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If you&#;re as young as most of the gamers on Nintendo, you&#;ll come across this custom Gamecube controller as Goron in a rock-eating contest.  You want to see some of the best custom Gamecube controllers for sale on the market to choose your favorite console.

You, like many retro gamers, want to declare your love for your favourite games by purchasing a controller based on those titles, play boldly where no previous gamer has at any point played because of a bunch of remote controllers, and give your Nintendo Switch a nostalgic inclination about probably the best new controllers available.

Legend of Zelda Series

Suppose you have the Wind Waker edition that comes with the Master Quest version of Ocarina of Time. This Kokiri Zelda custom GameCube controller from Lolixcustom is the only way to play.

It may not help you in the game, but it sure will give you extra value when you face Queen Gohma or Shadow Ganondorf. The half-light green/half-smoke black design also has the &#;Ganondorf infiltrating the Holy Kingdom&#; vibe. A great little remote to get you started with our list of the best custom Gamecube controllers!

Greyhound Wireless Two-Pack Gamecube Controller

Nintendo may have left the Wavebird alone, but there are plenty of other wireless options for gamers who want a game in the kitchen or bathroom. We know you do, and we are not here to judge!

This Greyhound Wireless Two-Pack, the custom Gamecube controller, is the perfect solution for the button combination or multiplayer battles in games like Super Smash Bros or Mario Smash Football.

They work with all the best Gamecube games and are also compatible with your Wii and Wii U, and Nintendo Switch via an adapter!

With G wireless technology, you can play your favorite games up to 33 feet from your TV or monitor screen. Two AA batteries will give you up to hours of remote control play. Go green and use rechargeable batteries to keep the planet spinning and keep a few spares on hand, so the fun never stops.

Super Mario Switch Controller

Speaking of Smash Bros., the following controller on our list of the best custom Gamecube controller is designed explicitly with melee madness in mind. This controller is made for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there and without a doubt my favourite entry in the Smash series after the GC edition.

Instead of moving a wired controller or joystick, this range of custom Gamecube controllers comes with a foot cable that connects to a base for a switch. Do you remember the old C-stick? You can keep it as a smaller joystick or swap it out for a full-size analogue stick to make the Pro-Controller feel comfortable.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gamecube Controller

It would be rude not to have another custom GCN controller that inspired Zelda to be on this list, right?

The following range of remotes is manufactured on our custom bonus Gamecube controllers with Super Smash Bros Ultimate in mind. HORI Gamecube Pad is far from &#;terrible&#;; it feels and plays like the original Gamecube remote, but it also has a few extra bonuses up its sleeve.  To start, you can buy a controller based on your favorite fighter from Smash Bros. All controllers have anti-snapback sticks and snap action buttons that respond very well to all your button mashing needs. You get even more control over your favorite fighter and the fast response times you need to win the fight!

And if that&#;s not enough, they also have Turbo settings built-in.

Ultimate Smash Bros. Chaos Controller

We couldn&#;t have left this list of the best custom GameCube controller without touching on this awesome fan mod for Nintendo Switch. Following the action of Smash, this final entry serves all Ultimate Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters on controllers explicitly made for Gamecube.

After all, you came here to check out the best custom Gamecube controllers.

Chaos Controller lets you choose from a wide range of predefined Super Smash Bros. controllers with images of your favourite fighters. Push buttons with Bowser or hit the analogue stick with Sonic (not euphoria). There is a design for everyone and a style that is sure to suit every stage and battle.

You can also choose your custom colour schemes and designs, customizing each element of your controller from the bottom up.

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Console and controller modders are a fun group of people. Their projects range from simple repaints to custom consoles, and their commitment to voiding warranties and risking breaking things in pursuit of creating something new is truly inspiring. One such project came across my timeline earlier today, and I was immediately captivated by its terrible beauty. It was a GameCube controller with a dead wasp encased within the A button, the work of Twitter user @mrmctwig/Topher.

To create these custom buttons, Topher first made a mold of the original manufacturer GameCube buttons in silicone. He then cast them in a two-part epoxy resin. The wasp itself was a three part process involving casting the clear top, positioning the wasp in the mold and adding more resin, and finally adding a layer of black resin for the background.

