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Designed with Japanese excellence - a compact tractor that is smaller in size but full of power and performance. Model AN is narrow in width and has a 3 cylinder engine which is more suitable for inter cultivation (4 feet). Model AN-OP comes with a larger tyre size and SDC (Super Draft Control) helping farmer to conduct more farm operations other than just inter cultivation.

Compare the ModelsKubota Legacy

B series range comes with 3 cylinder engine with 24 and 27 HP power. B Model comes with 24 HP engine designed for inter cultivation and spraying of orchards (Grapes and Pomegranate), cotton and sugarcane fields with a single tractor. BS Model comes with powerful 27 HP engine making it one of the most versatile tractor in this category.

Compare the ModelsKubota Legacy

The Kubota mid-sized L Series tractor range offers powerful performance, outstanding versatility and exceptional profitability. This light weight tractor series is equipped with operator-friendly driving system. Special attachments are available to suit multiple applications.

The MU Series tractors are best known for Fuel Efficiency, Durability and Power-packed performance. The balancer shaft technology helps in minimizing engine noise with very less vibrations, enables longer working hours for the operator for multiple agricultural operations.

Sours: https://www.kubota.co.in/products/tractor/

Kubota Tractor Models in india

About Kubota Tractors

Kubota tractor was launched in by Goshiro Kubota. Kubota aimed differently with the goals of solving the world's problem in food, water, and the environment they created in the Kubota Tractor company. 

Kubota tractor is one of the leading manufacturers in India. In India Kubota plays a vital role in forming major agricultural parts. In , Kubota was founded in India as a part of Kubota Corporation (Japan) and Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. 

The Kubota tractors network is increasing continuously.

Kubota tractors have a robust, huge, and strong Tractor engine for quality functioning in required conditions. Kubota tractors are easy to handle and come with unique styling and trusted identity at best prices. Kubota tractor price starts at Rs. Lakh.

Kubota tractor offer 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive tractors from 21 to 55 HP range with a lightweight design and efficient engine and affordable price. 

Kubota tractor has 10+ models HP categories. Kubota tractor price starts at Rs. Lakh. The most costly Kubota tractor model is Kubota MU 4WD priced at Rs. Lakh.

Kubota Tractor

Kubota Corporation is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan, and the company was established in Kubota Tractor is one of the major players of the Indian Agricultural Machinery Industry. 

Kubota tractor has manufactured best in class tractor along with a guarantee of producing quality products and economical machines. Kubota Tractor aims to provide machines with high durability, high performance, and comfortable driving space. 

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India has always been committed to providing machines with best in class tractor specifications and at an affordable tractor price, in order to provide high-quality machinery which supports easy and efficient farming.

Why Choose Kubota Tractor?

Kubota tractor provides a whole alternative of merchandise from mini Kubota tractors to large-sized Kubota tractors for numerous usages. In addition, Kubota tractor implements are designed for plowing, cultivator, and plenty of additional. 

Kubota continuously provides it’s levels of performance and honesty has assisted the corporate to start powerful esteem within the world. Kubota provides a full list of tractors. 

Their agriculture tractor provides productivity, performance, and quality of mini tractors.

Kubota tractors are the most effective quality tractors with all the advanced options that may facilitate productivity within the field. Kubota tractor horsepower varies ranging from twenty-one horsepower to fifty-five horsepower and its price starts from Rs. lakh. So, the Kubota tractor is the best deal for each farmer.

  • It made an unbreakable reputation in India. The main achievements that justify that Why Kubota is the best tractor company in India.
  • Kubota Tractor manufactures strong body-based tractor and durable machinery.
  • Kubota tractor price is very affordable as compared to other brands.
  • Kubota Tractor Dealership & Service Center:

Kubota Tractor Price

Kubota Tractor Price : Kubota MU, Kubota MU, Kubota L , Kubota NeoStar AN, Kubota AN-OP, Kubota Neostar B, Kubota NeoStar B, Kubota BX Compact Tractor, Kubota BHSD, Kubota L, Kubota L , Kubota L, Kubota MXDT, Kubota MXHST

Check the authorized Kubota Tractor dealer in India and Kubota Service Center at KhetiGaadi

Kubota Tractor Series

Kubota Tractor models are followed by four series are as follows :

  • A series
  • B series
  • L series
  • MU series

Popular Kubota Tractor

The Kubota Tractors are famous for productivity, affordability, and advanced features. Some of them are as follows:

Kubota MU - Kubota MU Kubota MU is a 2 wheel drive tractor. It has a 55 HP engine. It provides a dual-clutch system. This tractor has displacement in CC. It is immersed with oil disc brakes with synchromesh transmission features.It consists of 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.The price of this model starts with Lac. 

