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‘The Challenge’ Greats: Where Are They Now?

Since The Real World launched in 1992 and Road Rules in 1995, MTV has gathered quite the lineup of athletes to compete in The Challenge. In 1998, the spinoff began as Road Rules: All Stars. Season 2, the title was changed to Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

By season 19, the show made many changes and converted to The Challenge, although it’s usually combined with a unique title — Rivals, Battle of the Sexes, Bloodlines, etc.

While the cast now competes for a giant sum of money, that wasn’t always the case. When the show began, the members won a trip for two to San José, Costa Rica. Fast forward to 2017, when The Challenge season 30 cast competed for $1 million.

Ashley Mitchell, who began on Real World: Ex-Plosion, currently stands as the competitor with the most winnings, earning $1,121,250 in her two Challenge wins. Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio holds the title for male competing in the most Challenges at 20, while Cara Maria Sorbello holds the female title, being cast on 14.

Although it began as only Real World and Road Rules alum, cast members from Are You the One?, Big Brother, Ex on the Beach, Geordie Shore, Vanderpump Rules, The Amazing Race, Bad Girls Club, Party Down South and Survivor have since joined the show.

“We see ourselves now as the challenge show,” producer Emer Harkin told Variety in 2020 about adding in other shows. “It’s really about marrying the best of the best from those shows with the best of ours.”

How big are reality star salaries? Jason Tartick breaks it down with Us Weekly editors.

While looking for someone “athletic, young, entertaining, single” is important, “they can’t just be the hottest guy or the most loved girl, they also have to not die when they come on The Challenge,” she said. “That, in and of itself, is a challenge to find them. [And] MTV being the home and safe place for the LGBTQ community and keeping casts diverse, people really want to see themselves represented on television. So all of those things mixed together create the unicorn that I am constantly searching for.”

Scroll through the gallery below to catch up with some of the biggest competitors and where they are today.

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MTV And Paramount+ Renew ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ For Season 2, Unveils Cast & Premiere Date

The Challenge: All Stars has scored a second-season renewal at Paramount+, which also revealed the season’s premiere date and contestants set to return for the competition show. 

Set to drop Thursday, November 11 exclusively on Paramount+, The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 will welcome back 24 cast members from the show’s long history, including players who haven’t competed in more that 20 years. With past relationships that run deep and competitive streaks that never die, they will have to overcome the obstacles both in and out of the game to take home the win. The players will face over-the-top challenges for a shot at the $500,000 grand prize. TJ Lavin is set to host. 

Contestants set to appear are Ayanna Mackins, Brad Fiorenza, Casey Cooper, Cohutta Grindstaff, Darrell Taylor, Derek Chavez, Derrick Kosinski, Janelle Casanave, Jasmin Reynaud, Jodi Weatherton, Jonna Mannion, Katie Doyle, Kendal Darnell, Laterrian Wallace, Leah Gillingwater, Melinda Collins, MJ Garrett, Nehemiah Clark, Ryan Kehoe, Sophia Paquis, Steve Meinke, Teck Holmes, Tina Barta and Tyler Duckworth. 

Episodes of The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 will drop weekly on Thursdays on Paramount+. Yes Duffy took home the grand prize on the debut season of The Challenge: All Stars. The mothership series’ Season 37 will take place in Croatia. 

The Challenge: All Stars was created for MTV Entertainment Studios by Bunim/Murray Productions. Julie Pizzi, Justin Booth and Mark Long serve as executive producers, and Diego Amson and Chris Ray as co-executive producers. Katie Gallagher and Kristen Bihr serve as supervising producers. Dan Caster and Leanne Mucci serve as executive producers with Jared March as supervising producer for MTV and Donny Herran as SVP of Production.

Watch a teaser above. 

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On MTV’s top reality show, the drama runs deeper than money. It’s ‘life and death’

Do you like competition? Amazing stunts? Nasty scheming, drunken indiscretions and long-term character development most professional writers couldn’t dream of conjuring?

If you answered “yes,” it might be time to step up to “The Challenge.”

MTV’s highest-rated program, the reality competition series, which debuted in 1998 as a crossover between “The Real World” and “Road Rules,” is entering its 37th season; its 500th episode will air during “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” premiering Wednesday. The show has shot in 27 countries and this season’s competitors represent 10 nations.

