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In the age of smart devices, it is not easy to offer something uniquely smart and different, especially in the fitness sector. Now, even the smallest of gadgets come with some level of smart functionality, whether it's sleep tracking, contactless payment options or something else.

More often than not, these options feel forced, just an afterthought, something manufacturers have to do because others are doing it.

• New Bowflex treadmill races Peloton Tread in the smart workout steeplechase

What if there was a fitness machine that actually made the most of connecting with an app? What if an app wasn't just a second thought, but something that was designed alongside the machine itself?

Enter the Technogym Myrun treadmill: this running machine was designed alongside the Myrun app and they actually complement each other perfectly.

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Why is the Technogym Myrun a unique treadmill?

When you first take a look at the Myrun treadmill, you instantly understand why it won so many design awards. The compact form factor and sleek design make it an object of desire and something you might display in your home even if you wouldn't want to actually run on it.

But of course, you will want to run on it. The Technogym Myrun will make the decision whether you want to run or not for you; the wake up sensor detects when you step on the running machine and starts it up automatically.

Once you're on the treadmill, that's when things really start to make sense. The Myrun might be a smaller machine but it delivers a big running experience. The 'Running Music' feature, for example, will choose music from your playlists that are best suited for the rhythm of your run. Even more impressive, the 'Myrunning Logbook' function will recreate your outdoor running experiences indoors, using the Myrun app.

Not only that, but the Myrun is also compatible with the Zwift app. Zwift is an app that makes indoor training as fun as the outdoor variety, bringing together like-minded people (through the app) to train and compete against each other.

(Image credit: Technogym)

It's no surprise that the Technogym Myrun made it to the top of the best treadmill list here at T3. Apart from it being a smart treadmill, it is also a very functional one too.

The Myrun can be set up in in no time thanks to the unique packaging design; get it out of the box and do your first run in five minutes. The Myrun can also extend its running surface up to a 12 percent incline and if you ever ran on such a steep slope, you know that it is a challenging angle to run up.

The Technogym Myrun is not a cheap treadmill but it is worth every penny. Invest in your health and future and check out the best prices for the Myrun below.


It's safe to say that after nearly 16+ months in quarantine, investing in one of the best treadmills is one of the most worthwhile purchases you can make. Not only does it alleviate any anxiety or fear consumed by (potentially) catching COVID-19, but it allows you to reach all of your fitness goals and potential from the comfort of your own homes. 

But for most users, finding the right at-home gym equipment means assessing three things: Your budget, your available space, and how you plan to use that equipment.

For serious runners that plan to use the treadmill frequently and heavily, durability and impact reduction takes center stage. If you're training for a long, steep hike in the mountains or running a hilly racecourse, a treadmill with extra incline/decline capability can help you prepare your body for that challenge. If you find yourself easily bored, interactive features become key. 

And of course, no matter what use you have in mind for the treadmill, a strong, smooth, and responsive motor and a reasonably cushioned running/walking deck are the essential key features to consider. 

Or maybe you want to learn how to create a home gym by adding in some of the best dumbbells; either way, you're going to need to start first with finding one of the best treadmills, and that's what we did. 

We've rounded up the five best treadmills on the market below for every space, level of expertise, and goal. 

The best treadmills

(Image credit: Best Buy)

1. Proform 505 CST

The best treadmills: the essential choice for small spaces


Size: 188 x 94 x 154 cm

Incline range: 0-10%

Pre-set programmes: 19

Top speed: 0-18kph

Reasons to buy

+Foldable design saves space+The large display shows your workout stats+0-10% incline for hill sprints+The built-in fan cools you while running

Reasons to avoid

-Foldable design isn’t for everyone

You don’t need a large room to keep fit at home. The Perform 505 CST folds up to help save space – which makes it suitable for even smaller living spaces or bedrooms. The ProForm 505 also has lots of other selling points such as a handy display that shows your speed, how far you’ve run, and estimated calories burned.   

Speed settings range from 0-10 mph – which should be more than a challenge for most. There’s also a 0-15% incline to help replicate those hill sprints you used to do in the freezing cold outside.   

There’s also a CoolAire fan to keep you comfortable during your workout while things get a bit sweaty on the way to beating your PB. 

