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So for a Paris without any critical mods, the damage is multiplied by 1.3 on average; yellow crits of 2x for 30% of the shots. With the 2 base critical mods, the damage is multiplied by 3.55 on average; yellow crits of 4.4x for 75% of the shots. See also [] …
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Melee Mods Category page. Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Melee Mods Edit; Damage Base ... Increases critical hit chance as the Melee Combo Counter increases Uncommon Acolyte Body Count: Increases Melee Combo Counter duration: Common …
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Estimated Reading Time 10 mins
Published 2020-01-02
  • Redeemer Prime. Who even needs a gun when gunblades exist? The Redeemer Prime is a mix between a melee weapon and a shotgun, blowing holes into targets after slashing them to pieces.
  • Zaws. What could be better than a weapon tailored to a player's preferences? Zaws are special, player-made melee weapons crafted at Hok's Anvil in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Kuva Shildeg. This Hammer deals a low amount of base damage by itself—only clocking in at 205—but it actually becomes one of the best melee weapons when players consider it is a Kuva Lich weapon.
  • Lesion. Status and the Lesion polearm go together better than any other melee weapon in Warframe. Not only does this Infested polearm have a 37% status chance and great range, but it also has a hidden mechanic where it gains 100% additive Toxin damage and 15% increased attack speed when an attack inflicts a status effect.
  • Stropha. Gunblades are one of the strongest melee archetypes in Warframe due to their inherent benefits of firing projectiles while benefiting from a melee combo multiplier.
  • Reaper Prime. The Reaper Prime lives up to its name ever since heavy attacks received their overhaul. The Reaper Prime does everything a player would expect from a top-tier melee weapon.
  • Kronen Prime. Tonfas are powerhouses on their own thanks to great combos, but some tonfas go further beyond with great damage and supplemental stats. The Kronen Prime is the best example of this.
  • Nami Skyla Prime. Arguably the most undervalued melee weapon in Warframe is the Nami Skyla Prime. These dual swords pack a serious punch. High base damage, crit, and an exceptional status chance allow this weapon to melt targets with rapid status afflictions and critical Slash procs.
  • Nikana Prime. The Nikana Prime was always good. It had great damage, stats, amazing combos, and it looked amazing as well. Melee 3.0 somehow made all Nikana weapons even stronger.
  • Gram Prime. Heavy blades saw an overall reduction in their damage with the Melee 3.0 update, gaining extra base damage but losing the absurd combo and Blood Rush scaling from before.
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Published 2019-12-07
  • Vacuum. Again, this mod does not increase the damage of weapons. Instead, this is a mod for your companion that lets the companion grab items in an 11.5m radius.
  • Mobilize. This mod does not give damage. It does not improve weapon effects or give powerful bonuses, but it is equally as important as all of those benefits.
  • Fleeting Expertise. Warframe abilities are powerful, game-changing effects that should be used by everyone as often as possible. Most abilities cost energy, however, and usually can not be spammed.
  • Elemental Damage Mods. Serration and Split Chamber might be massive damage multipliers, but elemental mods are much easier to rank up and provide just as much damage.
  • Handspring. Knockdowns kill. Well, they do not do damage themselves, but they leave the player vulnerable for long periods of time. This is not an issue early on, but missions later in the game contain plenty of enemies that can knockdown players and kill them.
  • Corrosive Projection. Any player who has survived for hours in endurance missions will tell you that the single most impactful mechanic endgame is armor.
  • Primed Critical Mods. Primed Target Cracker and Primed Pistol Gambit are the two strongest mod upgrades players can get on their secondary weapons. These will boost the critical stats on any secondary weapon by a tremendous amount, making the most powerful secondary weapons significantly more powerful.
  • Blood Rush. While not as strong as it used to be, Blood Rush is still one of the most powerful melee mods players can use. This mod increases a melee attack's critical hit chance by 60% per combo multiplier.
  • Umbral Mods. After completing a late-game story quest titled "The Sacrifice", players will obtain these incredibly powerful mods for use on any Warframe.
  • Damage and Multishot Mods. Serration and Split Chamber are on every build for primary weapons in Warframe. Primed Point Blank and Hell's Chamber are always on shotguns, and Hornet Strike with Barrel Diffusion is on every secondary.
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  • Kronen Prime (Tonfa) Tonfas became absurdly strong after the melee rework, and the Kronen Prime is the testament to that. This weapon took the community by storm.
