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How to make graduation invitations online:


Choose a graduation template

Browse through our extensive range of templates to find the best graduation invitation design that matches your style. Select the template and click “personalize”.  


Upload grad photos

Stand out and attract more attendees with photos on your graduation invitation. Simply click “Add More Photos” to select a photo from your phone, computer or social media libraries.



Take time to customize a sentimental invitation you can be proud of. Play with text, colors, fonts and audio in your new creation. Then share it with friends and family. Let everybody know you are graduating!


Preview and send

Preview and share your online graduation invitation by email or social media.

Free graduation invitations – Customize and Share Instantly

Everyone knows that graduation is certainly a significant achievement and it should be treated as such. Our graduation invitation maker is the perfect way to customize and send beautiful, free graduation invitations online.

More than free graduation party invites

In addition to our free graduation invitation maker, we have a range of invitation makers for birthdays, holidays, and everyday events. Our suite of products includes slideshows, eCards, and collages for graduation celebration. Each Invitation maker allows you to completely customize your design—change the color, font, text and image to fit your style. You can send invites by email & also keep track of RSVPs.

Create Graduation Invitations

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Create Graduation Invitations

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2021 Free Graduation Invitation Templates

These free graduation invitations are going to help save you money on all those graduation expenses. You won't have to compromise on the quality either—these free graduation invitations look great even though they won't cost you a dime.

All of these free graduation invitations can be customized with your graduate's party details such as their name, address of the party, phone number, and RSVP details. Many of them also have room for a photo and class year.

By the time you're done adding your details, you'll have a professional-looking graduation invitation that didn't cost you a thing. You'll be ready to stick it in an envelope and drop it in the mail.

Follow all the directions on each website to create your free graduation invitation to get the best looking graduation card possible. Printing on photo paper will give you the best look, although other types of paper will give you good results too.

After graduation is over, don't forget to send graduation thank you cards to thank everyone for gifts and attending your ceremony or party. You can find graduation freebies to help you save money this year like free graduation clip art, printable graduation cards, and more thank you notes.

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Graduation Invitation Templates

Customized Graduation Invitation Templates

Graduating from any level of school is a major accomplishment. All of those years of handwork deserve some kind of special recognition, like a party or celebration. There is no better way to invite everyone to the special event than with invitations. With Shutterfly’s personalized invitations, you can let the world know who the best graduate in the world is. Whether it’s preschool, elementary or middle school, high school or college, graduation invitations templates are the perfect way to customize your party announcements.

Personalizing Invitations Is Easy

Using predesigned templates to design your graduation invites can save you a lot of time while you’re in the midst of planning things out. Choosing the perfect invitation is easy. Browse through Shutterfly’s collection of graduation invitation templates. Select the theme and design you like the most. Upload a photo or two of the young graduate and Shutterfly will handle all of the rest

Take Your Invitations to Another Level

There are many reasons why it pays for you use custom invitations. Graduation season is a very busy time of year for many people. With all of the people that are graduating from different schools, you need to find a way to make your graduate’s special accomplishment stand out. Fortunately, these invitations allow you to transform ordinary invites into spectacular ones for a fraction of the price. The best part is, no one has to guess who the guest of honor is. On the front of your party invites is a beautiful picture of your graduate for the world to see.

Graduations are occasions that should be celebrated in every way possible. Making it to this point in the education journey is no small feat. Show your graduate you care and how proud you are that they have reached this important milestone by throwing them a soiree that they’ll remember forever. Don’t forget to use personalized address labels and custom thank you cards from Shutterfly for all of your party and celebration needs.


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Templates graduation invitations

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