(Image credit: Best Buy )

2. NordicTrack Commercial X32i

The best treadmills: A space-saving foldable treadmill


Size: 194 x 100 x 187 cm

Incline range: 0% – 40%

Top speed: 0 – 22 km/h

Reasons to buy

+Massive 32-inch HD touchscreen+0-12 mph speed settings+-6% decline – 40% incline for types of challenge+Built-in grip pulse monitors+Connect to your music playlists

Reasons to avoid

-Steep price

If you want to replicate that at-the-gym treadmill feel, look no further. The first thing you’ll notice about the NordicTrack Commercial X32i is the larger, 32-inch screen — which you’ll find easy to get lost in as you stream workouts with world-class personal trainers. 

These workouts are on-demand, so you can enjoy them whenever you want – they feature interactive technology – which means the trainer on screen can automatically adjust your machine’s speed, incline, and decline to mimic the gym class experience. 

Reflex Cushioning absorbs each stride so that you’ll feel less stress on your feet. On top of all that, you’ve got all the usual stat-tracking abilities, over 12,000 different workouts, and Google Maps technology so you can run in multiple locations across the globe. 

(Image credit: Technogym)

3. Technogym MyRun

The best treadmills: a gym-quality runner for the home


Size : 176 x 78.5 x 126 cm

Incline range: 0-12%

Top speed : 20 km/h

Reasons to buy

+Gym-quality treadmill +Syncs with your tablet+Online workouts+TechnoGym curated music playlists+Adaptive running surface

Reasons to avoid

-Need a tablet to access some features

If the name TechnoGym sounds familiar to you: it probably means you’ve used at least one TechnoGym exercise bike or treadmill at your local gym. Like all TechnoGym equipment, the MyRun is a quality bit of kit. The build quality is exceptional, and so are the features.  

While not the cheapest on our list, the MyRun is a sensational treadmill for all levels. It syncs with your tablet for online workouts with actual trainers. 

Plus, you get to select your workout for the day — while the trainer offers guidance to help you get fitter at home.  

One feature we’re in love with is the ability to train anywhere in the world as your tablet screen displays natural and urban landscapes for you to get lost in as you train.  

An adaptive running surface adapts to the way you run to shield your joints. A max speed of 12.4 mph and a max incline of 12% should cater to most fitness levels. 

(Image credit: JTX Fitness)

4. JTX Sprint-7

The best treadmills: A extremely capable all-rounder that checks every box


Size: L196cm x W93cm x H153cm

Incline range: 0-15%

Pre-set programmes: 43

Top speed: 20kph

Reasons to buy

+43 programs+Connect to your running apps+Built-in speakers+Folding design

Reasons to avoid

-Still bulky even when folded

A great all-rounder machine that is suitable for anyone – and it folds up. 

The JTX Sprint-7 is dead-easy to set up and use, and we like the way it slowly folds down when you’re ready to begin your workout. It has a quiet motor and 40 programs to suit your preferred workout style.  

A cushioned deck makes things easy on your joints as you move, so you know you’re getting a comfortable but challenging workout thanks to a 12.4 mph top speed and a hilly 0-15% incline.  

The control buttons are larger in size, making the JTX Sprint-7 easy to use for all the families. A 7-inch display shows you all the crucial running stats, or you can sync your tablet and run routes from all over the world. 

(Image credit: Domyos)

The Domyos Treadmill Run 100 is a great starting point for beginners and casual runners. It’s not too expensive compared to more full-featured models that are compact and can be folded when not used. 

A top speed of 8.6 mph and a manual incline of 3% will provide more than enough of a challenge for all but the most cardio-hardened trainer. 

Plus, you’ll find 30 programs created by a Domyos coach to get your blood pumping and your fitness levels rising. 

How do I know I've found one of the best treadmills?

(Image credit: Technogym)

With so many treadmills to choose from, it can be tough to pick the best treadmill for you. If you’re a beginner at running on the best treadmills, you may not need an expensive model.  

But if you’re already super serious about running, you’ll want a treadmill that’s going to help you smash your personal bests while keeping your fitness up. And that means lots of resistance and incline settings for that uphill sprint feeling and the ability to track your progress over time.  

And then there’s the middle ground – you run a little, but you want something that gets the job done. We’ve got you covered. 

Just remember – you don’t have to spend big to get the treadmill you want. 

What to look for in one of the best treadmills?

Belt size 

The gold standard for runners is a 22"x60" tread belt – enough space to accommodate almost any stride. You'll see shorter and narrower belts on budget-priced machines or those meant more for walking and jogging than full-out running.