Kubota MU - Kubota MU is a 45 HP tractor. This tractor has displacement In CC. The tractor contains 60 liters of fuel tank capacity. It operates in dual-element with the dry air cleaner function. Kubota MU has 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. It can also lift with kg of hydraulic lifting capacity. The price of Kubota MU starts from Lac.

Kubota Neo Star B 4WD - Kubota Neo Star B 4WD comes with a 24 HP engine whose PTO HP is HP. It is equipped with 3 cylinders and has displacement in CC. The height of an engine is mm. It has a single clutch and wet disc brake system. The maximum lifting capacity is Kg. The price of this tractor starts from Lac.

Kubota Tractor & KhetiGaadi

KhetiGaadi provides you with Kubota Tractors models with price, Kubota Tractors new tractors, Kubota upcoming tractors, Kubota popular tractors, Kubota Tractors, Kubota Tractors used tractors price, specification, review, images, Tractor news, etc.

So, if you want to buy Kubota Tractors then KhetiGaadi is the right platform for it.

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Kubota Tractor Dealer

Kubota tractors are the most effective tractors in India. Additionally, it provides enormous features at affordable prices. It is easy to purchase for those farmers who are looking for reasonable prices and high merits. 

If you are looking for information click on to the official website of Kubota or click on the Kubota tractor dealer in India and the Powerful service center at Khetigaadi. KhetiGaadi provides reliable information to the farmers for the easy purchase of the tractors. 

The website gives details about all the tractor's specifications, applications, and comparison from the other tractors. 

So, if you are looking forward to any queries or planning to purchase the Kubota tractors, Khetigaadi is the best option to gather information.

Kubota Tractor Price

Tractor ModelTractor HPNo of CylinderTractor Price
Kubota NEO STAR AN 4WD Tractor21 HP3 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota AN-OP Tractor21 HP3 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota NEO STAR B 4WD Tractor24 HP3 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota NEO STAR B 4WD Tractor27 HP3 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota L 4WD Tractor34 HP3 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota L 4WD Tractor45 HP4 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota MU Tractor45 HP5 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota MU 4WD Tractor45 HP4 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota MU Tractor55 HP4 Cylinder - Lac
Kubota MU 4WD Tractor55 HP4 Cylinder - Lac

Kubota Tractor FAQ

Question: Kubota mini tractor HP range?

Answer: Kubota mini tractor HP range starts from 21 hp to 55 hp.

Question: Kubota tractor prices?

Answer: Kubota tractor prices start From Rs lakh to Rs. lakh.

Question: Which are the latest Kubota's tractor models in India?

Answer: Kubota's MU is the only latest Kubota tractor model in India.

Question: Is Kubota Tractor providing good mileage in fields?

Answer: Yes, Kubota Tractor provides the best mileage in the fields to others. 

Question:  Kubota mini tractor price?

Answer:   Kubota mini tractor price starts from Lakh to Lakh.

Question:  Kubota power tiller Information?

Answer: Kubota power tiller information will get on the KhetiGaadi Implement section.

Question: Kubota tractor 21 hp pricein the market?

Answer: Kubota 21 hp tractor price is Lakh.

Question: Kubota power tiller price in the market?

Answer: Kubota power tiller price will get you on the KhetiGaadi Implement page.

Question: Kubota tractor price 45 hp online?

Answer: Kubota tractor price 45 hp is Lakh

Question: Kubota mu 4wd price in India?

Answer: Kubota mu ex-showroom price is lakh.

Question: Best Kubota tractor 45 hp?

Answer: Kubota mu is the best 45 hp tractor model.

Question: Kubota 50 hp tractor available in the market?

Answer: Kubota 50 hp tractor available on the KhetiGaadi.

Question: What is the price of a Kubota 27 HP tractor in India?

Answer: The price of a Kubota 27 HP tractor in India starts from Rs Lac to Rs Lac.

Question: Which is the popular Kubota tractor in the mini category?

Answer: The popular Kubota mini category tractors are Kubota Neo Star B, Kubota Neostar A N-OP.

Question: Which is the lowest HP Kubota tractor?

Answer: Kubota Neo Star A 4WD is the lowest HP model in Kubota.

Question: Which is the highest power engine tractor model of Kubota?

Answer: Kubota MU is the highest power engine tractor with 55 HP.

Question: Which is the most expensive tractor in Kubota?

Answer: The most expensive tractor model in Kubota is Kubota MU 4WD that costs from Rs Lac. 

