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The Trustees offer storage of Kayaks on racks at Louse Point and Gerard Drive in Accabonac Harbor; at the beach at the end of Mile Hill Road which opens into Gardiner’s Bay and Hand’s Creek Road (aka Settler’s Landing which opens into Three Mile Harbor. Kayak storage is granted by permit and are for East Hampton Town residents only.

kayak rack by permit only

Due to high demand, each year the Trustees run a lottery to award a storage spot on the racks at each location. There are no kayak spots available in Northwest Creek. Those spots are only for boat mooring owners and are available through Suffolk County Parks at Cedar Point Park. To participate in the Kayak Storage Lottery for the Summer of 2022, we will begin accepting names for the lottery on Jan 1, 2022. Please contact us through this website or email us at [email protected] after January 1, 2022 and leave your name, phone number, email and mailing address to be included on the list for a lottery. The lottery will be held on March 15, 2022. Selected participants will receive a permit application packet by mail following the lottery. The seasonal fee is $200 per boat. Limit one storage spot per person, per year.

Kayaks spots for the 2021 Season at all locations are SOLD OUT.

Permitted Kayaks may be placed on the Kayak Racks beginning April 15 and must be removed by November 15. Kayak’s without permits, or those remaining on the racks past November 15, maybe subject to impound. A fee in the amount of $250.00 per boat will be charged for release of an impounded Kayak.

Sours: https://ehtrustees.com/applications-fees/beaching-of-small-boats-kayak-storage/

The storage and transportation aspects of kayak ownership are probably the biggest hurdles for most – if not all – paddlers out there. There’s just no way around it:

You’ll need to find a way to store your kayak properly. 

And no, propping it up against the garage wall doesn’t count as “properly” storing a kayak. It barely even counts as storing it at all.

Today’s about finding a good alternative to the “I’ll just leave it here until I figure something out” approach.

That alternative comes in the form of the best kayak storage rack – and I’ll help you choose the right one!

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How To Choose A Storage Rack For Kayaks

Kayak storage tops the list of must-have kayak accessories that every kayaker should own.  


Well, kayak storage is not just for keeping your kayaks clean and dry but also to keep them safe from theft – it’s all about protecting your investment and prolonging its life.

The best storage rack will be the one that suits your needs; that much is clear. But that doesn’t tell you much about how to choose one, does it?

And that brings us to what this section is all about – helping you choose a kayak storage rack that fits your needs, and by this I mean; your space, your budget, and your kayak.

Three Types Of Kayak Storage Racks

First and foremost, you generally get to choose among three main types of kayak storage racks:

  • Free-standing racks
  • Wall-mounted racks
  • Ceiling-mounted racks

We’ll start by taking a closer look at each of these types and go over some key advantages and disadvantages of each one to help you narrow things down a bit. 

Free-Standing Kayak Racks

FreeStanding Kayak Storage Rack

Your first option would be a freestanding kayak rack. As the name implies, they don’t need to be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or any other sturdy structure. They are “independent” in that sense – they will stand on the floor like a separate, self-sufficient structure – which means a few things:

One, setting it up doesn’t require drilling holes in the wall. Two, you’ll be able to move it around when needed, making them highly adaptable to different storage spaces. They’re even suitable – and even preferred – for outdoor storage.

And three, which can be considered their most significant disadvantage – they take up a lot more floor space than other kayak storage solutions. 

Also, if you’re going to keep your kayak rack outside, make sure you ‘yak is protected with a waterproof kayak cover. It will shield the kayak from the elements and deter animals from establishing nests in it.

Wall-Mounted Kayak Racks

Wall Mount Kayak Hooks

The name is a pretty good indicator here, too; wall-mounted kayak racks are – well, mounted on the wall. As long as you have a permanent structure – be it a garage wall, the side of your shed, a sturdy fence, or whatever’s most accessible – to install one on, you’re good to go.

The most significant advantage of a wall-mount kayak rack is that they’re relatively easy to set up and access and they utilize wall space that would otherwise be wasted – they make ideal indoor or outdoor storage solutions.  

As for the downsides, lifting a kayak on the rack can be a bit difficult, depending on how hefty it is. 

