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Space Face

Release date

June 2, 2012 (Part 1)
November 26, 2012 (Part 2)

Written by

Thomas Ridgewell

Produced by

Thomas Ridgewell

Music by

Yoav Landau (Part 1)
Todd Bryanton (Part 2)

Space Face is the first "eddisode" of Eddsworld: Legacy, with Part 1 being the last piece of animated material that Edd Gould had worked on before his passing.

Part 1 was released on YouTube on June 2, 2012, and on Newgrounds on June 7. Part 2 was released on YouTube on November 26. A complete version of Space Face combining both parts into one video was uploaded to deviantART on January 2, 2013.


Part one starts with Edd handling the controls of a ship, which is heading directly towards Earth. Edd yells to Tom to get the ship's engine working, but Tom is shown lying unconscious on a control panel. Edd is unsure what to do, as he and Matt go hurtling towards Earth. Matt yells his trademark "Not the face!" line as they head toward their doom, and the opening plays before we see what happens next.

Ten hours before the crisis in space, Edd, holding a glass of Cola, and Tom, holding a glass of Smirnoff, watch Matt mow the lawn intently, in the hopes that he'll do something stupid. He suddenly disappears, and the next thing Edd knows, Tom vanishes too. He looks up in the sky to find an alien spacecraft hovering above his house. Edd then gets whisked instantly into the inside of a giant pod. As he regains his bearings, Matt presses his face against the glass, completely freaking out, saying an alien species abducted them and that they may eat their brains and he's too pretty to die when he gets zapped by a weapon from Tom, who thanks the alien for giving it to them. The alien reveals himself to be Commander Bai, and it turns out he is incredibly friendly; he even gives Edd and the others a tour of his ship.

Commander Bai shows them his storage room, which is full of several pieces of advanced technology, such as a Normalizer gun, which makes Tom's eyes normal after Edd fires it, and a laser gun, which burns off Tom's eyes once again, to his frustration. As he screams in pain (or from the realization that his eyes are gone again), Commander Bai leads them to a new room.

Commander Bai shows the gang the room of desire, which is a special, dreamy-like white room that shows people the things they desire the most. Many copies of Matt then appear, which he states to be "beautiful." Edd's desire is apparently art, and he starts making creations, which come to life. He draws a butterfly and then a girl, which turned out bad. He draws a pair of prank glasses with a moustache, to disguise himself so the girl thinks that he is someone else and walks away. Edd then sees Tom before a Christmas tree and presents, and Edd thinks his desire is to celebrate Christmas, but it turns out his desire is to once again destroy Christmas. He pours gas around the tree and lights it on fire, to Edd's disappointment. Still in the room of desire, we see a slightly sad looking Commander Bai. Matt looks at a hologram of Commander Bai's home planet (which strongly resembles Earth) asking him what it is in which Commander Bai replies "Home... let's move on." This scene was the last scene fully animated by Edd Gould before he passed away.

Eventually, Edd and the others learn of the aliens and their lifestyle, and how they got in space. The alien's spacecraft energy stems off their good looks, but over the years, as they became older and more likely to drink alien booze, they became fatter and less attractive, losing energy in the process. They've been stuck in the vast galaxy for years, and that is how they became what they are today that now the aliens are fat, finding a way to get back home. Paul ter Voorde started animating during this scene.

Edd wonders what that has to do with them, and Tom shows him out the window of the ship, where the backyard of Edd's house is shown, where Matt did do something stupid after all, as he formed his face out of the lawn's grass, Edd and Tom frown as they look at the face, which likely attracted the attention of the aliens.

In Part two, Commander Bai then tells Edd and Tom that Matt's portrait in the grass (the "vanity beacon" as they call it) was strong enough to reach them, so now they believe that Matt is the key to getting them home. After Matt zaps Edd with a voice changer, he stops to admire his work. The vanity drive soon regains its power due to his admiration of himself, but Matt becomes so infatuated with himself that it overloads the ship and launches the crew into the deepest, darkest corner of space.

Once the power has subsided, Commander Bai is mad with the three and takes Edd, Matt, and Tom on the 'final part of the tour' to the garbage disposal bay where he reveals that he and his crew are going to eject them out of the ship. However, Commander Bai and his crew members accidentally lock themselves inside the disposal unit and are ejected into space, leaving Edd and the gang to take the ship on a joyride.