  • Sepfahn (One-Handed Nikana) Most zaws overshadow their weapon class in terms of power and efficiency. The Sepfahn nikana eclipses almost all other melee weapons due to how strong and consistent it performs.
  • Gram Prime (Heavy Blade) Heavy Blades are in a good spot currently, and most of the weapons in that class are viable. The Gram Prime has long been a popular and reliable choice since it offers a balanced hybrid build, making it great for all missions.
  • Lesion (Polearm) The Lesion is an infected polearm that can quickly stack status to overwhelm your enemies. Inflicting a status effect on a target grants the weapon bonus attack speed and toxin damage which synergizes amazingly with its high slash.
  • Glaive Prime (Glaive) Glaives received significant buffs and quality-of-life improvements that improved their viability. Additionally, mods like Volatile Return and Volatile Rebound cemented their power and usefulness.
  • Tenet Livia (Two-Handed Nikana) Though there were many great melee weapons released in the recent Sisters of Parvos update, the Tenet Livia stood out amongst them all.
  • Reaper Prime (Scythe) Cleave your way through space with the Reaper Prime, a beast of a scythe genuinely deserving of its name. Unfortunately, there are no fantastic scythe stances, and they're awkward at best, so expect to launch an onslaught of heavy attacks.
  • Nami & Skyla Prime (Dual Sword) The Nami & Skyla is the primed variant of the base Nami & Skyla dual swords. It matches its high-status chance with its fast attack speed to glide through the battlefield.
  • Venka Prime (Claws) The Venka Prime is the primed version of the Venka, their base counterpart. It possesses insane stats across the board, and it is the only weapon with a combo counter of 13.
  • Stropha (Gunblade) Between the Stropha and Redeemer Prime, both are equally good that it comes down to preference. However, even though the Redeemer excels at taking down single targets with its unmatched heavy attacks, the Stropha's better stats, area-of-effect, and ease of use make it the winner of their rivalry.
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2019-10-25  · Warframe Mods 101. Mod is short for Module which is actually an upgraded system for many of warframe game elements: weapons, speed, power, Warframes, Companions, etc. There are nearly 1,000 Warframe mods available,most mods are tradable except for a few ones. Let’s look into the basic characteristics of mods so you be able to understand how they work and what they mean.
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2015-04-09  · Posted April 9, 2015. The critical chance mods are fine. 40+% crit chance on Secondaries and Melee is pretty reliable crits. The crit damage mods for secondaries is hard to slot because it takes (2) crit damage mods to be 120% crit damage boost; Hollow Point & Target Cracker - both 60% crit damage and Hollow Point lowers damage.
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Warframe Melee Mods Summarized by PlexPage. Last Updated: 20 October 2020 * If you want to update the article please login/register. General | Latest Info. Warframe is notorious for how complex it is, making it a hard game to get into. Tutorials do not explain parkour mechanics, do n't show all mission types, and do not properly teach players how modding work. Modifying your gear is single ...
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Critical Deceleration is a shotgun mod that increases critical chance but reduces fire rate. Cannot be equipped with Blunderbuss Blunderbuss. Critical Deceleration is additive with similar mods. Update 30.5 (2021-07-06) Critical Deceleration - Critical Chance from 48% to 200% -30% fire rate to...
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So i have a question that i need opinions ... If you would have to chose between a build whit no elementals but does red crits and another build that you have a elemental combo but red crits are almost not present at all WHAT WOULD YOU CHOSE ?
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2019-11-01  · Two things got hard-nerfed, and those're Critical Chance on Slide Attack & Covert Lethality. The only weapon I can reliably red-crit with now is my Guandao with MS+BR+a >100% CCoSA riven. Across the rest of the melee board it's way more fluid, way more mobile, and much more damaging than pre-2.0. And this is coming from someone who was pissed ...
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They are intended to help get you started and familiar with modding in Warframe, and all of the items in the Bundles can be earned from mission rewards, enemy drops, and more! They each feature an unranked Rifle Mod, Shotgun Mod, Pistol Mod, Melee Mod, 1,000 Endo, and 50,000 Credits. Check them out in the in-game Market! The Melee Combo list for the Crimson Dervish Stance. Main article: …