Of all its qualities — imaginative stunts supervised by the coordinator behind “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “The Suicide Squad”; gorgeous people falling in love (or lust); idiotic, inebriated conflicts — one sets “The Challenge” apart from other entries in the genre: the “Boyhood"-like phenomenon of watching people change over time.

‘That’s the scariest human alive’

Who is worthy? Players break it down in one of the daily competitions on MTV’s “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies.” Center, with hammer: fan favorite Kyle Christie.

(Archi Vienot / MTV)

Clips of the stunts and fights on “The Challenge” amass millions of views, but the relationship viewers forge with veteran competitors — some have appeared on more than 15 seasons — is what gives it unexpected depth. Some have gone from callow, arrogant twentysomethings to centered parents while still competing at high levels against the new breed. Some, of course, never seem to change. Bless ‘em.

This season brings back a number of old hands. English roué Kyle Christie hasn’t won a title but is the sound-bite gold medalist. Devin Walker-Molaghan, another dependably hilarious interview, is an IT guy trying to prove brains can eventually overcome brawn. The physically and mentally tough Kaycee Clark played tackle football for the San Diego Surge; pot-stirrer Amanda Garcia seems to have embraced her nickname, “Spawn of Satan.”. And Cory Wharton, who in the past gleefully accepted the crown of “Challenge” hookup king, now appears to have settled down with controversial reality star Taylor Selfridge.

Aneesa Ferreira is the show’s elder stateswoman, and while she’s not expected to beat out the younger competition, one of the series showrunners, Emer Harkin, describes Ferreira as among the series’ most thoughtful players.

And as a bisexual woman of color on a popular reality series, Ferreira has herself been both an advocate for and an emblem of more diverse representation on other shows like “The Challenge.” While she’s been open in the past about the pressure that comes with that role, she’s also praised the series for being ahead of the curve. “This show is awesome because it’s a smorgasbord of people of color,” she told Hollywood Life in December. “I’d never seen anything like it. It was full-on representation. We talked about a lot of important things and I was happy to be part of that.”

In 14 previous seasons, Ferreira has seen and done it all — except win a final.

Aneesa Ferreira is one of the most respected presences on “The Challenge”; “Spies, Lies and Allies” marks her 15th season, but she has yet to win a final.

(Archi Vienot / MTV)

Then there’s Chris “CT” Tamburello. As Harkin says of perhaps the best-known returning player, “CT is the famous bad boy. We’ve seen him in every bad situation: all of the highs, the lows. To see the renaissance of his character, see him evolve into who he is today and be one of the most-loved reality stars of all time is something.”

Tamburello debuted on MTV’s “The Real World: Paris” (2003) as a charming Boston bruiser with a penchant for disturbing drunken brawls. After joining “The Challenge” in 2004, he cemented that reputation, especially in one Hulk-like rage in which his bloodlust couldn’t be restrained by numerous bulked-up cast mates.

“He was like a big gorilla going after [cast mate] Adam [King] in a onesie. I was like, ‘That’s the scariest human alive,’” says BMX star and musician Lavin, who has hosted 29 seasons of the series and its spinoffs.

Over the years, however, Tamburello has matured before our eyes. His ill-fated love affair with contestant Diem Brown, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her 20s, visibly changed him. Now in his 40s, he’s calmer, funnier. He’s a father who went from Greek god to “dad bod” (his words) yet remains a dangerous competitor, a four-time champion constantly revealing new sides. He has gone from the gamma-irradiated bull in the China shop to the jovial, even cuddly figure castmates call a “teddy bear.”

“The complexity of these characters, it’s real,” says Harkin. “You can’t contrive that for such a long period. You can relate to that, when somebody’s going through a really rough time, when you’re madly in love, when you’re at your lowest low.”

Dad bod no more: Chris “CT” Tamburello, one of “The Challenge’s” most storied competitors, is back — and back in fighting trim — for “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies.” Over the years, he has become known as not just one of the show’s best athletes, but one of its smartest players.

(Archi Vienot/MTV)

‘The heaviest story in “Challenge” history’

Episodes of “The Challenge” devote time to interpersonal drama , competitive politicking, daily challenges, and climactic head-to-head eliminations — and at times the focus on playing a “scared game” to dodge elimination, in the series’ parlance, can become tiresome.

But none of those power moves and own goals can match the real-life drama to which the series sometimes bears witness. The winding tale of Tamburello and Brown, captured by MTV in a moving compilation video, is Exhibit A.