Question: How can I get a Kubota tractor dealership?

Answer: If you are thinking of taking a dealership of Kubota tractor then the right platform to enquire all the details of Kubota tractor brand is from the KhetiGaadi website.

Question:  Is the Kubota tractor worth purchasing?

Answer: Yes, Kubota all tractors are worth purchasing as it has all the essential features equipped with the tractors. With greater performance and suitable for all agriculture and commercial purposes Kubota tractors are all good with an economical price.

Question: What are the popular Kubota tractors?

Answer: Kubota tractor MU Kubota MU, Kubota MU, Kubota Neo Star B are some of the popular Kubota tractors in terms of performance, mileage and price.

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Kubota MUWD, 55 hp Tractor, kgh

Engine Power55 hpBrandKubotaModel NumberMUWDNumber of Gears8 Forward & 4 Reverse Main Transmission SynchromeshCubic Capacity CCLifting Capacity kgh and kgh (At Lift Point)Clutch TypeDouble ClutchEngine - TypeKubota VM-DI-T, Inline FIP E-CDIS, 4 Cylinder, Liquid CooledEngine - Backup Torque %27%Engine - Air FilterDry Type, Dual ElementTransmission - Speeds - kmphForward 3- 31 kmph | Reverse 5- 13 kmphBrakes - TypeOil immersed Disc BrakesFinal Reduction - TypePlanetaryFront Axle - TypeFixed Tread (4WD) *Bevel-Gear System (Benefit for Water-proof)Steering - TypePower (Hydraulic Double acting)Power Take Off - TypeIndependent, Dual PTO/Rev. PTO*PTO RPMECO : @ ERPM, STD : @ ERPMWheels & Tyres - Front x 24Wheels & Tyres - Rear x 28Electrical System - Battery12 VoltElectrical System - Alternator40 AmpElectrical System - Starter Motor12 Volt, kWDimensions & Weight - Total Weight - kg KgDimensions & Weight - Wheel Base mmDimensions & Weight - Overall Length (without 3P) mm mmDimensions & Weight - Overall Width - mm mmDimensions & Weight - Ground Clearance - mm mmDimensions & Weight - Turning Radius with Brakes mmOthers - Deck DesignFullOthers - Fuel Tank Capacity Litres65 LitresFactory Fitted Options - Front Tire: x 20tAuxilary Control ValveFactory Fitted Options - Auxiliary Control ValveAuxilary Control ValveFactory Fitted Options - Reverse PTO (Optional)Auxilary Control Valve
Sours: https://dir.indiamart.com/items/kubota-muwdhp-tractorkgh-shtml

About Kubota Tractor

Kubota’s tractors are renowned for their excellent performance, reliability, and versatility. These tractors give power and utmost efficiency in transforming complex skilled tasks into small skill labour. Farming work becomes easy by using these tractors. The engine performance ranges from 21 HP - 55 HP. The price of these tractors ranges from Lakhs. The Kubota tractors models are exclusive and exceptional in their composition. These tractors have a different approach to easing the task. They have been the prominent and the persistent player of the market which are engrossed totally in making the farm field a progressive land. The quality and features it provides make the agricultural businesses flourish with a great count of sales and exports.

History of Kubota tractors in India

Kubota tractors in India were founded in India and are one of the best tractors having high specifications and unique features that are best to use in farming and agriculture. The Kubota tractors in India have set the standards really high for other competitors if you are in search of heavy-duty tractors that make it easy for you to travel and carry out commercial activities with utmost flexibility and feasibility. The Kubota tractor was the foundation of Kubota Corporation (Japan). The tractors of this brand have a major role to play in the development of the agricultural industry, the company manufactures tractors, power tillers, combine harvesters, and other tractor implements.

The company highly aims in producing customer-centric tractors with utmost efficiency in its workings and operations. The prices for Kubota tractors in India are very affordable and reasonable, farmers easily afford them as it fits their pockets and budgets. Each investment made by the farmers has an extreme impact on their farming operations, hence thinking of innovative tractors that fix their complex nature task and make every work including commercial and farm-related will lead to better productivity. Also, the company Kubota, produces mini tractor and jumbo tractors and have thus, left no choice with the farmer rather choosing it because it has everything in the store starting from mini-tractor stock to large-sized tractors to other tractor implements. 

What makes Kubota tractor models in India as best and demanded tractors?

Kubota company produces the best tractor models in India. It is a renowned company that has always set high standards for its competitors. The company has set the benchmark in this industry and thus, it stands to be the most innovative and technologically driven company. Here are some of the interesting pointers that make the company strong and stand as a powerful brand in the tractor industry.