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Roar will buff your damage and if you use the Blood Rush + Combo duration mod which keeps increasing critical chance with combo counter on a melee weapon with high crit, Rhinos Roar will boost that damage a lot. It'll even be fully viable in Sortie missions. If things get too nasty just hit 4 to stun everyone. #6. Niuq. Jul 11, 2018 @ 2:14pm Mirage as well her clones add damage and extra ...
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Critical Focus is a mod that increases the critical chance and critical damage of an Arch-gun while aiming. Critical Focus is additive with similar mods. For example, an Imperator Imperator with a max rank Critical Focus and Parallax Scope Parallax Scope will have a 24% × (1 + 60% + 100%) = 62.4% critical chance. Last updated: Hotfix 29.5.7 (2020-12-10)
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Critical chance mods for pistols and melee: Isn't it too low? Build. With primaries you have %150 increase and even a corrupted mod that gives %50 more increase as I remember. But for pistols and melee it is just %60. Pistols have an alternative for critical, it has %180 dual shot, which means it is guaranteed deal double damage and %80 chance ...
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TAC UPDATE - Warframe PC Hotfix 26.0.7: Welcome to another episode of Tac Update where I cover the highlights of additions, changes and fixes that arrive wit...
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Best Warframe Melee Weapon Builds. Sort. Updated since. Build name. WARFRAMES PRIMARY WEAPONS SECONDARY WEAPONS MELEE WEAPONS ARCHWING COMPANIONS. Sister Resister -- Flat Viral/Heat (Updated 30.5 -- Sisters of Parvos Update) Nikana Prime guide by hampstr updated 3 months ago. 3; FormaLong; Guide. Votes 782. Ripdolon (Definitely not OP crit redeemer) Redeemer …
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2019-11-23  · Ohma existed before update 26, has a neutral disposition of 1.00, so imo that gives the most balanced look at why Crit Chance rivens now suck! Old Blood Rush: BR used to scale with CC mods. The Ohma has 15% CC. Add OLD true steel of 60% CC = 24% CC. 24% CC is now what would scale with BR meaning CC mods and rivens were quite good.
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Melee Prowess is a mod that increases the status chance of melee weapons. Melee Prowess is additive with similar mods. For example, a Galatine Galatine with a max rank Melee Prowess and Drifting Contact Drifting Contact will have a 20% × (1 + 90% + 40%) = 46% status chance. Can be stacked with Volcanic Edge Volcanic Edge, Vicious Frost Vicious Frost, Voltaic Strike Voltaic Strike, Virulent ...
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%90 for primary, %120 for secondary and %150 for melee. Reverse of critical chance mod stats. 28 comments. share. save. hide. report. 95% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best . level 1. 5 years ago. I think it's not about the need, it's more about reminding DE to look into it because Melee Prowess' sole existance in its current ...
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Warframe. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ...
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True Steel: increases critical chance. If the base crit chance is very low (5-10%) It's better to use the following mod, but then you have to use slide attacks. Maiming Strike: increases the chance of a Critical Hit on slide attacks. Because this mod just adds 90% crit chance on slide attacks, so 5% becomes 95% etc. For the rest some basic mods
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For me, the most important part of a crit build is a combo duration increase mod, blood rush and ideally, Naramon focus school that let's you keep your melee combo counter. 1. level 1. Picklesoup-. · 2y. Shiv is a solid crit wepon :p. 1. level 1. velrak.
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Dual Zoren and Dual Ichor are the top crit melee weapons. Don´t forget about the dual cleavers, but the Orthos Prime for example will hit way harder if she crits. #4. Fraggoth. 2014. márc. 12., 7:37 I think that some people are forgetting the Galatine's charge attack. You can get 10k+ damage in one swing with very little in the way of modding. And that hits multiple enemies. With Range ...
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Warframe Melee Combo Count Chance Price on warframe. Set Bonus: +60% critical chance, stacks with Combo Multiplier (10% per mod equipped). MELEE +30% Combo Count Chance while Blocking.
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The primary crit chance mod is Blood Rush, which increases your crit chance the more consecutive hits you get.Typically partnered with Berserker and Drifting Contact/Body Count.. The primary status chance mods, you already have. The flat status chance mod is not worth it since it only provides a 15% increase compared to the 60% increase of dual-stat elementals.
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Sours: https://www.tfrecipes.com/critical-chance-melee-mods-warframe/
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等级 效果 消耗
0 10% 6
1 20% 7
2 30% 8
3 40% 9
4 50% 10
5 60% 11