Motor size

Treadmill motor size is measured in continuous horsepower (CHP), and in general, bigger is better. A stronger motor is more likely to offer fast, smooth speed transitions and steady belt movement.


Motor-adjust incline capability of up to 15% is pretty standard on mid-range treadmills nowadays, with budget models sometimes offering lesser motor-adjust options or manual adjustments. Increasingly, mid-range and high-end treadmills also offer limited decline capability to simulate the feel of running down a slight slope.

Entertainment options 

If you're willing to pass on high-tech entertainment options like HD touchscreens and interactive workouts, you can save a lot of money on your treadmill purchase. But if it's those entertainment features that motivate you to run or walk, don't skimp here – getting the right interactive add-ons could be the difference between actually using your treadmill or turning it into an expensive coat rack.

Other specs to consider

Of course, there are other practical considerations to keep in mind, like how much space the treadmill takes up in your home gym and whether it folds for storage. Most mid-price and budget-price home treadmills do fold up like one side of a drawbridge, freeing up a significant amount of floor space when they're not in use. 

But don't shoehorn that machine into a tight corner just yet: When the treadmill is in use, you'll need some extra space to the side and rear of the machine, so you can get on and off it and as a safety buffer on the very slim chance of a stumble.

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Technogym MyRun Treadmill

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The Technogym MyRun is the first treadmill that has what it takes to get me off the road. ;)

Sponsored Post: Technogym provided me with the product for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

Little backstory: since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, not only the number of virtual running events has increased. I also see more and more runners on Strava who are suddenly sitting on their bikes and reeling off their kilometres with a smart trainer in the basement. Although I am a convinced all-weather runner, I have sometimes been jealous of this training alternative. However, I wouldn’t want to get on a bike for that.

Zwift is also available for runners. So with a smart treadmill, I could also dive into this virtual training world. At least sometimes. But to be honest, I have yet to see a truly smart treadmill – even though many manufacturers use this term. Often it just refers to a large display and built-in training programmes, but these are often rigid and not very smart. Or there is an “entertainment system” with touchscreen, Spotify and Netflix connection. This then also includes the more convenient operation of the built-in training programmes. But they remain mostly closed systems, which are ultimately too inflexible for me.

Of course, there is also the option of using the Zwift pod or even the Stryd to make any treadmill “smart”. But that’s more of a compromise solution. Where are the really smart treadmills?!

Zwift itself lists a whole range of compatible models. But there is only one model the platform even uses in its own advertising: the Technogym MyRun.



The Italian manufacturer of fitness, health and sports products has been around for 35 years and is probably familiar to many gym members. Technogym is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and stands out for its combination of design and innovation.

The impressive range of really nice products extends from wellness at home to equipment at the Olympic Games. I find the digital connection via the cloud particularly exciting: the app “mywellness” consolidates the data from private running workouts, digital body scales or cross-trainers in the gym.

In the Technogym showroom I was allowed to try it all out and worked up quite a sweat. ;)

Product Selection and Specifications

Actually, you would think that it might be difficult to find the right treadmill for your home with all the choices available. From my point of view, the criteria for this look like this for an ambitious runner:

  • The motor should have at least 2 hp continuous power to be suitable for regular training.
  • The belt must be wide and long enough to be able to run safely even at higher speeds.
  • The treadmill must be quiet enough not to disturb the other people living in the house.

Even the MyRun as the “smallest” model in the home category fulfils these requirements more than adequately. It clearly benefits from the experience of the manufacturer with the studio devices, because the Italians do not offer less than 3 hp continuous power. With this, speeds up to 20 km/h can be achieved – that is 3:00 min/km. So if you don’t run the marathon faster than 2:06 hours, you should be able to get by. ;)

The running surface is 1430 x 500 mm, which is perfectly acceptable, even if I would have liked it to be 1-2 centimetres longer. Just for the good feeling ;) On the other hand, the treadmill remains a bit more compact, which could play a role in the space requirement. The running surface cannot be folded up, but it can be tilted by up to 12% when running.


The unit, weighing over 90 kg, was (fortunately) delivered by a haulage company and assembled ready for use at its destination. Although the strong men had to go down to my basement to do it, it was completed in 20 minutes.

In addition to the necessary space for the device itself, it should be noted that there must also be enough space behind the treadmill – for safety reasons. You should also not miscalculate the space above, because in addition to the height of the running surface and your own body size, there is also the vertical movement when running and an individual “feel-good distance” to the ceiling. ;) Besides that, all you need is a plug socket nearby and you’re ready to go.