  • Kubota tractors are highly fueled & efficient and have a quality engine that brings excellence to the work. 

  • The forte of the tractor brand is its employees. The company has strong employee resource that brings effective marketing and attracts more sales from the market. 

  • Kubota tractor prices are affordable and worth investing in for the framers and contractors. 

  • The company has a powerful and strong presence in the industry. 

  • Products of Kubota are cost-effective and very economical also, it has quality in composition. 

  • Kubota mini tractors are available at the best price having the perfect mechanism in them for driving and handling. 

  • Kubota tractors are a perfect blend of innovation and technology.

  • The Kubota tractor model consists of spacious seatings, comfortable driving clean passage, thus, it is the tractor that everybody admires to have. 

  • The tractors are high performing and fuel-efficient, plus it consumes less energy and power to get operated on the harsh land.

Thus, if you think to have a farm automobile that simplifies your task in the best way, such that managing and handling the agricultural land becomes easy and effortless for the farmers. Kubota tractor models are heavy-duty tractors with quality machinery and tools attached to them, that together help in managing the farm field. 


Which are the popular Kubota tractors in India?

While talking about the best and the renowned tractors worldwide, Kubota tractors in India are one which has guaranteed results and production. There are many popular tractors of this brand that keeps the entire market alarmed and alert with its adaptive and unique feature policies. The Kubota tractors produce 10+ Kubota tractor models in India, it has a unique bunch of tractors each having exquisite tractors in it that makes the farmer's plan of maintaining and managing the field excellent. Have a look at the alphabetic series of these tractors in India -

  1. A series - 

Kubota A series tractors in India produces mini tractors of the best specifications and especially these tractors are the best fit for the small farmers having tight budgets. The tractors are advanced in technology and modern in their designs, this keeps farmers and other buyers attracted towards it. The A series Kubota tractors in India are the best example of innovative and modern-tech tractors. The popular tractors of this series are- 


  1. L series - 

This series includes the most powerful and extravagant tractors that are also durable in nature. If you are looking for potent performance, exceptional profitability, and versatility or lightweight aspect then this Kubota tractor in India is one to be booked amongst the entire lot. This series tractor is also known as revolutionary puddling masters. The popular tractors of this category are listed below with their engine capacity and worthy prices.


  1. MU series - 

These tractors are the best series of utility tractors in India. The tractors here are fuel-efficient, power-packed, and durable enough. These tractors have the capacity and power of handling all the heavy and tough agricultural and haulage operations/applications. The popular Kubota tractors in India are with their engine capacity and worth prices are listed below -


  1. B series - 

Kubota B series tractors produce the best mini tractors that are amazing in orchard farming. The tractors of this category are world-class in their features and specifications. They have an attractive design and a comfortable operating system which makes them smooth in function and performance. The popular tractors of this series with their engine efficiency and worth prices are as follows.


What are the prices of Kubota tractors in India?

Kubota tractors prices in India are very reasonable and easy to afford by every farmer. The price for Kubota tractors in India ranges between Rs Lakhs - Rs Lakhs*. The price for Kubota mini tractors also ranges between Rs Lakhs - Lakhs*, which is quite appropriate and worth paying for. Thus, farmers completely rely on this tractor brand in terms of the prices and the costs of their exquisite tractors. 


Who are the dealers of Kubota tractors in India?

There are approx certified Kubota tractor dealers in India having their network stretched and established across all the corners of the country. The Kubota tractor distribution network is increasing day by day, and these tractors are much in demand because of their easy-to-use and manage functions. Kubota is the most used tractor in India and it is distributed in almost all parts of the country. To know about the dealers and to get in touch with them visit Tractor Gyan.

Which are the second-hand tractors of Kubota in India?

Kubota Second-hand tractors in India are all listed with complete details and price range on the website of Tractor Gyan. Sellers of these tractors FREE list the tractors on the site with the intention of meeting its potential buyer. If you are interested in purchasing the used Kubota tractors in India that fit your budget, visit Tractor Gyan to know in detail about them. 

Why Tractorgyan for Kubota tractors in India?

Tractor Gyan keeps the details and information about all the tractors in India. The best and the popular tractors of Kubota too are listed here with complete detail on it. Visit Tractor Gyan to know everything about the tractors you are looking for. It is always good to have knowledge about the things before you actually purchase them. Tractor Gyan gives you a complete bank of information starting from scratch to end. Visit us soon!

