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There are three things that could cause your wheel bearings to fail - poor installation, damage from an accident and damaged wheel bearing seal. One of the most basic signs of a wheel hub bearing or wheel bearing is abnormal noise. However, some signs can be tough to detect as the severity of a worn wheel hub may vary. Often, there can be damage to the wheel hub bearing even before you detect any signs. If you know other indicators of a worn wheel hub, you can prevent it from getting even more damaged.

Ways to Spot a Worn Wheel Hub Bearing

There are many ways to spot Saturn Vue wheel bearing problems. Knowing these indicators will help ensure that you detect the problem quickly and get the Saturn Vue wheel bearing replacement you need.

Growling or Rumbling Sound: You may hear a strange Saturn Vue wheel bearing noise if it is failing. Normally, these sounds are related to the tire or any of the drive train and electrical components. If it involves the bearing, you will hear the noise or feel the vibration when driving in a straight line, which will intensify when you turn the steering wheel to the left or the right. The defective side is normally the side that is opposite the noise.

Grinding While in Motion: This is usually an indication of mechanical damage in the wheel-end system, or loss of the bearing's integrity, like a raceway or roller damage. It is most likely that you will hear the grinding sound when there is a shift in the load or when you are turning.

Other signs of a worn wheel hub bearing include noises like clicking, clunking, popping or knocking sounds, vibration at constant speed, abnormal tire wear, wheel vibration or wobbling, uneven brake pad and rotor wear, ABS failure and abnormal side pull when braking.

Saturn Vue Recall for Suspension Problem

In , General Motors (GM) recalled the Saturn Vue to fix a rear suspension problem. The recall affected , Vues in the to model years. It started when the owner of a Saturn Vue complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that his vehicle's rear wheels collapsed on a tight turn and caused it to roll over. The NHTSA conducted its own test and found that the rear suspension did indeed collapse and the car rolled over. GM made modifications plans, saying that it would strengthen the rear suspension of the vehicles.

Cost of Replacing Saturn Vue Wheel Hub Bearing

The average cost of a Saturn Vue front wheel bearing replacement is in the range of $ and $ and the costs of labor can be anything between $ and $ The prices of parts are between $ and $ These estimates do not include and cover fees and taxes.

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Wheel Hubs available for the following Saturn Vue years: , , , , , , , , , 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, This part is also sometimes called Saturn Vue Wheel Bearing Hubs. We stock wheel hub parts for most Saturn models including Ion, Aura, SL2, SL1, Outlook, L, L, SL, Relay, SC2, SC1, Astra, LS1, SW2, L, SW1, LS2, Sky, LW, LW, LS, LW1, LW2 and SC.

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- Saturn Vue Wheel Hub Assembly

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- Saturn Vue Wheel Hub Assembly

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- Saturn Vue Wheel Hub Assembly

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- Saturn Vue Wheel Hub Assembly

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- Saturn Vue Wheel Hub Assembly

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- Saturn Vue Wheel Hub Assembly


Saturn SL1 replace front wheel bearings

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Step by step for replacement of front wheel bearings. What is recommendation on hub replacement? Can I get a diagram or pictures? Prefer pay pal for donation>
have the same problem?
Thursday, July 1st, AT PM
First of all thank you very much for your donation.I can give you the mitchell on demand instruction's but you won't like them there very vague.I'm going to warn you now replacing the front wheel bearing isn't real easy and you will have to rent and invest in some new tool's along the way. As far as replacing the hub as well in your case if part of the bearing is stuck on the hub when you remove it then I would replace the hub. For you to try to remove the race would be difficult with damaging the old hub. The best way for you to replace the bearing I think would be to do it on the car that way you don't mess up your alignment by removing the knuckle. So if your still willing to tackle this job let me know and I will give you a tool list so you can get them all ready to replace the bearing.
Thursday, July 1st, AT PM
Depending on the recommended repair procedure I will replace the bearings, bearings and hub (a kit) get a couple of used knuckles out of the wrecking yard with new bearings in them, have the alingment shop do the job and on and on. There is no race to remove. The hub and bearing are separate components, it would be very very rare to have enough corrosion in seattle to cause a problem. This is a or so thru saturn sl. I would like the steps say one thru twenty to r&r the front wheel bearings. Have you ever replaced the front wheel bearings of a saturn sl? Alignment shop says bearings and hubs on both sides would be best. I am not going to take there time and not do business with them. Vague information and tools needed information is ok. Prefer solid information, pictures, written material describing exact procedure.
Thursday, July 1st, AT PM
I have replaced a lot of saturn bearing's on all different kind's of model's I worked for saturn repairing car's for over 16yrs. You are right the bearing and hub are separate but when the bearing fail's sometimes when your removing the hub from the bearing the bearing come's apart and the race will get stuck on the hub. Even in sunny california where I live and worked for most of my saturn repair time.I have seen alot of bearing race's get stuck on the hub's.I will email what the direction's are from mitchell on demand the only place I have access to post information from.I need to know if your going to go to a junk yard and get the hub knuckle and bearing all together or would like to replace your old bearing with a new bearing. Because I will be typing you the instruction's by hand and the tool's and instruction's will be different. Also I would just replace the bad bearing and not both of them unless there both bad. That would be just a waste of money you only have , mile's on your car. Even on my own saturn's when a bearing went bad I just replaced the bad bearing. Why Don't we start with figuring out which front bearing is bad?Put the front of the car on jack stand's with the ebrake on and the rear wheel's blocked on a level surface. Then put the car in neautral then put one hand on the front coil spring then spin the wheel as fast as you can if you have a bad bearing you will feel it in the coil spring and sometimes hear it. Then go to the other to compare the two and to check the other bearing.
Thursday, July 1st, AT PM
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Saturn SL1 - Hub Assembly

ABS Sensor Included:  Yes

ABS Connector Shape:  Rectangle

Wiring Harness Included:  No

Number Of Mounting Bolts To Knuckle:  4

Number Of Lug Bolts Included:  4

Number Of Flange Bolts Included:  4

Driven Or Non-Driven:  Non-Driven

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