The freshly assembled Technogym MyRun is ready for its first run with just one press of the button. The Start and Stop button should already be pulsating green and a short press should start the treadmill at the slowest speed. Press it again to stop the workout.

To the right and left of this button are the two “Fast Tracks“, with which tilt and speed can be adjusted. The levers can be pushed forwards and backwards to increase or decrease the values. The simple, beautifully designed display permanently shows (from left to right) the elapsed time, the inclination of the treadmill, the set speed (in km/h or min/km) and the distance covered.

If you are now wondering why a smart treadmill has such a simple control element, you should urgently read on. ;)

Technogym LIVE

Even though the MyRun is already fully operable with its three buttons, the “Technogym LIVE”-App adds great value to the treadmill. This platform, together with the “mywellness” cloud, is the digital backbone of the entire Technogym range. It can be found on the huge displays of the studio treadmills as well as on the MyRun at home. The only difference is that a own tablet is needed to install the app.

The Technogym MyRun provides two storage and mounting options: there is a small storage directly above the start-stop switch and a flexible anchoring system on the top of the control panel. Of course, both can be used at the same time.

Equipped in this way, “Technogym LIVE” becomes a convenient control centre for the treadmill. The offer is divided into four areas: Sessions, Routines, Outdoors and Custom. This includes offers for motivating video workouts with a trainer (Sessions), structured training workouts (Routines), video running routes (Outdoors) and the possibility to control workouts individually or, for example, according to heart rate (Custom).


The digital connection of the Technogym MyRun is not limited to the in-house app. The treadmill responds via Bluetooth as a normal running sensor and provides not only the speed but also the cadence via this profile. This way, the treadmill can be used very flexibly in many scenarios.

Connection to Running Watches

You can connect the MyRun to your GPS watch as a running sensor, for example, and receive the exact speed values set on the treadmill in the recording. With Garmin watches, you can even use the “Virtual Run” mode to not only record the data, but also forward it to other services via Bluetooth.

Zwift, Rouvy, Kinomap, …

The world of virtual indoor training apps is getting bigger and bigger. Nowadays, we runners are no longer left out, but are explicitly invited to join in – even free of charge in many cases. Zwift and Rouvy provide runners with free access and are two really exciting platforms that I will deal with in a separate article.

To ensure that the avatar also moves in the virtual or filmed world, one’s own pace on the treadmill must of course be transmitted. Here, too, the Technogym MyRun can be easily integrated via Bluetooth – and not just limited to the apps mentioned. By using a standard Bluetooth profile, the treadmill can be used with any app that supports this standard. And this should be true for all those in question… ;)


It feels like we’re already at kilometre 36 of a marathon. That means: now it’s getting really interesting. You certainly think twice about getting a treadmill. And what happens when it’s there? Will it be used? For me, it looked like this:

Design and Technology

My interest in the Technogym MyRun was of course aroused by the good design. I really like the minimal display with three clear, intuitive switches. And not only me: my family was also immediately enthusiastic about the treadmill and has used it from day one.

While for the children the tablet screen was the more exciting part, my wife is happy about the simple operation without an additional display. So she can spontaneously jump on the belt at any time without worrying about complicated technology. Some days we almost need a schedule. ;)

My big eye-opening moment during use was the realisation that the MyRun can be integrated as a Bluetooth running sensor. This was not clear to me beforehand, but it is an extremely important feature for the long-term usability of the device. You probably don’t buy a treadmill that often in your life. Technogym has therefore very cleverly chosen a very widely supported connection standard. So I am very sure that I will still be able to connect the MyRun to my running watch or tablet in five years.

However, technology sometimes has its pitfalls… Once several tablets, mobile phones and running watches have been connected to the Technogym MyRun, the start of the training session might be delayed because the treadmill has connected to the wrong device. It takes a while to come up with that… However, this is less the fault of the treadmill than of my test environment. ;)

Speaking of tests: of course I also wanted to know whether the Technogym MyRun displays the correct speed and therefore did the calibration test from This can even be used to determine the different speeds of the belt with and without load from the runner or between the stance and flight phases.