“That’s the heaviest story in ‘Challenge’ history,” says Lavin.

Harkin said, “Diem, oh God, it’s very emotional to even talk about it. She’s one of our most beloved cast members.”

In one indelible scene early in her “Challenge” career, Brown, who had recently been through chemotherapy, had to remove her wig for a muddy, water-based race.

“It was just after her treatment, and her hair was just growing back, and she looked so beautiful. And she took it off. And she started to embrace what she was going through,” said Harkin. “What a moment. What a woman. She was just amazing.”

Brown kept private that her cancer had recurred as she began filming her eighth season; she collapsed on set and died a few months later. She was 34.

“Diem spent some of her last weeks with us, very close to her passing,” Harkin said. “She wanted to be with us, doing what she had loved for so long, with the people that she loved the most.”

Although Brown’s story is unique in the series’ annals, Harkin notes that major life changes are commonplace: Challengers have explored their sexual orientation on the show, like Ferreira. Some have gone through marriages and divorces. Recently, Jordan Wiseley, one of the show’s most agile players, and bubbly-but-rugged Tori Dealgot engaged on the show, only to break up later.

“We’re really going through life and death with these people,” says Harkin. Thinking of the journeys of the show and the grueling finals, she says, “T.J. and I will stand at the finish line; they’ve accomplished something that’s really remarkable. And you’ll always hear them —" in the panting relief of a finisher — “‘This is the best game in the world.’”

‘The Challenge’

Where: MTV

When: 8 p.m. Wednesday

Rating: TV-14-DL (may be unsuitable for children under the age of 14 with advisories for suggestive dialogue and coarse language)

The Winners of MTV The Challege: The Ruins celebrate their Challenge victory.

There has been plenty of winners of The Challenge over the years. There’s been teams, individuals and pairs. There’s been overall winners, men’s winners, and women’s winners. Check out our list of every winner from each of the 35 Seasons of The Challenge on MTV

Season 18: The Ruins Winners

1ST PLACE – Champions (Derrick Kosinski – $50,970, evan Starkman – $50,970, JOhnny Bananas – $52,970, Kenny Santucci – $50,970, Susie Meister, $63,190)

2nd PLACE – Challengers (Sarah Rice – $17,700, KellyAnne Judd – $13,300)

After dominating the entire season, the Champions continued that trend into the final, where the five-person team outlasted the two women who remained on the Challengers side. Despite being the only two people remaining on their team, KellyAnne and Sarah performed incredibly well in the final and certainly earned their prize money.

Season 17: The Duel 2 Winners

1ST PLACE Evan Starkman – $100,000

1st Place – Rachel Robinson – $100,000

2ND PLACE – Brad Fiorenza – $35,000

2ND PLACE -Brittini Sherod – $35,000

3rd Place – Mark Long – $15,000

3rd PLACE – Aneesa Ferreira – $15,000

After an intense season in New Zealand, Evan and Rachel took two very different paths to the win. Evan dominated in eliminations, winning all three of the Duels he went into. Rachel, on the other hand, avoided The Duel altogether, racking up three daily challenge wins in the process.

Season 16: The Island Winners

1ST PLACE – Johnny Bananas, Eveyln Smith, Kenny Santucci, Derrick Kosinski ($300,000)

In one of the most odd, interesting, confusing seasons in Challenge history, Johnny, Evelyn, Kenny, and Derrick sailed to the treasure chest in their boat to win the grand prize of $300,000. The other team, including Paula, who the winning team turned on shortly before the final challenge, was left with nothing.

Season 15: The Gauntlet 3 Winners

1ST PLACEThe Rookies (Frank Roessler, Jillian Zoboroski, Johanna botta, Nehemiah Clark, Rachel Moyal, Tori Hall) – $300,000

After being dominated by the veterans for the entire season, the rookies beat the carefully crafted and pruned veterans team by default after Big Easy was medically removed from the final. Despite having a huge deficit to make up after Big Easy’s struggles, the veterans team came charging back to finish the final challenge before the rookie team, but were disqualified because they did not cross the finish line with their entire team.