After their fun is done, Edd, noticing he's out of Cola, decides that it's time for them to go home. While trying to figure out the controls, the ship loses the last of its power and begins careening towards Earth. Edd screams to do something and Matt and Tom try to find a button to stop the ship. Edd finds a taser-like rod and tells Matt to "try using this." Matt tries to ask Tom if he knows what it's for, but electrocutes Tom and causes him to be knocked unconscious (or possibly fell back in that chair in shock and was knocked unconscious when he hit his head on the table) This leads back to what happened at the beginning of Space Face Part 1, Matt cries out for the protection of his face, which gives the ship enough power for Edd to pull the brakes and stop the ship from crashing.

The gang hangs out inside the ship to look back at their adventure. Edd points out that Tom has been quiet for some of the time and Tom says that "he's very drunk." He compliments Matt saying he's "alright", and Matt becomes so overjoyed by this comment the ship overloads again and explodes, leaving a massive blast crater in Edd's backyard.


A script-reading of part one was performed at the London MCM Expo on May 26, 2012.

Space Face was supposed to be a collaborative video with guest animators Chris O'Neill (OneyNG), Zach Hadel (psychicpebbles), Harry Partridge (HappyHarry), Arin Hanson (Egoraptor), and Yotam Perel (LazyMuffin). Tom figured that this would've taken months of completion, so the entire project was handed to Paul ter Voorde to animate.


  • In one of his Vokle videos, Edd revealed that he was working on a space-themed eddisode, but he couldn't decide whether to call it Astronuts or Lunatics. Edd revealed in a latter Vokle video that when he decided to call it Space Face, a number of people disliked the decided name, but he kept it anyway.
  • Paul ter Voorde actually animated one part of the animation before he took the role of animating the whole episode after Edd died, in the part where in the storage room, just after Tom gets hit with the laser gun, Commander Bai says "Okay, let's go", if you look closely the eyes and hands change in style, the movement in the hands becomes smoother and get drawn on how Paul ter Voorde normally draws his hands, the eye gets rounder and has a smooth lininig, if this style seems familiar it's because it's Paul ter Voorde's style that it's used here that is used later on the episode.
  • Paul ter Voorde was called in to finish the final few seconds of Part 1, as well as the entirety of Part 2 (and to become the show's new overall lead animator). Tim Hautekiet was cast as the new voice of Edd.
  • Eduardo, Mark and Jon make their third overall appearances in this eddisode (the first two being Hammer & Fail Parts 1 and 2).
  • B-Monster makes a cameo in Edd's house fence.
  • The title Space Face is a parody of the video game Space Ace.
  • When Matt zaps Edd with a voice changer, he starts making dial-up computer sound effects and comical faces, referencing the unreleased Eddsworld short Dial-Up.
  • The transition from Edd's animation to Paul Ter Voorde is done with a subtle tribute to Edd: when the group arrives on the bridge, Edd, Tom and Matt are each illuminated by an overhead light. Edd's light goes out, signalling the end of his final animation for the series. As a way of handing the animation reins off, an alien with Paul's signature eyebrows passes in the foreground as this happens.
  • The idea of voice-changing Edd was thought up by Edd Gould, before he died.


Part 1

  • Paul holding a laser and a dead Hellucard holding a sign saying "Ey Head" can be seen in spacesuits during the opening credits, also revealing Hellucard as Canadian.
  • After the title sequence, Tom's trousers are dark blue but change to black at 1:04.
  • When Edd sees the spaceship, bear traps can be seen on the roof.
  • In the storage room, there are many references to other media, such as:
    • The Portal Gun and Companion Cube from Portal and Portal 2.
    • The heads of C-3PO and R2-D2 along with Han Solo's costume and pistol from Star Wars.
    • The head of a Dalek, the Tenth Doctor's hand, and the Ninth and Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdrivers from Doctor Who
    • The Ark of the Covenant from the Indiana Jones
    • The book "How to Cook for Forty Humans" from The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror I: Hungry Are the Damned
    • The Cooker that lives on the moon from Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out
    • A red uniform with a hole burnt through it from Star Trek
    • A spacesuit, Holly Hop Drive and a Tension Sheet from Red Dwarf
    • A picture frame with "Klaatu Verata Nikto" written on it from The Evil Dead series, and is also similar to the letters on Tord's grave in Zombeh Attack 2 (the original said "Klaatu Barrata Niktu")
    • A pile of Kryptonite from Superman
    • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the book with the words "Don't Panic!" written on its cover)
    • The head of Twiki from Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century
    • An identity disc from Tron
    • A predator mask from the movies Predator, Predator 2, Predators, AVP and AVP: Requiem.
    • A Magic 8-ball
    • A sign saying Section 51, parodying Area 51
    • A basketball, which may be referencing the 1996 movie Space Jam.
    • A Tomee Bear
    • A box of Moon Boots
    • A Ghostbusters jumpsuit
  • During the flashback, a cat in a space suit is seen out the window, referencing the space cats from MovieMakers.
  • On the Newgrounds version, the "10 Hours Earlier" title at the beginning doesn't appear.

