Food rainbow loom charms

Food rainbow loom charms DEFAULT

Rainbow Loom Charm bracelet Minions, minions, food, heroes, bracelet png

Rainbow Loom Charm bracelet Minions, minions, food, heroes, bracelet png

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15 amazing loom band ideas: what can you make with loom bands?

What can you make with loom bands? Loom bands are the latest craze to sweep the nation – well, playground. Children (and their parents!) up and down the country are spending hours creating loom band bracelets, keyrings and loads of other rainbow coloured creations.

The bracelets are made using a loom kit, or with fingers and even forks. You can pick up everything you need from your local toy store or online from places like Amazon. Packs of bands start from less than a £1 – so it’s a pretty cheap way to keep the kids happy.

We’ve spotted loads of celebs wearing them too! I mean if it’s good enough for David Beckham, Fearne Cotton, Kate Middleton and Prince William…then it’s good enough for us.

Are loom bands safe?

As with any toy, parents should not leave children unattended. There are some concerns about some children using them as catapult weapons, with some schools banning them in classrooms and playgrounds, as we reported.

Also, with younger children, there is a danger of choking or causing circulatory problems if children swallow or wrap them round their fingers for a long period of time.

Follow these tips to keep your children safe:

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– Make sure children are supervised when playing with them – Use registered loom boards and not fingers
– Keep them out of reach from children (and pets!) when they’re not in use – Make sure you explain to children about using the toy safely, especially that they must not wrap the bands too tightly

How to make loom band bracelets

There are thousands of tutorials online that can help teach you how to make even a simple loom band bracelet. We love blogs like and Loom Love.

We’ve also included links to other favourites in this gallery.

Psst! Win a loom band starter kit in our Hobbycraft BIG summer giveaway. Enter now!

Loom lizardImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image1of14

This chirpy little fellow was made by It's perfect if your little guy or girl is into reptiles as they can have hours of fun recreating this crafty loom band idea.

loom crocImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image2of14

Loom band ideas: Winnie the Pooh loom bandImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image3of14

'Sometimes the smallest things make the most room in our heart', a wise Pooh once said and that is exactly how we feel about this Winnie the Pooh loom band charm.

name bandImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image4of14

Say my name, say my name! We love this loom band name bracelet and Made By Mommy makes it look easy with her step-by-step tutorial. Fun!

Loom snakeImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image5of14

If you can't quite stomach a real snake as a pet maybe a loom band one will do. Another great charm idea from the excellent chaps at

loom brocsImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image6of14

We all know how important it is to eat our fruit and veg but we reckon you could have a right old laugh making these loom band broccoli charms. Follow the video tutorial which helps you with a step-by-step guide.

Loom band ideas: iPhone cover loom bandsImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image7of14

How snazzy is this iPhone cover made out loom bands? We love the DIY way of jazzing up a phone. Find out how to make it here.

loom trollImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image8of14

Loom band ideas: Loom band Despicable Me minionImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image9of14

loom band daisy chainsImage credit:

This is an image10of14

How adorable are these loom band flower bracelets? They take us back to the days of sitting in the garden and making daisy chains. Take us back!

Loom band turtleImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image11of14

Cowabunga dude! How rad is this little turtle loom band figure? We love him! Find out how to make him on Pinterest.

Loom band ideas: Loom band unicornImage credit: Rex Features

This is an image12of14

We have renamed this a loomicorn because it combines two of our most favourite things...loom bands and unicorns. Find out how to make your own via Made by Mommy.

bow boomImage credit: Youtube

This is an image13of14

Loom band hairclipsImage credit: Pinterest

This is an image14of14

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Loom Band Charms

Loom Band Charms (Rainbow Loom Band Charms)

Yep, we’re hooked on Loom Bands in our house.  We’ve made more bracelets than one family ever should.  But it’s fun, cheap, fairly easy and something my kids and I can do together.  We sit on the floor in front of my iPad and look up videos on YouTube.  It’s great family time!

Why are we making so many Loom Band things?  We sell them.  We’re planning a volunteer trip in June to Peru to work in an orphanage for 6 weeks.  Sounds unreal, right?  We’re so excited but we have to raise a ton of money to do this.  So we’re looming our hearts out to get closer to our goal.