  • 该MOD的暴击率、暴击倍率提升效果与MiniMapMod.png中空子弹、MiniMapMod.png视差瞄具的效果相同。
    • 同时使用这三个MOD,可以提升160%暴击率以及140%暴击倍率。



Sours: https://warframe.huijiwiki.com/wiki/%E5%85%B3%E9%94%AE%E7%84%A6%E7%82%B9
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How do you find the critical focus?

How do you find the critical focus?

To get critical focus on a person zoom all the way in until you have a close up of someone’s eyes. Our brains subconsciously focus on people’s eyes, so they need to be sharp. Adjust until their eyes appear clear and sharp. Once their eyes are in focus, zoom back out to get your shot.

How do you get the Archwing in Warframe?

You will start the first part to the Archwing quest by completing the Mars Junction, located on Earth. Completing this quest will give you your very own Archwing as well as access to the various Archwing missions. To access this quest once unlocked, select it from the Quest tab located on your Navigation chart.

How do you summon Archgun?

To use the item, the Archgun Deployer must first be equipped on a player’s Gear Wheel in the Arsenal, then activated by selecting the Archgun Deployer during a mission. Additionally, players must equip their desired Arch-gun in the Heavy Weapon slot of their Arsenal’s Vehicles tab.

How do you get Velocitus?

The parts for Velocitus are given as syndicate rewards by Steel Meridian, Cephalon Suda, and Red Veil. The blueprint is found in the Tenno Lab in the dojo. All this can be found on the wiki article for the Velocitus.

How do you use Archgun without Archwing?

The Gravimag is an Arch-gun weapon upgrade that allows the player to wield that gun as a heavy weapon in ground combat, without an Archwing, through the use of an Archweapon Deployer which can only be unlocked after reaching max rank with Solaris United.

Who is the profit taker?

Profit-Taker Orb is a large Raknoid creature found in Enrichment Labs in the Orb Vallis on top of the building, acting as one of the Grand Bosses of the landscape. The gargantuan creature can only be engaged during the Heist with Vox Solaris, requiring the rank of Old Mate within Solaris United.

How do I get a repeller system?

Repeller Systems in Warframe is a crafting component that you can earn by doing Heist Bounties. These are special Bounties that you can do for the Vox Solaris Syndicate on Fortuna and involve taking down the Orb Mother that guards the Orb Vallis.

Where can I farm toroid?

Where To Farm Toroids

  • Vega Toroid – drop from enemies at Spaceport.
  • Calda Toroid – drop from enemies at Enrichment Labs.
  • Sola Toroid – drop from enemies at Temple of Profit.
  • Crisma Toroid – drop from the Profit-Taker during Phase 4 of the Heist.
  • Lazulite Toroid – drop from the Exploiter Orb upon death.

Where can I farm toroid Warframe?

Toroids are rare drops from any enemy at certain locations on the Orb Vallis, notably:

  • Vega Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Spaceport.
  • Sola Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Temple of Profit.
  • Calda Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Enrichment Lab.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/helpful-tips/how-do-you-find-the-critical-focus/

Focus warframe critical

Best Melee, Primary, Secondary Weapon in Warframe

Best Melee, Primary, Secondary Weapon in Warframe – When you start the game, you are recommended a lot of weapons. This is very confusing for the people who have just gotten into the game. Talking about weapons, I would say you shouldn’t focus too much in the higher tier ones, because they are tied to higher Mastery Rank.

Keeping things aside, let’s find out what are the weapons you should be playing with right away.

I am working on updating this list with 2021 standards, this might take around a week or two. 

Important Tip: There are meta weapons, there are fun weapons. I have added a section at the end of this article that covers a few fun weapons that can deal damage and fun to use. The point here is that Warframe is a game, it is important to have fun while playing, if running the meta weapons is your thing, then go for it.

How To Find What’s Best for me?

I’ve already listed a few good weapons that you can start with. But the right way to find out would be using a weapon, modding it correctly and finding out if it suits your playstyle. Don’t put a catalyst on every weapon you are starting with though.

Best Beginner Weapons

Best Beginner weapons in Warframe for Mastery Rank 1-5 would be.

  • Melee: Nikana Prime (MR 4) – Insane damage output, and with the right mod combination you can melt enemies of level 100 without any problems. You can also use Tipedo or Atterax both are good enough to carry you to high-level content.
  • Primary: Ignis is one of the best early-game weapons that doesn’t require any aiming and can clear rooms very easily. If you are Red Crit Damage lover, then Amprex should be your choice (Amprex is MR10 weapon after the release of Hotfix 22.13.3). If you don’t like any of these go for the Assault rifles such as Grakata, Karak or Boltor.
  • Secondary: Atomos, Lex and Lato are pretty good beginner secondary weapons. Though, you should not focus too much on secondaries for a while since there are not many good ones for the beginners. You can obtain powerful crit/status pistols later on when you reach higher MR.
  • Shotgun: Kohm and Hek are two amazing beginner warframe shotguns that a low MR player can use. Both Kohm and Hek blueprints can be obtained from the Warframe Market.

Update: Removed Synoid Simulor from the list after the nerf. It used to be the strongest elemental weapon in Warframe.

Best Primary Warframe Weapons

Below are a few weapons that are end-game viable and can be used for any faction

Best Primary / Shotguns

Note: Snipers are also primaries, we’ve added them in this section. A separate article with builds will be posted shortly.