Part 2

  • In the garbage disposal unit, a broken down WALL-E from the Disney-Pixar film of the same name, the head of Bender from Futurama and a very badly drawn picture of Paul can be seen as well (a joke that originated from a fan-posted Paul drawing on deviantART). The Bender head could be referencing the fact that Futurama was one of Edd Gould's favourite TV shows.
    • A raygun can also be seen that looks very similar to the ones used by the aliens in the game "Alien Hominid, or by the alien in Castle Crashers.
  • When the aliens point guns at Edd and Matt, one gun was named "The Big Bang". The gun below was named "The Somewhat Smaller Bang".
  • When Tom is shoved into the cockpit, his face looks like someone from The Timewasters, a cartoon by OneyNG and PsychicPebbles.
  • Before the gang comes across Eduardo and his bunch, the TARDIS from Doctor Who floats by in the background.
  • When Edd and the gang are having their laser fight on the ship, Tom shoots Matt with the same gun held by Edd's future self from WTFuture.
  • When Tom is electrocuted by Matt, for a split second, he shapeshifts into his older design (with the monobrow and the three spikes in his hair).
  • When Matt has made the power source full; The percentage shows the number "9,001" which is was also seen in tickets in the arcade in Spares and it's based off the "IT'S OVER 9,000!" meme.
  • In the DeviantArt version, when Tom crashes into the ship's controls, a little bobblehead of Sergio Dominguez (TheCartoonistMan) falls off the panel.
  • When Tom gets shocked, words quickly appear on his hair. These are the same words that are seen on the monkey machine in Spares.
  • The girl that got blasted by the ships thrusters' shirt says "Future Boing" with a happy duck, then when she becomes half skeletal, it says "Past Boing" with a sad duck. This is a reference to Chris Bingham's vlog series "Past Bing/Future Bing".


  • When Edd says "Yup" after noticing the space ship, his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Commander Bai pushes the button in the garbage disposal unit, there are three other aliens that get sucked out of the ship with him, but when the scene with the garbage floating in space starts, there are only two aliens with him.
  • While Tom mutters that he's drunk, he has blood on his face. It is missing later when he talks to Matt, then his face is covered with blood again.


  • The completed version corrects most of the colours of both parts for consistency (Edd uses his colour scheme from Part 2, Tom and Bai use their schemes from Part 1). The only colouration that stays unchanged is Matt's hoodie colour.
  • All of the goofs from Part 2 were corrected.
  • The Eddsworld intro plays at the beginning.
  • The bug that Matt stepped on in Zanta Claws can be seen still under his shoe.


Click here to view the image gallery for Space Face.
Click here to view the image gallery for Space Face.


Click here to view the transcript for Space Face.
Click here to view the transcript for Space Face.


Sours: https://eddsworld.fandom.com/wiki/Space_Face

*Edited January 19 2019*

Okay.  So this is my first time doing the theme song. So it was hard to find a way to fit another person in there. But I tried my best. If you don't like it, tell me how I can fix it so it fit can in more. Also, what should the symbol be in the background for the reader? Like how Tom has alcohol, Matt has his face, and Edd has cola. The shirt you wear in the song has this saying on it. The shirt can be any color.

Eddsworld! Eddsworld!

Sorry, who's world is it?


With Tom!

Blue Hoodie

Both angry, rude

Maybe It's His Smarts Maybe It's The Tude

One Things For Certain, He doesn't Make Sense 

Half The Time is Gibberish The other is ingoobelyblench 


And Matt! Purple Hoodie, Also Green Overcoat?

No one likes him as much as himeself

Hes got a formidable chin though he doesn't know that word cause hes got the intelligence of a kitchen shelf


And (Y/N)! 

Grey Hoodie!

She's Small and Cute

But Don't Get Her Mad Or You'll Get The Boot

She's Likes Music, She's The Dreamer

Mess With Her and You'll Be A Screamer (A/N: JESUS THAT'S DARK! WHY DID I PUT THAT?!)

It's true

Edd! Green Hoodie! 

Usually The Leader Probably The First For All To Poke Fun

He's The Artist, He Loves Cola And He's Always Trying to make a pun.

Probably Due To His Linguistic EDD-ucation

That's Terrible


"Tom! (Y/N)! Get that Engine working! Tom?! (Y/N)?!" Edd shouts at them, but they don't answer

"They're down!" shouts Matt

"Damn it!"

"What are we going to do Edd?!"