We wanted to do something different than just the bracelets so we decided to do charms.  How cute are these?  Perfect for backpacks or keychains.

The YouTube videos are linked to the name of the charms so if you want to make them, just click on the name of the charm and it’ll take you to the YouTube video.  Super easy!

Hamburger Charm and Snow Cone Charm

Loom Band Charms - Hamburger and Snow Cone

Bear Charm and Koala Charm

Loom Band Charms - Bear and Koala

Ice Cream Cone Charm and Cupcake Charm

Loom Band Charms - Ice Cream Cone and Cupcake

Penguin Charm, Baby Chick Charm and Angry Bird Charm

Loom Band Charms - Penguin, Baby Chick and Angry Birds

Snake Charm and Turtle Charm

Loom Band Charms - Snake and Turtle

The Owl Charm

Loom Band Charms - Owl

And my favorite….  Little Boy Charm and Little Girl Charm

Loom Band Charms - Little Boy and Girl

We just love them.

Loom Band Charms (Rainbow Loom Band Charms)




We’re linking to the parties located HERE.


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Rainbow loom book charms easy and quick food

Reinforce information about the clothing, architecture, writing, work, food, and religion of. Rainbow loom lucky charm bracelet and free printable. Is the perfect small book to get anyone moving on from. And to make the charming wee pumpkin on the right in the photo below we used made by mommys basic pumpkin charm tutorial.

Check out how easy it is to make bracelets, necklaces, charms and more with the original rainbow loom. Start with your very first quick and simple butterfly or move on to more complex bees and beetles. This is a great way to practice using beads on your rainbow loom and its one of the easiest designs to. Punch me up to the gods by brian broome one of the most electrifying, powerful, simply spectacular memoirs ior you have. There are a few inventions over the course of history that we can probably all agree are truly out of this world.

Loomless rainbow loom band charm quick and easy lady. Welcome to rainbow fun tutorials for the coolest rainbow loom® designs. Wondersmaking jewelry with rubber bandsindian beadweaving patternsthe. Many of the loom band designs are our own original patterns, while others are loom band instructions from other loomers. Very good quality just what i needed and arrived quickly. Spices not only add a flavorful kick to meals, they also have some amazing benefits to. Rainbow loom fruit off the loom lemons and limes charm. From simple rings to funky goldfish charms, the looming made easy. Margaret stump has done it again with another great pin loom weaving book. Go beyond the loom with hooked on rubber band jewelry. When you love your rainbow loom, you create all kinds of stuff. How to make rainbow loom charms 48 easiest & best charms. Easy rainbow loom hot dog charms how to make loom bands.

Rainbow loom book free ebooks in the genres you love. Rainbow loom charm mini book bag or backpackyoutube hope this. Creative kids complete photo guide to crochetrubber band loom crafts. Rainbow loom is the original educational rubber band craft that won toy of the year award in 2014.

Rainbow rubber bands refill kitassorted colors loom bands 2000+24 sclips, 2 y looms, 60 beads, 10 charms, 2 backpack hooks,crochet hooksloom bands add on accessoriesbracelet making kit for kids. The loomatics interactive guide to the rainbow loom book. A necklace from simple rings to funky goldfish charms, the loomingmade easy. To professional, bestselling pop music books to hardtofind classical editions. Of american culture and the impact of the fast food industry on modernday health. For easy and quick attachments to add on your rainbow bracelets. Fruit on the rainbow loom charms cherry or blueberry use rainbow loom bands with any loom in the staggered position to make a quick and easy cherry or blueberry charm that uses only 10 red and 2 green loom band.

Rainbow loom charms are easy to make and look cute on your backpacks. Knifty knitter round 36peg hat loom in my first book, more knitting wheel fashions. Forks or a simple specially designed rainbow loom and hook. Crazy loom bracelet patterns free ebooks in the genres. The internet is the primary source for patterns for the rainbow loom. A headband is an easy and fast loom knitting project, ideal for beginners. You can create your own personalized unique bracelets with our different variety of charms. This is just a super easy way to decorate you rainbow loom hook or a regular. Either just your fingers, drinking straws, pencils, forks or a simple specially designed rainbow loom. Banana split rubber band figure, rainbow loom loomigurumi, rainbow loom food. How to make a rainbow loom peace sign popsugar family.