Season 14: Inferno 3 Winners

1ST PLACE – Bad Asses (Abram Boise, Derrick Kosinski, Evelyn Smith, Kenny Santucci, tonya cooley, Janelle casanave) – $240,000

2nd PLACE – Good Guys (Ace Amerson, Alton Williams, Cara Zavaleta, Johnny Bananas, Paula Meronek, Susie Meister) – $60,000

In the Big Five final which took inspiration from Africas “big give” animals for hunting, the Bad Asses secured the win, adding $150,000 to the $90,000 they had already earned in the Challenges. The Good Guys team took home a total of $60,000 or $10,000 each. The Inferno 3 marked Derrick and Tonya’s first Challenge wins.

Season 13: The Duel Winners

1ST PLACE: wes bergmann – $150,000

2nd Place: JOdi Weatherton – $150,000

In a strange final that involved a penalty shoot-out on a makeshift soccer field to establish head-starts, Wes and Jodi finished victorious. The final challenge was, indeed, a Duel, involving only two male and two female players. Jodi dominated all season on the female side, leading up to her unsurprising victory. Wes, on the other hand, won the final two crucial daily challenges to win immunity from the final two male Duels, setting up his first Challenge victory.

Season 12: Fresh Meat Winners

1ST PLACE: Darrell Taylor and Aviv Melmed – $250,000

2nd Place: Kenny Santucci and Tina Barta – $30,000

3rD PLACE: Wes Bergmann and Casey Cooper – $20,000

In the first ‘Fresh Meat’ edition of The Challenge, the entire house was aiming to eliminate the entire Austin cast from the beginning. Wes and Casey, however, won five out of five exile eliminations to make the Final Challenge. Darrell and Aviv mostly skated under the radar during the season, winning only one Challenge, but not going into an exile until week 13.

In a strange final that involved a penalty shoot-out on a makeshift soccer field to establish head-starts, Wes and Jodi finished victorious. The final challenge was, indeed, a Duel, involving only two male and two female players. Jodi dominated all season on the female side, leading up to her unsurprising victory. Wes, on the other hand, won the final two crucial daily challenges to win immunity from the final two male Duels, setting up his first Challenge victory.

Season 14: Gauntlet 2 Winners

1ST PLACE – Rookies (Alton Williams, Ibis Nieves, Jamie Murray, JOdi Weatherton, Kina Dean, Landon Lueck, MJ Garrett, Randy Barry, Susie Meister) – $240,000

2nd PLACE – Veterans (Aneesa Ferreira, David Burns, Julie Stoffer, Katie Doyle, Mark Long, Robin Hibbard, Timmy Beggy) – $60,000

That is all the winners from the first several seasons of The Lavin Years.

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11 mtv challenge season

Now that TheReal World is on hiatus and Road Rules is done, spinoff reality series The Challenge is the new reigning king of messy hookups and vicious rivalries.

Since the popular MTV franchise already had its 37th season with Spies, Lies & Allies, we thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane — and what better way to do it than with photos of our favorite cast members from The Challenge, then and now?

It has been more than three decades since we first witnessed the cast eating gross insect dinners and having wild wrestling matches — the show premiered in June 1998 — but if you’ve been following the cast at all, you’ve probably noticed that some of them took unexpected career turns.

Noted staple Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio, whom fans met on The Real World: Key West, could still be seen battling it out in a few of the most recent Challenge seasons, including Total Madness. Romantically, Johnny and fellow The Challenge: War of the Worlds competitor Morgan Willett became a couple in 2019. However, Morgan told E! News that the two had broken up in September 2021.

Derrick Kosinski stepped away from competing after XXX: Dirty 30, but he still hosts a podcast about the show where he can keep up with all of his former castmates and their lives. The Chicago native himself is a father and is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Nicole Gruman.

Wes Bergmann, on the other hand, still competes on the MTV series, but is also a startup engineer who is married to Amanda Hornick following a two-year engagement.

Other stars, however, have left the reality TV world altogether, including Abram Boise, who was on the show for over a decade, before stepping away to become an art director.

After taking some time away from the competition show, Brad Fiorenza — who became a father and got married and subsequently divorced — returned to competing. He made his TV return in 2018 with Final Reckoning but failed to win.

See what the rest of your favorites from The Challenge are doing today — including which ones are still competing and which ones have settled down away from the cameras.

