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Did Kanye really replace his teeth with diamonds?

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Are Kanye West’s diamond-tooth stand-ins the real deal? The diamonds might be, but his claim on Tuesday's "Ellen" show that he literally "replaced" his bottom row of teeth to make room for a row of highly compressed carbon chompers is a flimsy one. “From the pictures that we see of Kanye West, it would be hard to imagine that he had his teeth actually removed in order to place this diamond bridge … this piece is extremely bulky in the image that we see of this piece in his mouth,” according to Dr. Ramin Tabib, a New York-based cosmetic dentist from NYC Smile Design. “I couldn’t imagine any dentist that would actually be convinced to extract someone’s teeth to replace them with diamonds. This borders on malpractice. It’s like going to your internist and asking him to cut your left hand off because you really don’t need two hands.” Dr. Tabib said that West likely has just a removable device: “He has beautiful teeth and from the picture there is no sign of tooth problems. I would be hard pressed to believe that he had his lower teeth removed for this … Normally, when tooth jewelry is placed permanently it is affixed to existing teeth.”


The History of Putting Grills & Diamonds on Teeth

Closeup of the mouth of a man with black facial hair and wearing removable gold grills on his teeth

Grills are removable covers, made up of silver, gold, or metals encrusted with jewels, that snap over the wearer’s teeth. Wearing gold and diamonds as dental jewelry has a centuries long history. Step back in time with us to discover the origins of mouth bling.

800 BC – 200 BC

The Etruscan civilization was a powerful and wealthy civilization of ancient Italy. Though almost no writing survives from this time period, archeologists have pieced together knowledge of this era through the excavation of graves and tombs. Rich Etruscan women wore what we would now think of as grills. Some affluent women had their front teeth removed and were fitted with a gold band appliance (much like a dental bridge) for adornment that held a decorative gold tooth, reused teeth, or replacement teeth carved out of ivory.


Hip hop and rap artists like Flava Flav of Public Enemy and Big Daddy Kane popularized grills in the 1980s. Grills represented the cutting edge of hip-hop culture. Many people viewed grills as a fresh and unique form of expression, and unlike other trends from this time (like Flava Flav’s clock necklace), grills became more than mere costume jewelry in some circles.

From 2005-2012

Recently, various celebrities have garnered the media’s attention with their grills. In 2005, hip-hop artist Nelly revived the dental trend with his number one single, “Grillz”. Rapper Kanye West revealed diamond-encrusted bottom teeth while on Ellen DeGeneres’ show in 2010. To everyone’s shock, he insisted that, no, they weren’t like grills, but they replaced his bottom teeth. At the time, Entertainment Weekly called up an expert to weigh in on his claim. The short answer: yes and no; most likely, gold and diamonds didn’t actually replace his teeth, but rather his natural teeth were trimmed and used as a base to support a dental bridge. Another rapper, Lil Wayne, divulged on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that his bejeweled smile cost him over $150,000! Singer Rihanna was fitted in 2011 with removable gold grills for her “You Da One” music video. And in 2012, swimmer Ryan Lochte sported patriotic grills at the London Olympics.

A Word of Caution from Toothology Dental

All of us at Toothology Dental want you to take care when indulging in this trend. Although there have been no studies that prove grills are harmful to teeth, the American Dental Association warns that there is also nothing to suggest that they are perfectly safe either. Just as with your natural pearly whites, grills require special care. If you are considering a grill, consult with our expert team to decide if this is a safe choice for your oral health.

Even if you don’t have or want a grill, contact us to schedule an appointment for your biannual dental checkup. Your natural teeth are a fashion statement too—we can make sure your smile says what you want it to say!

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Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

At Diamond Dental Care, we have several options for replacing missing teeth. If you have a tooth that has been knocked out in an accident or was removed due to decay, we can perform a procedure to replace it so you can regain the full functionality and appearance of your smile. We invite you to call (909) 860-7579 and schedule an appointment with our dental office. After examining you, Dr. Rajul Patel and Dr. Dhanya Divakaran will make a recommendation as to which procedure is likely to provide the best results for your appearance and lifestyle goals.


