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Absolute value for money (2) Mopar/Direct Connection Dodge Stratus NHRA Pro Stock Die-Cast Car 1/24 Scale original Limited

Absolute value for money (2) Mopar/Direct Connection Dodge Stratus NHRA Pro Stock Die-Cast Car 1/24 Scale original Limited

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ActionDiecast.com Action NASCAR Diecast Racing Collectibles


Items Shown in Yellow are Newest Arrivals or In Stock  I/S Items Shown in Blue are Pre-Order  P/O Items Shown in Red are Closeouts or Clearance Championship Set1/24OUTAction '96 Mac Tools  (Force, Bernstein, T.Labonte)Al Hofmann1/24OUTAction '00 "Moon Eyes" 50th Anniversary funny carAllen Johnson1/24$55Action / RCCA '97 "Amoco" pro stockAndrew Cowin1/24$65Action '02 Muppets "Fozzie Bear" Top Fuel Andrew Cowin1/24OUTAction '02 "NY Yankees" Top FuelAngelle Seeling1/9OUTAction #1 "Winston" Pro Stock BikeAngelle Seeling1/9OUTAction #1 "Winston" Pro Stock Bike  ColorChromeAntron Brown

1/9$85Action "Team 23" Pro Stock Bike  SALEBill Reichert1/24$75Action "Bars Leak" top fuel  (1 of )Bob Glidden1/24OUTAction '97 "Quality Care" pro stockBob Vandergriff1/24$45Action "Jerzees" dragsterBRANDON BERNSTEINBrandon

Action '06 "Budweiser" Top Fuel Diecast

Ever since his fast career start in , when he won his first NHRA top fuel event in only his second career race, Brandon Bernstein showed that the Bernstein racing legacy was in good hands. Son of six-time NHRA champion Kenny Bernstein, Brandon has proven himself a worthy successor in the Budweiser/Lucas Oil top fuel dragster by collecting eight career wins in three seasons. In January , Budweiser renewed its sponsorship commitment to the Bernstein's and the Budweiser King Racing squad through

Brian Ayers

$85Action '00 "Mac Tools" Pro Stock Bike  SALEBruce Allen1/24


Action Slick 50 pro stockBruce Larson1/24OUTAction/RCCA "USA 1" funny carChris Karamesines1/24$50Action "The Greek" dragsterConnie Kalitta1/24$50Action "American International" dragsterCory McClenathan

1/24OUTAction '03 "NY Yankees th Anniversary" Darrell Gwynn Racing top fuelCory McClenathan1/24$60Action '00 "MBNA" top fuelCory McClenathan1/24$50Action '96 "Olympic" top fuelCory McClenathan1/24$75Action / RCCA "Mac Attack" dragsterCRUZ PEDREGON

Motorsports Authentics "Advance Auto Parts"  CLEARANCE

In , Cruz Pedregon became the only driver in the decade to dethrone
NHRA funny car champion, John Force. In , Pedregon will continue
his quest for a second title with backing from Advance Auto Parts.
Pedregon, who once took time off from racing to work as an analyst at
ESPN, came back to the funny car circuit in Pedregon and the
Advance Auto Parts Chevrolet Monte Carlofunny car willbe back in action
for the Winternationals at Pomona Raceway in February

Cruz Pedregon1/24OUTAction '00 "Cruz Missile-Chili Pepper" funny carCruz Pedregon1/32OUTAction '99 "Interstate Batteries" funny carCruz Pedregon1/24OUTAction / RCCA "Small Soldiers" funny carCruz Pedregon1/24


Action '97 McDonalds funny carDale Creasy, Jr



Action '00 "Alfred E. Newman for President" funny carDale Creasy, Jr.1/24OUTAction '00 "Mad Magazine - Ugly" funny carDale Creasy, Jr.1/24OUTAuthentics '00 "Mad Magazine - Ugly" funny carDarrell Alderman1/24