Sours: https://tractorgyan.com/tractor/Kubota

Price india kubota tractor

Kubota Tractor

Kubota Tractor company, the well-known tractor brand and farm implement manufacturer started their business in February in Osaka, Japan. They offer the best technological agriculture tractors in India. The Kubota tractor price list in India starts from Rs. Lakh* goes up to Rs.  Lakh*. It provides an enormous range of more than 20 tractor models in India, and its HP range begins from 21 HP to 55 HP. Kubota is the first preference of every Indian farmer. The most popular Kubota tractor models in India and Kubota compact tractor model are Kubota MU 2WD, Kubota MU 4WD, Kubota L and many more. Get online Kubota tractor price at TractorFirst.



Kubota MU 2WDRs. Lac*
Kubota NeoStar B 4WDRs. Lac*
Kubota MU Rs. Lac*
Kubota AN-OPRs. Lac*
Kubota NeoStar AN 4WDRs. Lac*
Kubota Neostar B 4WDRs. Lac*
Kubota LRs. Lac*
Kubota LRs. Lac*
Kubota MU 4WDRs. Lac*
Kubota MU 4WDRs. Lac*

Kubota Tractor Models

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Popular Kubota Tractor Series

Tractor Loan

Second Hand Kubota Tractors

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Kubota Tractor Review

  • Performance

  • Engine

  • Maintenance cost

  • Experience

  • Value For Money

star 4HitendraPosted on : 01/09/

Ye tractor vase to budget-friendly hai aur engine bhi bahut strong hai lekin mujhe iska clutch aur steering kuch khaas nahi hai. Vase m aapko suggest kerunga ki aap isse ek bar ajmaaye jaroor.

star 4Karanjeet KaurPosted on : 01/09/

The Kubota tractor is economical and excellent for tomato farming. This tractor can easily handle all the rugged and rough farming fields. Mujhe iska clutch and steering bahut pasand hai aur iska design bhi shandar hai.

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Kubota Dealers & Service Center

Shri Milan Agricultures

Kubota Kubota

Location Opp Reliance Petrol Pump, Raipur Road Dhamtari Dhamtari

Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh () Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh ()


Swastik Motors

Kubota Kubota

Location Raipur naka Kawardha Kawardha Chhattisgarh

Kawardha, Chhattisgarh () Kawardha, Chhattisgarh ()


Sree Krishan Tractors

Kubota Kubota

Location Main Road Basne NH 53, Mahasamund Raigarh

Supaul, Chhattisgarh ( ) Supaul, Chhattisgarh ( )


Shri krishna Motors 

Kubota Kubota

Location Ring Road No, Near abhinandan Marriage Place Kushalpur Chouraha Raipur

Raipur, Chhattisgarh () Raipur, Chhattisgarh ()


View All Kubota Dealers

Narmada Tractors

Kubota Kubota

Location GF , Bhagvati Angan, Near Zadeshwar Chokdi, Zadeshwar, Dist - Bharuch

Bharuch, Gujarat Bharuch, Gujarat


TRS Tractors

Kubota Kubota

Location 97 Bilawali ,Dewas

Dewas, Madhya Pradesh () Dewas, Madhya Pradesh ()


Sahara Tractors

Kubota Kubota

Location Opp- Railway Station, Nr. Market Yard,Ambaji Highway- Idar

Sabar Kantha, Gujarat Sabar Kantha, Gujarat


Trishul Automotives

Kubota Kubota

Location SF No & 53,Main Road Uyyalawada

Nagarkurnool, Telangana Nagarkurnool, Telangana


View All Kubota Service Centers

Information About Kubota Tractors

Kubota Tractor - An Innovative Japanese Technology 

Kubota Tractor India is a renowned brand offering an enormous range of tractors and other farm implements. Kubota Tractor is a well-known brand in the tractor industry. They commenced the company in February , and since then they are serving their services in over countries. With around 41, employees, Kubota tractor earns over 67% overseas revenue. 

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. (KAI) was founded in December In India as a Kubota Corporation (Japan) subsidiary. It is one of the prominent performers in the Indian agricultural machinery industry.

Get all Kubota tractor models, Kubota compact tractor, new Kubota tractors price in India, Kubota tractor HP, and many more. Also, you can check the updated Kubota tractor list with price only at TractorFirst. 

Why choose only Kubota Tractor? USP

Kubota tractor offers and is built with advanced Japanese technology agricultural machinery. It has the USP of providing a reasonable price and delivers undoubtedly performance, with convenient post-sales service.

Kubota's tractors and agricultural machinery are highly recognized for their high durability, high performance, and comfortable driving space.

  • Best customer support with their customer executives.

  • The economic and generous product range in Kubota mini tractor.

