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Bird Feet for Needle Felted Birds – Free Tutorial

How To Make Bird Feet

by  our Felting Friend, Patty Gibson

When I started needle felting birds, I soon discovered that there was a need to come up with a method to create bird feet. At first, I knew of no simple process to do this but by experimenting with a few household products, I discovered that there was an easy way after all.

I would like to share with you what I learned on this journey and provide an easy, inexpensive, and very quick way for you to make your own bird feet. If you do not have a certain bird in mind or if you are a little unsure just how to make a bird; you can use the Nesting Bird Tutorial and create your own colorful bird body. Here is a simple process on how to make your very own bird feet.

For this project you will need white glue, jewelry wire, floral tape, fingernail polish and needle nose wire cutter/pliers.

1. Create your bird. I used the Nesting Bird in a previously posted tutorial

2. White glue, jewelry wire, floral tape, fingernail polish and needle nose wire cutter/pliers

3. Start with approximately 12 inches of wire

4. 2 inches down from the top of the wire, bend at a 90 degree angle (forming a bird leg)

5. To start creating the toes, make two 1” wire loops as shown (forming the first two toes)

6. For the second two toes, create duplicate loops at a 90 degree angle.

7. All four toes should be approximately the same size (1”). Now twist together the two long ends of the wire (leg) with your pliers

8. Using your pliers, twist the bird toes and arrange the toes as shown

9. Cut off the excess wire on the top of the leg

10. Take your floral tape and wrap around the top of the bird leg

11. Wrap the tape tightly around the wire

12. Continue wrapping around the bird toes

13. The bird foot should be completely covered with floral tape

14. I frequently use black and gray fingernail polish (you can use brown and cream, etc)

15. First brush on a black coat of polish

16. While the polish is still wet

17. Apply a little grey polish

18. The black should show through the grey and create a marbled look

19. Repeat all of the steps for the second bird foot

20. Now you are ready to attach the feet to your bird

21. You will need white glue

22. Apply a small amount of glue to the top of the bird feet

23. Wrap a small piece of wool around the glued top of the leg

24. Lightly needle felt the wool

25. Needle felt the feet to the bird body

26. Continue needle felting until firmly applied

27. Apply colored wool to blend the leg into the bird body

28. The feet are now firmly attached to the bird body

29. While holding the bird feet, adjust the bird until it is balanced and stands by itself

Now you can create some interesting places to display your bird masterpiece. Enjoy!

Like this:





A quick needle felting ‘how to’ make a wing for your darling needle felted birdies. This tutorial is for my Robin but you can adapt this for any bird. It is super easy and, before you know it, you will have a pile of wings just waiting to be stuck to a body.

You choose the finish; I prefer a looser more rustic look but the ‘neat freaks’, like my daughter, would be horrified at the thought so just go with whatever you’re happy with.

Please follow the written instructions and the corresponding photograph numbers. You don’t need much wool at all for each wing and after one or two attempts you will be flying… Aah come on; someone had to say it!

Make a rough paper template as a guide (approx 6/cm) or just ‘draw’ a teardrop shape with your needle.

  1. With your hands blend a thin layer of brown, dark brown and a little orange (or whatever colour you choose) and lay on top of your foam block. Cut out one wing template and lay on top of the layer of wool. Use your needle to draw a rough shape around it; poke the needle straight up and down all the way around your template.
  2. Remove the wing template and go over the lines you have drawn again; not too deep into your foam block.
  3. Fold in the sides and felt gently, following the line of the shape you have created
  4. Keep turning and felting until it is firm and holds its shape Tip: It should be firm but not bulky
  5. Hold the sides of the wing and create a curve by pushing the needle gently and repeatedly along the top centre, being careful not to poke your fingers. Always keep your needle straight or the tip will break!
  6. If you want to you can tidy the wing around the edges by pulling the edges over and felting some more. Keep turning and repeating until you are happy with the overall shape. Repeat the procedure for your second wing.
  7. Decide how you want your finished wing to look; you can fold the end over for a tidy finish or leave it loose.

robin wings



Like this:


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Learn How To Needle Felt – With This Gorgeous Needle Felting Robin Kit

Needle felting has taken the crafty world by storm this year – and it’s not difficult to see why! This easy-to-learn, inexpensive hobby enables you to create all manner of cute critters, cuddly companions, home decor items, adorable gifts and more… and it’s so therapeutic too! We sent one of our popular needle felting kits to creative contributor Sarah Jackman-Read, so that we could bring you a step-by-step guide on how to get started in this fantastic craft. Check out her tutorial below, and get your hands on a needle felting kit of your own, so you too can create something adorable!

needle felting robin project header image

You Will Need:

Needle Felting Robin Kit Tutorial:

Step 1:

needle felt bird project image

Remove everything from the box and check you have everything before you start. You should have four colours of wool, a foam mat, needles, eyes, wire and a pipe cleaner.

Step 2:

needle felting robin project image

Start by making the legs. Take one piece of wire, fold this in half and flatten the fold with pliers. Carry on making 1cm folds until you have four ‘toes,’ then twist each toe with the pliers. Twist approximately 3cm of wire above the toes then push one of the toes to the back so the robin can balance. Repeat with the other piece of wire.

Step 3:

needle felt bird project image

Twist the legs together, then bend the remaining wire to either side. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the wire to form the base for the robin’s body.

Step 4:

needle felting robin project image

Wrap small amounts of white wool around the body. Lay it on the foam mat then poke the needle in and out to felt it together. Always use the felting needle on the mat, as it is very sharp! Keep turning the body and adding the felt until you have created the basic body shape. The wire inside the body will allow you to bend the body into shape if needed.

Step 5:

needle felt bird project image

Once you are happy with your basic body shape, lay small amounts of red wool on the breast area and felt in place. Build up the breast until you achieve an even layer.

Step 6:

needle felting robin project image

Add small amounts of grey wool over the head area and around the breast, then add a little down the back and around and under the tail. Leave the belly white.

Step 7:

needle felt bird project image

Felt a little brown wool over the head then lay a piece on each side and felt in place to create wings. Leave the ends of the wings wispy to give the look of feathers, then add a little down the back. Add some brown wool to the tail, leaving the ends wispy.

Step 8:

needle felting robin project image

Felt around each ‘wing’ to add definition, then poke two holes in the face above the breast and push in the eyes. Roll a tiny cone in black wool, then felt to create a beak. Trim this into a perfect cone shape, then felt in between the eyes. You can add a little PVA over the beak to stiffen it, if you wish.

Needle felting robin finished project image

And there you have it – your very own needle felting robin project is complete, and you have a gorgeous felted friend to call your own! You could sit him on a windowsill looking out onto the garden, or perch him on a branch of the Christmas tree for a felted festive finish.

Love this project? Check out the rest of our home crafts projects, articles and tutorials right here on the blog!

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Tutorial needle felt bird

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How to make needle felt birds!!!

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