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Rajang - Weakness & Tips

Check this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to beat Rajang! Including its attacks & moves, weakness, materials, best loadout, weapons, armor, hunting tips, and more!!

Rajang - Monster Info

Rajang - Weapon / Armor Info

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How To Unlock Rajang

Finish 2 Special Assignment

1Accept Special Assignment from Admiral
2Slay Kirin
Learn How To Beat Kirin
3Accept Special Assignment To Beat Rajang
4Rajang starts to spawn in the Guiding Lands
Volcanic Region: Level 3
Other regions: Level 4
Check Out Guiding Lands Here!

Tempered Rajang Appears In Volcanic Region Only

It has been confirmed that Tempered Rajang will appear once the region level of Volcanic Region has been raised to 7.

Rajang - Tips & Tricks

Rajang Overview

Rajang Is Making Its Way To Iceborne

The Rajang is a second generation monster that has made its return in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. A powerful monster, the Rajang utilizes its upper body strength to attack & use Thunder-elemental attacks.

Preparing For Rajang

Bring Thunder Resistant Gear Or Nulberries

Rajang will have very powerful Thunder-based moves that can easily take you down. Use Thunder Resistance skills, the Thunderproof Mantle, or eat Nulberries to get rid of Thunderblight.

Bring Ice Weapons To The Fight

The Rajang's biggest elemental weakness is Ice. Make sure that you bring powerful Ice-based weapons to take this intimidating monster down fast.

Can't Use Clutch Claw To Its Head

When you aim Rajang's head & use Clutch Claw, you hold on to its arm & shoulder area instead of its head. You still can slam Rajang into wall by grabbing on to its arm so don't worry.

Break Its Arms & Horns To Topple Monster

When the Rajang's body parts are broken, mainly its arm & horns, it's more susceptible to toppling over when you do burst damage. Aim for these parts to create more chances to attack.

Some Traps Won't Work Against Rajang

Rajang's resistance to trap differs depending on its condition. Refer to the table below.

Pitfall TrapShock Trap
Normal Mode

Aim At Different Parts During Fight

Rampage Mode

Aim At Head & Arms When Not Enraged

The Rajang's arms & head will be vulnerable when it is not enraged or in rampaging mode. This is the perfect time to hit these body parts to break or wound them.

Focus On Body & Tail When Enraged

When the Rajang is rampaging, its arms will be hardened, deflecting most weapons below purple sharpness. Focus on the monster's body & tail to do damage during this phase.

Weakness Charts

Elemental Affinity Reference Chart


Status Effect Resistance Chart


Item Weakness & Resistance Chart

Item Effectiveness
Flash Pod
Shock Trap
(✕ When Enraged)
Pitfall Trap
(✕ When Not Enraged)
Vine Trap -
Dung Pod
Screamer Pod
Tinged Meat -

Recommended Skills & Loadout

Recommended Skills

Tremor ResistancePrevents being stunned by tremor
Health BoostTo survive the severe attacks of Rajang, prepare plenty of health
EarplugsPrevents being stunned by its roar

Recommended Specialized Tools

Gear & MantleDescription
Temporal MantleBest gear to bring. Safely grapples the monster with a clutch claw
Rocksteady MantlePrevents flinching. Easy to use with the clutch claw. Your defense increases as well
Evasion MantleIncreases the invulnerability window. Makes it easier to dodge attacks

Recommended Armor Build

Hidden Blade ⅡHealth Regen I ×2
Your Preferred Jewel
Rimeguard Helm β+Critical/Vitality Jewel 4
Elementless Jewel 2
Rimeguard Mail β+Charger/Vitality Jewel 4
Your Preferred Jewel
Rimeguard Vambraces β+Charger/Vitality Jewel 4
Damascus Coil β+Critical Jewel 2
Critical Jewel 2
Your Preferred Jewel
Rimeguard Greaves β+Draw Jewel 2
Your Preferred Slot
Tremor Charm III-
Focus Lv3Health Boost Lv3
Tremor Resistance Lv3Critical Boost Lv3
Punishing Draw Lv3Critical Draw Lv3
Divine Blessing Lv2Flinch Free Lv1
Non-elemental Boost Lv1Critical Element
(Set Bonus)
(Set Bonus)

Tremor Resistance For Stable Hunting

Tremor Resistance is very suitable for hit & run strategy.