  • Reliable manufacturing technologies with innovations. 

Latest Kubota Tractor Series

Kubota tractor India brand offers an excellent range of tractor series that considers all Kubota tractors and Kubota tractor new model It also includes many small Kubota tractor which are considered in the Kubota series. 

  • Kubota A Series - 21 HP (kubota small tractor) 

  • Kubota L Series - 34 HP - 45 HP

  • Kubota MU Series - 45 HP - 55 HP

  • Kubota B Series - 24 HP - 27 HP

Kubota Tractor HP Range

Kubota tractor provides you with the 21 HP to 55 HP range which helps the farmers to buy it according to their needs. 

  • 21 HP to 30 HP - This HP range considers all Kubota compact tractors, which come at a very comfortable range and perform every farming operation excellently. 

  • 31 HP to 55 HP - It considers all Kubota utility tractors at a very budget-friendly price. 

Kubota Tractor Prices List

  • Kubota 21 HP Tractor - This tractor category includes Kubota AN-OP and Kubota NeoStar AN 4WD. This Kubota 21 hp tractor price range is affordable for customers. 

  • Kubota 24 HP Tractor - This tractor category consists of Kubota Neostar B 4WD tractor. This Kubota 24 hp tractor price is affordable for all customers. 

  • Kubota 45 HP Tractor - This tractor category includes 3 tractor models but Kubota MU 2WD tractor. This Kubota tractor 45 hp price is low and reasonable for farmers. 

  • Kubota 55 HP Tractor - This tractor category has the top 2 tractor models but Kubota MU is highly economical. This Kubota tractor 55 hp price is Rs. lakh*. 

Get Kubota 45 hp tractor price and Kubota tractor price 55 hp at TractorFirst.  Along with HP and price, you can check Kubota tractor new model , Kubota 4x4 tractor for sale. 

New Kubota Tractor Price in India

Kubota tractor brand manufactures the budget-friendly best Kubota tractor models according to the farmer's budget. Get Kubota mini tractor price according to the customer’s budget. Therefore, the Kubota farm tractor price in India is very affordable and easily acceptable. Kubota 4WD tractor price attract customers with a notable appearance. You can check Kubota tractor all model price list, buy new Kubota tractors on-road price, big Kubota tractor price and new Kubota tractor prices with all external factors like RTO, insurance, etc. 

TractorFirst assists you with the best Kubota Tractor, which helps you to choose the best from all. Kubota farm tractors brand always manufacture the best Kubota tractor according to the farmer’s requirements and budget. You can buy Kubota 4x4 tractor and a big Kubota tractor at TractorFirst on an affordable range. 

Kubota Tractor Dealers and Service Centre in India 

Kubota tractor in India has more than dealers to assist you to buy Kubota tractor. Their Dealer Network is continuously growing and helping us to fulfil customer's needs.

Get every detail of the Kubota tractor in India, Upcoming Kubota tractor mini with our official website, TractorFirst. 

Kubota tractor in India Contact Details

Corporate Name
Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.

Registered Office
18/4, Mathura Road, Faridabad - , Haryana, India.

Official Website: https://www.kubota.co.in/

Most Recently User Searches Queries About Kubota Tractor

Ans. Kubota Tractors are popular because of their affordable price, HP, etc.

Ans. 10 Kubota tractor models are available at TractorFirst.

Ans. The Kubota Tractors HP range relies on between 29 HP to 73 HP.

Ans. Kubota tractor has 5 mini tractors, available at TractorFirst.

Ans. Kubota tractor price starting from Rs. to Rs. Lacs.

Ans. Yes, Kubota Tractor is good for the ploughing operations.

Ans. At TractorFirst, 4 Kubota Tractor Series are available.

Ans. Yes, on TractorFirst you can get each and every detail of Kubota Tractors.

Sours: https://www.tractorfirst.com/kubota-tractors/
Kubota tractor full review

All Kubota Tractor Model

Kubota Tractor Pricelist

ImageKubota L Tractor, /-


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Kubota L tractor priceKubota L Tractor, /-


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Kubota L tractor priceKubota MU 2WD 4WD Tractor, /-, /-


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Kubota MU tractor priceKubota MU 2WD 4WD Tractor , /-, /-


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Kubota MU 2wd 4wd tractor priceKubota NEOSTAR AN 21 HP Tractor, ₹ , /-


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NeoStar AN 21 HP tractor priceKubota NEOSTAR B 24HP Tractor, /-


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Kubota Neostar B tractor priceKubota NEOSTAR B 27HP Tractor, /-


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Kubota Neostar B Tractor price
Sours: https://www.tractruck.com/all-kubota-tractor-pricelist-in-india/

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Kubota Tractor Models – Price and Specifications

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Kubota Established in the year , Kubota has become one of the major players in the agricultural industry. When it comes to finding the best tractors for farming, Kubota tractor models are one of the best choices. Taking full advantage of its management policies along with active R&D initiatives, the company has been making consistent efforts to remain on the leading edge of innovation when it comes to Kubota tractor India.