In our Diamond Bar dental office, we understand the importance of choice. We know that when we see 10 people with tooth loss, each of them will have a slightly different goal and their lifestyles will be different. Things like the type of food you like to eat, whether or not you play sports, if you are outgoing and gregarious or prefer to keep to yourself can impact which tooth replacement option is right for you. This is why when you come in for a consultation, we will take time to ask questions and get to know you. Asking about your hobbies and whether or not you work out may seem out of place for a dentist, but everything works together. For example, if your hobbies involve singing in the choir, dentures may not be a good solution for you because they could pop out of place. Simultaneously, if you like to run marathons, you will need a tooth replacement solution that will not become loose with aggressive impact. After asking you questions and conducting a physical examination, we will make a recommendation as to which option we feel will work best for your lifestyle. If you are a good candidate for all of them, we will let you know that as well, so you can ask more specific questions regarding the procedures and cost involved.

Out of all of the missing tooth replacement options, which one is the most durable?

At Diamond Dental Care, we can give you a well-made and durable replacement tooth, regardless of which option you select. However, if you are looking for a replacement option that looks, feels, and behaves like a natural tooth, a dental implant is the most effective. When completing this procedure, we implant a titanium post underneath the gums and secure it to the jawbone. This serves as a replacement root system. Over the course of one to several months, the titanium and bone will fuse together to create a new root system that is as strong as the original. The process of osseointegration makes it possible for us to give you a sturdy and durable tooth replacement you can count on. In our California dental office, we will then attach a new tooth that has been specifically created to blend in with your surrounding teeth. An implant is the next best thing to a natural tooth. It is important to note that this is a surgical procedure, and in order to qualify, your jawbone will need to have sufficient density. As such, not everyone qualifies for the procedure. There are, however, other durable replacement solutions, such as a dental bridge.

A bridge is created by securing a dental crown to the two teeth surrounding the missing one. These crowns serve as anchors to hold a gum-colored bridge in place that a new tooth is secured to. This is the most durable, non-surgical solution you can get to replace a missing tooth, because it is firmly attached. Many of our patients prefer this as an alternative to dentures, while being less invasive than implants. During a consultation, Dr. Rajul Patel and Dr. Dhanya Divakaran can explain the benefit of both options so you can determine which solution will work best for you. Additionally, if you have any restrictions, such as your remaining teeth not being healthy enough to support a bridge, we will let you know and suggest a different solution.

In some cases, dentures are an ideal way to replace missing teeth. While not as durable or sturdy as an implant or bridge, they do have their place. Dentures are an ideal immediate solution while waiting for another cosmetic procedure. Also, if you have suffered from resorption and do not have any strong, remaining teeth, they may be necessary. In this situation, modern dentistry has made it possible to wear a set of dentures that looks natural and is less likely to fall out of place.

Check out what others are saying about our dental restoration services on Yelp: Options for Replacing Missing Teeth Diamond Bar.


Will my missing tooth replacement options be influenced by my age?

At Diamond Dental Care, our goal is to provide you with a tooth replacement solution that is beautiful, natural-looking, and will work for your lifestyle. Age, while a factor in healthcare, has less to do with your ideal tooth replacement solution than what your lifestyle is like. For example, you could be a senior and not want to wear dentures, even though they are common. Regardless of your age, if you lead an active lifestyle, dental implants could be the best solution simply because they are the sturdiest and will allow you to maintain all of your activities. One thing to be aware of, and this does not have to be age-related, is that when you lose a tooth, the process of resorption starts. This is when the body starts to leach calcium from your jawbone and distribute it to the rest of the body. The longer you wait to visit our Diamond Bar dental office and have the tooth replaced, the less bone density you will have. When you then go to replace the tooth, your options could be more limited. This makes losing a tooth an urgent matter to attend to.

We recommend that you call 909-860-7579 and schedule an appointment with our dental office as soon as your tooth has either fallen or been knocked out. During your appointment, we will examine your gums, take x-rays, and make a recommendation as to which tooth replacement option will be best suited for your needs. Acting on this quickly will help in restoring your appearance and oral health.

To learn more about dental options for replacing missing teeth, call and schedule an appointment with our Diamond Bar dentist office today.


