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Introduction: Backlit House Numbers

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Making your house numbers equally readable at night as in the day is as simple as shining a light on them, but here is another option that transforms white numbers to a dramatic backlit silhouette at night. It uses lasercut number outlines, with a flexible LED strip recessed in behind for illumination after dark.

Step 1: Design

I picked a font that was reasonably bold, that included an open 4 (so I didn't have any closed loops*), and that looked modern and attractive. I couldn't find any default fonts that fit the bill so I downloaded Titillium Web. I arranged the numbers overlapping vertically in PowerPoint until I had them looking how I wanted, then imported the image into Fusion360 and traced over the numbers using the line tool. I then used the offset tool to create a new line recessed by 10 mm so the LEDs would be hidden, and filleted it so the LEDs would have curves rather than sharp corners to follow.

I exported the .dxf file for lasercutting. I haven't shared the files simply because the chances of someone else needing 1541 are miniscule!

* I realized afterwards that closed loops aren't actually a big deal with this design, because you could easily leave access slots for the LED strip through the two pieces of plywood at the back

Step 2: Lasercut

I scaled the vector file so it would fit on the 800 x 500 mm bed of the Speedy360 laser cutter I have access to, and cut one outline and two skinnier profiles from 1/4" (6 mm) plywood.

Step 3: Assemble and Paint

I glued the profiles together as shown and painted the numbers with many coats of white spraypaint. I added a couple of mounting brackets to the back, which I harvested from some curtain pole supporters I had in my junk drawer.

Step 4: Add LEDs

I wrapped the inside profiles with a flexible waterproof LED strip using the mounting adhesive on the strip. To make it more permanent, I hot-glued the bottom edge in place wherever it was lifting then used clear silicone to cover that and seal the bottom edge. The LEDs are waterproof and the numbers are under cover, but better safe than sorry.

Soldering is necessary only for reconnecting the wires to the power supply/control switch. You could get away with no soldering at all if you passed the strip through the hole in the wall first and attached the strip outside the house. Make sure you think carefully about the position of the hole in the wall so you can seamlessly match it up with the numbers.

Step 5: Mount

I mounted the numbers next to the garage door, drilling a hole in the wall so I could access the power supply and control for the LEDs. These were attached to a rotary timer so the lights only come on during the evening. I'm really happy with the look of them. They can be set to different colors and brightnesses and modes, but we've left them on 80% intensity of pale yellow for an aesthetic look with the brown wall. I used the rest of the strip to illuminate the nearby path to the front door (mounted under a piece of trim I constructed for this purpose).

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Backlit LED house numbers under 40$

Posted 15 Dec 2018

We saw backlit led house numbers on one of our travel to Japan. When we got back I looked it up online, each individual numbers costed on average $100. After we put in landscape lights, i felt it was right time to try this project.

Things needed :

  1. Floating house numbers

  2. Waterproof LED strip

  3. Lead free solder

  4. Soldering kit

  5. 20 AWG wire - Used old CAT6 cable

Step by step instructions

Step 1:
Measure how much led strip you want for each number and cut the led strip along the cut markled strip
Step 2:
Expose the leads on the back of the stripexposed lead
Step 3:
Solder 20AWG wire to the 2 leadssolderedsolder otherside
Step 4:
Make sure you test to see if it is all working as expected
Step 5:
Build a base for the numbers and drill marker holes using the template providedmark numbers
Step 6:
Drill extra hole for the wires, make sure the extra hole hides under the number Note: a) use drill bit size lower than whats listed in the instructions b) screw in the mounting screws to the number and gently press the number in to the hole that you have drilleddrill holes
Step 7:
Combine the wires from the 3 letters to longer wire that connects to the 12v sourcewirefinal look
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Entryway lighting, meet your new best friend: house numbers. Whether they’re powered by LED or incandescent bulbs, lighted address plaques will beckon visitors into a warm glow at night.

Here are 10 lighted house number sets and address plaques to consider.

An entryway sconce with polished brass house numbers from Belgium-based designer Tekna is part of the Nautic collection, Housenumber is designed to evoke “old trains and ships from a bygone age,” says designer Eric Huysmans. For more information and pricing, see Tekna.

See more of this collection at Object of Desire: Housenumber Sconce from Belgium.

From Kichler, a \1\2.\25-inch-wide LED Address Light is available in a bronze finish (shown) and black; \$\26.93 at
With four-inch-tall numbers, a vertical Custom Aluminum & Acrylic LED House Numbers Sign can be customized with up to five digits; \$\186.09 to \$\279.\13, depending on size, from Glow Signs via Etsy.
A Two-Light Low Voltage Address Light with two bulbs is suitable for use in a wet location; \$\29.90 from
A low-voltage Custom Aluminum & Acrylic LED House Numbers Sign with five-inch numbers from Glow Signs can be customized with from one to six digits; \$\186.09 to \$30\2.40, depending on the number of digits; via Etsy.
A solar-powered Illuminated House Door Number Plaque suitable for outdoor use has an automatic sensor that turns on in the dark; £3.99 via Amazon UK.
Backlit LED House Numbers from Luxello measure eight inches high and are available with white or blue LED lights; \$\106 to \$\1\14 per digit, depending on color from Surrounding.
For a custom Back Lit House Name in Stainless Steel, you can specify numbers or letters; prices start at £\150 from Housenumbers.

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Numbers backlit house

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