KUBOTA Tractors Price List And Review Of All Kubota Tractor Models | Full Specifications and Features

Are you looking to buy a new Kubota tractor and wish to know Kubota tractor prices and specifications? Look no further. Here, you can find the complete information on a range of Kubota tractor models prices:


Kubota Tractors Price List in India

Kubota MU 2wd Kubota MU 2WDThe MU series tractors live best legendary for fuel efficiency, sturdiness, and power-packed performance. So, Kubota MU tractor is believed for superior mileage and luxury.

Kubota 45 HP tractor has 4 cylinders and eight forward and four reverse gears.

MU tractor is outfitted with Kubota Quad four Piston (KQ4P) engine, a very strong, high fuel-economical four-cylinder engine with a slight seal that reduces friction and ultimately improves fuel efficiency.

Gear casting during this tractor is sealed and constantly greased with oil, providing outstanding dirt and waterproof performance.

  • Engine: Kubota VM-DI-E3, Inline FIP,4 Cylinder, Liquid Cooled
  • Drive: 2WD
  • Horsepower: 45HP
  • Displacement:  cc
  • Transmission: 8 Forward + 4 Reverse Main Transmission Synchromesh
  • Lift Capacity:  kg

This Kubota tractor 45 HP price in India is around 7,15, INR.

Kubota MU 2wd Kubota MU 2WDKubota MU tractor is provided with Japanese technology, e-CDIS engine and glorious transmission, which guarantee unthinkable traction power at the most effective potency fuel mileage, leading to higher productivity.

Also, the comfortable technology vogue will free operators from fatigue even once long operative hours.

Kubota 55 HP tractor has 4 cylinders, cc engine generating engine rated RPM.

MU tractor is unmatched power with the economy and is big, desirable and fuel saver. It’s been developed with ‘thoughtful scrutiny’ to the precise wants of Indian farmers. This model is created on 3 pillars that are a performance, potency, and dependableness with operator comfort.

  • Engine: Kubota VM-DI, Inline FIP E-CDIS,4 Cylinder, Liquid Cooled
  • Drive: 2WD
  • Horsepower: 55HP
  • Displacement:  cc
  • Transmission: 8 Forward + 4 Reverse Main Transmission Synchromesh
  • Lift Capacity:  kg

Kubota MU 2WD tractor price ( Kubota 55 HP tractor Price in India ) is approx lac/&#; INR.

Kubota MU 4WD tractor price is approx lac/&#; INR.


Kubota L tractorKubota MU 2WD

  • Horsepower:  HP
  • 4 Cylinders
  • Engine:  cc powerful engine.
  • It generates an rpm of PTO.
  • The narrow design of Kubota l tractor helps farmer carry out inner side farming operations effectively.
  • This tractor performing well with rotavator, cultivator, spraying, haulage, sowing, reaper, and thrashing.
  • It works best for various farming applications and across multiple crops like grapes, groundnut, cotton, and castor.

This Kubota tractor prices in Indian is around 7,99, INR.

Kubota NeoStar AN 21 HP tractor:Kubota NeoStar AN 4WDKubota Neostar AN is a 21 horsepower tractor. It has 3 cylinders and CC powerful engine. With an rpm of HP PTO, it is best for simple and complex farm operations. The narrow design of tractor helps the farmers to perform all inner farming operation. NeoStar AN performs well with rotavator, cultivator, spraying, haulage, sowing, reaper, threshing and across multiple crops like grapes, groundnut, cotton, castor etc.

It has 9 forward and 3 reverse gearboxes with oil Immersed breaks. It has a speed of min. to km/h and turning radius of mtr.

The price of Kubota Neostar AN is around 4 lacs.

Kubota AN-OPKubota AN-OP

Kubota AN-OP tractor is a little master with optimal width. It has 21 power unit, three cylinders cc vigorous engine, generating HP power takeoff, low tremble engine that has high power, high force, and clean emission.

AN-OP tractor is fitted with super draft management, it enhances the operational potency that’s particularly noticeable once endeavour dry field applications.

Further, the quality dimension tyre configuration of model AN-OP contributes to bigger operational stability.

