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LS Series Perimeter Plate Blackout Nitrous System (Cable Throttle Body)

? GM LS Perimeter Plate Wet Nitrous System

Typical spray bar nitrous plates are built on 30 year old technology and suffer from design compromises that can result in less than optimal performance and reliability. But ZEX™ has created three advanced nitrous technologies, each of which gives the user significant power advantages over conventional plate systems.

ZEX™ has a complete, race ready perimeter plate system for LS applications and is a direct fit for FAST™ LSX™/LSXR™/LSXRT™ mm Intake Manifolds. Adjustable from horsepower, the system provides optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution with nitrous and fuel outlets placed at 12 injection points around the perimeter of the intake manifold’s inlet.


Patented, Revolutionary Perimeter Plate Technology:

?Cryo-Sync™ Technology

The ZEX™ Perimeter Plate routes the nitrous through a set of internal passages before spraying it into your engine. During this circulation process, the nitrous temperature drops to degrees below zero! This cryogenic phenomenon effectively turns the plate into an ultra-efficient Cryo-Sync™, cooling your carburetor and intake manifold for additional power.

?Airflow Enhancement™ Technology

The ZEX™ Perimeter Plate has been designed to inject the nitrous at an optimized angle, toward the center of the intake plenum. In addition to ensuring proper cylinder distribution, this ZEX™- developed technology creates a pocket of intense low pressure just below the carburetor while the nitrous is being sprayed. This low-pressure area enhances airflow into your engine, which further improves power gains.

?Perimeter Injection™ Technology

Unlike traditional nitrous kits, the ZEX™ Perimeter Plate employs multiple injection points to create a perfectly atomized blend of fuel and nitrous. This mixture is then fired directly into the center of the intake plenum, ensuring equal dispersal between cylinders. By optimizing cylinder-to cylinder distribution, ZEX™ Perimeter Injection™ Technology generates maximum power without sacrificing engine safety. 


LS1/LS6 Wet Nitrous System hp With Polished Bottle

◄  LS1/LS6 Wet Nitrous System

 A Complete "Wet" Nitrous System; Everything Is Included For A Safe, Proper Installation


  • Designed to work safely on stock type engines, but is also engineered to perform flawlessly on highly modified turbocharged & supercharged combinations. The ideal nitrous system for any fuel injected vehicle.

  • All major components are factory pre-assembled inside the "Nitrous Management Unit". Easy, plug & play, two-hour installation.

  • ZEX™ Nitrous Systems have an advanced, patented feature called "Active Fuel Control". This feature monitors nitrous bottle pressure & adds or subtracts enrichment fuel so the engine never runs too rich, or too lean, when you engage the nitrous system.

  • ZEX™ "Wet" nitrous systems activate at wide-open throttle using advanced electronics that monitor your engine's throttle position sensor. This makes using your nitrous system very easy and reliable."

Why ZEX is

◄Active Fuel Control™

One of our nitrous systems most innovative safety and power feature is the "Active Fuel Control". The ZEX™ Nitrous System reads the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the fuel enrichment accordingly. If it is a cool day and the nitrous bottle pressure is around the psi range, the nitrous system will add less enrichment fuel than if it is a warm day and the nitrous bottle is at psi. This unique feature ensures that you always have the optimum ratio of nitrous and fuel. Never too rich, never too lean. It also ensures maximum power and safety at all bottle pressures.

◄Fuel Shear™ Technology

Fuel Shear™ Technology injects enrichment fuel using a fuel transfer tube. This tube allows the ZEX™ nozzle to directly inject fuel into the highest velocity area of the nitrous plume. This high-speed nitrous shears the fuel away from the tube, atomizing it to levels other nozzle designs never achieve. This high level of atomization ensures perfect fuel distribution from cylinder to cylinder, ensuring one cylinder is never dangerously rich or lean, like competitor’s nozzles. This finely atomized mixture delivered by the ZEX™ nozzle also burns more powerfully and maximizes the horsepower you get from your nitrous system.

◄TPS Sensor Activation

Our throttle position sensor switch is truly innovative. For years, nitrous systems have been activated by use of crude push buttons and throttle arm activated micro switches. These devices were very difficult to install and were constantly failing because of the extreme temperatures found in vehicle engine bays. ZEX™ integrated advanced microprocessor control circuits into our nitrous systems so that they "learn" the voltage curve of an engines throttle position sensor. This enables our nitrous systems to activate at wide-open throttle, precisely and reliably, every time.


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NOS NOS Sniper Wet Nitrous Plate Kit, LS mm, mm 4-Bolt

Sniper Wet EFI Nitrous Plate Kits give one of the most powerful bang-for-the-buck power adding solutions. Sniper nitrous kits are great for the budget minded builder that wants the power nitrous is famous for. These are wet plate kits, meaning the additional fuel is added though the nitrous system, so there are no requirements for an injector upgrade. All of the needed items are included in the kit for a complete, no hassle installation.
  • Offers a low cost EFI nitrous kit solution
  • Fits mm or mm throttle body
  • Direct bolt-on ½” black billet aluminum plate fits between throttle body and intake manifold
  • Supports up to HP
  • Included jetting for , & HP
  • Includes orange Sniper 10 lb. nitrous bottle with brackets
  • Stainless steel braided lines
  • Simple installation and hardware included


Installation Instructions (PDF)


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Kit ls wet nitrous

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