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Johnny Devenanzio

Courtesy Johnny Devenanzio/Instagram; YouTube

Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio

The Real World alum recently appeared on The Challenge: Total Madness, which he won, after competing on War of the Worlds and Vendettas. He is also the host of NBC’s 1st Look and has a Johnny Bananas travel page and merchandise shop. After dating Morgan Willett for two years, the two broke in September 2021, with Morgan telling E! News, “I’ve always tried my best to be an open book and after seeing everything circulate over the internet, I felt like I should let you all know that Johnny and I are no longer together.” She added, “While I feel heartbroken, I’m thankful to know the truth. Johnny is someone I loved & respected very much and so I will be taking some time to heal and process it all. Thank you to everyone for the support and when I’m ready to share more, I will. For now, I’m just focused on spending time with my family.”

Challenges Won: The Island (2008), The Ruins (2009), Rivals (2011), Battle of the Exes (2012), Free Agents (2014), Rivals III (2016) and Total Madness (2020).

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Derrick Kosinski

YouTube; Courtesy Derrick Kosinski/Instagram

Derrick Kosinski

Derrick played the role of Bobby in the horror film Hyenas in 2011 after three wins in The Challenge universe. He currently hosts the “Challenge Mania” podcast, where he discusses the current seasons of the reality competition. He got engaged to Nicole Gruman in January 2021 after three years of dating. Derrick was previously married to Amy Manchin, with whom he shares son Derrick Jr.

Challenges Won:The Inferno II (2005), The Island (2008), and The Ruins (2009)

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MTV; Courtesy Joss Monney/Instagram

Joss Mooney

This British bodybuilder and fitness instructor joined the show in The Challenge: Vendettas, before appearing on Final Reckoning and War of Worlds 2. His reality TV history also includes Ex on the Beach UK and Beach Body SOS. He owns his own bodybuilding company called JM Transformations and runs the clothing brand Lab3l.

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Getty Images, MTV

Leroy Garrett

Starting out on Real World: Las Vegas, Leroy was close to winning several seasons but has yet to clinch a win. He has appeared on 12 seasons of The Challenge, most recently War of the Worlds 2 and Double Agents. Outside of MTV, Leroy has his own barbershop business, called RoyLee’s Barber Studio, in Houston. He is also dating The Challenge’s Kam Williams. The couple document their life together on YouTube.

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Kam Williams

YouTube; Courtesy Kam Williams/Instagram

Kam Williams

You probably recognize her from her stint on Are You the One? However, after making her Challenge debut on Vendettas in 2018, she’s become one of the regulars. You can also catch her on her YouTube channel, which often features boyfriend Leroy Garrett. The couple moved to Houston in December 2020, after celebrating a year of dating. Kam is also the founder of beauty company Kam Kollection.

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Nicole Zanatta

YouTube; Courtesy Nicole Zanatta/Instagram

Nicole Zanatta

The Staten Island police officer showed up on Real World: Skeletons before appearing on her first Challenge season in 2016. She then competed on Vendettas and Double Agents. The TV personality has also appeared on Ex on the Beach and Game of Clones.

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MTV; Courtesy Sylvia Elsrode/Instagram

Sylvia Elsrode

Sylvia made her debut on The Real World: Skeletons in 2014 and has appeared in Invasion of the Champions, Vendettas and Final Reckoning. She is now a licensed real estate agent in Kansas and Missouri, having appeared on House Hunters in 2020.

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Brad Fiorenza

YouTube; Courtesy Brad Fiorenza/Instagram

Brad Fiorenza

The Real World: San Diego star was married to his former Challenge costar Tori Hall for six years before their split in 2016. They share two children together. After working in Chicago as a public school teacher, Brad returned to reality TV in 2018, appearing in Vendettas, where he struck up a romance with another cast member, Britni Thornton. He then competed on Final Reckoning.

Challenges Won:Cutthroat (2010) and The Gauntlet III (2008)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Camila Nakagawa

Courtesy Camila Nakagawa/Instagram; YouTube

Camila Nakagawa

She still participates in The Challenge, recently competing on XXX: Dirty 30. Camila also models and has owned a cleansing spa company in Miami since 2012. She welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Kai Aiden, in July 2020.

Challenges Won:Battle of the Exes (2012) and XXX: Dirty 30 (2017)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Coral Smith

Courtesy Coral Smith/Instagram; YouTube

Coral Smith

Coral last competed on The Gauntlet III. She is currently an internet-based travel show host and a freelance writer. She lives in San Francisco and has a daughter named Charlie.