Action '97 Mopar pro stockDarrell Alderman1/24


Action '98 Mopar pro stockDarrell Alderman1/24


Action / RCCA '98 Mopar pro stock




Corgi "La Victoria Salsa" Hauler w/ Top Fuel Dragster Darrell Russell1/24OUTAction '01 Valvoline James Dean Top Fuel Dean Skuza1/24OUTAction '03 Meatloaf Cornwall Tools Funny CarDON GARLITS

Don Garlits Milestones Top Fuel

Action '06 "Milestones" Top Fuel

"Big Daddy" Don Garlits list of racing firsts goes on and on. As drag racings first big star, the innovation he brought to the sport has helped it evolve to what it is today. In , this two-time NHRA Top Fuel World Champion won the first organized drag race he entered with the first race car he built. Garlits has won an incredible national events and is also a ten-time AHRA World Champion and five-time IHRA World Champion. Celebrate the success of his year career with this racing milestone fantasy piece.

1/24OUTAction / RCCA '92 "Swamp Rat 32" NHRA's 1st Mono-wing Top FuelDOUG KALITTA

Doug Kalitts Darrell Gwynn Tribute Dragster

Action '10 " Coors Extra Gold" Darrell Gwynn Tribute  CANCELLED

Run at the Gatornationals

1/24$60 Action '03 "Kid Rock" top fuelERIC MEDLIN

Eric Medlen Track Tested Funny Car

Action '06 "Track Tested" Funny Car Test Car

The image shows the Hight Test car. The Eric Medlen Test Car is black

Frank Hawley1/24


Action "Coors Light" top fuelFrank Pedregon1/24


Action '02 "Flamin' Frank" funny carFrank Pedregon1/24


Action '99 "Penthouse" funny carFrank Pedregon1/24


Authentics '00 "CSK" funny carFrank Pedregon1/32


Action '99 "Penthouse" funny carGARY SCELZI

Gary Scelzi Oakley Funny Car

Action '06 NHRA Funny Car Champion

With three victories and 1, points, Gary Scelzi and the Oakley / Mopar team sealed up the NHRA funny car championship during the season finale event at Pomona Raceway. A mere eight points separated Scelzi from runner-up - and fellow Don Schumacher Racing teammate - Ron Capps. Scelzi, a former three-time NHRA top fuel champ, will remain at the wheel of the Oakley / Mopar Dodge funny car in

Gary Scelzi Oakley Funny Car NHRA Diecast

OUTAction '05 NHRA Funny Car Champion

In , Gary Scelzi piloted the Oakley Funny Car to the NHRA Championship. This colorchrome funny car commemorates Gary's championship.

1 of only made

Gary Scelzi1/24$75Action '01 "Winston" Championship dragsterGary Scelzi1/24OUTRevell Collection / RCCA  '99 "Winston" dragsterGary Scelzi1/24OUTAction '97 "Winston" dragsterGATORNATIONALSGatornationals1/9$Action '01 PS bike  NHRA 50th Anniversary bronze finishGatornationals1/24$75Action '01 Top Fuel  NHRA 50th Anniversary bronze finishGatornationals1/24$75Action '01 Funny Car  NHRA 50th Anniversary bronze finishGatornationals1/24$75Action '01 Pro Stock  NHRA 50th Anniversary bronze finishGatornationals1/24$75Action '01 Hauler  NHRA 50th Anniversary bronze finishGatornationals1/24$75Action '00 Dragster  (Red Chrome Finish)Gatornationals1/24$75Action '98 DragsterGatornationals1/24$85Action '97 Pro StockGatornationals1/24$85Action '97 Funny CarGatornationals1/24$Action '97 dragsterGatornationals1/24$Action '96 Funny CarGatornationals1/24$Action '96 dragsterJOE AMATO

Joe Amato NHRA Top Fuel Diecast

Action '06 "Milestones" Top Fuel

The International Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee Joe Amato won NHRA's Top Fuel Championship a record five times and was the first driver to exceed mph in competition. Celebrate Amato's success over the years with this racing milestone fantasy piece.

