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Made from true 304 stainless steel, OBX headers are tuned and tested for maximum performance. Utilizing race proven designs from the runners to the collector, each header promises significant improvement over the stock system while still being fit for daily driving. All headers come with a limited lifetime warranty. Option for ceramic coating is available as well.

All Honda parts listed on this page/website such as vehicle names, make, model, sub-model, engine and chassis codes and logos are registered trademarks of American Honda Motor Corporation, Inc and are used for application reference or identification purposes only. OBX Racing Sports is the manufacturer of aftermarket tuning parts of use in the equipment of various automobile manufacturers. OBX Racing sports and the parts contained herein are not sponsored, affiliated, associated, licensed nor authorized or otherwise connected in anyway with America Honda Motor Corporation, Inc the original equipment manufacturers shown on this page/website. Trades, service marks, and trade names of OBX Racing Sports Parts (TM) used in this site are trade names or trademarks of the respective brand and products of OBX Racing Sports (TM).
Disclaimer: “For off-road competition/racing use only. This product is not intended to be installed on vehicles registered for highway use. LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA ONLY FOR RACING VEHICLES THAT MAY NEVER BE USED, OR REGISTERED OR LICENSED FOR USE, UPON A HIGHWAY.”

2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S Megan Racing Stainless Steel Race Header

Megan Racing Stainless Steel Race Header

Megan Racing Stainless Steel Headers are made of thick T-304 Stainless Steel and are mandrel-bent to form and fit your particular application with the best performance results possible while the thick flanges and strong welds prevent cracking and offer long-lasting durability. These Headers and Turbo Manifolds help your engine maximize its performance by allowing the exhaust gasses to flow more efficiently to gain power and performance.

(NOTE: For off-road use only, not intended for use on public highways.)

This design removes the standard two-piece Header and Down-pipe combination and introduces a single piece header which incorporates longer primary tubes for increased Mid-High End performance.

Application: 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S K20A2/K20Z1
- Single Piece 4-2-1 Design with longer primary piping to increase performance throughout the entire rev-range
- Eliminates Catalytic Converter
- Direct Bolt-On; includes flex-pipe
- Increased Mid-High End Performance
- 100% T-304 Stainless Steel

NOTE: It is not recommended to mount the race header to the sub-frame hanger without the use of engine mounts to minimize engine movement. It will cause the hanger on the race header to break, which is not warranty-able without the use of aftermarket engine mounts.

Shipping is always included in the price you see inside the 48 lower United States.

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Not Available for Purchase in California


Skunk2 is proud to introduce its Alpha Series Header for the ’02-’06 RSX and ’02-’05 Civic Si. Patterned after our already popular and dyno-proven MegaPower Headers, which have been used by leading, competitive race teams for years, Skunk2’s Alpha Series Header employs many of the same design characteristics and technology. Skunk2’s engineers wanted to offer the same custom racing headers they use on the company’s own cars to enthusiasts at a good value, but without compromising quality. The process has taken years, but thanks to cutting-edge design, manufacturing technology, and craftsmanship, Skunk2’s produced the finest production header available. Similar MegaPower Headers power each of the championship-winning, Compass 360 Racing Grand-Am Cup Hondas and Acuras. In a class where competitors are not allowed to modify intakes and throttle bodies, the header and exhaust system become the keys to finding additional power.


All Skunk2 headers are designed and engineered to maximize exhaust flow and increase both horsepower and torque throughout the powerband. The unique design is the result of more than a decade of racing experience coupled with computerized modeling and extensive dyno testing. Each Skunk2 Alpha Series Header features equal-length, sequentially paired, stepped primaries and a 4-2-1 tri-Y design that terminates into a collector with a 2.5-inch outlet. These features, paired with Skunk2’s unique design specs, provide an extremely broad powerband that’s applicable to a wide range of engine sizes and configurations.


Alpha Series Headers also feature the smallest possible primary tubes required to achieve optimum overall and peak power. By minimizing the primary tubes’ diameter, Skunk2 is able to maintain the highest possible exhaust gas speed throughout the header, which improves mid-range power and throttle response significantly. Skunk2’s Alpha Series Header provides the perfect combination of top-end power without sacrificing mid-range performance or throttle response.


Skunk2's Alpha Series Header for the RSX is designed to clear the OEM anti-sway bar (K24 engines require downward-hoop-type anti-sway bar) and is compatible with most aftermarket exhaust systems that bolt to the factory location using factory mounting points (MegaPower RR Exhaust requires fabrication of supplied header adapter).


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RSX Front Sway Bar / Headers Clearance fix

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