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Simple Steps to Make Cardboard Cigarette BoxPosted On: Apr-17-2019  By: Charlotte

The government always tries to refrain people from smoking but its trend keeps on continuing among the group of all ages. The consumption of cigarettes is increasing with every passing year. A number of cigarette brands have entered the market making it more competitive. Cigarette packaging plays an important role in making your brand successful. Customers are always attracted towards fascinating designs and attractive appearance of cigarette boxes. The tobacco packaging which is unique and different from others always stands out. For this purpose, the manufacturers design disposable cigarette boxes which can be disposed or recycled after use. High-tech printing is used to add to their appeal. The color of cigarette boxes wholesale has a significant role in determining consumer purchase decision. A well-designed packaging not only protects the cigarettes but also plays an important part in tobacco recognition. 

There are a number of manufacturers in the market, which can provide you cigarette boxes wholesale at cost-effective rates. But with little creativity, you can make paper cigarette boxes on your own. You can use them for your cigarette brand or for personal use. Creating a cigarette packaging allows you to work on various patterns and design something you always want. Instead of placing the cigarettes in the box you bought them, an interesting idea is to create your own packaging. You can use it several times. Decorate it as you want. It's a great way to add a personal touch to keep your cigarettes organized. Below are some of the simple steps to make cardboard cigarette box :

cigarette boxes

Step 1: Gather all the Materials and Tools

Before starting the process, you need to collect the materials and tools needed to make the paper cigarette box. The choice of material depends upon your choice. You can take simple paperboard or even A4 paper. If you want to create sturdy cigarette boxes which can be used again and again, then cardboard is a good option. Some of the other supplies you need are:


•Vinyl Adhesive Sheet

•Cigarette Box template

•Paper cutter

•Metal scale


custom boxes

Step 2: Download a Cigarette Box Template

If you want to design a high-quality cigarette box with a flip top or auto bottom flaps, you have to download its template. As you will search on the Internet you will find different styles of cigarette boxes, download one of your choices. Print it on a construction paper. Cut out its outer edges. Copy the template on a piece of cardboard or paperboard from which you want to make a cigarette box. The size of the cardboard should be according to that of the template. Copy the template on it. Do not forget to copy the solid and dotted lines inside the template. Solid lines represent the places to be cut and dotted lines are for the places to be folded. The template should be a two-dimensional version of the cigarette box which you want to create.

custom boxes

 Step 3: Design and Layout

If you want to create a simple cigarette box, keep the cardboard as it is. But this does not look attractive. An interesting idea is to work on the design and layout of the box. Search for an online cigarette packaging design. You may also develop it in Photoshop. It supports various variations in design. Customize it in the way you want. Implement the color schemes of your choice. Choose fit to display option and print it on an A3 sheet of paper. Cut out a clear vinyl adhesive sheet and fix it onto the design for protection. It gives a great lamination effect. Make sure that no air bubble gets trapped inside the sheet. Use a strong adhesive and paste this design on the outside of the template. Now you have obtained a single construction of paper to make a cigarette box.

custom boxes

Step 4: Work on the Lines 

It's the time to work on the lines of the template. Use a metal scale to score the dotted line and a paper cutter or a scissor to cut the solid lines. Although the process might take some time it is done with care, you can obtain an accurately designed cigarette box. Make sure that you do not accidentally cut the line which is to be folded. The same mistake should not be repeated while cutting. Now fold the dotted lines away from you. This will allow you to separate different sections of the box. The bigger part is the bottom of the box and the smaller part is its top.


custom boxes

 Step 5: Glue the Parts Together to Make a Box

As you will fold the required lines, you will obtain a cigarette box with two sections. The last step is to glue the parts together to fix the structure. Make sure that the printed side comes outside of the box to give an attractive appearance. First of all, apply adhesive on the bottom flaps. Hold them for few seconds to let the glue dry. When you will release them you will see that the box will be firmly closed from the bottom. Now it's the time to work of its upper flap. Most of the templates create a flip-top cigarette box similar to that you get from the market. The box has an attached flip-top lid which can be easily opened when needed. Apply glue on its back side to attach it with the main body. Your DIY cardboard cigarette box is ready to use. You may also place the aluminum paper inside the box to make your cigarettes last long by retaining their flavor. You can prepare a number of paper cigarette boxes by this method.

cigarette boxes

Creating a cigarette packaging allows you to work on various patterns and design something you always want. Instead of placing the cigarettes in the box you bought them, an interesting idea is to create your own packaging.


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Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Cigarette Case

I have posted a few pictures of these and never put up instructions but have been requested to make it into an Instructable so here it is! A fashionable, creative, practically free, reusable case for your cigarettes! The cigarettes are not taped into the box so it is reusable and the lighter is replaceable as well. Now you can have your lighter easy to access rather than in one of a million pockets or in your cigarette box crushing your cigarettes and makes it a little less stealable. yay! 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

cigarette case
duct tape
thin cardboard
scotch tape (not in picture) 

Every time I make these there a little bit different due to the supplies I have around. The only thing I really ever have to buy is the duct tape. I keep boxes of all kinds. aaandd I got this duct tape pattern at the dollar store. 

Step 2: Make a Template

Using the template attached, or by tracing your own cigarette box, create a template on the cardboard and cut it out. Make sure it fits snugly around the cigarette box. dotted lines are folds and solid lines are to be cut. I would look at the pdf rather than the picture of cardboard on this one for more accurate cut and fold lines. (Apparently the pdf doesn't work for some people so I figured out how to save it as a jpeg as well.) I also used my scissors to score the parts of the box to be folded so they would turn out straight and easier to fold.  

Step 3: Tape It Up

Fold up the box and tape the outside. I looked at my cigarette box and folded the template around it in the same way. Don't tape the boxes together. Im not sure how that would happen exactly, but then you wont be able to take the inside box out... 

I sort of messed up on cutting the bottom edge where the box closes so I folded the top at the same angle so it would come together without looking too weird when it's finished.

Step 4: Add the Lighter Holder

I wrapped the top part of my lighter with the tape because it will not be covered completely by the pocket it's in. With another square of cardboard, wrap it around the lighter and secure with tape to the box. Make sure that the lighter top aligns with the top of the box and tape up the bottom so it doesn't slide down.  Also, if you're left handed, you can put the pocket on the other side to make lighting the lighter easier.  

Sometimes I don't use the cardboard for the pocket. Usually I just use more duct tape. Either way I make it so the lighter is removable because most of the time these boxes hold up longer than the lighter has fluid. Depending on how often you smoke or whatever. Also if someone wants to borrow your lighter, they sometimes don't really get how to use it when its attached to the box. 

Step 5: Tape Up the Sides

As simple as it sounds. Tape up the sides. You can get really crazy trying to make sure all the lines or patterns line up but in the end, its hardly noticeable because the end product is cool anyway. Also its better to cover as much as possible with the tape because the the last piece of tape that goes on the wide side is not as wide as the whole box.
After I got the sides taped up, I wrapped the lighter holder in. 

Step 6: And Finish!!

Take a long piece of tape and wrap it all the way around the box the tall way. There ya go! All done :) now go show off or make some gifts for your friends. oh, and thank you for getting all the  way to the end and if you want to and have time, let me know if you have any questions or even just comments. 

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Case diy cigarette

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