Joe Amato1/24$60Action '00 "Dynomax" top fuelJoe Amato1/24$Action '95 Mac Tools "Valvoline" dragsterJoe Amato1/24$45Action '97 "Keystone" dragsterJoe Amato1/24$60Action '97 "Action Performance" dragster        
Sours: http://www.actiondiecast.com/hurricane_racing_top_fuel__a-j.htm
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NHRA - National Hot Rod Association

JRL Group, Inc., NHRA’s exclusive licensing agency, has secured a licensing partnership between NHRA and Castline Inc. for a series of NHRA diecast collectables under their M2 Machines brand. 

“Castline Inc./M2 Machines is excited to be partnering with the NHRA," said Sean Taylor, VP of Design. “Having seen my first race at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona at 14 -years old, I have been a lifelong NHRA fan. It is a dream come true to bring my passion for racing and its history into my M2 Machines designs.”  

“We are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with the NHRA,” added VP of Operation Jimmy Chau.  

The debut NHRA 1/64 scale diecast release part number WTMS13 will be available in early September at Walmart locations in the United States. The nine-piece collection of vehicles will each be uniquely wrapped and skinned in NHRA branding. 

The series will feature a Ford F Tow Truck, a Chevy Bel Air Gasser, a Chevy Sedan Delivery, a Ford Mustang Gasser, a Dodge Charger Gasser and Chevy COPO Camaro. The release will also feature three hard to find chase pieces that will keep collectors on their toes to hunt down. Each individual piece will include nearly 30 individual parts as M2 prides itself on offering enthusiasts the most detailed and accurately replicated diecast models on the market in 1/64th scale. 

“We are so excited to be working with Castline on a NHRA diecast collectibles program,” said Andrew Lieb, President of JRL Group. “NHRA continues to build on the relationship with fans that start when they are kids and we want fans of all ages to experience the high octane NHRA brand through a wide variety of Official Licensed Products.”

The NHRA Licensing Program continues to expand focusing on lifestyle products such as apparel and accessories, home decor as well as items for the garage for the auto enthusiast such as automotive accessories, automotive tools, appearance and other automotive related products.

Sours: https://www.nhra.com/news//nhra-and-castline-will-race-diecast-cars-walmart-stores-early-september
Copyright Race World Collectibles, Setting the pace in the Collectible Race, Your one Stop Race Shop and all other original material on this web site may not be used or reproduced in any form without prior written permission. Race World Sports Collectibles was established in January of Race World has 2 retail locations to serve you one in suffolk, va and 1 in va beach va and also on the web at www.raceworld.com Race World offers a full line of Sports Collectibles for all sports. Nascar, Nhra, Dirt, Sprint, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA and Autographed items. Race World has been a full line Action Distributor, Team Caliber Distributor and is a full line Reebok Dealer. And now is 1 of Only 3 Dealers for the NEW line of Autographed Nascar items and coming soon NFL Autographs Race World is the only on the east coast !!! Race World is A Sports Fans Wonderland Diecast Shirts, Hats Jackets Jerseys Flags Huggies, Jewlrey, Car Flags, BBQ Sets, Stickers, Decals, Helmets, Magnets, Lap Top Covers, Clocks, Welcome Mats, Trash Cans, Mouse Pads, Dart Boards, Checker Sets, Slippers, Rugs, Blankets, Throws, Thermometers, License Plates, License Plate Frames, Travel Mugs, Coffee Mugs, Cups, Terrible Towels, Full Size Helmets, Relica helmets, Autographed Die Cast, Autographed Pictures, Autographed Cards, Autographed Helmets, Autographed Jerseysand much more !!! We Specialize is hard to find items !!!
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Diecast stock nhra pro

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Review: 1996 Jerry Eckman #5 Pennzoil Pontiac Firebird 1/24 Pro Stock NHRA Diecast

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