"I don't know!" Edd and Matt scream in terror a they start to fall closer and closer to Earth at a dangerously fast rate.

"Not the face!"

*10 Hours Earlier*

Matt was mowing the lawn outside while you and Edd were sitting on the bench with bored expressions. You had a glass of (F/D) in your hand as you watched. Then Tom comes out out with a glass of water in one hand and a glass of Cola in the other.

"He's doing something stupid again, isn't he?" Tom says as he gives Edd the Cola

"Yup" You answered

"We know what it is yet?"

"Nope, but I'm sure we're going to find out." said Edd. His eyes widen as he sees Matt disappear out of thin air.

"Woah! Where did Matt go?" you asked

"I don't know." Then you two look over to see Tom had disappeared too as his cup fell and shattered. You two looked up to see a giant (Robot) space ship above you two.

"You think that's where they went?"


Edd gets abducted he fell into a glass tube. As he stood up, you get abducted and fell on top him and knocked him back down.

"Off! Sorry Edd." you said as you get off him.

"It's fine (N/N)" he stands back up and brushes off dust from his hoodie. Out of no where, Matt  presses his face up the glass.  You and Edd jumped back in surprise.

"Edd, (Y/N), there are alians that have abducted us and they're probably going to eat us nd I'm too pretty to die!" Matt said quickly. He was then zapped by something that burned him a little and knocked him out. When that happened, you had gripped onto Edd without realizing. In the doorway, was an alien glaring at you guys. You thought it was the one who shoot Matt, but then the lights turn on and you see Tom holding the laser gun.

"Thank you." Tom says as he gives the gun back to the alien. You started blushing when you realized you were holding onto Edd. You let go as Tom walked over to you two and the glass tube went away. Edd raised his fists in defense and glared at the alien as you helped a dazed Matt onto his feet.

"Alright, you alien scum! What do you want with us?!"

"Greetings, pink skin, I am Commander Bai. Welcome to my ship!" Bai said happily 

"Can I call you Brian?" you asked with a smile. Edd put his hands over his mouth to try to contain his laughter. But he let a few chuckles escape.

"Uh, no."

"Are you going to eat us?" Matt asked with fear

"What? No. Come on! Let me show you around."

Commander Bai or 'Brian' as you call him, gives you to a tour of the ship. Tom was bored and brought out his flask of alcohol and Edd and Matt were still a little worried about their situation. But you, you were smiling while you looked around the ship. The Commander seemed nice and said that he wasn't going to eat you guys, so there was nothing to worry about.

"This ship is the finest in your galaxy." 

"There are other ship in our galaxy?" asked Edd

"Well, last time I checked the sun chasers of Nima were in this quadrant."

"Sun chasers?" you wondered

"Those guys sound awesome!" exclaimed Matt.

"YEAAAAH!" cried out a purple alien with three eyes as they sped through space towards the sun. "Wait-" he flew into he sun and died.

"Yeah... Not so much."

"I'm guessing they were being stupid and flew into the sun?" you asked


'Brian' presses a button and a door opens to some kind a storage unit. You guys all entered  and just like before, you were the only one looking around with wonder. "This is storage. Here we keep all of our superior technology." 

"Most of the stuff here looks more like junk then technology." you told 'Brain'.

"Yeah... I guess your right." You then see some weird but beautiful plant. The petals made the flower look like a half black half white bird, and them stem was grey with thorns that were either black or white. The plant also seemed to emit some kind of glow, drawing you closer to it.

(That's the shape of the flower. Pretend half of it is black)

The plant was in a pot, making it safer to pick up. "Whoa... What kind of plant is this?" You asked in wonder.

"We don't know. It was the only living thing we found on a deserted planet in a galaxy far, far away. We don't know why it glows, and we don't want to in case something bad happens."

"Cool." As you placed the plant down, you accidentally cut your hand on the thorns. "Ow." You held your hand as you looked at the cut. It wasn't big, but it was bleeding a little. You didn't notice that the plant had stopped glowing after you got cut.

"You okay (Y/N)?" asked Matt. He was the only one who noticed your pain.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just cut my hand on the flower's thorns." 

"Oh, okay. When and if we go home, we can clean it and put a bandage over it so it won't get infected. And so the blood won't get on your clothes."

"Alright." As Edd continued to look around the ship, he found some kind of gun on the floor.

"What does this do?" asked Edd as he picked it up.

"That is a normaliser." Edd accidentally shoots it at Tom's face, making his black 'eyes' turn into normal eyes.

"Cool." Tom says without emotion. Then Matt fines a gun on the floor and picks it up.

"What about this?"

"That's a laser gun" Matt shoots the laser at Tom's face. Making his eyes back to 'normal'.