  • Soma Prime (MR6) – Hands down the best automatic rifle in the game that can be obtained easily using the .
  • Sybaris Prime – Best Crit/Status Primary out there. If you have been playing this game for a long time, you must know by now that CC/Status is always better.
  • Ignis Wraith (MR9) – This flamethrower melts all the enemies within seconds. Combined with the heat and a CC+CD melee, this weapon can be used for fighting with even enemies of level +150 without any issues.
  • Tigris Prime (MR13) – Tigris Prime is an End Game Weapon and cannot be obtained before getting MR13. Tigris Prime has the highest base damage compared to any weapon in the game.
  • Vaykor Hek (MR12 shotgun) – Vaykor Hek can be obtained from Steel Meridian, this is a better version of the Hek variant. Boasts a better rate of fire, crit chance, and double mag capacity.
  • Arca Plasmor (MR12 Semi-Auto Shotgun) – Corpus shotgun that shoots damaging pulses of Radiation that guarantees impact procs. Good enough for enemies up to level 80. You can obtain Arca Plasmor from the Energy lab in the dojo.
  • Kohm/Kuva Kohm (MR5 Shotgun) – Kohm is a hold-trigger shotgun that fires full-auto, each following shot with adds an additional pellet to the next shot. This is one of my favorite shotguns that can reach 100 status if you have the right riven mod. The Kuva variant is even more powerful.
  • Trumna (MR13) – Trumna is an Orokin weapon that is designed by the Entrati. This is a fully automatic rifle that fires explosive bullets. Charges are built upon getting kills that fuel an alternate fire mode which bounces high explosive grenades.
  • Bubonico (MR13) – Started playing with it recently and its a lot of fun since its not a traditional shotgun. Bubonico is an Infested Shotgun that launches a barrage of Toxin blasts. It also has an alternate fire mode that shoots three explosive viral shots in a burst. This is a true end-game weapon as it has both high crit and status chance.

Best Pistol / Secondary in Warframe

All the websites out there will mention many of the secondaries without knowing much. I myself have put up 4000 hours in this game and I know what I am talking about. However, this doesn’t mean that these will be the right options for you, you can always use the comment section below to tell me about your favourites.

image credit: Zilaria on Youtube

  • Kuva Nukor – The normal Nukor is one of my most used pistol in the game, just because it’s really fun to use. The Kuva variant is the more powerful one.
  • Pyrana Prime – A High slash pistol that can deal a lot of damage. On top of that, if you get three kills in quick succession, second ethereal Pyrana appears for a short time.
  • Pandero – One of the best CC + CD pistol in the game. 100% end-game viable and can destroy every enemy in the star chart with a couple of bullets.
  • Acceltra – Acceltra is gauss’s signature weapon. A solid crit pistol that can take down enemies in a jiffy.
  • Sicarus Prime – After the latest buff to this pistol, it outclasses most of the pistols in the game. Not very fun to use, just a basic point and shoot weapon.
  • Aklex Prime – The dual-wielding Aklex pistol, deals a lot of damage and extremely fun to use. Can be obtained using the weekly relics that Baro Ki’Teer brings.

You can obtain riven mods for both of these for cheap and try your luck with rerolling. These weapons are insane and can even outclass most of the Primaries.

I’d like to give a special mention to weapons such as Nukor, Sonicor, Staticor, Pox, Atomos, and Spira Prime. These are not exactly end-game weapons but are really fun to use. Use the Warframe Trading Channel to buy a riven for them and you’ll enjoy a lot.

Best Sniper in Warframe

  • Rubico Prime – High impact damage-dealing sniper, good for enemies with shields. Rubico has the highest base critical damage compared to all snipers.
  • Vectis Prime – Amazing for removing armor from high-level enemies. Vectis Prime is the best status sniper.
  • Lanka – Lanka’s charged shot has the highest base damage of all snipers in the game. If modded correctly this sniper can be put to good use, especially when eidolon hunting.

Best Melee in Warframe

  • Nikana Prime – High crit melee weapon, end game viable.
  • Orthos Prime – Introduced way back in Update 9.0, this weapon still shreds enemies, has a high range and high damage. I still to this day use it and if you have maiming strike, you can slide your way to victory.
  • Lesion – Lesion is a high-status polearm that I’ve been using for a long time. It has good range and is perfectly end-game viable. To craft it you need to purchase the blueprint from the market, you also need a fully crafted Tipedo.
  • Gram Prime – Released with the Chroma Prime access, this heavy blade has a base crit and status chance of 32%. With the right build, this weapon can take down any enemy in the game.
  • Galatine PrimeBest Heavy Sword in the game. Takes the right build to make it perfect, but turns amazing once you stack kills with the Blood Rush + Berkserker build.
  • War – Not easy to obtain, but once you get it, there’s no going back.

Update 30/12/2020 – Removed Atterax because of the Maiming Strike nerf.