Commenters quickly pointed out Drake’s jewel looked less like an impressive statement of wealth and more like a stray piece of spinach. Aubrey responded by asserting the spec was, in fact, a “pink diamond” and that he, indeed, keeps his teeth clean with “activated charcoal before any club night where [he] sees baddies…” His response was instantly meme’d and mocked.

Still, I had so many questions, so I decided to bother my dentist during a checkup and ask about Drake’s diamond tooth. My dentist was pretty chill and actually agreed to help solve the mystery that is Drake. I’m calling my dentist Dr. F because apparently there are strict rules when it comes to dentists and media. That, or Dr. F is embarrassed to be a Drake fan. Understandable. Either way, he taught me about getting diamond teeth implants, the risks of activated charcoal and how to get baddies at the club with my teeth, like Drake.

How do I get a diamond implant like Drake?
Dr. F: There’s two methods you can get a diamond placed in or on your tooth. The first one, and it’s something I’ve seen done at tattoo parlors and beauty salons, is they take the stone and bond it directly on the surface of your tooth. The issue with that is it sticks out from the surface. It may feel uncomfortable on your lip or break off when you’re eating. The second way to do it is to actually drill a small divot in the tooth and bond the diamond in that way to be flush with the surface of the tooth. It’s going to look and feel better. It’s more durable and cooler.

Are there any risks?
If you’re drilling into your teeth, that’s irreversible. You’re removing good, healthy tooth for that.

While I have you, I got an electric toothbrush for Christmas. Is it worth using?
Absolutely. Electric toothbrushes give way more strokes per minute, so you’re getting a much better clean.

Thanks. What’s the best dental hygiene regime to attract—as Drake says—“baddies” at the club?
Brush and floss daily and have confidence in your smile.

How would you rate Drake’s diamond smile?
It’s a pretty nice looking diamond. I think for a guy of his stature though he could have gone a little bigger. I think he’s getting influenced from his time with Lil Wayne. I suppose you have to start small. Baby steps. There’s room to grow.

I’m glad you brought up Lil Wayne. I brought some some photos of other important hip-hop teeth. I know you’re busy but can you give your professional opinion and compare them to Drake’s teeth?

Danny Brown. This is before he got dental world.
Danny Brown reminds me of a hockey player here. I recommend a face visor for that kind of thing. I think Danny’s a good candidate for the grillz. It has the sparkle, but it would also provide a nice fill. Dental implants are another option.

Are you familiar with Cardi B?

She talks about getting dental work in “Bodak Yellow.” How big of a “bag” does it take to fix your teeth? A bag as in money.
If you’re going full crowns, depends on the amount and quality of the diamond. I’m no geologist but the quality of diamonds can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Normal full makeover, without diamonds, ust for the work, is around $30 to $40 thousand dollars. Especially if there are implants.

Drake says he uses “activated charcoal” to clean his teeth. Does that actually work?
Any product I recommend to my patients has to have been rigorously studied and approved by the dental associations—Canadian or American. I have to see reputable academic sources. There are a lot of fads out there, but unless it’s been studied thoroughly, that’s a no. Charcoal may whiten your teeth, but the concern I have is how abrasive it is. You could use sandpaper to whiten your teeth too, but could it also destroy your gum tissue and enamel?

What are some other trends in teeth cleaning we should know about and possibly sell to Drake?
One big one that’s up for debate right now is called oil pulling. You take sunflower or coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth. It’s purported to remove bacteria, but unless we’ve seen long term studies on that, it’s not something your dentist is going to recommend. Brush and floss daily. Tried and tested.

What is the next teeth related trend in hip-hop that you want to see?
I guess the only thing left is to hang gold chains from your molars, spinners on the front and maybe get a few LCD screens in there. Maybe Xzibit could get involved. But it’s not something I can professionally recommend.

Devin Pacholik flosses daily. Follow him onTwitter.