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&#;I have really only been modding controllers for just under a year,&#; Topher tells me, &#;but I&#;ve always liked tinkering and remember swapping buttons around on my NES controllers as a kid. I started modding GameCube controllers just after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out. I had stumbled onto someone&#;s custom controller online and kind of just went &#;I could do that!'&#;

Help came from the Custom GameCube Controller Discord, a community that — well, is all about customizing GameCube controllers. Why GameCube? The controller&#;s been popular ever since the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee on that console almost two decades ago, and it&#;s still the preferred way to play Smash games today. Nintendo even released some new models when Ultimate came out last year. That said, the stock version isn&#;t the prettiest thing to look at, so it makes sense that Smash players would want to create something akin to the custom fight sticks that other fighting game players use.

Personally, I&#;m in love with the wasp controller. It&#;s immediately striking, and even after the initial surprise wore off it&#;s continued to captivate me. It seems to suggest so much — the ways in which games freeze reality via pausing and saving, the beauty of dangerous things, and the bittersweet nature of play and competition. Or maybe I&#;m just overanalyzing.

Anyway, Topher&#;s done a lot of other controller mods, too. They include a glittery weed leaf A button (nice), neon-dyed controller shells, and colorful cable swaps. You can check them all out on Twitter and his Instagram.

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Ultimate Modded GameCube Controller Build &#; Smash Ultimate

Ultimate movement notches

Ultimate movement

Step up your neutral game with more precise angles so you can out-space your competition. 


Hit the sweetspots at the ledge when recovering and precisely drift away from enemies.

Sweetspot-Drifting notches
MultiShine Controllers Modded Controller


Unlock the full potential of the c-stick. Whether you use tilt or smash attacks these notches will grant you extremely accurate attacks. The best use-case for the c-stick notches is '2-framing' at the ledge as a ledge guard.  

What are people saying about our controllers?

Absolutely love the controller.. already getting used to the notches after a few games and I’m ready to get ready for tournaments. Cheers. 10/10 order!

So far I’m in love with my Controller it really has helped me improve my tech skill & allows me movement that I really couldn’t do that consistent on a regular controller. 10/10 definitely recommend if you looking to step up your skills & play competitive! 💪💯

Seemed pricey at first, but was absolutely worth it immediately after purchasing. Especially after being let down time and time again, just trying to find a decent controller- this one is fantastic. Would absolutely buy again.

Build your own Modded GameCube Controller for Smash Ultimate.

Mods we recommend:

  • Ultimate Movement Notches
  • SweetSpot Notches
  • C-Stick Notches
  • Button Pad Perforation
  • Lowered Buttons Height
  • Cut L+R & Lessen L+R Trigger Springs

More info on our modifications can be found here: Modded GameCube Controller Info

Check out Berleezy&#;s Review on Youtube: MultiShine Controller Review

This controller build ships within 30 days.

This product is not eligible for returns or exchanges.

If you&#;d like a more rare color controller or a mixed shell i.e. (white rear + black front) send us an email.

* Every controller is tournament-ready but might have scuffs as they&#;re refurbished OEM controllers.

† Colored Button Set&#;s Analog joystick, C-Stick, Z button, and triggers are left stock. We recommend if you&#;re going to use this controller for tournaments as the colored sets have tight fitment that could impact your gameplay. We will include them with your order uninstalled.

‡ Swapping and Greasing a stickbox will mitigate the number of times the snapback or dashback issues occur if it doesn&#;t remove it completely.

Please understand each controller may look different from the pictures provided as these modded Gamecube controllers are all modified by hand. Each controller&#;s notches may look different and be placed in different areas of the analog gate as the motherboard is different on each controller.


Check out what Jackson has to say about his modded GameCube controller from MultiShine Controllers:

&#;I am no pro by any means but half my roster is in Elite Smash so you can say I play a lot of smash. I have been playing smash since 64 and even competed in Melee tournaments.

I spend a lot of time on smash so I figured why not upgrade to a beast mode controller.

This controller has changed my game drastically. I have only used it for 4 days now but I immediately noticed my movement game has increased significantly. I know this controller will help with wifi tournaments and spammy characters. I am currently maining wolf and pikachu and the sweet spot notches are so worth it. The controller it % worth the price.

This is my build if anyone is stuck looking for mods for their build:

white controller
full left notches
c-stick notches
stickbox swap + button pad perforation
cut and perforation on both triggers
x + b lowered. I jump with X
white colored buttons (these are only for looks)
I will be a returning customer&#;


10 Best Custom Gamecube Controllers To Pimp Your Gamecube

If you’re as mad about Nintendo as I am, then you’ll be all over these custom Gamecube controllers like a Goron at a rock-eating competition.