Ceiling-Mounted Kayak Racks

Celing mounted kayak rack

Last but not least, you have storage racks that mount to the ceiling, hence the name. This type of system can be incredibly useful and space-efficient because they utilize the overhead area – where most people have extra space, but it’s often overlooked.

If you’re entirely out of floor space and the walls are already packed, a ceiling-mounted rack is a way to go.

But I have to warn you:

These can be hard to set up; it requires some planning, tools, and a bit of DIY instincts to do it right.

Plus, there’s the issue of lifting the kayak that high up, which can be a bit of a hassle even with a kayak pulley system or ceiling hoist – let alone without it.  

Rack Size & Available Space

Figuring out how much space you have should be a part of the planning process, not something you think about after the fact when you already have a kayak storage rack picked out, okay?


Get this part right, and you’ll have a kayak storage solution that’s efficient and fits in the intended location. Get it wrong, and you’ll only end up getting frustrated.

Granted, it won’t be much of a concern if you opt for an outdoor storage rack. But if you plan to install the kayak rack inside, keep in mind that it will probably require a certain amount of clearance for safe loading and unloading.

Plus, you don’t want to end up hitting your head every time you walk past it. 

So, work out how much space you have available and choose a rack accordingly. I mean, what good is it if it won’t fit in the intended area?

Rack’s Weight Capacity

The second most crucial factor to consider – besides the rack’s size – would be the amount of weight it’s designed to support. That becomes even more crucial if you own a particularly bulky and heavy kayak or you’re hoping to store more than one on the same rack.

The most catastrophic result of failing to consider the kayak rack’s capacity would be having the rack break due to being overwhelmed by all the extra weight – and dropping the kayak onto the floor.

I don’t have to tell you how dangerous it would be if someone happens to be standing under it when it happens.

When it comes to load capacity, there are two factors you need to consider – the size of the kayak and the number of kayaks you plan on storing on the rack. 

Kayak Size

Larger kayaks, such fishing kayaks, will require a sturdier rack capable of supporting their weight. And smaller, SOT kayaks that aren’t particularly heavy won’t be as demanding.

Either way, you’ll have to consider the size of your kayak here. Knowing the exact length and width of your boat, on top of how much the kayak weighs, could be helpful, given that not all racks can accommodate kayaks of sizes.

For instance, a remarkably long kayak might feel unstable if the rack’s “arms” are too close, as it won’t be able to distribute the boat’s weight evenly. It could even damage the kayak’s hull. 

They usually have a size restriction, both in terms of width and length. So, you may want to grab the measuring tape and note your kayak’s dimensions for future reference. 

Number Of Kayaks

In addition to the size, you have to consider how many kayaks you plan to store on the rack – for obvious reasons.

Some racks are designed for a single boat, but others will accommodate two or more. But even then, they might have a specific weight rating for each ‘yak – on top of the total weight capacity.

So, again, make sure you don’t overload the rack by accident.

And while this should go without saying, I have to add:

Avoid loading more than the maximum number of kayaks noted in the rack’s instructions manual – even if the rack’s weight capacity allows it. 

Assembly Requirements

I have to break it to you – kayak racks usually don’t come pre-assembled. You’ll have to take care of that yourself. And don’t even get me started on the actual installation process.

That brings me to my next point:

Before you buy, consider how good you are with tools.

Most of these options – especially ceiling-mounted racks – will require measuring and thoughtful consideration about where each bolt goes. And free-standing racks will definitely call for a more complicated assembly of the included parts into one – hopefully – sturdy unit.

DIY: How To Build A Kayak Storage Rack 

There are different types, sizes, and models of kayak storage racks available on the market, and I did my best to narrow down the choices for you. But I still think that taking the DIY route – as in, building a storage rack yourself – is an option worth mentioning here, too.

If that’s something you’d be interested in trying, here’s a quick overview of how to build a kayak storage rack:

Kayak Rack made from scrap wood DIY

8 Best Kayak Racks For Storage In 2021 – Reviewed & Rated

Best Kayak Storage Racks – Final Verdict

Each and every kayak storage rack I talked about today can – and will – do an excellent job of storing your kayak in a safe and space-efficient manner. So, the real question here is what type of rack would suit your needs best.