Challenges Won:Battle of the Seasons (2012)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Wes Bergmann

YouTube; Courtesy Wes Bergmann/Instagram

Wes Bergmann

The TV personality still competes on The Challenge, most recently appearing on Double Agents in 2020. Wes married his longtime girlfriend Amanda Hornick in June 2018 after being engaged for two years. The couple live in Kansas City, where he is also a startup engineer at a company called BetaBlox, which he has been a part of since 2008.

Challenges Won:The Duel (2007) and Rivals II (2013)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello

Courtesy Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello/Instagram; Shutterstock

Chris “CT” Tamburello

Chris shares son Chris Jr. with estranged wife Lilianet Solares. The pair separated in December 2020 after tying the knot two years prior. He used to date his former Challenge costar Diem Brown for a year and a half, but she sadly died of ovarian cancer in 2014. In 2017, he appeared in the film Habit and has continued to compete on The Challenge, appearing in XXX: Dirty 30, Total MadnessDouble Agents and Spies, Lies & Allies.

Challenges Won: Rivals II (2013), Invasions of the Champions (2017), War of the Worlds 2 (2019) and Spies, Lies & Allies (2021)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Kenny Santucci

Courtesy Kenny Santucci/Instagram; MTV

Kenny Santucci

Kenny is now a fitness professional who owns Strong New York, which is a strength and running club. He also contributes to publications such as Men’s Journal, Shape, and Men’s Health. He last competed on The Challenge: Rivals.

Challenges Won:The Inferno III (2007), The Island (2008), and The Ruins (2009)

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MTV, Getty Images

Diem Brown

After her long battle with ovarian cancer, Diem died at the age of 32 in 2014. She used to date her Challenge costar Chris “CT” Tamburello for a year and a half. Aside from doing the reality show, she was an entertainment reporter who worked for Associated Press, Sky Living, and She also published pieces about her experiences with cancer.

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Veronica Portillo

YouTube; Courtesy Veronica Portillo/Instagram

Veronica Portillo

Veronica launched the clothing line College Dropout with former costar Rachel Robinson in 2004, but it has since been discontinued. She recently appeared on Vendettas and Final Reckoning. She has been an account executive at Intuit in San Francisco since 2013.

Challenges Won:Challenge 2000 (2000), The Gauntlet (2004), and The Inferno (2004)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Abram Boise

YouTube; Courtesy Abram Boise/Instagram

Abram Boise

After The Challenge, he starred in a short film called The Relationship Killer. He’s now an art director at Sound Color Studios, which he launched with his brother Michael Boise. Abram wed Rachel Missie in 2019 before the couple called it quits in September 2021, just five months after welcoming a son together.

Challenges Won:The Inferno III (2007), The Island (2008), and The Ruins (2009)

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MTV; Courtesy Darrell Taylor/Twitter

Darrell Taylor

He still participates in The Challenge, but he’s also the owner of LB4LB Fitness where he works as a personal trainer. He is married to Milasent Taylor, with whom he shares a daughter and a son.

Challenges Won:The Gauntlet (2004), The Inferno (2004), The Inferno II (2005), and Fresh Meat (2006)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Cara Maria Sorbello

Courtesy Cara Maria Sorbello/Instagram; MTV

Cara Maria Sorbello

Cara still participates on The Challenge and most recently won Vendettas. She gives fitness tutorials via her social media accounts and has her own collection of leggings and socks. The Massachusetts native is also a professional photographer.

Challenges Won:Battle of the Bloodlines (2016) and Vendettas (2018)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Theo Von

Shutterstock; Courtesy Theo Von/Instagram

Theo von Kurnatowski

He now goes by Theo Von and is currently a stand-up comedian. In 2016, Theo released an independent podcast called “This Past Weekend” and starred in the Netflix special, No Offense. The following year, he released a comedy album called 30lbBag of Hamster Bones. As of 2021, Theo hosts the “This Past Weekend” and “The King and The Sting” podcasts.

Challenges Won:The Gauntlet (2004) and Battle of the Sexes II (2005)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Mark Long

Courtesy Mark Long/Instagram; YouTube

Mark Long

Mark launched a supplement brand called Pocket Protein in the mid ‘00s‏. He continued to appear on The Challenge: After Show until 2016. He is currently a TV personality and host.