The result: unloaded, the belt runs minimally faster (4:50 min/km instead of 5:00 min/km). As soon as one foot is on the treadmill, however, the speed is reduced very precisely to the set value (in my test to 4:59 min/km). The Stryd shows me a speed of 5:04 min/km – and could still be calibrated. I can live with that very well. :)

Running Experience

Of course I knew that I would not be doing every run on the treadmill, even during the test phase. I have been working at home for a year now and am grateful for every step out of the door – especially in good weather. But you shouldn’t underestimate the treadmill either: it is a legitimate, additional training option.

On the Technogym MyRun, for example, I find it very easy to run at a slow pace. A run like this is in my training schedule twice a week and I always run it a bit too fast outside. On the treadmill, I have no problem with slowing down and maintaining the speed.

Of course, this is also due to the entertainment factor provided by Zwift, Technogym LIVE, podcasts, Netflix, Spotify and Youtube. I can’t choose anything that I really have to concentrate on. But I totally forget about the time thanks to the entertainment.

When it is already dark outside and it might even still be raining, the treadmill in the basement is very tempting. The pollen season is another argument and then there are evenings when the kids are already in bed and my wife is out. Even though I really prefer to run outside, once you have a cool treadmill like the MyRun in the house, there are far more opportunities to use it than you could have imagined before.

I was also not prepared for the sessions in the Technogym LIVE app to be so much fun. At first I dismissed them as “just any cardio workouts”. Then I got stuck into them several times while trying them out and ended up using them as a fun workout on the treadmill. The workouts offer a lot of variety and can also be an additional motivator.

For me, the incline is also an interesting factor. Of course, the Münsterland is not completely flat, but you can’t run long climbs here. When preparing for competitions, it can always be very helpful to simulate the course profile using the possibilities of the Technogym MyRun.

Technogym MyRun Treadmill

Perfect Solution!

For me, the Technogym MyRun is the perfect treadmill. It meets all my requirements for such a device.

This includes above all the good quality and future-proofing through the smart technology. I also give it top marks for design and operation.

At this price, the Technogym MyRun is certainly not an impulse buy. However, if you (like me) prefer to spend a little more money to get a really good product that you can enjoy for a long time, the Technogym MyRun is the right choice for you.

Just contact me if you are interested in buying a Technogym MyRun. I will be happy to answer any further questions and can arrange a direct contact.


On the hunt for the best treadmill? We don't blame you. Treadmills are one of the most popular exercise machines for home use, for a number of reasons.

The obvious one is not having to worry about the weather. Even the most dedicated of runners grimace when they spy a raincloud out the window, so having the option to hop on the treadmill for your daily run is a real boon.

What's more, the treadmill allows you to completely control your training environment. If you want to tailor your run so that it's all uphill, or tweak the difficulty, or do interval sprints, or even run while it's heavily raining or snowing outside, the treadmill is there for you.

The actual belt of the treadmill is also more forgiving than concrete or hard earth: it's an entirely even surface, and often cushioned, which means there's less stress on your ankles, knees and hips. One study by researchers at Chinese universities found "treadmill exercise results in smoother joint kinematics (motions)" than overground walking or running. 

So if a treadmill is on your home-gym wish-list, we’ve picked the best buys to consider. For our money, the JTX Sprint-7  is the best treadmill for most people, which offers a range of features at a great price. However, if you're looking for a real bargain, you can't go wrong with the Domyos T540C (Decathlon's best-selling treadmill).

Keen on other cardio machines? You might also want to check out the best home elliptical machines, best exercise bikes or best rowing machines.

The best treadmill deals available right now

Like so many areas of life, the treadmill trade has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. As gyms around the world closed, demand for running machines sky-rocketed. This caused supply issues, meaning finding your dream treadmill in stock was nigh-on impossible. 

The situation is improving, but you may find certain models on our list of the best treadmills further own this page to be out of stock. With this in mind, we've included this section to bring you all the best deals on treadmills that are available to shop right now.

How to choose the best treadmill for you

There are a number of factors worth considering when you're trying to choose the best treadmill to suit your needs. Here's a list of things to think about: 

Top speed

One important thing you should look out for when scouring the internet for the best treadmill for home use is the top speed available. A general rule of thumb is that most gym-standard machines (read: more expensive) will go up to around 19-22.5km/h, but cheaper, home-use machines will often max out about 12-16km/h. So it’s definitely worth checking this before you invest to ensure your trusty treadmill is future proof enough to cover all your training needs.

Belt length

Another key feature is the treadmill belt length, which should not only be long enough to accommodate your running stride but also your height and weight. This second bit is especially important as it will void the warranty if an accident occurs and it’s because you didn’t follow the weight guidelines.