It’s no secret that I’m a massive Nintendo-nerd, and the Gamecube remains one of my favourite consoles of all time to this very day so asking yourself how to buy a Gamecube controller that’s custom is completely normal.

The change from carts to discs felt so surreal, especially since they were so small, and the controller felt utterly revolutionary after the crab-hand aches I used to get playing on the best N64 games.

And that’s why you’re here reading my ramblings; you want to check out some of the best custom Gamecube controllers on the market to pimp up your favourite console.

You, like many retro gamers out there, want to declare your love of your favourite games by purchasing a controller based on said titles, to boldly play where no gamer has played before thanks to a set of wireless remotes, and to give your Nintendo Switch a nostalgic feel thanks to some of the best new remotes on the market.

If that description matches you, then carry on reading.

If it doesn’t, then please leave quietly at the end of this paragraph and never show your face here again.

Ok, here we go!

1. Zelda Custom Gamecube Controller

custom Gamecube controllers - Zelda

If you’ve read my articles before, then you’ll know how much I love The Legend of Zelda series.

I’ve owned every game for every Nintendo console, and I can’t wait till the new Breath of the Wild 2 game finally drops in

If you’ve got the Wind Waker edition that comes with the Master Quest version of Ocarina of Time, then this Kokiri inspired Zelda Custom Gamecube Controller by Lolixcustom is the only way to play.

Now, you can go into your favourite adventure with a Hyrulian Shield equipped at all times thanks to the epic miniature replica on the top of the controller!

It might not help you in the game, but it should definitely give you extra courage when you’re facing up against Queen Gohma or Shadow Ganondorf!

The half clear green/half smokey black design has that ‘Ganondorf infiltating the Sacred Realm’ vibe about it too. A great little remote to start off our list of the best custom Gamecube controllers!

2. Wireless Gamecube Controller

Wireless remotes that resemble the WaveBird

Nintendo might have left the Wavebird to roost in peace, but there are still plenty of other wireless options out there for gamers that like to game in the kitchen or on the loo.

We know you do it, and we’re not here to judge!

This two-pack Wireless Gamecube Controller set from GALGO is the perfect solution for couch-coop or multiplayer button-mash battles on games like Super Smash Bros or Mario Smash Football.

They work with every one of the best Gamecube games and are also compatible with your Wii and both your Wii U and Nintendo Switch via an adapter!

Using G wireless technology, you can play your favourite games up to 33ft away from your TV screen or monitor.

Two AA batteries will give you up to hours of gameplay per remote. Go green and use rechargeable batteries to keep the planet spinning and always have some spares on hand so the fun never has to stop!

3. Super Mario Switch Remote

custom Gamecube controllers - Mario Smash Bros pad

Speaking of Smash Bros, the next controller in our list of the best custom Gamecube controllers has been designed specifically with melee-madness in mind.

This Super Mario Switch remote is made for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there and undoubtedly my favourite entry in the Smash series after the GC edition.

Rather than using a wired controller or swinging joycons around, this range of custom Gamecube controllers comes with a foot lead that plugs into the dock of your switch.

You can customise it to a certain extent too.

Remember the C-stick of old? You can either keep it as a smaller joystick or swap it out for a full-sized analog stick to give it that Pro Controller feel.

4. HORI Gamecube Pad

custom Gamecube controllers - Zelda HORI game pad

It would be rude not to have another Zelda inspired controller in this list, right?

The next range of remotes in our custom Gamecube controllers bonanza are also made with Super Smash Bros Ultimate in mind.

The HORI Gamecube Pad is far from ‘horrible’; it feels and plays just like the original Gamecube remote, but it also has a couple of added bonuses up its sleeve.

For starters. you can buy a controller that is based around your favourite Smash Bros fighter.

You can chose from Pikachu, Link, Mario, Luigi, and many more.

The controllers all have anti-snapback sticks and fast action buttons that are super responsive for all of your button mashing needs.

You get even more control over your favourite fighter and the quick response times you need to win the fight!

And if that’s not enough, they also have built-in Turbo settings.

Each remote comes with a foot cable and a USB end. What’s more, these pads are licensed by Ninty themselves!

5. Petey Piranha Controller

Piranha plant inspired remote

It’s back to Etsy for the next remote in our list of the best custom Gamecube controllers.

