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Marlin Lever Action Rifles


Marlin lever action rifles of the late s would include a couple of unique Marlin firearms. This would include the model 56 and model 57 in the 22 long rifle. The model 56 would be a clip fed model and the model 57 would be a tube fed model. They would call these the levermatic and they were a great addition to the Marlin rifles of the s

The model 56 levermatic would be manufactured from to They would manufacture around 31, of a clip feed model.

The model 57 levermatic would be manufactured from to They would manufacture around 34, model 57&#;s.

The model 57 M levermatic would be a tube fed 22 Magnum. The model 57 M would be manufactured from to They would make about 66, 22 Magnums.

The model 62 levermatic would be produced from till They would only make a total of 15, of the model 62s. The levermatic model 62 would be chambered in the center fire Winchester Magnum and the 30 carbine cartridge. They would manufacture around of the 15, model 62s in the 30 carbine cartridge.

The model 62 is very desirable as a collector’s gun because not many of those firearms were made. Either the Winchester or the 30 carbine are very desirable and if you can find them in excellent condition they can bring a premium. Just a great Marlin lever rifle.

Because of the limited run of these firearms and the unique design they have become desirable for the firearms collectors. Of course the main issue is to find them in great condition.

They will also have an issue with parts in the future as there is not a good supply of parts available. As a gunsmith in the s and 80s I would work on many of these rifles. I would not have many issues with these guns other than the normal cleaning or rebluing. They were pretty much a good design and did function quite well.

The Marlin lever action rifles of the s and 60s are considered excellent examples of quality firearms made in the Golden age of classic firearms. The Marlin lever rifles like the levermatic are going to be good investments for those looking to purchase a firearm that will increase in value.

Marlin Lever Action RiflesThe Marlin lever action rifles can still be bought at reasonable prices and can be a great addition to any quality gun collection. I consider the Marlin lever rifles in the levermatic to be an Excellent value for the collector.




Marlin Levermatic

The Marlin Levermatic was a family of lever-action rifles created by Marlin Firearms in the s. The Levermatic differed from the traditional lever-action rifles, such as the Marlin 39A, in that it employed a cam-and-roller system giving it an extremely smooth and short lever motion to reload a new cartridge.

This cam-and-roller system was originally invented by Kessler Arms Company for their "Lever-Matic" shotgun. Following Kessler's dissolution, Marlin licensed the idea and began producing rifles using a similar design.


The Levermatic system was used in the following rifle models:

Planned models[edit]

Marlin had also planned to produce the Levermatic in Magnum and Remington Jet offered in the Marlin model Both cartridges are related to the Magnum which shared the same Magnum parent case, but these options never materialized.[1]



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I have a model 56 cal rifle, my Father had it for a very long time and now it is in my possession. I know the Model 56 was discontinued in (before S/Ns). I still would like to know the year of manufacture on this rifle. There is some stamping on the barrel (left side) which reads;

"The Marlin Firearms Co. New Haven, Conn. USA
Model 56 cal L&LR Micro Groove Barrel Patended"

That is forward on the barrel where the hand guard starts. Further back, where the barrel meets the receiver, there are two, what I think are, letters stamped there, but kind of worn. The first letter appears to be a "G" (or it could be a circle with a dot, its worn pretty good) and right next to that appears to be a "H".
That is question #1. My second question is this; is there any way to replace the rear sight from a non-adjustable sight to an adjustable one? I have a windage problem the way my stock weld is concerned, my head naturally lies further over the stock, and so tends to place rounds a couple inches to the right of where I am aiming (I have a scope mounted right now to fix that flaw, but I hate using scopes for plinking at 50 meters). Also, I would like to attach a sling, but I am afraid of drilling into the wood stock and hand grips, as I do not wish to split the wood. The rifle is in excellent condition and shoots perfectly.



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56 value model marlin

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Marlin Model 57, JC Higgins/Sears model 44 DL

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