Best Bow Weapon in Warframe

  • Rakta Cernos (Red Veil Syndicate) – Rakta Cernos is the fastest firing bow in the game. It also has the syndicate proc that restores energy. Requires MR12 to obtain, you can trade with other tennos if you are not affiliated with Red Veil.
  • Dread (Stalker Bow) – Deals a large amount of slash based damage, highest critical chance tied with Lenz which is the third-best bow in our list. You cannot farm for this thing though since it’s only dropped on stalker death.
  • Lenz – Base crit chance of 50% and deals blast damage on each shot. Lenz is the highest damage dealer compared to all bows in the game, but you might blow yourself up time-to-time (because of the blast damage).

One thing that I would like to add after this list is that you can make many other bow weapons end-game viable using Rivens. I use Zhuge as my main bow whenever I am running low/mid-level missions.


So you listed a lot of weapons here, which one is the best and which one should I use?

This question is a little flawed. If you are starting out it might be difficult for you to use any good weapon since most of those are tied to higher mastery ranks. Also, the weapons listed here are best in my opinion, so they might not work for you, right away. You can try all the weapons mentioned in the list and check if you like using them. If you are a straight-up DPS guy, just use the best in the category and you’ll be good to go.

Best in Category?

  • Best Primary – Kuva Kohm
  • Best Secondary – Kuva Nukor
  • Best Melee – Orthos Prime/Nikana Prime/Gram Prime

There are a few weapons in the game which can’t handle high-level missions, but thanks to riven mods offering up to +300% damage, now you can use them.

These are the end-game/beginner weapons that you can grab in Warframe. If you need to know more do let us know using the comment section below.

Sours: https://warframe.today/best-primary-secondary-melee-warframe-weapons/

Warframe Focus Guide – Learn Everything About Focus

Want to know what is Focus in Warframe? How really it works and how to earn it?

Focus is used to unlock Tenno’s True Abilities in Warframe. Guided by the Five Great Tenno schools, Focus is used to increase the points of each school. These five schools are Madurai, Naramon, Zenurik, Vazarin, and Unairu. You can unlock unique abilities from every school and amplify your operator or warframe’s strength in the game. So here in this guide, I will explain in detail everything about Warframe focus. How this game mechanism can impact your gameplay and do you need to focus on this.

What is Focus in Warfarme?

Focus unlock at the very end of the game, it is a special mechanism that allows players to upgrade their gameplay. You can unlock a set of skills and passives that will help you to enhance your five different fighting styles. They are warrior, tank, healer, mage, and ninja. After completing Second Dream Quest, the Focus tree will be unlocked. The first skill in the Focus Tree is free, and others can be unlocked using Focus Experience, or Focus XP. To fully equip the best possible abilities, you have to unlock all five trees. But there is one limitation, you can only use on active at a time

What are the Five Schools?

5 schools mean 5 skill trees. After completing Second Dream Quest in Warframe you will have choice to pick one fro mthe five schools. Each school features a unique skill tree depending on the gameplay type, for example, there is a skill tree dedicated to fighters, and other to Tacticians. Madurai, Naramon, Zenurik, Vazarin, and Unairu are the five schools in Warframe, each school features a set of unique abilities that can be unlocked using Focus. Every school focus one single attribute, depending on the gameplay of a user he or she can pick an ability to unlock. To keep thing simple start with one skill tree and acquire abilities to make your character stronger in the game.

  1. Zenurik – School of the Arcane: They believed the clearest path to victory was to Dominate the Enemy. They sought to choke an opponent of all resources; that sheer strength could erase any resistance.
  2. Vazarin – School of the Protectors: They trained to Counter the Enemy, and move with an opponents attack in order to nullify them. They maintained constant awarness in order to defend against all aggression.
  3. Unairu – School of the Indomitable: They pushed themselves to Outlast the Enemy, to withstand all aggression without retreat. They believed that if the enemy could not match their endurance, then a battle could be a won without having even commenced.
  4. Madurai – School of the Fighters: They followed the path of Engage the Enemy. Their swift, uncompromising onslaught, holding nothing back and recklessly attacking their foes, could vanquish an opponent before he had the chance to steel himself. Speed and savagery characterized this school.
  5. Naramon – School of the Tacticians: The discipline focused on Knowing the Enemy, and the tacticians of Naramon believed that to truly understand a foe would confer the greatest advantage upon a warror.

There are 10 Abilities in each school called Ways. Unlocking these Ways will grant players powers, and it also adds some improvements to the player’s warframe. Each way has its rank and the cost increases based on its rank. There are three types of Ways, Active, Passive, and Way-Bounds..

What is Active Ways?

Abilities under this Active Ways focus on providing improvements or alternation to a utility or the operator’s void power. Activated ways under this category will increase energy costs. Some examples are Void Blast, Void Dash, and Void Mode. There are 6 Active Ways in every school.

