to hot pink dahlias. The florists then created a belt around the waist which was made of up eucalyptus leaves and finished the design with tropical red gloriosa flowers.

The flower skirt was mesmerizingly beautiful and had splashes of colour throughout. The colours and style were both inspired by the new spring collection. The mannequin was placed on a carpet of English moss and was surrounded by rustic wooden crates and a vintage frame.

IMG__resizeTodich Floral Design teamed up with London jewellers Tateossian, who provided a dazzling necklace which sat on the neck of the mannequin.

The window display proved to be an overall success for everyone involved. Passers-by stopped in awe, and the owner of Brassiere Chavot marvelled in wonderment.  We hope next month’s display will be just as beautiful and popular as the last.

About Todich Floral Design

Todich Floral Design is a London florist who specialises in wedding, event and corporate floristry. Established in ; the company has a brimming portfolio of dazzling floral displays which have been designed for prestigious wedding and events. Todich Floral Design sources all their fresh flowers from the UK and offers a free consultation service with all new clients.

If you wish to contact us for a quotation of bespoke flower displays, then email us on [email protected] or telephone

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Window display ideas floral

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