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Danny Seo Bio, Wife, Gay, Family Background

Danny Seo is founder and CEO of Danny Seo Media Ventures, a multimedia lifestyle company that carries style and sustainability across a whole host of media and merchandising products. 

He is also a national spokesperson and partner with Wilsonart, an American-made manufacturer of eco-friendly laminate surfaces and is a brand ambassador with the Ford Motor Company

Danny has not only kept his knowledge up to himself but has shared the creative ideas which have made him America's leading authority on modern and eco-friendly living. 

Apart from his healthy career, Danny has sold fine fragrances and bath products on HSN and has also published nine bestselling books, covering decorating, entertaining, crafts, and more. 

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Through Danny's contribution, he has become one of the best young activists throughout the country and has inspired many people with his hard work and contribution. 

Other than his career, questions about his love life have also arisen. 

Danny Seo Married To Partner / Wife Or Gay?

Danny Seo is mostly seen posting career-oriented posts on his social media account other than love life. Till now, there is no information on whether he is married to a possible wife or not.

However, on his birthday, a lady going by the name of Danica Lo, posted a picture together sending him birthday wishes.

But the interesting fact about the picture was that she mentioned Danny as a partner in crime since they were young. 

Danny Seo receives a birthday wish from his partner in crime Danica Lo on 22 April 2017 (Photo: Danica Lo's Twitter)

The love between them might be blooming secretly, but until Danny or Danica talk about their relationship openly, nothing can be assumed. 

Nevertheless, due to Danny low profile, people also assume him to be gay, but as he has not bothered to talk on the matter, the rumors can only be what they are, rumors. 

Danny's Bio: Age, Family

Danny was born on Earth Day on 22nd April 1977. As the youngest of three children of Korean immigrants, he grew up on the edge of Reading, which was the improbable Pagoda, a gimmick restaurant that now houses an arts center. 

Later, Danny's father, an anesthesiologist, moved the whole family in Pennsylvania to take a job at the local hospital. 

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Eventually, Danny's inner child activist was born when he watched Morton Downey Jr., which changed his perspective and life.

On his 12th birthday, he told his conservative Korean-American parents that he wanted to use his birthday money to found the environmental and animal-rights advocacy group which he named Earth 2000

However, while talking about his education, his career-defining course was the dead opposite of his brother, who is now a lawyer in Los Angeles.

College never was Danny's part of the plan, but still, he graduated in 1995 ranking 169th in a class of 170. 

Moreover, despite the similarity in his parent's profession and views, the conservative parents supported their son Danny. 


is danny seo gay

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Author & Host Danny Seo's Obscure Married & Wife Details Raise Question; A Gay Man?

Danny Seo is one of the rare ones, who turned his love for the environment into a lifestyle and got famous for leading the lifestyle. And his love for nature runs so deep that he even contributed to the field as the author and chief editor of the environment magazine, Naturally, Danny Seo.

But, the question strikes whether his love for nature may have hampered his love life or not. 

Why don't you find the answer for yourself in the following story!

Absent Dating Life; Betrayal From Partner

Danny, an environment lover, leads an alternative life!

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The green-living expert lives in a secluded house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania leading a sole life in the 1100 square feet home.

Danny's 1100 square feet home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Photo: Armando Rafael/ Pinterest)

As apparent as it seems, the 41-year-old has hardly any chance to contact the outside world, which brings the big question to his dating life. He has neither been rumored to be dating or nor came out himself posing anyone as his wife.

But, back in 2010, Danny had posted a cryptic tweet hinting towards his married life in which he mentioned that he had been married and divorced within a period of 24 hours. However, he didn't reveal the name of his alleged wife, which left many wondering whether the author was pulling a prank on his fans.

"well well... looks like I'm getting "divorced" and "married" in 24 hours. What a crazy biz day it has been."

And as Danny shared the closeness with his business partner, Ben Harris, who possessed an equal share in Danny's eco-magazine, Naturally, Danny Seo. His closeness may raise the question of Danny being a gay, but in absence of both, Danny and Ben's official comments, it remains fairly unknown. 

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But Danny shared the emotions of betrayal from his partner, Ben in 2016, when Ben's business, Harris Publication, went out of business at the time. Danny took the matter to Facebook on 13 June 2016 apologizing for any commitments which his company has made to magazine's subscribers.