It is one of the top gifts for kids, and there are countless awesome rainbow loom creations complete with tutorials available on youtube and a thriving rainbow loom community over at facebook. Rainbow loom® rubber band crafting kit with loom, mini loom, metal tip hook, rubber bands, and cclips. Fun loom instruction manual rubber bands free ebooks in. Dr zeder, as a package, they provided a much more reliable and abundant food source. Cooking up library programs teens and tweens will love. Pencils, forks or a simple specially designed rainbow loom r and hook. Rings charms and more 6c83e5ab10f42dd710cca522048f4d. Penguin charm mini figurine rainbow loom tutorial rainbow loom easy rainbow loom. Use a fork to make a necklace from simple rings to funky goldfish charms, the loomingmade easy. With this book, you can make a purple hippo, spotted puppy, princess tiara, dump truck.

With stepbystep illustrated instructions, rubber band loom jewelry gets a. With this new book and your rainbow loom, crazloomtm. Stuffed animals, library books, and a 4 year old when she isnt writing. Patterns for rubber band loom bracelets free ebooks in. From toys to jewelry, the ultimate unofficial rainbow loom guide will. Loom animals easy where to sell used grow equipment. Rainbow loom beginner rainbow loom patterns rainbow. Food with kids, from a marshmallow graham cracker snowman and flower. Sidebars include classic norwegian cooking recipes and historical knitting. See more ideas about rainbow loom patterns, rainbow loom bracelets. Were also big on crafts, so well be adding awesome craft tutorials too. See more ideas about rainbow loom, loom, rainbow loom bracelets.

Shop for rainbow loom products, loom bands, loom band charms, mini rubber bands, loom band value packs and stretch band. Straws, pencils, forks or a simple specially designed rainbow loom and hook. The internet is a huge place, with thousands of patterns. This book is packed with ways to use rubber bands to make bracelets, belts, desk. How to make a rainbow loom breast cancer awareness charm. How to make a beaded ladder railway track bracelet. One thing you can do is attach your creations to your pens and pencils. Ill have to see if there are any other sets from this company because i would gladly get more. Rainbow loom rubber band jewelry set 2 piece choker, bracelet, charms princessprobyjewelry 5 out of 5 stars $ 7. Rainbow loom patterns bracelets, charms, rings, necklaces. The ultimate unofficial rainbow loom guide book by. How to make the easiest banana charm using rainbow loom bands and a loom. Rainbow loom new easy tiny heart charm tutorial diy journal, loom, rainbow loom.

Uses only 12 rainbow loom brand rubber bands 10 yellow and 2 brown and youll learn to. Will find food for thought in the chapters on weave structures and drafting. 4 looms, 4 needles and 30 page instruction book showing coloured pictures of what. You might not require more become old to spend to go to the books inauguration. Complete beading for beginnersrainbow loom funthe ultimate unofficial rainbow loom. Instructions on how to make rainbow loom designs loom. The loomatic s interactive guide to the rainbow loom book. Rainbow loom guide free ebooks in the genres you love. From simple rings to funky goldfish charms, the loomingmade easy instructions allow anyone to master the rainbow loom.

To make life easier for you, we have searched the web for the best, easy to follow, and popular patterns, and placed them here for you to find. Using colorful rubber bands, this simple loom provides hours of crafting fun for all ages. Bekijk meer ideeën over loombandjes, loom bandjes, rainbow loom charms. Goldfish rainbow loom rubber band loomigurumi squishy 3d figure plush tiny animal charm crochet amigurumi creation goldfish animal gift. Oct 20, 2014 use rainbow loom bands with any loom in the staggered position to make a quick and easy cherry or blueberry. On this page youll find rainbow loom instructions for the simplest to most advanced bracelets, charms and other artistic loom designs.

Gardening with emma is a kidtokid guide to growing healthy food and. Offered a $12 deal for the loom, hook tools, s clips and additional charms. 50 projects to make crafts and food with kids, from a. Or book reading, kids need to be able to read informational texts.