Incline setting

If you’re looking to make your workouts more difficult, the option of an incline setting is a good bet. Any maximum inclines of about 10-15% will prove good enough to increase the difficulty of your run without needing as much speed. The motor and its horsepower (HP) is another element worth making a note of here. While runners should look for a minimum of 2.5HP, walkers should opt for a treadmill HP of 1.5 or more.

In-built programs

Other useful features to note are the number of preset workouts available, the screen size of the monitor that’s been built in and whether it’s a high resolution or not, and any built-in internet connectivity and heart rate sensors. As you’d expect, these things will vary greatly depending on the price range.


When it comes to cost, anything above £1000/$1300 should get you a gym-quality machine that you’re bound to be proud as punch with. Obviously, not everyone has that kind of budget – you could get quite a few years' gym membership for that. However at the lower end, I’d really say you should avoid anything below the £400/$500 mark (RRP) if you’re an avid runner. The lack of quality and features found in cheaper machines will leave you feeling disappointed. 

The best treadmills you can buy right now

(Image credit: TechnoGym)

1. JTX Sprint-7

The best treadmill for most people


Dimensions: 196 x 93 x 153cm

Speed range: 0-20km/h

Incline range : 0-15%

Motor : 3HP continuous, 6HP peak

Reasons to buy

+Gym-quality machine at a great price+Great max incline level for the price +Perfect for runners of all levels

Reasons to avoid

-Pretty large – even when folded -Not ideal for runners over 1.8m/6ft

With gym-quality specs such as a 20km/h top speed, a 15% max incline, 24 preset workouts and Polar wearable connectivity for automated workouts and heart rate tracking, the JTX Sprint-7 is a treadmill that’s hard to knock. Although with only a 145cm long belt, I’d recommend going for the next model up, the JTX Sprint-9, if you’re taller than 180cm/6ft, as that has a longer belt.

Although you couldn't call the Sprint-7 'cheap' as such, it is exceptional value for money, especially given that it comes with three years of in-home servicing and a ten-year motor warranty. Boom!

Whatever your level of running ability and stamina, you won’t be disappointed with this robust and reliable treadmill, making it the best all-rounder.

(Image credit: TechnoGym)

2. Technogym MyRun

The best premium treadmill


Dimensions: 176 x 78.5 x 126cm

Speed range: 0-20km/h

Incline range : 0-12%

Motor : 3HP

Reasons to buy

+Gym-standard build and features +Very smart looking +Compact

Reasons to avoid

-May be too compact for some-Certainly too pricey for many

A machine worthy of an art gallery, this also comes with something of a Sotheby's price tag. TechnoGym MyRun is high powered, built to last and super smart, making it a firm favourite for those runners who take things really seriously. 

As well as being very well engineered, there’s a hugely impressive array of features crammed into this treadmill. Take its built-in HD screen offering a breakdown of run data, Zwift support and its ability to sync up to a tablet via a built-in Bluetooth connection. There’s even a belt that adapts to the way you run and absorbs impact to reduce the risk of injuries without sapping power. 

With a prestigious Red Dot and iF design award under its belt thanks to some charming looks and a high quality, compact design, the Technogym MyRun also races ahead of all other treadmills in this list when it comes to style. If you can afford it, don’t even bother looking elsewhere.

(Image credit: Decathlon)

3. Domyos Smart Treadmill T540C

The best budget treadmill


Dimensions: 177 X 79 X 141cm

Speed range: 0-16km/h

Incline range : 0-15%

Motor : 1.25 continuous-duty HP

Reasons to buy

+Great value for money +Super quiet running deck+24 pre-set workouts+Compact and foldable design 

Reasons to avoid

-Feels cheaper than pricier rivals -Limited speed range

There’s a reason why this is Decathlon’s best-selling treadmill. Not only is it brimming with the features you’d expect to see in a more premium machine, but at a super-low price (and the lowest on our list by far) you get a lot of bang for your buck.

For starters, you’ll find a backlit display offering you stats such as time, distance, speed, calories burnt and BPM, as well as a tablet holder so you can hook up an additional screen and binge-watch your current Netflix obsession as you work up a sweat. 

It also connects with the Domyos E-Connected app so you can track your progress against your fitness goals. And on top of all this, it folds away for easy storage. What more could you want? 