My vote goes to the Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack.

But again, what works for me may not necessarily be the best choice for your space. It would be best to take a moment and think about what you really need storage-wise and choose the kayak rack accordingly, instead of ending up with something that doesn’t work for you.

Feature image by Joe Ross (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Sours: https://www.watersportswhiz.com/best-kayak-storage-rack/
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Kayak Storage Solutions

Home >> Equipment >> Kayak Storage Solutions

Wall Racks & Slings for Kayak Storage

Storage accessories for your kayak, to make storing your kayak neat, tidy and easy! Perfect for storing your craft on a garage wall, the garden wall or house exterior wall.

Riot Kayak Wall Hanger

Riot Kayak and Paddle Wall Storage Rack

This wall rack is great for storing your kayak on the wall. Two cradles hold your kayak whilst the small hooks beneath will hold a paddle and can be used to hang your paddling gear from. Foam pads on the cradles help grip the your kayak. The cradles simply fold flat against the wall when not in use. Max Load 55kg.

Price: £29.95

Riot Folding Kayak Wall Rack

Riot Folding Kayak and Paddle Wall Storage Rack

This rack is great for storing your kayak on the wall. Two padded cradles hold your kayak whilst the small hooks beneath will hold a paddle or can be used to hang your paddling gear from. The cradles simply fold flat against the wall when not in use. Includes wall fixings. Max Load 40kg.

Price: £44.95

RUK Kestrel Wall Rack

RUK Kestrel Wall Rack for Kayaks

A pair of wall racks for kayak storage in your garage, on the garden wall or elsewhere. The soft padded cradle supports your kayak and straps are included to ensure it stays in place, or to hang a second boat below. Includes a paddle holder. When not in use the cradles fold upright. Includes wall fixings. Max load 50kg.

Price: £64.99

Railblaza StarPort Wall Sling

Railblaza StarPort Wall Sling

The StarPort Wall Sling will free up space in your garage, shed or garden by allowing you to hang your craft on the wall. Suitable for kayaks, canoes, surfboards, SUPs, windsurf boards up to a total load of 30kg. Includes 2 StarPorts with all fixings and straps required.

Price: £36.00

RUK Short Kayak Trestles

RUK Kayak Trestles

A pair of padded kayak trestles, ideal for supporting a kayak during storage. Folding design with support strap for hull. Black chrome powder coat finish with rubber feet. Great for sea kayaks, touring kayaks, whitewater kayaks and many sit-on-tops.

Price: £49.99

RUK Tall Kayak Trestles

RUK Tall Kayak Trestles

A pair of lightweight tall kayak trestles with nylon webbing support straps. Strong alloy tube construction with black chrome powder paint finish. Suitable for narrower kayaks such as sea kayaks, touring kayaks, some narrow sit-ons, K1's and sculls.

Price: £47.99

Paddle & Fishing Rod Storage Racks

Railblaza RodRak Paddle & Pole Holder

Railblaza RodRak Pole and Paddle Holder

A pair of expandable hooks for storing paddles and poles. Perfect for garage walls/ceilings or the sides of a boat for storing paddles, boat hooks, gaffs, landing nets and more! Can be installed individually, or joined together. You can add a 4mm bungee cord (not supplied) as a retention band. Fits 25-38mm pole diameters. Supplied with fixings.

Price: £16.00

Railblaza RodRak Fishing Rod Holders

Railblaza RodRak Fishing Rod Holder

Two pairs of expandable hooks for storing fishing rods. Larger butt hook and smaller tip hook. Perfect for keeping your rods organised on the garage wall/ceiling or the sides of a boat! Can be installed individually, or joined together. You can add a 4mm bungee cord (not supplied) as a retention band. Fits 25-38mm rod butt diameters. Supplied with fixings.

Price: £24.99

Sours: https://www.cornwall-canoes.co.uk/equipment/kayak-storage-holders-hooks-racks.htm

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Building a Kayak Rack - Yak Rak!!

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