Use 4 Empty Slots Freely

This build has 4 slots which you can freely use. You can load Attack Jewel for offensive build or protect yourself with Divine Blessing.

Rajang - Moves & Counters

Double LariatsSwings both arms and moves forward. Watch out for the tremor at the end of its attack.
Spinning AttackBends the upper body and spins. Avoid by dodging to the side.
ChargeCharges forward. Don't face in front of him since it's hard to dodge after seeing this attack coming.
Kelbi StepJumps to the side like Kelbi. The range is long enough to capture gunners.
Jumping AttackJumps vertically and falls forward. Easy to dodge since preliminary action is long.
Bear HugJumps toward the hunter and bear hugs. Use Scatternut to break away.
Lightning BreathShoots light beam. Good timing to attack from its side.
Back StepStep backward. It steps back very frequently so don't stand behind it.
Ground SlamSlams the hunter when its skin is hardened. Avoid by moving behind it.

Dodge Before Rajang Hits Ground Slam

The best way to avoid getting KO-ed during Rajang's powerful Ground Slam is to dodge right before it hits the ground. Make sure you're already a bit away, watch the Rajang roar and jump, then roll right before it hits the ground.

Sidestep To Avoid Lightning Breath

The Rajang's Lightning Breath always hits forward. When it jumps to spew out this attack, sidestep or roll to the side to prevent from getting hit with damage & Thunderblight.

Rajang Weapons & Armor

Rajang Weapons List

WeaponMaterials Needed
Great Demon Rod
(Great Sword)
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Banned Rajang Club
(Sword & Shield)
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Great Demon Halberd
(Long Sword)
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Suzuka Otakemaru
(Dual Blades)
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Mane Malice Rajang
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Denden Doomsounder
(Hunting Horn)
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Great Demon Lance
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Great Demon Gunlance
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Undying Light
(Switch Axe)
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi
(Charge Blade)
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Metal Mangler
(Insect Glaive)
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Ten Thousand Volts
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Rajang Destroyer
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
Beastking Thunderbow
- Rajang Hardhorn x 3
- Rajang Hardfang x 7
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 3
- Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3

Rajang α + & β + Armor Set

ArmorMaterials Needed
Golden Headdress α + & β +- Rajang Wildpelt x 4
- Rajang Hardhorn x 2
- Rajang Tail x 1
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 1
Golden Haori α + & β +- Rajang Wildpelt x 4
- Rajang Hardclaw x 2
- Rajang Hardfang x 3
- Purecrystal x 1
Golden Kote α + & β +- Rajang Wildpelt x 4
- Rajang Hardhorn x 1
- Rajang Hardclaw x 2
- Rajang Tail x 1
Golden Obi α + & β +- Rajang Wildpelt x 4
- Rajang Hardhorn x 1
- Rajang Hardclaw x 4
- Gold Rajang Pelt+ x 1
Golden Hakama α + & β +- Rajang Wildpelt x 4
- Rajang Hardclaw x 2
- Rajang Tail x 1
- Monster Toughbone x 6
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Rajang - Breakable Parts & Material Drops List

Breakable Parts & Body Carves List

Break HornRajang Hardhorn
Gold Rajang Pelt+
Break ForelegsRajang Hardclaw
Rajang Wildpelt
Break TailRajang Tail
Rajang Cortex
Gold Rajang Pelt+
Body CarveRajang Hardfang
Rajang Wildpelt
Rajang Hardclaw
Gold Rajang Pelt+
Shiny DropsRajang Wildpelt
Gold Rajang Pelt+
Large Beast Tear

Quest & Capture Rewards List

Complete QuestRajang Wildpelt
Rajang Hardfang
Rajang Hardclaw
Rajang Tail
Rajang Hardhorn
CaptureRajang Hardfang
Rajang Wildpelt
Rajang Hardclaw
Gold Rajang Pelt+

Rajang Guiding Lands Material List

Non-Tempered Bloodthirsty Glimmerpelt
Dragonvein Bone
Tempered Tempered Glimmerpelt
Spiritvein Solidbone
Great Spiritvein Gem

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Give Rajang an inch, and he’ll take a mile… Then he’ll lift that mile out of the ground and beat you to death with it. No, really. This Super Saiyan great ape can literally lift the ground out from under your feet and hit you with it in Monster Hunter World. And that’s one of his lesser tricks. If you really want to beat this bad monkey, you better be prepared. And there’s no better way to prepare yourself for a hunt than knowing a monster’s weakness before you battle it. That’s why we’ve created this guide to each Rajang weakness — along with tips on how to defeat the first DLC monster in Iceborne. Let’s take a look!