(Image credit: TechnoGym)

4. Life Fitness T3 Treadmill

Excellent, relatively affordable, pro-grade machine


Dimensions: 202 x 88 x 147cm

Speed range: 0-19km/h

Incline range : 0-15%

Motor : 3HP continuous

Reasons to buy

+Super high quality +FlexDeck running surface absorbs shock for extra comfort 

Reasons to avoid

-Requires plenty of space

If you’re a regular gym goer, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with Life Fitness - an equipment manufacturer renowned for excellent quality machines made for the commercial environment but with home options. Obviously this means it’s going to cost you more – although it seems almost cheap compared to the TechnoGym MyRun above. On the flipside, you’re going to be investing in a machine guaranteed to last many years. It’s a pretty hefty machine though, so make sure you’ve got enough space for it at home, and a few friends to help move it into position, before splashing the cash.

The T3 is pretty special as it sports a Track console, which links up to smartphones and tablets in a flash to take advantage of the Life Fitness app, which is bursting with preset workouts. There’s also a FlexDeck shock absorption system on the belt which reduces impact on joints making your runs much more comfortable. 

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5. Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill

A great quality, compact machine under £1,000


Dimensions: 191 x 79 x 140cm

Speed range: 0.3-18km/h

Incline range : 0-16%

Motor : 2.75HP

Reasons to buy

+Good value+Folds up for storage +Decent incline levels

Reasons to avoid

-Small running deck

Despite a relatively small running deck, the Kettler Arena treadmill has just about everything you could wish for for a treadmill at this price point. With an RRP of £999, it's one of the best treadmills under £1,000. 

For that price, you’re getting a max speed of 18km/h and up to a 12% climb as well as some vertical grab handles for some steep incline power walking, if you want to push yourself. 

On the smart side, you’ll find some nifty built-in speakers, numerous HIIT preset workouts and heart rate monitoring, all crammed into a pretty compact design that should suit those who are more limited on space. A great, all-round machine with some added bonus features that you wouldn’t expect at the price. Job’s a good ‘un.


Review technogym myrun

The traditional treadmill has really gotten a revamp in the past few years. Sure, the fact that you’re running in place hasn’t changed. But with advances in technology, connectivity, and design, today’s treadmills have a lot more to offer, from auto-adjusting speed and incline features to live-streamed classes to foldable frames that can be stashed out of sight.

It’s also been well-established at this point that running inside — physiologically, at least — isn’t sub-par to pounding the pavement. Treadmill running has the same effect on your VO2 max (a key indicator of cardio fitness) as running outside, one study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found. And running on a belt doesn’t change your biomechanical patterns compared to outside, according to additional research published in the same journal.

There’s even better news, too: Treadmill running has less impact on weight-bearing joints like your ankles, knees, hips, reports research from the journal Sports Health.

Whether you’re an avid outdoor runner who wants a treadmill for rainy days, or a cardio machine queen who isn’t sure when you’ll make it back to a real gym, there is a huge variety of treadmills with different features and at different price points. Find one that fits your needs.

1Peloton Treadmill



Peloton’s treadmill recreates the at-home cardio experience in the same way the company did with its bike: via live-streamed and on-demand classes that create a sense of camaraderie and accountability (through a subscription of $39 per month). 

At a quick glance, it looks like your standard, heavy-duty tread, but the magic is in the details, like the two knobs on the machine’s arms that roll forward or backward to adjust the speed or incline versus stabbing at buttons on the console. Plus, the rubber slats are way less jarring on your legs, for a ride feels as smooth as butter. 

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2NordicTrack Commercial X32i



While most treadmills offer a 12–15% grade incline, the NordicTrack x32i goes up to 40% — a grade that offers five times the calorie burn (even while walking!) compared to their lowest setting. 

With a $39 per month iFit subscription, you can stream classes filmed all over the world, where the trainers will digitally control your incline and speed in real time to a) create a more natural experience and b) keep you from worrying about anything except running. 

Just want to run on your own? Plot a route on Google Maps and run along to the Google Street View. 

3Nautilus T618 Treadmill



This machine has 26 different workouts programmed into it — plus 27 hi-def routes via the Explore the World app that take you through exotic locales like the Scottish Highlands and the streets of Prague — so you'll never get bored. 

Not only is the belt slightly thicker than many other treadmills, its cushioning is firmer in the back where your foot pushes off, but softer in the front to minimize impact on your joints. 