These should not take a lot of time to create and the number of rubber bands you will use is minimal, compared to the intermediate and expert designs. Rainbow loom slice of cake charms how to tutorial loomless food series. 2 random stuff ideas rainbow loom patterns, rainbow. Rainbow loom is a plastic loom used to weave colorful rubber bands into bracelets and charms. These loom band caterpillars are simple to make, and they have so much personality. From toys to jewelry, the ultimate unofficial rainbow loom guide will show you just. Save rainbow loom charms to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. Loom guidethe ultimate unofficial rainbow loom guidehow to crochetthe loomatics interactive guide to the rainbow loomthe ashford book of weaving patterns. I hope this tutorial on how to make an easy and quick cupcake charm on the rainbow loom is helpful. And, says dr zeder, as a package, they provided a much more reliable and abundant food source.

Rainbow loom tutorials rainbow loom bands rainbow loom charms rainbow loom bracelets loom bands instructions loom bands tutorial monster tail crazy loom fun loom. Make fishtail bracelets super fast with the included mini rainbow loom. Lunch box recipeslunch snacksbaby food recipeschicken recipespork. Phone artbright artcoloring appschevron printcute tattoosartneon signs coloring books colorfy. Spices not only add a flavorful kick to meals, they also have some amazing. Rainbow loom beginner charm patterns are basic and pretty straightforward. Easy rainbow loom, rainbow loom fruit off the loom strawberry charm, easy rainbow loom lipstick charms, rainbow loom band charms tmnt teenage mutant ninja turtles masks, rainbow loom ironman action figure. Learning the basics of design, sketchup for dummies makes it fast and easy to learn the ropes of a. Been successful with books on glutenfree cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods.

Since then, weve made more than 250 rainbow loom designs that we feature on the site. Loom magic charms 25 cool designs that will rock your. Rainbow loom candy crush candy and color bomb charm. The instructions were easy for her to follow and she did not need any help. Oct 3, 2013 ideas for creating on the rainbow loom. 37 ideeën over rainbow loom food charms loombandjes. A fun hobby for anyone, weaving bracelets on a rainbow loom is easy and.

Great book of woodworking projectsloom bands charms. These cute little pom poms made from rainbow loom bands are the perfect little toppers for your pencils. These patterns are alphabetized for your easy reference. Popularities among online shopping and cardboard boxes can pile up quickly. Rainbow loom bands, free travel, packing, sparkle, colours, beads, shop. 22 colors transparent box diy silicone kits rainbow loom bands, food grade. Patterns margaret stump has done it again with another great pin loom weaving book. Man, the plastic string was cheap and the rainbow loom it can get expensive. Dog, cat, bunny, teddy bear, pig, fox, and much more to come. Rainbow loomshadow weave simplythe big book of beading patternssock loom basicstotally. How to make the easiest banana charm without a rainbow loom. Rainbow loom this book includes twentyfive new rubber band loom projects.

If youre here, youve probably jumped on the rainbow loom bandwagon and you know all of the. Im getting her the rainbow loom, all kinds of colored bands, a bracelet making book, storage case, and these charms as a gift. 100 assorted charms in each package, duplicates will vary. Our extensive library of patterns consists of bracelets, rings, necklaces. Of delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert sandwiches. Of charms featured in this article is based on animals, comic characters, food. Loomingmade easy instructions allow anyone to master the rainbow loom. Calvin et hobbes cartoon, monster legends, comics, comic strips, comic books. See more ideas about crafts, hobbies and interests, rainbow loom patterns.

As well as the author of the book, make and takes for kids. Easy way to make cool rainbow loom bracelets with perler beads tutorial. Necklace from simple rings to funky goldfish charms, the loomingmade easy instructions allow. Provides stepbystep instructions for creating colorful rainbow loom projects. This amazing book shows you how to create dazzling rubber band bracelets and. The skys the limit with rainbow loom, so if you come up with a unique design we encourage you to send it in to our facebook page. The handweavers pattern directoryout of control the kincaid brides book. Expanded cinemahands on rigid heddle weavinglittle loom. Want to learn how to make this adorable jack o lantern charm. The animals in this book are quick and easy projects.