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Rajang Weakness: MHW Iceborne Guide

As you can see in the image below, you don’t have a lot to work with when it comes to weakness. Rajang is only truly weak to Ice. Meanwhile, he’s completely immune to Fire, Thunder, and Dragon. Water won’t get you very far, either, but at least it’s something.

Status ailments don’t work out much better. This is one healthy gorilla. The only Rajang weakness worth mentioning here is Blast damage. It gets two-star effectiveness, making it the next best thing to Ice. Although it can be pretty tough to build up Blast damage when Rajang moves around so often. Not only is Ice damage more potent against him, you also don’t have to worry about him building up a resistance or building the damage up with consistent attacks.

Luckily, Ice damage is easy to come by in MHW Iceborne. Anyone battling Rajang should have access to Velkhana weapons and armor at this point. Not to mention Beotodus, the introductory monster to this expansion, actually has some incredibly strong elemental damage weapons. They’re not necessarily the best in the game. However, they do allow you to dish out pure Ice damage like nothing else right now.

Tips to Beat Rajang: MHW Iceborne Guide

Rajang is faster than it first appears, and downright relentless. Even compared to other aggressive monsters — like Tigrex and Nargacuga — Rajang might take the cake. This is due to a couple reasons. The first is that he relentlessly charges in any form, then still attacks from a distance with lightning breath. The second problem is when Rajang enters rampage mode: basically a second form of enrage. In this form, the great ape just will not let up, and getting in front of him is begging for a beating.

Rajang is also intelligent. His simian smarts make him immune to Pitfall Traps unless he’s blinded by anger (i.e. enraged). Of course, his enrage state also charges him up with electricity. That means you cannot use Shock Traps on Rajang unless he stops glowing. You have to be a bit more careful about how and when you want to pin him down as a result.

Thankfully, the monster’s three forms are easy to identify. If his fur is black, he’s not enraged, and Shock Traps work just fine. This is also a good time to Clutch Claw him into a wall. Whereas most monsters require you to ride a monster’s head to do this, you cannot attack yourself to Rajang’s noggin in MHW. Beating his big arms, with O on PlayStation and B on Xbox, will still direct him, though. Only the spot you grab on will be different. Then you can fire Slinger ammo into the arms, as if you were attached to the head, and force him into a wall as usual.

Rajang Weakness MHW

When Rajang glows yellow, he’s enraged. He’ll begin to use lighting breath and jump into the air much more frequently. Rajang is most dangerous when he leaps around! That means he’s either about to fire a ball of lightning your way, dealing Thunder damage, or he’s going to perform a flying tackle. The latter is by far his deadliest move when Rajang is in rampage mode. It can just about one-shot most players — even with Master Rank armor upgraded to the soft cap.

Speaking of rampage mode: this only occurs when Rajang is already enraged. The camera will begin to pull back and Rajang will roar so loud that it knocks down nearby players. It doesn’t seem to do damage like the ultra-powerful Shara Ishvalda bellow, however. Instead, Rajang’s arms will begin to glow red, signifying rampage mode has begun. He’ll become even more aggressive, charging back and forth across the ground, and frequently unleash those leaping attacks. Use the “Superman Dive” to evade if Rajang begins to jump.

Your best bet here is to attack his tail. That puts you out of reach of his arms and mouth. It also reduces the amount of time he spends in rampage mode altogether. Meanwhile, as with most monsters, attacking his head will exhaust him faster and force him to take a breath. Although it puts you in danger of getting picked up and tossed around.

If that happens, ready your Slinger! You can actually fire your Slinger ammo from the “pinned” animation. Putting it right in that roaring Rajang face might flinch him out of his follow-up attack. Meanwhile, any allies you might have can focus on his backside while he focuses on you.