Diamonds with replace teeth

Did Kanye West really have his teeth pulled out and replaced with diamonds? An expert weighs in

When Kanye West showed Ellen DeGeneres his new gold and diamond front teeth yesterday, she could hardly believe him. “You just put it on top of your teeth?” asked DeGeneres. “No,” the rap superstar replied. “It’s, like, replaced my bottom row of teeth.” We here at the Music Mix had our doubts, too, so we called an expert, Dr. Emanuel Layliev of the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Layliev is unconvinced by West’s claim to have yanked his teeth and put precious metals and minerals in their place. “It’s a possibility, but I really doubt that the gold was extended into his actual socket within the gum and bone to replace the actual teeth themselves,” says the dentist. “There’s no way you can just place the gold into the gum or the bone without any connection to your natural teeth.”

According to Layliev, it’s much more likely that West had his teeth trimmed down and used them as support for a gold and diamond encrusted bridge, more or less as Ellen suspected. It’s also possible that West had his front teeth surgically removed, replaced them with titanium implants, and then had the flashy structure built on top. The latter procedure would require a months-long waiting period for the titanium implants to set.

Either way, Layliev says the medical risks involved are minimal. “It’s not a very harmful thing to do at all. Gold, if anything, is better than any restorative material out there in dentistry.” He also endorses West’s statement that he cleans his new choppers with regular toothpaste. “That’s fine, as long as he’s also rinsing his mouth with some type of antiseptic mouth rinse — and flossing.”

Aside from the obvious cost of supplying the gold and diamonds, Layliev says it wouldn’t necessarily be more expensive than any standard oral surgery. An insurance plan might even cover the main dental work, though of course not the jewels. All that said, very few people other than West are likely to go through with this. “It’s not a common procedure,” Layliev notes. “We don’t do much of this at the office. We’re more into beautifying teeth from a natural perspective.”

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Are Lil Wayne’s teeth dental implants or a grill?

Are Lil Wayne’s teeth dental implants or a grill? Have you seen the itsy bitsy teeny weeny diamonds on his teeth? Who is right? Me or my brother?  I say it’s a grill and my brother thinks it’s his real teeth. I figured an expert can look at pictures of those teeth and be able to tell what they really are. I think Rhianna wrote that song about shine bright like a diamond after having dreams about Lil Wayne’s teeth. LOL. But seriously. Me and my brother have a bet. Can you tell the truth about his teeth and how many carats of diamonds are on them? Terrance

Terrance – There are lots of questions about how Lil Wayne could get diamonds on his natural teeth. Many people think they have to be dental implants or a grill.

What Lil Wayne Has Said about His Teeth

In a 2010 interview, Jimmy Kimmel brought up the subject. Lil Wayne’s response was, “No, it’s not a grill because c…come out…Imma die with these. These are my teeth…” After Jimmy asked if the teeth could be switched out, Lil Wayne responded, “I can go to the dentist and switch them out, but it’s surgery.”
Check out the interview in the video below:

The rapper’s response provides clues:

  • If surgery is involved, his teeth might really be diamond-embedded dental implants.
  • His natural teeth could have been altered to embed diamonds in them.
  • If his teeth really aren’t removable, he might not be wearing a grill, unless of course, the grill was bonded on.

The dentist who provided Lil Wayne with the diamond-studded smile used to have several pages on his website dedicated to the rapper. Although the pages have been removed from the dentist’s website, they can still be accessed through Wayback machine. The pages confirm the dentist’s involvement, but they don’t reveal the actual work that was done. It’s illegal to reveal a patient’s medical or dental history.

Lil Wayne himself might not know the details of the procedure, but he does acknowledge that permanent dental work was completed to bling out his smile. Although we haven’t seen his teeth face-to-face, the photos look as if he might have a permanent grill or a dental bridge. The star says that surgery would be required to change his teeth.

Consider these facts that seem to point more toward a grill than dental implants:

  • Replacing crowns on dental implants doesn’t require surgery, but the rapper said surgery would be needed to remove the bling.
  • There is supporting evidence from a 2010 online news article that featured the dentist who created the flashy smile. The article first refers to the dentist’s services including dental implants, and later it states, “Requests for diamond grill work are more rare.” Hmm. Why the reference to diamond grill work? We can’t be sure, but it makes us wonder.

The verdict is still out on whether the rapper has dental implants or a grill. Although we don’t have information on how many carats of diamonds are on his teeth, he reportedly paid $150,000 for the sparkle.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist and board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


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