What is Passive Ways?

Abilities under this Passive Ways are passive enhancements. It affects the Operator Stats or Warframe in the game. There are two passive ways in every school. Effects of Passive Ways are applied from the start of the mission.

What is Ways-BoundsEdit?

Abilities under this category will enhance the base combat statistic of an Operator. The difference between Ways in this category is that it can be unbounded from the Focus School. You can treat skills as an additional unlocked Way. Unbinding a Way-Bound node will require node upgrade to the last rank. Each rank will cost 1,000,000 Focus points and a Brilliant Eidolon Shard. There are in total 10 Way-Bound Nodes to unlock, every school has two of them.

How to unlock new abilities from Focus Tree?

Focus tree brings a special ability to unlock, this can be activated during the battle. Press 5 to access the 5 School Screen from where you can navigate the Focus skill tree. To charge the ability you will have to execute actions like head-shots or critical hits. You can get detail about what action you require to charge the ability from the focus tree.

Once you perform the action you will see the ability is charged and you can use it. To unlock more abilities you will have to earn Focus points. Similar to skill points they will be deducted as you progress to unlock more skills from the tree. A kind of special upgrade for your characters. Certain abilities will unlock once you get access to the base ones.

How to earn Warframe Focus?

After completing Second Dream Quest, you will unlock a special room in the ship that will give you access to the Five Schools Skill tree. There is a process to unlock skills under this tree. As soon as you pick one of the schools you will get a Lens in the same branch. This lens can only be attached to a Level 30 Warframe, Archwing or Weapon.

At the end of fany mission you will earn XP, a part of these points will be covered into Focus Points. The points will be later sent to the Operator as currency. You can then use the Focus Points to unlock new power and abilities from the trees. Lenses can also be unlocked by completing missions. Check the rewards in the end, or you can buy them from the market of any five Focus Trees.

An alternate way to earn Focus is through Convergence. This is special because here you can earn the highest amount of Focus in a short time. When the lens is equipped and you see the Convergence Orbs you can amplify Focus by 8x for 45 seconds. So compared to the regular gameplay you earn eight times more focus.

How to use Focus Ability?

On PC just press the 5 number key from the keyboard to use Focus Ability in Warfarme. If you are playing this on PS4 then press L1 + R1. For Xbox press LB + RB and for Nintendo Swich press L + R to activate the ability.

List of Every Skill in the Focus Tree?

To learn more about what are the all available in five schools of Warframe, check the list below. You can also learn who each school is different. For example Madurai focus more on offense, damage and power. So if you are looking for this type of upgrades then unlocking Ways upto the last rank is best under this school. Naramon, another school focus on strategy, tactic and brute force. Each school is unique and bring a unique set of abilities. Below is the complete list.


Zenurik is the school of focus, intelligence and  mind power. Dedicated to Arcance, the Tenno of Zenurik can grant you tactical and spellcasters benefits. Unlocking skills under this school will help players to improve their Warframe’s heavy melee attack. Below are the list of all ways under this school.

  1. Energy Pulse (PASSIVE) –  Earn additional energy upto 50% max and additional energy over 5 seconds.
  2. Inner Might (PASSIVE) –  Increase melee channeling efficiency by 10%. Cost  – 50,000.
  3. Energizing Dash – Void Dash creates a zone of energy for 6 seconds. Allies passing through the zone gain 5 energy per second for 25 seconds. Cost – 393,470.
  4. Lightning Dash – Manifests ball lighting after a Void Dash that travels slowly and zaps enemies within 4m for 200damage. Cost – 80,000.
  5. Void Siphon (PASSIVE, WAYBOUND) – Increase Operator Energy Regeneration by 15%. Cost – 50,000.
  6. Void Flow (PASSIVE, WAYBOUND) – Increase Operator Energy by 15%. Cost – 80,000.
  7. Void Static – Void Mode emits a pulse that deals 200 damage per second over 8m and costs an additional 2 energy per second. Cost – 50,000.
  8. Void Singularity – Void Mode pulls enemies within 10m towards the Operator, and costs an additional 2 energy per second. Cost – 80,000.
  9. Temporal Blast – Void Blast slows enemies by 20% for 4 second. Cost – 50,000.
  10. Voltaic Blast – Void Blast creates a surge of electricity, zapping enemies within 4m of 100% damage. Cost – 50,000.


Zenurik is ideal for those who wants to be a strong support in the team. Best for protectors, abilities in this school will unlock your potential for recovery and power. It is an best school to make your defensive part strong.