Tests revealed some loom band charms contained high levels of phthalates. With beautiful photography and easy tofollow instructions, the book is a must have for any loom fans. Magic charms 25 cool designs that will rock your rainbow. The great thing about this rainbow loom jellyfish charm is that its one of the easier animal. The loomatic s interactive guide to the rainbow loom book pdf. Well get you started with making a basic bracelet on the loom and work you up to making crazy starburst bracelets and fun little charms. Versatile and simple touse, peg looms can be used to create a wide range of. Sep 28, 2013 rainbow loom prototype designs a simple board of timber. Mr happy decided to create not one, not two, but three different accessories for his favourite green pen. See more ideas about rainbow loom charms, rainbow loom, loom charms. If youre feeling really lucky, go for the hexafish bracelet. The wide collection of charms featured in this article is based on animals, comic characters, food. We used made by mommys smiley face charm tutorial to make it.

With this new book and your rainbow loom, crazloomtm, or. New listing rainbow loom kit rubber bands and book jewelry made easy. The best book for beautiful rainbow loom instructions. Looking for a fun and simple way to use up your rainbow loom bands. Its the quick, easy and accessible craft thats taking the world by storm. The ultimate unofficial rainbow loom handbook step by. Case runs about $17, though theyre selling out of the stores very quickly.

660 rainbow loom ideas rainbow loom, loom, rainbow loom. Ranging from 20 to 30 of good quality charm designs. Its a simple plastic loom on which people strategically place tiny rubber. 25 cool designs that will rock your rainbow thomas, becky, sweeney, monica, alguard, neary on. This new book and your rainbow loom, crazloomtm, or funloomtm, you can.

Whether you create a simple pattern or a braided one, these bracelets with their. Expensive purchase a few simple upgrades can absolutely do the trick. The rubberband bracelets and charms are filling our parents and. Rainbow loom usa webstore rainbow loom official website. We are also the creator of loomoji, monster tail, alpha loom, finger loom, hair loom. Do the same on the left and flip your loom around so the arrow is facing you. Free shipping on your first order shipped by amazon. Easy rainbow loom, rainbow loom fruit off the loom. Is the perfect small book to get anyone going with their loom band charm. From simple rings to funky goldfish charms, the loomingmade easy. 00+ crafts hobbies interests ideas crafts, hobbies. Fruit on the rainbow loom charms cherry or blueberry.


Rainbow charms food loom

Unless you ™ve been hibernating in a cave for the last three years, you ™ve heard all about the rubber band bracelet craze. Girls and boys alike love making the bracelets, necklaces, and yes, charms! There are lots and lots of rubber band charms out there, many with video tutorials that show you and your kids step by step how to make them.

25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make

25 Rubber Band Charms

Whether it's on your Rainbow Loom, another loom, or even by hand or with a crochet look, making rubber band charms is fun for both boys and girls! They are great for hanging on your rubber band bracelets, a necklace, backpack charms and keychains. They make fun gifts for friends and family too!

25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make

There are many  You Tube channels dedicated to just making rubber band jewelry and charms. DIY Mommy and Made by Mommy and two of them, and their channels are filled with colorful charm tutorials. Here are some that I loved.

25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make

There's a really cool site out there called Loom Love  that was started by two young sisters and their mom and they have created over 250 tutorials! They have a popular You Tube channel as well. Here's just a small sampling of what they ™ve created!

25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make

More YouTubers include these rubber band charm enthusiasts Elegant Fashion 360 and and MarloomZ Creations. Here's some of the ones I hand picked for you.

25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make

One of our own Kids Activities Blog contributors, Sara Dees, also makes cool rubber band charms! She runs the blog  Frugal Fun For Boys. You ™ll also find lots of tutorials on the You Tube channel PG’s Loomacy.

25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make

Here are a handful more rubber band charms I thought were fun! That should load you up with plenty of ideas as well as lots of sites and channels to save in your favorites. Have fun creating!

If you want more rubber band ideas, outside of just bracelets and charms, be sure to check out my book Rubber Band Mania!

