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Copper & Bronze Window Boxes

Revel in a bit of container gardening luxury with bronze and copper flower boxes. One only has to glance at the dimensional russet tones of these wall, railing and window planters to recognize the potential. Indeed, any of these gorgeous flower boxes is sure to give your curb appeal an instant high-end boost.

The Distinct Mark of Bronze & Copper Window Boxes

When it comes to conveying luxury, no metal does so more naturally than copper. Window boxes constructed out of the material simply follow suit. As for bronze, well, the beloved alloy derives most of its trademark traits directly from copper as it accounts for the majority of its composition.

To put it another way, there's a reason artists, craftsman, engineers and architects work with copper and bronze. Window box ideas are just a natural departure from what we've already known for centuries:

  • Copper and bronze are lovely to look at AND
  • Both materials offer impressive utility in tough outdoor applications

Not a bad combination. Which helps to explain the abundance of bronze and copper window boxes gracing gorgeous structures worldwide.

Right on Trend

Another perk of metallic window planters is the timelessness of the materials. Not only in the sense that they're tough and lasting, but from a style perspective. Carrying out window box ideas with copper or bronze containers means homeowners can be confident they'll still love the look many years down the line. And in the case of genuine copper window boxes, the containers only continue to surprise season after season. As the material matures to take on a soft green patina new layers of sophistication emerge.

Invest in Curb Appeal

Choosing copper and bronze window box designs can mean a little bit more of an investment up front. However, the returns are well worth it. Also, check out galvanized metal options with bronze and copper-tone finishing. Our superior finishes replicate the real thing in an alternative format that many container gardeners love.

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Planters, Liners, Flower & Window Boxes

Custom made products in any size, shape or material

Planter and Flower Boxes

Planters add an immense amount of beauty to any space. The ever changing look of copper, the clean look of stainless steel, the distinct look of zinc or a burnished copper look, makes planters, flower or window boxes one of our most popular items.

These decorative containers are always custom fabricated to our customer's specifications. Riverside's craftsmen will always solder or weld such parts unless otherwise specified. We can also add decorative details (such as letters, rivets or bars for example) or a different finish (such as a burnished look).

Riverside Sheet Metal custom fabricates every planter to order with maximum attention to detail, providing you with the design and specifications your project needs. Mostly, these parts are made out of copper, but Riverside can also make these with aluminum, freedom gray, stainless steel, zinc (99% pure), pre-patina copper, lead coated copper or galvanized steel (zinc coated).
We also manufacture custom metal liners.

Planters are commonly fabricated with these materials and finishes:


Commonly fabricated with below profiles. Custom profiles also available.

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Nantucket Online

20 Evergreen Way, Nantucket, MA 02554
[email protected]

The idea of Nantucket Flower Boxes was born during a winter nor-easter in 2018.  Standing in his workshop, James accounted for numerous sheets of copper left over from copper roof jobs, cooper gutters and flashes.  Nantucket Flower Box Company came into conception, as James thought with a smile, “they will be around for long time”.

Traditional flower boxes are wooden and prone to rot, but copper window boxes will last indefinitely.  Each box is designed to hold extra water storage on the bottom, staying safely away from the plant roots. This makes watering flowers within the boxes efficient during busy summer months.  Additionally, our copper boxes can be left outside during the winter months year-round, unlike wooden boxes. 


The window boxes are handmade, using copper right here on Nantucket.  The ever changing look of copper, or a burnished copper look is one of the final touches to make your home distinctly Nantucket.

These decorative containers can be custom fabricated to a customer’s specifications. The Lydon craftsmen will always solder, or weld the copper window boxes.  They also have ready-made standard 36” insert boxes to go!

The reconfiguration of how copper is made in the last twenty years, the copper will not turn green with patina.  They will turn a rich tone of brown—bronze like over time.


Founder James Lydon has been a master roofer for decades. His company Lydon & Sons & Daughters on Nantucket specializes in roofs made of slate, copper, or wood.

Read more about the rise of this unique Nantucket business in “The Soft Side of Roofers” from REVIEW Nantucket, Spring 2018.

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The Elegance of Bona Fide Copper

Copper Window Boxes and Planters provide loads of elegance initially but even more so as they age. Over time the lush copper color patinas to a silver-green-grey, displaying the look of a finely crafted heirloom. When looking for distinctive window boxes for sale online, our container collection, created from this precious metal, are some of our most popular to date, adding the look of sophistication to any home's exterior decor. When planting flowers and foliage in genuine copper, trace elements contribute to your plant's essential nutrients since copper possesses commonly occurring trace minerals required for optimal plant health. As such, your plants will thrive living in raw, unfinished copper, more so than in planters made from other materials. An added bonus is that planters and copper garden accessories won't rust either, providing an enduring container for your home's décor.

Copper is the New Gold

Copper liners last a long time given their resistance to rust. Added to that is our superior craftsmanship. Hand made from the finest quality 100% copper by local artisans, our copper window boxes and railing planters can have become the new "gold" standard. They are enormously durable and not only hold their beauty over time, they increase it. It's one of just several reasons why we carry so many different styles, over a dozen in all, with numerous sizes also available. Most come in a combination of window box cages with the copper planter boxes showcased inside. Several are sold as stand-alone planter boxes. Whichever you select, you can rest assured to receive the highest quality plant container available on the market today.

Copper Deck Rail Planters Add to the Ambiance

Deck rail planters have become very popular these days and coordinating copper or copper liners in wrought iron cages are perfect to continue your home's exterior decor theme. You can add some sophisticated cages in the front of your home and install light weight stand-alone copper planters on your porch or deck rails. And if you need alternative sizing, whether larger or smaller than our standard inventory, contact one of our design specialists today. They are waiting for your call.

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Copper Window Boxes

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