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Rewatch Value

School, childish occult stories, love triangles, etc.
There are things that I dislike in the story personally, but I'll write this as objectively as possible.

Story 5/10
-This is a story about Hari and her two friends, with an addition of 2 guys that like her. But both of them are keeping secrets and neither of them wants to reveal anything to Hari. It can be a bit annoying, "I don't want to say why but you should be careful of that guy".
-Because it's a short story everything felt rushed specially the romance, which made it seem forced.
-There are a few confusions and plot holes left unanswered but the clean slate ending can be used to answer everything halfheartedly.

Acting/Cast 7/10
+Acting was surprisingly decent, more than what I'd expected of a short unpopular show.
-Although some fighting scenes looked like straight out of a high school cinematography project.

Music 7/10
All the background music fit their places, the ending music made everything look good but it's too short lived.. Nothing else stood out of the ordinary.

Rewatch Value 3/10
Once you know the ending and the secrets they kept it'll be really hard to get back into rewatching it.

Overall /10
Watch it if you have some time to spare, the accessibility is nice because it's on YouTube. Don't get your expectations too high and it's all good.

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Does kanglim like hari?

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Does Kang Lim love Hari?

Kang-lim is also a very vigilant person and seems to be committed to keeping others from harm, especially Hari. He even has a crush on Hari.

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"Ah! A Ghost!."

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"The torment of dark specters living souls can do without. I banish you, malicious spirit, and I cast you out!" ― Kang-lim, the Chant to Seal Ghosts



Korean Age: 12
International Age: 10
21 (novel)


  • Underground Nation
  • Ghosts
  • Hari Threatened
  • Chocolate
  • Someone Disturbing Him
  • Hair Bands


Elementary School

Voice Actor

  • Young-woo Shin (Korean)
  • Hyunjun (Web Drama)
  • Bill Rawts (English)

Kang-lim Choi (최강림) is one of the main protagonists in the overall series.


Physical Appearance

Kang-lim has pale skin, dark green eyes, and black hair. He is often seen wearing a long-sleeve navy blue shirt with a black jacket, light gray jeans, and black boots. He can also be seen wearing a black outfit with kimono-like sleeves with yellow and red stripes, some yellow design, and white shoulder stripes, this outfit is worn when he is fighting ghosts in Season 1 and early Season 2.

Episode Appearance:

Kang-lim has appeared in the following episodes

Season 1:

  1. The Unbreakable Curse of the Girl's Hair!
  2. The Terrifying Temptation of the Shadow Ghost
  3. The Enticing Entrapment of Ethra
  4. The Nightmare of the No-Face Ghost
  5. The Mystery of the Marionette Queen
  6. The Bewitched Bus!
  7. The Weird Tale of the Wicked Doll Ghost!
  8. The Hair-Raising Tale of the Homunculus!
  9. The Frightening Fable of the Flower of Death! (Only in Hari's imagination)
  10. Invasion of the Iron Beast
  11. The Horrifying Game of Hide and Seek
  12. The Malediction Malfunction
  13. The Spectral Sentinel
  14. Storm of the Straw Ghost
  15. The Rise of the Underground Nation
  16. The Wrath of the White-Winged Wraith
  17. Shinbi Apartment - Doomsday PT 1
  18. Shinbi Apartment - Doomsday PT 1

Season 2: TBA

Season 3: TBA

Season 4: TBA


At first, Kang-lim was very introverted and kept everything to himself and he was rarely seen interacting with. But, after meeting Hari and saving his mother, he had a much warmer and caring personality. Kang-lim is also a very vigilant person and seems to be committed to keeping others from harm, especially Hari. He even has a crush on Hari.


Kang-lim has the spiritual ability to sense the presence of beings, and physical abilities that exceed ordinary people. While fighting against creatures in season 1 and early season 2, Kang-lim uses amulets and swords as his weapon. In season 2, after Kang-lim is possessed by black smoke, he becomes stronger and uses a exorcist sword as his weapon. Later in season 3, the exorcist sword evolves into a bow sword.

Since season 2, Kang-lim has the ability to teleport at close range as shown when fighting against Nebiros and the Creature King. Kang-lim also has a strong physique and endurance. He even fell from the top of the building and landed safely while fending off the blue-eyed Fire Creature attack.

Since season 3, Kang-lim's fighting abilities have improved, such as jumping on top of buildings while fighting the Werewolves; fall from a height and land safely while fighting against a green Chupacabra; and strong physical abilities that left him unharmed when hitting the walls of the building while fighting against Jiangshi.

Ghost-repelling Sword's Power:

The power of the sword used by Kang-lim in seasons 2 and 3 consists of 5 main elements:

  • Strength of tree/tree growth
  • Key blade/sealing sword
  • Sword of fire
  • Eternal water/unlimited water
  • The anger of the earth god

Other strengths are:

  • Forbidden power in the form of a giant red fire dragon
  • Light arrow



  • Kang-lim’s hair is black but, somehow, it seems to be dark green.
  • His Blood Type is B.
  • His birthday is August 3.
  • In episode 21 of season 1, it is explained that Kang-lim has not seen his father since birth and he was raised by his mother alone.


Sours: https://the-haunted-house-the-secret-of-the-ghost-ball.fandom.com/wiki/Kang-lim_Choi

Lim and hari kang

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tiktok Shinbi House -- hari dan kanglim

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