Crafts by Amanda, Amanda Formaro

Rainbow Loom®: Flower Charm

49 Tutorials to Make Rainbow Loom Charms

Rainbow loom charms are easy to make and look cute on your backpacks, keychains, bracelets, etc. The wide collection of charms featured in this article is based on animals, comic characters, food, dresses and articles of daily use. We have mainly included video tutorials for ease of understanding.

Rainbow Loom Charm Ideas

1. How to Make Super Easy Rainbow Loom Pencil Charms

Add a splash of color to your pencils by making these colorful pom poms out of loom bands. They could well be the coolest pencil toppers you could lay your hands on.

Rainbow Loom Charms

2. Easy Rainbow Loom Fish Charms

Mini fish look super cute as charms. You just need colorful loom bands and a rainbow loom for this project. If you have orange loom bands, you could add a goldfish to your kitty. The video instructions are pretty straightforward.

Easy Rainbow Loom Charms

3. Simple Turtle Charms on the Rainbow Loom

The tutorial offers a brilliant option to keep kids engaged for hours. The peace-loving turtles have been styled in bright colors to look eye-catchy.

How to Make Rainbow Loom Charms

4. 3D Food Rainbow Loom Charms

Kids will be delighted to receive these candy charms as gifts. Those with a sweet tooth would love to flaunt them.

Rainbow Loom Food Charms

5. Easy Rainbow Loom Daisy Charms

The pretty daisy is the subject of this tutorial. Girls would love the red blooms on their ornaments. They can be made fast so that you have a bunch in just a little time.

Rainbow Loom Easy Charms

6. How Do You Make a Rainbow Loom Charm

This pink charm can be used for the important social cause, breast cancer awareness. Just flaunt it people will get the message.

Rainbow Loom Charm

7. Rainbow Loom Animals as Easy Charms

Animal lovers would love to make a hippo, thanks to the above-linked video tutorial. You can make an animal charms collection by going through the tutorials on the other rubber band loom animals listed on this page.

Rainbow Loom Animal Charms

8. Really Cool Rainbow Loom Band Bird Charm Design

Really Cool Rainbow Loom Band Bird Charm

9. Easy but Cool Rainbow Loom Bow Tie Charm Tutorial

Easy but Cool Rainbow Loom Bow Tie Charm

10. Rainbow Loom Minecraft Charms in Green

Show off the Minecraft fan in you by wearing these green charms. You can also gift them to the video game enthusiasts.

Rainbow Loom Minecraft Charms

11. Rainbow Loom Penguin Charm in Small Size

The characteristic bird of the poles looks lovely in black, white and orange loom bands. The small size makes it apt to be used as a charm.

Small Rainbow Loom Penguin Charm

12. Rainbow Loom a Mustache Charm

This one is for the men. The mustache, regarded as a fine sign of masculinity, is created through this tutorial, albeit in charm form.

Rainbow Loom Mustache Charm

13. Rainbow Loom Pumpkin Halloween Charm

Halloween Rainbow Loom Pumpkin Charm

14. Easy Rainbow Loom Candy Cane Charms for Christmas

Candy cane charms can add a new dimension to your Christmas decorations. Go looming with orange and white bands and be amazed at the results.

Rainbow Loom Candy Cane Christmas Charms Easy

15. Boy (People) Rainbow Loom Charm

Boy/People Charm on Rainbow Loom

16. Really Easy Pineapple Fruit Rainbow Loom Charms

If you love fruits or are a health conscious person, you would swear by pineapples. It goes without saying that you would lap up the linked video guide.

Rainbow Loom Pineapple Fruit Charms

17. Lovely Rainbow Loom Owl Charms

Rainbow Loom Owl Charms

18. Idea for Rainbow Loom Cake Charms

Make these for a birthday boy or girl and catch the twinkle in his/her eyes. Don’t they look absolutely yum! Ready for the cakewalk, err, walk-through?

Rainbow Loom Cake Charms

19. Yellow Pokemon Pikachu Charm on Rainbow Loom

This one is dedicated to Pokemon fans. You can use it as a pencil topper. Just pay attention to the length of its limbs.