And there you go! Thanks for taking the time to check out our Rajang weakness guide to MHWIceborne. We’re happy to be of service. If you enjoyed this content, and would like to see more stuff like it, make sure to check out our Monster Hunter hub for future updates, guides, and opinions. Otherwise you can check out the rest of Fanbyte for more coverage of various games. Take care!

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SweepRajang slams his right arm on the ground and sweeps in a circular patternSlamRajang raises both his arms to slam down at their unfortunate target. Causes the ground to break around the impact, tripping the hunter.Sweeping BarrageRajang will use its arms to sweep five times in front of him, moving forward with every sweep. The last sweep ends in a ground slam, causing minor tremors at close range. This is arguably the attack Rajang will use most often. Can hit several times in one combo.BeybladeRajang spins its entire body 360 degrees while moving forward. Deals significant damageLightning SpitRajang jumps in the air and spits Lightning at the hunter. Causes Thunderblight if it connects.Homing AttackRajang jumps up, curls into a ball and slams itself at the hunter. Long range but can be avoided simply by runningBellyflopRajang jumps at the hunter and lands on his belly. Deals huge damage if it connects, might cause minor tremors at close range (Calm only).Pinning GrabRajang will lunge forward with open arms to grab the hunter. If it connects, they will proceed to squish the hunter a bit before throwing them away. The hunter will then be knocked down, desperately crawling away from Rajang. If not interrupted by a Flashpod or Scatternut, Rajang will proceed to follow up with a powerful smack.JumpRajang jumps away from the player, either forwards or backwards. Not technically an attack but can knock back the hunter at close range.Ultra RoarIndicates Rajang entered its Fury Mode, where his arms glow red. Deals no damage but will actually knock you back, even with Earplugs 5.Lightning BeamRajang spits a solid beam of lightning directly at the hunter. Doesn't track but deals massive damage.Jumping Ultra BellyflopEssentially the regular Bellyflop but powered up by lightning. Deals massive damage, huge hitbox. Enraged Only. Dodging it with a Superman-Dive is advised.

Rajang is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Written as 金狮子/金獅子 in Chinese. Rajang Weakness Guide, drops, sizes, strategies, tips and tricks to help you defeat MHRise Rajang. Large Monsters are hostile and are usually the primary objective of Hunts. They provide valuable Materials when defeated.


At a distant flight
Lies an island of fire
There walks a dark beast
A great ball of ire
Wielders of flame
Who dare to engage
Will only succeed at
Igniting its rage
For it's the top player
And the world is its stage


Rajang Details & Locations

An ultra-aggressive creature that is rarely sighted and seldom survived. Those that have survived report that it exhibits a strange attack. Rajang are said to be loners, and this isolated life has made it difficult to pin down its territorial leanings. When angered, part of its pelt turns a golden color.



Rajang Combat Info


Rajang Weaknesses

The table below indicates the various parts of the monster, including the types of damages that are weak to it. This information is specific to MH Rise.

Rajang Partscut-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-smallblunt-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-smallammo-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-small
Hind Leg353515


The table below indicates the various parts of the monster, including the different elements that are weak to it.


Rajang Ailment Effectiveness

The higher the bars on the graphs and the more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player. This information is specific to MH Rise.





Blast ⭐⭐


Fireblight ⭐

Waterblight ⭐

Thunderblight ⭐

Iceblight ⭐⭐


Poison Status Effect Graph



Stun Status Effect Graph



Paralysis Status Effect Graph



Sleep Status Effect Graph



Blast Status Effect Graph



Exhaust Status Effect Graph



Fireblight Status Effect Graph



Waterblight Status Effect Graph



Thunderblight Status Effect Graph



Iceblight Status Effect Graph



Rajang Materials

The tables below contains information on the different Items and Materials that can be obtained from the Low Rank and High Rank variations of Rajang

High Rank Rajang

The table below indicates the various materials or items obtained from the High Rank variation of Rajang, it also includes the percentage chance of how it can be acquired.

Low Rank Rajang

This monster is High Rank Only, so there are no Low Rank materials.


Rajang Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Rajang Monster.


Rajang Buddies Weapons & Armor

Palico and Palamute Armor and Weapons related to the Rajang Monster.


Rajang Notes & Trivia

  • Can be lured with ??
  • Camouflage works until ?? range



Rajang monster hunter

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Rajang vs Kirin Ecology Intro Cutscene

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