This Mario-inspired theme features one of the weirdest and most evil enemies in the Mushroom Kingdom – The Piranha Plant!

This Petey Piranha Controller built by WhipEmotions comes in a sleek white and green design, a colour scheme that never came out of the official Nintendo production line.

I’ve recently been battling with Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine while preparing for my Super Mario 3D All Stars review, and this controller would be the perfect aid to help kick his flying ass if you’re replaying the original title on the Gamecube.

And that Piranha Plant emblem where the Nintendo logo should be just looks awesome, a must-have for any die-hard Mazza fans out there!

6. LED Light Up Controllers

custom Gamecube controllers - led light up remotes from JayBoyModz

Jay Boy Modz makes some epic retro-gaming goods, including the next entry in our best custom Gamecube controllers list.

These LED Light Up Controllers look absolutely awesome and add a modern-day touch to our favourite early ’s remotes.

You can pick your own choice of shell colour, including the original indigo and black classic styles, and each remote has the official Nintendo Gamecube writing on the top for that extra nostalgic vibe.

Customers can even pick their own colours for the buttons, trigger-styles, and paracorded cable too. It’s a custom controller-buff’s dream come true!

This is one remote that you definitely need to keep out on show; it’s practically a piece of art!

7. Hyrdo Dipped Gamecube Remote

Hydro dipped remote - blue and white

Speaking of pieces of art, this Hydro dipped Gamecube remote from DanCustoms looks as though it’s captured the essence of the ocean inside it.

Definitely one to use while playing on Wind Waker, then!

This range of custom Gamecube controllers looks absolutely amazing! They work flawlessly with the Wii and both the Wii U and Switch via an adapter.

While this specific design looks perfect for games like Super Mario Sunshine and for flying through the air in Super Monkey Ball, you can also chose your own colour scheme too.

The possibilities are endless, and no one controller will come out the same.

That makes each remote a true ‘one of a kind’!

8. Bayonetta Gamecube Controller

custom Gamecube controllers - Bayonetta game pad

Now, this custom Bayonetta Gamecube controller is also one of a kind as there is only one in existence!

Hopefully, one of our lucky readers will be able to get onto this controller quickly and add it to their collection!

With a two-tone base colour, Bayonetta herself on the front, and custom blue buttons, this remote is as witchy as it is awesome.

It’s another one that we would be keeping out on display all year round, though it would get played with too much to ever start collecting ‘decorative dust’.

This custom remote has a paracord and custom resin buttons, as well as updated third-party sticks and triggers.

9. Crystal Clear Gamecube Controller

Clear controller for the Nintendo Gamecube

If you’re fans of handhelds like the ODROID GO or still have a crystal clear N64 in your gaming arsenal, then you’ll love the next range of remotes in our custom Gamecube controllers list.

This Crystal Clear Gamecube controller from Reiso shows off all of the chips and components that make your remote tick.

It’s like a peep show for tech nerds, just with less chance of getting thrown out for touching the main act.

It’s a third party product but resembles the original gamepad in every way, bar the Gamecube writing or Nintendo logo on the top of the unit.

So, if you’re just looking for a simple pad that isn’t too complicated or flashy, then give this remote a try.

It has no secrets to hide as there’s nowhere to hide them!

Super Smash Bros Controllers

super smash bros remotes by Controller Chaos

Sticking with the Smash action, this last entry caters for all of the best Smash Bros Ultimate fighters on controllers that are made specifically for the Gamecube.

You did come here to check out the best custom Gamecube controllers, after all.

Controller Chaos lets you choose from a whole range of predesigned Super Smash Bros controllers featuring images from your favourite fighters.

Button-mash with Bowser or slap the analog stick with Sonic (not a euphamism). There’s a design for everyone and a style that is sure to fit every stage and battle.

You can even choose your own custom colour schemes and designs too, customising every element of your controller from the ground up.

Gamecube gaming will never be the same again!

BONUS – Gamecube Switch Joycons

We couldn’t leave this list of the best custom Gamecube controllers without touching on this awesome fan-made mod for the Nintendo Switch.

Shank Mods decided to create the controller set-up of our dreams by cutting a Wavebird controller in half and fusing it with a set of joycon remotes.

The buttons all work perfectly, and this looks like the best way to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the go!