What seems of Danny's possible dating life's big bite came on 22 April 2017 after a woman named Danica Lo took Danny's birthday to her tweet. Sharing a picture of the two posing side by side, she described Danny as her "partner in crime" and mentioned that they had known each other for several years. 

Danica Lo calls Danny as her partner in crime on 22 April 2017 (Photo: Danica Lo's Twitter)

Danica's birthday post to Danny wasn't her first as she had earlier shared a picture of her and him on16 January 2017. In the tweet, she revealed that Danny and Danica had traveled to Kenya on the same day three years ago. Fans were curious to know if she was hinting that the pair had been dating for three years. 

Well, neither Danny nor his suspected girlfriend has spoken on the matter. But, her constant posts relating to Danny must mean something. The duo might be more than just close friends but don't want to confirm their relationship yet.

The Environment Activist's Parents

A night before his 12th birthday, Danny watched a show where Morton Downey Jr. made fun of Ingrid Newkirk, the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, for trying to speak against animal cruelty.

Everything changed since then for Danny as the day's profound impact made him devote his lifetime trying to save the Earth.

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In his 12th birthday party, which coincided on Earth Day, he revealed plans to start an organization named Earth 2000 to his friends and family. He even spent his birthday money which was a total of $23 for his organization.

Danny, who is a vegan, was not initially supported by his Korean-immigrant parents as neither their profession nor views agreed with him. His father was a doctor, who advocated in favor of animal testing, while his mother liked wearing animal furs.

The environmentalist hails from Pennsylvania's community, where hunting was one of the favorite pastimes and his nature-saving view was not liked by the people. He said in an interview with Washington Post that people disliked him for his opposing opinion. Danny said to the magazine, 

"I didn't conform. I was an animal rights activist in a community where school stops for the first day of hunting season. I was weird."

However, now Danny's parents have come to peace with his revolutionary views and even support him in his campaign. Danny also gifted an eco-friendly house outside of Reading, Pennsylvania. Although, it's not clear whether Danny's parents live there or in their previous home.

An entrepreneur at building homes and decorating them with easily available resources, Danny previously lived in a cottage house. His previous home was even featured on the cover of Life magazine.

As of 2018, he is busy on the production of the third season of his TV show, Naturally, Danny Seo. In an Instagram post shared on 10 August 2018, Danny mentioned that he was also designing a house for the show. Further, he expressed that fans could buy tickets to visit the home and even spend a day with nature lovers. 

American AuthorTV HostNaturally Danny SeoBen Harris


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As everyone focused on LMNT (pronounced “Element”), Teen People‘s lame manufactured boy band, I went to meet Chris Beckman, brushing by Soprano starlet Jamie-Lynn Sigler and organic-chic guru Danny Seo on the way. The gay bachelor—who endured six months with an anorexic, a high-strung fitness nut, a California Bible-thumper, and a teenage lesbian who regularly flashed her crotch to the nation on The Real World Chicago—has a modeling contract with Wilhelmina, and is moving to New York to continue making art.

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Another all-American boy, Sam Page, was telling me about his former days as a genetic biology major at Princeton, but we were interrupted by the increasingly drunk hordes of women. I went to get my bag, but it was wet and sticky! Someone had spilled a Coors Light on it.

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Seo is gay danny

Is danny seo gay

Is danny seo gay |

Danny seo calls his ecofriendly way living simply green. Through his books, television programs, magazine columns, and his howto lifestyle lectures. Gwen stefani and blake shelton are dating. Check out these party tips from author and ecolifestyle expert danny seo. Photo via kurfiss sothebys international. Native danny seo is a male, environmentally conscious martha stewart if martha stewart were busier than. Coms danny seo page and shop for all danny seo books and other danny seo related products (dvd, cds, apparel).

Check out pictures, bibliography. Free online library the green guru danny seo was born to save the earth. The green issue, interview by the advocate the national gay &, lesbian. Magazine article the advocate (the national gay &, lesbian newsmagazine) the green guru danny seo was born to save the earth danny seo i do have a weakness for boys named danny =) dannys wonderful blog with lots of neat domestic tips at daily danny posted by hello at 557 am. The latest tips and news on danny seo are on popsugar home. On popsugar home you will find everything you need on home dcor, garden and danny seo.