Challenges Won:Real World vs. Road Rules (1999), Battle of the Seasons (2002), and Battle of the Sexes (2003)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Evan Starkman

YouTube; Courtesy Rachael Kari Starkman/Facebook

Evan Starkman

Evan was the host of Cosmo TV’s Love Trap for one year from 2011 to 2012. He is now the president and founder of The Bait Shoppe, which is a marketing firm with offices in New York, Toronto, Denver and Los Angeles.

Challenges Won:The Duel II (2009) and The Ruins (2009)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Julie Stoffer

YouTube; Courtesy Julie Stoffer/Instagram

Julie Stoffer

She was a cohost on G4’s show The Electric Playground for over six years, which went behind the scenes of making video games. Julie, who was the first Mormon to star on The Real World, is now married to a surgeon named Spencer Rogers. The couple share three children, Evelyn, Westley and Forrest. She also runs a personal website called,

Challenges Won:Extreme Challenge (2001)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Sean Duffy

YouTube; Courtesy Sean Duffy/Instagram

Sean Duffy

Sean became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin’s seventh district for eight years. He is married to his former Road Rules costar Rachel Campos and they have eight kids together.

Challenges Won:All Stars (1998)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Syrus Yarbrough

YouTube; Courtesy Syrus Yarbrough/Instagram

Syrus Yarbrough

Syrus was a craft beverage specialist for Glo Energy before becoming the owner of 8 Degrees jewelry store in Hollywood. He has remained part of the MTV family as a host and emcee. He launched his Black Designer Clothing company in September 2020 and acted in both Reboot Camp and The Trouble.

Challenges Won:Extreme Challenge (2001)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Aneesa Ferreira

Courtesy Aneesa Ferreira/Instagram; YouTube

Aneesa Ferreira

Aneesa currently lives in Philadelphia and is a bartender at The Thirsty Soul. She graduated from Temple University in 2020 with a degree in psychology. She previously graduated from the Community College of Philadelphia with honors in 2016. Aneesa continues to compete on The Challenge, most recently appearing on Spies, Lies & Allies.

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MTV; Courtesy Paula Meronek/Instagram

Paula Meronek

Paula is now married to Jack Beckert. The pair share three children. The reality star has stayed somewhat out of the spotlight after winning two seasons of The Challenge, currently residing in New Jersey and working for Power Home Remodeling. She celebrated seven years of sobriety in November 2020.

Challenges Won:Rivals (2011) and Rivals II (2013)

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Shane Landrum

Courtesy Shane Landrum/Instagram; YouTube

Shane Landrum

Shane worked as an account manager at Verizon Wireless for three years before returning to The Challenge for Vendettas. He has since appeared on Champs vs. Stars and Final Reckoning. He was also a men’s suit designer for Q Clothier/Rye 51.

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Ruthie Alcaide

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Ruthie Alcaide

The Hawaii native last competed on The Duel II in 2009. She recently worked as an office production assistant for the comedy film DRIB and The Stand at Paxton County. Ruthie also coproduced and acted in The Rainbow Bridge Motel. She has been dating her girlfriend, Moni Kiusz, since 2016.

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now

YouTube; Courtesy Amaya Brecher/Instagram

Amaya Brecher

After being on reality TV, Amaya acted as Jenna in the short film The Hardest Job in the Business in 2009. She is now a voiceover actor and lives in California.

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MTV; Courtesy Lori Trespicio/Instagram

Lori Trespicio

After The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes, Lori appeared in a TV movie documentary called Real Hot. She is now the mother of two children and in a long-term relationship.

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The Challenge Cast: Where Are They Now Blair Herter

Shutterstock; Courtesy Blair Herter/Instagram

Blair Herter

The former reality star was a producer and recurring host on Attack of the Show! before he hosted season 1 of American Ninja Warrior. As of 2020, he is the Vice President of Content Partnerships and Brand Development at Comcast Spectacor, which is part of the G4 family. Blair married TV personality Jessica Chobot in 2012. The couple share one son, Emerson.

Team UK on Their Cheating Scandal - Behind The Challenge Ep. 3

Check Out the Cast of The Challenge Season 37—Including 2 Survivor Winners

Why MTV's "The Challenge" Stars Keep Coming Back

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is here.

Rejoice, The Challenge is returning Thursday, Aug. 11, and the hit MTV reality series is going bigger than ever for its 37th season, which is subtitled Spies, Lies and Allies. Seventeen veterans—reigning champion Chris "C.T." Tamburello is competing in his 19th season—will square off against seventeen rookies from around the world, including  not one, but two Survivor champions and several Love Island alums. Of course, T.J. Lavin is back in action, serving as our trusted host, ready to laugh at any tumble and roast any quitter. 