"Lame. Wait... AHHH!!!!!" Tom screams in pain when he realizes he has been shot in the face by a laser. Edd stares at Tom with a fearful expression as you run to Tom to try to calm him down and help him. No one notice, but your figure changed for a split second.

(Your eyes can be a brighter shade of your own eyes. If you have grey eyes, your eyes can be silver)

(The V-neck doesn't have to be there if your not comfortable with it or don't like it)

(They can be gold or silver)

"Okay let's go." Commander Bai quickly says. 

He brings you into some kind of white void.  "This is the desire room. We go here to relax. It'll show you the thing you want the most."

Of course Matt being Matt, the room shows him figures of himself giving him compliments. 

"Hey, Handsome!"

" I love your hair!"

"Nice jacket!"

"I can tolerate your existence."

Matt started crying with happiness. "They're so beautiful!"

A marker shows up next to Edd. He grabs it out of curiosity and draws a butterfly. Then butterfly came to life and flew away. Edd then smirked as he came up with an idea of what to draw next.

"Edd... what are you thinking?" you asked as you crossed your arms

"You'll see." Edd begins to draw a girl. But when he stepped back to see his work, his face dropped in disgust. You giggled at his reaction and at the girl he drew. He quickly draws glasses and a mustache and put them on. The weird girl walks by Edd and continues to look around for him.

You continued to giggle at the sight when something appeared next to you. It was (Insert what you want the most. Yes, I will count people and food)

With Tom, he had a Christmas tree with presents below it. He looked at it with some kind of smirk.

"Wow Tom." said Edd "I guess you wanted to celebrate Christmas all along." A can of gasoline shows up next to Tom's feet. "Oh, Tom... No..." Tom held the gasoline in his hands. "Tom don't do it!" Edd was now glaring at Tom as he dumped the gasoline on the tree.  

You walked by to see what the fuss was about with (What you want the most) with you. "Edd, what's going-" You see Tom with a lighter next to a gasoline covered tree. "Oh, Tom don't you dare burn that tree down!"

"Do not burn that tree down!" You and Edd  yelled at Tom. He ended up burning the tree down. "Ahh, you did it..." You both said as you face palmed.

With Commander (Brian) Bai, he was looking at a planet that look similar to Earth. You, Edd, Tom, and Matt walked over to find out what it was.

"What's that?" asked Matt

"Home." Bai answered somberly. You looked at him with pity. What he wants the most is to go back home, but he's stuck here on Earth in our galaxy. "Let's move on." On your way to the next part of the ship, you started to feel light headed and your body was starting to ache. You were feeling weird ever since you got cut by the plant's thorns, but it wasn't as bad until now. You knew this had something to do with that weird plant thing. What did that plant do to you?

"This is the helm, from here we can control everything from the ship. Watch!" The Commander snapped his fingers.

"Gravity off." The four of you then started floating. You,Edd, and Matt were smiling like crazy. You all thought this was fun. Except for Tom. (Brian) Bai snapped again. "Gravity on." You guys then fell to the ground with a thud. Tom however, got his hair stuck on the ceiling and was trying to get unstuck. 

"Hey, what's this thing?" Edd wondered

"It looks like a cracked vanity." You answered.

"That, is the vanity drive. It powers the entire ship." Tom fell from the ceiling and landed on top of you.

"What?" he asked as you got up holding your head

"Let me explain. My people are the most attractive race in the universe. We even found a way to convert our self esteem into raw energy. On a routine mission to pick up space beer, our hyperdrive malfunctioned and sent us into deep space. We spent years trying to find our way home. Over time we let ourselves go and could no longer power the ship with our vanity. Ever since then we have been stuck in this galaxy searching  for a being vain enough to get us home." 

All of you, except for Tom, teared up at the story. "And how's that going?" asked Tom

"Well, we thought we'd found them on Zargafar 7, but they turned out to be the most complimentary species."

"This ship is lovely!"

"Wow, you look great today!"

"I am so hungry!" (Me everyday. All the time.)

"Did you cut your hair?"

Edd was still confused on way they're here. " I still don't see what this has to do with us."

"I think we do." You and Tom answered looking out the window

"What?" You pointed out the window

"Oh, oooooooh." It was your guy's backyard with Matt's face mowed into it.

"Y'know, he really captured his grassyness." said Tom. 

"Ah, yes, your vanity beacon."

"Our what?"

"What's a vanity beacon?" you asked

"We couldn't miss it! A signal to let us know about your energy reserves."

"Huh?" Tom was still so confused

"This Matt creature, we believed he holds the key to get us home." Matt finds some kind of gun that was on top of one of the consoles.