Bonus: A dual display lets you watch your tablet and track progress. 

4LifeSpan TR5500i Folding Treadmill



Short on space? This tread’s sturdy, all-steel frame folds up in seconds, thanks to Lifespan's EZFold technology. When you’re ready to run, though, it offers speeds up to 13.5 miles per hour, 13 levels of incline, and 50-plus built-in programs (and the option to program and save your own workouts). 

The 10-inch touch screen has doubled in size in the latest model, which allows you to see your stats on three different dashboards more easily than ever before. 

5Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill



Peloton access without the Peloton tread? It is possible! Horizon’s 7.8 AT Studio Treadmill syncs via Bluetooth to streaming fitness apps like Peloton,, and MapMyRun. The machine (which folds up when you’re not using it) also features dials on the arms to easily adjust your speed and incline during intervals. 

Under your feet, the three-zone cushioning system protects your joints without sacrificing any of your speed and power. Finally, a lifetime warranty on the motor? Yes, please!

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6Trueform Trainer



There’s something different about this treadmill ... namely, that it doesn’t use a motor. Instead, the pressure of your stride propels the slat belt (and your feet) forward.

The Trainer has a shallower curve than its sister machine, the Runner, which allows you to accelerate quickly but also makes it a little easier for you to control your speed — an important factor if you’ve never used one of these self-propelled treads. 

One major benefit to letting your legs instead of a motor do the work: You’ll burn up to 44% more calories.

7Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Sunny Health &



If you prefer to run outside but want something for those days the weather doesn’t cooperate, this simple tread does the job without doing significant damage to your bank account. It can go up to 9 miles per hour, has three incline levels, includes nine built-in workout programs, and features handrail controls that allow you to control speed, start, and stop. When you’re done, it folds right up. 

One thing to keep in mind: It’s about 10 inches shorter and 6 inches narrower than your standard tread, which may affect tall runners. 

8Precor TRM 223 Treadmill



Exercise at home with a treadmill made by Precor, the same brand that fills gyms nationwide. This machine is equipped with the company's patented Energy Stride technology, which strategically places cushioning or rigidity to reduce stress on your joints where you need it most. 

Whether you’re looking to get faster or to lose weight, the tread uses SmartRate target heart zone monitoring (based on your age and weight or using a wireless Polar chest strap) to help you stay in your fat burn, cardio, or peak target zone depending on your workout goals.

9ProForm — Pro 2000 Treadmill - Gray/Black



Run sprints and hills on this treadmill, built to reach a max speed of 12 mph, a max incline of 12%, and a decline of -3% (training for downhills is important, too!). It has 50 preset workouts built in, so you can mix things up every day. 

Plus, it works with an iFit subscription, giving you access to interactive training sessions (where the instructor can tweak your speed and grade for you) and global backdrops. 

An added perk: The built-in fan will keep you cool during the toughest workouts. 

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10Technogym MYRUN Treadmill



This treadmill is designed to help you push your limits. It uses a biofeedback system to track not just your heart rate, pace, and distance, but other variables that affect performance: vertical displacement, cadence, and stride length. 

The machine’s algorithm analyzes that data in real time to provide feedback (like shortening your stride length or increasing your cadence) to help you run more efficiently. 

The running surface itself is just as innovative; it actually adapts to your unique stride to absorb impact or rebound energy. 

11Schwinn 870 Treadmill


Schwinn is owned by Nautilus, so it shares a number of features with the T618 treadmill mentioned earlier: 26 built-in workout programs, compatibility with the Explore the World app for virtual courses, a dual display, and folding technology for easy storage. 

This machine does have a slightly less powerful motor, but can still challenge you with inclines of up to 15%, and while the belt isn’t quite as thick as the Nautilus’, it uses SoftTrak cushioning to provide some relief for your joints. 

12Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill



Bowflex’s BXT216 treadmill has all the basics: a 9-inch backlit LCD screen, an incline of up to 15%, a max speed of 12 mph, a powerful motor, and folding capabilities. 

What's next-level is the fact that it syncs with the company’s JRNY app, which uses AI to analyze your running gait and then customizes daily workouts specifically to you. It provides realtime tips, target goals, and even celebrating when you reach your fitness milestones to keep you motivated.

Ashley MateoAshley Mateo is a writer, editor, and UESCA- and RRCA-certified running coach who has contributed to Runner’s World, Bicycling, Women's Health, Health, Shape, Self, and more.

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