Rainbow Loom Pokemon Pikachu Charm

20. DIY Rainbow Loom Minion Charm

Minion Rainbow Loom Charm

21. Easy Instructions for Beaded Flower Charm on Rainbow Loom

The beads add volume and dimension to the blossom. Make a group of them in different colors and string them in a bracelet if you wish.

Rainbow Loom Beaded Flower Charm Easy Instructions

22. Cool Rainbow Loom Unicorn Charm Pattern

If you like mythological characters, this unicorn charm is for you. You can turn it into a horse by giving the horns a miss and replacing the white loom bands with brown.

Cool Unicorn Charm Rainbow Loom

23. Colorful Rainbow Loom Cross Charms

Invoke your spiritual and religious spirit by making these cross charms. They can be made in a multitude of colors and are minimalistic.

Rainbow Loom Cross Charms

24. Rainbow Loom Cat (Kitty) Charm

Cat Kitty Charm Rainbow Loom

25. Rainbow Loom Puppy (Dog) Charm

Puppy/Dog Rainbow Loom Charm

26. Rainbow Loom Star Charm Idea

This pretty white and gray star would look great as a Christmas ornament. Make a handful of them to decorate your Christmas tree. You could also use the pattern for making snowflake charms.

Rainbow Loom Star Charm

27. Rainbow Loom Mickey Mouse Charm

Mickey Mouse Charm Rainbow Loom

28. Cow Charm for Rainbow Loom

Cow Charm Rainbow Loom

29. 3D Rainbow Loom Football (Sports) Charm

3D Rainbow Loom Football Sports Charm

30. Cute Rainbow Loom Baby Girl Charms

Rainbow Loom Baby Girl Charms

31. Easy Rainbow Loom Chicken Charm for Beginners

Rainbow Loom Chicken Charm for Beginners

32. Interesting Rainbow Loom Snake Charm

Rainbow Loom Snake Charm

33. How to Make a Tiger Charm Out Of a Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom Tiger Charm

34. Cute Pink Rainbow Loom Dress Charm

Cute Rainbow Loom Dress Charm

35. Fun Rainbow Loom Elephant Charm Pattern

Fun Rainbow Loom Elephant Charm

36. Best Rainbow Loom Thanksgiving Turkey Charm

Best Rainbow Loom Thanksgiving Charm

37. Mathematical Rainbow Loom Infinity Charm

Rainbow Loom Infinity Charm

38. Awesome Rainbow Loom Ice Cream Cone Summer Charm

Rainbow Loom Ice Cream Cone Summer Charm

39. Minnie Mouse Rainbow Loom Charm

Minnie Mouse Charm Rainbow Loom

40. Tiny Rainbow Loom Pig Charm

Rainbow Loom Pig Charm

41. Quaint Panda Bear Rainbow Loom Charm

Panda Bear Rainbow Loom Charm

42. Chic Rainbow Loom Purse Charm

If you are a bag lover, you would go for this one. You can add buttons for a hint of detail. The flap looks good in a shade different from the rest of the body of the purse.

Rainbow Loom Purse Charm

43. Neat American Flag Rainbow Loom Charm

This charm will speak volumes about your patriotism. It is perfect for Independence Day. It looks sober in red and blue. Note the star detailing.

Rainbow Loom American Flag Charm

44. Rainbow Loom Friendship Heart Charms

You can gift this to your Valentine to convey a message of love. They would also look good on friendship bracelets.

Rainbow Loom Heart Friendship Charms

45. Red Rainbow Loom Dragon Charm

Rainbow Loom Dragon Charm

46. Creative Rainbow Loom Music Charm

Rainbow Loom Music Charm

47. S Charm on a Rainbow Loom

Persons who have their names starting with S would find this charm handy. It is 2 dimensional and quite simple to make.

Rainbow Loom S Charm

48. Superb Rainbow Loom Monkey Charm

Rainbow Loom Monkey Charm

49. How to Do Rainbow Loom Christmas Tree Charms

Rainbow Loom Christmas Tree Charms

You can make the charms for your best friend. She would remember you every time she wears or uses them. You can experiment with the colors as per your choice. You can use the above guides as inspirations to create many more charms of different patterns.


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