"I found a thing!" Of course Matt being Matt, he accidentally shoot it at Edd.  

(Okay. Hold on. I paused the video on top so I could write what was going on,  and I get this.)

(What the heck happened to Edd's face? XD)

You looked at Edd with concern. "Edd! Are you okay?" he tries to speak with you, but it all came out as barking, like he was a dog. 

Matt panicked and fired the voice changer gun at Edd again. "Well, this isn't my real voice." It changed Edd's voice to Eduardo's voice! Matt shot again. Edd's voice then wasn't even a voice at all! It sounded like that annoying internet sound. You covered your ears (I put eyes at first, for some reason. I cannot brain today, I has the dumb.) to block out the noise.

Matt shot again. 


And again.

 Some wire noise.

And again.

A roar.

Matt whines and hits the gun as it fires AGAIN. Edd holds his throat as he starts to cough. You put a hand on his back to try to ease him. When Matt hit the gun again to make it fire, it broke on fell to the floor.

"Awww..." Edd whined. You pat him on the back and gave him a small smile. He looked at you and smiled back. 

"You good?"

"Yeah... I'm good." He was grateful to have you as a friend. You were always concerned about everyone, and will make sure you made their day better. You were like a guardian angel to him, to everyone. Of course you had your moments when you were like a demon when you were pissed off, but that doesn't happen as much anymore. Everyone was so glad to have you in their lives.

"Really? Matt?!" Tom was in disbelief. There's no way Matt could ever save the day.

"Yes. Only the vainest being on your planet would make such a monument to themselves."

Matt then looked out the window to see his 'monument'. "Hey! I made that! Oooh. I look good."

Bai noticed a bar on the vanity lit up. "I really captured my grassyness." Another one lit up.

"It's working! Keep him going!" 

"Hey Matt! I don't hate you?" Tom was unsure on what to say. He wasn't good with giving out compliments.

"Yay! I'm popular!"

"Well, no I mean I just do-"


You were getting closer to filling up the vanity with energy. "Hmmm. Not enough, surprisingly." You mumbled. "Aha." You turned towards Matt. "Hey Matt! I've never got a chance to say this, so I'm saying this now. You're looking so beautiful and perfect, as always."

"Well duh! My pretty pretty face is always perfect!" The bar was almost full but not quite.

"Yes! We're so close! Just a little more!"

Matt looked like he was going to explode from all the praise he was getting. "Umm... Hey, Matt." Edd held up a mirror he had found at his feet. Matt squealed at the sight of his reflection. The bar filled up all the way (ALL THE WAY! KEEP ON DANCING!) and turned green. The vanity fixed itself so there were no more cracks and the power levels went over 9000! 

The crew cheered. They were finally gonna go back home! "You've powered our ship! We can finally make it home!" Bai praised Matt.

"So, I'm a hero?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Uh, commander?" someone on the crew asked in worry as the ship started to shake

"I saved the day?!"

"You sure did!"


"I,I, I'm awesome!!" The ship was now shaking so hard, you were having trouble balancing as the headache you have was getting worse.

"Oh boy." Tom said with a straight face. 



"The drive can't take anymore vanity! She's gonna blow!"

Commander Bai turned to you guys "Quick! Humble him!" The ship was starting to fall apart from the inside. When you guys looked at Matt, he was smiling and squealing like crazy.

"We can't!" shouted Edd

"Is there a way to use up the power?! Or at least get this ship AWAY from Earth?!" you asked

"Vent the engines! Full warp speed!" a Commander Bai shouted/commanded. 

"Aye, Aye!" A crew member quickly pulled a switch as the ship blasted off into space! While burning a girl alive in the process. 

You, Edd, and Matt screamed, except for Tom, as the ship crashes through a planet at crazy speed. You all were pressed into the wall, fearing for your lives. But Tom had an idea.

"Matt, remember that time when I said I didn't hate you?"




The ship powered down enough to stop as all of you fell to the floor.

"You guys okay?" you asked

"Yeah..." They all answered in tired tones. Commander Brian walked up to Edd with a glare. "Heh heh..." he laughed nervously

"Come. Let me show you the finale part of the tour."


"The garbage disposal bay. This is where we eject all our unwanted waste into the clod depths of space."

"Oooh!" we say in unison

"And that includes you."

"What?" Edd was surprised 

"Makes sense." you said

"Figures." Tom took a sip from his flask

"But I'm a hero! I powered your ship! With my face! My pretty pretty face!"

"Yeah, yeah, we're all very grateful. Time to go." Commander Bai pulled on a lever to open the door.