Here's MTV's official description for the upcoming season, which is basically going full Mission: Impossible on us:

"Set in the picturesque Mediterranean coast of Croatia, elite U.S. Agents join forces with an assortment of International Operatives, all armed with killer competitive instincts. With the assignment constantly evolving, these agents will be tested both mentally and physically to win their share of one million dollars in this epic new chapter of The Challenge spy games."

And judging from the trailer, it seems the newbies will be giving the returning players a run for their (literal) money, with Kyle Christie nervously saying, "You've got Team Germany, Team Romania, Team Nigeria, if they band together, we're screwed!" 

The challenges also appear to be more dangerous than ever, with Nelson Thomas casually telling another competitor, "The worst thing that can happen is that you die." NBD, right?

This being The Challenge, naturally, there's also time for hooking up in between missions, with a few quick glimpses at the potential pairings being teased in the promo. "Why do they keep casting hot people?!" Kyle, a sentient soundbite, ponders.

Plus, there's a big reveal at the end of the teaser, proving the twists will keep on coming on all season. Let the real global games begin indeed. 

Check out the cast for The Challenge's 37th season, divided into veterans and rookies.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies premieres Wednesday, Aug. 11 on MTV.

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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 2

  The contestant is on the Rookies team
  The contestant is on the Veterans team
  The contestant's team won by default after the other team forfeited
  The contestant's team forfeited after determining they weren't going to win
  The contestant's team won the challenge and was safe
  The contestant won the Captain's challenge and was named the team captain
  The contestant sat out of the challenge and the contestant's team won the challenge
  The contestant sat out of the challenge and was exempt from the Gauntlet
  The contestant won the Gauntlet
  The contestant was selected for the Gauntlet, but did not have to compete
  The contestant lost the Gauntlet and was eliminated
  The contestant withdrew from the competition

The final challenge[edit]

The final challenge, "Bet Your Booty" consisted of three games, roti eating, a memory challenge, and a relay race, to place bets on after receiving 250 gold doubloons each from the host, T. J. Lavin, with each contestant eligible to compete in only one event.

(1 doubloon)
Roti Eating Mark
(248 doubloons)
(1 doubloon)
Pirate Memory[e]Katie
(1 doubloon)
(248 doubloons)
Sand Sprint[e]Aneesa
(1 doubloon)


Reunion special[edit]

The reunion special, Shark Infested Waters: Gauntlet II Reunion, aired after the season finale on March 27, 2006 and was hosted by Susie Castillo.


Ace & Derrick Adam K. & Kina
Adam L. & Timmy Alton & Ibis
Aneesa & Jisela Danny & Susie
Beth & Julie Cara & Randy
Brad & David Jamie & Jeremy
Katie & Ruthie Jodi & MJ
Montana & Robin Landon & Jillian
Mark & Syrus Alton & Landon
Derrick & Katie Jillian & Kina
Julie & Robin Cara & Susie
Aneesa & Montana Jamie & Jeremy
Brad & David MJ & Randy
Beth & Timmy Ibis & Jodi
David & Mark Alton & Landon
Katie & Robin Jamie & Jodi
Beth & Derrick Jillian & Kina
Aneesa & Julie Ibis & Susie
Brad & Timmy MJ & Randy


  1. ^ abBeth refused to compete in the "Beach Brawl" Gauntlet. Aneesa became the new team captain by default.
  2. ^ abCameran gave the win to Kina, and did not compete in the "Capture The Flag" Gauntlet.
  3. ^ abJo withdrew from the game in Episode 1 before the first challenge. As a result, Kina was named team captain for coming in second in the Captain's challenge.
  4. ^Since the Veterans had two more players, they had to pick one male and one female to sit out from the "Rickshaw Races" challenge. The designated players would also be automatically safe from elimination. The Veterans selected Syrus and Montana.
  5. ^ abcdOnly the first event was played, after the Veterans team bet 248 coins on the roti eating challenge. After a loss gave the Rookies 249 coins, the Veterans elected to forfeit, on the basis that Aneesa could not win against the three Rookies that were to race her in the relay event. (Episode recap) During the reunion show, Mark and Robin attributed the loss to a bout of food poisoning the night before.

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