  1. Mending Unity (PASSIVE) –  Increase affinity radius by 10m. Cost – 25,000.
  2. Guardian Shell – Void Blast can be charged to manifest a shield that drains energy for every 150 damaged absorbed. Cost – 50,000.
  3. Guardian Blast – Void Blast consume 25 energy for each ally hit within 5m and grants them 25 shields. Cost – 50,000.
  4. Enduring Tides (PASSIVE, WAY-BOUND) – Increase health of the Operator by 25%. Cost – 50,000.
  5. Rejuvenating Tides (PASSIVE, WAY-BOUND) – Increase health regeneration of the Operator by 1 per second. Cost – 80,000.
  6. Mending Soul (PASSIVE) – The next 1 revives are instantaneous. Cost – 50,000.
  7. Void Regen – Void Mode heals +4 health per second. This ability costs an additional 2 energy per second. Cost – 80,000.
  8. Void Aegis – Void Mode creates a shield that grows up to 5 meter over 5 seconds. This ability costs an additional 2 energy per second. Cost – 50,000.
  9. Protective Dash – Allies hit by Void Dash are granted immunity from damage for 1 second and healed 25% over 5 second. Cost – 50,000.
  10. Sonic Dash – Void Dash no longer displaces enemies, instead it emits a shockwave 8 meter wide and travels 2 meter stunning any enemy it hits. Cost – 80,000.

More updates coming.

Sours: https://gamertweak.com/warframe-focus-guide-learn-everything-about-focus/

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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.7

  • Fixed being able to equip both the Primed Fulmination and Fulmination at the same time. 

    • A PSA was posted shortly after Baro arrived with his latest wares (Primed Fulmination & Primed Firestorm). Primed mods have been a feature of Warframe for several years, and it's our long standing policy that you can't have both the Primed and ordinary version of the same mod equipped at the same time (as is the case with both Firestorm mods). 

  • Fixed crash when interacting with the crystal to begin the Nihil boss fight. 

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you skip the Tutorial cinematic.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using the Orvius as a Client.

  • Fixed Pause Menu not working if you died/were downed while using Transference.

  • Fixed Ayatan Amber Stars dropping far less frequently than before Deimos Arcana.

  • Fixed an issue where binding "Player List" to D-Pad would override its functionality when navigating menus with a controller.

  • Fixed rare issues with inability to Trade a Riven with the +30 Riven Mod Slots from Mastery Rank 30. 

  • Fixed an issue where the whole screen would be black if you quickly skipped the fly-in cinematic during the Heart of Deimos Quest (may have affected other scenarios in which you load into the Cambion Drift as well).

  • Fixed players not being able to join your Public mission if you’re waiting on the Navigation Star Chart for players to join your squad on either Cambion Drift or Orb Vallis nodes.

  • Fixed losing full Chat functionality after defeating Nihil. 

  • Fixed inability to use/cancel any abilities or use Operator after casting Revenant’s Danse Macabre and getting knocked down or attempting to ledge grab during its animation. 

  • Fixed using Nekros’ Soul Punch to ‘mark’ a victim and then killing them with a weapon not raising them as a Shadow for Clients.

  • Fixed End of Mission screen showing Affinity gained for your equipped Necramech’s special weapon when you didn’t use it during the mission (no Affinity was actually gained).

  • Fixed cases where Mining nodes could be inaccessible in Cambion Drift due to spawning inside the environment.

  • Fixed inability to Chat Link Kitgun weapons made with the new Infested chambers Vermisplicer and Sporelacer.

  • Fixed Catabolyst not showing a TRIGGER TYPE in Arsenal stats.

  • Fixed Health bars displaying incorrect Health amount after the Host leaves the squad in a Free Roam mission. 

  • Fixed an issue where if the Deimos Therid died while holding another enemy to throw, the enemy's ragdoll would be severed into two and look visually corrupted.

  • Fixed broken Archwing strafing animations.

  • Fixed Speech volume slider not resetting to 100 when default is pressed if the Transmission Volume slider is at 100.

  • Fixed Inaros Prime Chat link screen including the Blueprint button.

  • Fixed Tyl Regor’s axe appearing all black. 

  • Fixed some laser beams (in the Void, Ropalolyst, etc) not making any sounds.

  • Fixed large fleshy walls rendering incorrectly on top of the sky in Cambion Drift. 

  • Fixed excessive bloom on Ammo drops in Cambion Drift. 

  • Fixed an invisible wall in the Railjack’s mesh. 

  • Fixed wrong exit prompt when attempting to exit the Necralisk Captura Scene.

  • Fixed a script error when trying to Auto Install on Akbronco Prime if you also have the Damzav-Vati Mod.

  • Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities. 

  • Fixed a script error related to the rare item/resource UI pop up.

  • Sours: https://devtrackers.gg/warframe/p/260c9183-deimos-arcana-hotfix-29-5-7

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