"It was your fault that the ship was given to much vanity! Not ours!" you shouted in anger

"Yeah! You can't do this!" Edd agreed.  You, Edd, and Matt started to walk away "We'll fly the ship back home ourselves if we ha-" Edd was cut off when the crew raised their guns at you three. "Oh..." With the guns pointed at you, you felt the head ache gets even worse. You eyes also changed for a split second. 

(The Iris is your eye color, but darker. Or it can be your favorite color)

They pushed Edd and Matt in the garbage disposal bay and threw Tom. But you just walked out because you didn't want them touching you.

The door closed behind you. "Let us out!" Matt yelled as he pressed his face against the small window.

"Oh, I plan to." Commander Bai said with a smirk

"Couldn't you just take us home?" Edd told him as he looked through the window

"Yeah, we could!" The commander laughed evilly. "Goodbye!" he pressed a button the open up the floor. But the floor opened up on their  side instead and they flew out into the cold depths of space.

"Wow, who knew vanity and stupidity were so closely related." said Tom

"Haha!" Matt laughed "I don't get it."

"I know..." 

After a few seconds of silence, you decided to ask something that's been on your mind since you got on the ship. "Joyride?" you asked with a smile. Everyone else did in agreement

"Yep!" said Tom

During you Joyride, you picked up a stranger and dropped him of at the planet Uranus, blasted the word 'Butt' onto said planet, passed by the T.A.R.D.I.S, and ran into Eduardo. All of you glared at one another as you passed by each other. Then you continued the ride like nothing happened. Matt lite a fuse and blew up a planet, and finally you guys found some guns and started shooting at one another. Tom blasted Matt's arm off and Edd blasted some kind of healing gun to regenerate it back. Matt sighed in relief, until you blew his arm off again and he started screaming.

You guys all laughed as you walked back to the bay. Tom had his arm around you so he could waked straight because he was getting very drunk. 

"We should get abducted more often!" he replied as he took a sip of alcohol

"If they're as fun as this, maybe even more fun, then yeah! It would be awesome!" you said

"He he! I hear that!" Edd took a swing of Cola he somehow found.

"I heard it too!" 

When Edd took a sip of Cola, he found out that it was empty. "We should probably get home."

"Awww!" You all frowned

Edd took a seat at the pilots chair and pressed a few buttons to activate the ship. The lights flickered (This wasn't a dream) as the ship started to shut down.

"Does anyone else feeling kinda of fallingy?" Tom asked as the vanity drive ran out of power

You looked out the window to see the Earth coming closer at a fast rate. "Guys! We have a problem!"

"Are we gonna crash?! We can't crash! I'm allergic to explosions!" Matt panicked

"Do something!" Edd yelled.

Matt rapidly pressed buttons as Tom pressed them like nothing was happening. 

Your headache turned into a migraine. You started to sway as you held your head in pain. "Guys... I feel funny..." you then started to rapidly change into what we call your angel from earlier, normal form, and a different form we'll call your demon form.

(This is what it looks like)

(Same thing I said earlier about the eyes)

(These are your wings)

(Your hair is the same style. But it turns black with red highlights)

(The purple parts can stay purple, or you can change it to whatever color you want. But the black stays)

"(Y/N)?" Tom questioned as he turned to you. He was the only one who heard you over all the commotion. His eyes widen as he sees you rapidly change forms. 

You grip the sides off your head and growl in pain. "what's... happening.... to..."  you suddenly faint on the floor as you go back to your normal form. 

Tom gasp. He thought you were dead, until he saw your stomach move up and down showing that you were still breathing.

After that strange event, Edd found some strange device. "Try using this!"

"What is it?!" asked Matt

"I don't know! Find out!" he handed the device to Matt. 

"Tom, what do I d-" Matt accidentally activated it and electrocuted Tom. 

Tom flew into a chair and spun around before hitting his head against a desk, causing him to bleed.

Matt stares in shock and drops the device that might have killed Tom.

The ship still was crashing towards Earth, falling faster by the second.

"Tom! (Y/N)! Get that Engine working! Tom?! (Y/N)?!" Edd shouts at them. He doesn't know that Tom is possibly dead and that you fainted.

"They're down!" shouts Matt

"Damn it!"

"What are we going to do Edd?!"

"I don't know!" Edd and Matt scream in terror a they start to fall closer and closer to the ground at a dangerously fast rate.

"Not the face!"

The vanity drive powered up and filled up a bar.

"Yes!" Edd shouts as he punched that button in the face, LIKE A BOSS! The ship stopped just when it was about to hit their backyard. Everyone got launched into the window at the sudden stop. Luckily you and Tom woke up when you got slammed into the glass.