Which controller is your favourite? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


Controller gamecube custom made

Introduction: Glossy Custom Gamecube Controller Mod

Got an old Gamecube controller that needs some attention and love? Give it some new life with this spray paint job!

Supply list:

  • Auto-Air Automotive Airbrush Colors
  • Clear coat spray
  • Triwing screwdriver (useful for all Nintendo consoles and controllers)

Tools used:

  • Airbrush
  • Silhouette Cameo 3
  • Wet sandpaper (, , , grit)

Step 1: Disassembling

We're starting with disassembling the controller. Firstly, there are six screws on the back that's got to be removed. Then we can remove the circuit board, the rubber and all the buttons on the front piece. Finally, there are 4 screws keeping the bumper buttons in place.

Step 2: Sorting Out the Pieces

As we can see, there are tons of tiny pieces here that we'll have to keep track of.. And finally we're left with just the front, the back and the bumper buttons.

Step 3: Sanding

The surface of these types of plastic is often covered with some sort of thin protective coating; we gotta remove that because the paint will stick better to the surface. If we don't, the paint won't stick that well because there's a layer blocking the paint from attaching to the plastic. Also, when sanding it we get rid of all tiny bumps and imperfections, and we're left with a perfectly smooth surface that we can spray paint. We'll use , and grit at this point. Finally, we can wipe the surface and make it ready for airbrushing.

Step 4: Base Colour

The controller is already white, but in order to avoid any unevenness, we spray it with a coating of white first. We're gonna keep the bottom white, while it's only going to be the grounding colour for the bumper buttons. We ground it with white because we want the blue colour we'll cover it with to really pop, and be as clear as possible - the colour we put on top will look different if we have a different grounding colour. If we used for examble black as our base, the result would look entirely different.

Step 5: Pearlized Turquoise

We're using two different shades of blue to create a cool fading effect. First, we'll make an even base on the front and the bumper buttons with this turquoise colour. After that, we'll use a darker blue.

Step 6: Dark Blue

We'll build on top of the turquoise with this dark blue. As it's type is transparent, it is less opaque than the pearlized one. We're adding blue only around the edges, so that the middle sections are kept turquoise.

Step 7: Adding Glitter and Shine

This aluminum base is actually meant to be, well, a base colour. But, when we add a bit extra reducer in it (that makes the paint thinner), we can make a really light and almost invisible coat with it. This will only add a bit of glitter to the surface. We're gonna do this on all the pieces; the front, back and bumpers.

When the paint is dry we add a light layer of clear coat (we're not done airbrushing just yet!).

Step 8: Sanding Part Two

When the thin clear coat is dry (maybe 24 hours or so) we'll sand down all the largest surface areas on the pieces - trying to avoid the edges, as this is where we're most likely to sand through the clear coat. Be careful not to go through this thin layer. We're only using grit now.

Step 9: Adding the Name Stencil

We'll use a Silhouette Cameo 3 to create a stencil on some regular sticker paper. Then we add this stencil to the front, making sure it's centered with a ruler and some guidelines. Before airbrushing aigain, we'll cover the whole thing up with tape. When the paint is try, we can gently remove all the tape and the stencil.

Step Heavy Clear Coating

Finally, we can add a heavy layer of clear coat. Usually I add layers of heavy coating, and then let it dry for at least about a week. The paint usually takes even longer to really cure properly, and the more cured it is, the less prone it will be to damage. Patience is key!

Step Assembling

Finally, all we have to do is find all those tiny pieces and try to put it back together.

Step Finished!

And finally it's done!

I was quite happy with how the blue colour turned out, with the fade and all. Would be cool to mod a Nintendo 64 controller next.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, and if you've made a console / controller mod, I'd love to see it!

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Custom Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller - Thrift Store Junk to Masterpiece!

Build Your Own GameCube

Endless Customization Express yourself with a truly one-of-a-kind custom controller from Controller Chaos! Change your face buttons, PS home button, touchpad, thumbsticks, triggers and bumpers, D-Pad, and LED light bar to suite your exact taste. You can even go a step further with custom splatter effects, personalized names, and custom Chaos Tag graphics! Proud of what you've made? Be sure to click the camera icon and share your controller with your friends!

Outstanding Quality Every controller, console, mouse, keyboard, and headset is completely handcrafted by our industry-leading paint staff and top certified technicians. With over 8 million possible combinations the possibilities are endless. If there is a controller design that you want that is not currently offered, contact our customer service support team and we will create the controller tailored to you.



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