Is danny seo gayIs danny seo gayIs danny seo gay

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Homemade Wall Art with Danny Seo

Danny Seo Gay, Partner, Wife, Married

Danny Seo is an American environmental activist who is known for his appearance on TV series Naturally, Danny Seo. As an environmental activist, he has published books such as Generation React and Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living for the 21st Century. His organization Earth 2000 has blossomed into various teenagers through which Danny has become one of the best young activists throughout the country.

Danny's Rise Towards Stardom

As a lifestyle environmental expert, Danny has appeared in various TV series. He first appeared as a host in 2006 TV series Simply Green with Danny Seo. From 2007 to 2014 his works in TV shows include 'Live! With Kelly;' The Nate Berkus Show; The Talk; and The Queen Latifah Show. 

His most extended stint includes the series such as Today (2013 to 2016); Steve Harvey (2015 to 2016); Harry (2016 to 2018); and Naturally, Danny Seo (2016 to 2018). During his TV journey, he has appeared as Green-Living Expert, Eco-Lifestyle Expert, Lifestyle Green Expert and as a host. With his appearances on various TV shows, he has earned net worth in millions.

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Danny As The Green Guru

According to the gay and lesbian news magazine The Advocate, Danny, who is 'The Green Guru,' was born to save the earth. The article, initially published on 6 May 2008, is based on Danny's and environmental activists interviews published by Avery, Dan.

As per interview, Danny describes he was fond of environmental activism and has remained engaged towards the environment since his childhood. When he was just 12 years old, the activist told his family that he would use his money $23 to find 'environmental and animal-rights advocacy group Earth 2000.' 

Danny's dream eventually got fulfilled as he founded the environmental organization Earth 2000 in 1989. He is also the CEO of Call2Recycle. For his environmental activities, he was listed as one of "40 Under 40" to watch by the New York Business and on People's Magazine, labeled him as 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. He is also partner with Ben Harris who is the president of Harris Publications.

He launched a magazine called Naturally, Danny Seo on 24 July 2014. While he was grabbing a train out of Penn Station in New York City, he caught the attention towards the first newsstand that hauled his newspaper in 2014. Since then, his paper has been one of the favorite all around the United States. He is preparing for the Fall 2018 issue and has shot the episode 308 of his companions NBA show.

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Danny's Stunning House

Danny Seo's house, a secluded cabin, is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The American environmental activist said he bought small army furniture from eBay and screened the balcony to double his living space. He likes to maximize space in his small living room. The saturated colors with the dark wood in his cabinet has hauled the house with the rich vividness.

Danny Seo's house located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Photo:

Moreover, in 2000, Danny gifted his home outside Reading, Pennsylvania to his parents for the makeover of his book called Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living for the 21st Century which initially published on 19 September 2001.

Who Is Danny's Wife?

The Green Guru, Danny is active on social networking sites. As a reality star, he is mostly seen posting career-oriented photos and his cookbook called Naturally, Delicious. He is also passionate towards foods and tries various recipes to make his food delicious.

On Danny's birthday on 22 April 2017, his friend, Danica Lo tweeted the Naturally Danny Seo star 'Happy Birthday' and labeled him as her partner in crime. While sharing a picture with him, she also hinted that the duo knew each other since they were young.

Danny Seo and his partner in crime Danica Lo in a picture posted on 22 April 2017 (Photo: Twitter)

The TV actor went on a vacation in Zambia. During his last day on Zambia, on 29 May 2018, he posted a picture on Instagram where the baby elephant was sailing in the river.

Further, in August 2018, he went to Portland, Oregon. The American environmental activist was set to head towards the east for the TV magic show in Vermont. He paused for a snapshot at Portland International Airport with his luggage and shared his photo on Instagram on 9 August 2018.

Besides his career-oriented posts and recipes photos, he has remained low-key regarding his love-life. As of June 2018, the environmental activist is reportedly unmarried. 

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Family Life

Danny was born to a Korean-American family. His father, who was an advocate of animal testing, moved alongside his family in Pennsylvania as he had a job at the local hospital. His mother raised Danny alongside his siblings. He is the youngest of his three siblings and grew up in Reading. His brother is a lawyer in Los Angeles and his sister; Ann Kim describes her family as conformist.

Short Bio

Danny was born on 22 April 1977 in Reading, Pennsylvania. He attended Governor Mifflin High School and graduated last in the class of 170 students. As per wiki, he has juggled in multiple projects in the various forms of media.


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