"Hey!" Matt shouts with glee as he sees that his face he mowed in the backyard wasn't destroyed. Everyone then rolled over onto their backs tiredly.

"Okay, I take it back. No more abductions for me." 

"Y'know? You've been pretty quiet today Tom." said Edd

"I am very drunk." Tom took out his canteen and took a sip from it as Edd laughed.

"What about you (N/N)? How's your headache?" Edd asked you as Tom looked at you with concern. He couldn't get that  moment out of his head. 

"My head still hurts. But it could be from the crash."

"You sure?" Tom asked.

"...Yeah... Yeah I'm good..." you were hesitant about your answer. But Tom shrugged it off.

"Okay." He just passed what he saw as a drunk vision he had. 

"I guess you could say that this adventure was... out of this world?"  you said. Edd and Matt chuckled at your pun as Tom just shook his head with a ghostly smile.

"Good one (Y/N)." complimented Edd

"Yeah." said Matt

"Thanks." you said as you smiled at them

"Hey, Matt?" asked Tom


"You're alright." All of you, even Tom smiled



"YAHHHH!" Matt overpowered the vanity again and it flew into the ground, causing an explosion.

"My allergies!"

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/amp/582811684
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Space face part 2

The opening title

Space face part 2 2

"You know, he really captured his grassiness."

Space face part 2 3

"Yes, your vanity beacon."

Matt-and-paul alien

Matt & Paul Alien

Space face part 2 4

"I found a thing!"

Space face part 2 5

Edd's voice changed

Space face part 2 6

Matt drops the voice changer

Matt with four arms

"Yay, I'm popular!"

Space face part 2 7

Tom trying to explain to Matt what he meant


Matt excited

Space face part 2 23


Shoulder shot

"Oh boy."



Space face part 2 24

Quick humble him!

Space face part 2 8

Matt's too excited!

Space face part 2 25

Legacy Donator 1

Space face scene

Alien Ship

Space face part 2 26

Edd, Tom and Matt screaming (far away)

Space face part 2 9

Edd, Tom and Matt screaming (close up)

Space face part 2 10

Inside the Garbage Disposal bay

Space face part 2 11

"And that includes you."

Space face part 2 12

"We'll fly the ship back home ourselves if we ca-"

Space face part 2 13



Legacy Donator 2 notices the ship

Space face part 2 29

Legacy Donator 2


TARDIS cameo

Space face part 2 14

Edd, Tom and Matt

Space face part 2 15

Eduardo, Jon and Mark

Space face part 2 16

Tom shooting with a gun similar to the one Future Edd used in WTFuture


Edd with a Medi-Gun

Space face part 2 17

About to crash

Space face part 2 18

Tom getting shot with a lazer


Tom turns back into his original 2004 design while being electrified


Tom Gets words on his hair


When Matt shoots Tom, Tom gets eyes.

Space face part 2 19

"Tom, get the engine working!" - Part 2

Space face part 2 20

Stopped just in time!

Space face part 2 21

"You're all right"

Space face part 2 22


Space face part 2 11


Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 7.13.09 PM

Matt and Tom trying to fix the ship

Ultra Mega Goof

Note The Missing Lawn Mower

Edd and Matt

Edd and Matt are not amused at the decision

Sergio bobblehead

The Sergio bobblehead easter egg that can only be found in the DeviantArt version

Art Changes

Matt space face differences

Edd's animation style (top) over Paul's (bottom)


Sours: https://eddsworld.fandom.com/wiki/Space_Face/Gallery

To come in. Yes, what's there. I remember how we hung like cockroaches under the window of an old bathhouse on the outskirts of the city.

Face eddsworld space

A month later, Sveta came into my office and, a little embarrassed, which is quite unusual for such a brave, intelligent and dexterous person, she. Sat down next to me and, gently kissing, softly whispered: - Help me, please. I just can't get pregnant, and my Vladik will not marry me otherwise. Will you help, okay. Well, how can you say no to our damsel Svetlana.

Every Instance of Tord in Modern Eddsworld

I look at Olga. You will do everything, just like me. My voice echoed imperiously in my large bedroom. The answer was the creak of the wheels of the unfolding chair. Olga, just like me, was sitting in a chair, leaning back slightly, legs apart, skirt at hip level, she was in tights and lace panties.

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And mine was not visible because of the skirt, and his towered 20 cm, well, this is a vaping, maybe more. When he was fully up, I looked at my candy again: beautiful. Shaking them from side to side, I decided to take the whole head into my mouth, which is already there. Feelings flooded over me again, and I'm not just kissing, but sucking a man.

Well, Alya won for sure.

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