Operators solace is extremely crucial whereas we tend to name the tractor. So, Kubota AN-OP tractor is meant with keeping in mind the wants of farmers.

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Kubota Neostar BKubota Neostar B 4WDKubota Neostar B tractor is an orchard master. Kubota 24 HP tractor comes with three cylinders cc strong engine. Neostar B tractor can elevate up to kgs. It has 23 ltr fuel tank capability and distance of mm.

Additionally, it has a quiet, low vibration engine that has high power, high torsion, and clean emission. The operation can exclusively stop the engine by keys.

The high powered 24 HP engine and compact body allow cultivation and spraying of orchards (grapes and pomegranate), cotton and sugarcane fields with one tractor.

Kubota Neostar B tractor is reliable to use and straightforward to stay up. It helps simple operations with implements on the numerous field.

Kubota Neostar B tractor price is approx lac/- INR.


Kubota NeoStar BKubota NeoStar B 4WDKubota consistently created merchandise as per agriculture wish. Therefor to stay in mind that what’s smart for the farmers Kubota designed Kubota Neostar B

Kubota Neostar B tractor is multitasking compact tractor. Kubota 27 HP tractor has three cylinders it’s generating HP PTO.

Through the employment of ECO-PTO high performance, high load implements like low-volume sprayers are often effectively used with lower fuel being consumed.

The design of the key fastened fuel tank cap not only prevents detritus from entering into the fuel tank but together the possibility of fuel low breaking.

The size of the wide, flat deck permits the driver to undertake operations by consolatory the foremost comfortable body position.

Kubota Neostar B tractor price is approx lac/- INR.

Is your search for Updated Kubota tractor price list over now? Find the complete information including price and specifications of Kubota all top tractor models in India at one place!

Kubota Tractors Price List in India all models



Key Specifications

Price List


kubota neostar an 4wd



21 HP

No. Of Cylinder : 3
Horsepower : 21 HP
Gear Box : 9 Forward + 3 Reverse
Brakes : Oil Immersed Breaks
Warranty : Hours / 5 Yr



Rs. 4,15,/-


kubota neostar b



24 HP

No. Of Cylinder : 3
Horsepower : 24 HP
Gear Box : 9 Forward + 3
Brakes : Wet disk type
Warranty : Hours / 5 Yr



Rs. 4,99,/-


kubota neo star b



27 HP

No. Of Cylinder :  3
Horsepower :  27 HP
Gear Box : 9 Forward + 3 Reverse
Brakes : Oil Immersed Brakes
Warranty : Hours / 5 Yr



Kubota Lkubota l 



No. Of Cylinder :3
Horsepower: 35 HP
PTO HP : 30 HP
Gear Box: 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Brakes: Wet Disk Type
Warranty : Hours / 5 Yr



Rs. 6,62,/-


kubota l



45 HP

No. Of Cylinder : 4
Horsepower : 45 HP
Gear Box : 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Brakes : Oil Immersed Brakes
Warranty : Hours / 5 Yr



Rs. 7,99,/-


kubota mu



45 HP

No. Of Cylinder: 4
Horsepower : 45 HP
Gear Box : 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Brakes: Oil Immersed Disc Brake
Warranty : Hours / 5 Yr



Rs. 7,15,/-


kubota mu



55 HP

No. Of Cylinder: 4
Horsepower : 55 HP
Gear Box : 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Brakes : Oil Immersed Disc Brakes
Warranty : Hours Or Yr



Rs. 8,70,/-

KUBOTA MU 4WDkubota 4wd 


55 HP

No. Of Cylinder 4
Horsepower: 55 HPGear Box : 8 Forward+ 4 ReverseBrakes : Oil immersed Disc Brakes

Warranty: Hours / 5 Yr



KUBOTA B 4WDkubota b  


24 HP

No. Of Cylinder : 3
Horsepower: 24 HP
Gear Box : 9 Forward + 3 Reverse
Brakes : Wet Disc Type


Rs. 5,55,/-


Cessation; All tractors of Kubota is simply regarding feature stuffed. It’s really useful whereas operational tractor and farming. Kubota tractor is convenient for farming. For Kubota operators, solace is extremely crucial whereas they tend to remark the tractor. Kubota consistently created products as per agriculture wish.


Additionally, with good technologies, Kubota provides a reworked tractor with a unique vogue

These are Kubota tractor models and Kubota tractor price in India. I hope you get all the details regarding the top 10 tractors of Kubota in India. If you want to know more about Kubota Tractor Company, Kubota tractor models, specifications and Kubota tractor price in India you have to just stay tuned with TractorJunction.

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